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The final series of the much-loved Cornwall set swashbuckling drama, starring a brooding Aiden Turner galloping across the cliffs for the last time. Ross travels to London to answer a cry for help from an old friend, and finds himself faced with a conspiracy masterminded by a slave trader. Meanwhile Demelza is confronted with a new enemy as she manages the family’s affairs in Cornwall.

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190265 3 DVDs Cert TBC £24.99 £19.99


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Series 1-5

15 DVDs Cert TBC

£59.99 £49.99



Nicholas Hoult stars as the author in this film biopic on the life and times of the creator of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Middle Earth. It is a beautiful insight into one of the great storytellers of our time. With Lily Collins, Derek Jacobi, Colm Meaney and Pam Ferris.

Ruth Jones stars as larger-thanlife Carry On actress Hattie Jacques, in this one-off film about her not-so-secret affair with a younger man in the early ‘60s, while still married to Dad’s Army star John Le Mesurier. With Aidan Turner and Robert Bathurst. 1hr 24. Subtitles

190347 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £13.99

137768 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99


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Being Human – Series 1-5

Tommy’s Honour

Wonderful Life

BBC comedy drama about three very unusual flatmates with dark secrets. Aidan Turner stars. 34hrs 33

A strained father-son relationship is at the heart of this sporting period drama. Sam Neill stars. 1hr 52

156973 14 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £36.99

187819 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £8.99

142967 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99

Don’t Look Now

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

All Is True

Cliff Richard and his band are stranded in the Canary Islands, with Una Stubbs and Susan Hampshire. 1hr 49

Dead Man’s Shoes Paddy Considine stars in Shane Meadows’ blend of horror, supernatural and comedy. 1hr 26

143895 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £6.99

Amadeus Oscar winner based on the downfall of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Tom Hulce stars. 2hrs 33. Subtitles

132027 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99


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Nicolas Roeg’s film, adapted from Daphne Du Maurier’s disturbing story. With Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

190252 2 DVDs Cert 15 £17.99 £14.99

Doris Day and Gordon McRae star in the popular musical romcom. 1hr 38. Subtitles

189849 DVD Cert U £12.99 £8.99

Original take on the final years of Shakespeare’s life. Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen star. 1hr 41

189999 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £13.99

Best of Baywatch Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 / Henry VIII / David Hasselhoff, Erika Eleniak and The Merry Wives Pamela Anderson of Windsor don skimpy bathing Shakespeare’s plays suits to dash about at the Globe Theatre. Malibu beach. 2hrs 45 11hrs. Subtitles

190364 £7.99 DVD Cert 12

157050 4 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £36.99

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World Cinema A Nazi concentration camp prisoner is forced to assist with the genocide, burning the bodies of fellow Jews. This Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winning Hungarian drama is a masterpiece. 1hr 47. Subtitles

Stunning adaptation of the celebrated Lampedusa novel about Italian royalty. Burt Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon star in Visconti’s masterpiece. 2hrs 58. Subtitles

Catherine Deneuve stars in a classic French musical, by the makers of Umbrellas of Cherbourg. A pair of musicteacher siblings look for love in a pastel-coloured coastal town. Gene Kelly stars as a visiting American. 2hrs 5. Subtitles

172507 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

133719 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

140590 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99


The Connection

The Decameron

Rosa Luxemburg

Jean Dujardin stars in this French crime drama set in the 1970s. A former judge attempts to take down a drug gang. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s adaptation of ten bawdy stories by 14th century Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio. 1hr 41. Subtitles

Biopic of one of the most fascinating and heroic figures in modern European history. Palme d’Or nominee. 2hrs 2. Subtitles

Bizet’s opera is brought to life in Francesco Rosi’s acclaimed version, with Placido Domingo. 2hrs 30. Subtitles

190381 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

138719 DVD+BLU £19.99 £9.99

188677 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £10.99

139137 2 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

The King’s Choice

A Man Called Ove


Based on the true story of three days in April 1940 when Norway’s future hung in the balance. 2hrs 13. Subtitles

A wistful, heartwarming comedy drama adapted from the global bestseller, about an elderly misanthropic man. 1hr 56. Subtitles

189149 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

187807 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £9.99

Riveting queer cinema from Slovenia. A young man is caught up in a gang, and tries to suppress a secret that could harm him. 1hr 33

Cert 18

190308 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

Classic 1930s drama starring Jean Gabin and Michèle Morgan. Army deserter Jean pitches up in Le Havre, looking for a new identity and passage to foreign parts. His progress is halted when he falls in love with Nelly, an idealistic 17-year-old who finds herself oppressed by her supposed protector, Zabel, and hoodlum Lucien. Jean attempts to rescue Nelly from their grasp but will it mean missing his own chance at freedom? 1hr 28. Subtitles



Carmen – Restored Edition

Cert E

Lust for Love When Elisabeth falls pregnant, medical student Rolf gives up his future career. Classic 1960s German tragedy. 1hr 34. Subtitles

190144 £8.99 DVD Cert 15

The German Doctor Set in 1960s Argentina, the film follows ex-Nazi SS officer Josef Mengele, exiled in Patagonia. 1hr 33. Subtitles

190383 £7.99 DVD Cert 12

One of the great works of 1930s poetic realist cinema, this film was Marcel Carne’s third collaboration with screenwriter and poet Jacques Prevert. A story of obsessive sexuality and murder, in which the workingclass Francois resorts to killing in order to free the woman he loves from the controlling influence of another man. The film cemented the reputations of Carne and actor Jean Gabin. 1hr 28. Subtitles

150296 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

£15.99 £10.99

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End of Summer Sale FAMILY FUN Three Film Collection David Attenborough narrates this 3D natural history documentary about the life of an emperor penguin.The film chronicles the first years of a young penguin as he battles his way through adolescence to face an epic journey in extreme conditions, and become a king of the Antarctic.


DVD Cert E

Part of the series of great tank battles of WWII. This documentary focuses on Rommel’s second offensive in North Africa and the German offensive at Kharkov past the River Don towards the Volga and Stalingrad. 53 mins

Box set of three movies – Walk the Line; Road to Perdition; and Antwone Fisher. Starring Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Denzel Washington et al. 6hrs 7

165499 3 DVDs £12.99 £2.99

167105 DVD Cert E £14.99 £3.99

Cert 15

£15.99 £3.99

A Little Help Six episodes of the delightful children’s animated series. Perfect entertainment for little minds. In the fantastical town of Care-a-lot, Cheer Bear and the other Care Bears spread goodwill and empathy everywhere. But Grizzle is up to his dirty tricks. 1hr


DVD Cert U

The Counsellor

23 Paces to Baker Street

Ten North Frederick

A blind man overhears a crime being plotted. He resolves to stop the villains. Van Johnson and Vera Miles star. 1hr 39

Hollywood classic about a man who seemed to have it all. Gary Cooper and Diane Varsi star. 1hr 35

136035 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

188007 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

120174 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

Anna Karenina

Lady Thrillers

Captain January

Sean Connery and Claire Bloom star in the 1961 BBC adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel. 1hr 48. Subtitles

Andie MacDowell stars in Patricia Cornwell’s At Risk and The Front. The set also includes Nora Robert’s Carnal Innocence.

You’ll be charmed by Shirley Temple singing Early Bird, At the Codfish Ball and The Right Somebody to Love. 1hr 12

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

132330 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £4.99

165078 3 DVDs £12.99 £4.99

135383 DVD Cert U £9.99 £4.99

188009 DVD Cert U £9.99 £6.99

School for Randle

Our Finest Hour

The Tender Hook

La Ronde

School caretakers disguise themselves as a novelty Chinese acrobatic act! With Frank Randle and Jimmy Clitheroe. 1hr 23

Three documentaries on iconic RAF aircraft used in WWII: Hurricane at War, Lancaster at War and Spitfire at War. 3hrs 22

Femme fatale, Iris, is caught up in the violent, underworld of Jazz Age Sydney, in this Australian noir. Hugo Weaving and Rose Byrne star. 1hr 4

Max Ophuls risqué post-war drama won the BAFTA for Best Film, and stars Simone Signoret and Anton Walbrook. 1hr 29. Subtitles

131076 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

132713 3 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

134046 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £4.99

172500 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

Ridley Scott’s Cormac McCarthy adaptation, starring Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz et al. 1hr 52.

137657 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £5.99

Men of Iron Channel 4 series charting the incredible achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Robert Stephenson. 2hrs 18

£9.99 £2.99



15 original episodes of the BBC children’s classic, created by Roger Hargreaves and narrated by Arthur Lowe. Reunite with Mr. Strong, Mr. Daydream, Mr. Fussy, Mr. Worry, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Topsy Turvy, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Mean, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Noisy and more!

DVD Cert U

£5.99 £4.99

Cert 15

Elia Kazan’s classic Oscarwinning drama about an Irish family struggling to survive in turn-of-thecentury New York. 2hrs 5

Volume 1 Dr Seuss wackiness, mixed with Jim Henson’s muppets. What more could you want? The titles of alone will get you in the mood: The Song of the ZubbleWump; Mrs Zabarelli’s Holiday Baton; The King’s Beard; and The Simplifier, featuring the Cat in the Hat, Horton,Yertle and The Grinch! 2hrs



DVD Cert E

£12.99 £3.99

Cert E

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End of Summer Sale MUSIC & DANCE An in-depth insight into the toughest fighting forces in the world, the French Foreign Legion and the British SAS.These DVDs highlight how tough these soldiers are and what it takes to become an elite combat soldier. 3hrs 10

168418 3 DVDs £19.99 £5.99

Krays biographer Fred Dinenage retraces the extraordinary lives of two of Britain’s most notorious criminals. The East End gangsters, Ronnie and Reggie Kray earned a reputation as London’s deadliest villains. 3hrs 18

189447 3 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

Cert E

Cert E

The King of Strings Featuring exclusive, and unseen since 1959, footage from the original Mantovani TV show, this brand new documentary tells the story of Monty’s arrival in England from his home city of Venice and his struggle to become one of the most successful easy listening artists ever. 1hr 18


Byron (2003)


Jonny Lee Miller stars as Byron in this erotic BBC drama which co-stars Vanessa Redgrave and Natasha Little. 2hrs 22. Subtitles

British cold war drama following a journalist investigating the disappearance of a ship and its crew. 5hrs 30. Subtitles

132329 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £5.99

135018 2 DVDs £24.99 £8.99

Cert 12

Taggart – An Eye for an Eye

Journey to the Earth’s Core

When a doctor at a women’s health centre is murdered, Burke and his team investigate. 1hr 37

Live action footage and CGI uncover the mysteries that lurk in the Earth’s core. 1hr 32. Subtitles

133378 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £4.99

136975 DVD Cert E £9.99 £3.99

DVD Cert E

£14.99 £6.99

Concert Spectacular Recorded live at the Pavision Theatre in Bournemouth, in 2010, during a sell out tour to celebrate 30 years since the maestro passed away. Featuring all the hits that made the man a legend. 2hrs 10

188562 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £7.99

Back to God’s Country

Shakespeare Country

Vickers & Supermarine

Rock Hudson stars with Marcia Henderson in this 1950s action adventure set in the icy wilderness. 1hr 18

An exploration of the life of the Bard of Avon, in his neck of the woods. 55 mins

The story of two of the greatest names in British aviation history, packed with archive film. 1hr 33

164448 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £5.99

130190 DVD Cert E £5.99 £3.99

123279 DVD Cert E £12.99 £3.99

Spitfire – Frontline Fighter

In the News – Vulcan

Four unreleased wartime films offering a close up look at the aircraft throughout the war years. 1hr 12

The life and history of the delta-winged nuclear bomber which was first used in 1956. 1hr 30

134999 DVD Cert E £9.99 £4.99

131823 DVD Cert E £12.99 £5.99

SAS Survival Secrets – Behind Enemy Lines The secrets of the elite regiment’s techniques for survival behind enemy lines. 3hrs

120131 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £3.99

The RAF at War The story of how British scientists developed radar, an essential tool in the defence of these shores during the Battle of Britain. 2hrs 36

130320 DVD Cert E £12.99 £3.99

WWII – Price of an Empire This series explores the events leading up to WWII and the events of the war itself, using unparalleled archive footage

189188 3 DVDs £9.99 £6.99

Cert E

When else could you see Donny Osmond, David Bowie and Thin Lizzy on the same edition of Top of the Pops? Enjoy glam rock classics from T Rex and Roxy Music, plus Status Quo and Tom Petty, and emerging punk rockers The Damned, The Jam, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Dr Feelgood. 4hrs 35


5 DVDs Cert E

£14.99 £8.99

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, who perform on the popular BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, present this step-by-step guide to performing some of their most famous dances, including the waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, cha cha and Argentine tango. It will have you dancing in your seat! 2hrs 39


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3 DVDs Cert E

£15.99 £7.99


Hilarious 1950’s comedy directed by Ralph Thomas starring Googie Withers, Colin Gordon and John McCallum. Divorced British tourists must scrounge together when they’re stranded without money in Stockholm.

190549 DVD Cert U £12.99 £11.99

Tense drama telling the story of the kidnap of a child in 1950’s London. A happily married American couple live in London with their toddler.Their happy life is soon shattered. Starring David Farrar and Julie Arnall. 1hr 26

190550 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £11.99


190349 £12.99 DVD Cert 15



Acclaimed, witty Western, adapted from the bestselling novel by Patrick deWitt. It’s an emotionally cathartic exploration of what it means to be a man. Joaquin Phoenix, Jack Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly star. Subtitles


New Releases




Complete Ground-breaking visual effects tell the thrilling stories of all eight planets. Brian Cox reveals how the latest science allows us to unlock the facts. about the most memorable events in the history of the solar system. Using stunning visual effects, this BBC series is undoubtedly the definitive documentary on the planets, with the latest science revealing their origins and past lives. 5hrs. Subtitles


2 DVDs Cert E

£19.99 £14.99

This pioneering BBC natural history series follows the interconnected stories of a cast of iconic savannah animals over one year. With unique access to a pristine and unspoilt corner of the Serengeti deep in the heart of Africa, this series captures the drama of the animals’ daily lives and the emotional moments they face. 6hrs. Subtitles


2 DVDs Cert TBC

£19.99 £14.99

Collection 9 Another two film-length episodes from the muchloved BBC crime drama, adapted from the novels by Andrea Camilleri. Luca Zingaretti stars as the suave Sicilian detective. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

190238 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Collection 1–9 55hrs. Subtitles

190239 17 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £74.99

Chasing the Moon Robert Stone chronicles the story of mankind’s journey to the moon, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. 6hrs. Subtitles

190328 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £21.99


The Last Days of Billy the Kid An action-packed chronicle of the last days of the most notorious outlaw in the history of the Wild West. 1hr 20

190245 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99


Wild Rose


Documentary on the industrialisation of oceans. Looking at the value of ocean life and ways we must work to preserve it. 1hr 16

Julie Walters and Jessie Buckley star in this mustsee funny and uplifting British drama about a young mother who dares to dream. 1hr 36. Subtitles

A stunning, unforgettable Cannes winner. Set in Beirut, a young boy sues his unfit, careless parents for giving him life. 2hrs 6. Subtitles

190359 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £13.99

190350 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

190527 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

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The Thames – Britain’s Great River Tony makes the 200-mile journey from source to sea, and explores how the Thames has shaped Britain. 3hrs

190526 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

190244 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99


190558 DVD Cert U £17.99 £14.99

A powerful love story in the face of adversity. After her husband dies Ruth leaves her homeland with her mother-in-law Naomi for Israel.There she marries a man named Boaz, setting the stage for the coming of the Messiah. 1hr 31

Powell and Pressburger’s classic musical (based on the Strauss opera Die Fledermaus) set in post-war Vienna. Michael Redgrave leads a marvellously international cast, including Ludmilla Tcherina and Anton Walbrook. 1hr 41

189816 DVD Cert TBC £12.99 £9.99


Cliff Richard stars in this classic British musical, and sings the memorable title song in this musical about a group heading of on a holiday in a red doubledecker bus! With The Shadows and Una Stubbs. 1hr 44. Subtitles


New Releases

Complete Fantasy super-hero action adventure! In his role as an agent for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, half-demon Hellboy protects the world from supernatural threats, under the guidance of his adoptive human father Professor Broom. He has to stop the apocalypse. David Harbour, Milla Jovovich and Ian McShane star.


DVD Cert 15

Woodstock – Three Days that Defined a Generation Documentary on the festival, as you’ve never seen it before… 1hr 36

190329 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99

£19.99 £15.99

Imagine if Downton Abbey was set in India? From the director of Viceroy’s House, Gurinder Chadha, comes this epic new ITV period drama set in a splendid house in 19th century Delhi. John Beecham arrives to take up residence, but the staff are shocked to discover that their secretive new master’s motherless baby son is of mixed parentage. 4hrs 30. Subtitles


Unknown Soldier This acclaimed, blockbuster drama is a testament to the Finnish sacrifice in WWII and to the human suffering of a universal soldier. 1hr 53

190589 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

2 DVDs Cert 12

The Mr Pastry Collection Tons of Trouble; Butler’s Dilemma; The Time of His Life; The Madame Gambles; Something in the City. 6hrs 28

190267 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £14.99

£24.99 £18.99

Liverpool F.C. End of Season Review 2018/19 Highlights of every goal scored, plus full matches of key games including the Champions League Final.

190309 DVD Cert E £24.99 £19.99

Catherine of Aragon has been promised the English throne all her life. In 1501 she arrives in England to wed Arthur, Prince of Wales. When Arthur falls ill soon after the wedding, Catherine is torn between Arthur’s brother Harry and her duty to wed King Henry VII. Based on the novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory. 7hrs 28. Subtitles


2 DVDs Cert 15

£22.99 £17.99

The White Princess 190907

2 DVDs Cert 15


A Kid for Two Farthings

Carol Reed’s classic drama is a delightful urban fairy tale set soon after WWII. Celia Johnson stars. 1hr 31

190253 DVD+BLU £19.99 £14.99

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Cert U

£22.99 £12.99

The Running Man Sci-fi action adventure set around a brutal TV gameshow, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, directed by Paul Michael Glaser. 1hr 41

190198 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99



190348 DVD Cert 18 £17.99 £14.99


190360 £9.99

Val Kilmer stars in Oliver Stone’s biopic charting the rise and fall of legendary ’60s rock group The Doors and the charismatic ‘Lizard King’ Jim Morrison. With Meg Ryan as his girlfriend; and Kyle MacLachlan.



The Final Cut

Gritty 1950’s police drama which sees the forces of law and order do battle with organised crime. A policeman has a last chance to put his nemesis behind bars. With Jill Adams, Eddie Byrne, Lyndon Brook. Subtitles

The remarkable story of the superstar whose career spans almost 60 years! The DVD features rare film from the archives and interviews. It’s a rare insight into one of the most everlasting artists ever seen on stage.

