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Brit Noir Audiobooks

The Best Picture Oscar winner is a feel good odd-couple drama based on the true story of a successful black musician and his white driver in America’s deep South. PAGE 2


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BA RG A Pa SET IN ge S BO s4 X -

ITV’s lavish period drama returns for a third series, starring Jenna Coleman as the youthful queen.




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2017’s Best Picture Oscar Winner also stars Green Book’s Mahershala Ali. Moonlight is a timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, revolving around one man’s journey from a tough boyhood to his sexual awakening in later life.1hr 51

169852 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99


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The winner of this year’s Best Picture Oscar is a hardhitting comedy drama set in 1962. Based on true events, it stars Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. Tony is hired by classical pianist Dr Don Shirley, a black man, to be his chauffeur on a concert tour of the American South.The social divisions between these two men are apparent, and their professional relationship gets off to a rocky start. As they head deep into redneck territory, can the snobbish musician and hardened racist overcome their mutual dislike?

190010 190011

Complete Series 3 Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes are Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in ITV’s acclaimed royal saga focusing on the queen’s younger years. 6hrs 5

190013 2 DVDs Cert TBC £24.99 £18.99

Series 1-3 18hrs 45

£19.99 £13.99 £27.99 £17.99

190014 7 DVDs Cert TBC £49.99 £44.99

DVD Cert 12 BLU


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True Crime Bargain Box Sets War & Conflict Attenborough Collection When you order products from us we ask you for personal information about you. Simply Home Entertainment only uses your personal information for internal marketing purposes, order fulfilment a nd customer services only. We do not sell or pass on personal data to any third parties. You can view our full Privacy Policy at:

Where Hands Touch Bound by love, torn apart by WWII. Christopher Eccleston stars. 2hrs 2. Subtitles

190104 £15.99 DVD Cert 12

Disobedience Rachel Weisz stars as an estranged daughter forced to return home after her Rabbi father dies. 1hr 54. Subtitles

188549 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

SeaQuest DSV – Complete

Drive – Special Edition

The Haunting of Borley Rectory

Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi drama set under the sea. Guest stars William Shatner. 43hrs 5

Stylish revenge crime drama, with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston. 1hr 37

Based on a true story. In 1944, a US army man is sent to a remote cottage in Essex. Terrifying!

190032 18 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £49.99

190054 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

189028 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99




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The 12th Man Norway, 1943. A resistance fighter is on the run after a failed anti-Nazi sabotage. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

188626 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

Buster Keaton – The Complete Short Films 1917-1923 Thirty-two timeless, classic comedies. 12hrs.

172418 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £34.99

The Old Man and the Gun The mostly true story of prison escapee Forrest Tucker. With Robert Redford and Casey Affleck. 58mins

189963 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

Clint Eastwood – 40 Film Collection Where Eagles Dare; Dirty Harry, American Sniper and more! 21hrs 24

189845 40 DVDs Cert 18 £99.99 £69.99

David Jason’s Secret Service The passionate espionage enthusiast presents compelling stories of Britain’s spy history. 3hrs

194809 DVD Cert E £13.99 £9.99

True Crime

This intriguing drama is based on the true story of the Portland spy ring, an unlikely Soviet operation active in southern England from the late 1950s until January 1961 when the core members were arrested. 1hr 26



DVD + BLU Tony Curtis and Henry

Drama about the plot to kill leading Nazi Reinhard Heydrich. Rosamund Pike stars as his wife Lena. It takes a fresh perspective by portraying Heydrich as a family man as we first watch his rise to power and his dark deeds. 1hr 55

Fonda star in this true crime drama telling the story of the serial killer who held the terrified city of Boston in his thrall during the 1960s, and detailing the intensive manhunt which eventually led to his capture. 1hr 56

188193 DVD+BLU £22.99 £11.99

139860 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

189175 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £9.99

Cert 18



Bones – Complete


TV crime drama about a forensic anthropologist who has an uncanny ability to solve the FBI’s most bizarre, gruesome mysteries. Subtitles

Gritty, gripping factbased Italian drama series about the ruthless ascent and violent reign of Mafia boss Totò Riina. 10hrs. Subtitles

188756 66 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £79.99

169703 6 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £18.99

Great British Crime Box Set Crime films from the 1950’s and ‘60’s: Sapphire; Checkpoint; The Informers; and Turn the Key Softly. Stanley Baker stars.

139392 4 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99


Unmasking a Killer The shocking true story of one of America’s most prolific serial killers, the Golden State Killer. A manhunt which took 40 years.

189658 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99

OUT ON 22.07.19

Harold Shipman – Doctor Death James Bolam portrays serial killer Dr. Harold Shipman in this drama.1hr 48. Subtitles

138193 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

See No Evil – The Moors Murders Maxine Peake stars as the notorious moors murderer Myra Hindley in ITV’s chilling true story. 2hrs 17. Subtitles

139017 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

French Connection –1&2



Acclaimed urban crime thrillers set in New York and Marseilles, starring Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle. 3hrs 33

Derek Jarman’s stylised biopic about the life of the early Renaissance Italian painter Caravaggio, who died in 1610. 1hr 30. Subtitles

Love, espionage, patriotism and betrayal in WWII. Kate Winslet, Dougray Scott and Jeremy Northam star. 1hr 54

623563 2 DVDs £14.99 £7.99

620382 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £8.99

136170 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Cert 18

When serial killer Fred West (Dominic West) was arrested in 1994 his fragile mental condition led him to be interviewed by the police in the company of ‘appropriate adult’ Janet Leach (Emily Watson).The relationship that developed between West and Leach, in which he took her as his confidante, was to play a crucial role in the attempts of the police to link his wife, Rosemary West (Monica Dolan), to his crimes. 2hrs 13. Subtitles

158828 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

From the director of Broadchurch, this is a gritty telling of the extraordinary true story of Alec Jeffreys’ discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first usage by Detective Chief Superintendent David Barker in catching a double murderer. David Threlfall (Shameless) plays David Barker, who between 1983 and 1987 headed the investigation into the brutal murder of two schoolgirls, Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth. 3hrs

164241 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

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Bargain Box Sets Golden Collection



Six volumes of the Warner Brothers’ seminal cartoons, largely uncut , and remastered from the original negatives. Bugs, Daffy and Porky are all here, plus WWII send-ups of Goering,Tojo and Stalin, rare shorts, fairytale parodies, the first ever Looney Tune from 1930 and contributions from renowned director Chuck Jones. 42hrs 24. Subtitles

135880 24 DVDs £69.99 £47.99


One of the longest running and most popular of all TV Westerns. Nestled amongst the pines above the shores of Lake Tahoe is the Ponderosa, the home of Ben Cartwright and his sons, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe. Lorne Greene and Michael Landon star in the saga about the wealthy Cartwright clan, set in Nevada in the 1860s. This collection contains over 200 full-length episodes. The series has something for everyone – classic Hollywood stars and timeless narratives.

Cert U


71 DVDs Cert PG



Complete Peter Cushing, Brian Cox, Diana Dors, Pierce Brosnan, Denholm Elliott, Sian Phillips and Gareth Thomas are just some of the stars in this 1980 ITV drama chiller series. All thirteen spine tingling stories are included, each made by Hammer Studios. Expect voodoo dolls, ghosts, devil worship, cannibalism, witchcraft and sorcery galore! 11hrs. Subtitles

£119.99 £74.99




4 DVDs Cert 15

£39.99 £12.99




The Gene Kelly Collection Four signature musicals: Singin’ in the Rain, An American in Paris, Anchors Aweigh, On the Town. 7hrs 52. Subtitles

136326 4 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £16.99




David Lean Centenary Collection

Hobson’s Choice, Blithe Spirit, Brief Encounter and more! 16hrs 29. Subtitles

444491 10 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £29.99

Featuring some of Britain’s greatest talent including Ian McShane and Lisa Maxwell. 20hrs 48

135404 6 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £14.99

12 films: Adam and Evelyne, Blanche Fury, Caesar and Cleopatra, Captain Boycott, Fanny by Gaslight, Lamp Still Burns, Love Story, Madonna of the Seven Moons, Magic Bow, Waterloo Road, Woman Hater and Caravan. 19hrs 42. Subtitles

135877 12 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £34.99


In Deep – Complete



Coming Home / Nancherrow (Special Edition)

Bruce Lee – The Master Collection

A Horseman Riding By – Complete

Rosamunde Pilcher adaptations starring Peter O’Toole, Joanna Lumley et al. 6hrs 40

The Big Boss; Fist of Fury; Enter the Dragon; Game of Death,Way of the Dragon. 10hrs 39

Adapted from R.F. Delderfield’s novel. Starring Nigel Havers. 12hrs 30

Holiday Camp, Here Come the Huggetts, Vote for Huggett and The Huggetts Abroad. 5hrs 46. Subtitles

137830 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99

188743 6 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £34.99

131600 6 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £27.99

125992 4 DVDs Cert U £24.99 £12.99

The Singing Detective, Pennies from Heaven, Casanova, Brimstone & Treacle, Vote Vote Vote for Nigel Barton / Stand Up Nigel Barton, Blue Remembered Hills and The Mayor of Casterbridge. 16hrs 39. Subtitles



132821 11 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £39.99

See the full collection at

The Huggetts Collection

Oscar-winning film. Historian Kevin Brownlow and the BFI National Archive present a new, digitally restored version of Abel Gance’s cinematic triumph, which you can now experience complete with Carl Davis’s magnificent score. 5hrs 30

169332 4 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £17.99

Bargain Box Sets Box Set One


Six Western classics in one box set! The films are: Man in the Shadow; Law and Order;Three Ride Clear of Diablo; The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid; Border River; and Horizon’s West. 8hrs



Jack Shepherd stars as the quietly charismatic Detective Superintendent Charles Wycliffe, who leads a team investigating the region’s most serious and challenging cases. 32hrs 40

140073 6 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £15.99

180710 10 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £37.99



This box set stars Joan Hickson as Agatha Christie’s legendary sleuth and features all twelve gripping, feature-length BBC mysteries, including The Body in the Library, Moving Finger, A Murder Is Announced, A Pocketful of Rye,The Murder at the Vicarage, 4.50 from Paddington and Sleeping Murder. 22hrs 30. Subtitles



122049 12 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £47.99




Lord Peter Wimsey – Complete





Only Fools and Horses – Complete

The Life of Mammals

David Attenborough looks at the most diverse group of animals on Earth. 8hrs 20. Subtitles

Warlords of Atlantis, At the Earth’s Core and The Land that Time Forgot. With Peter Cushing. 4hrs 36

135963 4 DVDs Cert E £34.99 £10.99

156583 DVD Cert PG £24.99 £14.99

Five BBC adaptations. Ian Carmichael is the aristocratic detective. 16hrs 40. Subtitles

Ducking and diving in Peckham with Del Boy and Rodders. 27hrs 22. Subtitles

The films are: Under Siege, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Hard to Kill, Nico: Above the Law and Executive Decision.

136391 10 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £34.99

131615 9 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £29.99

166593 5 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £14.99





Steven Seagal Legacy Collection

Hosted by the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock, who opens and closes each of episodes in his inimitably dry, humorous monotone. 111hrs

171338 35 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £89.99



Doug McClure’s Lost Worlds

Series 1-3 Jeremy Irons stars as Rodrigo Borgia, the cunning, manipulative patriarch of the Borgia family who ascends to the highest circles of power within Renaissance-era Italy.

The Ghosts of Motley Hall – Complete An old Elizabethan building is also home to five ghosts! Stars Arthur English. 4hrs 12

137918 3 DVDs £29.99 £8.99



143500 11 DVDs Cert 15 £54.99 £29.99

See the full collection at

Cert U

Holocaust Award-winning TV epic about the tragedy and triumph of the Weiss family. Meryl Streep and James Wood star. 7hrs 26

131378 3 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £8.99

Collected Films 27-32 Acclaimed Swedish crime drama based on the novels by Henning Mankel. Rolf Lassgård stars as Kurt Wallander, a jaded police detective with a difficult personal life. 9hrs 7. Subtitles

140016 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £14.99


Series 1-5

23hrs 30. Subtitles

189978 10 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £39.99

189790 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £12.99

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Oscar winner starring everyone’s favourite actor Olivia Colman alongside Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. The black comedy is a hilariously horrific love triangle, played out against the backdrop of the English Restoration. 1hr 59. Subtitles

WWII drama following US fighter pilots on a perilous mission into the skies of enemy territory. An action-packed war film about the heroic battle to defeat the Luftwaffe, set in the skies above occupied Europe.

189789 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99


189977 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99



Historical epic based on the biblical story. King Xerxes takes Esther, a Jewish woman, to be his wife and the new Queen. But his aides are plotting to exterminate the Jews. Can Esther persuade Xerxes to save her people?

The BBC police drama returns with Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston. 6hrs. Subtitles


Series 5


New Releases

Michael Caine, Richard Gere and Bob Hoskins star in this acclaimed Graham Greene adaptation, a political thriller set in Argentina. A doctor befriends the police, the rebels and the alcoholic British Consul, whose wife he seduces. Then the consul is kidnapped and the doctor must choose a side. 1hr 44

189751 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99 189064 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99 190005 BLU £22.99 £17.99 Leslie Phillips and Geraldine McEwan star in this British comedy as a married couple who inherit a large country house and decide to turn it into a holiday camp for rich, neglected children. 1hr 23

189824 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

Escape from Sobibor

Danger Man – Complete

Based on the incredible true WWII escape story. Rutger Hauer and Alan Arkin star. 2hrs 23

The complete series of the 1960s espionage drama starring Patrick McGoohan as agent John Drake. 55hrs 25

189838 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

189835 19 DVDs Cert 12 £89.99 £74.99



My Favourite Spy

On the Double

The Bay – Series 1

Channel 4’s riveting spy thriller set in 1945 London. Starring Keeley Hawes, Emma Appleton and Luke Treadaway. 4hrs 10

A comedian is compelled to pose as a notorious spy who is his double. Bob Hope and Hedy Lamarr star. 1hr 33

A US soldier is asked to impersonate a British General. Classic WWII-set comedy starring Danny Kaye (in two roles) and Dana Wynter. 1hr 32

Morven Christie stars as DS Lisa Armstrong in ITV’s latest crime drama, set in the English coastal town of Morecambe. 6hrs. Subtitles

189748 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £18.99

189661 DVD Cert TBC £12.99 £10.99

189740 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £9.99

189979 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

See the full collection at

189730 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

Series 1– 5


189729 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £44.99

Series 1 & 2 By turns hilarious and outrageous, this is a confessional tale of a broken and awkward woman. 6hrs. Subtitles

189752 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £22.99

Series 2

190080 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

Series 6


DI Jimmy Perez returns with his team of dedicated detectives. Douglas Henshall stars in this ITV adaptation. 6hrs

After the explosive ending in the last series, the ITV crime drama returns and is a shade darker, starring Shaun Evans. 8hrs

189732 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £18.99

Series 1-6

189731 14 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £44.99


Series 5


New Releases

In a time of kings, two queens rule. Epic historical costume drama starring Saoirse Ronan as Mary Queen of Scots and Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I of England. With David Tennant and Guy Pearce. 1hr 59. Subtitles

189969 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

American adventure drama starring Sam Elliott and Aidan Turner who both play the young and older Calvin Barr respectively. In his youth Barr assassinated Hitler during WWII. Decades later he is approached by the FBI to trace and destroy Bigfoot. 1hr 38

Ginger Rogers, Herbert Lom and Stanley Baker star in this rarely-seen 1950s crime drama. A beautiful ex-chorus girl lives on the Riviera, supported by a married man she has no idea is a notorious crook. 1hr 25

190033 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

189839 DVD Cert TBC £12.99 £10.99

D-Day Assassins In 1944, a group of American soldiers known as ‘The Filthy Thirteen’ parachute into Normandy to carry out a deadly mission. 1hr 29

189662 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

The Phoenix and the Carpet

The Original Stan & Ollie Collection

Cliff Richard – Take Me High

Monty Don’s Japanese Gardens

Love in Maastricht – André Rieu

Classic BBC E. Nesbit adaptation about a family who experience something extraordinary. 3hrs 47. Subtitles

March of the Wooden Soldiers; Utopia; Flying Deuces; Hustling for Health; One Too Many; The Lucky Dog. 7hrs 5

Cliff ’s final film. Featuring 12 classic songs and co-stars Debbie Watling, Hugh Griffiths and George Cole.1hr 28

Monty tours Japan’s best gardens during spring and autumn. Tradition and modernity flourish side by side.

