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Your go-to guide for bucket list places for tweens and teens and their adults visiting wonderful Copenhagen!

Hello & Welcome When you are parents to a teen or a tween you know that they are notoriously difficult to entertain! Teens and tweens spend a lot of their time engrossed on their phones, playing online videogames, TikTok’ing, and socializing with their friends -probably online. It has become the way they communicate with each other, the place they gather information and inspiration. We have learned that it can be difficult to get them out and about, and especially holidays can be challenging for parents entertaining the kids. To eliminate boredom we have created a bucket list of places to see if you visit Copenhagen (and surrounding areas) with tweens and teens. There is something here for everyone!! Something to do if the weather is bad. Something to do if the sun is shining. Things that are free. Some with a fee. Things you can eat and drink. We hope you get inspired. We sure did making this awesome guide.!


When we say Safari Park - we mean SAFARI PARK. Knuthenborg is where you get to see animals in an environment almost close to the real thing without any cages. (only the tigers and the wolves for obvious reasons).

In the middle of Knuthenborg is Limpopoland with loads of activities for the kids. A Waterslide called Congo Splash is the steepest in Europe, as well as climbing towers, a family rollercoaster, a water- and adventure playground, and much more. You are also able You drive through the Savannah and to eat your packed lunch here or see giraffes, elephants in the biggest buy food from the many cafes. enclosure in Europe - rescued from a circus. There are rhinos, zebras, A newer installation is the Forest antelopes, and many more animals. of the dinosaurs, where you will go 250 million years back in time as Then there are the areas where you walk around in the dark forest, you get to pet the tiny shetland and meet these prehistoric animals ponies, the donkeys, small goats, which makes you realize just how There are also lLamas (not fantastic these ancient creatures that easy to pet we might add). were. You simply park your car and >> go for a walk. It is incredible seeing herds of animals up close and visit the animals that are all divided into the continents where the species originate from.

KNUTHENBORG, Knuthenborg Allé, 4930 Maribo,

>> Knuthenborg is a brilliant day out and trust us; you’ll spend the entire day there. Remember to bring comfy shoes, sunscreen, and lots of water. We would recommend this place for anyone travelling with children, and we think that the older tweens and teens will enjoy the experience just as much because they know a lot about many of the animals they see, and they get to see them in the "almost wild". The Dinosaur forest was incredible. Just seeing these amazing creatures in real life size and hear them roar and make their signature soundsmade for a jolly good adventure. The girls were soo impressed with Knuthenborg! They loved every single aspect of the park: that you were able to move around between the animals, also go and play, and explore the dinosaur forest, and much more. Top points and a top day out!

GEO CENTER THE CHALKY CLIFFS - AND THE GEO CENTER THAT TEACHES YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM Møns Klint and the chalky cliffs stem from millions of microscopic creatures that lived on the seabed over 70 million years ago.

The museum offers many activities for visitors, from a cool 3D film about dinosaurs, to the climbing cave, you can look at fossils through a microscope, or maybe try flying Today it is a 6 km stretch of the and hunting like a peregrine falcon most beautiful natural white cliffs with the virtual reality goggles. You towering above the sea. Møns Klint can also race the dinosaurs on a bike is the history of how the powerful - which is really hard work. forces of nature created the country - as Denmark is situated on a bed of chalk, and these chalky cliffs and the The Geo-center has many activities unique nature, animals, and species both inside the museum and outside. surrounding it is a breathtaking We also looked at what you fish out UNESCO heritage biosphere. of the ocean today, and what (we) as In 2007 the Geo-center Møns people can do to minimize plastic Klint opened and it is a geological waste in our oceans. That gave good playground for anyone wanting to reason to debate amongst us all. A explore the history of Møns Klint very educational and interesting and the surrounding areas. day indeed. The museum is made like a walk back in time - exactly 70 million years back, from the dinosaurs roaming the land to the glaciers, and how the stunning cliffs were actually created. You can walk through the gallery and experience the different geological periods and see the creatures and sea animals that lived during that period.

After we finished inside the museum, we ended up in the treetops and climbing between trees at the top of the hill above the Geo center. A great end to a fun day!

GEOCENTER MØNS KLINT, Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre


In the middle of a vast beech forest at Gisselfeldt Kloster in the south of Zealand stands a big sculptural tower reaching 45 meters into the sky. The forest tower is a majestic feature designed by EFFEKT architects who made sure to pay respect to the surroundings, and nature, and built a tower that blends in with the forest. The Tower, shaped like an hourglass, is made from cortex steel with a reddish-brown colour - which fits perfectly to the forest. When you walk up the tower - the landscape opens up welcoming you in as your walk higher and higher - culminating at the very top with a stunning 360-degree view of the scenery.