190222 DVD+BOOK £14.99 £10.99

Cert E



New Releases


Volume 3

The story of the boy from Brixton who became one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. Gives a retrospective of his iconic albums including some of his best known works: Ashes to Ashes, Space Oddity and Starman.

Stunning tour of West Devon and Dartmoor, Tavistock, Princetown, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Chagford, Moretonhampstead, Lydford, Okehampton, Clovelly and Hartland. 1hr 40

190219 DVD+BOOK £14.99 £10.99

190314 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Cert E

190521 DVD Cert TBC £22.99 £18.99 188558

Series 1 Subtitles DVD Cert 15

£22.99 £16.99


190098 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99


The feelgood film of the year! James Purefoy and Daniel Mays lead a stellar cast in this comedy drama based on the true story of a group of Cornish shanty singers. If you loved Calendar Girls, this is the film for you! 1hr 52


189693 3 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £18.99



Suranne Jones stars as the charismatic, swashbuckling Anne Lister in this remarkable BBC biopic. An unconventional, wittily adapted love story about ‘the first modern lesbian’. Timothy West co-stars. 8hrs. Subtitles

Critics are raving about this new Sky drama about the nuclear accident at the Soviet nuclear plant in 1986. It was one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history. Starring Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard. 5hrs. Subtitles

190240 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £18.99



190674 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £14.99


A sci-fi film about children who manage to split the atom and create a new form of popcorn! What could possible go wrong? Family comedy packed with extras, including a restoration of Front Line Kids.

Spy thriller that has the nation talking, starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh. The series opens with Villanelle disappearing from her Parisian flat, and Eve is desperately trying to find her. Subtitles



Series 2

To view all new releases:

The incredible true story of Stanislawa Leczenska, incarcerated in the infamous concentration camp, and recruited to help Dr Mengele in the camp hospital. She delivered 3,000 babies. 1hr 30. Subtitles

190199 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

190355 £7.99 DVDs Cert E



Cert E


Learn about the life and times of Elvis Presley, the poor boy from Memphis. Discover the man and music behind the legend known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Packed with revealing interviews with friends and peers.

190221 DVD+BOOK £14.99 £10.99

190200 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

William Shakespeare’s timeless classics performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The box set includes celebrated productions of Coriolanus; Julius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra, and Titus Andronicus.

190559 4 DVDs Cert E £37.99 £29.99



Cert E

The landmark long-running series began with 7 Up (1964), which followed children from different backgrounds, sharing their hopes and dreams. Every 7 years, the film crew document the participants progress. 2hrs 30


190220 DVD+BOOK £14.99 £10.99

Trevor Nunn directs Judi Dench in this drama inspired by the real KGB agent Melita Norwood, a Cambridge physics student arrested for treason after falling for a communist and sharing top secret material. 1hr 41


The Beatles: Twist and Shout DVD includes the Long Winding Road documentary featuring interviews with Pete Best alongside Beatles insiders and more; plus a magazine presenting the complete history of the Fab Four.


New Releases


Series 1 & 2

Cert PG

Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgård star in a tense drama of grief, passion and betrayal. A British couple share their grand house in post-war Hamburg with a German widower and his troubled daughter. 1hr 48

190241 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99



189990 DVD+BLU £14.99 £12.99

Fifty years ago, in 1969, America made history and sent the first humans to the moon. This BBC DVD enables you to witness the monumental moments of of man’s first walk on the moon’s surface. Subtitles

190284 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £29.99


Series 2

190285 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99


Critically acclaimed live performance of Shakespeare’s comedy, recorded at the Globe Theatre. ‘The most entertaining, exciting Twelfth Night for years… wonderfully refreshing’ – Daily Mail 2hrs 30

190560 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

190227 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99



Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman star in this vintage 1958 romcom about an American diplomat in London who pretends to be married to keep his girlfriend from getting ideas! 1hr 40


Collector’s Edition

On 20th July 1969 the world watched as America made history and sent the first humans to the moon. These two BBC documentaries celebrate humanity’s extraordinary achievement. 8hrs 58. Subtitles

190228 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £19.99



Adapted from the bestselling books by M.C. Beaton, Agatha Raisin is embroiled in mysteries that are both grisly and hilarious in equal measure. The PR whiz leaves London for a tranquil village in the Cotswolds. But life is far from quiet as she accidently turns amateur sleuth while simultaneously admiring her handsome next door neighbour. Includes The Quiche of Death. Starring Ashley Jensen.


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Out this Month

Working mum Tina’s life is stressful. The gym boxing ring helps her to unwind. As her domestic situation intensifies she must fight to keep her family from falling apart. Jessica Hynes writes, directs and stars. 1hr 31. Subtitles


190554 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £13.99

Intense Spanish relationship drama. A man, interested in the idea of an open marriage, is devastated to learn his wife is having an affair. ‘A soul-searching work of scorching honesty’ – Sight & Sound 2hrs 53

OUT ON 23.09.19

190676 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

A convict is caught between a sadistic warder on the inside and an underworld kingpin on the outside. Joseph Losey’s classic drama stars Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker, Patrick Magee and Margit Saad.

OUT ON 16.09.19

190680 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £14.99

The critics are unanimous in describing this third installment of the violent thriller series as ‘easily the best’. Keanu Reeves returns as the stoic hitman. This time, he has a $14million price tag on his head and an army of bounty hunters on his tail. 2hrs 11. Subtitles

OUT ON 16.09.19

190226 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

Series 3 Julie Christie and Alan Bates star in this awardwinning film that follows the romance between a young woman of the aristocracy and a lowly farmer. Adapted from the classic novel by L.P. Hartley. Co-starring Margaret Leighton and Michael Redgrave.

OUT ON 16.09.19

190677 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £14.99

Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff star in the critically acclaimed crime drama. A retired detective revists a case that has haunted him for decades. 7hrs 47. Subtitles

190093 DVD Cert 18 £27.99 £22.99

Series 1-3

John Wick Trilogy

23 hrs 28. Subtitles

190094 9 DVDs Cert 18 £89.99 £59.99

190352 3 DVDs Cert 18 £39.99 £26.99

OUT ON 02.09.19

190696 £12.99 OUT ON 02.09.19


DVD Cert 15

Volume 2

Peter Wright’s timeless and enchanting interpretation of The Royal Ballet’s production features Marianela Nunez as the exquisite Sugar Plum Fairy and Vadim Muntagirov as her charming prince. 2hrs 20

The life of aspiring lawyer Ted Bundy is examined from the perspective of his girlfriend, who refused to believe that he was one of America’s most prolific serial killers. Zac Efron and Lily Collins star. 1hr 46. Subtitles

OUT ON 02.09.19

190699 DVD Cert E £24.99 £19.99

Three classic full-length ballets are brought together in the special collection celebrating Frederick Ashton’s work: La Fille Mal Gardée; The Tales of Beatrix Potter; and Sylvia. 5hrs

OUT ON 02.09.19

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190700 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99


David Niven plays the quintessential English cad in this 1954 British comedy. A village tries to stage a haunting to rid itself of a young upstart. George Cole, Yvonne De Carlo and Robert Urquhart co-star. 1hr 23

OUT ON 21.10.19

189827 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

September 1941. A barge, evacuating people from sieged Leningrad is caught in a dramatic and violent storm. Dunkirk meets Titanic is this gripping true story about the “Barge 752” tragedy during WWII.

OUT ON 09.09.19

190571 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

Drama thriller based on the true submarine disaster in 2000, starring Colin Firth, Matthias Schoenaerts and Léa Seydoux. It’s a gripping film that pulls no punches about the tragic situation.

190400 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £12.99

OUT ON 16.09.19

Double Thriller

Taron Egerton stars in this epic musical biopic telling the incredible human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years. When the ordinary and relative unknown Reg Dwight makes his first tentative steps in the music business he realises he must stand out if he wishes to make a name for himself and so begins his transition into Elton John. It’s an inspirational film, set to the singer’s most beloved songs. Jamie Bell stars as Bernie Taupin. 1hr 56. Subtitles

190697 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £17.99

Critically acclaimed drama set in rural Iceland. Eco-activist Halla fights against the expansion of an aluminium plant. Out of the blue, a forgotten application to adopt a child is approved. Will her responsibility as a parent hinder her environmental activism? 1hr 40. Subtitles

OUT ON 16.09.19

OUT ON 07.10.19

Double Drama

The Golden Madonna stars Michael Rennie and Phyllis Calvert. A woman discards a painting of great value, and tries to find it. Romantic drama Wings of the Morning stars Oscar winner Henry Ford.

190682 2 DVDs Cert TBC £17.99 £14.99

An accountant from Philadelphia, two misfits on the run and a deadly preacher have a date with destiny in a boomtown gone bust in the Old West. Jason Patric and Lou Diamond Phillips star.

The untold story of Nazioccupied Russia. When a small town is occupied by the Nazis at the height of World War Two, the local school teacher finds himself caught up in events beyond his worst imagination.

OUT ON 07.10.19

190683 2 DVDs Cert TBC £17.99 £14.99

190557 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £13.99

OUT ON 30.09.19

190701 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99

This Was a Woman stars Joan Hickson as a power-mad woman sadistically devoted to her family. MGM classic The Living Idol stars Steve Forest. Several deaths are linked to an ancient stone idol.

OUT ON 16.09.19

190353 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £10.99

OUT ON 07.10.19

The story of a courageous group of Russian soldiers who are captured by the Germans in 1944. Taken to a PoW camp they are given an opportunity to restore a T-34 tank but manage to escape captivity by stealing it. 2hrs 19. Subtitles

OUT ON 23.09.19

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190357 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £13.99



Epic story of the Queen who led an uprising against the might of Rome. To escape an arranged marriage, 16-year-old Boudica flees her village. In time she transforms from a girl into the warrior queen of Celtic legend. 1hr 24

The acclaimed documentary on the conspiracy led by President Nixon and his White House staff and how they were brought to justice. Fresh information brings a new perspective on the complex case. 4hrs 30

OUT ON 16.09.19

190303 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

OUT ON 16.09.19

190280 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99

An Irish undertaker profits when outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town, but his family comes under threat as the death toll rises. He must choose between blood money and family. Emile Hirsch and John Cusack star.

OUT ON 23.09.19

190290 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £13.99

Best of Warner Bros Cartoon Collection

Popular US animated series, created by HannaBarbera in 1969. Featuring four teenagers Fred, Daphne,Velma and Shaggy, (whose real name is Norville) and their talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo.

OUT ON 23.09.19

190046 DVD Cert TBC £39.99 £34.99

OUT ON 07.10.19

Comedy drama following the life of a dog named Bailey whose soul moves on every time his body dies, only to be recurrently reunited with his owner, Ethan. Dennis Quaid stars in this family friendly sequel to A Dog’s Purpose.

190695 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £17.99

1876, South Dakota. In an age of plunder and greed, the richest gold strike in American history draws a crowd of misfits to an outlaw settlement where everything – and everyone – has a price. Welcome to Deadwood. Ian McShane, Molly Parker and Keith Carradine star in the film version, based on the acclaimed long-running HBO drama series.

190685 £13.99

2 DVDs Cert E

OUT ON 09.09.19

Fun and games at the Palace when the Queen (Julie Walters) has a visit from the US President, who brings his pampered pooch, Mitzi. Rex, the Queen’s favourite corgi isn’t amused. With Ray Winstone, Sheridan Smith, Tom Courtenay et al.

OUT ON 21.10.19


190691 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £15.99

Immaculate Collection

Set during the bloody American Civil War, this action drama follows soldiers on both sides of the conflict as they fight for the freedom of their country. Four long years of bloodshed and torment lay ahead of them.

Hallelujah! The classic, much-loved, multi awardwinning BBC TV comedy series in one glorious box set. Starring Dawn French as Reverend Geraldine Granger, written by Richard Curtis.

OUT ON 14.10.19

190574 3 DVDs Cert TBC £34.99 £29.99

OUT ON 14.10.19

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190702 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99


Biographical romantic drama based on the relationship between writers Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf. Gemma Arterton, Elizabeth Debicki, Isabella Rossellini and Rupert Penry-Jones star.

BBC drama-doc about the Samurai general Tokugawa Leyasu. He overthrew the governing dynasty of Japan to become Shogun – the supreme military leader – of Japan. A story of love and betrayal packed with epic battle scenes. 1hr

OUT ON 09.09.19

190316 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £10.99

OUT ON 28.10.19

190692 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £15.99

Dubbed the Kurt Cobain of comedy, Bill Hicks’ style was revolutionary – and not for the faint hearted! This comprehensive box set features every commercially released special ever recorded. 12hrs 47

190057 £24.99

OUT ON 21.10.19

Series 2

Michael Sheen and David Tennant star in the acclaimed adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestseller about good and evil teaming up to save the world! Jon Hamm and Benedict Cumberbatch co-star.

OUT ON 21.10.19

190576 2 DVDs Cert TBC £22.99 £18.99

The riveting BBC legal drama returns, with Faith taking on the case of a female farmer accused of murdering her husband 18 months after her own spouse’s unexplained disappearance. The case puts her on a collision course with the police, her colleagues and the OUT ON 09.09.19 community, as the truth about her husband finally begins to come to light. Eve Myles stars. 6hrs


2 DVDs Cert 12

5 DVDs + CD Cert 18

Biographical sporting drama and old-fashioned love story, set in post-war Britain and based on the life of the German goalkeeper, and ex-soldier, Bert Trautmann, who famously kept goal for 17 minutes with a broken neck during the 1956 FA Cup Final. Subtitles

OUT ON 09.09.19

190305 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

£24.99 £18.99

Series 1 & 2 190593 4 DVDs Cert 12

£34.99 £26.99


Classic action thriller stars Schwarzenegger as a Russian lawman forced to team up with James Belushi’s hostile and wisecracking Chicago cop. Circumstances require them to put their mutual distrust aside. 1hr 45. Subtitles

OUT ON 07.10.19

190703 DVD Cert 18 £17.99 £14.99

Beautifully filmed BBC documentary. Filmed over a year, this series captures Wales’s varied and iconic wildlife – from red kites to grey seals – and stunning landscapes, from rugged mountains to the seabird colonies off the west coast.

Eve is chosen as the new Guardian of the library. She soon realises she has become part of an ancient order dedicated to protecting the world from the magic that lies inside the books.

OUT ON 14.10.19

190561 16 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £42.99

OUT ON 16.09.19

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190356 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99


Crime & Investigation Twenty years after uncovering an unimaginable bounty of gold in the Klondike, prospector Jack McCann, now living in the Caribbean, finds both his life at stake among a sinister web of wicked influences, spiritual maladies and criminals. An exceptional cast includes Gene Hackman, Rutger Hauer, Theresa Russell, Mickey Rourke,  Joe Pesci and Joe Spinell. 2hrs 10


DVD+BLU Cert 18

Based on Jo Nesbo’s bestselling Scandi-noir thriller, Michael Fassbender stars as Harry Hole, a hard-drinking, hard-staring, investigator hunting an elusive serial killer. Mothers are going missing across Norway in the winter. The killer only leaves behind his trademark snowman at the scene of the crime. 1hr 54

190643 £17.99 £8.99

£17.99 £13.99

James Donald and Valerie Hobson star as a couple whose act of kindness has devastating consequences, while a young Howard Keel is the desperate fugitive who terrorises them in this claustrophobic, post-war thriller. 1hr 21


DVD Cert 15

170736 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99 DVD + BLU

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes


Steel Country



Ut acerupit mintur occatunt amenihi iuntiusiis inihilitas at lorum seni quundi delest ommoluptas Xhr XX. Subtitles?

Simon Fellows directs this investigative thriller, starring Andrew Scott, who played the priest in Fleabag. Subtitles

Before a race in Italy, O’Donovan (Stanley Baker) is hired by a British racing team to headhunt the rival team’s designer. 1hr 26

Clive Owen heads a strong cast in this thriller of sexual and financial temptation set in London’s gambling world. 1hr 30

617877 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

?????? ? DVDs Cert ? £??.?? £??.??

190291 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

145400 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

169139 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Our Kind of Traitor


Die Screaming Marianne

Basil Rathbone appears for the first time as the invincible Sherlock Holmes. 1hr 20

A couple are lured into a Russian mobster’s plans to defect. Ewan McGregor stars. 1hr 48. Subtitles

167076 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £10.99

168372 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Billy Wilder’s cult classic with Holmes as a cocaine-addict. 2hrs. Subtitles

Warren Oates stars as John Dillinger in this bloody account of the notorious gangster’s life and death. 1hr 45. Subtitles

138107 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99


The true story of the infamous crime boss’s rise to become the ‘Dapper Don’ of the Gambino clan. John Travolta stars. 1hr 45

190887 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

Classic horror film from notorious British director Pete Walker, starring Susan George. 1hr 41

169770 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

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Three Days of the Condor



A CIA researcher returns from lunch to find his co-workers have been killed. 1hr 58

Vanessa Redgrave, and James Fox star in this epic story of the 19th century Tolpuddle Martyrs. 3hrs. Subtitles



DVD+BLU Cert 15

DVD+BLU Cert 18

£19.99 £14.99

£22.99 £10.99

Lock Up

Hatton Garden – The Heist

1980s action-packed prison-set crime drama starring Sylvester Stallone and Donald Sutherland. 1hr 44. Subtitles

190668 DVD Cert 18 £17.99 £14.99

The story that captured the public imagination more than any other crime since The Great Train Robbery.

169198 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

Crime & Investigation

Michael Caine stars in this British crime thriller directed by Geoffrey Reeve. The film follows Haskell , an experienced criminal, who is asked by his boss Landon-Higgins (James Fox) to rob an armoured vehicle transporting watermarked paper which can be used to print counterfeit notes. But when the operation doesn’t go as planned, Haskell begins to wonder if he is being doublecrossed. 1hr 30

170949 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99 Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman (Laurence Olivier) is aghast when he stumbles on a plot by war criminal Josef Mengele (Gregory Peck) to produce clones of Adolf Hitler using cells taken from the late dictator’s body. Tense drama based on Ira Levin’s farsighted novel that is doubly compelling in the light of recent scientific advances. 1hr 58. Subtitles


Sudden Fear

Atomic Blonde

Hollywood noir with Joan Crawford and Jack Palance. A man plots the murder of his new wealthy wife, with his mistress. 1hr 50

Charlize Theron stars as an MI6 assassin sent on a mission to Cold War Berlin. With James McAvoy and Toby Jones. 1hr 50.