André Rieu gives special open-air concerts each year against the backdrop of his beautiful, medieval home town.

188025 DVD Cert U £19.99 £14.99

189801 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

189187 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

189753 DVD Cert E £15.99 £13.99

189813 £14.99

See the full collection at

DVD Cert E


190103 £9.99 DVD Cert 15

A first class academic student becomes an SS officer stationed at the Auschwitz concentration camp. A harrowing story, in a similar vein to Schindler’s List, of the human spirit’s ability to survive even the most horrific of situations.

189965 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mel Brooks’ spoof parodies the classic legend of the heroic outlaw. Starring Cary Elwes, Roger Rees,Tracey Ullman, Patrick Stewart, Isaac Hayes and Dom DeLuise! Robin’s merry men include Ahchoo and Asneeze. 1hr 44

189265 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99


DVD Cert 12


189700 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99


Visit Craigland for the final time, in this last series. Lifelong friends cope with everything modern life has to throw at them. Sitcom, starring Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill. 6hrs. Subtitles

£15.99 £13.99


190042 4 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £19.99

This action-packed three film box set contains Anthropoid, starring Cillian Murphy; We Were Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson who gives a magnificent performance in this true story; and Hurricane, starring Iwan Rheon.

190056 £12.99 3 DVDs Cert 15


The hit Netflix period crime/psychological thriller stars Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans. It explores the beginnings of forensic techniques in 1890s New York. 7hrs 33. Subtitles



Series 1

Based on a true story, a squad of soldiers are struggling during the last days of the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, surrounded by mortars and deadly snipers. WWII drama starring Corbin Bernson.

190077 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99


Series 9

Can human consciousness be kept alive? A neuroscientist violates the law and bioethics to bring his family members back to life after they die in a car accident. Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve star in a taut and action-packed sci-fi thriller about family, loss and the dangerous questions surrounding emerging scientific technologies. 1hr 43. Subtitles


189972 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £14.99



Gerard Butler and Peter Mullan star in this acclaimed film, based on true events of 1900.Three lighthouse keepers, on the remote Flannan Isles off Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, mysteriously disappeared. 1hr 44. Subtitles

Heartwarming drama about a recent widower, Frank Hardcastle, running a business in a picturesque village with a tight-knit community in north Wales. Starring Larry Lamb, Caroline Sheen and Hayley Mills. 3hrs 45

189750 £9.99





A penniless maid takes a job working for the kindly Dr Jekyll.They form a close bond, despite his secretive nature. Stephen Frears directs this haunting retelling of the classic tale, starring Julia Roberts, Glen Close and John Malkovich. 1hr 44


New Releases


THE GUARD OF Auschwitz


See the full collection at

Finding out the truth can be deadly in this ITV drama, from the makers of The Missing. Kate Beckinsale stars as a woman searching for answers after her husband disappears in the Congo. Charles Dance co-stars.

189975 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £22.99

Live performance of the much-loved ballet, choreographed by Liam Scarlett, with the Royal Opera House Orchestra. Marianela Nuñez dances both Odette and Odile with Vadim Muntagirov as Prince Siegfried.

189815 DVD Cert E £24.99 £18.99

WWII drama about a Polish flying squadron who were heroes during the Battle of Britain. Stationed in Britain, they feared for their own families safety. But anxieties had to be shelved when the Luftwaffe’s planes arrived.

189743 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99



New Releases

Outspoken director Michael Moore’s acclaimed and provocative documentary exploring US President Donald Trump’s rise to presidency. It asks: How the heck did we get here, and how the heck do we get out? 2hrs 5

190052 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99


Series 4

191652 5 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £34.99

Series 2 24hrs. Subtitles

169381 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

Series 1 14hrs 45. Subtitles


3 DVDs Cert 18

£34.99 £15.99


189980 2 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £24.99

Travel the length of Britain by steam along the numerous small local railways. Episodes cover the English heartlands, valleys, mountains, the West Coast Southern England, and Stephenson’s Country. 4hrs 10

189807 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99


189806 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99


A collector’s delight! Sit back and enjoy in-depth documentaries on the Flying Scotsman, City of Truro, Duchess of Sutherland, Princess Margaret Rose, and Super Power British Pacifics. 4hrs 40

Rare colour archive and newsreel footage, expert commentary and period narration combine to bring you a fascinating and comprehensive look at motor racing during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. 10hrs 50

189808 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99



Julie Graham and Rachel Stirling lead the cast in this drama about a team of remarkable female World War II code-breakers. After the war, the women work as investigators. 6hrs. Subtitles

Cert 15


DVD + MAG Cert E

Series 1 & 2

US crime drama starring Russ Tamblyn, John Drew Barrymore, Ray Anthony, Michael Landon and Jerry Lee Lewis. A new student tries to make a name for himself in the local drugsriddled community. 1hr 25

190048 DVD+BLU £21.99 £18.99

189795 £9.99 £7.99


11hrs 55. Subtitles

Documentary marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Dunkirk. Using recently-salvaged footage, the film examines the many myths and stories surrounding the evacuation of the British forces under siege. 45mins


190082 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £19.99

Series 3



189998 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £25.99

Classic magic, music and comedy – unseen since the 1970s! Contains all existing episodes, showcasing illusionists, escapologists, prestidigitators and… performing budgerigars! With Anita Harris. 11hrs 54



11hrs 50. Subtitles


See the full collection at


New Releases

Channel 4’s acclaimed thriller stars Sophie Okonedo and follows a photojournalist accused of doctoring his famous photos at Tiananman Square. He sets out to salvage his career and reputation. 3hrs. Subtitles

190187 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Series 1 A young couple, struggling to buy their first home, think all their dreams have come true when a distant relative bequeaths them a country mansion. But there’s a catch… Superb BBC comedy. 2hrs 45. Subtitles

190016 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

Judi Dench shares her deep love for trees in this beautiful BBC documentary. Filmed over one year in woody Surrey, this documentary is a magical study of the changing seasons and the behaviour of trees.

190096 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Jesus tangles with Satan for the souls of a family in crisis, setting himself up for a dramatic test. A unique alternative take on the story of Jesus Christ. Starring Ewan McGregor and Ciaran Hinds.

Volume 1 The acclaimed anthology series features 13 tales of mystery and suspense, written by classic authors including Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle. Starring Eli Wallach, Rupert Davies, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

189959 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

5hrs 17

190081 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

Action-packed Western based on true events. Jesse James, the most famous outlaw in the history of the Wild West, takes on the most dangerous robbery of his career as he takes on the mysterious Black Train.

190076 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £12.99

In this special documentary the godfather of Britain’s criminal underworld reveals the audacious details of the heists, double crossings, shootouts, murders and betrayals he was involved in and what has made him Gangster No. 1.

190078 DVDs Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99


Sci-fi thriller classic by Alex Garland, the director of Ex-Machina. Biologists in an environmental disaster zone find things that challenge their perceptions of reality. Natalie Portman stars. 1hr 55. Subtitles

189596 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £14.99

See the full collection at

Discover the magic of baking and master the art with simple step-by-step instructions! As well as delicious cakes and unique breads, this collection includes a range of biscuits, muffins and dessert recipes. 2hrs 15

189800 DVD + BOOK £9.99 £7.99

Cert E

Out This Month MS FISHER’S MODERN MURDER MYSTERIES Mads Mikkelsen stars in one of the best survival movies ever made! A man stranded after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown. 1hr 34

Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly star as the world’s most loved comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy, in this biopic which reveals their untold story. ‘A film that reaches genuinely sublime heights’ – The Times. Subtitles

189984 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £14.99

189081 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £13.99 OUT ON 10.06.19

OUT ON 24.06.19

Arguably the most exciting decade in music history, it gave us the British Invasion and Motown, The Monkees and The Beach Boys.

Lighthearted crime series set in 1960s Melbourne, Peregrine Fisher follows in the footsteps of her missing aunt – the infamous private eye Phryne Fisher – solving crimes with the help of The Adventuresses’ Club.

OUT ON 03.06.19

189988 2 DVDs Cert TBC £24.99 £19.99

From Yogi Bear to The Flintstones, the gang’s all here in this fabulous – and colossal – HannaBarbera collection. 4hrs 20. Subtitles

190044 2 DVDs Cert U £20.99 £18.99

OUT ON 03.06.19

189809 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99 OUT ON 24.06.19

Reunite with Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Daffy Duck and all the gang. 5hrs 38. Subtitles

190045 2 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £26.99 The glorious musical decade that gave us Status Quo, Marc Bolan, David Bowie and Thin Lizzy.

189810 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99 OUT ON 24.06.19


Volume 1

OUT ON 03.06.19

DVD Cert 15

Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan in the final series of the BAFTA-winning BBC sitcom. Subtitles

190120 DVD Cert TBC £14.99 £11.99

Series 1-3 190119 3 DVDs Cert TBC £29.99 £24.99

190003 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £13.99

190107 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99


Series 3

Family adventure from the bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose. Bella the dog travels four hundred miles over two years in search of her owners, who once saved her from a life of garbage bins, but were forced to give her up. 1hr 36

Exclusive interviews packed with laughter and sadness. Stars featured include Liz Fraser, Francoise Pascal, Robert Powell, Anita Harris, Rita Tushingham and more! 10hrs 44

OUT ON 10.06.19

OUT ON 24.06.19 £19.99 £15.99

Liam Neeson stars in this black comedy action film alongside Laura Dern and Tom Bateman. A snow-plough driver in a small town seeks violent revenge on a gang of drug lords who murdered his son and tried to shatter his family’s reputation. 1hr 59

OUT ON 24.06.19

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OUT ON 22.07.19

190073 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £15.99


Tommy Steele stars in the 1960s musical comedy that tugs at your heartstrings. Featuring pop talents including John Barry, Russ Conway, Marion Ryan, Geoff Love and Shane Fenton & the Fentones. 1hr 37

The true story of a unique artist who transformed the world of ballet forever – Rudolf Nureyev. From his poverty-stricken childhood to becoming the greatest dancer in the world. Directed by Ralph Fiennes. 2hrs 7. Subtitles

OUT ON 24.06.19

190084 DVD Cert TBC £12.99 £10.99

Stephen Poliakoff ’s latest BBC drama is a semiautobiographical tale set in 1958, during the Cold War. Keeley Hawes and Linus Roache star alongside Timothy Spall and Toby Stephens. 6hrs. Subtitles

OUT ON 01.07.19

The incredible true story of how an actor was recruited to impersonate Field Marshall Montgomery to confuse the Germans. He was trained to perfectly imitate the general, and sent on a tour of North Africa to hide the real Montgomery’s whereabouts from the enemy. Clifton-James stars as himself and Monty, alongside John Mills and Cecil Parker.

190070 DVD Cert U

The feelgood film of the year! James Purefoy and Daniel Mays lead a stellar cast in this comedy drama based on the true story of a group of Cornish shanty singers. If you loved Calendar Girls or The Full Monty, this is the film for you! 1hr 52

OUT ON 08.07.19

OUT ON 10.06.19

£17.99 £14.99


190106 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

£19.99 £13.99

Hugh Jackman, Emma Thompson, David Walliams, Zoe Saldana, Matt Lucas, Stephen Fry star in this laugh-outloud comedy adventure animation from the awardwinning studio, Laika, best known for Coraline.

Heartwarming British movie about a family of wrestlers, based on a true story, starring Lena Headey, Dwayne Johnson, Vince Vaughan, Nick Frost and Florence Pugh. Directed by Stephen Merchant. 1hr 48. Subtitles


190098 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

1613. Shakespeare is acknowledged as the greatest writer of the age. But disaster strikes. His Globe Theatre is burned to the ground. He returns to Stratford to face a trouble past and his neglected family. Written by Ben Elton this elegant and beautifully filmed tribute to the Bard is a new take on the last years of Shakespeare’s OUT ON 10.06.19 life. Starring Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen. 1hr 41


OUT ON 01.07.19

189690 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

A grandfather’s erratic behaviour throws his family into chaos. Nick Nolte, Matt Dillon, Emily Mortimer and Jacqueline Bisset star in this poignant drama about family, ageing and dementia. 2hrs 19. Subtitles

190089 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £15.99 OUT ON 05.08.19

OUT ON 26.08.19

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190088 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £13.99



The complete life story of the legendary opera singer in her own words. Told through performances, TV interviews, home movies, photographs, private letters and unpublished memoirs. 1hr 53

Heart-warming story of half-brothers Omar and Pete, who were raised by their Grandma after their parents were tragically killed by lions in a bizarre accident. After she dies, they embark on a journey of self discovery. 1hr 35

190102 £15.99

A military vessel on the hunt for an unidentified submersible finds themselves face to face with a giant shark, forced to use only what they have on board to defend themselves from the monstrous beast. 1hr 28

190024 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

DVD Cert U

OUT ON 17.06.19

190026 DVD Cert TBC £14.99 £11.99

OUT ON 29.07.19

A cardiologist leaves his life in the US behind to become a pig farmer in the holy land. Ensemble cast includes James Caan, Tom Hollander, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Rosanna Arquette. 1hr 40

190023 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99 OUT ON 17.06.19

OUT ON 17.06.19

During WWII, Odette Marie Celine Churchill sends her holiday snaps of the French Coast to British Intelligence in response to an appeal. To her astonishment, she discovers that she is uniquely qualified to spy in occupied France and is soon despatched behind enemy lines… OUT ON 10.06.19 Anna Neagle, Trevor Howard, Peter Ustinov and Marius Goring star in this British classic. 1hr 52

70th Anniversary Edition A combination of biting class satire and pitch-black farce, this story of a suave and elegant serial murderer is as sharp and funny today as ever. Alec Guinness stars in eight roles in this vintage British Ealing Comedy classic. With Dennis Price and Joan Greenwood. 1hr 42. Subtitles

190095 DVD Cert U £17.99 £14.99

190097 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £14.99

OUT ON 24.06.19

Unsettling thriller starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. A teacher is dissatisfied with family life and with her work when one of her pupils shows himself to be a poetry prodigy. Her interest in his progress takes on dark undertones. 1hr 36

Oscar winning film about the black experience in 1970s America, adapted from the novel by James Baldwin. A young man is falsley accused of rape and imprisoned. His pregnant fiancee battles to clear his name.

