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tweentown Spring is always a welcome guest, especially in the Nordic countries - even though our winter wasn't that bad this year. Last summer was extraordinary, and this March another record breaker when it came to rain here in Denmark; - which probably concludes that something is happening in the world right now. Climate change is real! We are raising tweens, who will then become teens, and probably never listen to a word we say. But maybe we ought to listen. To them. To what they want. What type of world they fancy growing up and living in. We are education young people and they are educating us. Luckily, our young people grow up in a world where information is so readily available, and everyone should educate themselves to what is happening, and what they could do to change. Many young people are beginning to use their voices to influence others, and that is a change we are happy to see. Spring is (nearly) here and Summer rapidly approaching, so we have been busy finding inspiration for you. We have awesome editorials, and fabulous articles for you in the 2nd Spring/Summer edition of Tweentown. There is so much good stuff in here - we can't wait to share it all with you. Welcome, and enjoy!! XOXO Anya & the Tweentown team

N E E W T N E E W T N E E W T N E E W T N E E T !! e w o do s d n a e g n a ch s n o s Sea

Som e years are f or g ro w i n g ; but this one, th i s o n e i s f or blooming


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BLOOMING a n d g ro w i n g


flower chi ld y ou are a b o u t to b l o o m

* Shot on location in the showroom of GREAT DANE STONE - Thank you very much for having us

Holly wears: Dress & Skir t: 'Lavender' Christina Rohde, Glasses: Felidae, Goose & Dust, Shoes: Adidas, Socks: Primark. Eline wears: Dress: 'Louisa' A monday, Bag: Christina Rohde, Shoes: New Balance, Socks: Primark, Hairclip: Milledeux Audrey wears: Skir t: 'Mandy' Soft Gallery, Blouse: 'Sofia' A monday Socks: Primark, Shoes: Nike Airmax 97 Rainbow

Poster: A4. FRIDA KAHLO, The Poster Store, Buy here

nie Min p : g y di a n b n h i s Sk Wa yx e n Dis

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s: hoe s l we tan n to angos e e M Gr ison a M

P e a r b a s k e t: F e rm L iv in g

Cooc onut cush Ourli ion: eu


Globe with Copenhagen by the french ar tist Charlotte Chab. Buy here


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Pariscover // Milledeux Miss Bronzette // BonTon Swimring // Bae Watch Rainbow suitcases // MeriMeri Waterbottle // Skinnydip Sunny cap // Hundred pieces Pearl bag // Skinnydip Crosley recordplayer // Urban outfitters Rio Rollers Kyoto Tango bracelet Pearl hairclip // Milledeux Bisou bagpack // Smallable Strawberry poster // Soft Gallery x Mado.



Audrey wears: Jacket: 'Bayou' Soft Gallery, Flared jeans: - The New, Bandana: - Soft Gallery, Shoes: Converse All Stars, Gloves: Fest & Farver.

Both sides:

Abstract vector and illustration created by freepik - www.freepik.com

Both sides:

Abstract vector and illustration created by freepik - www.freepik.com


Holly wears: Jacket: 'Dextra'- Soft Gallery, Sweatpants: 'Duffy' Soft Gallery,


a poem about a girl ... Once upon a time lived a girl named Carrie. Carrie, she was nice, she was soft, she was caring, but all the other kids called her weird, called her scary. Carrie had no friends, no backup, no support. The only thing she had was her family and her heart. Every day went by and Carries heart grew colder. Her Mum began to worry, it would turn to stone when she grew older. So her Mama said to Carrie “Don’t worry my Dear, people will see your kindness, your heart. I have no fear. All you have to do is be you and carry on. Good things always come to those who wait, Am I wrong?” So, Carrie, she kept shining, and Carrie she kept beaming. But the other kids just laughed at her to her it sounded like screaming. Once upon a day young Carrie had enough! She stood up in her classroom and said “This has to stop” We should treat each other with dignity and also with caring. We should show the world that we are different, kind and overbearing. A world as cool as ours should have room for everyone. Even if you are a girl, a boy - just anyone. No one is more right than any of the other. The faster you kids learn this - the better for another". Then she took her coat and walked out of the door. The other kids just sat there. I think they were in awe.