169172 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

189025 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Agatha Christie’s Appointment with Death

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Peter Ustinov, Lauren Bacall, Carrie Fisher and John Gielgud star. 1hr 42. Subtitles

134668 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £11.99

Claire Foy is Lisbeth Salander in the latest adaptation of the Stieg Larsson thrillers. 1hr 57. Subtitles

188641 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

DVD Cert 18

Ultimate blockbuster collection with all five films from the action franchise based on Robert Ludlum’s bestselling novels and starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

169347 5 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £26.99

£9.99 £5.99

Seven Days to Noon

A Kiss Before Dying


Sea of Love


Academy awardwinner Al Pacino leads a taut thriller to bring a chilling murder spree to an end. 1hr 39. Subtitles

Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin star in a highly charged erotic thriller. A serial killer is on the loose in New York. 1hr 48. Subtitles

Oscar-winning thriller. An English scientist runs away from a research centre with an atomic bomb. 1hr 34

Matt Dillion and Sean Young lead an all-star cast in this visceral tale of lust and treachery. 1hr 34

Thriller about a gay couple who bait the Christian owner (Paul McGann) of a B&B who turned them away. 1hr 27

164442 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £5.99

188305 DVD Cert 15 £10.99 £6.99

131703 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £7.99

187689 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £6.99


Mona Lisa

The Poet

The Secret Agent

Spielberg thriller about the response to the 1972 Olympic assassinations of 11 Israeli athletes. 2hrs 37. Subtitles

Classic romantic crime thriller, starring Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson, Michael Caine, Robbie Coltrane. 1hr 43

Romantic thriller starring Dougray Scott as Andrei, an assassin who tries to atone for his sins and tragic past. 1hr 45

David Suchet and Peter Capaldi star in the BBC’s adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s tale of espionage and anarchy. 2hrs 30

And Then There Were None

131709 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

190122 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

190143 £8.99

167079 £9.99

DVD Cert 15

DVD Cert 12

137975 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99

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Ten houseguests die one by one. Rene Clair’s 1945 version of Agatha Christie’s whodunnit. 1hr 37

123545 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £9.99


Film Adaptations

Franco Zeffirelli’s stripped-down, two-hour version of Shakespeare’s play stars Mel Gibson as a rather robust version of the ambivalent Danish prince. With Alan Bates, Glenn Close and Paul Scofield. 2hrs 10


Historical drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch as British codebreaker Alan Turing, covering his teenage years through to his wartime work. Winner of the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. With Keira Knightley. 1hr 54


Adaptation of the cult novel by Kurt Vonnegut. Billy Pilgrim, a young soldier in WWII is captured by the Germans and sent to a PoW camp. En route he witnesses the bombing of Dresden, which alters his life. 1hr 39

164077 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

139511 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

Mandy – 65th Anniversary

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

Murder by Decree

A couple struggles to give their deaf daughter a decent life. Phyllis Calvert stars. 1hr 26

Just before half-time at Arsenal vs.Trojans, the Trojans star player collapses and dies. Crime classic. 1hr 30

Christopher Plummer, James Mason and Donald Sutherland star in this Sherlock Holmes classic. 2hrs

180100 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

122104 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £6.99

147770 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £9.99

They Came to a City

The Diary of Anne Frank

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Basil Dearden’s 1945 adaptation of the J. B. Priestley play, starring Googie Withers. 1hr 17. Subtitles

Story of hope and love amidst adversity won three Oscars. Shelley Winters stars. 2hrs 52

Biblical epic on the birth, life and resurrection of Christ. Max Von Sydow stars. 3hrs 11. Subtitles

192363 DVD+BLU Cert U £19.99 £9.99

162240 £7.99

612713 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Classic adaptation of Ken Kesey’s novel with Jack Nicholson. 2hrs 13

My Cousin Rachel Rachel Weisz stars in this acclaimed adaptation. A man suspects his cousin is not all she seems. 1hr 29. Subtitles

617897 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

188369 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

Their Finest

190380 £7.99 DVD Cert 15

The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde’s classic tale. Patrick Stewart, Cherie Lunghi and Neve Campbell star. 1hr 31

Doctor Zhivago Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Alec Guinness and Tom Courtenay star in famed David Lean’s adaptation. 3hrs 12. Subtitles

188429 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

121033 2 DVDs Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

Mary, Queen of Scots

The Limehouse Golem


Period epic starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Costarring Guy Pearce and David Tennant.

Inspector Kildare investigates a series of gruesome murders in Victorian London. Bill Nighy stars. 1hr 49

189969 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

187969 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99


DVD Cert U

Delightful romantic WWII comedy set in the Ministry of Information. Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton star. 1hr 57

180481 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

Two Film Collection Children’s classic drama adaptation double bill. Features E. Nesbit’s children’s classic The Railway Children starring Jenny Agutter, and Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. 3hrs 10

123967 2 DVDs £17.99 £9.99


Cert U


Two films starring the polite, marmalade-loving bear from darkest Peru, voiced by Ben Whishaw, co-starring Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Julie Walters, Sally Hawkins and Peter Capaldi.

£12 £24.99 £12.99 189173

2 DVDs Cert PG

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Oscar-winning film adaptation of the George Bernard Shaw play, starring Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller. 1hr 32

131215 DVD Cert U £19.99 £8.99

Peter O’Toole delivers an electrifying performance as Henry II, who surprises England by naming his fellow rogue and trusted valet Thomas Becket (Richard Burton in a career defining role) as Archbishop of Canterbury. 2hrs 22

125106 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

Film Adaptations

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning modern classic by Harper Lee, this tale of small-town life and racial inequality won three Oscars, including Best Actor for Gregory Peck. Robert Duvall starred as Boo Radley. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

Fact-based drama recreating the sinking of the Titanic. The ship’s second officer struggles to get people off the vessel before it sinks. Starring Kenneth More, Honor Blackman and David McCallum. 2hrs

133100 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £7.99

445433 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

The Christmas Candle Susan Boyle stars in this 19th century-set tale about the magic of angels and Christmas miracles. 1hr 40

Inherit the Wind A teacher is jailed for teaching Darwin’s evolution theory. Spencer Tracy and Gene Kelly star. 2hrs 8


150307 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99


A party of schoolboys are stranded on a desert island when their plane crashes and what starts as adventure descends into tribal warfare in this masterful adaptation of William Golding’s classic novel, directed by Peter Brook. 1hr 27



126165 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

The Key to Rebecca

Julius Caesar – Dual Format

Musicals – Triple Pack

The Lord of the Rings – Trilogy

The Mountain Between Us

Acclaimed Ken Follett adaptation set in Cairo during WWII. Cliff Robertson stars. 3hrs 14. Subtitles

Drama adapted from Shakespeare’s play, starring Charlton Heston. Subtitles

Three Rodgers and Hammerstein classics: South Pacific, The King and I and Oklahoma! 7hrs 21. Subtitles

Peter Jackson’s adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpieces of fantasy literature. 9hrs 2. Subtitles

Kate Winslet and Idris Elba are stranded after a plane crash, in this suspense drama.1hr 52


£17.99 £13.99

189624 DVD Cert 15 £18.99 £14.99

DVD+BLU Cert 12

132949 £9.99

£22.99 £17.99

3 DVDs Cert U

166065 3 DVDs Cert 12 £32.99 £15.99

189093 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £8.99

The Beguiled



45 Years

Beat the Devil

A Town Like Alice

Eye of the Needle

Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell lead the cast in Sofia Coppola’s sumptuous film set during the American Civil. 1hr 29. Subtitles

Rachel Weisz,Tom Wilkinson,Timothy Spall star in a gripping drama about David Irving’s Holocaust denial trial. 1hr 50

Robert de Niro, Ray Liotta and an Oscarwinning Joe Pesci star in the murderous mobster classic. 2hrs 19. Subtitles

Stunning awardwinning relationship drama starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay. 1hr 35

Classic action comedy, written by Truman Capote, starring Humphrey Bogart and Gina Lollobrigida. 1hr 30

Virginia McKenna and Peter Finch star in this WWII romantic drama set in and around Japanese Labour camps. 1hr 52

Ken Follett’s WWII D-Day spy thriller, stars Donald Sutherland, Kate Nelligan and Christopher Cazenove. 1hr 53. Subtitles

188851 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

181589 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

613049 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

171337 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

163785 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

169526 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

DVD+BLU Cert 15

Norway, 1943. A resistance fighter is on the run after a failed anti-Nazi sabotage leaves his comrades dead. A breathtaking war thriller about an incredible truelife story of heroism and a man’s unbreakable will to live. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

188626 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

Epic Civil War actiondrama, based on a true story, directed by four-time Oscar nominee Gary Ross (The Hunger Games, Seabiscuit), and starring Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey. 2hr 20. Subtitles

169465 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

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£19.99 £9.99

A group of British PoWs devise an ingenious method of escape from a Nazi camp: they organise daily exercises, and dig a tunnel underneath their exercise horse! Starring David Tomlinson and Anthony Steel. 1hr 28

124512 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99



Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly star as the world’s most loved comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy, in this biopic which reveals their untold story. ‘A film that reaches genuinely sublime heights’ – The Times. Subtitles

Sci-fi film based on the Marvel comic book. Howard is beamed to Earth from Duckworld, a planet of intelligent ducks with arms and legs, to Earth. Starring Tim Robbins and Lea Thompson. 1hr 45

Robert Morley and Margaret Rutherford star in this hilarious British 1952 comedy about a second-rate repertory company in an English provincial town reluctantly preparing to rehearse a play they hate. 1hr 21

189081 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £13.99

142134 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £6.99

180304 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

Bugsy Malone

My Learned Friend

Instant Family

Million Pound Note

I’m All Right Jack

Kinky Boots

This kids gangster musical is among the best loved movies of the 1970s and features a great cast, catchy songs and dance routines. 1hr 30. Subtitles

Will Hay stars as a dodgy barrister pursued by a crazed murderer – until Will ends up on the clock face of Big Ben! Comedy classic! 1hr 11

Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne decide to start a family, and stumble into the world of forster care and adoption. Comedy drama. 1hr 58. Subtitles

Gregory Peck stars in the original Mark Twain story, ahead of the blockbuster of the same tale, Trading Places. 1hr 25

Comedy classic with Peter Sellers, Richard Attenborough, Terry Thomas, Margaret Rutherford and John le Mesurier. 1hr 40

A drag queen named Lola (Chiwetel Ejiofor) comes to the rescue of Charlie Price, who has inherited a shoe factory. 1hr 47. Subtitles

164110 DVD Cert U £9.99 £6.99

132210 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

190113 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £16.99

120675 £5.99

124601 DVD Cert U £17.99 £9.99

136185 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Iron Maiden

Jailbirds / Sailors Don’t Care

Who Goes There!

Carry on Cabby

Miles Cornwall finds a beautiful Irish woman in his armchair in his grand St James’s Palace – and so begins a hilarious series of adventures. 1hr 21

The seventh film in the Carry On series starring Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Connor. 1hr 28

166398 £9.99 DVD Cert U

190331 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

The Wilde Wedding

Dead Long Enough

Eve is getting married, causing concern amongst her sons and her exhusbands. Glenn Close stars and John Malkovich star. 1hr 32. Subtitles

Comedy following the Jones brothers, celebrity Harry and lawyer Ben. Michael Sheen and Douglas Henshall star. 1hr 22

190650 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £10.99

190138 £7.99

An American airline firm plans to buy a new British passenger plane, but the deal hits some unexpected trouble. 1hr 33

166330 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99




Double bill of British wartime comedies directed by Oswald Mitchell. Escaped convicts and river antics! 2hrs 27

164592 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £11.99

Ben Wheatley directs this jetblack British comedy in which a romantic break turns into a bloody killing spree. Teenager Tina joins her new boyfriend, 30-something misanthrope Chris on an ‘erotic odyssey’ caravan tour. As the body count mounts, even the clueless Tina starts to suspect that her new boyfriend may not be quite what he seems. 1hr 28. Subtitles

142919 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £7.99

DVD Cert U

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DVD Cert 15


James Mason stars as Hendrick van der Zee, a man cursed to travel the seven seas until he can find a woman willing to die for his love. It doesn’t look like brattish femme fatale Pandora Reynolds (Ava Gardner) is the one! 1hr 48

Three best friends are on a boat trip when they receive a letter from a friend informing them that she has run off with one of their husbands. Forced to wait to find out whose, the three women reminisce about their marriages. 1hr 43. Subtitles

139271 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dance and Charm School

164321 DVD+BLU DVD £19.99 £12.99 + BLU

Real-life lovers Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier star in this Regency-era romance. After Lady Hamilton is thrown into prison for disturbing the peace, she recounts the dramatic story of her life and loves to her cellmates. 2hrs

150983 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

Cert U

Never Say Goodbye

The Look of Love

Two for the Road


A United Kingdom

Rock Hudson stars in this intelligent 1956 drama, that plays out largely in flashback, as a prominent surgeon who meets up with his dead wife. 1hr 33

Biopic of Paul Raymond, successful pornographer and owner of the Raymond Revuebar in London’s Soho. Steve Coogan stars. 1hr 40

Stanley Donen’s romantic comedy chronicling the ups and downs of a marriage. Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn star. 1hr 51. Subtitles

A drifter disrupts a small Kansas town in the mid’50s. William Holden and Kim Novak star in the classic romantic comedy/ drama. 1hr 49. Subtitles

The Prince of Botswana causes an uproar when he marries a white woman. David Oyelowo and Rosamunde Pike star. 1hr 51. Subtitles

188945 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £5.99

164471 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

138288 DVD Cert 18 £17.99 £6.99

164178 DVD+BLU £17.99 £12.99

130696 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

169517 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

Calamity Jane


Eat Pray Love

A young mother embarks on an impromptu road trip with her childhood friend Mindy. What happens will change their friendship forever. 1hr 21

Julia Roberts stars as a 30-something at a crossroads in life. Based on the bestselling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. 2hrs 20. Subtitles

Caesar and Cleopatra

Kings Go Forth

Doris Day and Howard Keel fuss, feud and fall in love as Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok in this glorious musical Western. 1hr 41. Subtitles

The Draughtsman’s Contract

618457 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

180089 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99

166936 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £6.99

Romance with Robert Carlyle, John Goodman, Mary Steenburgen and Danny Devito. 1hr 43

Romeo & Juliet The world-famous duo Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev perform Prokofiev’s ballet live at London’s Royal Opera House in 1966. 2hrs 7

164682 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

The Bogart & Bacall Collection Includes four classics: To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo. Subtitles

Cert PG

Vivien Leigh, Stewart Granger and a very young Jean Simmons star in this sumptuous British film. 2hrs. Subtitles

135824 DVD Cert U £15.99 £6.99

Two men love the same woman. Then they learn she is racially mixed. Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood star. 1hr 49. Subtitles

617976 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

Janet Suzman stars in Peter Greenaway’s film as a noblewoman who hires an artist and pays him in sex. 1hr 44. Subtitles

141035 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

Society heiress Grace Kelly just can’t choose between her fiancée John Lund, the charming Frank Sinatra and ex-husband Bing Crosby, while Louis Armstrong joins in the fun in the musical brimful of legendary Cole Porter classics including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, True Love and Well Did You Evah? 1hr 43. Subtitles

136946 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £15.99

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106904 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99


Action & Adventure Death Wish 5 1hr 31

Offbeat psychological Western by the Oscarwinning producer of The Magnificent Seven. Joel McCrea and Susan Cabot star. ‘McCrea is terrific…an exceptional standard Western. – Film Monthly. 1hr 20

163468 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

Golden Globe winner Anthony ‘Tony’ Franciosa stars as Gannon, a cowboy wandering the harsh plains of Kansas. He comes to the rescue of Jess Washburn, and vows to teach him the ropes of Cowboy living. 1hr 45

164443 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £5.99

Bloody and brutal ction thriller in which a convicted criminal sets out to have his revenge on those who have wronged him when he is granted leave from prison. Scott Adkins stars. Subtitles

190293 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £13.99

Five classic movies starring the ‘King of Cool’: Tom Horn, The Towering Inferno, Bullitt, The Cincinnati Kid and Never So Few. Co-stars include Paul Newman, William Holden, Edward G Robinson and AnnMargret. Subtitles

137753 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £18.99


In the fifth and final in the vengeful vigilante series, our hero has turned his back on violence – until his girlfriend’s Mafioso ex-husband brings back that itchy trigger finger.

166916 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £8.99

Death Wish 4 1hr 3

166920 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £8.99

Death Wish 3 1hr 36

166919 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £8.99

Death Wish 2


1hr 35


166918 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £8.99



Armour of God

The Desert Hawk

The Purple Mask

Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Eddie Izzard, Terence Stamp and Kenneth Branagh star in this World War II suspense thriller. 2hrs

Jackie Chan directs and stars as a man on a mission to find relics of Crusaders’ armour, to save his girlfriend. 1hr 34

Non-stop adventure, romance and swashbuckling fun in this ‘sword and sand’ Arabian Nights-style epic starring Richard Greene. 1hr 15

Tony Curtis is in fine swashbuckling fettle as the titular hero in this thrilling adventure set in France a decade after the Revolution. 1hr 22

612392 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

190363 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

164459 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

164474 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

Revolution – The Director’s Cut


Troy – The Odyssey


Drama set during the American Revolution. With Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland and Natassja Kinski. 1hr 55. Subtitles

139791 DVD+BLU £19.99 £10.99

Cert 12

Mohawk (2018) During the war of 1812, a young Mohawk brutally turns the tables on her American pursuers in this acclaimed drama. 1hr 29. Subtitles

189032 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £9.99

Navy SEALs uncover a hidden truth of a treasure of gold bars lost in a Bosnian lake. Adventure starring J. K. Simmons. 1hr 41

190466 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £13.99

Walking with the Enemy To save his family from the Nazis he must first walk among them. Ben Kingsley stars in this true story.

190433 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

Taking the fall of the city of Troy as its starting point, this is a new epic about Greek hero Odysseus.

Patrick Stewart, Glenn Close and Jonathan Rhys Meyers star in this epic about Henry II and the blood successor to his throne. 3hrs

189136 DVD Cert TBC £12.99 £8.99

180467 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

Black Water

To End All Wars

A spy awakens to find himself imprisoned on a submarine in this explosive thriller! Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. 1hr 23

A group of WWII prisoners are forced to build a railway in the Burmese jungle. Keifer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle star. Subtitles

192291 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £7.99

187713 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

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Action & Adventure


Back to God’s Country

With the Roman Empire divided, Attila the Hun hopes to conquer. In his way are a brave centurion, a beautiful princess… and Christianity – stars Jack Palance and Jeff Chandler. 1hr 18

Rock Hudson stars in this thriller set in 1870s Canada. A schooner captain hopes to return to America with a cargo of furs before winter sets in but local crooks plan to steal his cargo, boat and wife. 1hr 18

164475 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

188010 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £6.99

Only the Brave

For Those in Peril

To Hell and Back

Callan – The Movie

Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly and Josh Brolin star in this extraordinary firefighter drama, based on a true story. 2hrs 14

Turned down by the RAF, a pilot (Ralph Michael) instead joins Air Sea Rescue, helping to pull downed Allied airmen out of the sea. 1hr 04

Audie Murphy stars in this true-life account of the heroism that made him the most decorated soldier of WWII. 1hr 42. Subtitles

An aging British spy (Edward Woodward), demoted to a desk job, is recruited to kill a German businessman. 1hr 41

189174 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

132211 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

133003 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

166124 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £6.99

Deepwater Horizon Mark Wahlberg and Kate Hudson star in this gripping action drama based on real events. 1hr 48

169464 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Henry Cavill is Napoleon Solo and Armie Hammer is Illya Kuryakin in Guy Ritchie’s take on the 1960s TV series. 1hr 56

171239 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99


White Tiger


Russian war feature tracing a Red Army sergeant’s obsession with a seemingly invincible Tiger tank. 1hr 45. Subtitles

French heartthrob Alain Delon stars as the spirited masked avenger in this classic swashbuckling adventure. 2hrs. Subtitles

137857 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99

188702 DVD+BLU £19.99 £9.99

Cert PG

Storming Juno

True Lies

In the early hours of June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops crossed the Channel for the largest seaborne invasion in history. 1hr 30

James Cameron’s blockbuster comedy about a secret agent. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold.