189840 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99 OUT ON 01.07.19


Dual Format Robert Altman’s 1982 comedy-drama film and an adaptation of Ed Graczyk’s eponymous 1976 play. Starring Cher, Karen Black and Sandy Dennis. On DVD for the first time in the UK! 1hr 49

190065 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99 OUT ON 17.06.19

190101 DVD+BLU £19.99 £17.99

Cert 15

OUT ON 22.07.19

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1930s & 1940s Film E SAV

£10 Cary Grant stars as a toughtalking head of an air freight service in Howard Hawks’ romantic drama set in the Andes. Jean Arthur co-stars as a showgirl competing with Rita Hayworth for his affections. 1hr 56. Subtitles

A ghostly narrator presents flashbacks of a man who brutally murders his stepbrother in a creepy old, “haunted” house. A ghost returns to haunt his murderer. Rare, creepy British chiller, starring Laurence Harvey. 1hr 25

188501 £8.99 DVD Cert U

139949 £9.99 DVD Cert PG


Gritty prison thriller starring Burt Lancaster as an inmate at the tough and overcrowded Westgate Penitentiary, where power-hungry prison guard Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn) rules with fear and violence. 1hr 38

139942 DVD + BLU £24.99 £14.99

The Black Cat Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff star in a horror classic. A young couple are invited to the home of a Satanist. 1hr 5

139462 £9.99 DVD Cert 15

The Wicked Lady The top box office film of 1946. Margaret Lockwood stars as a highwayman with a heaving bosom! 1hr 37

623101 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £5.99


The Night Has Eyes

Birth of the Blues & Blue Skies

A powerful, atmospheric thriller and a major boxoffice hit for director Leslie Arliss. 1hr 26

A Bing Crosby musical double bill. His co-stars include Mary Martin and Fred Astaire. 3hrs 02. Subtitles

170780 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99

The House of Seven Gables George Sanders, Vincent Price and Margaret Lindsay star in this nailbiting thriller. 1hr 29

172209 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £10.99

Cert 12

La Règle du Jeu

Jour de Fête

Often cited as one of the greatest films ever, Renoir’s masterpiece was not well received on its original release in 1939. 1hr 50. Subtitles

Hilarious exposé of our obsession with efficiency, Jacques Tati’s award-winner is satire and slapstick. 1hr 27. Subtitles

133108 DVD Cert U £15.99 £6.99

620378 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

155387 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

134929 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

133509 DVD Cert PG £7.99 £5.99

The Other Love

The Greed of William Hart

Talking Feet

Warn that Man

Child tap-dancing star Hazel Ascot makes her film debut in this 1930s drama directed by John Baxter. 1hr 11

This intriguing wartime thriller, based on a stage play, is about a Nazi plot to kidnap Winston Churchill. 1hr 28

Sixty Glorious Years

136711 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

163663 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £5.99

Barbara Stanwyck, David Niven and Richard Conte star in André De Toth’s romantic tearjerker. 1hr 30

139055 £12.99 DVD Cert PG

Late 1940s British horror drama inspired by the true story of bodysnatchers Burke and Hare. 1hr 10

136916 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99

The Falcon and the Co-Eds Highly entertaining RKO detective thriller, starring Tom Conway and Jean Brooks. 1hr 1

Northwest Passage

Classic movie about a force of frontiersmen helping the British in the French and Indian War of 1759. 2hrs 6

Anton Walbrook and Anna Neagle star in this glorious saga about Queen Victoria’s life. 1hr 32

189192 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

Film Adaptations


Gary Cooper, in his last great role, stars as a former outlaw whose past returns to haunt him when he is forced by his old gang to participate in a train robbery. Julie London and Lee J. Cobb co-star. 1hr 40. Subtitles

164180 DVD+BLU £17.99 £12.99

Cert 12

Set in the Mediterranean in the early 1960s, this elegant adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s noirthriller centres on a trio of Americans caught up in a web of murder and deceit. Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst star. 1hr 36

140037 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

Kenneth Branagh’s star-studded version of Shakespeare’s play has a more intimate approach to war than Laurence Olivier’s 1944 classic. With Emma Thompson and Paul Scofield, as the King of France. 2hrs 13

170912 £7.99 DVD Cert PG

Double Indemnity

Sherlock Holmes Collection

Black Narcissus

Barbara Stanwyck stars as the femme fatale in this great noir crime thriller, with Larry MacMurray. 1hr 35

Guy Ritchie directs this double bill of action thrillers starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. 4hrs 6

133111 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99

136359 2 DVDs Cert 12 £22.99 £10.99

123202 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

The Secret Garden

Murder in the Cathedral

A beautifully filmed production of the classic tale by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 1hr 30

Adaptation of T S Eliot’s classic verse drama about Henry II and Thomas Beckett. 1hr 54. Subtitles

Perfume – The Story of a Murderer

192369 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £12.99

171155 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

Oscar winning Powell and Pressburger classic with Deborah Kerr and David Farrar. Nuns struggle in the Himalayas. 1hr 41

Obsession and murder in this period thriller. Ben Whishaw stars. 2hrs 12. Subtitles

144462 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone Helen Mirren and Anne Bancroft star in this fiery Tennessee Williams story. 1hr 49

The Canterbury Tales

The Shawshank Redemption

Flicka – 3 Film Collection

Eight of Geoffrey Chaucer’s lusty tales come to life on-screen 1hr 41. Subtitles

Classic Stephen King adaptation hailed as one of the greatest films of modern times. 2hrs 17

Triple bill of classic family films about the adventures of a wild horse and her human friends.

158618 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

163821 3 DVDs £12.99 £6.99

Broken Lance

It’s Never Too Late


170328 DVD Cert 15 £18.99 £5.99

DVD + BLU Cert 15

Cottage to Let

Where Angels Fear to Tread

WWII thriller, with Leslie Banks, John Mills, Alastair Sim, and George Cole in his screen debut. 1hr 26

130408 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

£19.99 £8.99

Helen Mirren, Rupert Graves and Helena Bonham Carter star in this E.M. Forster adaptation. 1hr 48

139216 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

After going to prison for his father’s crime, a rancher’s son returns years later to find the ranch in ruins. Spencer Tracy stars. 1hr 36

135033 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

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Cert U

50-something Edith Lambert is thrilled she’s going to have a baby. Her husband Harry is less so. 1hr 36

166331 £9.99 DVD Cert U


Foreign Language Film DVD + BLU

Friendships and courage are pushed to the limit in this masterpiece of suspense by HenriGeorges Clouzot, a director who would go on to be dubbed the ‘French Hitchcock’.Yves Montand stars. 2hrs 32. Subtitles

188905 DVD + BLU £19.99 £11.99

Parade For his final film, Jacques Tati takes his camera to the circus, where the director himself serves as master of ceremonies.

155393 DVD Cert U £17.99 £10.99

The 1965 Oscar winner, this Czech masterpiece is a moving film about greed and guilt. The Nazi-backed town leaders appoint an inept Slovak peasant as the ‘Aryan controller’ of an old Jewish widow’s button shop. 2hrs 5. Subtitles

Epic love story with Richard Harris and Julia Ormond set in Russia, in 1885. 2hrs 50. Subtitles

618426 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £6.99


172396 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £9.99

Cert 12

The Barber of Siberia


Digitally Restored Pre-New Wave French film noir thriller directed by René Clément, based on the novel The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith and shot on the warm and glowing Mediterranean coast. 1hr 53. Subtitles

138324 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99


Days of Glory

Dans la Cour

Erotic French drama, starring Juliette Binoche as Nina, a free-spirited actress who has moved to Paris. 1hr 22. Subtitles

Award-winning story of four young Algerians who join up to help free France from its Nazi occupiers. 2hrs. Subtitles

Catherine Deneuve leads the cast in this charming slice-of-life French drama about an unlikely friendship. 1hr 38. Subtitles

The Secret in Their Eyes

614946 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £7.99

130224 £6.99

171536 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99

139118 £5.99

DVD Cert 12

Arabian Nights

La Ronde

The Concert

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s acclaimed adaptation of The Thousand and One Nights. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

Max Ophuls classic comedy of sexual manners, starring Simone Signoret and Anton Walbrook. 1hr 29. Subtitles

Russian film set during the communist era, described as one of the most uplifting films you’ll see this year! 1hr 58. Subtitles

An Enemy to Die For

190090 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £11.99

156131 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, based on the novel by Eduardo Sacheri. 2hrs 4. Subtitles

Pedro Almodovar – The Ultimate Collection Seven films, many starring Penelope Cruz. 1hr 22. Subtitles

144459 7 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £24.99

DVD Cert 18


Blood Wedding: Flamenco Trilogy – Part 1

El Amor Brujo: Flamenco Trilogy – Part 2

A flamenco ballet version of Lorca’s tragedy. 1hr 10. Subtitles

The second part of director Carlos Saura’s flamenco trilogy. 1hr 40. Subtitles

139127 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

139128 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

138721 DVD + BLU Cert 18

£19.99 £9.99

Sex bomb Brigitte Bardot and Hollywood hard man Jack Palance star in JeanLuc Godard’s slick, stylish 1963 Italian drama about marriage, the movies and selling out. Look out for the famous opening sequence! 1hr 29. Subtitles

137483 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99


In a WWI German PoW camp, three French soldiers, a working-class Lieutenant, middle-class Jew and an aristocratic senior officer are held prisoner, in Jean Renoir’s classic prison escape drama. 1hr 54. Subtitles


Acclaimed thriller about a 1939 expedition to Norway. Tom Burke stars. 1hr 46. Subtitles

170192 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £6.99



136822 DVD Cert U £19.99 £10.99

See the full collection at

In his final outing, Hulot works as a car designer and takes his new product to a car show in Amsterdam. 1hr 29. Subtitles

155397 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

F.W. Murnau’s silent vampire classic. It features some of the most famous sequences in cinema, including the Count’s climb up the stairs, his claw-hand outstretched and his crooked shadow on the wall. 1hr 30. Subtitles

137508 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

Spicy Cinema

Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine are amongst the stars in this celebrated 1967 comedy drama about a woman and her relationships with seven different men. 1hr 43. Subtitles

Farcical British comedy written and directed by Pete Walker. Freddie Horne (David Kernan) takes up employment with the Puritan Magazine Group, but when a secret publication is revealed, all is not what it seems… 1hr 38

131951 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £9.99

164095 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99

Salon Kitty

Infamous erotic shocker by cult director Jess Franco, featuring a jazz score by Manfred Mann. 1hr 30

Tinto Brass’s notorious erotic classic.The hardcore content available as originally intended by the director. 2hrs 13. Subtitles

139337 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £6.99

180460 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99



Venus in Furs

Tinto Brass spares no blushes with his sex comedy, critically acclaimed as an erotic masterpiece, about a free-spirited Italian girl in London. Ravishingly shot in two of the world’s great cities. 1hr 30. Subtitles

Sidewalks of Bangkok

The Succulent Succubus

Black Magic Rites

The Voyeur – Director’s Cut

Swedish Erotica – Complete

This thriller follows an exotic dancer hired to infiltrate a gang of terrorists. 1hr 24. Subtitles

This erotic comedy stars Japan’s biggest adult star – Asami. A woman sells her soul for one wish.

Italian erotic horror thriller. Vampiric satanists attempt to resurrect an ancient witch. 1hr 30

Tinto Brass’s erotic drama about a professor looking back at his sexual past. 1hr 39. Subtitles

Swedish 1970s arthouse films that push the boundaries, starring Christina Lindberg. Subtitles

610127 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £7.99

163675 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

190092 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

140053 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

136363 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £9.99

190764 6 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £19.99

Criminal Mind


The Playbirds

Erotic thriller from Playboy set in the soft porn film world. A director casts his young wife in a porn movie.

In her greatest film role, Mary Millington plays a policewoman secretly infiltrating the world of pornography. 1hr 30

Fifty Shades of Brass

Room in Rome

A love story celebrating sex in a joyous way, Love is a sexual melodrama about a boy and his two girls. 2hrs 9

Shades of Obsession


Erotic film about top models and a psychopath hellbent on a lustful kidnapping spree. Stars Edelweiss.

190091 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £10.99

166910 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

158447 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £6.99

610548 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £8.99


Black Emanuelle Emanuelle is a young American photographer who has been sent on an assignment to Africa. There she enjoys a multitude of sexual partners, until the climax when she finds herself in the middle of a tribal orgy. 1hr 25. Subtitles

138761 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £9.99

Fast-paced thriller about a porn addict biology teacher who becomes obsessed with a pupil. 1hr 37

166514 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

Emanuelle in Bangkok

Triple bill of erotic films from celebrated director Tinto Brass: Salon Kitty, Miranda and The Voyeur. 5hrs 30

138434 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £9.99

A sensual, two-hander drama charting a one night stand that develops into something deeper. 1hr 40. Subtitles

139098 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £9.99


Brazen and provocative Italian Italian softcore drama. Laura Gemser stars as the seductive photographer, Emanuelle, whose latest assignment takes her to Bangkok. After her passport is stolen and she is raped by a brutal gang. 1hr 30. Subtitles

138762 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £9.99

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Sylvia Kristel stars in the groundbreaking soft-core French classic that broke all taboos. Beautiful newlywed Emmanuelle tires of life in Thailand with her ambassador husband and embarks on a series of sexual adventures. 1hr 12. Subtitles


DVD Cert 18

£15.99 £8.99


Brit Noir

Remastered classic starring Googie Withers, Jack Warner and John McCallum. An escaped convict returns home to visit his former girlfriend who is now married and has a family, leading to desperation. 1hr 32

445299 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

136373 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

The Lady Vanishes Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave star. ‘Superb, suspenseful, brilliantly funny’ – Halliwell’s Film Guide. 1hr 32

133410 £7.99 DVD Cert U

Fame Is the Spur Michael Redgrave and Rosamund John star in this bittersweet story of one couple’s fight for social justice in Britain. 1hr 30

139546 DVD Cert U £12.99 £8.99

The Door with Seven Locks

Great British Movies – Film Noir

The Man Between – Digitally Restored

Five classic British ‘noir’ films made from the late 1930s to the late 1950s.