Everybody knows a bully A bully is someone who picks on other kids. Someone who thinks it is funny to make others sad, someone who excludes specific others. But a bully is also the person who joins in. Or the person who calls names because someone else did it first, or maybe also the person who does nothing to prevent the others from picking on someone.

Bullying affects peoples lives. It can destroy peoples lives. It is very important to talk to your tween about what being a bully means - and it doesn't mean you are cool. It means you are mean. It is, however, also important to know if your tween is getting bullied! We can always tell our kids the old 'Sticks and stones' tale - but when words become too many and too often they will hurt, and they will destroy their confidence. We can also say that it is the bully you should feel sorry for. He or she is also having a bad time, - we don't know what they are going through! - and yes, that is true, but it is still doesn't solve the problem for the kid that is getting bullied. We can also build our kid up, and tell them that they just have to ignore the words, wear an invisible shield, or tell a teacher or an adult. They will then try to tell a teacher. They might even say something to the kids involved, but it often doesn't help. It is difficult to prove the continued eye-rolls, the laughter, or the comments when someone gets paired with you in class, or the actual exclusion from the group.

Bullying is serious, and needs to be dealt with! For it to be classified as bullying it has to occur several times, systematically! Stupid comments are exactly that - and will happen throughout your life.

SO WHAT IS BULLYING? Namecalling // Calling names, using sarcastic remarks to be mean, pretending to be joking, but mean every word. This occurring often. GOSSIPING // Telling stories behind someone's back, getting others involved, spreading rumours. EXCLUSION // Purposely excluding someone from the group, making them feel wrong and not worthy. Purposely picking them last in group activities. BODY LANGUAGE // Eye-rolls, and mean looks of distgust. Moving away from the person. PHONE & SOCIAL MEDIA // Ignoring phonecalls, blocking on SoMe channels. Sending mean things - even if it includes 'LOL' or 'JOKE'. It is clearly not a joke. NOT DOING ANYTHING // Partaking, or not helping someone is also bullying. You need to step in. If someone seems to be all alone, with no-one who has their back, they probably are all alone. Be the good kid that notices, and CARES.

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP IF SOMEONE IS GETTING BULLIED ?? SAY NO // Tell the bully to stop and treat people with respect! Stand up tall! STOP EXCLUDING AND LAUGHING // Just stop participating. It is NOT fun or cool to be a bully. TELL SOMEONE // Tell a teacher, adult or parent what goes on! Do it now!

BE THE KID that help the bullied and lonely kid. Help them, join them, be kind - what if it was you? TALK ABOUT IT // Get a person to chat about common sense, exclusion, and how to speak to eachother in a nice way. Get a debate going in class - speak about what bullying means. What it does to people....

WHAT CAN I DO IF I AM BEING BULLIED!! MOST of the above and also: It is important to remember that there is NOTHING wrong with you. You need to speak to somebody, and there is help to find. People will help you. It will get better. CALL A HELPLINE // If you are being bullied, and do not know what to do - call a HELPLINE where people can help you. Google helplines in your country. We have listed a few below.


BØRNETELEFONEN: CALL DK 116 111 https://bornsvilkar.dk/det-goer-vi/boernetelefonen/ NATIONAL BULLYING HELPLINE: CALL 0845 22 55 787 https://www.nationalbullyinghelpline.co.uk STOP BULLYING.GOV https://www.stopbullying.gov

Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud


Emma wears: Dress: 'Cybil' Molo, Hat: Zara kids, Sunglasses: Milk 'N Soda.

Holly wears: Skir t: 207 pink: Christina Rohde, Jumper: Christina Rohde, Trenchcoat: Zara Kids.