The kids have no fear of heights and reaching the top was great fun and achieved at a rapid pace. Once you get up there you are able to see the stunning landscape for miles and miles on a sunny day. Looking out from the top made your heart beat a little bit faster but it was worth the climb. Looking down the inside of the tower was also something else, because you were looking at the treetops - from above. After The Forest Tower, we walked back to the camp adventure site. It is filled with cool food trucks, dainty places to eat your packed lunch, as well as a great adventure playground. The kids were roaming around, climbing, and playing - and it took no time before we had to head to our climbing slots.

With a tween and a teen in >> tow getting to the forest tower was an exciting walk (quick excited walk) through the green beech forest - on the boardwalk, and then racing to the top - so eager to get to see the view from up above.

SKOVTÅRNET & CAMP ADVENTURE, Skovtårnsvej 1, 4683 Rønnede

>> The climbing park is the most awesome climbing park we have seen yet. We started by getting thorough instructions from the instructors. They make sure your harness is secured correctly (important) and then you go the actual climbing site where other instructors are ready to make sure you know how to click on and off the ropes. The systems are the Clic-it system a magnetic system that ensures that climbers are restrained until their feet are back on the ground again. Camp Adventures offers 10 climbing courses that all vary in difficulty. On the courses, you move from tree to tree via either obstacles or zip lines. It took us a while before we got the hang of it - but when we did, we were off!!. It was brilliant and we spend more than 4 hours, sliding, climbing, crawling, and laughing in the beech forest amongst the treetops. The children said they felt like superheros, flying from tree to tree, and we (the adults)even joined in the fun. The girls said it was the most brilliant day out, and we couldn't agree more - a perfect day being active as a family.


Louisiana Museum for Modern art was created in 1958 by Knud W. Jensen who wanted to create a museum where modern art could be shown, and where kids and people from all walks of life, were welcomed. He wanted to showcase art that made people feel something. He called it “The Sauna principle” which meant that art should make you feel either hot or cold, which makes so much sense when you bring kids along, as they have an instant opinion of what they see. When children view art, is it either interesting or not, and they will linger around the artwork for longer if they are interested, or walk on if they are not.

Also art that was recognizable, and things they had never seen before. As frequent museum dwellers, they have seen a fair bit of art, in many different places, so experiencing new exciting exhibitons is always a great idea! Louisiana is situated on the waterfront in Humlebæk, north of Copenhagen. The museum has vast grounds with the sculpture park, as well as the stunning buildings that showcase Louisiana's own collections and also different exhibitions throughout the year.

The admission for children is free, and once you are inside, all the exhibitions are also free which we think are great, because you will stay much longer, and The art exhibited when we visited see many different genres of art. the museum was great. The girls walked around astounded and also interested in everything that was >> going on, and got to experience art in every form and shape - and also art, that made them feel both hot and cold.

LOUISIANA, Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk

>> The museum also has a children’s wing, where children can use lots of time creating and engrossing themselves in the art. Louisiana also offers Birthday parties, and art courses for the children to participate in, as well as just walking through the museum and the grounds - letting the children get involved with the art, and making their own opinion and take on what this exact piece means to them. The good thing about art is that there is no right or wrong way to view it. Art (and beauty) is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Truly worth a daytrip away.


Go Boat was founded in 2014 with a desire to make the water accessible for everyone. Goatboat has a great love for the community spirit that is found on the water.

Go Boat is a brilliant few hours on the water with friends and loved ones. You are the captain of your own boat and are handed clear instructions by the staff when you arrive. Sailing is like driving, so you have to A central part of the Goboat concept has adhere to the traffic rules - and move in if a been sustainability, and to make sure of larger or faster boat sails by. their green profile, the engines on the boats are powered by solar cells making them You can bring a picnic, or buy one from pollution-free, and the wood is sustainably the headquarters, and spend a few tranquil sourced. hours on the water.

The day we went was freezing cold, 12 degrees, and very very windy. We all wore lifejackets and quickly learned how to steer the boat. You see, you have to steer a boat the opposite way you would a car, so it took a few goes, to get that right, but then we were off, exploring the stunning Copenhagen canals from the seaside, which is absolutely brilliant. The kids loved sailing under the bridges, as well as on open water where we could go a bit faster.

loved it. It was 2 hours on the water and we saw most of the stunning Copenhagen sights from the waterfront. The kids loved it, they want to go back when the weather is a bit better, so that’s what we are aiming for. If you are in Copenhagen this is something we really recommend doing, mainly because of the sense of freedom water gives you, as well as the feeling of community. Everybody waves at you, and you wave back. We see it as a small breather amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.