Often considered a companion piece to The Third Man. 5hrs 10. Subtitles

134907 5 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £17.99

180808 2 DVDs Cert U £17.99 £9.99

172417 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

So Long at the Fair

The Blue Lamp – Digitally Restored

Brighton Rock – Special Edition

I, Daniel Blake

Dirk Bogarde, David Tomlinson, Jean Simmons in a mystery set in Victorian Paris. 1hr 26

Dirk Bogarde stars with Jack Warner in Basil Reardon’s hugely popular British crime film. 1hr 21. Subtitles

Classic adaptation of the Graham Greene novel about a group of thugs in 1930s Brighton. 1hr 28

134115 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

180810 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

139917 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Leslie Banks and Lilli Palmer star in this British drama from director Norman Lee. 1hr 25

139675 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

A classic thriller with a brilliantly macabre twist, this is the story of the battle between a resourceful detective anda skilful and sinister swindler. Starring George Curzon and Gerald du Maurier. 1hr 16

Listed by the National Board of Review as one of 1939’s Top Ten films, this first collaboration between Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, which is also known as U Boat 29, is set in the Orkney Islands in 1917. 1hr 20

Gaslight One of the best psychological thrillers ever made. Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard star. 1hr 21. Subtitles

170778 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £7.99

Johnny, You’re Wanted

The 39 Steps

John Slater stars as a long-distance driver caught up in a murder investigation. 1hr 10

Robert Powell, John Mills and Eric Porter star in this 1978 remake of the Hitchcock classic. 1hr 38. Subtitles

140239 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £5.99

133699 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £5.99

Ken Loach’s Palme d’Or-winning, politically charged drama about a man struggling with beaurocracy. 1hr 40

169521 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Irish rebel Johnny McQueen (James Mason), maimed and bleeding, weaves an escape route through Belfast’s seedy underground while each of his comrades falls prey to bounty hunters and police in this classic film noir. With Robert Newton and Kathleen Ryan. 1hr 41

137758 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £12.99


See the full collection at

During Nazi air raids, a man dies on the operating table at a rural English hospital. Was the death accidental? Alastair Sim stars as irreverent Inspector Cockrill alongside Trevor Howard in this classic British murder mystery. 1hr 30

132797 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

THEY MIGHT BE Thrillers & Mysteries GIANTS

Doris Day is a rich young wife living in London who becomes the victim of a mysterious stalker. An exciting thriller with a suitably sinister performance by Rex Harrison. Roddy McDowall also stars. 1hr 46. Subtitles

441208 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

Gone Girl Chilling, nailbiting thriller starring Ben Affleck and based on Gillian Flynn’s bestseller. 2hrs 29. Subtitles

167161 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £6.99

In a Manhattan psychiatric hospital a man, convinced he is Sherlock Holmes is treated by a female doctor who happens to be named Watson. George C. Scott and Joanne Woodward star, accompanied by a John Barry soundtrack! 1hr 22

Classic 1962 thriller starring Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck. Max Cady, an ex-con, seeks a terrible revenge on Sam Bowden and his family. Features one of the most terrifying confrontations on film. 1hr 42. Subtitles

164477 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

172130 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £7.99

Crime Collection – Volume 3

Mission Overlord

Another Man’s Poison

The Company You Keep

Ten vintage crime dramas including Blackout; Johnny on the Spot; Web of Evidence. 1hr 20

A D Day rescue mission turns deadly when horrific Nazi experiments are discovered. 1hr 26

Bette Davis stars as a writer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants in this classic thriller. 1hr 26

Robert Redford stars in this tense political thriller. With Susan Sarandon. 2hrs 2. Subtitles

190454 3 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £18.99

188654 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

188008 £9.99

171181 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £6.99


Cop-killer Martin Rome refuses to help slimy lawyer Niles clear his client by confessing to another crime. Police Lt. Candella must check Niles’ allegation but being a friend of the Rome family, he walks a tightrope between sentiment and cynicism. 1hr 31

168308 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

Anthony Hopkins and Ralph Richardson star in this powerful adaptation of the bestseller from master espionage writer John le Carré about a spy who finds he can’t quit. 1hr 43. Subtitles

130999 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

Bound Provocative American crime thriller has it all – gangster crime caper, violence, sex, romance and comedy. 1hr 44

170651 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

No Highway in the Sky A thrilling drama with a star-studded cast, including James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich. 1hr 34

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Oscar winner Frances McDormand stars in a black humour drama. 2hrs 55. Subtitles

192316 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Brides of Dracula Classic horror starring Peter Cushing in which a young teacher accidentally unleashes the undead. 1hr 25

169179 DVD Cert U £12.99 £8.99

164611 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Black Widow

Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow star in this psychological thriller. 2hrs 13

An FBI agent stalks a woman she believes murdered her wealthy husbands. Debra Winger stars. 1hr 42. Subtitles

136193 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

171506 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

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British Film Comedy

The feature film finale of cinema’s most-beloved comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy, sees the hapless pair embark on a ramshackle sea voyage to save Stan’s Pacific island inheritance.Vintage classic. 1hr 38. Subtitles

188529 DVD + BLU £19.99 £14.99

Idol on Parade 1959 British musical comedy starring Anthony Newley as Jeep Jackson. Inspired by ‘Private Elvis’! 1hr 21

134591 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

Ooh,You Are Awful – The Movie Comedy heist with Dick Emery – and his most famous characters! 1hr 32

130116 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99

Cert U

We Joined the Navy Navy set comedy starring Kenneth More. Based on the novel by John Winton. 1hr 32

The cream of British talent in Trevor Nunn’s terrific adaptation, including Ben Kingsley, Imelda Staunton and many more. 2hrs 8

Norman Wisdom – Collection

On the Buses – Triple Bill

Twelve of the nation’s favourite little man’s very finest British comedy classics. 18hrs 18. Subtitles

Join Blakey, Stan and Jack in three films: On the Buses, Mutiny on the Buses and Holiday on the Buses. 4hrs 11

158363 DVD Cert U £19.99 £7.99

133564 12 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £17.99

Our Miss Fred

Don’t Bother to Knock!

The Captain’s Paradise

Richard Todd stars as a philandering travel agent with too many girlfriends for his own safety! 1hr 40

A captain has a woman in each port, each unlike the other! Alec Guinness, Celia Johnson star. 1hr 34

139850 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

133448 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99

Danny La Rue stars in this 1970s British comedy as a wartime actor captured by the Nazis in full drag! 1hr 32

130650 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99

622059 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

The screen is awash with bounderism and caddishness when screen icons Terry-Thomas and Leslie Phillips star as rivals in this sunny, mid-’70s sex comedy set on a Mediterranean island. 1hr 30. Subtitles

123440 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

163657 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

Bill Forsyth’s whimsical comedy about an American oil company executive who falls under the spell of a remote Scottish village while negotiating to build an oil refinery. 1hr 46. Subtitles


Twelfth Night

Alec Guinness, Noël Coward and Ralph Richardson star in a spy spoof, based on the novel by Graham Greene, about a vacuum cleaner salesman who is recruited by MI6 as a spy. 1hr 43. Subtitles

137388 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

Barnacle Bill

Whisky Galore

Alec Guinness plays the last in a long line of seafarers. Prone to sea-sickness he runs a pier instead in this Ealing comedy. 1hr 24

Islanders must cope without alcohol during WWII, until a shipload of whisky is wrecked just off their shores! 1hr 21

123969 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £10.99

131883 DVD Cert U £15.99 £8.99

134786 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Blithe Spirit

Who Done It?

David Lean’s charming adaptation of Noël Coward’s comedy stars Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford. 1hr 31. Subtitles

Benny Hill made his screen debut in this Ealing comedy about an ice-rink sweeper who wants to be a private eye. 1hr 20

Love Thy Neighbour

133721 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

130651 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

An upper class twit (Ian Carmichael) causes military mayhem when he signs up for the army. An all-star supporting cast includes Terry-Thomas, Richard Attenborough, Dennis Price, Peter Jones and William Hartnell. 1hr 36

133895 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

See the full collection at

Film spin-off of the hilarious pre-PC British sitcom starring Jack Smethurst as bigoted Eddie Booth. 1hr 23

167592 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99

Kenny Everett and Vincent Price star in this longlost British comedy gem from 1983 about mad scientists investigating the paranormal and spoofing silly horror films along the way! Written by Barry Cryer.1hr 28

132183 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

Film Comedy

Will Hay plays a bumbling schoolmaster who is mistaken (somehow) for a genius who also happens to secretly be a Nazi master spy. Directed by Basil Dearden, and co-starring John Mills and Basil Sydney. 1hr 13

133866 DVD Cert U £15.99 £8.99

Best in Show

Guy Rolfe, Michael Hordern, Ronald Shiner and Lionel Jeffries find their sea legs in this littleknown but hugely engaging nautical yarn from 1958. Co-starring Warren Mitchel and Richard Briers.1hr 17

139210 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

Trouble in Paradise

The Beauty Jungle

Romantic comedy loaded with sparkling dialogue, witty innuendo, and elegant comic invention. 1hr 12

1960s British comedy about the beauty racket, starring Ian Hendry, Janette Scott and Sid James. 1hr 50

139117 DVD Cert PG £16.99 £14.99

138043 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £10.99

139682 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99

The Extra Day

Wonderful Things

The Paleface

Brassed Off

A wry look at the odd lives of a group of film extras. Richard Basehart, Sid James and Joan Hickson star. 1hr 20

Frankie Vaughan stars as a fisherman who comes to England to seek his fortune and finds it’s not so easy to come by. 1hr 22

Bob Hope and Jane Russell star in this comical spoof Western about a cowardly dentist. 1hr 27. Subtitles

Pete Postlethwaite, Ewan McGregor and Tara Fitzgerald star in a comedy drama about a brass band. 1hr 43

139676 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99

139864 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

132811 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

440446 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £6.99

Christopher Guest’s spoof documentary on dog shows. With Eugene Levy, Parker Posey et al. 1hr 27. Subtitles

189848 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

As she faces the end of her life, lonely businesswoman Harriet hires a journalist to write her obituary. When she learns truths about herself, the pair go on a road trip to rewrite her legacy. Shirley MacLaine stars. 1hr 47. Subtitles

188768 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £6.99

A soldier returns from WWI and disrupts his fiancee’s household by trying to postpone their wedding. Doris Day and Gordon McRae star in the popular musical romcom sequel to On Moonlight Bay. 1hr 38. Subtitles

It’s in the Bag Two Cockney sisters sell themselves £20K short! Includes a bonus film short Miss McTaggart Won’t Lie Down.1hr 30

189849 DVD Cert U £12.99 £8.99

The HundredYear-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Rattle of a Simple Man

140469 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £16.99

139402 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £8.99

Forrest Gump

Early Man

Nine to Five

Robert Zemeckis’ award-winning fable about the American dream, starring Tom Hanks and Sally Field. 2hrs 17. Subtitles

Aardman’s latest is a madcap tale of one man’s journey of self discovery as he enters the Bronze Age. 1hr 29. Subtitles

Classic comedy about three downtrodden office workers. Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star. 1hr 45. Subtitles

623596 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

187881 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

159698 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £8.99

Terry-Thomas Collection Three British films: Make Mine Mink, Too Many Crooks, The Naked Truth. 4hrs 26. Subtitles

107602 3 DVDs Cert U £24.99 £16.99

A writer fails at every suicide attempt. So he enlists an elderly hitman, who even has a brochure on demise options, to do it for him. . But what if he changes his mind? Tom Wilkinson and Christopher Eccleston star. 1hr 29

189994 £12.99 DVD Cert 12

See the full collection at

Harry H. Corbett stars in a daring ‘60s drama of a faltering romance with a prostitute. 1hr 32

1hr 54. Subtitles

When Vivian introduces Fifty Shades of Grey to her book club, divorced federal judge Diane, recently widowed Diance and long-married Carol find that the raunchy prose sparks their love lives. Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton star. 1hr 44. Subtitles

187923 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99


Westerns Volume 4 Three popular Westerns: Thunder Mountain, starring Tim Holt; Under the Tonto Rim with Tim Holt, again! And, West of the Pecos, starring Robert Mitchum and Barbara Hale. 3hrs 7

189651 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £17.99

Volume 3

A tough US Marshal helps a stubborn young woman track down her father’s murderer. Screen legend John Wayne finally received Oscar recognition for his performance as ageing gunslinger Rooster Cogburn. 2hrs 8. Subtitles

Three classic Westerns: Wanderer of the Wasteland; and two adapted from books by Zane Grey – Code of the West (starring James Warren), and Sunset Pass (starring Randolph Scott). 3hrs 8

189325 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £17.99

131656 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

A Fistful of Lead Western about a band of four outlaws on the run after a bank heist and less than clean getaway. 1hr 23. Subtitles

188698 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £8.99

610361 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

The Sons of Katie Elder

Epic chronicle of American Indians’ displacement as the U.S. expanded West. 2hrs 12. Subtitles

John Wayne and Dean Martin star in a Western about four sons reunited. 1hr 56. Subtitles

130561 DVD Cert 15 £8.99 £6.99

166766 DVD Cert U £12.99 £5.99

Little Big Man Jack Crabb, who claims to be 121 years old, recounts his life’s adventures. Dustin Hoffman stars. 2hrs 14. Subtitles

131637 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

Chief Crazy Horse Victor Mature stars as the Sioux Native American chief in this engaging and true story. 1hr 23

164454 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99


One Foot in Hell

Ulzana’s Raid

The Gundown

Patience is his nature. Revenge is his game. Alan Ladd stars in Aaron Spelling’s Western about a man on a mission. 1hr 30

Burt Lancaster stars as a scout assigned to aid the cavalry in tracking down a band of renegade Indians. 1hr 46. Subtitles

Andrew W. Walker stars in this classic Western set in the lawless Arizona desert town of Dead River in 1889. 1hr 37

135044 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

132812 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £6.99

166655 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

Man with the Gun

The Kid

A notorious gunslinger agrees to clean up an outlaw-run town. Robert Mitchum stars. ‘Engrossing’ – New York Times. 1hr 23

Ethan Hawke stars in a fresh, and critically acclaimed take on the saga of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. 1hr 36. Subtitles?

163479 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

190105 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99




Epic Western with Franco Nero as a mixed race soldier who returns from the Civil War to find his hometown overrun with gangsters. A savage battle between sadistic bandits and innocent settlers ensues. 1hr 36. Subtitles


The Magnificent Seven

North West Mounted Police

Western classic starring Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and Yul Brynner. 2hrs 5

Cecil B. DeMille’s epic Oscar winner starring Gary Cooper and Madelene Carroll. 2hrs 1

619800 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £7.99

188468 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £4.99

See the full collection at

Classic Westerns – Six Gunslinging Classics

John Wayne – Three Film Collection

The Hanged Man, The Deadly Companions, The Gunfighters and more! 8hrs 40

The Westerns are: The Alamo, The Horse Soldiers and Red River. 5hrs 30. Subtitles

134334 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £9.99

137608 3 DVDs Cert PG £12.99 £11.99

Film Classics

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on an ocean liner and fall in love.Though each is engaged to someone else, they agree to meet six months later at the Empire State Building if they still feel the same way about each other. A classic!