187977 DVD Cert 15 £10.99 £6.99

167142 DVD Cert 15 £8.99 £7.99

The Iron Duke – Remastered The life of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, who faced down Napoleon’s armies at Waterloo.

187682 £12.99

Period epic set during the Anglo Boer war. With his family murdered and Willem taken captive, he fights for the lives of fellow PoWs when he decides to stop the constant torture by doing a deal with his captors. 2hrs 16

192203 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

Michael Denison stars as an RAF pilot in this 1949 British war movie, based on a novel by Nevil Shute. He patrols the English Channel for U-Boats. He sinks one but it turns out to be a British submarine and he is charged. 1hr 24

133464 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield and Jeanne Moreau star in this rarelyseen 1964 war movie. Resistance fighters on the French railway try to stop the Nazis from stealing priceless art treasures. 2hrs 7. Subtitles

132947 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

DVD Cert U

Robin Hood – The Rebellion Nobleman. Outlaw. Legend. Starring Brian Blessed and Kristian Nairn, as Robin Hood. 1hr 28

188297 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £8.99

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Michael Winner’s comedy adventure stars Oliver Reed and John Alderton. A British PoW befriends Lucy, an elephant, while working at Munich Zoo, and ends up escaping over the alps with her into Switzerland. 1hr 42

190371 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £7.99


Saucy Cinema

Surreal erotic thriller from Jesus Franco. A jazz musician is driven to the brink of insanity by his obsession with an alluring and seemingly unattainable fur-clad woman. Features a jazz score by Manfred Mann. 1hr 43

OUT ON 30.09.19

190342 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

144152 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

139981 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

Night of the Hunted

Naughty Harajuku Girls

Cult French director Jean Rollin’s 1980 horror, replete with scenes of violent sex and sadism. 1hr 30

Three curvy, playful girls get dressed up in everything including schoolgirl outfits. 1hr 20. Subtitles

140242 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

188148 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99

188156 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £9.99

Secrets of Sex A bizarre journey through the battle of the sexes, out for the first time on DVD! It’s a film the censors tried to stop! 1hr 31

187961 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

Whore Hospital

The Order


A woman is hired by a controversial lawyer to keep a record of his hedonistic life. 1hr 15

A vagrant gives a woman a gift. When she opens it, a curse is unleashed, bringing her under the spell of a satanic cult. 1hr 19

The award-winning masterpiece of adult cinema featuring a succession of truly explosive sex scenes. 1hr 15

189607 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99

187925 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

189626 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

140055 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

Casino 45

ITED LIMO K ST C Betty’s Bath

After Eden

Sex Cowboys

In a Bedroom

In Italy1945, the war is finally over and two soldiers decide to celebrate their return by visiting a brothel. 1hr 28

A collection of eight short erotic silent black and white films made in Hollywood in the early 1920s. 36mins. Subtitles

This is a modern tale of obsession in which a lonely student becomes obsessed with a rising star. 1hr 16

In this adult Italian drama, a couple in love has no option but to turn to making porn to make ends meet. 1hr 10. Subtitles

A 40-year-old woman is in crisis. She spends countless nights with nameless men, until she meets a young artist.

Four Days in France

189600 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

614670 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £5.99

188893 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

187779 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

141178 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

If you’re feeling poorly, you need a dose of comedy erotica in a hospital with nymphmaniac nurses. 1hr 2. Subtitles

Erotic French drama cowritten and directed by Jérôme Bonnell. Micha and Charlotte have been in a relationship for four years but difficulty ensues when they both find themselves falling for Mélodie. 1hr 26. Subtitles

190338 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99


Final in the popular film trilogy, following Secret Things and Exterminating Angels. Sexually unsatisfied with her boyfriend, Sandrine embarks upon a relationship with a trainee psychiatrist. 1hr 42. Subtitles

After the death of her father, 20-year-old Cecile looks for support from her friends but it is only through random sexual encounters that she finds solace. Graphically erotic drama. 1hr 43. Subtitles

Japan Fetish Models

Diary of a Secretary

Beautiful Japanese girls act out wild fantasies wearing skimpy swimming costumes. 1hr

Erotic film about models and a psychopath hellbent on a lustful kidnapping spree. When top model Edelweiss becomes his next victim her manager, played by Claudiao Antonelli, gets on the case.

190091 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

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Highly erotic gaythemed French drama, involving brief encounters on a road trip. 1hr 54. Subtitles

190339 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

This erotic comedy stars Japan’s biggest adult star – Asami. A woman sells her soul for one wish. Momo is diagnosed with a terminal illness. And then she meets a succubus who offers to grant her one wish in return for her soul.

190092 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Saucy Cinema

A quiet Japanese office worker decides that he needs a wife. He meets two women. And decides to marry the rich one! And then discovers she’s a raving nymphomaniac and her family are sadomasochists! 1hr 01

OUT ON 30.09.19

190341 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Award-winning Japanese pink film directed by Hidekazu Takahara. Sora Aoi stars in this disturbing Japanese sadomasochistic erotic drama about a teenage girl and a bizarre love triangle she finds herself in. 1hr

OUT ON 14.10.19

190344 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Student Services


Elsa Fraulein SS

The Third One

Compelling and shocking, this film explores the illicit life of a student looking to make ends meet. 1hr 41

Queen of Curve, Bettie Page performs her Dance of the Seven Veils, alongside strippers, singers and contortionists.1hr 8

A train full of young women are ordered to service the Nazis on board, under Elsa, the leader’s watchful eye. 1hr 20

A ménage a trois with an older couple results in new reflections on love for 22-year-old Fede… Subtitles

143533 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

610475 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

169773 2 DVDs Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

140600 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

L’Amant Double


Naked Desire

Sleek and irreverent erotic French thriller about a troubled young woman who falls for her therapist. 1hr 48. Subtitles

Meaning ‘love of old people,’ this film is about a young man who finds himself attracted to an older man in a home. 1hr 22

A nun, charged with caring for a severely sick elderly man, faces temptation from other occupants of the house. 1hr 17

188088 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £10.99

155408 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

189613 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £10.99

Candid and insightful documentary on the 21st century burlesque scene. Featuring performances by a number of acts including Rose Wood, Julie Atlas Muz and Dirty Martini as they challenge social and sexual taboos. 1hr 18

146611 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

An utterly spellbinding take on the vampire theme, this 1971 erotic horror fantasy film, with minimal dialogue, is directed by Jean Rollin. Two young women find themselves trapped in a haunted castle ruled by vampires. 1hr 28

OUT ON 14.10.19

Fifty Shades of Brass

190343 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

Paper Boys


Gay 20-somethings face various issues including drugs, sexual discovery and family complications. 1hr 32. Subtitles

A visually stunning, sexually explicit drama. A Beijing opera worker is drawn into male sex work. 1hr 30

138434 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £9.99

187930 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

190675 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

Good Little Girls

The Guest House After breaking up with her boyfriend, a teenager has an affair with her father’s pretty new employee. 1hr 23

Darker Shades of Elise


The sexual awakening of four young teenage girls. Good little girls find out just how good it feels to be bad! 1hr 25. Subtitles

610477 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99

149184 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

Triple bill of erotic films from celebrated director Tinto Brass: Salon Kitty, Miranda and The Voyeur. 5hrs 30

Erotic drama filmed across Europe. Four fabulous girls work for Luna, a sensual and severe she-boss. They are sent to various European capitals to get information needed to build a nuclear bomb.

190345 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

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Elise is a bored housewife. Fatal Attraction meets Fifty Shades of Grey. 1hr 38

180444 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

Documentary profiling the BDSM porn company Kink. com founded by Peter Acworth. 1hr 20. Subtitles

188178 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

Erotic horror. A convent’s mother superior (Sally Tremaine) must resist temptation while enduring erotic visions. She’s being taunted by Mary Magdaelen who reveals the confessions of younger nuns.

190346 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99


Film Box Sets DORISDAYCollection


Alain RobbieGrillet – Six Films 1963-1974 Six stylish and erotic films which starred French cinema icons. 9hrs 14. Subtitles

139935 5 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £29.99

Box set of six films starring the celebrated actor and singer, and Hollywood legend, who passed away this year. She was best known for film musicals and romantic comedies. This collection features some of her most successful films: Young Man with a Horn, Love Me or Leave Me, Billy Rose’s Jumbo, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, The Glass Bottom Boat, Calamity Jane. Costars include David Niven, Howard Keel, Rod Taylor, Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Janis Paige, Jimmy Durante, Dean Jagger and Stephen Boyd.10hrs 52. Subtitles

From the popular BBC series this comprehensive collection includes 12 classics from the immortal partnership. For more than 100 years, these comic, colourful operas have been consistently entertaining audiences around the world. Includes: Cox & Box; The Gondoliers; HMS Pinafore; Iolanthe; The Mikado; Patience;The Pirates of Penzance; Princess Ida Ruddigore; The Sorcerer;Trial by Jury; and The Yeoman of the Guard. 21hrs 40



Stanley Kubrick Collection Five seminal films from the visionary director, plus bonus documentary. 10hrs 54. Subtitles

616534 10 DVDs Cert18 £49.99 £29.99

6 DVDs Cert PG

£19.99 £16.99

Escape Plan – The Ultimate Trilogy Action thrillers starring Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bautista!

190570 3 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99


Stewart Granger Collection

18 films and documentaries from the acclaimed German director. 21hrs 50. Subtitles

12 films: Adam and Evelyne, Blanche Fury, Captain Boycott, Fanny By Gaslight, and more! 19hrs 42. Subtitles

143808 10 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £44.99

135877 12 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £34.99

Martin Scorsese – 5 Films

Johnny English 3-Movie Box Set

Coen Brothers Collection

Raging Bull, New York, New York, Boxcar Rental,The Last Waltz; The King of Comedy. 9hrs 40. Subtitles

Triple bill of Rowan Atkinson’s James Bond-inspired spy spoofs. John Malkovich co-stars.

Burn After Reading, A Serious Man, Barton Fink, Hudsucker Proxy and more. 10hrs 32. Subtitles

137603 5 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £18.99

189609 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £19.99

145487 6 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £17.99



Werner Herzog Collection

11 DVDs Cert PG

And Now for Something Completely Different; Life of Brian; and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 4hrs 23

180120 5 DVDs Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

Audrey Hepburn Collection Four classic films: Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 8hrs 55

144536 5 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £14.99

The New Scooby-Doo Movies Collection of 23 episodes from the 1970s animations. 15hrs 44. Subtitles

190085 6 DVDs Cert U £34.99 £32.99



Monty Python – The Movies

£49.99 £29.99


Rodgers & Hammerstein – Film Collection Six all-time classic movies from the two great collaborators. 13hrs 15. Subtitles

162226 6 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £11.99

Swedish Erotica – Complete

Hammer House of Horror

Swedish 1970s arthouse films that push the boundaries, starring Christina Lindberg. Subtitles

Chilling tales starring Peter Cushing, Pierce Brosnan and many more. 11hrs. Subtitles

190764 6 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £18.99

133739 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £12.99

John Wayne – Westerns

Leading Ladies

25th Anniversary Edition

Steven Spielberg’s multi Oscarwinning masterpiece, adapted from Thomas Keneally’s bestseller, follows the life of Oskar Schindler, a Nazi industrialist and business man in occupied Poland, who saved some 1,100 Jews from certain death in the concentration camps. Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes star. 3hrs 7. Subtitles

188711 £9.99


3 DVDs Cert 15

Sage Brush Trail; Randy Rides Alone; Blue Steel Undercover; Lucky Texan; Feeling the Sheriff.

192238 4 DVDs Cert E £12.99 £10.99

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Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Ava Gardner in their best film roles.

169313 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £9.99

TV Box Sets The Legacy Collection A double helping of Doctor Who gems from the archive, starring Tom Baker: Shada and The Five Doctors. Plus the BBC documentary More than Thirty Years in the TARDIS, a compilation of clips spanning the first 30 years of the Doctor. Never aired on television due to a strike in 1979, the uncompleted six-part adventure Shada traces the chase to recover a powerful book, ‘The Artifacts of Gallifrey’, stolen from retired timelord Professor Chronotis (Denis Carey). 3hrs 20. Subtitles

Series 1 & 2 Lavish adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling sci-fi epic, starring Ian McShane, Ricky Wittle and Gillian Anderson. When Shadow Moon is released from prison a few days early, following the death of his wife, he meets the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday and is conscripted into his employ as bodyguard.


7 DVDs Cert 18

£49.99 £39.99

Series 2 190202

3 DVDs Cert 18


£29.99 £24.99

3 DVDs Cert PG

£19.99 £10.99

The Lost Land Collection

The Glittering Prizes

Penmarric – 30th Anniversary

David Nixon’s Magic Box

Get Some In! – Complete

The Forsyte Saga – Complete

Three acclaimed BBC docs exploring endangered habitats and species. 9hrs. Subtitles

Starring Tom Conti, Nigel Havers, Connie Booth, Miriam Margolyes and Tim Pigott-Smith. 7hrs 45

Susan Howatch’s epic about the lives of a Cornish family from 1867-1940. 10hrs 39. Subtitles

Magic, music and laughs – unseen since the 1970s! All existing episodes. With Anita Harris. 11hrs 54

Robert Lindsay stars in ITV’s smash hit comedy about National Service in the 1950s. 14hrs 10

Damian Lewis and Rupert Graves lead the cast in the classic ITV adaptation. 11hrs 39. Subtitles

136576 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £14.99

139248 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £7.99

132771 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99

190082 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £19.99

133598 5 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £29.99

123826 4 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

147704 5 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99





The Man in Room 17 – Series 1

Shakespeare Comedy, Romance,Tragedy

SeaQuest DSV – Complete

Kavanagh Q.C. – Complete

Touch of Frost – Complete

Richard Vernon and Denholm Elliott star as super-sleuths. 10hrs 50

As You Like It, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Romeo & Juliet in this box set. 8hrs 5. Subtitles

Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi drama set under the sea. Guest stars William Shatner. 43hrs 5

James Kavanagh is one of London’s most respected criminal lawyers. 34hrs 34. Subtitles

ITV police drama series. David Jason stars as Detective Inspector Jack Frost. 66hrs. Subtitles

137576 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £17.99

157049 4 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £36.99

190032 18 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £49.99

120813 10 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £39.99

134517 29 DVDs Cert 15 £179.99 £64.99


V – Complete US drama series about supposedly friendly aliens who come to Earth after their own planet dies. 14hrs 10. Subtitles


Midsomer Murders – Ben Jones’ Casebook

Surgical Spirit – Complete

38 films plus an interview with Jason Hughes. Includes Vixens Run. 55hrs

Sheila Sabatini is a brilliant surgeon but her sharp tongue gets her into trouble with colleagues. 20hrs 50

136530 30 DVDs Cert 15 £149.99 £69.99

445135 8 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99

Coronation Street Best of 1970-1979 190367 10 DVDs £39.99 £34.99

Cert PG

Best of 1980-1989 190368 10 DVDs £39.99 £34.99

‘Allo ‘Allo – Series 1 & 2

I shall say this only once! René Artois and his charming wife Edith welcome you to Café René. 7hrs 29

107688 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £12.99

Cert PG

Best of 1990-1999 138443 10 DVDs £59.99 £39.99

Cert PG

Coronation Street Best of 1960 –1969 Box Set Collection of 80 episodes from Britain’s longest-running television soap, covering the whole of the 1960s with eight landmark episodes selected from each year featuring favourite characters such as Ken Barlow (William Roache), Emily (Eileen Derbyshire), Rita (Barbara Knox) and Betty (Betty Driver). 33hrs 20


10 DVDs Cert PG

Lots more TV Box Sets available online at:

£39.99 £34.99


British TV Drama After the success of landmark dramas such as Boys from the Blackstuff, Channel 4 invited Bleasdale to find and mentor new TV writers. Here are the results, featuring top-drawer casts, and experimental standalone storylines.