In my room, I like to make it a bit personal by adding cool pictures & posters, my teddies, cushions and display some of my favourite things. That way I am always surrounded by the things I love most, and get to hang out in my bed. And I LO V E it. But don't ask me to show you my wardrobe that is nothing shor t of an epic disaster - you know , very messy... Audrey Eva - 12 years old.

Audrey wears: Top: 'Tale' MarMar Trousers: 'Donna' Knast by Krutter, Net: Søstrene Grene Shoes: Vans x Molo

Holly wears: Jumper: Christina Rohde, Skir t: 'Solo' MarMar, Kneehighs: MarMar, Shoes: Vans X Molo, Glasses: 'Por tal' Goose & Dust

Elin wears: Hairband: 'Misty dots 'Lehof Shir t: 'Tirra' MarMar, Skir t: 'Salvie' MarMar, Shoes: 'Purple glitter' Puma.

Holly wears: Swimsuit: 'Penny' Knast By Krutter, Skir t: 'Solo' MarMar, Shoes: Vans X Molo, Kneehighs: MarMar, Glasses: 'Por tal' Goose & Dust

Your Mother probably had the chat with you many years ago, and now it is time you have the chat with your tween/teen daughter. At some point you have to talk to your pre-teen. The young women get their first menstruation earlier and earlier than we might have done, and pre-puberty talks are happening in schools as early as in the 4th grade today. Girls reach puberty a lot quicker these days, and it is common to get your period any time between aged 10-15. It could also be, that you, yourself are a tween'ager and could need some good advice about your first period. We have collected a few things we wished we had known when we were young. Hope you share these with your girls too.

Be positive when you start talking about periods. Tell your girl, that menstruation is part of the body's natural development, which means that a woman can get pregnant and have children. If you are a teenager, keep in mind that this is a natural step towards becoming an adult woman (so remember protection)... TELL YOUR GIRL ALL THE THINGS YOU WISHED SOMEONE TOLD YOU BEFORE YOU HAD YOUR FIRST PERIOD: Like, what is that white stuff in my underpants? Well, it is called vaginal discharge which is body's way of keeping the vagina clean. So no probs. Use a pantyliner. Be prepared: So always carry pads/tampons in your bag in case. In the beginning, you never know exactly when your period starts. Also sometimes, the blood is bright red, or brownish in colour, or maybe even lumpy. That's perfectly normal, (even though lumps are gross).



Or what about this one: - you might need to use nightpads/and big underpants during the night - or even sleep on a towel until you find out the amount you might bleed. (so you don't bleed through). That is never great. And, you might feel sick, emotional, sad or even angry when you have your periods. Sometimes, stomach cramps might occur. This is what is called PMS - premenstrual syndrome, which often causes irritability, mood swings and bloating. We have found that Ice-cream, hot water bottle, pillows and relaxing on the couch often helps. Menstruation takes place about once a month. A cycle can last from 21-34 days (the days between bleeding). The first day of the cycle is the day you start to bleed. The bleeding can last between 2-8 days. The amount of blood varies from woman to woman, but you usually bleed most the first 1-3 days of your period. The last few days you often bleed less. But some girls bleed a lot all the time. Others bleed a little. People are different.


There are day/night pads, menstrual cups, tampons, and panty liners. Mini tampons are the best tampons to start with. Then you can do all the things you love, even though you have your period. Or what about trying a menstrual cup - environmentally friendly and largely hassle-free. You can shop, do sports, go to the beach, swim and go on holiday. So, regardless of when you have your period, you can do exactly what you want to do. It shouldn't STOP you at all. . BUT - What is a menstrual cup and what can I use it for? A menstrual cup is a small cone-shaped cup that is used instead of a tampon or a pad. It collects the blood and is therefore reusable again and again. It is an environmentally friendly alternative as it can be recycled, making it cheaper for you. Pads are also good, and come in many shapes and sizes. They are great and often used at night. How to use these are pretty easy. Just stick them to your underpants. (although some might think it is a bit of a mess...) Tampons are great to use, but you might need to be a bit more used to your period when you start using these. Start with the smallest size mini tampons, and see what fits your body/flow. Clean your hands before and after, and change every 4-8 hours. VERY important to change.