Alan Crabbe is 19 and as gauche as they come. Every time he tries a manful stride into the jungle of sex, his two left feet trip him up. But then he meets Eileen… Michael Crawford and Nyree Dawn Porter star. 1hr 30. Subtitles

135382 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

140043 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

Two out-of-work actors decide to escape their London flat for some R&R in the country. Things don’t go to plan and the pair’s friendship is tested. Modern classic with Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann and Richard Griffiths. 1hr 31

163549 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

The Day The Earth Stood Still Provocative sci-fi classic starring Michael Rennie as a Christ-like alien. 1hr 26

136621 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

Gonks Go Beat


Psychadelic 1960s comedy sci-fi reimagining of Romeo and Juliet. Terry Scott and Kenneth Connor star. 1hr 28

The pupils of a hellish minor English public school decide to rebel, led by Malcolm McDowell. 1hr 15. Subtitles

189995 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

618703 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

The Jolson Story / Jolson Sings Again Larry Parks stars as the legendary Al Jolson in both musicals. 3hrs 36. Subtitles

130997 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

Doctor Zhivago Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Alec Guinness and Tom Courtenay star in famed David Lean’s adaptation. 3hrs 12. Subtitles

121033 2 DVDs Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

The Bridges of Madison County

The Philadelphia Story

A housewife and a roamer embark on an affair. Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood star. 2hrs 9. Subtitles

Sublime romcom with Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart. ‘My, she was yar!’1hr 52

619206 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £4.99

181790 2 DVDs £14.99 £8.99

Cert U



Lawrence of Arabia David Lean’s desertmirage of a biopic on the enigmatic figure of TE Lawrence. 3hrs 37

134125 £6.99 DVD Cert PG

Dead of Night An architect finds himself trapped in a house with characters from his recurring nightmare. 1hr 43. Subtitles

139914 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £9.99

Easter Parade – Special Edition

Gone with the Wind

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire make this one of the best of the 1940s MGM musicals! 1hr 39. Subtitles

Period romance, war epic & cherished classic starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. 3hrs 50

123082 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

210463 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

Moulin Rouge Lavish British silent era classic starring Jean Bradin, Eve Gray and Russian-German screen sensation Olga Tschechowa. 1hr 52

180536 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

See the full collection at


Fiddler on the Roof – Special Edition

Oscar-winning musical with classics like: If I Were a Rich Man. 2hrs 51. Subtitles

122593 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Cert U

Valentino Ken Russell directs the story of Rudolf Valentino, in this sexually-charged film. 2hrs 8. Subtitles

166407 DVD + BLU Cert 18

£19.99 £10.99


War & Conflict WWII yarn about the crew of an army ambulance stuck in the desert achieves classic status through powerful storytelling and a quality cast including John Mills, Sylvia Syms and Anthony Quayle. 2hrs 5



£19.99 £14.99

Kenneth Branagh presents this guide to WWI. Using computer aided technology, this series reveals the true reality of the destruction and chaos of the war. 6hrs 17


2 DVDs Cert E

£14.99 £11.99

Henry V

The Way Ahead

Laurence Olivier directs and stars in this patriotic and stirring adaptation that was nominated for four Oscars. 2hrs 17

Carol Reed directs David Niven, Peter Ustinov and Trevor Howard in this wartime story. 1hr 55

Prisoners of Auschwitz

Ill Met by Moonlight

The American Civil War

A harrowing and compelling true story set during one of the darkest periods in history. 2hrs 6

Dirk Bogarde stars in the Powell & Pressburger film about officers in Crete. 1hr 44. Subtitles

Epic, definitive and award-winning series about the bloodiest war in American history. 6hrs 40

132693 DVD Cert U £9.99 £5.99

120186 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

164530 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £6.99

133726 DVD Cert U £9.99 £5.99

188474 DVD Cert E £22.99 £12.99

The Bells Go Down

Short Sunderland Flying Boat

Assault on the Pacific – Kamikaze



Tommy Trinder stars as a volunteer in the East End Auxiliary Fire Service during the London Blitz. 1hr 25

Introduced by the RAF in 1938 it became one of the longest serving aircrafts. 58mins

Japanese World War II drama about Kamikaze pilots fighting in the Pacific. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

A classic among classics. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre star. 1hr 40. Subtitles

Luca Zingaretti is the Italian who risked his life to save Jews from the Holocaust. Score by Ennio Morricone. 3hrs 16. Subtitles

133436 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

166488 DVD Cert E £12.99 £7.99

164288 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

617573 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

136860 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99

Billy Wilder’s WWII espionage adventure about the sole survivor of a British tank crew who finds himself perfectly placed to ruin the plans of the German army’s allconquering Field Marshal Rommel. 1hr 33

140273 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99


136802 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £6.99

169385 13 DVDs Cert E £89.99 £59.99

124508 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99

The story of two men who have gone to war and the girl they both leave behind. Director William A. Wellman makes one of his most humanistic statements as he explores the devastating results of war. 2hrs 24. Subtitles

A cold, suave British assassin is hired to kill General Charles de Gaulle. Nameless and faceless, the killer, known by the code name of Jackal, relentlessly moves toward the date. Edward Fox stars. 2hrs 17. Subtitles

A TV milestone narrated by Laurence Olivier. The story of WWII, from its beginnings in Hitler’s pre-war Germany to it’s climax in Hiroshima.With eyewitness testimony and rare archive footage. 21hrs 40

Adaptation of Vera Brittain’s autobiography. In 1913, Brittain is set to take up a place reading English at Oxford, but the outbreak of the Great War means she volunteers instead. 2hrs 10

170250 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

See the full collection at

Alec Guinness stars as a WWII pilot-photographer who is forced to land in Malta. There, he finds himself attached to the local regiment struggling to hold out against the Axis. 2hrs 27

133712 DVD Cert U £14.99 £5.99

War & Conflict Richard Todd and William Hartnell star in the thrilling true story of the British frigate Amethyst’s valiant attempt in 1949 to run the gauntlet of Chinese communist guns along the Yangtse River and escape to the open seas. 1hr 48

131844 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

An investigation beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor to uncover the truth behind one of the most tragic events of WWII: the sinking of the USS Arizona where over 1,000 crew perished in the greatest loss of life in US naval history. 1hr

Magnificent documentarylike war drama directed by David Lean and produced, written by and starring Noel Coward as the captain of a crew of brave, young soldiers on a WWII British warship. John Mills co-stars. 2hrs 18. Subtitles

189710 DVD Cert E £9.99 £7.99

132705 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

WORLD WAR II Flame and Citron


The Dam Busters

Generation War

Copenhagen, 1944: two freedom fighters are ordered to hunt down Nazi officials, but there’s a traitor. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

Luca Zingaretti (Inspector Montalbano) stars in the true story that inspired Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. 2hrs 16

One of the best British movies about WWII. Starring Richard Todd and Michael Redgrave. 2hrs. Subtitles

Dubbed a German Band of Brothers, this is a violent depiction of five friends at war from 1941-1945. 4hrs 34

134081 DVD Cert 15 £7.99 £5.99

138368 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £10.99

190614 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

138847 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

This spectacular, award-winning drama is a breathtaking portrait of the courageous young men who were ripped from their innocence and thrown into the explosive chaos of World War II. 1hr 50

Weapons that Changed the World Cutting-edge series about the evolution of firearms, and the changes in combat.

181949 4 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

Cert E

136102 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

World War 2 – Volume 1 Swastika / Double Headed Eagle Two documentaries dubbed ‘The best of the Hitler documentaries’ – Sunday Times. 3hrs

138911 2 DVDs Cert E £17.99 £14.99

Somerset at War Eyewitness accounts, remarkable archive material and new footage reveal Somerset’s coastal defences. 1hr 40

134303 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Saints and Soldiers II: Airborne Creed The dramatic prequel to the bestselling World War II movie. 1hr 34.

136212 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

This powerful documentary revisits the battlefields where the war poets found their inspiration and presents a moving and comprehensive survey of their lives and work. 52mins

139779 DVD Cert E £10.99 £9.99

Drums Along the Mohawk Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert star in John Ford’s frontier adventure. 1hr 44.

139842 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

Fleming Action-packed drama tells the real story of Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond. Dominic Cooper stars. 3hrs

139301 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £8.99

Six classic movies: Play Dirty; Submarine X-1; Hornet’s Nest; Beach red; Attack on the Iron Coast; and The 1000 Plane Raid. 9hrs 40

171669 6 DVDs Cert 15

£39.99 £14.99

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this film about an ageing, foul-mouthed veteran Marine Gunnery Sergeant who must whip his new recruits into shape before the invasion of Grenada. 2hrs 5. Subtitles

214406 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

See the full collection at

Special Edition Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris and Michael Redgrave star in this thrilling account of a special forces raid on a secret Nazi plant producing heavy water for an atomic bomb. 2hrs 11

622619 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99


Costume Drama DVD + BLU

Dual Format


Classic atmospheric horror film, based on a short story by Sheridan Le Fanu, which explores the uneasy, dark relationship between art, commerce and erotic desire. 1hr 10

138819 DVD + BLU £19.99 £14.99

Rufus Sewell stars in this 1994 BBC drama adapted by Andrew Davies from George Eliot’s classic story of cherished, young idealism tested by the demands of marriage and society. 6hrs 25. Subtitles

The classic BBC adaptation of R.D. Blackmoore’s everpopular Exmoor romance, first broadcast in 1976. Starring Emily Richard, John Sommerville and Patrick Troughton. 4hrs 20. Subtitles

445363 2 DVDs £9.99 £7.99

188016 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £18.99

Cert 15

Cert PG

Bleak House

The Scarlet and the Black

The Dark Angel – Complete

An Irish priest hides Allied PoWs from the Nazis in occupied Rome. Gregory Peck stars. 2hrs 17. Subtitles

BBC adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu’s gothic mystery novel, Uncle Silas, starring Peter O’Toole. 3hrs. Subtitles

120764 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

137953 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

Original BBC adaptation of Dickens’ biting legal satire. Andrew Cruickshank is John Jarndyce. 5hrs 30. Subtitles

167536 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Great Expectations Adapted by acclaimed playwright Hugh Leonard, starring John Tate. 4hrs 10. Subtitles

167538 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

Series 2

John Marlott escapes the Bethlam Hospital, seeking his revenge on Lord Daniel Hervey. Gothic period crime drama set in London during the 1820s, starring Sean Bean. Subtitles

188709 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

171653 DVD Cert 15 £24.99 £14.99


132685 4 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £11.99

Complete The BBC’s acclaimed 1967 10 part drama adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic, starring Frank Finlay as Jean Valjean and Michele Dotrice as Cosette. With Michael Napier Brown. 4hrs 10. Subtitles

188027 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99


The groundbreaking 1962 BBC adaptation of one of Dickens’ best-loved novels. Max Adrian stars. 6hrs 30. Subtitles

Multi-award winning series set in the ‘20s. Jeremy Irons, Laurence Olivier, Claire Bloom and John Gielgud star. 11hrs 3. Subtitles

4hrs 43. Subtitles


Oliver Twist

Brideshead Revisited

Series 1

Cert U

169661 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

The Paradise – Series 1 & 2 ‘As delicious to behold as a box of Impressionist sugared almonds’ – Express. 15hrs 38. Subtitles

Our Mutual Friend Original BBC adaptation of Dickens’ satirical tale of love, loss and naked greed. 6hrs. Subtitles

169662 3 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

138983 6 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £17.99

Complete The acclaimed BBC adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic novel about swapping identities. Nicholas Lyndhurst stars as both the prince and the pauper. June Brown co-stars. 2hrs 40. Subtitles

Cert PG



188023 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £14.99

See the full collection at

The Golden Globewinning period drama, and two-part special, Return to Cranford, features a galaxy of British stars including Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton and Philip Glenister. 8hrs. Subtitles

441894 3 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Cert 12


TV Drama

Complete Series 1

Series 1 & 2

James Clavell’s epic awardwinning story of love and war, set in feudal Japan. Richard Chamberlain stars as the 17th century English navigator who is shipwrecked on the Japanese coast. 8hrs 46

The first two series of the Emmy Award-winning Netflix drama about the famous British Monarchy. Claire Foy stars as a young Queen Elizabeth with Matt Smith as Prince Philip. 19hrs 18. Subtitles

187979 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £27.99



Complete Trilogy Triple bill of early 1960s sci-fi drama series following the adventures of a team sent to the Moon, Venus and Mars. Starring Gerald Flood as Conway Henderson. 8hrs 45

445117 3 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £18.99

188186 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £44.99


CUMBERBATCH The Aphrodite Inheritance Supernatural BBC thriller – a heady mix of greed, mystery and mythology. With Peter McEnery and Brian Blessed. 6hrs 50

139255 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £10.99

Ballet Shoes BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning BBC drama adapted from the novel by Noel Streatfield. 2hrs 30. Subtitles

188420 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £12.99



Secret Diary of a Call Girl – Complete Billie Piper stars as a high-class prostitute in this popular long running series. 15hrs 20. Subtitles

139819 8 DVDs Cert 18 £39.99 £21.99

The Pillars of the Earth / World Without End Double bill of TV drama series adapted from novels by Ken Follett. 13hrs 15. Subtitles

139494 2 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £17.99

Roy Marsden plays the poetry-loving Commander Adam Dalgliesh of London’s Metropolitan Police, in ten acclaimed screen adaptations based on the novels by the award-winning British author. 38hrs 40

188362 16 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £74.99

New Worlds Gripping historical drama set in the turbulent 1680s. This sequel to The Devil’s Whore takes place on both sides of the Atlantic. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

139696 2 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Cert 15

Come Rain Come Shine Emotional feature-length contemporary ITV drama starring David Jason and Alison Steadman. 2hrs

443728 2 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

Cert 12

Catherine Cookson – Complete The definitive collection of ITV’s adaptations of Catherine Cookson’s best-loved novels. 56hrs 32. Subtitles

134466 24 DVDs Cert 15 £64.99 £49.99

This acclaimed Sky drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch hilariously skewers the upper class as it tracks his journey, from a traumatic childhood through to adult substance abuse and, ultimately, towards recovery. 5hrs

189348 2 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £17.99

TV drama charting the dazzling and hazardous sea journey from England to Australia in 1812 as experienced through the eyes of a young Englishman, Edmund Talbot. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Sam Neill. 4hrs 30

Pollyanna Set just prior to WWII, a young girl is forced to live with her bitter aunt. Amanda Burton stars in this acclaimed remake. 1hr 39. Subtitles

140228 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

133713 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

Danish drama from the makers of The Killing. It follows four siblings of the dysfuntional and bohemian Gronnegaard family who have their worlds turned upside down following the death of their mother. Subtitles



188063 10 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

See the full collection at

Complete Series After inheriting a fortune and a country mansion, James Hadleigh (Gerald Harper) soon tires of country life and finds himself drawn to his passion for adventure. 43hrs 20. Subtitles

189992 16 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £69.99


Crime & Investigation Series 1- 4 All 12 featurelength episodes from the first four series of the broodingly intense BBC crime drama starring Kenneth Branagh as the quietly spoken Swedish detective Inspector Kurt E Wallander. With his team SAV at Ystad police station he applies his unassuming approach to the investigation of some grisly murders in the beautiful setting of Skane County, Southern Sweden.These BAFTA winning murder mysteries are based on the award-winning and phenomenally popular novels by Henning Mankell. ‘Some of the most ravishing scenery ever to grace the small screen’ – Daily Mail ‘You could see the whole of life churning away in Branagh’s eyes’ – Observer ‘One of the great treats of contemporary television. A true achievement’ – Evening Standard 17hrs 15.