We took the route set out by the team, and we

GO BOAT, Islands Brygge 10, 2300 Kbh S.


A museum that really took us by surprise is the Rudolph Tegner Museum & statue park – North of Copenhagen.

We walked around the park for hours, and also met some of the many sheep who graze there all summer.

The girls and I went there on a sunny afternoon in early September. We started in the Statue-park, and I can tell you, we were in for a bit of a sight.

Rudolph Tegner Museum is created and built by Tegner himself, with his own art pieces adorning both the inside of the museum and the statue park outside.

Heather all around decorated the beautiful The statue park contains 14 sculptures and scenery, and then you’d come across these offers free access all year round. incredibly huge and very beautiful bronze >> sculptures.

After our walk in the statue park, we ventured inside the small museum.

Rudolph Tegner himself was a Danish sculptor linked to the Symbolist movement.

It is like a sculptural wonderland with gigantic sculptures mixed with smaller, a visual playground that offers soo many different art genres, that left us all speechless.

In the early 20th century his work caused controversy in Denmark. His sculptures are often gigantic & theatrical, and created confusion in his home country Denmark.

The rooms are in natural colours, and everything goes together so well, that The girls and I were very impressed witht architecture, nature, and art forms a whole the museum and the grounds. The place is total experience. an absolute must -see we all thought.

RUDOLPH TEGNER MUSEUM,Museumsvej 19, 3120 Dronningmølle


We went to visit Dansk Arkitektur Centre - situated on the Copenhagen harbour in the beautiful Blox building. Even before you enter, you see children playing on the cool outdoor playground, and naturally, the girls did the same. When you enter, you notice their bright red signature colour everywhere, and quickly see that this is all about architecture. The girls ran upstairs to the cool exhibition called Kids´city, where the kids get to roam around using the installations, playing inside and exploring as kids do. They climbed around the small houses, sat in the giant chair and on the table, climbed the wooden cube from KU.BE, and generally loved reading about all the cool architecture (many places are also in this guide) we have seen whilst exploring the city. The girls also walked out to the edge of a skyscraper, fell through the glass, fell down, and landed like superheroes in the VR-experience called ‘We dare you’. Pretty scary and might I say, very lifelike. They walked the plank - I stopped at the edge!

DAC also has the wildest art installation in Copenhagen. A 40-meter, 4 story spiral slide, that goes from the top floor to the bottom. We obviously tried it, many times, and the girls were thrilled. There is also a fun Insta wall, where you can get your own image emailed to you, as well as a gorgeous rainbow staircase that the girls wish we had at home. The girls were very impressed to see how architecture is everywhere in the city. How buildings have been made smart, and how the design of buildings has evolved throughout the years. They found it great fun being able to play in the installations, and recognize some of the buildings we see every day. DAC also offers the 'Hello Denmark' exhibition, which tells you a bit about us Danes. How we like to live, how we use design, and architecture in our way of life, cycling life, swimming in the harbor, and what actually makes Denmark (and the Danes) masters of HYGGE and the good everyday life!

D A C, Bryghuspladsen 10, 1473 København K


Arken Museum for modern art is another must-go destination just outside Copenhagen. Situated on the manmade beachfront in Ishøj, Arken is built to resemble a giant beached ship with a manmade moat and waters around it creating an art island encompassed with water, where you access the museum by a number of bridges.

The museum hosts different exhibitions throughout the year, as well as having more than 400 art pieces in their own collection of primarily from after 1990.

Arken also has many pieces situated on the vast grounds, and if you visit during the summer, you are able to go for a dip in the sea afterward, as the beach is Arken museum has also chosen literally next door. to admit kids under 17 years for Arken also has a beautiful free, which is a great idea, as it is restaurant/café and a great shop then more affordable for families with cool objects for sale, as well to enjoy the museums. as books and posters from the The museum resembles a ship exhibitions. inside as well and hosts different >> exhibitions, as well as one of Scandinavia's collections of contemporary art. Arken is airy, and it is a pleasure to walk around, without feeling too crowded.

ARKEN, Skovvej 100, 2635 Ishøj

>> The exhibition we saw was the Animals in Art exhibition which was all about animals - being art, looking like art. It is an exhibition about the lives of animals and our lives with animals. It showcases the cute, the grotesque, the way we use animals for art, and also art that shows us if we keep using the resources on Earth as we do now, there may not be much left soon. The girls were completely taken by the exhibition, and said "It was interesting to see how people have used animals in the art. It actually makes you think real hard about things and especially the treatment of animals and the environment". That is what we aim for when we are out and about. Instant opinions, that the things they see makes them think about it afterwards. A great educational day, both inside the museum and outside.