Ginger Organic Teen packet here

OrganiCup Menstrual cup

Fair Squared Intimate soap apricot 100 ml.

Shot on location in HIDDEN DIMSUM by night restaurant - Thanks for having us.


Neon font Designed by Freepik


Audrey wears: Skir t: 210: Christina Rohde, Tee: 'California' A Monday, Socks: Monki, Hairband: Molo.

Eline wears: Dress: no 127- Christina Rohde, Shoes: New Balance, Hairclip: Milledeux, Socks: Primark.

Holly wears: Dress: no 127 - Christina Rohde, Glasses: Felidae - Goose & Dust, Shoes: Adidas, Socks: Primark.

Neon font Designed by Freepik

Eline wears: Dress no 127 Christina Rohde Tee 'California' A Monday, Hairclip: Milledeux.




Audrey wears: Tee: Pinapple - A Monday, Shoes: Converse, Skir t: 203 Christina Rohde, Hairclip: Milledeux.

Meettween!! a

So tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Ella. I'm 11 years old. I live in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. I go to School in Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, a public school with a focus on choir music and singing. That means I sing a lot everyday and learn about classical music, music theory and history, along with all the normal subjects in school. I have a little brother, Elvis, who is 7. I also have a dog, his name is Bobby. My mother is from the Faroe Islands and we go there almost every summer. It's a very beautiful place and nature up there is so overwhelming. When I'm in the Faroe Islands I feel fresh and free. We get to run around by ourselves in the small village where my great grandmother lives. Everything up there feels like an adventure.

What does a week look like for you? I go to school Monday-Friday from 8.15 AM to 3 PM. Every Tuesday I spend with my grandparents, who live close by. We do all sorts of things, but my favorite thing to do, is building projects with my grandfather in his studio.  On Wednesdays I have ballet. I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and I love it very much. Ballet is great because it feels like my body takes over and my mind is focused on one thing only, dancing. My favorite thing about ballet are the recitals, especially the show at the Royal Theater we get to do once a year. The rest of the week I hang with friends from school and we do videos and movies. Some weeks I have castings for commercials or films. I have done this type of work since I was five and I love being on set. It's probably may most favorite thing to do. That and then making my own movies using my iPhone and imagination. My cousin and I are working on a TV-series we call Woolfblod. We only have three episodes for now - but many more are to come! On the weekends I spend most of my time with my family. I have a few cousins that I love playing with. We do shows and performances or build our own worlds. I like building my own worlds and I love getting lost in them. That is my happy place. 

Do you have a smartphone? Yes I do. I have an iPhone 6+.

Do you use SoMe apps like Instagram // Tic ToC or Snapchat? I have a snapchat profile , but I don't use it that much. I spend more time on Tik Tok and I like making my own videos. My favorite Tik Tok videos are dance videos and funny videos. I also like Youtube - where I find inspiration for DIYs and new dance moves.

Do you know how to use a computer? Yes I do. We just got computers at school, so it's quite new to me, but I really like that we now get to use it in school for projects and assignments, but I like writing on paper too:-)

Do you ever go home from school yourself? Yes I do. Almost very day. My school is about a 30 minute commute from where I live. I used to go to school in my own neighborhood, but when I got into this school 2 years ago, I had to learn how to get there and back on my own with metro, bus and train. It was a bit stressful at the beginning, but I got used to it. Most mornings my father gives me ride to school and we listen to audio books together. I enjoy that very much.

Do you think about the environment? Yes sometimes I do. I worry about our planet sometimes. I'm afraid that nature and wildlife will suffer and disappear. We're all producing too much waste and it worries me.

