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MADE BY EDITOR IN CHIEF Anya Nøddebo Jensen ART DIRECTOR Rikke Majgaard PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING Anya Nøddebo Jensen INHOUSE TWEENS Audrey Eva Holly Elise If you have any collaborations in mind, questions, suggestions or just fancy a chat, please contact me on

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Dress no 117 Christina Rohde

welcome to

tweentown Welcome to the first real issue of Tweentown. This magazine is made for those of you who are tired of the lack of cool and inspiring pieces for your growing kids - our ‘tweens’. My daughters are both tweens, and they are very aware of what is going on and they know exactly what they want to wear and what interests them, so this magazine is for tweens and their adults to give you a place to come and seek inspiration. We live in Copenhagen, so we will give you the coolest tweenstuff around - with a Scandinavian twist. We are approaching summer and we have done our best to find some of the coolest styles around for spring and summer. You will find tween clothes and accessories galore, as well as interviews, recipes and shopping ideas. You can also follow along on SoMe and we are putting the finishing touches on our new blog where we will post daily inspiration. We will also launch our very own Youtube channel - where our in-house tweens will show you #ootd, tutorials, food and other small videos they think a tween would like. There is so much good stuff in here - I can't wait to share it all with you. WELCOME and enjoy!! XOXO Anya Nøddebo Jensen EDITOR IN CHIEF

Top no. 427 Christina Rohde Dungarees Gemma The New Mini bag Ava Milk & Soda Fishnet socks Primark Sunglasses Nico Milk & Soda Jacket no.508 Christina Rohde Shoes VANS Hair-clip 'Razzle' Milk & Soda

T-shir t 'Helga' The New Trousers 'Tessa' Loudly Denim jacket Tommy Hilfiger Shoes Stan Smiths Adidas Fishnet socks Primark Hair-band Milk & Soda Glasses RayBan junior Skateboard 'Warp' Stadium


When you grow up you need to start thinking about beauty routines, One of the first things to take care of are the lips. Chapped, cracked and dry lips make you look messy and quite frankly they hurt too. So we have rounded up our favorite lip balms for your lips only.

Approaching puberty - your hormones are about to start running wild, causing you to perspire (sweat) more - which - if you leave it, will cause body odour. A deodorant is usually with perfume and makes you smell nice, but an antiperspirant actually helps decrease sweating. You can also get deodorants with both. Taking a daily shower, and wearing clothes made of natural fibers also helps you stay fresh. We have done the job for you and have found a selection of deodorants and antiperspirants which will make sure you are clean and fresh.

Click on produkt to buy.


Glasses Goose & dust Jumpsuit no 604 Christina Rohde Mules Primark Fishnet socks Primark Mini bag 'Ava' Milk & Soda

Sunglasses 'Colette' Milk & Soda Jumpsuit no 604 Christina Rohde Fluffy slippers Primark Fishnets Primark Mini bag 'Ava' pink Milk & Soda

Sunglasses Sofie Schnoor Dress 'Estelle' The New Kneehigh socks Falke Trainers 'Superstars' Adidas Hairclip 'Tropicool' Milk & Soda Mini bag 'Ava' Milk & Soda

Spectacles When my youngest daughter turned 4 years old, she had the usual check up at the doctors, which included an eye test. I sat with her on my lap as she struggled to see past the 2nd line on the board. I was flabbergasted. And then heartbroken - mostly because I felt bad that I hadn't noticed before. Then came the heartache of finding glasses she liked and getting her to keep them on. She broke 3 pairs of glasses the first 2 months - but then she finally realized that she could see much better with them than without, and she has kept them on ever since. When kids get older - design also plays a big part and they want to look cool and create their own signature look with their glasses. I have looked all over the Internet for cool spectacles for tweens and came across Goose and Dust from Australia. I have asked Prudence - the owner and founder of GOOSE AND DUST why she decided to make glasses for children ...

Goose and dust optics and accessories are available via the Goose and dust website - find it here.