Den Blå Planet is a spectacle in itself. The building - made to resemble a whirlpool, is situated on the beachfront in Amager.

We also saw the cute sea otters playing outside, and wandered through the rainforest where we saw stunning butterflies everywhere, poisonous yellow frogs, scary When you enter, your world is piranhas, and fish that lived in dark indeed turned blue, with more than cages and therefore had no need 50 aquariums and over 7 million for eyes. The piranhas, the reef liters of water. stonefish and the massive electric You start in the Nordic seas - and eel was probably the scariest get to explore all of the interesting creatures we experienced that day. creatures that live in the water. We We walked outside and caught small were lucky enough to be escorted water insects by the lily pad pond. around by one of the many clever There is a great deal to see, as there guides working there, and he told us is always movement in the oceans. everything there was to know about the herring in the sea, to the spiteful We also discussed the pollutions pikes, and much more. We touched of the oceans. The plastic disaster small starfish, flatfish as well as happening as we speak, and the freshwater crabs. tween/teen came out bursting with ideas, on how we - and everybody Later we moved on to the great else could and should begin now to oceans - where we met colourful minimize the use of plastic. fish in many sizes. Some were dangerous, others bait, but it is quite A great inspirational, and spectacular seeing the recognition educational day at the Blå Planet when the children see a fish, shark, aquarium. octopus that they recognize from somewhere. Especially Nemo - the clownfish was a recognizable friend, but also stingrays that swim as if they fly, and the tiny seahorses and colourful reef fish.

DEN BLÃ… PLANET Jacob Fortlingsvej 1, 2770 Kastrup


Who would have thought that you You are also able to have a party on could ski on top of an old waste the hill, have a drink, and enjoy the disposal unit? view from the top in the café, or there are even people running to the Well, architect Bjarne Ingels thought top - hard work I might add. If you you could and created a ski-slope are not fond of walking up, you can and recreational hill in the middle use the lift, and then walk down. of Copenhagen. Sledding for the kids is also a fun Copenhill is a fun place to visit. You way to spend a few hours. They get can walk to the top where you’ll find what looks like a giant tire ring, and a stunning view of the Copenhagen you to walk the conveyer belt which skyline. brings you higher on the hill, and Booking a ski appointment on the then you go sledding down. Fun for artificial ski slope is also a fun way everyone, and it resembles sledding to brush up on your skiing abilities. on ice, just a little bit warmer. There are opportunities for all levels, and you get to the very top on a button lift. The view is great when you ski down, and you can ski all year, and not just during the winter.

Copenhill is a great place for a cool uphill or downhill walk, an intense run, skiing or a bit of sledding. Outdoor fun on a wastedisposal unit in Copenhagen.

Ski equipment is for hire at the What's not to love! premises, or you are welcome to bring your own.

COPENHILL, Vindmøllevej 6, 2300 København S.


Copenhagen zoo is a great place to visit with children of all ages. It is a fun place to see the animals in real life as well as hear stories about them and how they live in the wild.Â

baby polar bear and the mother bear, the wolf-pack, the big majestic elephants, and of course the petting zoo with the many goats.

The girls were also in love with the penguins In the Copenhagen zoo, you can meet more - they are always charming and so close you than 4.000 animals and travel between can almost touch them. continents whilst you explore. The favourite animals for the kids to visit were the shy pandas who happily hide themselves - eating bamboo, the playful

The Lions were basking in the sunshine when we visitied, the monkey were playing around, and afterwards - we wandered to the savannah where we enjoyed seeing the giraffes, zebras, and the rhinos.

where you can enjoy your lunch. Tivoli also has great restaurants that offer great food and yummy ice-cream which is a must on a hot day.

If you have tired kids - you can rent a small The zoo is a great and beautiful place to cart to wheel them around in. explore for the day. There are great areas with animals from the entire world, all in Copenhagen Zoo is indeed a wild place to their own enclosures. visit! There is the monkey house, where you can meet primates of all shapes and sizes, there is a place for all snakes and other creatures, as well as lovely playgrounds and areas

COPENHAGEN ZOO, Frederiksberg Alle, 2000 Frederiksberg


Tivoli garden is probably the oldest amusement park in the world, but the prettiest for sure. We LOVE going there. We are there often, and not just for trying the rides. No, this old garden is soo much more.

Tivoli has made an app which makes it possible to virtually join the queue for the rides you want to try, and the app will then tell you when to go to the ride and join the queue - it gives you much more time to enjoy the gardens instead of waiting for ages and ages.