Do you do anything to live a greener life? If I see trash, that's not to disgusting, I always pick it up and put it in the bin. If I see my friends littering I ask them to pick it up right away. I'm considering becoming a vegetarian, but for now I try to eat less meat. When we go to the beach we always pick up trash flying around - so that it doesn't go in the ocean. 

Have you ever helped cook in the kitchen? Yes I have. I know how to make pancakes and pizza and I love setting the table and making it all nice. I would like to help out more and learn how to do more dishes. I have a cookbook for children that I would like to cook dishes from once a week.



11 years old in April - from Copenhagen Loves: Harry Potter, Ballet, Theater, Singing, Minecraft, Drawing and Traveling. Hates: Homework, getting up early (except to travel) and lasagna.

Do you have chores at home? I don't have specific chores, but I help out every day, sometimes setting the table, sometimes walking the dog. I babysit my littlebrother sometimes, when my mother needs to run down to the supermarket. I would like to have chores on a regular basis, but my parents keep forgetting that I'm a big girl now. I water the plants in my room every week.

Do you ever eat candy or sweets? Most Fridays my little brother and I get to chose a snack for the weekend - either candy, crisps or maybe ice cream. The whole family joins in and we watch a movie or X factor in the living room or kitchen. My favorite candy is salty liquorice and chewing gum.

What do you do in your sparetime? I hang out with my friends from school and we do Tik Tok videos or write songs. I draw almost every day. I like exploring all the ways it's possible to draw. Drawing makes me feel calm and concentrated. I also love doing different types of DIYs, such as cardboard projects or clothes and so on.  I watch TV most days or spend time on my Phone at home. My favorite TV show is called "Klassen" - it's a Danish show on everyday life in a normal Danish middle school class, with all the drama that goes with it. I also LOVE playing Minecraft with my little brother Elvis. We both love it so much we could play it all day, but my parents have limited our daily screen time, so we don't.  On weekends I like to go on bikerides around the green areas in our neighborhood and during summertime I love when we take our bog raft out sailing in the harbour. I really love spending time in the woods and by the seaside. When we have longer breaks from school I love going to the Swedish woods with my family and play all day outside with my cousins.

If you could chance anything in The World, What would it be and why: I would make sure everyone had equal rights. To education, driving, living and loving. It matters to me that girls all over the world have equal rights and that you can grow up feeling safe and okay with being whoever you are, no matter your gender, age or origin.

When I grow up I want to become: A Singer or an actress or filmmaker. Favorite movie: All Harry Potter films, "The Goblet of Fire" is my favorite. Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Favorite Food: Sushi Hobbies: Ballet and moviemaking.

ACT LIKE summer

Dandy Star Peace Patch

Audrey wears: Cardigan:'Gilber ta MOLO, Skir t: 'Brittany' MOLO, Top: 'Modal LS' MARMAR, Shoes: MOLO X VANS, Hairclip: Milledeux

SUMMER lovin'

Dandy Badge Set - Smiler

Holly wears: Dress: 'Dory' Soft Gallery, Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, Kneehighs: Pomp de lux, Shoes: Vans rainbow checkerboard.

hey Signe wears: Batwing Tee 'Kathrine - The New, Flared Jeans - The New, Hoodie 'Daimy' - Soft Gallery, Shoes - Adidas Superstars, Bag - DandyStar

Dandy - Badge Set: Smiler Dandy - Lips Patch

Villads wears: Jeans: H&M, Sweat: 'Edgar' Cost:Bar t, Tee:'Edelhar t' Cost:Bar t, Shoes: Vans originals Checkerboard.

Audrey wears: Flared Jeans: The New, Sweat: 'Ella' Cost:Bar t, Bag: Nuuno bag denim, Shoes: Molo x Vans, Bandana: Soft Gallery.

Audrey wears: Knitwear: 'Elisa' Cost:Bar t, Tee: 'Aloha' Cost:Bar t, Sunnies: Goose & Dust.