Classic Collection

Soft Sand, Blue Sea 1hr 40 188941 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £6.99

Blood on the Dole 1hr 30



188930 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £6.99

Sean Bean stars as the dashing British hero of Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling novels set during the Napoleonic Wars.This box set contains no less than 14 spectacular and actionpacked, movie-length ITV adaptations. 25hrs. Subtitles



Series 8-14 This second half of the popular series follows the lives of the men and women working at the fire station, as they contend with a never-ending stream of emergencies set in motion by the public at large. 90hrs 20

Requiem Apache 1hr 30

188939 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £6.99

Mad Dogs – Series 1-4


Henry VIII

All ten episodes of the historical BBC miniseries starring Adolfo Celi as Rodrigo Borgia. 8hrs 50. Subtitles

Starring Ray Winstone, Helena Bonham Carter, David Suchet, Emilia Fox, and Joss Ackland. 3hrs 12. Subtitles

139370 4 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £22.99

166353 3 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £12.99

140134 2 DVDs Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

The Paper Lads – Complete

Danger Man – Complete

The Plane Makers – Collection

Much-loved family drama series following the adventures of five teenagers on their paper round. 5hrs 50

Classic 1960s espionage drama starring Patrick McGoohan as agent John Drake. 55hrs 25

Patrick Wymark stars in the prequel to the boardroom The Power Game. 34hrs 16

142036 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

189835 19 DVDs Cert 12 £89.99 £74.99

190385 £39.99


140145 28 DVDs Cert 15 £129.99 £99.99


The Borgias

Classy thriller with John Simm, Marc Warren, Max Beesley, and Philip Glenister. 10hrs 34. Subtitles

Cert 15

£44.99 £24.99

188937 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £6.99

188940 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £6.99

138450 20 DVDs £99.99 £69.99

8 DVDs Cert 15

1hr 45

1hr 30

All 66 episodes, including the pilot, of the longrunning ITV fire-fighting drama following the working and personal lives of Blue Watch, based at Blackwell Fire Station in East London. 57hrs 40




Series 1-7

12 DVDs Cert PG

Martina Cole – The Jump & Dangerous Lady TV adaptations of two of Martina Cole’s most popular crime novels. 6hrs 40

Burton and Taylor Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter star as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. 1hr 21. Subtitles

441200 2 DVDs Cert 18 £19.99 £9.99

138260 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £8.99

The Saint – Complete Colour Series Roger Moore stars as Simon Templar in the classic TV adventure drama. 42hrs 30

190386 £49.99 14 DVDs Cert PG

Shadows of Fear – Complete Suspense anthology with Sheila Hancock, Edward Fox, Annette Crosbie, George Cole et al. 8hrs 45



The Smoke Drama following the lives of a London firefighting crew. With Jodie Whittaker and Jamie Bamber. 6hrs 41. Subtitles

138352 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £11.99

139928 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

Stephen Poliakoff – BBC Collection

Cold Feet – Complete

The Prisoner – Complete

Six dramas including: Perfect Strangers; The Lost Prince; Shooting the Past; Gideon’s Daughter. 14hrs 21. Subtitles

Helen Baxendale, James Nesbitt, John Thompson and Fay Ripley star in the ITV series. 24hrs 37

Patrick McGoogan and Leo McKern star in the classic drama series, first broadcast in 1967. 14hrs 10

611786 9 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £29.99

166998 11 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £18.99

192229 5 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £24.99

To view more British TV drama go to our website at:

British TV Comedy Series 2

Edward Woodward leads his gang of binmen on to the highways and driveways of William Ivory’s award-winning drama. 5hrs 40

Complete Collection All three series of the popular BBC comedy starring Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles.Widow Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is aghast when forced to sell her ancestral home to grocery millionaire Richard De Vere. 11hrs 43

139261 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £10.99


Series 1

FOR 135022 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £10.99


190390 4 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £19.99



BBC comedy following the campaign trail of prospective Scottish MP and shameless selfpublicist Bob Servant. ‘Original, sharp, superbly acted and gloriously funny. A little gem… don’t miss it.’ – The Times. Brian Cox stars. 2hrs 49. Subtitles

137101 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

Bluestone 42 – Complete BBC comedy drama about a British Army bomb disposal unit working in Afghanistan. 9hrs 45. Subtitles

The Army Game The hapless bunch of National Service conscripts include William Hartnell, Alfie Bass, Charles Hawtrey and more! 20hrs 50

Takin’ Over the Asylum BAFTA-winning 1990s black comedy set in Scotland. David Tennant and Ken Stott star. 5hrs. Subtitles

190546 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £27.99

133431 6 DVDs Cert U £39.99 £29.99

Stella – Complete

Lead Balloon – Series 1-4

The Trip Collection

BBC sitcom stars Jack Dee as world-weary stand-up comedian Rick Spleen. 13hrs 7. Subtitles

Road trip comedy with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon travelling together. 8hrs 36. Subtitles

190543 6 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

190545 4 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £29.99

Irresistibly warm, moving comedy drama written by and starring Ruth Jones as a 40-something mum juggling life. 43hrs

189070 17 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £44.99

619615 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

Love Thy Neighbour – Complete

The New Statesman – Complete

Un-PC ’70s classic about a white bigot and his West Indian neighbour. 24hrs 3

Rik Mayall is corrupt, backstabbing Tory MP Alan B’Stard, in the BBC satire. 14hrs 40

167063 9 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £34.99

All Gas & Gaiters The ecclesiastical rivalries at St. Oggs Cathedral enchanted a generation of viewers. Enjoy once again this classic series! 5hrs 30

132601 2 DVDs £15.99 £7.99

Cert U

Whodunnit? – Complete

My Family – Complete

The murder mystery celebrity panel game, with Edward Woodard and Jon Pertwee. 33hrs 20

BBC sitcom starring Robert Lindsay as an uptight dentist and Zoe Wanamaker his wife. 59hrs 56. Subtitles

135949 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £24.99

188846 13 DVDs Cert E £59.99 £29.99

157075 22 DVDs Cert 12 £79.99 £44.99

Mrs Thursday – Series 2

Mum Series 1-3

Agony – Complete

1960s comedy stars Kathleen Harrison as an elderly cleaner who inherits her boss’s fortune. 10hrs 50

138465 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £17.99

BAFTA-winning BBC comedy starring Lesley Manville as a widow dealing with her fractious family. Peter Mullan co-stars.

190119 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £24.99

To see all the best in British TV comedy go to:

All 20 episodes of the 1980s sitcom starring Maureen Lipman as radio agony aunt Jane Lucas. 8hrs 20

137245 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99


British TV Crime & Thrillers Complete



All three series of the popular ITV drama starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris as the keen gardeners, and close friends, who turn their green fingers to crime detection. 19hrs 20. Subtitles

190377 6 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £27.99

The BBC’s thrilling emotionally charged drama about family, power and truth stars Richard Gere in his first major television role for 30 years. He plays Max, a media tycoon who uses his power ruthlessly. With Helen McRory, Sinead Cusack, Sarah Lancashire and Billy Howle. 8hrs. Subtitles


Messiah – Series 1-5 Dark BBC crime drama series about the investigations of Red Metcalfe (Ken Stott). 13hrs

616208 5 DVDs Cert 18 £34.99 £21.99

Public Eye – The ABC Years Alfred Burke stars as morose private detective Frank Marker. All five surviving episodes. 4hrs 10

134644 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99


3 DVDs Cert 15

Volume 1 The Bill was one of the most successful TV dramas ever made in Britain. The activities at the Sun Hill police station remained mustsee TV throughout its 3-decade run. These five collections feature such fan favourites as Sgt. Cryer, W.P.C Acland Det. Sgt Ted Roach, with Christopher Ellison as D.I Burnside. 5hrs 25


2 DVDs Cert 12

£19.99 £9.99

Volume 2 5hrs 25 444035

2 DVDs Cert 12

£19.99 £9.99

Volume 3 5hrs 25 444147

2 DVDs Cert 12

£19.99 £9.99

Volume 4 5hrs 25 442219

2 DVDs Cert 12

£19.99 £9.99


£24.99 £18.99

The Hatton Garden Heist – Complete


From Darkness

Christopher Eccleston stars in the acclaimed BBC drama about idealism and corruption. 2hrs 55. Subtitles

Anne-Marie Duff stars in this psychological drama in which a former cop is forced to face past failures. 3hrs 50. Subtitles

190190 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £11.99

135454 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

165578 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99



New BBC psychological thriller. DI Cadi John battles her demons alongside her caseload. 6hrs. Subtitles

Acclaimed ITV crime drama, based on the true story of one man’s quest for justice. Martin Clunes stars. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

189360 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £15.99

188625 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

Timothy Spall and Kenneth Cranham star ITV’s true crime drama.


Jonathan Creek – Complete

Heartbeat – The Rowan Years

Endeavour – Series 1-6

Alan Davies stars as the scruffy amateur detective and master of illusion. 31hrs 50. Subtitles

Set during the 1960s this popular drama stars Nick Berry as a young PC. 86hrs 30. Subtitles

ITV’s acclaimed prequel to Inspector Morse. Shaun Evans and Roger Allam star. 54hrs

190547 14 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £37.99

188587 29 DVDs Cert 15 £119.99 £74.99

189731 14 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £44.99

Paul Temple – Complete

The Fall – Series 1-3

Fox – Complete

Surviving episodes of the BBC crime drama based on the 1940s radio series. 13hrs 25. Subtitles

BBC drama starring Gillian Anderson as a Met officer hunting a serial killer in Belfast. 17hrs 30. Subtitles

CI5 - The New Professionals – Complete

138386 6 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £21.99

190382 6 DVDs Cert 18 £44.99 £29.99

Explosive 90s successor to the original series starring Edward Woodward. 10hrs 50

167590 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £27.99

The full range of British crime and drama TV is available on our website at:

Peter Vaughan stars as the unforgettable King Billy in this hardedged ITV drama series from the early 1980s. 10hrs 50

133847 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £21.99

British TV Detectives E SAV


Collection Seven vintage episodes of one of the most popular British detective series in television history, thanks to the combination of writing, cast and direction. Mark McManus stars as DCI Jim Taggart. 15hrs

135455 7 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99



Blue Murder – Complete

Inspector Morse – Complete

Strangers – Complete

Caroline Quentin is a single mum and a detective, in this fastpaced police drama. 19hrs 24. Subtitles

John Thaw stars in the most popular detective series ever shown on British television. 56hrs 55. Subtitles

Don Henderson stars as George Bulman in the iconic 1970s police TV series. 28hrs 20

135341 9 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £29.99

131582 18 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £39.99

138692 10 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £27.99

The Mrs Bradley Mysteries – Complete

Murphy’s Law – Series 1-5

Diana Rigg stars as an irrepressible sleuth in this mystery series. 5hrs 15. Subtitles

125262 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99


Complete The first police show with a woman at Detective Inspector level! Jill Gascoine stars as Maggie Forbes, a tough compassionate cop who is also a single mother to a teenager. 46hrs 40


Series 1 1960s police drama starring Patrick O’Connell and Joanna van Gyseghem. 10hrs 50

136901 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £18.99

Series 2 170174 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £17.99

189317 17 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £49.99

Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Silk Stocking

Sherlock Holmes – Complete

Poirot – Series 1-13

Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web

All four series of the crime drama starring Jeremy Brett as the sleuth Sherlock Holmes. 39hrs 16

Hercule’s detective work takes him from England to the Med. David Suchet stars. 84hrs 10. Subtitles

Adaptation of the Agatha Christie dark thriller, starring Penelope Keith. 1hr 45. Subtitles

148311 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

190379 16 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £44.99

138851 35 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £74.99

188436 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £11.99

London Kills – Series 1

Wallander – Series 1- 4

Vera – Series 9

Chandler & Co.

Thrilling new detective series starring Hugo Speers and Sharon Small. 3hrs 45

BBC crime drama starring Kenneth Branagh as Swedish detective Inspector Wallander. 17hrs 15

Two friends have no idea what a dramatic turn their lives will take when they set up a private detective agency. 10hrs 14

Special Branch – Complete

A maverick Irish cop takes on the London crime world. Starring James Nesbitt. ‘Terrific’ – Guardian. Subtitles

Brenda Blethyn returns in the iconic hat and mac as DCI Vera Stanhope, based on the crime novels by Ann Cleeves. Subtitles

135349 9 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £34.99

190282 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

167589 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £34.99

189075 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

163502 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £9.99

Rupert Everett stars as the eponymous Victorian detective. 1hr 40. Subtitles

All 53 episodes from the classic drama series about a group of hard, no-nonsense London cops. 44hrs 10

133859 10 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £39.99

DOUGLAS HENSHALL Douglas Henshall and Peter Manuel star in this three-part mini-series based on the true story of Lanarkshire detective William Muncie’s quest to bring to justice notorious Scottish killer Peter Manuel. 2hrs 12. Subtitles

169491 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99

All five episodes of the ITV crime drama series starring Douglas Henshall as police Detective Inspector John Tolin, who sets out to investigate a major road accident and finds himself drawn into murder. 3hrs 41. Subtitles

158116 2 DVDs £19.99 £8.99

Cert 15

For more Briitsh TV detective dramas visit:

Series 1-5 ITV’s riveting adaptation of award-winning writer Ann Cleeves’ crime novels.This police drama is set against the stunning Scottish backdrop of the Shetland Isles. Stars Douglas Henshall. 26hrs

189729 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £44.99


British TV Adaptations

Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke lead the cast in this 1983 BBC mini-series adapted from Charlotte Brontë’s literary masterpiece. Orphan Jane grows up to meet a wealthy man and falls in love. 5hrs 10. Subtitles

Set during turbulent 1940s London, this is the story of four people forever linked by war. Stunning BBC adaptation of Sarah Waters novel, starring Anna Maxwell Martin, Claire Foy and Jodie Whittaker.

442453 2 DVDs £9.99 £7.99

190230 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £11.99


Cert PG

Contains A Woman of Substance, Hold the Dream, Act of Will, Voice of the Heart and To Be the Best. The cast includes Jenny Seagrove, Deborah Kerr, Liz Hurley, Honour Blackman and Anthony Hopkins. 17hrs 46



441566 6 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £29.99


The Shakespeare Collection

The Old Curiosity Shop

Vera – Series 1-8

37 BBC productions starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley and Bob Hoskins. 99hrs. Subtitles

Natalie Ogle stars in this BBC adaptation of the timeless, Dickens classic. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

132749 38 DVDs Cert 12 £199.99 £84.99

120085 2 DVDs £15.99 £7.99

ITV crime thriller based on the novels by Ann Cleeves. Brenda Blethyn stars. 47hrs 23. Subtitles

The Field of Blood

Cold Comfort Farm

Wuthering Heights

Adaptation of Denise Mina’s novel starring Peter Capaldi and David Morrissey. 2hrs. Subtitles

Malcolm Bradbury’s BAFTA-winner with Kate Beckinsale and Eileen Atkins. 1hr 39. Subtitles

Ken Hutchison stars as the brooding Heathcliff in this 1978 BBC adaptation. 4hrs 15. Subtitles

139927 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £12.99

190365 £10.99

445372 £7.99


2 DVDs Cert 12

Cert U

192227 16 DVDs Cert 15 £69.99 £59.99

Stalky & Co.

An Inspector Calls


The Green Man

Rudyard Kipling’s classic about the boys of Study No 5 in the unnamed school known as the ‘Coll’. 5hrs

The BBC’s acclaimed adaptation of the J.B. Priestley classic. With David Thewlis and Miranda Richardson. 1hr 26. Subtitles

David Tennant and Patrick Stewart lead the cast in this BBC adaptation of the 2009 stage production. 3hrs 2. Subtitles

At times sexual farce, at others, ghostly thriller, this is Fawlty Towers, plus ghosts! 2hrs 32. Subtitles

166311 2 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £9.99

164664 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

132921 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

163498 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

War & Peace – Complete

Our Mutual Friend

The BBC’s 20-part adaptation of the Tolstoy epic, starring Anthony Hopkins. 14hrs 50. Subtitles

Charles Dickens’ epic tale about love in a city where class governs all. 6hrs 20. Subtitles

132589 5 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £14.99

445365 2 DVDs Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

Jude the Obscure

Little Dorrit

Robert Powell stars as the doomed Jude Fawley in this faithful BBC adaptation of Hardy’s masterpiece. 4hrs 38. Subtitles

Tom Courtenay, Claire Foy and Amanda Redman star in this 2008 BBC adaptation of the Dickens classic. 8hrs. Subtitles

120079 2 DVDs Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

623479 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £12.99

Series 1-6 Julia McKenzie and BAFTA Award-winner Geraldine McEwan both take on the role of Agatha Christie’s shrewd and inquisitive Miss Jane Marple in this star-studded collection of murder mysteries. 35hrs 10


15 DVDs Cert 15

£69.99 £49.99




Joan Hickson is Agatha Christie’s legendary sleuth in 12 feature-length BBC mysteries, including The Body in the Library, Moving Finer, A Murder Is Announced, A Pocketful of Rye and Sleeping Murder. 22hrs 30. Subtitles

122049 12 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £49.99

To see all British TV adaptations available go to:



TV Adaptations

Acclaimed TV mini-series, based on the novel by J.B. Priestley of the dying days of the music hall circuit. The alluring cast includes Laurence Olivier, Colin Firth and Pamela Stephenson. 5hrs 50. Subtitles

1980’s remake of the classic tale about the elusive 18th century adventurer. Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour star. ‘Sumptuously produced, wonderfully acted’ – New York Times. 2hrs 16

134923 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Roots (2017) Drama adaptation of Alex Haley’s modern classic about the story of a slave named Kunte Kinte. 6hrs 28

181930 3 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

Love in a Cold Climate

137952 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £12.99

North & South

Nancy Mitford’s tale about three aristocratic friends looking for love in the 1930s. 2hrs 34. Subtitles

Richard Armitage stars in Elizabeth Gaskell’s passionate love story, set during the Victorian industrial era. 3hrs 52. Subtitles

131626 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £6.99

122165 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99



The Phoenix and the Carpet Classic BBC adaptation of E. Nesbit’s popular fantasy / magical novel. 3hrs 47. Subtitles

188025 DVD Cert U £19.99 £14.99




Persuasion Acclaimed adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, starring Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins. 1hr 33. Subtitles

619383 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £7.99

163337 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £19.99

Far from the Madding Crowd Adaptation of the Thomas Hardy classic, starring Paloma Baeza as Bathsheba. 3hrs 22. Subtitles

The Miniaturist Acclaimed BBC drama about a newly wed in 1686 who enters a world of threatening secrets. 3hrs. Subtitles

125024 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £6.99

190393 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

In the Dark

Vanity Fair

MyAnna Buring is the lead detective Helen Weeks in this gripping BBC crime drama adaptation. 3hrs 48. Subtitles

ITV’s stunningly lavish period drama adapted from William Thackeray’s classic novel. Olivia Cooke stars. 7hrs. Subtitles

169495 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

188209 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99

The Thorn Birds – Complete

Cider with Rosie

Aussie Outback-set romantic drama. Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlain star. 10hrs 55. Subtitles

Laurie Lee’s classic memoir of his childhood in a sleepy Cotswold village. 1hr 35

Coming Home / Nancherrow (Special Edition)

611392 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99

139969 £8.99

During WWII Robert Hunter sets his rifle on Adolf Hitler, but his shot misses its mark. Captured and tortured by the Gestapo and left for dead, he returns to England. But he is being followed. Peter O’ Toole stars. 1hr 40. Subtitles

188597 DVD + BLU £19.99 £9.99

To view the complete range of TV adaptations go to:

Steven Spielberg’s factbased WWII drama set in the aftermath of Pearl Harbour. US marine sergeant John Basilone prepares to confront Japanese forces in the Pacific. 8hrs 42. Subtitles

Cert 15

DVD Cert U

Rosamunde Pilcher adaptations starring Peter O’Toole, Joanna Lumley et al. 6hrs 40

137830 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99


TV Favourites

Series 1 All 15 episodes from the first series of the BBC drama following the lives of student nurses in a London hospital, notable for its willingness to shed light on the less glamorous aspects of nurses’ lives. 12hrs 30



134965 5 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £12.99

Series 2 10hrs 50 134965 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £12.99




Complete All 23 episodes in the 1960s Western series starring Stuart Whitman. Set in the 1880s in the Cimarron Territory of Oklahoma, U.S. Marshal Jim Crown is assigned to work in Cimarron to settle the disputes caused by the leasing of the Cherokee Outlet to new farmers. But his arrival is greeted by the sheriff ’s resignation. 27hrs 8 DVDs Cert PG



157046 11 DVDs £59.99 £29.99

Dr Finlay’s Casebook – Collector’s Edition

Cert 12


Ken Loach at the BBC

Ivanhoe – Complete

Buffy the Vampire – Series 1-7

Nine productions from Ken Loach, one of Britain’s most respected directors. 18hrs 30. Subtitles

Acclaimed 1970 BBC adaptation. Adventure starring Anthony Bate and Eric Flynn. 4hrs 10. Subtitles

Enter the world of Buffy and her friends, demons and love interests. 101hrs. Subtitles

620829 6 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £29.99

167539 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

136322 29 DVDs Cert 15 £149.99 £69.99

167490 21 DVDs Cert 12 £199.99 £49.99

Rock Follies – Complete

Rockliffe’s Babies – Complete

Doctor Who – The Key to Time

God’s Wonderful Railway

Return to Eden – Complete

The fortunes of The Little Ladie-Q, Dee and Anna through the ruthless music business. 10hrs 40

Controversial 1980s BBC police drama starring Ian Hogg as the tough, irascible cop. 15hrs. Subtitles

Tom Baker as the Doctor in the entire 16th series of the BBC classic. 10hrs 10. Subtitles

BBC drama about the Grant family as they work on the Great Western Railway. 3hrs 59

Join Stephanie as she struggles the social hell of Sydney’s chattering classes. 4hrs 30

169486 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £16.99

180313 5 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £34.99

611780 7 DVDs Cert PG £69.99 £32.99

188854 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £15.99

189326 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £15.99


Thrilling action, terrifying creatures and spellbinding special effects as ARC battle to keep humanity safe from what escapes through the holes in time – all five series of the hit ITV series Primeval in one collection! Douglas Henshall stars. 27hrs 19. Subtitles

£39.99 £29.99



Series 1-5


Based on A. J. Cronin’s Country Doctor, this vintage BBC drama stars Bill Simpson.