What was the reason you started designing glasses for children? It all started around sun protection. Living in Australia and having melanoma in the family meant that I have always been very conscious of wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. I have always been a huge lover of the fashion side of Eyewear. When I had my daughter I had trouble finding her a nice pair of sunglasses and it all started from there. Your tagline is: 'Our designs are edgy and effortless because wearing Glasses is cool' - do you think there is a change in the way we look at kids who wear glasses? Yes, I do think there is a change in the way we see kids who wear glasses. The world we are living in and moving toward involves kids using tablets and devices much more. This means that eye health is becoming more important and more kids are requiring glasses. Do you think children care about how their glasses look? Absolutely. Kids that wear glasses really just want to feel like themselves. They may want to make a statement or they may want something more subtle but at the end of the day it is important that they have a say in the decision. I think the old association of glasses being nerdy is no longer relevant, they are now seen as an extension of style and personality. Is it easier for a child to accept they wear glasses if they are able to pick cool frames that can fit with their own taste and personality? Yes. I firmly believe that choice is important, also the availability of ranges that reflect what kids are interested in today. Any advice for parents who are getting glasses for their kid for the first time.? It can be overwhelming, however, involving the child in the selection of frames can empower them and help them to feel confident in the process. Any advice for the kids? My best advice is to have fun with your new accessory!

Stella McCartney colour block

We have rounded up a cool selection of glasses for your tweens. They'll love these beauties !! Chloe pale blue square

Rayban hexagonal glasses

Chloe glasses tortoise

Di ta Luna glasses tortoise

Dress 'EMIA' The New Kneehighs black Adidas Trainers 'Tanjun' Nike Sunnies 'Stevie' Milk & Soda

Headband Milk & Soda Sunglasses Milk & Soda

T-shir t 'EA' The New Headband Milk & Soda Sunglasses Milk & Soda PomPom socks Primark Shoes 'Superstars' Adidas Tennis Racket Slazenger


We believe that having a simple BASIC wardrobe - also known as a capsule wardrobe will always give you some items of clothing that always look chic and cool.

These items can then be mixed and matched - and you can add some colourful accessories to make the outfit pop. CONFUSED ??? Well, we are here to help ...

a c a p s u l e w a rd ro b e

We are also well aware that your tween will probably grow out of these items in no time - but we will show you the items we always make sure we have at home.

s p i T e h T Shop

Top White Ana t-shir t Costbar t Trench coat Zara kids Shir t Ida embroidered Les Coyotes de Paris Jeans Dark denim Levis Shoes Black leather ballerina Karl Lagerfeld

Sweater ruffled BonTon Dress DAX rose gold MarMar Copenhagen Tee Stripey top Play Shoes Gazelle Adidas Skir t tennis skir t H&M


STYLE tips


White shirt, t-shirt, or blouse - always keeps you looking snazzy and well dressed. Also good to have a plain sweater and a stripey top - makes you look like a young Parisienne.


Trench coat or denim jacket - keeps you warm but looking cool. Always have a scarf handy in a plain colour - jazzes up any outfit.


A pair of cool jeans, a black plain skirt and a dressy -but pretty dress keeps you ready to face anything. For the summer - a pair of culottes or shorts can come in handy.


A plain ballerina shoe always looks fab and will transform your outfit in a snap. Sneakers are comfy so you can run around and have fun whilst looking stylish. We are also fond of cool ankle boots.

Boost your summer energy, get healthy and get the summer glow with a healthy and tasty juice. The princess and the apple 3/4 of a whole pineapple 1/2 organic broccoli with the stem 1 organic lemon including the peel 3 apples 1 pomegranate (seeds only) Icecubes Method You'll need a juicer and a blender for this. Put the pineapple, broccoli, lemon, and apples through the juicer.Pop it all in your blender, add the pomegranate and ice, and blend thoroughly. ENJOY!! Drinking juice is an easy way to get your everyday vitamins and eat some of the vegetables you might not be that fond of. Always go for organic fruit and veg when you can. Much better for you and the environment. This juice is from the book 'Flere fede juicer ' by Kropsinstituttet. Buy your copy here >> You can also find daily inspiration on Instagram @kropsinstituttet


REMEMBER when your Mother put you in the same clothes as your sister ? Well - now it is COOL !!

Top ' Hope flounce' The New Glasses 'Stevie' Milk & soda Trainers 'Stan Smiths' Adidas Fishnet socks Primark Sunglasses 'Colette' pink Milk & Soda Hairclip 'Razzle' Milk & Soda

Trousers 'Hope culottes' The New Fishnet pop-socks Primark Hairband 'Emile' Milk & Soda Mini bag 'Ava oriental' Milk & Soda Trainer 'Superstars' Adidas


Meettween!! a

Every issue we will feature a tween-ager we know. Someone who can inspire you - and has a story to tell!