The ABC Years All surviving episodes of the hit drama series. Alfred Burke stars as morose private detective Frank Marker, who trawls the unglamorous bottom of the investigative pool, gleaning a living from divorces, missing persons and bankruptcies. Burke’s character struck such a chord with public and critics alike, that the programme went on to run for a decade! These five surviving shows from the first three series come with a rare 2009 interview with the show’s star. 4hrs


Cheryl Campbell stars as Lady ‘Bundle’ Brent Agatha Christie’s most glamorous amateur sleuth in a deadly game of Cluedo combining international treachery, romance and murder! With John Gielgud and Harry Andrews. 2hrs 13 DVD Cert PG

166869 £12.99 £7.99

Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web 1hr 45. Subtitles


DVD Cert 12

£14.99 £11.99

2 DVDs Cert 12

£19.99 £12.99

167589 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £39.99

The Mad Death

The Stone Tape


A tourist smuggles her Siamese cat into Scotland, sparking a terrifying outbreak of rabies across the UK. 3hrs. Subtitles

BBC adaptation of the post-Cold War thriller by Robert Harris. Daniel Craig is a Soviet studies specialist. 2hrs 30. Subititles

188927 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

1970s cult sci-fi ghost story starring Jane Asher. ‘One of the smartest and scariest ghost stories ever made’ – Guardian. 1hr 30

136793 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

155348 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

The Beiderbecke Trilogy

The Sandbaggers – Complete

Cagney & Lacey – Series 1

ITV comedy mystery dramas starring a jazz-loving James Bolam and Barbara Flynn. 12hrs 30

ITV’s thrilling spy drama about a team of special agents during the Cold War. 16hrs 40

Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly are two detectives fighting their corner in this 80’s TV series. 15hrs 50

130091 6 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £24.99

133275 6 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £24.99

617514 5 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £16.99



Father Brown – Complete

The Lady Vanishes

Kenneth More stars as G. K. Chesterton’s classic 1920’s clergyman-detective Father Brown. 11hrs 16

BBC adaptation of the classic thriller with Keeley Hawes, Stephanie Cole et al. 1hr 30. Subtitles

134275 4 DVDs Cert 12 £32.99 £18.99

519519 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

The Protectors – The Complete ABC Series

The Scales of Justice – Complete One of the most controversial Australian mini-series produced. 5hrs 25

The Cry Jenna Coleman stars in a harrowing and gripping story of loss and emotional turmoil. TV drama at its best. 4hrs. Subtitles

135465 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

188312 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99

Law and Disorder – Complete

Mr Palfrey of Westminster – Complete

Rebus – The Definitive Collection

Their motto: ‘We Sell Security’.Their object: preventing crime. 11hrs 40

Barrister Philippa Troy (Penelope Keith) has her hands full with oddball clients. 2hrs 30

Mr Palfrey is a mild, unassuming middleaged man. He is also a spy. 9hrs 10

Ken Stott and John Hannah star in all five series of Ian Rankin’s novels. 20hrs 45

139664 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £15.99

139535 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

443635 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £17.99

169564 9 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £24.99

See the full collection at

Crime & Investigation

Series 1 & 2 The acclaimed German crime drama set in the 1920s, starring Volker Bruch as police inspector Gereon Rath, who moves from Cologne to work on a secret mission in the capital. 12hrs

189744 4 DVDs Cert 18 £34.99 £29.99

Once a detective, always a detective. This thrilling BBC drama, from the team behind The Missing, stars Tcheky Karyo as the insightful but stubbon French investigator Julien Baptiste. Tom Hollander co-stars. 5hrs 40. Subtitles

Acclaimed ITV crime drama, based on the true story of one man’s quest for justice. Martin Clunes stars as DCI Colin Sutton, who determinedly and tenaciously pursued Levi Bellfield, Milly Dowler’s killer. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

189836 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99 169442

188625 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

The Missing Series 1-2 16hrs 4 DVDs Cert 15

£34.99 £24.99

E SAV 3 £1 0



Broadchurch – Series 1-3

Dicte – Series 1-3

Poirot – £3 Series 1-13

Inspector De Luca

David Tennant and Olivia Colman star in the police procedural that got us all talking. 18hrs Subtitles

Riveting Danish crime drama. A divorced journalist returns to her home town. 20hrs 44. Subtitles

Hercule’s detective work takes him from England to the Med. David Suchet stars. 84hrs 10. Subtitles

Powerful Italian Detective drama set on during the height of the Fascist regime.7hrs. Subtitles

189345 6 DVDs Cert 18 £39.99 £32.99

138851 35 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £74.99

139658 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £12.99

The Count of Monte Cristo

No Second Chance

The celebrated adaptation of the Dumas classic stars Richard Chamberlain. 1hr 38

131334 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

169844 6 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £29.99

Dead Man’s Kit ITV thriller about a murder on board a Royal Navy warship – and a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the M.O.D. 1hr 40

131415 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £3.99

The Fall

Classic Taggart

NCIS – Series 1-8

Gillian Anderson is the detective in this psycho-thriller hunting down a serial killer. With Jamie Dornan. 5hrs. Subtitles

Seven vintage episodes of one of the most popular British detective series in TV history. 15hrs

Hit US police procedural TV drama about a team of special agents. Mark Harmon stars. 133hrs 13. Subtitles

137789 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

135455 7 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £14.99

Inspector Morse – Complete

Special Branch – Complete

Gideon’s Way – Complete

Monsignor Renard

How far will you go to save your child? Adaptation of Harlan Coben’s bestseller. 5hrs 12. Subtitles

John Thaw stars in the most popular detective series ever shown on British television. 56hrs 55. Subtitles

All 53 episodes from the classic drama series about a group of hard, no-nonsense London cops. 44hrs 10

John Gregson stars as Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard in this1960s crime series. 21hrs 40

ITV WWII drama set in occupied France, with John Thaw as a Catholic priest. 4hrs 55. Subtitles

189842 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

131582 18 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £39.99

133859 10 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £39.99

133276 7 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £27.99

133686 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

See the full collection at

139173 48 DVDs Cert 15 £179.99 £49.99



Not Going Out – Complete Series 1-7



£ Two lowly office workers are caught Series 1-7 of the up in a deadly Rose d’Or awardcriminal conspiracy winning sitcom, after discovering a starring BAFTA ringing phone at the winning comics scene of an horrific Lee Mack and Tim car crash. James Vine alongside Sally Corden and Mathew Baynton star. 3hrs Bretton and Miranda Hart. 138966

DVD Cert 15

£19.99 £15.99


13 DVDs Cert 15

Detectorists – Series 1-3

£49.99 £34.99

Victoria Wood Presents

BAFTA-winning comedy about two friends who go in search of their hearts’ desire with a couple of metal detectors. Toby Jones, Mackenzie Crook star. 9hrs 30. Subtitles

Enjoy six witty and beautifully observed playlets by Victoria Wood, starring the comedienne herself along with Julie Waters, Celia Imrie, Una Stubbs and Jane Horrocks. 2hrs 43. Subtitles



£39.99 £32.99

3 DVDs Cert 15


Nighty Night – Series 1 & 2 Jill is a small-town beautician who pretends her husband is dying. With Julia Davis, Angus Deayton, E V A S Rebecca Front, £ Kevin Eldon, Mark Gatiss and Ruth Jones. 5hrs 44. Subtitles





3 DVDs Cert 18

£29.99 £11.99


10 DVDs Cert 15

£49.99 £39.99



3 DVDs Cert 15

£34.99 £26.99

Clarence Sale (Ronnie Barker) is a removal man who bumps into everything – and everyone. But when he bumps into Jane Travers, his life changes in strange and wonderful ways! 2hrs 57




£12.99 £7.99


BBC comedy with John Alderton and Hannah Gordon. A recently divorced couple start their new lives only to find they have bought houses next door to each other. 6hrs 17


2 DVDs Cert 12

£24.99 £10.99

Some Mothers Do Ave Em – Complete First broadcast in the 1970s, this BBC sitcom’s simple slapstick humour E is ageless. Michael V A S Crawford is Frank £ Spencer, one TV’s most mimicked man.11hrs 50. Subtitles




9 DVDs Cert 12

£49.99 £34.99

Absolutely Fabulous – Definitive Edition All five series, plus the Christmas specials, of Patsy and Edina’s Emmy and BAFTA awardwinning TV comedy. 23hrs 30. Subtitles

139572 11 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £29.99

Comedy gold from Harry Worth, who forged an awardwinning stage and screen persona as a bumbling fusspot out of sync with a fast-changing world. 5hrs. Subtitles



4 DVDs Cert PG

£29.99 £16.99

2 DVDs Cert 12

All the surviving episodes from Series 1-5 (Q5-9) of Spike Milligan’s groundbreaking, anarchic and surreal comedy sketch series.

13hrs 35. Subtitles


5 DVDs Cert 15


Peter Kay’s Car Share – Complete

DVD Cert 12

£15.99 £7.99

The 1974 sequel to Now Look Here. Hapless Ronnie and long-suffering Laura have a stab at running a pub. Ronnie Corbett and Rosemary Leach star. 3hrs. Subtitles


DVD Cert 12

Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor, unleashed their blend of surreal storylines, satire and slapstick on an unsuspecting 1970s audience. 34hrs. Subtitles

188116 12 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £59.99

Blott on the Landscape – Complete

The Mistress – Complete

David Suchet, Geraldine James and George Cole star in the BBC’s comic satire about undeclared war waged in a stately home. 5hrs 20. Subtitles

6hrs. Subtitles




£29.99 £21.99

2 DVDs Cert 15

£19.99 £7.99

See the full collection at

£19.99 £9.99

The Goodies – Complete

Co-workers John and Kayleigh have been thrown together in a company car share scheme, in this popular comedy starring Peter Kay and Sian Gibson.. 3 DVDs Cert 15

£29.99 £14.99

E SAV The Prince of 0 £1 Denmark

E Not the 9 SAV O’Clock News £20 – Volume 1 Innovative, rude – and extremely funny, launching the careers of Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones and Pamela Stephenson. 1hr 40. Subtitles

£19.99 £9.99

E SAV Q – The Almost 5 £1 Complete Q

My Wife Next Door


Here’s Harry – All Surviving Episodes


Complete collection of the acclaimed comedy about the daily rollercoaster E of life with growing V A S children. Starring £ Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner. 16hrs 18. Subtitles

Upstart Crow – Series 1-3 Ben Elton’s sitcom starring David Mitchell as William Shakespeare, as he struggles to be a dad, husband and the greatest literary genius of all time. 10hrs 40. Subtitles


Outnumbered – Complete Series 1-5

Rab C Nesbitt – Complete Series 1-8

All 51 episodes of the cult comedy starring Gregor Fisher as the string-vested, philosophising, low-life Glaswegian alcoholic. 26hrs 20. Subtitles

£15.99 £7.99




Maxine and Luke are in love.There’s just one problem. Luke’s wife... Felicity Kendell and Jane Asher star in Carla Lane’s bittersweet comedy.

2 DVDs Cert PG

£29.99 £9.99

TV Comedy ITV


Stay Lucky – Complete Dennis Waterman stars as a London wheeler-dealer who heads north to escape his demons. Jan Francis, E V A S Susan George, Rula £ Lenska and Leslie Ash co-star. 22hrs 30



8 DVDs Cert 15

£59.99 £44.99

E SAV The Very Best 2 1 £ of Goodbye Again

A Fine Romance – Complete

Real life couple Michael Williams and Judi Dench star in this delightful ITV E romantic comedy V A S series about a £ mismatched couple who find true love in middle age. 10hrs

The show that cemented Tommy’s popularity in the 1960s. Guests include Stanley Unwin, Henry McGee, Warren Mitchell, Sheila Hancock, June Whitfield and more. 7hrs

Diabolical do-badder Dick Dastardly, his snickering canine cohort Muttley and their Mean Machine take on rivals, including Penelope Pitstop and the Ant Hill Mob in all 34 episodes. 6hrs 58





4 DVDs Cert PG

£29.99 £16.99

In his final TV role, Arthur Lowe plays an old-fashioned maths master attempting, and failing, to keep order among unruly prep school boys during the 1940s. 2hrs 30



£17.99 £5.99

DVD Cert U

An Audience with Kenn Dodd Ken Dodd performs his unique set in front of a host of celebrities gathered to show their appreciation of his enduring talent. 1hr 15. Subtitles



£12.99 £5.99

3 DVDs Cert PG

A.J.Wentworth, B.A – Complete

Join Pete and Dud for the best of their sketches from the 1968 ITV comedy series Goodbye Again. Features never-before-seen colour sketches. 1hr 20. Subtitles DVD Cert 12

£12.99 £7.99

Darling Buds of May – Complete



5 DVDs Cert 18

£19.99 £17.99


£22.99 £15.99

DVD Cert 15

You Must Be Joking – Complete

Palladium in 1982.



189987 £9.99

Cribbins – Complete

£19.99 £6.99

£19.99 £11.99

Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip

The complete series of the wry, energetic 1970s show that launched the career of Pauline Quirke. With Ray Burdis and John Blundell. 6hrs 15 2 DVDs Cert 12

Is Richard Pryor the funniest man in America? This DVD will make you believe he is! Recorded at the Hollywood

Blandings – Series 2

DVD Cert 15

Catastophe – Series 1-4

Comedy legend Bernard Cribbins stars in a series of offbeat, quickfire sketches and songs, made in the 1960s. Includes chart hits Hole in the Ground, Gossip Calypso and Right, Said Fred. 5hrs

Comedian Tim Vine takes on the role of the Blandings’ long-suffering butler in this seven-part series adapted from the P.G. Wodehouse classics. With Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders.

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney write and star in the multi-awardwinning comedy about a one-nightstand that turns into a relationship after pregnancy. 10hrs. Subtitles


139509 DVD


2 DVDs Cert 15

£19.99 £14.99

Cert PG

£14.99 £11.99


4 DVDs Cert 15

£39.99 £34.99

See the full collection at

The complete run of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry’s spy sitcom. Don Adams stars as Maxwell Smart, the missing link between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau.

25 DVDs Cert 12

Porterhouse Blue


£26.99 £14.99

Get Smart – Complete

Groundbreaking comedy series, including four new titles! Keith Allen, Ade Edmondson, SAVE Dawn French, £ Rik Mayall, Nigel 50hrs 36. Subtitles Planer, Robbie Coltraine star.

David Jason and Ian Richardson star in this adaptation of Tom Sharpe’s outrageous comic novel about attempts to update a crusty old Cambridge University. 3hrs 14

6 DVDs Cert PG

3 DVDs Cert U

The Best of the Comic Strip Presents

Bernard Cribbins, Robin Nedwell, Diane Keen and Jack Douglas star in this popular ITV comedy-drama about life in the English village of Shillingbury. 6hrs 25

£19.99 £11.99

£29.99 £22.99

Travel back to the idyllic1950s English countryside and stay on the Larkin farm. Starring David Jason, Pam Ferris and Catherine Zeta Jones. 14hrs 59. Subtitles

E Shillingbury SAV 3 1 £ Tales – Complete

2 DVDs Cert U

E SAV Wacky Races – 2 £1 Complete

Life with Cooper

£139.99 £69.99

M*A*S*H – Collection A huge specially designed First Aid kit-style box set containing over 260 episodes from all 11 series of this E V A S multiple-Emmy£ winning Korean War comedy series. 108hrs 20



36 DVDs Cert 15

£139.99 £64.99

Black Books – Complete BAFTA-winning sitcom about the antics of foul tempered bookshop owner, his assistant, and his best friend. Dylan Moran, Bill Hailey and Tamsin Greig star.


DVD Cert 15



£29.99 £12.99

Northern Exposure – Complete

A New York doctor finds himself stranded in a small town. Take a nostalgic trip back to Cicely, Alaska with Dr Felishman and pilot Maggie O’Connell. 110hrs


28 DVDs Cert 15

£129.99 £59.99


TV Box Set Sale

Series 1 & 2

One of the most successful documentaries ever made about the Afghanistan war. These epic but very personal films will give you an unflinching impression of both the triumphs and tragedies of war. Subtitles

A violent crime drama set in the seething backstreets of Victorian London during the aftermath of Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel. Starring Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn. 16hrs



139988 3 DVDs Cert 15 £15.99 £10.99

139047 6 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £22.99

Complete Series 1 The smart-suited and razor sharp Sicilian detective operates within Italy’s precarious justice system, immersed in a world of murder and betrayal. For fans of Wallander, The Killing and Spiral. 17hrs. Subtitles


136057 5 DVDs Cert 15 £45.99 £25.99



Special Edition Patrick McGoohan stars as spy John Drake in one of the biggest smash hit ITV thriller series of the 1960s. All 47 50 minute episodes from 1964 to 1968 are included here. 39hr 10


133688 13 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £34.99


Heartbeat – The Rowan Years

Space Precinct – Complete

164531 7 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £18.99

Michael Quinn and Neil Hallett star as elite international undercover operators in this 1960s action series. 32hrs 30

Set during the 1960s this popular drama stars Nick Berry as a young PC. 86hrs 30. Subtitles

Gerry Anderson’s police procedural drama series mixes live action drama with animatronics. 17hrs 36

Series One and Two of the beloved BBC mini series set against the stormy sociopolitical backdrop of 18th century England.