Tipping the Velvet

Campion – Complete

A passionate and entertaining lesbian love story set in the 1890s, starring Keeley Hawes. 3hrs

Peter Davison plays the enigmatic sleuth in these classic mysteries set in the 1930’s. 14hrs 16. Subtitles

133623 £7.99

130777 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £19.99

DVD Cert 15

Pinter at the BBC Ten Harold Pinter plays made for the BBC from 1965 to 1988. Cast includes Michael Gambon. 10hrs 33. Subtitles

188598 4 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £24.99

To view our complete collection of TV favourites go to:

Catherine Cookson – Complete ITV’s adaptations of Catherine Cookson’s best-loved novels. 56hrs 32. Subtitles

134466 24 DVDs Cert 15 £64.99 £49.99

Babylon Berlin – Series 1 & 2 The story of Hitler’s rise to power is told in this gripping new German period detective drama. 12hrs

189744 4 DVDs Cert 18 £34.99 £29.99

TV Favourites Series 2

The much-anticipated return of Iceland’s highest-rated series ever is an exploration of psychological rather than physical entrapment. The series opens with a shocking attack on a politician in Reykjavik.

Volume 1 STV drama favourite following the lives of the people of Glendorrach, a beautiful village and a grand estate set amidst stunning Scottish countryside. The series was shot on location in Luss, a village on the banks of Loch Lomond. 2hrs 22. Subtitles

134388 2 DVDs £14.99 £9.99


189770 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £18.99


Cert E

Volume 2 2hrs 24. Subtitles 136555

2 DVDs Cert E


£14.99 £9.99


Volume 3 2hrs 24. Subtitles 136928

2 DVDs Cert E

£14.99 £9.99

Volume 4 2hrs 24. Subtitles 137535

2 DVDs Cert E

£14.99 £9.99

After travelling in the Tardis to the lost city of Atlantis, the Doctor and his companions Polly, Ben and Jamie are taken prisoner by the Atlantians leader Professor Zaroff. Patrick Troughton stars as the Doctor in the fourth series of the BBC’s sci-fi drama. 1hr 39

Series 1 8hrs 30. Subtitles 166871

Stingray – Complete Collection All 39 episodes of Gerry Anderson’s cult series. 16hrs 15. Subtitles

Elizabeth I Lily Cole takes the eponymous lead role in this ‘exceptional’ (Independent) threepart historical drama. 2hrs 15

165569 5 DVDs Cert U £34.99 £24.99

188162 3 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

The Passing Bells

White Heat

Epic historical drama spanning the first five years of WWI, as seen through the eyes of two soldiers on each side. 2hrs 5. Subtitles

Acclaimed drama following a group of seven friends over the course of four decades. 5hrs 43. Subtitles

155347 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

136847 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

3 DVDs Cert 15

Lyttons’ Diary – Complete

171229 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

£29.99 £15.99


Suits – Series 1-7

Brand new BBC supernatural thriller. 20 years ago, a toddler disappeared, never to be seen again. 6hrs. Subtitles

Popular US legal eagle drama set in a Manhattan law firm, which starred Meghan Markle!

131615 9 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £29.99

190806 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £14.99

28 DVDs Cert TBC

Nobody’s House – Complete

Bonanza – Complete

Till Death...

70s fantasy drama starring Ken Moreton as a ragamuffin ghost haunting a Victorian house. 2hrs 51

Beloved TV Western about the Cartwright family. Lorne Greene stars. Over 200 episodes!

167576 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £8.99

188444 71 DVDs Cert PG £119.99 £79.99

Peter Bowles stars as Fleet Street’s most successful gossip columnist, Neville Lytton. 10hrs 50

169334 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £17.99

Only Fools and Horses – Complete Ducking and diving in Peckham with Del Boy and Rodders. 27hrs 22. Subtitles

Johnny Speight’s wicked satire on prejudice and bigotry. This spin-off sees Alf Garnett retired in Eastbourne. 2hrs 54

188658 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £11.99


The River – Complete David Essex stars as lock keeper Davy Jackson in this BBC romantic comedy. 3hrs 4. Subtitles

£74.99 £64.99

120102 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

Wuthering Heights

Green Green Grass – Complete

ITV adaptation of the classic novel by Emily Bronte, starring Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley. 2hrs 22

Spin-off featuring Boycie, a rogue trader from comedy classic Only Fools and Horses. 14hrs 30. Subtitles

139175 DVD Cert 15 £13.99 £7.99

138595 8 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £22.99

To view our complete collection of TV favourites go to:


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Herbert Lom stars in the classic 1960s series as psychiatrist Dr Roger Corder. Guest stars include Joan Collins, Francesca Annis, Rita Tushingham, Alfred Burke and Annette André. 21hrs 3. Subtitles


136067 7 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99


Pioneering news and current affairs show, featuring Frost’s landmark interviews with notorious people in public life, including Muhammad Ali, James Callaghan, Enoch Powell and Christian Barnard. 6hrs 40

Classic BBC snooker comedy drama! Starring Robert Lindsay as a streetwise cockney and Paul McGann as a cocky Liverpudlian who knows how to pot black. 7hrs 25. Subtitles

144867 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £12.99

134966 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £7.99




Endeavour – Series 1 & 2 Thrilling stories with cerebral puzzle work for the young Inspector Morse. 3hrs 2. Subtitles

The Terence Rattigan Collection Nine plays compiled to celebrate his 2011 birth centenary. 12hrs 34. Subtitles

Fantabulosa! On screen he was a comedy legend. In private his life was a tragedy. Michael Sheen plays Kenneth Williams. 1hr 20

Outer Limits – Series 1

Armchair Thriller – Complete

Andromeda – Complete

Box set comprising every episode from the first season of the popular science fiction series.

First shown on ITV in the 1970s, this collection includes a range of ingenious stories. 23hrs 24

All 110 episodes from all five series of Gene Rodenberry’s classic sci-fi adventure. 11hrs 3. Subtitles

167465 8 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £19.99

132884 11 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £49.99

166814 30 DVDs Cert 15 £89.99 £44.99

Two Thousand Acres of Sky – Complete Series

Alan Clarke at the BBC – Volume 1

A family moves to a remote Scottish island. Michelle Collins stars. 20hrs 29. Subtitles

BBC dramas made between 1969 and 1977, including Scum. 16hrs 40. Subtitles

164625 8 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £34.99

171973 6 DVDs Cert 18 £69.99 £44.99

134268 5 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £21.99

132976 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

The Charmer – Complete

Mr Axelford’s Angel

The Rag Trade – Series 1 & 2

The Secret Army – Series 1

Nigel Havers stars as a psychopathic gigolo. Desperate for money, he’s in search of his next victim. 5hrs

Enchanting Emmy Award-winning drama starring Julia Foster and Michael Bryant. 52mins

Everybody out! Hit BBC 1960s factory-set sitcom. Sheila Hancock, Barbara Windsor star. 8hrs 10. Subtitles

Jan Francis, Clifford Rose and Bernard Hepton star in the award-winning series. 4hrs 40

131327 2 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

140014 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

155336 5 DVDs Cert 12 £37.99 £29.99

Cert 15

169693 4 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

132585 4 DVDs £29.99 £9.99

Cert 12

Series 1






Highway to Heaven – Complete Michael Landon stars as an angel sent back to Earth on probation. 80hrs

138971 30 DVDs Cert 12 £89.99 £49.99

Comics Lynda La Plante thriller. A comedian witnesses a gangland murder, and becomes a target. Lennie James stars. 4hrs

188929 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Series 2

All 16 episodes of the Z-Cars spin-off – in colour! Stratford Johns stars as the no-nonsense DCS Charlie Barlow, a tough, relentless and sharp-tongued copper, and Frank Windsor as his mellower sidekick DS John Watt. Together they tackle the force’s most heinous crimes, and unravel the most perplexing cases. 13hrs 20

4 DVDs Cert 12



£34.99 £12.99

The long-running police drama became one of the BBC’s most successful spinoffs (from Z Cars). It follows the story of experienced cops DCS Charlie Barlow – a tough, no-nonsense guy, and his easy-going sidekick DS John Watt. Together they lead a task force charged with tackling the toughest chases Thamesford has to offer. 21hrs 40



7 DVDs Cert 12

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£32 £49.99 £17.99

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Complete The classic BBC adaptation of R.D. Blackmoore’s everpopular Exmoor romance, first broadcast in 1976. Starring Emily Richard, John Sommerville and Patrick Troughton. 4hrs 20. Subtitles

188016 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99

120077 2 DVDs Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

Peter Bowles stars in this classic comedy drama series set in the 19th century about an English army officer who becomes Resident Magistrate in rural Ireland. 15hrs 20


Next of Kin – Series 1-3

Grandpa’s Great Escape

Six Feet Under – Complete

Penelope Keith and William Gaunt are a couple who have to care for three sulky grandchildren. 11hrs

Adaptation of David Walliams’ children’s book, starring Tom Courtenay, and Jennifer Saunders. 1hr 5

All five series of the offbeat US drama about a dysfunctional family working as undertakers. 57hrs 45

166314 6 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £14.99

190808 £8.99

143483 24 DVDs Cert 18 £159.99 £64.99




Holding On

Penda’s Fen

Love Hurts

Interwoven stories with more than 25 characters. David Morrissey, Lesley Manville and Phil Daniels star. 7hrs 20

The cult classic TV play directed by Alan Clarke, considered to be writer David Rudkin’s finest work. 1hr 30. Subtitles

Singer Adam Faith stars alongside Zoe Wanamaker in this bittersweet drama series. 24hrs 34

139273 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £7.99

167074 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

167635 9 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £34.99

The lavish BBC costume drama based on Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel set in the early 1800s sees Alan Badel leading a distinguished cast in the greatest tale of betrayal, adventure, romance and revenge. 5hrs

139238 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £9.99

172026 6 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £21.99



Francesca Annis and Tom Conti star in the BBC’s adaptation of Flaubert’s story of a woman’s downfall. 3hrs 31. Subtitles


Harry Enfield stars as Prince Charles in this highly satirical and hilarious comedy soap opera, reimagining the members of the royal family as they have never been seen before. 6hrs 24. Subtitles

189361 3 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99


Madame Bovary


Longford Drama based on a controversial campaign to win parole for Myra Hindley. Jim Broadbent stars. 2hrs

188954 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

Redcap – Complete John Thaw stars as Sgt. John Mann, a short-tempered British Military Policeman. 19hrs 10

135336 7 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £32.99



‘Father Dear Father’ Complete

All 45 episodes of the 1960s/70s comedy series starring Patrick Cargill. 18hrs 45

445136 8 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99



The Grass Arena Drama based on the true story of the fall and rise of chess player John Healy. Mark Rylance stars.1hr 36. Subtitles

188942 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99


Babylon 5 – Complete Classic sci-fi drama set in the 23rd century, aboard a spacecraft run by humans and aliens. 150 hrs. Subtitles

166815 42 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £89.99


Bugs – Complete BBC action-adventure meets science-fiction series starring Craig McLachlan as a hightech crime-fighter. 32hrs

444825 13 DVDs Cert PG £69.99 £22.99

Diana – Complete Jenny Seagrove and Kevin McNally are the couple battling class difference and war. 8hrs 40. Subtitles

163495 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £12.99



Swashbuckling prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Captain Flint recruits John Silver in his fight to save New Providence Island. Toby Stephens stars. 13hrs 29. Subtitles

Gerry Anderson’s puppet animation about an elite force defending 21st century Earth against a host of alien invaders. Led by Tiger Ninestein and Captain Mary Falconer. 15hrs 35

181956 14 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £34.99

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187804 9 DVDs Cert U £49.99 £29.99



First volume of documentaries produced by the British Transport Commission.The collection includes Terminus, Blue Pullman, John Betjeman Goes by Train, Under the River, Cyclists Special and E for Experimental. 12hrs 27


150316 6 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £14.99




The second volume of these British Transport Commission documentaries. Includes Journey Into Spring, Let’s Go Birmingham,The Land of Robert Burns, A Place in the Team, An Artist Looks at Churches and Travolators. 12hrs 43

150319 6 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £14.99

Third volume of documentaries produced by the British Transport Commission. The collection includes: The Finishing Line, Inter-City 125, Just Like the Rest of Us, Centenary Express and more. 13hrs 13


150317 6 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £16.99


Fourth volume of documentaries produced by the British Transport Commission.The collection includes The Future Works and Partners in Prosperity and also covers the construction of London’s Victoria Line. 9hrs 24

E SAV 36


150318 6 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £14.99

Great British Railway Journeys – Series 10

Great Continental Railway Journeys – Series 6

Popular BBC documentary series with Michael Portillo. 7hrs 15. Subtitles

Michael Portillo embarks on two memorable railway journeys across Europe. 1hr 40

Ferrari 312B A tribute to an essential chapter in Ferrari’s history. The car is a symbol of a revolution that changed the world of F1 forever. 1hr 25. Subtitles

Bristol Railway Stations This is a superb tribute to Bristol’s railway heritage Grab yourself a ticket, some tea and enjoy! 1hr 40

189993 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £22.99

188888 DVD Cert E £12.99 £9.99

190804 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

On the Right Track – Volume 13

Brabazon – The Beautiful Dream

Flying Scotsman from the Footplate

14 films about Britain’s railways made by British Transport Films. Includes Track 125; Rubbish by Rail; Careful Charlie! 4hrs 15

Unique archive film and photographs present the history of the Brabazon, from conception in 1943 to its sad demise. 1hr 10

BBC documentary chronicling the Flying Scotsman’s journey along the Severn Valley Railway. 4hrs

190274 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

120204 DVD Cert E £12.99 £9.99

190672 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

Isle of Man Steam Railway

Croydon Tramlink


Steam in Scotland

A picturesque cab ride over the entire Tramlink system, plus a thrilling visit to the Therpia Lane depot. 1hr 55

A comprehensive spotlight on the versatile Class 50s in a DVD crammed informative graphic sequences and nostalgia.

Starting in Perth in 1961, with an impressive variety of classic locomotive classes, including ex-LMS and ex-LNER Pacifics.

190601 DVD Cert E £12.99 £9.99

188632 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

190602 £9.99

190607 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Grand Central – London to Sunderland

The Orient Express Experience

Branch Lines of Wiltshire

Travel the worlds’ most famous trains: The Pride of Africa, The Palace on Wheels (India), The Royal Scotsman and more.

Explore the old routes of the GWR, and the lines in Chippenham, Calne, Trowbridge and Devizes. 1hr 40

166487 DVD Cert E £9.99 £5.99

189190 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

History of the railway that runs runs from Douglas to Castletown and Port Erin, a distance of over 15 miles. 1hr 30

Experience the driver’s eye view from London to the North East. 3hrs 24

131442 DVD Cert E £12.99 £7.99

DVD Cert E

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188323 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Marsden Rail 37 – Somerset & Devon Revisited A nostalgic celebration of the route closed in 1966 after operating for 100 years.

190608 £14.95 DVD Cert E

Riding the DRS Inverness Intermodal This 118-mile railway is one of the great railway journeys of all time! 3hrs 45

189787 2 DVDs Cert E £14.95 £12.95

Military & War

SAS Origins – A Secret History

World War I in Colour

Target for Today – Collectors’ Edition

Ben Macintyre tells the story of The Regiment gaining access that no civilian has ever been granted. 3hrs

Kenneth Branagh presents this guide to WWI, revealing the true reality of the destruction. 6hrs 17

US Army, Air Force film record of an American eighth Air Force raid on Nazi Germany. 1hr 25

169293 DVD Cert E £19.99 £12.99

107030 2 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

130323 DVD Cert U £12.99 £5.99

Adolf Hitler Collection of documentaries on one of the most reviled figures in history. Includes Triumph of the Will. 9hrs 30

168939 6 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £14.99

The British Home Front at War Rare and original wartime films, from the Imperial War Museum about life on the British Home Front. 12hrs

169663 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £22.99

British Campaigns – D-Day and Normandy

Cert E

Ken Burns – The Vietnam War A definitive account of the Vietnam War is an epic examination of a landmark event in US history. 18hrs. Subtitles

187756 10 DVDs Cert E £79.99 £54.99

Restrepo Feature-length documentary chronicling the deployment of a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. 1hr 33

137964 DVD Cert E £14.99 £7.99

British Campaigns – Italy 1943-1945

The history of British forces in action from D-Day to the Normandy Breakout. 2hrs 21

The account of the British 8th Army’s role in the fight for Sicily and Italy, using never before seen film footage. 3hrs 11

107809 DVD Cert E £12.99 £7.99

106954 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

Berlin Aircraft Rare archive film and interviews with veterans tell the story of one of the greatest airborne operations of modern times. 1hr 4

130449 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99


The Dunkirk Story

Over seven hours of archive footage, 28-page booklet, rare veteran interviews & bonus film on their return to the battlefields.