Emma wears: Dress: 'Cybil' Molo, Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: Zara kids, Hat: Zara kids, Sunglasses: Goose & Dust

Holly wears: Skir t: 207 - Christina Rohde, Sweater: Christina Rohde, Shoes: Adidas, Glasses: Goose & Dust

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We all shoot movies, but do you know how to edit them so they look cool. Well, this is your lifesaver makes movies rock!!

Because we love watching other people doing random stuff on YouTube. Especially hacks, unboxing and cute cat videos.

W H AT'S A P P That is the cheapest way to send messages to our friends abroad, as well as calling them. Cheap & Cheerful = :-)

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Greta Thunberg is the coolest kid on the block. She is education the entire world on climate change and we are all ears.

We are tweens. We LOVE nailpolish and nailart. And we are huge fans of Nicki. I mean who wouldn't wan't sorbet nails with fruits?

Our favorite shop in the whole world right now. Just too KAWAII !!!.

Mini Mode –London Kids Fashion Week celebrated an incredible third season and it's first Bir thday at St Mary’s, Wyndam Place in Central London during London Fashion Week. Mini Mode provides a unique spotlight on kid’s fashion, showcasing both established and emerging childrenswear designers from around the globe. Tweentown joined Mini-Mode as a Media par tner this year, and look forward to attending the SS20 show later this autumn, but for now we are proud to share some images from the fabulous show in February.

Photocredit: Santoshi Padhiar. Cour tesy of MiniMode.


Holly wears: Glasses: 'Por tal' Goose and Dust, Block tights Leo: The New Pure, Block Top Leo: The New Pure, Pure Mesh jacket: The New Pure

I love spor t, playing around and using my body. When the weather is good, I am always outside - and I am literally unstoppable.

Holly, 10 years old

KRONSTADT Skjor te Johan Diego

The New Slim Shor ts Adidas Originals

Petrol Denimskjor te

Petrol Army Grøn T-Shir t

Costbar t Axel T-shir t

Nike Elemental Backpack

Hound Pipe Jog Shor ts grey

Hummel Bay Board Shor ts Grøn


Dickies New Paltz Stripe Heath Green

Levis 520 Ext. Taper Jeans MONO Ankelsokker

Grunt Kasket

MADS NØRGAARD Midi Rib Tobino Long, Twilight Blue/Red/Twilight Blu


THE NEW Kio Hoodie

Marco Polo T-shir t Off white Reebok Sko Aztrek x Gigi Hadid Navy / White / Red

The New Kur t Tee

Levis Hoodie red

Piero slim chinos Bellerose

Peak Performance Original T-shir t

Levis T-shir t Marine


GRUNT Tennis Socks - White/ Navy/Red/Navy

Petrol Blue T-shir t

The New Kelvin Zip Cardigan

Converse sweat shor ts, Chuck Patch, navy

Name it Teen printet T-shir t

DWG Trevor 269 Shor ts marine

Hummel Swimshor ts - Tom - UV50 -

Molo Raymont - Surf

Mads Nørgaard Cotton Rib Steltino Piping, Lapis Blue

Mads Nørgaard Printet T-shir t Blue

Costbar t Black Eber T-shir t

Hound Pipe Jog Shor ts Light Blue

Cost:bar t t-shir t s/s, Enzo,

Adidas Shor ts TRF FL Ink / White

Puma Puma - Sor t XTG Retro Sweat Jacket

Vans Old Skool Navy

Vans Cap Snapback Dress Blue

DANDYSTAR Silver Tiger Stars Keyring

Vans Authentic

Costbar t Edgar Sweatshir t

Vans Skate Lock Up Boys

Molo Endless summer

PUMA Rebel Bold Tee B

Volcom Tee Crisp Stone SHL

Grunt Kasket

Hound Straight Shor ts

Lyle & Scott Junior Eagle Logo T-Shir t

D-XEL Kolby t-shir t

Have a n

nice spring

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