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INTO the great wide open

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tweentown/teentown Welcome to this AW edition of Tweentown - which is growing up, as we are beginning to move into the teen years - and therefore we have added a little extra 'Teentown' to our name. Tween/Teen - these kids are growing up - too fast if you ask me, but I guess that's a Mum thing :-) We have been so busy creating this beautiful magazine for you. There have been many delays, and things that we used to do a year ago, is now entirely different. People have changed. Circumstances have changed. The way we shop, go out stay in (as it is now) and socialize has changed.

Winter is coming, cold weather and runny noses are happening. We are always positive and will do our best to keep safe, keep an open mind, and a happy healthy attitude. This edition is stunning - and filled to the brim with inspirational content. We aim  to inspire the young adults with cool stunning editorials, to give some ideas on how to mix and match clothes, to create your own signature style.  Enjoy and stay cool. XOXO Anya and the Tweentown team.

into the great wide open...

Signe wears: Dress: Camille -A Monday Leggings: Laura - A Monday Baby skirt (used as collar): Christina Rohde Boots: UGG Holly wears: Shirt: Christina Rohde Wonder Pants: Soft Galleryst by Krutter Shoes: Converse

Audrey wears: Shirt: Soft Gallery Stockings: Sneaky Fox Hat: Wander Wonder Boots: UGG Scarf: Malene Hocke


NEUTROGENA blemish concealer


TONYMOLY gloss bar

NYX bare with me

ELF hydrating primer

MARIO BADESCU facial sprau

AUDREY'S BEAUT Y TIPS my daily beauty routines

Audrey Eva here - I just wanted to catch up with you guys and share some of the things I do to keep my skin looking good and myself fresh all day. The first thing that I do is - every morning I take a wet cloth, and wash my face, and put some moisturizer around the face. The one I prefer in the morning is the Visibly clear from Neutrogena - it is creamy and not too thick. I like wearing a tiny bit of makeup these days. I am 14 so a little bit is ok I think. I usually spray some Mario Badescu facial spray on first, which always makes me feel refreshed. Then I add Elf hydrating faceprimer, which makes my skin look smooth and glovy, which I love. Sometimes I use a tiny bit of concealer - if I have something to conceal - my fave is the Neutrogena one.

Then there is a bit of blusher (if I am feeling pale) I have always loved the one from NYX, that gives a soft pale pink to my cheeks. My lips are often tinted with the cutest petite bunny gloss, so cute and not too much colour on my mouth. Last but not least I do use a tiny bit of mascara on my lashes. The one I always go back to is the good old Maybeline - old school mascara in black. That's it for now. These are the things I have in my make-up purse now, as well as hand sanitizer and of course a facemask.

Elsa wears: Dress: Anna -A Monday Stockings: Sneaky Fox Boots: Dr. Mar tens

Holly wears: Pants: The New Top: Rina -The New Shoes: Converse x Comme de garcon Jacket: Vienna A Monday Glasses: Rayban

Karla wears: Sweater: Costbar t Skir t: Christina Rohde Beret: River IslandShoes: Converse

Audrey wears: Skir t: Costbar t Blouse: A Monday Stockings: Sneaky fox Hat: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Adidas Superstars




Audrey wears: Ruffle Blouse: 'Wander 'n Wonder Trousers: Tini A Monday Shoes: Converse Holly wears: Top: Ami - A Monday Overall: Bella - A Monday Jacket: Christina Rohde Socks: Molo Shoes: Dr. Martens Glasses: Rayban Sophia wears: Top: Didi -A Monday Pants: Costbart Hat: Soft Gallery Bracelets: by Nynne Rosenvinge

greenhouse stories

Signe wears: Top: Annie A Monday Pants: Bibo -A Monday Adidas Stan Smiths Hat: Gazza - Soft Gallery

Holly wears: Dress: - Ghita Soft Gallery Stockings: Soft Gallery Shoes: Converse x Comme de garcon Glasses: 'Rayban Jacket: Christina Rohde

Audrey wears: Blouse: Sigrid - A Monday Skir t: Barbara - A Monday Shoes: Ugg Stockings: Sneaky Fox

things we



Karla wears:

Holly wears.

Pants: Blanca -Soft Gallery Top: Carly - Soft Gallery Shoes: Converse All stars

Dungarees: Monki Blouse: Larissa - A Monday Shoes: Converse x Comme de garcon Jacket: Vienna - A Monday Hat: Soft Gallery

sisters sisters sisters sisters

sisters sisters sisters sisters

sisters sisters sisters sisters

Audrey wears: Pants: Tini - A Monday Top: Ami -A Monday Shoes: Converse All stars Necklace: Fruta Sweatshir t: Morocco memories WanderWonder Shoes: Adidas superstars

Elsa wears: Sweater: Aztec mohair -Wander Wonder Trousers: Costbar t Boots: Doctor Mar teens Bucket hat: Urban Outfitters



autumn colors galore

Holly wears Jacket: A Monday Shirt:'Gaxine' Soft Gallery Pants: Bibo -A Monday Facemask: Hello Minista

Audrey wears: Sweatshirt: Wander 'n Wonder Scarf: WanderWonder Pants: Blanca -Soft Gallery Shoes: Adidas


AUDREY WEARS: Sweater:'WanderWonder Shirt: Gaxine - Soft Gallery Skirt: Sara -A Monday Stockings: Sneaky Fox

SI GN E WE AR S: Dress: Camille- A Monday Leggings: Laura -A Monday Collar: Christina Rohde


AUDREY WEARS: Pants: Costbart Shirt:Christina Rohde Shoes: Nike AirForce

HOLLY WEARS: Dress: Jelly Alligator Kneehighs: Molo Shoes: Dr. Martens Sunnies: Hello Minista Scarf: Christina Rohde

r u o y e show m R A OM


The Ikea OMAR shelving unit has become a must-have teen item in the teenage bedroom.

It is versatile, and easy to change around, so I can put my things exactly where I want them. I like to display my favourite clothes - the shir ts and tops, so I hang them on the top of the shelving unit. Then I have built some shelves, and bought the Ayakasa multicoloured boxes, that contain pretty much all of my accessories: hairclips, brushes, make-up, and much more. I love how I can change the look of room, just like that. If you want to share your personalized OMAR shelving unit, send us a pic on Instagram, and we will share it,

grey grĂĽ gris grau grigio grijs

HO LLY WE ARS: Dress: Jelly Alligator Kneehighs: Pomp de Lux Shoes. Nike Jacket: Vintage Beret: River Island

SO P HI A WE A R S: Dress: Inaya - A Monday Kneehighs: Molo Shoes: Converse x Comme de garcon Belt: Bands of L A Hat: Soft Gallery AU D R E Y WE AR S: Dress: Dina - A Monday Stockings: Sneaky Fox Jumper: Kiera - Costbart Shoes: Adidas Superstars Bracelets: by Nynne Rosenvinge


tweentown magazine

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Tweentown/Teentown AW 2020  

Tweentown / Teentown: your go-to destination for cool tweens, and young teens, and their adults. We have incredible fashion editorials, Aud...

Tweentown/Teentown AW 2020  

Tweentown / Teentown: your go-to destination for cool tweens, and young teens, and their adults. We have incredible fashion editorials, Aud...