WHAT DOES A TWEEN LIKE YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT AT SCHOOL? Sometimes I go to the club after school. I like making creative projects and hang out with my friends. Not long ago I got a drawing pad for my computer. I try to get good at drawing with it. I really love to draw actually! I even used to take art classes after school. Of course, I also use a bit of time on my iPhone. DO YOU PLAY ANY SPORTS? Yes, I play handball and also dancing and sometimes I play football with my dad and brother in the garden. When I dance I feel free and happy. Good music is great. I am also a scout. HAVE YOU GOT ANY PETS? I have a cat that I really like. Animals are really cute and cozy. I think I have a certain knack when it comes to caring for animals. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVE APPS? The app is one I use a lot. I also use Snapchat, and I have certain games on my phone that I think are kinda okay fun. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GROW UP? I want to work with something creative. Not sure what yet! Maybe something like a clothes designer. I like to design something and then try and make it on my sowing machine. I just made my own handbag. WHAT IS COOL ABOUT BEING A TWEEN? The cool thing is being with my friends and getting to do things on my own with them!!

WHAT TYPE OF CLOTHES DO YOU LIKE? I am a bit of a denim jeans kinda girl with a bit of a streetstyle. I often wear jeans with a tee or sweatshirt. When I need to dress up, I wear a prettier top with my jeans. My shoes are almost always sneaks. I just got a pair of black Puma - they are cool and super comfy. Not so long ago I had my ears pierced, so now I also look for cool earrings.


T-shir t 'Harlow' The New Eye Mask 'Edna Liber ty Print Blue' Holistic Silk Jeans 'GIRLS 711' Levis Camera 'Fuji Instax mini 9' white Fuji Sneakers NYC Petit by Sofie Schnoor

If you fancy being our next 'Meet a tween' please email us on

BOYS Something for the

Hoodie Alfredo Costbar t T-shir t adidas Originals T-shir t Josu Teen Pepe Jeans Mustard shor ts Finger in the nose Denim shor ts Petrol Jeans straight Hound Løbesko ALPHABOUNCE Adidas Performance

Jacket Happer Molo Denim shir t Rio dusty blue Molo Sweatshir t Rade teen Pepe Jeans T-shir t Sea Spray Molo T-shir t Landon Hummel T-shir t Beat Costbar t Shor ts Gene Pepe Jeans Swimshor ts striped Mads Nørregaard Classic jogging pants Puma Løbesko REVOLUTION 4 Nike Performance Trainers Pharrell Williams WU Adidas

Whilst we might call ourselves tween girl exper ts, we do have something lined up for the tween boys. It would be rude not to ...

Planning a Youtube channel? Well you'll need this gorilla pod to keep your phone steady - or the camera. Coopriser >>

The crazy scientist. We know that guy from school. He had crazy hair too. Now he is famous. Who would've thought. The purple cow >>

In case you're a knight in shining aromour, or just fancy playing this sword is for you. Rollplay sword RFB >>

You have to charge your phone. Pick a face that fits your mood. Sativa Turner >>

Your sister/mother/aunt is bound to annoy you. We have a solution. These. End of. Marshall >>

Basket ball or basket case. Your choice!! Spalding Gold edition >>

SUMMER of 81'.computer sleeve. Back to the 80's. Please spare me parent details from back then Woouf >> You know he will throw his (stuff) ev actually hit the bin with this. Bullseye >>

BOYS Something for the

Hate having to burn your mits whilst roasting marshmallows. We have the perfect solution for you. Uncommon goods >>

Dust, crumbs from your pizza - you name it, this beauty will remove it all from your computers keyboard. Almost. Hopefully. Hay >>

E X P LO D I N G K I T T E N S!! NOT exactly our idea of fun. Entirely harmless though we have been told. Fun as well apperantly. Exploding kittens >>


Your tween is bound to know something about Social media by now, some may even have a smar tphone or a social media profile like Snapchat, Twitter, Musically or Instagram. The children of today are growing up having to deal with the pressure of living a Social Media life where sharing what you do, eat, travel, wear and how you look is par t of modern day society. The school will probably have had an information night or leaflet where they have outlined the most common things to look for, but we just wanted to share some of the things we made sure our tweens were made aware of. > >


Keep your profile private, and make sure you know the people you accept as friends. As parents, make sure you have control over passwords and monitor who requests to follow. Double-check the photos you post, including that the background hasn't got any information about where you live, go to school, hang out, or play spor ts. You NEVER know who might be watching. Hashtags should not reveal personal information or a location, such as what school you attend or where you live. #dontshareyoureverydaylocations Make sure you check the location services on your phone and turn off any that gives away your location. Especially the photo apps. Do not ever post harassing or bullying posts or hashtags. Repor t it immediately to your parents or a teacher if someone bullies you! Bullying is never ok! Do not post photos or share photos of other people without their permission. EVER! Do not post any picture where you are not fully clothed. No cruel remarks in captions or comments. That is the same as cyberbullying. Do not post things if you are angry, sad or emotional. These things may not go away and people could take a screenshot and share that with everyone! SAME goes forimages of yourself. Don't overshare. Less is usually more. LIMIT screentime. If you don't you might never see your tween. Make sure you remove the phone so you are sure they don't use it when you have put them to bed. Ours always charge in a different room.