The story of Operation Dynamo and the rescue of over 300 thousand Belgian, French and British soldiers. Includes archive footage. 45mins

126018 3 DVDs £24.99 £8.99

190828 £7.99

Cert E

The Great War 1915 – The Year of Illusion Documentary series looking at the course of the First World War. 50mins

139652 DVD Cert E £9.99 £8.99

DVD Cert E

Fighting the Blue Documentary series presenting the stories of the men and women who joined the RAF during WWII. 4hrs 8. Subtitles

189582 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

The Avro Vulcan

The Avro Shackleton

The history of the Avro Vulcan V-Bomber, from conception in the early 1950s through to departure from RAF service. 56mins

A fascinating documentary on the Avro Shackleton – a British long-range maritime patrol aircraft used by the RAF. 58mins

166490 DVD Cert E £9.99 £6.99

166494 DVD Cert E £9.99 £6.99

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Dan Snow presents this three-part BBC documentary in which he examines events and power struggles during 1066, and the Battle of Hastings, which changed the course of British and European history. 3hrs

190362 DVD Cert E £19.99 £15.99

BBC documentary on the historic encounter from, for the first time, both sides of no-man’s land. With access to little-known German military archives, a story is revealed that contradicts previously unchallenged myths. 2hrs 30

190387 DVD Cert E £18.99 £14.99

BBC history series presenting one of World War Two’s most covert organisations. Douglas Henshall narrates as people undergo the training programme of intense physical and mental tests. 5hrs

189270 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £17.99

Oscar winning director Peter Jackson’s groundbreaking First World War film, taking archive footage, colourising it and converting it to 3D. The imagery is accompanied by original veterans’ voices. 1hr 55. Subtitles

189602 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99



Oscar-winning epic war documentary covering D-Day, 1944, through to the fall of Berlin, 1945, covering major campaigns and historial events. Regarded as the greatest war documentary ever made. 4hrs Subtitles

169681 2 DVDs £9.99 £7.99

190171 £11.99

172671 DVD Cert E £15.99 £9.99

Cert TBC

In its heyday London was Britain’s premier port. The Port of London Authority controlled 69 miles of the tidal Thames, presiding over the great dock systems and hundreds of wharfs. The films featured capture London’s Docklands in all their glory from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Acclaimed BBC history documentary. Professor Mary Beard looks beyond the stories of emperors, armies, guts and gore to meet the everyday people at the heart of Ancient Rome’s vast empire. 3hrs

BBC documentary on the work of codebreaker Gordon Welchman. During WWII he worked alongside Alan Turing at Bletchley Park, and played a key role in cracking the Enigma machine. 1hr

Genius of Britain

2 DVDs Cert E

The Great Museum

Ancient Worlds Brought to Life

Johannes Holzhausen goes behind the scenes at Vienna’s Museum of Art History. 1hr 34. Subtitles

A fascinating insight into the secrets of past civilisations: including the Carthaginians, Romans, Incas. 2hrs 36

150865 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

130757 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

137724 DVD Cert E £19.99 £8.99

Marco Polo

Time to Remember

I Am Not Your Negro

A History of Christianity

BBC documentary touching on all aspects of life in the first half of the 20th century. 6hrs 40

History of race relations in the US through the eyes of writer and social critic James Baldwin. 1hr 32

BBC series with new insights overturning established ideas on the Western religion. 5hrs 50. Subtitles

156739 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £11.99

180484 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

612139 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £12.99

Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough and Robert Winston on great thinkers. 5hrs. Subtitles

Tales from the Green Valley All 12 episodes of the BBC series, where historians recreate a Welsh farm at the time of James I. 6hrs

121985 2 DVDs £24.99 £9.99

Cert E

Silent Britain A journey through the first decades of British cinema, a pleasurable period of film history. 1hr 30. Subtitles

133730 DVD Cert E £19.99 £8.99

Royal River 1hr 35. Subtitles 121361

DVD Cert E

£12.99 £6.99

Thames Port 1hr 35. Subtitles

121359 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

Biopic of the great Italian explorer. Stars Burt Lancaster, John Gielgud, Denholm Elliott, Anne Bancroft et al. 7hrs 30

Waters of Time 1hr 54. Subtitles

120685 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

134814 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £10.99

Series 16 139570

4 DVDs Cert E

Series 17 13hrs 163458

4 DVDs Cert E

Series 18 10hrs 50 135310

3 DVDs Cert E

Series 19 8hrs 26 163457

3 DVDs Cert E

Series 20 11hrs 166257

3 DVDs Cert E

£24.99 £12.99 £24.99 £12.99 £24.99 £16.99 £24.99 £12.99 £24.99 £12.99

Channel Four archeology programme presented by Tony Robinson which explores the history of Britain through digs and the artifacts uncovered. The team travels the country to investigate a wide range of archaeological sites – including the discovery of the Team’s first ever Roman temple.


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Early Cinema – Primitives and Pioneers A fascinating collection of 60 films from the pre-1910 period of cinema. 3hrs 7

144492 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99




Presenter Bettany Hughes sets sail on an epic journey through the history and highlights of Ancient Egypt. She journeys almost1,000 miles on the mighty River Nile stopping off at the most iconic sites along the way.

189763 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

The British

Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute

Epic and seemingly modest stories of human achievement, invention and heroism. 3hrs 25. Subtitles

136226 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £11.99

Queen Elizabeth II’s personal collection of ciné films are shown. Narrated by Prince Charles. 1hr 29

190535 £10.99 DVD Cert U

The Sorrow and the Pity

Walking with Beasts

Director Max Ophuls captivating documentary on the Nazi occupation of France. 4hrs 8. Subtitles

The prehistoric creatures that ruled the Earth after the dinosaurs were gone. 3hrs. Subtitles

180360 2 DVDs £24.99 £9.99

155719 £9.99

Cert E

The West Ken Burns chronicles the saga of America’s vast and turbulent region, from before European settlement into the 20th century.

187839 4 DVDs Cert E £39.99 £24.99

Documentary which explores the geology of the world and re-examines how the Earth’s landscapes were made.

190155 £10.99 DVD Cert E

2 DVDs Cert PG

DVD Cert E


Set in Stone


A chronicle of the major events of the 20th century up until 1992, including Queen Victoria’s funeral, the D-Day landings, moon landing, Falklands War, break up of the USSR and more. 31hrs. Subtitles

Stories of high drama in the making of eight artistic masterpieces, in this outstanding BBC series, with Van Gogh, Picasso, Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner and Rothko. 6hrs 40

190548 11 DVDs Cert E £99.99 £37.99

JFK – The Untold Story The real man behind the myth of John F Kennedy is revealed in this probing biography. 4hrs

189709 2 DVDs £9.99 £7.99

Cert E

141756 £19.99 3 DVDs Cert 12

Story of England

Professor Brian Cox tells the story of the origins and history of life, from the fundamental laws which govern its creation, to the myriad species that populate our planet. 4hrs 53. Subtitles

Documentary presented by Michael Wood telling the story of one village across 1000 years of English history. 6hrs. Subtitles

616094 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £11.99

King George VI & Elizabeth

Henry VIII – Mind of a Tyrant

Documentary on the man crowned king in December 1936, and his consort, Elizabeth. 1hr

Historian Dr David Starkey presents this biography one of England’s most feared kings. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

190167 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

132774 DVD Cert U £19.99 £10.99


2 DVDs Cert E

£19.99 £8.99

A charming and informative foray into the history and architecture of the picturesque market towns of middle England. Architectural historian Alec Clifton-Taylor presents a potted history and architectural study of 18 small English towns of great character. First broadcast on the BBC Two in 1978, the programmes now serve as a fascinating historical snapshot of the enduring character of each locale.

Six English Towns 3hrs. Subtitles 166445


Series 1-3

£19.99 £7.99

Six More English Towns 3hrs 49. Subtitles 166467

DVD Cert E

£19.99 £7.99

Another Six English Towns 3hrs. Subtitles 166468 DVD

Cert E

£19.99 £7.99

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BBC series following Palin as he retraces his original epic journey, to find the people with whom he forged a special bond 20 years ago. 6hrs 35

135387 4 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £12.99

Full Circle 2hrs 30

At the wheel of his culinary hero Keith Floyd’s very own Citroen 2CV, TV chef James Martin travels the length and breadth of the country, sampling the very best food that France has to offer. 15hrs 24

A moving documentary tracing the amazing life of Rudolf Nureyev. From his birth in the 5th class carriage of a trans-Siberian train to superstardom.The film charts his partnership with Margot Fonteyn. 1hr 49. Subtitles

180368 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99

189591 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £14.99

135388 3 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £12.99


The Dales Comedian Adrian Edmondson presents this 12-part documentary series about the Yorkshire Dales. 4hrs 12. Subtitles

Joanna Lumley’s India Join the Ab Fab star on a lively voyage around all corners of India, her birthplace. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

The Executioners From hangmen to the infamous ‘Bourreaux’, meet the men carrying out the world’s deadliest jobs. 2hrs 40

138128 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £11.99

187598 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

168938 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

Rick Stein – From Venice to Istanbul

Simply Painting – Watercolours

The Bible – The Ultimate DVD Collection

A gastronomic trip through the former Byzantine Empire. It’s delicious! 7hrs 40.

166271 £13.99 3 DVDs Cert E

Frank Clarke helps you perfect your watercolour painting skills with 12 inspiring tutorials. 5hrs 6

166418 3 DVDs £24.99 £9.99

Cert E

Includes David, Abraham, Joseph, Jesus, Moses and Samson and Delilah. 18hrs. Subtitles

130218 17 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £59.99

Louis Theroux – Law and Disorder Four acclaimed BBC documentaries with the wide-eyed, inquisitive journalist. 4hrs. Subtitles

National Gallery Director Frederick Wiseman provides audiences with a look inside London’s famous National Gallery. 3hrs

149524 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

170085 DVD Cert E £17.99 £9.99

Fire in Babylon Chronicle of the success and cultural impact of the West Indies cricket team during the 1970s and 80s. 1hr 27. Subtitles

155337 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £9.99

Scotland: The Edge of the Land – Series 1 & 2 An aerial journey along Scotland’s coastline, from the comfort of your sofa! 4hrs 24

The Farthest


The ultimate space documentary is a captivating story of the people and events behind NASA’s Voyager mission. 2hrs

Kenneth Branagh is Ernest Shackleton in a dramatisation of his epic South Pole adventure. 3hrs 26. Subtitles

Liverpool FC – FA Cup Final Classics

187929 DVD Cert E £17.99 £8.99

158070 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

£12.99 £7.99

A Year to Remember 1959 58 mins 194806

DVD Cert E

£12.99 £7.99

A Year to Remember 1969 58 mins 194807

DVD Cert E

£12.99 £7.99

A Year to Remember 1979 58 mins






DVD Cert E

167413 DVD+BLU Cert 15

A Year to Remember 1949 58 mins DVD Cert E

Film-maker Mark Cousins’ immersive documentary about Belfast past and present. 1hr 24.

166433 6 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £15.99

The classic series that recalls definitive events from memorable years of the 20th century,.Each episode covers contemporary news coverage in a specifid year drawn from the British Pathé archive.


I Am Belfast

£12.99 £7.99

The complete range of TV Documentaries is available online at:

£19.99 £10.99

Three matches: Newcastle,1974; Everton, 1986 &1989. 5hrs 15. Subtitles

190538 2 DVDs £15.99 £9.99

Cert E


Ewan McGregor narrates this four-part BBC series that follows the wildlife of the Scottish Highlands over the course of a year. He also takes a look at the ongoing human effort to protect the area’s native wildlife. 4hrs

Documentary series in which the intrepid explorer travels 2600 miles through the Caucasus mountain range between Russia and Iran. Along the way he encounters people from all walks of life. 3hrs

190372 £11.99

189015 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £15.99

2 DVDs Cert E

Human Flow Documentary on the current refugee crisis and the influx of people seeking sanctuary from their own country. 2hrs 20

190373 £13.99 DVD Cert 12

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby – Series 1-3 Meet the staff behind the world’s most extraordinary hotels. 13hrs. Subtitles

188343 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £22.99

The Hairy Biker’s Mediterranean Adventure

The Guv’nor

Punk ‘76

The life of the infamous bare-knuckle boxer turned actor Lenny McLean, who worked with Guy Ritchie. 1hr 24. Subtitles

Documentary about the emergence of the punk movement, featuring Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols. 1hr 25

190415 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £15.99

190330 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

190145 £8.99

Wild Britain

Nature’s Weirdest Events

Yellowstone – Wildest Winter to Blazing Summer

The Hairy Bikers are on their bikes again discovering more delicious food. 6hrs

Hidden lives of both the familiar and the more unusual animals with which we share our island home. 5hrs 45. Subtitles

188189 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

Wildlife presenter, film maker and photographer Johnny Kingdom presents this four-part ITV series following the lives of the people and wildlife of Exmoor National Park over the course of a year. 1hr 40

Strange processes of the natural world are brought vividly to life, through special effects. 1hr 58. Subtitles

190539 DVD Cert E £15.99 £9.99

DVD Cert E

BBC doc with Kate Humble, tracking the changing seasons. 2hrs 50. Subtitles

190541 DVD Cert U £19.99 £12.99

166806 £10.99 DVD Cert E

Prokofiev – Romeo and Juliet

The Evolution of a Creationist

Royal Ballet live at Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House, in 2012. 2hrs 40. Subtitles

An exploration of the conflicts between evolutionary theory and the Bible. 1hr 44

155785 DVD Cert E £19.99 £15.99

190151 £9.99

Australia with Julia Bradbury

Spirit Rescue

Julia Bradbury explores all four corners of Australia in this ITV documentary series. 2hrs. Subtitles

189758 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

The Lost Gardens of Heligan – Complete The history of the gardens through WWI, decay and their restoration. 3hrs 5

163556 2 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £11.99

2 DVDs Cert E

The team investigate real-life hauntings, the paranormal and spirit apparitions in the homes of ordinary people. 1hr

190175 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

The Winter’s Tale – The Royal Ballet Live Royal Ballet performance of the Shakespeare tragic comedy play. David Briskin conducts.

150846 DVD Cert E £24.99 £18.99


In this exceptional programme, Guy puts together a team of experts to help create the best possible replica of a Mark IV tank, the world’s first battle tank, and drive the machine at a Rembrance Day parade. 1hr 15

190395 DVD Cert E £19.99 £12.99

Collection of popular documentaries: Guy Martin’s… Spitfire; Wall of Death; Complete Speed; Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber; How Britain Worked; Guy Martin: Speed; Our Guy in India; Our Guy in China. 20hrs 15

190370 11 DVDs Cert E £39.99 £26.99

The complete range of TV Documentaries is available online at:

Guy Martin presents this Channel 4 documentary in which he aims to break the fastest speed ever recorded on a Wall of Death. Guy helps construct the largest wall ever built as he attempts to break 50mph. 1hr 30

167614 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99


Classical CD Fantasia para un Gentilhombre • Concierto del Sur • Capriccio Diabolico • Prelude No. 1 in E Minor • Asturias Leyanda

By the Sleepy Lagoon • Dr Finlay’s Casebook • The Dambusters • Country Gardens • Devil’s Galop • Jamaican Rumba • Coronation Scot • Spitfire Prelude • Men of Harlech • Rosemary • Lark in Clear Air… and more!

‘Outstanding for the superb quality of both playing and recording… authentic native tunes and sultry rhythms’ – Gramophone!

521267 CD £6.99

521265 CD £6.99

J S Bach: The 6 Motets ‘Serene but radiant performances deserving an elevated place… the accomplishment beyond question. Recommended’ – Gramophone

521264 CD £6.99

Offenbach Favourites Gaite Parisienne • Vert-vert, Kakadu: Overture • Overture a Grand Orchestre • Souvenir D’aixles-bains • Overture • American Eagle Waltz… and more!

512734 CD £6.99

Organ Classics from Glenn Gould and King’s College Cambridge Andras Schiff Play Bach

521268 CD £6.99

Julian Bream: Lute Music – The Golden Age

Rachmaninov Symphony 1 Isle of the Dead

Widor Toccata, Carillon de Westminster, In dulci jubilo, Toccata & Fugue, all in the glorious sound of King’s Chapel.

‘In terms of sheer keyboard wizadry, commands admiration… a remarkable performance’ – Penguin Guide

‘This anthology is mostly dances of harmonic and melodic richness ... a musical goldmine’ – Gramophone

‘Heartbreakingly intense yet grippingly coherent conception, brimful of insight and flair’ – Gramophone

521266 CD £6.99

512540 CD £6.99

519303 CD £6.99

521641 CD £6.99

Chopin – Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2

Sibelius Symphonies 4 & 7 – Colin Davis LSO

Erik Satie – Album for Piano

‘Poetic feeling paramount… spontanteity in every bar… strong orchestral support and sparkling dance rhythms’ – Penguin Guide

Korngold – Cello Concerto / Much Ado About Nothing

‘I doubt whether I shall ever hear an orchestra and conductor ‘All performances warmly achieve a closer rapport in Sibelius’ sympathetic…sound with plenty of – Radio 3 range’ – Penguin Guide

Trois Gymnopedies • La Piege de Meduse • Croquis et Agaceries • Poudre d’Or • Chapitres Tournes en Tous Sens… and more!

512536 CD £6.99

521644 CD £6.99

521378 CD £6.99

514018 CD £6.99

On Wenlock Edge • Serenade to Music • Song of Thanksgiving • Old King Cole: Ballet “Includes On Wenlock Edge and Serenade to Music, which possesses a very special beauty and atmosphere” – Gramophone

511359 CD £6.99


‘A blaze from heaven descended on him while conducting this extremely good first symphony… moments of magic explain why Elgar wraps himself around our hearts. Marriner knows where he is going and the final pages are superb’ – Gramophone

‘A finer performance than this would not be a song of earth’, wrote the Record Guide of this legendary performance which was recorded in Vienna in May 1952. … Ferrier singing it here at a time so close to her own death as to make this a real, truly harrowing song of farewell.’ – Gramophone

‘It was Davrath who pioneered (the first) complete recording of Canteloube’s delightful settings of songs from the Auvergne region of France… her voice has a lovely, sweet purity and freedom’ – Penguin Guide Rosette

512904 CD £6.99

The full range of Classical & Opera CDs is available onlne at:

512728 CD £6.99

Classical CD Suppé Six Overtures

‘Bernstein’s coupling was recorded at the peak of his creativity, with West Side Story only 2 years behind him. It set the standard by which all subsequent pairings came to be judged; inspirational, flexible, completely spontaneous’ – Penguin Guide

20 tracks ‘bringing back the glitz and glamour of the Golden Age in digital sound’: Forgotten Dreams • Folks who Live on the Hill • Song of the High Seas • On Golden Pond • Mack & Mabel • Marching thro’ Georgia • Kentucky Love Song… and more!

513709 CD £6.99

512726 CD £6.99

Detroit Symphony Orchestre

‘Suppé and Auber prove ideal spirit-raisers… The Beautiful Galatea balances handsome playing with real swagger, and Poet & Peasant is intense and beautifully shaped.There are nine overtures, each parading similar virtues – brilliance and energy’ – Gramophone

521642 CD £6.99

Wagner Orchestral Favourites

Shostakovich Symphonies 9 & 15

Janacek Sinfonietta / Opera Respighi – Pines, Fountains, Mahler Symphony No.9 – Preludes / Taras Bulba Festivals of Rome etc Bruno Walter interview

‘The most exciting collection of Wagner’s “purple patches” … passionate climax of the Liebestod is truly orgasmic’

‘They capture the 9th’s joyful irreverence and sense of danger… with a superbly vivid Fifteenth’ – Gramophone

‘Mackerras is one of the finest ... the Four Preludes are excellently dramatic, and most moving’ – Gramophone

‘These legendary Pines and Fountains still have the power to astonish… rich sound… playing is quite glorious’ – Gramophone

Legendary recordings of two of the greatest Mahler symphonies – No. 9 and No. 4. Includes an interview with Bruno Walter.