135937 10 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £34.99

188587 29 DVDs Cert 15 £119.99 £74.99

188165 7 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £32.99

169243 6 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £24.99






The Sweeney – Complete



The Key to Time


Poldark – Series 1-2


Robert Vaughn and David McCallum star as a team of secret agents, who defend the world from evil, chaos and bad taste in this hit spoof on the espionage genre. 23hrs 25. Subtitles



Ghost Squad – Complete

Complete Series 1




The 16th series sees the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) joined by the beautiful Romana (Mary Tamm) in this 26-episode intergalactic treasure hunt for the allpowerful Key to Time. 10hrs 10. Subtitles

611780 7 DVDs Cert PG £69.99 £32.99

John Thaw and Dennis Waterman star as Jack Regan and George Carter of London’s Flying Squad. 44hrs 10

133693 14 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £29.99




Nanny – Series 1-3 Historical BBC drama. Wendy Craig stars as nanny Barbara Gray, caring for children in 1930s England, after a life-changing divorce.

180152 DVD Cert 12 £59.99 £39.99

Johnny Speight’s classic sitcom satirised the less acceptable aspects of working-class culture in the shape of Warren Mitchell’s Alf Garnett, a bigot famous for diatribes about politics, race, religion and royalty. With Una Stubbs. 13hrs 33

169402 8 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £29.99

The Grand – Complete


The British period drama set in a prestigious hotel – a hotbed of scandal, romance and intrigue in 1920s Manchester. 15hrs

171933 5 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £24.99

Black Sails – Series 1 After a run of short hauls, the once powerful Captain Flint faces mutiny by his own crew. Toby Stephens stars. 7hrs 16

140049 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £14.99




See the full collection at

An engaging and sharplyscripted award-winning drama set in the 1980s. Two KGB officers live deep undercover as a ‘wholesome’ suburban couple in the suburbs of Washington DC.

188464 23 DVDs Cert 15 £69.99 £54.99

TV Box Set Sale E SAV




BBC ‘roaring 20s’ drama about two sisters (Stella Gonet, Louise Lambard) made penniless when their wealthy father dies. To make a living they become dressmakers… 29hrs 22. Subtitles

This award-winning BBC series, starring Jan Francis and Bernard Hepton, is a gripping and authentic portrayal of the war waged by one group of Belgian resistance fighters against German occupation during WWII. 38hrs


134509 12 DVDs Cert 12 £74.99 £44.99


All 66 episodes, including the pilot, of the longrunning ITV fire-fighting drama following the working and personal lives of Blue Watch, based at Blackwell Fire Station in East London. 57hrs 40

138450 20 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £69.99






132588 12 DVDs Cert 12 £74.99 £32.99








Bless this House – Complete

Born and Bred – Complete

Inspector Morse – Complete

Join Sid James and Diana Coupland for 65 episodes of one most popular sitcoms of the 1970s! 27hrs 5

Heartwarming drama about father and son doctors soon after the birth of the NHS. 34hrs 41. Subtitles

John Thaw stars in the most popular detective series ever shown on British television. 56hrs 55. Subtitles

133600 12 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £34.99

134646 14 DVDs Cert PG £99.99 £49.99

131582 18 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £39.99



The Ken Burns America Collection

Jim Hutton stars in the classic TV series from the creators of Columbo in which the celebrated writer helps his father solve cases that have the entire NYPD baffled. 19hrs 58

Experience America through the eyes of those who built it. 9hrs 15

166034 7 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £22.99




166971 6 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99




Gomorrah – Series 1



Touching Evil – Complete

Tour of Duty – Series 1

Doctor on the Box – Complete

Gritty Italian mafia drama based on the much acclaimed novel of the same name. 9hrs 46. Subtitles

The complete first three series of the gritty and disturbing crime drama starring Robson Greene. 13hrs 30

All 21 episodes from the first series of this 80s US drama centred around a platoon of American soldiers in Vietnam. 13hrs

Every episode from the five Doctor series from the 1970s. Barry Evans and Robin Nedwell star. 57hrs 5

140232 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £14.99

440517 5 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99

445140 5 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £24.99

188373 20 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £69.99



Telly Savalas is the bald, charismatic, snappily dressed and no-nonsense NYPD Greek-US cop, who is never without a lollipop in his hand, investigating homicide cases in South Manhattan. 96hrs 10




Complete Collection

All 71 episodes of the classic TV adventure series starring Roger Moore as the handsome, suave and sophisticated Saint, who out-swindles the swindlers for the good of the little guy. 59hrs 10

A long-running 1960s/70s British TV series starring Alfred Burke as dour private-eye Frank Marker. Cynical and world-weary, Marker is frequently the unwitting stooge in bigger criminal wheels. 38hrs 20

134714 18 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £49.99







136240 17 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £59.99

See the full collection at

163535 30 DVDs Cert 15 £119.99 £54.99

Complete Googie Withers stars as governor Faye Boswell in the hard-hitting women’s prison drama, first broadcast in 1974. It pulled no punches in its portrayal of life inside. 59hrs 10. Subtitles

189274 21 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £46.99


TV Documentary

Documenting a year behind the scenes at Claridge’s, the five star luxury hotel in the heart of Mayfair renowned for catering to the rich, the royal and the famous. ‘An exquisite piece of documentary making’ – Guardian 2hrs 50. Subtitles


Soon most of us will access the information in our DNA read, stored, and available for analysis? What are the moral dilemmas raised by this new technology? Will it help or hurt us to know the diseases that may lie in our future? 1hr. Subtitles

139113 DVD Cert E £14.99 £12.99

Jack Hargreaves explores rural life in Thomas Hardy country reflecting on its character, traditions, history and folklore, and the skills that had passed from generation to generation. 25hrs

189705 DVD Cert E £9.99 £7.99

188403 8 DVDs Cert E £44.99 £39.99


Story of the Red Arrows A celebration of the world’s greatest display team, which started out as the Yellowjacks in the Sixties. 1hr

189797 DVD + MAG £9.99 £7.99

Cert E

Story of the Spitfire A chance to learn about the amazing feat of engineering that potentially changed the course of World War II. 1hr

189799 DVD + MAG £9.99 £7.99

Cert E

Early Cinema – Primitives and Pioneers

The Royal Wedding – Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

A fascinating collection of 60 films from the pre1910 period of cinema. 3hrs 7

The royal event of the year, watched all over the world, by the world. Subtitles

144492 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99

192385 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years – Deluxe Edition The acclaimed film by director Ron Howard. 2hrs 18

169343 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £15.99


The Victorian Garden Series

Includes The Victorian Kitchen Garden, The Victorian Flower Garden and The Victorian Kitchen. 13hrs 6. Subtitles

123933 6 DVDs Cert E £59.99 £29.99

KEN BURNS Award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns’ chronicle of the most prominent and influential family in American politics. Paul Giamatti stars as Theodore, Edward Herrman as Franklin and Meryl Streep as Eleanor. 14hrs

Liverpool Legends 70’s & 80’s A nostalgic look at the golden age for the Mighty Reds and Anfield. Presented by Gary O’ Reilly. 3hrs 32

188566 2 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

Cert E



140257 7 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £34.99

188005 7 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £18.99



Ken Burns chronicles the epic saga and turbulent history of one of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth – America’s vast and turbulent region, from before European settlement into the 20th century. Subtitles

187839 4 DVDs Cert E £39.99 £24.99

Ken Burns history of the rise, rule, and fall of the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the entire era it encompassed. Intended to protect Americans from alcohol abuse, it backfired. 6hrs

A Sailor’s View – Complete Powerful film portraits of the Royal Navy during the war years, recording some of its earliest action. 13hrs. Subtitles




137824 3 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £14.99

See the full collection at

Wild Ireland Christine Bleakley goes walking across her homeland, revealing the stunning beauty and variety of the Irish landscape. 3hrs

194801 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Rick Stein’s Long Weekends Rick takes us to some of his favourite destinations for a weekend – including Bordeaux, Berlin, Reykjavik and Vienna. 10hrs

169434 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £21.99

Attenborough Collection

David Attenborough’s journey through five diverse regions across Africa, takes you seamlessly from the wild terrain of extraordinary landscapes to intimate encounters with its mesmerising creatures. 5hrs 45. Subtitles


137104 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £12.99




A spectacular look into one of the planet’s most treasured natural phenomena. Witness and understand the lavish biodiversity of the Reef, narrated by the most recognisable voice in documentary history. 3hrs

Travelling to all corners of the globe,David Attenborough, the world’s most popular and respected natural history presenter, reveals the fascinating lives of our colourful, feathered friends. 8hrs 50

135962 3 DVDs £29.99 £8.99

166201 3 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99

Cert E




£ David Attenborough’s Life on Land

David Attenborough’s ground-breaking wildlife documentary series in its entirety. Subtitles

The Living Planet – Complete Sir David Attenborough presents all 12 programmes of this ground-breaking nature series. 11hrs. Subtitles

616453 15 DVDs Cert E £99.99 £49.99

135964 4 DVDs Cert E £34.99 £12.99

Wildlife Specials

Attenborough – 60 Years in the Wild

Using state-of-the-art technology to examine the lives of the world’s most fascinating creatures. David Attenborough narrates. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

616675 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £14.99

Frozen Planet Embark on the trip of a lifetime, as Planet Earth’s award-winning team takes you on the ultimate polar expedition. 5hrs 45. Subtitles

135261 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £14.99

Three films covering the 60 year career of one of the most important naturalists of the last century. 3hrs. Subtitles

136414 2 DVDs £19.99 £8.99

Cert E

David Attenborough – The Definitive Collection Sir David brings you some of the very best natural history shows ever made. 7hrs 15

189444 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £10.99

The Private Life of Plants

Attenborough at 90

Sir David Attenborough shows us that plants can be dramatic, adventurous and enterprising in their quest for life. 5hrs

135961 2 DVDs £19.99 £8.99

Cert E

The award-winning writer, broadcaster and naturalist talks to presenter Kirsty Young about his life and career as he approaches his 90th birthday.

167477 DVD Cert U £14.99 £12.99

Planet Earth – The Collection The highly successful BBC natural history series, presented by David Attenborough. 14hrs 52. Subtitles

169303 7 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £25.99

This 24 disc box set contains all of David Attenborough’s Life series – among the greatest and most beautiful nature documentaries ever made. Includes: The Living Planet, Life on Earth, The Life of Birds, Trials of Life,The Life of Mammals, Life in the Freezer, Life in the Undergrowth and The Private Life of Plants. 72hrs 40. Subtitles


133265 24 DVDs £89.99 £49.99

Cert E


Blue Planet – Series 1 & 2 Narrated by David Attenborough, this epic documentary reveals the oceans as never before. 24hrs. Subtitles

188393 7 DVDs Cert U £34.99 £24.99

See the full collection at


Trains & Railways



Chris Tarrant explores some of the world’s oldest and most scenic railway journeys, finding himself stuck in the heart of an African jungle, crossing the Australian Outback and exploring the coast of India. 2hrs 21

139649 DVD Cert E £17.99 £7.99

Great British Railway Journeys – Series 10

Great Canadian & Alaskan Railroad Journeys – Series 1

Popular BBC documentary series with Michael Portillo. 7hrs 15. Subtitles

Michael Portillo journeys across the US wilderness on its most extreme railroads. 9hrs 40

189993 £24.99 3 DVDs Cert E

How to Be a Railway Signalman

History of the GWR

Experts show the steps of becoming a signalman and show us how a signal box operates. 52mins

Archive captures the GWR with its Brunellian stations and platforms, engines, freight yards and sheds. 59mins

189837 4 DVDs Cert E £34.99 £27.99

189794 DVD + MAG £9.99 £7.99

189793 DVD + MAG £9.99 £7.99


Railway Lives with Tony Francis

Cert E

Cert E

METRO-LAND With Sir John Betjeman


A colourful eulogy to the people and places served by London’s Metropolitan Line, by the Poet Laureate of the time. Includes a 24-page illustrated booklet. ‘One of the most delightful programmes I have ever seen’ – Financial Times 50mins

£14 £24.99 £10.99 139314

DVD Cert E

Explore the old routes of the Great Western Railway (GWR) and London and South Western Railway, beginning at Gunnislake on the Tamar Valley Line and then travelling around the entire county.

180561 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Join railway historian and author Colin Maggs as he explores every corner of Hampshire to see what remains of county’s oncenumerous branch lines, some of which were closed even before WWII. 1hr 40

188967 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99


Classic British Steam Trains – Around Britain The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway and more. 50mins

144751 £9.99 DVD Cert E

The Somerset & Dorset Railway Story of one of Britain’s best-loved railways, with rare archive material and a tour of station sites and landmarks.1hr 30

Series of documentaries by the steeplejack, steamroller fanatic, great English eccentric and National Treasure, Fred Dibnah. 6hrs 40

166413 2 DVDs £24.99 £9.99

Cert E

Croydon Tramlink A picturesque cab ride over the entire Tramlink system, plus a thrilling visit to the Therpia Lane depot. 1hr 55

133394 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

188632 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Full Steam Ahead – Victorian Railways

Steam Around Bristol

This series reveals how the world we live in today was entirely shaped by rail transportation. 6hrs. Subtitles

A nostalgic tour, including Bitton, Bath Green Park, Whitchurch, Portishead, Avonmouth, Severn Beach and more! 1hr 10

169147 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

120208 DVD Cert E £13.99 £9.99

Tony Francis travels to Poland, China, Skegness, The Heart of Wales, The Midlands and the East Coast Mainline.

182054 3 DVDs £12.99 £6.99

Cert E

Scenic Journeys on British and Irish Waterways Enjoy beautiful scenic journeys and amazing wildlife on British and Irish waterways. 2hrs 46

R10001 3 DVDs Cert E £15.99 £10.99

Docklands Light Railway – Part 1

The West Highland Railway

Ride high over London! Includes Beckton and Poplar Depots, Woolwich and Stratford International. 1hr 20

Journey along one of the most scenic lines in Britain, linking the fishing port of Mallaig to Glasgow. 1hr 49

188143 DVD Cert E £16.99 £12.99

130451 DVD Cert E £12.99 £6.99

The Railways of Scotland – Volume 1: The Kingdom of Fife

Marsden Rail 38 – 1953 to 1967

A look at the long closed lines and stations in Fife’s intricate railway network.

188139 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

See the full collection at

This programme opens in 1953 at Glasgow’s Eastfield MPD, home to many ex-NBR and LNER locomotives. 1hr 15

189785 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99


Wild Down Under


A journey through space and time that reveals Australasia’s distinctive species and dramatic landscapes. 5hrs. Subtitles

Tour the wilds of Africa and see some of the world’s most beautiful and deadly animals in jaw-dropping HD/3D with Hunter Ellis. 1hr 30

612222 2 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

139491 DVD Cert E £14.99 £5.99

Cert E

Egypt BBC documentary about three important discoveries – Ramesses II artefacts, heiroglyphics, and Tutankhamun’s tomb. 6hrs

140418 3 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Cert 12

Great Canal Journeys – Series 5

The Man Who Doesn’t Breath Stig Åvall Severinsen attempts to break two records: longest ice dive, and longest breath-hold under water. 1hr 26

139451 DVD Cert E £9.99 £6.99

Britain’s Lost Villages

Wainwright Walks Coast to Coast

Explore villages lost or abandoned from the Outer Hebrides to the far South West. 1hr 50

Julia Bradbury walks across Northern England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. 2hrs 54. Subtitles

132420 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

132371 DVD Cert E £16.99 £11.99

Alan at Highgrove

Timothy West and Prunella Scales continue their waterway adventures in Britain and abroad.