Our favorite Apps!




The first and best place for hilarious snap stories and filters.

Build your own universe and go on adventures. Very addictive I´ve have been told.

Find and share exciting and beautiful images and videos on this mega popular app.

Instagrammers to Follow


@Y O O B I

We love this happy little cutie, Maya the bulldog's adventures in NY & LA.

Probably the coolest and most colourful place for funky stationary. You can never have enough stationary.

@H E L LO K I T T Y We just love Hello Kitty. End of. Hello Kitty xoxo

Ceramic rainbow Eloil Water Bottle Elle BKR Key buddy Stolbjerg Copenhagen Sneakers Jewel platfom Puma Sweatshir t Mandy Molo Handmade velvet pouffe Noeola Rollerskates Rio

Sun Visor Beck Søndergaard Tropical vibes necklace Skinny dip Smile Raffia bag Skinny dip Hairclip stripes Pico

Tennis racket 26 junior Wilson Roger Federer Pin Peace finger Georgia Perry T-shir t Parisienne Petit by Sofie Schnoor Deckchair PS VÅGÖ IKEA

Sneakers DEERUPT RUNNER J Adidas Originals Ella Umbrella &Copenhagen Croquet Harald Nyborg Tote Stilleben Soap Very Cluster Wary Meyers Poster CITIES OF BASKETBALL 04 (HONG KONG) photo/poster by Kasper Nymann

Cross-Body Pouch with the statement Squeeze Me. A versatile chalk leather pouch, inspired by 70s Suburbia, comes with lylian lining and gold-tone hardware. The pouch adds a fun update to any look and can be worn as a Cross-Body or as a Wristlet. Designed by Anya Hindmarch >>

Slamm Sentinel Trick scooter makes your trip enjoyable and smooth. The scooter is a fun fushion of NeoChrome and a solid frame which makes this baby the king of tricks.

Upgrade your jacket with the cool pin LOVE regnbue pin designed by Georgia Perr >>

Brand new white trainers with happy, colourful stripes from Tory Spor t. Ruffle sneakers are for tweens size EU 35 and up >>

Gorgeous decorative candle for your bedroom: Candle washing powder by Anya Hindmarch, Notes of calone, violet leaf, cucumber, watermelon rind, Persian galbanum, Australian mimosa, hyacinth, pine needles, first-bloom crocus and honeysuckle, combined with freshly-made beds and missing socks to create this ozonic floral scent. Burn time 30 – 40 hours >>

r u o y n o s ' t a h W ! ! k s e d Having a workstation in your room where you can relax and get your work done is always a must-have for a tween. A tweenroom generally looks lived in and we love that.


When the kids grow older - it becomes more and more difficult to come up with ideas for a cool Bir thday par ty. Now




that is more fun and especially something that is different and something people will remember for a while. Louisiana is one of the best ar t museI am a huge advocate in par-

ums in Denmark. It is situated on the

ties and activities that broad-

Nor th coast of Copenhagen, right next

en your horizon and opens

to the sea. The museum has a perma-



nent collection and changing exhibi-


tions with different ar tists throughout

Louisiana - the Danish Modern

the year.




Ar t museum was one of a kind and thoroughly recommended

They also have a fabulous children’s

by all the kids who attended.

wing, where the kids can come and explore and play with clay, paint and much more. They also offer a ‘Bir thday Package’


and this was what we picked. Our choice was Alber to Giacometti sculptures, and I will say that it was one the


best par ties I have ever hosted, and also attended!

It's my PA R T Y






the Giacometti wing by a lovely

‘cheese wax’ and had to cover

curator, and they sat down, talk-

their metal sculptures in that, so

ed about, and drew their own in-

they ended up looking like an ac-

terpretations of the sculptures.

tual Giacometti. The results were fantastic, and all of the children





had a fabulous time and got to

stairs to the workshop, where

bring home their own little Gia-

they were given ‘metal’ skeleton

cometti sculpture.

frames that were the base of their sculptures.

Afterwards, we had a picnic in a designated picnic area next

The girls designed their own;

to Louisiana. My daughter had

some had their arms in the air,

a marvelous Bir thday, and I can

one was sitting down, some

only recommend going there if

were waving, one was swim-

you have a child with a bir thday

ming etc – very fun to see that

coming up.

each and every child had their own idea.


The girls were shown around


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