It is obviously fairground rides, the wild, the wet, the tall, the scary, and the ones for smaller kids. Bigger A brilliant idea we think! kids go all the way, on all the rides, The seasons are: as many as they can possibly do. SUMMER from 8th June - 4th During the summer months, October there are many classical concerts, theatre and ballet in AUTUMN / HALLOWEEN 8th the Pantomine theatre, open-air October - 4th November / film festivals, and much more. CHRISTMAS 13th November - 3rd Autumn gets dressed up for January. Halloween with pumpkins and witches galore and there is nothing better than Christmas in Tivoli to get you in the festive spirit. Tivoli is also a food lovers mecca. Loads of restaurants in all price ranges, as well as the Tivoli Food Halls, that serve tasty 'streetfood' to enjoy inside or outside.

TIVOLI, Vestertbrogade 3, 1630 København V



SWEET UNICORN KISS Pastel-colored meringues with glitter, and macaroons in the shape of unicorns, as well as instagrammable ice cream cones with glitter and edible flowers. What more could you wish for? Find their cute pink store in Kongens have as well as their café on Larsbjørnstræde.

GRØD If you think porridge is something your Granma served, something grey, lumpy, and kinda gross, you are in for a treat and a big surprise. You see, GRØD (porridge in English) makes the best porridge you'll ever taste. And Rissotto, Bygotto, Daal basically, - most hot, tasty things they can stir in a pot. Yum!

ORGANIC BOHO A 100% plant-based organic menu with multi coloured dishes that makes your heart beat that little bit faster. Tasty, fresh, and ever so delicious.s! We have a thing for the Acai smoothies, the tasty wrap, or even the sweet potato fries with chili mayo.

FRANKIES PIZZA If you're into pizza, you'd be into Frankies. Cool contemporary decor, and pizza with many different flavours and toppings. Enjoy your pizza in the shine of the pink neon sign. Known to be a favourite amongst teens.

JAGGER If you're fond of burgers, you're gonna love Jagger. Cool Scandinavian decรณr, and a menu with something for every burger lover. We love the meal deal - 2 junior burger menus / 2 burger menus all for 300 DKK. That's tasty!

MAD HATTERS BUBBLE TEA EMPORIUM Multicoloured bubble tea served with your own choice of tea, as well as multiflavoured Tapioca bubbles in your fave flavour. And did we mention - it is all about the Mad Hatter in there. So if you like Bubble Tea - this is your go-to destination!

JUNO If you have heard the hype about Juno the bakery, we just wanted to tell you that the hype is right. The cardamon rolls are literally to die for . Scrumptious, delicious, fluffy, sticky and with just the right amound of cardamom. Yum. And yes, we'd join the queue if we were you.

HIDDEN DIMSUM A hidden gem in Copenhagen serving authentic dim sum. The restaurant is upstairs, and has a cozy bustling atmosphere, - and their bar downstairs 'Dimsum by Night' is a busy bustling Asian bar inspired by the vivid Hongkong streetfood culture. Open from 17-02.

LECKERBEAR Tiny trinket size pieces of cake, resembling small artworks and tasting even better. Can that be true? Yes, it can. And yes, you ought to do yourself a favour of visiting Leckerbear, and buying one of the boxes with mini cakes, or even have a coffee and one of the Lemon meringue pies. You're welcome!


TORVEHALLERNE Grab a plate of sushi, or maybe a piece of Smørrebrød, or why not grab a green smoothie from Paleo or a delicious Danish pastry from Grannys house? Torvehallerne IS the Copenhagen food market, and it is busting with something for everyone's taste. Enjoy, and eat your food outside on the communal benches.

REFFEN STREETFOOD Take a bike to the Copenhagen hub of streetfood 'REFFEN' situated on the Refshale island, a bustling hub of streetfood, design, crafts, and culture. You can taste food from every corner of the world, chill in the deckchairs, or just wander around, taking it all in. You can bring you skateboard too, or jump in the harbour for a dip by La Banchina. It's all there.

BROENS GADEKØKKEN Broens gadekøkken is a small streetfood market on Greenlandic Trade Square at the end of Inderhavnsbroen. Broens gadekøkken is a melting pot of street food stalls serving tasty food from all over the world. A great place for sunsets and mocktails.

WRITING & PHOTOGRAPHY ANYA NĂ˜DDEBO JENSEN This guide is written with words and inputs from Audrey & Holly - my teen and tween. They have visited every single place in this guide and the opinions are from them to make this guide as authentic as possible. A very big thank you to all the amazing places that we visted that were so hospitable and helped us create this guide.

Thanks for stoping by and reading our guide. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Copenhagen!