521269 CD £6.99

521270 CD £6.99

521271 CD £6.99

521272 CD £6.99

521273 CD £9.99

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1 -6

Glinka – Orchestral Dances ‘Kamarinskaya’

Sviatoslav Richter – Schumann Piano Works

Schubert – Octet Pablo Casals – Song of the Birds / Cello Encores ‘Gloriously warm-hearted and

‘Fresh, detailed digital recordings, well-paced readings on modern instruments… slow movements beautifully done’ – Penguin

‘Boris Demchenko is a gracious conductor creating space for these Bellinian confections’ – MusicWeb

Richter’s magnificent Melodiya/ MK recording of favorite Schumann piano works, including the complete Symphonic Etudes.

Song of the Birds was very dear to Casals, so much so that he almost always ended his recitals with this tune.

sparkling account of the Octet. Great charm.. high spirits… bucolic in their joy’ – Penguin Guide

521274 CD £9.99

514265 CD £6.99

513683 CD £6.99

513753 CD £6.99

513270 CD £6.99

‘Of the five dances which follow, I would specially mention the graceful Rondeau, the spirited Bourrée, the very Gallic Courante (with teasing rhythmic ambiguities) and its virtuoso double for the gamba’ – Gramophone

513829 CD £6.99

‘Vásáry’s debut as a conductor, seems to me a great success… The Italian Symphony is equally successful, superbly poised, vivacious… beautifully paced, persuasive… recording is very good indeed’ – Gramophone

Finlandia • Wedding Day at Troldhaugen • Morning (Peer Gynt) • Hall of the Mountain King • BBC’s ‘Sky at Night’ and ‘Tonight’ • Swan of Tuonela • Norwegian Melodies • Valse Triste • Intermezzo Karelia…16 tracks

512544 CD £6.99

The full range of Classical & Opera CDs is available onlne at:

512541 CD £6.99


Easy Listening 20-track compilation of the very best of one of the most versatile performers of his era. Includes The Candy Man, his massive 1972 number one hit, and his hit collaborations with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

You’re a Lady • Our Jackie’s Getting Married • Hold on to Love • Too Much, I’m in Love • And So it Passes • Rockin’ Chair • No More Sunday Papers • My Lonely Room • Big Time Indian Chief • Still Magic • Piano Rag • She Had to Go and Lose it at the Astor… and more!

515665 CD £7.99

513339 CD £6.99

You Raise Me Up – The Best of Aled Jones You Raise Me Up • I Believe • Walking in the Air • Marble Halls • Silent Night • Abide With Me • San Damiano… and more!

511574 CD £9.99

The London Swing Orchestra – The Birth of Swing: 1939 - 1945

513709 CD £6.99

Marian Anderson – Softly Country Gospel – Awakes My Heart Peace in the Valley

My Country ‘tis of Thee • My Lord What a Morning • Ava Maria • In the Mood • Stompin’ at the Deep River • Crucifixion • Death Savoy • Deep Purple • Sing, Sing, Sing • Little Brown Jug… and more! & the Maiden… and more!

515240 CD £6.99

515123 CD £11.99

‘Bernstein’s coupling was recorded at the peak of his creativity, with West Side Story only 2 years behind him. This set the standard by which all subsequent pairings came to be judged; inspirational, exceptionally flexible, but completely spontaneous’ – Penguin Guide

Peace in the Valley Red Foley • Wings of a Dove Ferlin Husky • Great Speckled Bird Roy Acuff … and more!

Movie Magic – Epics & Westerns (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) 19 hits: Fistful of Dollars • High Noon • Alamo • The Godfather • Brief Encounter and more!

S71049 CD £5.99 £4.99

512850 CD £6.99


100 Hits – Musicals 100 show stopping tunes from Cats • Phantom of the Opera • Les Miserables • Evita • Oliver! • Grease • Miss Saigon • Chicago • The Sound of Music!

521197 5 CDs £7.99

The Carpenters – Love Songs

Michael Bublé – Come Fly with Me

The Very Best of – Roger Whittaker

Paul Robeson – The Essential Recordings

We’ve Only Just Begun • A Song for You • Solitaire • Only Yesterday • Rainy Days & Mondays… and more!

Nice ‘n’ Easy • Can’t Help Falling in Love • Sway • How Do You Mend a Broken Heart • Kissing a Fool • My Funny Valentine… and more!

Durham Town • The Last Farewell • Morning Has Broken • Mammy Blue • The Skye Boat Song • From Both Sides Now… and more!

Ol’ Man River • Steal Away • Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho • Water Boy • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot • Lazybones… and more!

513310 CD £7.99

515135 CD+DVD £9.99

511526 CD £6.99

521478 CD £7.99

25 romantic songs of love with an Italian theme from the former Dino Crocetti better known as the effortlessly cool crooner Dean Martin. Features That’s Amore, Volare, Buona Sera and Arrivederci Roma.

S71072 CD £5.99


Jambalaya • Half as Much • Hey, Good Lookin’ • Your Cheatin’ Heart • You Win Again • Let’s Turn Back the Years • Kaw-Liga • Take These Chains from My Heart • Wedding Bells • I Can’t Help It • I Won’t Be Home No More • My Son Calls Another Man Daddy… and more!

Driftin’ • Bongo Blues • Mustang • Theme from ‘Shane’ • Shotgun • Theme from ‘Giant’ • Apache • Man of Mystery • The Stranger • F.B.I. • The Frightened City • Kon-tiki • Peace Pipe • All My Sorrows… and more!

CD 521180 + DVD CD+DVD £12.99

The full range of Easy Listening CDs is available onlne at:

519368 CD £7.99

Easy Listening Release Me • Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You • Unchained Melody • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes • Stranger in Paradise • Portofino • Secret Love • Quando Quando Quando • Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing • Dock of the Bay • When I fall in Love… 47 classic tracks.

The Grammy Award-winner burst on to the international music scene in 2001 with the release of his self-titled debut album featuring the hit single, To Where You Are. Includes a bonus disc of Christmas songs.

511966 2 CDs £12.99

513047 CD+DVD £7.99

The Best of Charlie Kunz Sandy Nelson – Let There Be Drums You’re Breaking My Heart • Too

Sunshine • You Make Me Love You • Knees Up Mother Brown • Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend … and more!

Slippin’ and Slidin’ • Tequila • My Girl Josephine • The Big Noise from Winnetka • Let There Be Drums • Bouncy… and more!

511590 CD £8.99 £6.99

513648 CD £6.99

512060 CD £6.99

The Ultimate Guitar Collection

The London Swing Orchestra – The Rise of the Crooner: 1945-1975

The Very Best of Harry Seacombe

515124 CD £11.99

511607 CD £8.99 £6.99

511460 2 CDs £9.99

If I Ruled the World • Abide with Come Fly with Me • Let’s Face the Me • Bless this House • Summer Song • Girls Were Made to Love Music and Dance • Let There Be Love • Mack the Knife… and more! and Kiss… and more!

Viva Olympia

511873 CD £6.99

The Very Best of Mrs Mills Richard Clayderman – As Time Goes By • Bring Me The Love Collection

Young • Unforgettable • Hold My Hand • Memories Are Made of This • No Other Love • Hot Diggity… and more!

32 English, Spanish & Classical guitar pieces from one of the true masters, including Rodrigo’s Concierto De Aranjuez.

Sweet Caroline • Song Sung Blue • He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother • Solitary Man • If You Go Away • Holly Holy • Soolaimon • Walk on Water • The Last Thing on My Mind • Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon • Mr Bojangles • Kentucky Woman • Play Me… 20 tracks in total!

Love in Venice

The Romantic Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich

We’ve Only Just Begun • The Phantom of the Opera • Memory • How Deep Is Your Love • Hello • The Way We Were… and more!

Feelings • My Cherie Amour • The Windmills of Your Mind • This Guy’s in Love with You • Yesterday… and more!

511706 CD £5.99

511639 CD £8.99 £6.99

Frank Sinatra – Sings for Only the Lonely

Movie Magic: Space, Action & Romance

Subtly arranged by Nelson Riddle, this truly moving masterpiece shows Frank Sinatra’s darker more sensitive, pensive side.

Star Wars • Empire Strikes Back • 633 Squadron • Guns of Navarone • Raiders of the Lost Ark • The Deer Hunter… and more!

511533 CD £9.99 £7.99

521080 CD £6.99

Forever Vienna

Roman Holiday

Viva Olympia • Opera Medley • You’ll O Sole Mio • Volare • Bella Tarantella • Radetzky March • The Blue Danube • Featuring music from two of the Never Walk Alone • Auld Lang Syne • Ben Santa Lucia • Azzuro • Love in Venice • Second Waltz • Voices of Spring • Vienna world’s most treasured Italian operas, Hur • Ai Se Mama • La Blood • Verdi’s La Eu Te Pego Gondola • Wine, Traviata • Brazil La Danza Women and Medley • • Maria, and Song • Puccini’s Ode to Joy Mari!… The Merry Madame … and and more! Widow. Butterfly. more! 513882 511859 515125

519315 CD £7.99

CD+DVD £14.99 £12.99

CD £9.99 £8.99

The full range of Easy Listening CDs is available onlne at:

CD+DVD £14.99 £12.99


CD Nostalgia Sale A Life on the Ocean Wave • Hearts of Oak • Queek Marck: Captain General • Land of Hope & Glory • Crimond & Sunset • Salute for Heroes • Crown Imperial • Jerusalem • On the Quarter Deck • The Thin Red Line • Colonel Bogey • Blaydon Races … and more!

Sweet Nothin’s • Let’s Jump the Broomstick • Dynamite • Weep No More My Baby • Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree • Jambalaya • Bigelow 6-200 • One Step at a Time • Love You Till I Die… and more!

511353 CD £7.99 £6.99

521079 CD £6.99

The Very Best of Jim Reeves

The Best of Chet Atkins

Poor Boy Blues • Young Thing • He’ll Have to Go • Scarlet Ribbons Cheek to Cheek • Dream • Read My Lips • Ave Maria • There’ll Be • Maria Elena • Your Old Love Some Changes Made • After You’ve Letters • Am I Losing You • Gone • Love Letters… and more! Accordy Heart… and more!

511716 2 CDs £6.99

511461 CD £5.99

My Kind of Music – Twanging, Honking, Sinatra, Buble and Bennett Plinking & Stomping: The Come Fly with Me Sinatra • Love Uk Instro Scene Vol. 3

White Cliffs of Dover • You’ll Never Know • I’ll Be Seeing You • What More Can I Say • A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square… and more!

Take Five • Blue Rondo a la Turk • Unsquare Dance • It’s a Raggy Waltz • In Your Sweet Way • Three to Get Ready… and more!

512404 CD £6.99

513703 CD £5.99

513244 CD £6.99

Great Songs of the War Years – The Absolutely Essential Collection

Hits from the Flicks

Jo Stafford and Gordon

Pack Up Your Troubles • It’s a Long Way to Tipperary • Oh! It’s a Lovely War… and more!

511714 2 CDs £5.99

514084 2 CDs £9.99

513847 3 CDs £6.99


Brubeck’s Best – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

People Will Say We’re in Love • Baby, It’s Cold Outside • Takes Two to Tango • Dream a Little Dream of Me… 23 tracks.

The Savage The Shadows • Runaway The Hunters • Husky Team The Outlaws… and more!

513141 CD £8.99

513793 2 CDs £7.99

All-Time Romantic Duets Max Bygraves – Sing-AEv’ry Time We Say Goodbye • Long-A War Years Vol. 1

at First Sight Bublé • Solitaire Bennett • I Get a Kick out of You Sinatra… and more!

Crazy Words, Crazy Tune • Charleston • Doin’ the Raccoon • I Wanna Be Loved by You • Mountain Greenery • Sweet Georgia Brown • Let’s Misbehave • I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover … and more!

Gathered together in one unique collection – the finest bands and greatest recordings of British dance music’s golden age. Featuring the bands of Joe Loss, Ray Noble, Ambrose, Jack Hylton, Billy Cotton, Jack Payne, Harry Roy… and more!

Kill Me Tomorrow • The Tommy Macrae – The Old Steele Story • These Dangerous Rugged Cross Years • Rock You Sinners • 6.5 Whispering Hope • Abide with Me Special • Victim • The Young Ones • • In the Garden • Rock of Ages • Espresso Bongo… and more! All Through the Night… and more!

521081 3 CDs £29.99 £22.99 512066 CD £6.99

Morning Has Broken • Abide with Me • Skye Boat Song • Men of Harlech • Yesterday • Jerusalem • Blue Bells of Scotland • A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square • Greensleeves • Mountains of Mourne • Pomp and Circumstance • Nimrod… and more!

Onward Christian Soldiers • Fight the Good Fight • Love Divine • What a Friend We Have in Jesus • O Worship the King • Rock of Ages • He Who Would Valiant Be • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross • How Great Thou Art… and more!

512883 CD £6.99

The full range of CD Nostalgia is available onlne at:

513702 CD £5.99

CD Nostalgia Sale THE SOUND OF

A wonderful selection of 21 traditional Christian hymns, as featured in the hugely popular BBC series. Amazing Grace • Be Thou My Vision • Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer • Praise My Soul the King of Heaven • Dear Lord and Father of Mankind… and more!


Lovingly packaged disc that features the very best in British birdsong. Through a series of excellent field recordings this CD brings the sound of an English country garden to your living room.

S71071 CD £5.99

511478 CD £7.99 £6.99

A great gift for a true fan of military ceremonial. This recording of ‘Beating the Retreat’ and ‘Military Tattoo’ is played with the Marines band precision and panache. Includes Soldiers of the Sea, Nimrod and Heart of Oak & more!

S71009 CD £5.99 £4.99

The Very Best of Anthony Newley

My Kind of Music – The Jerry Lee Lewis – Golden Age of British Pop! Essential Collection

The Best of Andy Stewart

Blue Velvet • Roses Are Red (My Love) • True Love • There! I’ve Said It Again… and more!

Pop Goes the Weasel • What Kind of Fool Am I • Bee Bom • Strawberry Fair • My Blue Angel … and more!

Please Don’t Tease Cliff Richard • Walkin’ Back to Happiness Helen Shapiro • Portrait of My Love Matt Monro… and more!

Great Balls of Fire • Be-Bop-a Lula • Johnny B. Goode • Jambalaya • Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On • Release Me… and more!

Donald,Where’s Your Troosers? • A Scottish Soldier • When You and I Were Young, Maggie • Kissin’ in the Dark… and more!

511536 CD £6.99 £5.99

511578 CD £8.99 £6.99

513008 2 CDs £5.99

513049 CD+DVD £6.99

S71056 CD £4.99

Sacred Songs and Ballads of Yesteryear

Russian Orthodox Chant from Odessa

Welsh Male Voice Choir Tradition – Treorchy

It Is No Secret • The Lost Chord • Ave Maria • Panis Angelicus • Jerusalem • Bless this House • The Rosary… and more!

The glorious acoustic of one of Russia’s great Orthodox Cathedrals, featuring the interplay between bass-Priest and Choir.

Close Thine Eyes • All Through the Night • Y Delyn Aur • Shepherd’s Lullaby • Nant y Mynydd… and more!

Land of My Fathers – The Duane Eddy – Best of Welsh Male Voice Extended Play Rebel Rouser • Stalkin’ • Ramrod Choirs

521171 CD £7.99

513296 CD £6.99

521380 CD £6.99

Bobby Vinton – Sings Blue Velvet His Greatest Hits

In the Mood • Moonlight Serenade • American Patrol • String of Pearls • Tuxedo Junction • Take the ‘A’Train • King Porter Stomp • That Old Black Magic • I Got Rhythm • Georgia on My Mind • Little Brown Jug… and more!

S71062 CD £4.99

Dies Irae • Aberystwyth • Ride the Chariot • Bryn Myrddin • Anvil Chorus… and more!

• The Lonesome Road • Loving You • Detour • Easy • Rebel Walk… and more!

S72011 2 CDs £7.99 £6.99 521051 CD £9.99

Maybellene • Thirty Days • No Money Down • Roll Over Beethoven • Too Much Monkey Business • Brown Eyed Handsome Man • You Can’t Catch Me • School Days • Oh Baby Doll • Rock and Roll Music • Sweet Little Sixteen • Reelin’ & Rockin’ • Johnny B. Goode… and more!

‘Mis-taken Music’ Cocktails for Two • I Went to Your Wedding • Old MacDonald • Flight of the Bumble Bee • You Always Hurt the One You Love • William Tell Overture… and more!

513345 CD £6.99

The full range of CD Nostalgia is available onlne at:

511311 CD £7.99 £6.99


During WWII, an IRA gunman is sickened by the violence. He begins to preach peace and refises to blow up a London railway station, for which he is branded a traitor. John Mills, Dirk Bogarde star.1hr 22

John Mill’s stars as the stoic British explorer Robert Scott in this Ealing Studios docu-drama about his ill-fated second and final expedition to the South Pole. Music score by Ralph Vaughan Williams. 1hr 45

133998 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

Bill Owen stars as a disgraced jockey trying to help a young lad be the next champion.With Robert Morley, Kay Walsh, Honor Blackman, and cameos from Sid James and Wilfred Hyde White. 1hr 36. Subtitles

171529 DVD Cert U £17.99 £10.99

Ealing Studios

Dunkirk (1958)

The Proud Valley

Out of the Clouds

Kind Hearts and Coronets, Passport to Pimlico,The Lavendar Hill Mob,The Man in the White Suit and The Ladykillers. 7hrs 6

John Mills, Richard Attenborough and Bernard Lee star in this Ealing Studios reconstruction of the evacuation. 2hrs 12

Wartime Ealing film about a proud Welsh community devastated by a mining disaster. Paul Robeson stars as a black stoker. 1hr 14

Rare 1954 Ealing drama set against the fascinating backdrop of the newly expanded London Heathrow Airport. 1hr 16

150675 5 DVDs Cert U £34.99 £18.99

180325 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

133020 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

131890 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

133173 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

The Night My Number Came up

Saraband for Dead Lovers

Michael Redgrave stars in this gripping 1955 drama as an Air Marshal convinced his next flight is fated to crash. 1hr 34

1948 British colour production stars Stewart Granger, Flora Robson, Joan Greenwood and Anthony Quayle. 1hr 32.

133167 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

133449 DVD Cert U £12.99 £8.99

The Rarities Collection showcases the rare and hard-to-find films from the quintessentially British Ealing Studios. You’ll find details of each volume on our website:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7






4hrs 55









2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert PG

2 DVDs Cert PG

2 DVDs Cert PG

2 DVDs Cert PG

2 DVDs Cert PG

2 DVDs Cert PG

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £9.99

£14.99 £9.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £9.99

£14.99 £8.99

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12

Volume 13

Volume 14

5hrs 10




5hrs 20










2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert U

2 DVDs Cert U

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

£14.99 £8.99

To view the full collection of Ealing Studios cinema go to:

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