The Prince of Wales takes Alan Titchmarsh on an insightful tour of Highgrove House – his own personal retreat and family home. 1hr

189248 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £17.99

136585 DVD Cert E £14.99 £8.99

Farewell to the Routemaster A unique tribute to London’s beloved red double decker bus, which was scrapped in 2005. 1hr 32

122079 DVD Cert E £12.99 £7.99

Canals – The Making of a Nation Expert Liz McIvor travels along the canal routes of the English regions to tell the stories of our inland waterways. 3hrs

188270 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99


The French Way

Art historian Sandrine Voillet presents the extraordinary events and people that have shaped the City of Light. 3hrs. Subtitles

This series visits seven places in France-each revealing different aspects of a strange, beautiful country and its people. 3hrs 20

149543 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99

190791 DVD Cert E £14.99 £8.99

Michael Palin visits Brazil for the very first time, travelling from the lost world of Amazonia to the buzzing metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, to meet the people and visit the places that shape this nation. 3hrs 37. Subtitles

Greatest Cities of the World – Series 1 Rhys Jones heads to New York, London and Paris visiting landmarks and hidden places. 2hrs 30

137143 3 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

Cert E



A Great Welsh Adventure with Griff Rhys Jones Eight-episode series following Griff Rhys Jones around his native country of Wales. 3hrs

139567 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

British Buses 2008 Classic and modern buses include Atlanteans, Routemasters, CVGs, PDs, Regents, Nationals,VRs, Dominators, Olympians, B7s and more. 1hr 25

130760 DVD Cert E £12.99 £5.99

The British Holiday – The Golden Years Nostalgic collection of unique cinema newsreels and TV reports on how the Brits used to vacation. 1hr 20

132307 DVD Cert E £9.99 £4.99

See the full collection at


136291 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

In television’s first comprehensive journey through the vast and varied landscapes of Russia, the resourceful Jonathan Dimbleby makes an epic journey from one end to the other. 4hrs 55

£13 £24.99 £11.99 155651

2 DVDs Cert E

Joanna’s odyssey has her following in the footsteps of Marco Polo along the most famous trade route in the world. Starting in Venice, she travels thousands of miles across continents, covering deserts, mountains and steppe. 3hrs

188298 DVD Cert E £19.99 £17.99

Joanna Lumley embarks upon the world’s most famous train journey in this three part series. Travelling from the East to the West, she departs from Hong Kong before travelling the 5777 miles across both Asia and Europe. 3hrs

164603 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99


World History

Travelling through time and across the globe to the crucial turning points in human history, this epic series, presented by Andrew Marr, is the definitive account of human civilisation. 7hrs 47. Subtitles



Documentary examining the defining moments of the British and American Allied air offensive, a campaign of unprecedented might over Germany’s cities, claiming the lives of nearly half a million civilians during WWII. 1hr

136290 3 DVDS Cert 12 £24.99 £12.99

136271 DVD Cert E £9.99 £7.99

A chilling story behind the evolution of Nazism. An in-depth step by step investigation into how the National Socialists exploited the economic turmoil of their time, and got into power in 1933. 8hrs 20

189804 4 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

Flashback – The First World War

Hebrides – Islands on the Edge

A collection of twominute documentaries produced by the Imperial War Museum.1hr 20

Scotland’s Hebrides are Europe’s final frontier against the wild Atlantic Ocean. 3hrs 56

140259 2 DVDs £14.99 £4.99

Cert E

WWII – Price of an Empire This series explores the events leading up to WWII and the events of the war itself, using archive footage.

189188 3 DVDs £9.99 £6.99


Cert E


Ancient Worlds

The story of Berlin – a clash of ideas that shaped the modern world.The BBC’s Matt Frei presents. 3hrs. Subtitles

The BBC’s voyage of discovery through the birth of civilization and the first nations. 5hrs 52. Subtitles

158839 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £10.99

148733 DVD Cert E £15.99 £9.99

612023 2 DVDs £24.99 11.99

Pope Francis – A Pope for Everyone

Impossible Peace

The Story of China

The life and ambitions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina. 1hr 20

139158 DVD Cert E £12.99 £9.99

This series investigates what went so wrong after the Treaty of Versailles that WW2 broke out two decades later. 8hrs

194798 3 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

Cert E

Michael Wood explores the stories, people and landscapes that shaped China. 5hrs 50. Subtitles

166541 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

Art of Germany


Andrew GrahamDixon explores the history and cultural legacy of German art. 3hrs. Subtitles

From natural disasters to hijackings and collapsing bridges, witness reallife footage captured live on film. 21hrs 30

189585 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99

612438 DVD Cert E £19.99 £11.99

168579 8 DVDs £24.99 £6.99

The Story of India with Michael Wood

Francesco’s Venice

Mussolini – History of Italian Fascism

The Long March to Freedom History doc about prisoners of war force marched across Europe towards the end of WW2. 3hrs

The richness and diversity of the subcontinent is explored. 5hrs. Subtitles

617687 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £10.99

A journey through the ages, telling the story of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. 3hrs 55. Subtitles

123720 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

See the full collection at

Cert E

The rise of fascism, its effect on Italian life, and the fall of Benito Mussolini. 8hrs

131083 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99

British History Three-part ITV series which follows Martin Clunes as he explores some of the thousand or so islands that surround the coast of Britain. He begins his journey in Scotland, and ventures to Muckle Flugga (no this is not a spelling error) in the Shetlands!

Britain’s best-known steeplejack Fred Dibnah turns historical investigator to explore the genius and vision behind some of the country’s greatest monuments. Six-part BBC series spotlighing cathedrals, castles, canals, Victorian splendour and Scottish style. 3hrs

139493 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Fred Dibnah’s Made In Britain Vol 10 – Chains & Copper






139919 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99

Martin Wallace and Jarvis Cocker (front man of the rock band Pulp) direct this documentary about the history of the steel industry in Sheffield. The film features silent footage from the BFI National Archive with a music soundtrack by Cocker.

139647 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

1hr 36

139755 DVD Cert E

£9.99 £7.99

The Diamond Jubilee – Official BBC Highlights A commemoration of the royal events in June 2012. 6hrs 32. Subtitles

135408 2 DVDs £9.99 £8.99

Cert E

London’s Pride – The Hidden Archive of London’s Transport Return to yesteryear. 1hr 37. Subtitles

130448 DVD Cert E £12.99 £7.99

Time Team – Series 18

British Gardens in Time

By Royal Appointment

Tony Robinson takes us on digs in Devon, Somerset, Jersey, County Durham and more! 10hrs 50

Great Dixter; Stowe; Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire; and Nymans in West Sussex. 4hrs

A fascinating behindthe-scenes visit to the official suppliers to the royal family. 1hr

135310 3 DVDs Cert E £25.99 £16.99

139871 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99

139432 DVD Cert E £12.99 £9.99

The Royal House of Windsor

The Secret War

Grand Tours of Scotland – Series 6

This Channel 4 series reveals the endurance of the House of Windsor through six key events. 4hrs 30

188423 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99

The amazing stories of the people who fought a different type of war during WWII – science and intelligence. 5hrs

139239 2 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

Cert E

Paul Murton follows in the footsteps of the first tourists to Scotland. 3hrs

190580 DVD Cert E £9.99 £7.99

Return to the Lost Gardens of Heligan Cornwall’s wondrous gardens, revisited two years after the original documentary. 1hr 30

The Manor Reborn – The Transformation of Avebury Manor BBC series following the restoration. With Penelope Keith. 4hrs

The Birds and the Bees A history of the official British sex education films from WWI to the 1970s. 5hrs 38

2 DVDs Cert E

134061 2 DVDs Cert 18 £19.99 £10.99

London’s East End 1900s –1930s

The Miner’s Hymns

Here’s a Health to the Barley Mow

A poignant insight into the East End’s appalling living conditions as the 20th century dawned. 55mins

Documentary about the heritage of the coal mining industry in North East England. 1hr 5

Documentary and booklet on a century of folk customs and ancient rural games. 10hrs 40

134841 £10.99

134313 DVD Cert U £15.99 £9.99

144638 3 DVDs Cert U £22.99 £10.99

139912 DVD Cert E £19.99 £10.99

DVD Cert E

139665 £9.99

See the full collection at


Special Interest Box Set Sale



WWII in the East

This major series examines the history of military tactics and looks at flank attack, sea assaults, counter-strikes, blockades, air superiority, defence on the Battlefield, guerrilla warfare and more. 14hrs 51. Subtitles

Fascinating documentary exploring some of the devastating battles of WWII – from the Red Army’s catastrophic encirclement at Kiev in 1941 to the notorious ‘Rzhev meatgrinder’. 13hrs 30

126170 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £17.99


Collection of performances from some of the most renowned singers and bands of the decade, including The Stranglers, Status Quo, 10cc, Squeeze, Tom Robinson, Hot Chocolate and more! 3hrs 40

190825 4 DVDs Cert E £12.99 £10.99

169379 4 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99




Riveting fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary series following the work of English Heritage as it embarks on four major new projects. Comedy, chaos and bitter political controversy ensue. 3hrs 57. Subtitles

165730 3 DVDs £19.99 £5.99

Cert E



Hitler and the Nazi High Command A remarkable collection of films exploring the life of Adolf Hitler and the men who aided him in his rise to power. 13hrs 45

168945 9 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £14.99

Arthur C. Clarke’s World of Strange Powers – Complete The writer and scientist examines apparent instances of supernatural powers. 5hrs 25

170797 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

Wonderful London A fascinating glimpse of life in London during the 1920s, capturing evocative images of the capital during the silent era. 2hrs 6. Subtitles

135061 DVD Cert E £19.99 £9.99

Alistair Cooke’s America First broadcast in 1972, this is a classic from the golden age of documentaries. 10hrs 50. Subtitles

140330 4 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £24.99



Box set of documentaries about four of the most celebrated motor racing drivers in history: Stirling Moss, Graham Hill (who won the Formula One championship, and Le Mans), Jim Clark and John Surtees. 3hrs 40

190816 4 DVDs Cert E £12.99 £10.99

E SAV 40


Fred Dibnah’s tremendous enthusiasm, passion and energy is infectious. When it comes to how stuff is made, he couldn’t be more interested. Includes Backyard Collection, Building Collection and Industrial Collection. 22hrs 9

133632 9 DVDs Cert E £59.99 £34.99


The Renown Vintage Transport in Film Collection A unique collection of 16 films featuring vintage planes, boats, cars, bikes and trains.

187703 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £18.99

Travels with Palin Box Set

The Rick Stein Collection

The Farm £30 Collection

Over 100 countries; more than 100,000 miles; 20 DVDs covering Michael’s 20 globestrotting years! 43hrs 30. Subtitles

A culinary collection beyond compare, this box set follows Rick around the world. 24hrs. Subtitles

Includes Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and Wartime Farm. With Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman and Alex Langlands. 26hrs

611781 20 DVDs Cert 12 £69.99 £49.99

188695 9 DVDs Cert E £39.99 £24.99

136417 9 DVDs Cert E £69.99 £39.99

This nostalgic series features wonderful steam locomotives as they wend their way through some of the most spectacular countryside, lakes and mountains that the British Isles has to offer.

188119 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99

See the full collection at

Everything you ever wanted to know about tractors! Includes these four documentaries: Tractors at Work; Working Tractors; Leyland Tractors & Farming Moves Forward; and David Brown Tractors. 5hrs 24

189805 4 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

Music & Theatre

Documentary of the Swedish supergroup’s final concert tour from 1979, at Wembley Arena. Includes filmed interviews with the team behind the scenes, original tour programme and a 28-page booklet. 1hr 40. Subtitles

An insight into the unique journey of one of the most groundbreaking and influential bands of all time. Classic archive footage and rare interviews. Includes a 104-page fully illustrated magazine.

A celebration of the life and work of a remarkable composer who, forced into exile in 1917, became the greatest pianist of his day. Rachmaninoff’s own words are spoken by Sir John Gielgud but definitely not forgotten. 1hr 42

145760 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99

188665 2 DVDs + MAG £14.99 £9.99

138632 DVD Cert E £15.99 £14.99



Rossini – The Early Operas

Top of the Pops – 40th Anniversary

This exquisite box set presents the most popular of Rossini’s early operas, staged by Michael Hampe.

Highlights featuring 40 decade-defining tracks from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. 2hrs 18. Subtitles

188534 £22.99

440989 DVD Cert E £19.99 £7.99

5 DVDs Cert E

Ken Colyer on Video – Rare footage from the Vaults Monochrome DVD or rare footage of the few occasions Ken Colyer was filmed. 1hr 4

187766 £12.99 DVD Cert E

John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Imagine / Gimme Some Truth Two John Lennon documentaries with rare footage.

Killing Me Softly with His Song • There’s a River • Why Don’t You Move in with Me • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. 50mins

World class tenor Piotr Beczala returned to the Opernhaus Zürich as Sou-Chong. With Julia Kleiter. 1hr 39. Subtitles

The story of the great Mario Lanza, one of the world’s most famous tenors.Tragically his sudden death, aged 38, in 1959 cut short his extraordinary career.You’ll recognise his signature song: Be My Love. 1hr 22

169647 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99

136084 £14.99 DVD Cert E

DVD Cert E

DVD Cert 15

Lehar: Das Land Des Lachelns

DVD Cert E

Double bill of TV specials featuring memorable performances from Frank Sinatra. 1hr 39

169225 £9.99

188538 £13.99

Roberta Flack – In Concert

140105 £8.99

The Frank Sinatra Collection – Sinatra and Friends

André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra take to the stage in the historic Vrijthof Square to play a series of well known classical melodies such as Funiculi, Funicula, plus songs from musicals My Fair Lady and Cats.

188058 DVD Cert E £24.99 £18.99

The Music of Silence Story of Andrea Bocelli, who transcended his blindness through his singing. Starring Antonio Banderas. 1hr 50. Subtitles

188266 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

Robert Altman’s epic drama set in Nashville,Tennessee – a hotbed of intrigue, corruption and broken lives. Starring Ned Beatty, Karen Black, Geraldine Chaplin, Lily Tomlin, Jeff Goldblum and Keith Carradine. 2hrs 40. Subtitles

139859 DVD+BLU DVD £17.99 £14.99 + BLU

Cert 15

See the full collection at

The Dutch violin virtuoso plays fairy tale music at Efteling, with his orchestra and choir.With a selection curated with his wife, Rieu promises to take even the most sceptical viewer to a host of magical lands. 2hrs 28. Subtitles

136081 DVD Cert E £14.99 £13.99

The life of composer, conductor, pianist and Oscar-winner Andre Previn, filmed during a year which culminated in the world premiere of his first opera, A Streetcar Named Desire, in San Francisco. 2hrs

138629 £14.99 DVD Cert E


Easy Listening Dance On • Secret Love • Let Me Go Lover • You’re the One • I Belong • Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe • Love Me Baby • Body and Soul • I Want to Be Happy • Ol’ Man Mose • Where in the World • Slowly… and more!

388684 CD £6.99

Tulips from Amsterdam Tulips from Amsterdam • Cowpuncher’s Cantata • You’re a Pink Toothbrush • Heart of My Heart • Mister Sandman • The Ballad of Davy Crockett • Little Train • By the Light of the Silvery Moon • Tomorrow… 40 tracks!

Perfect Day • Hallelujah • Do You Hear What I Hear? • Don’t Dream it’s Over • The First Noel • O Holy Night • Away in a Manger • Make Me a Channel of Your Peace • Auld Lang Syne • O Come All Ye Faithful

511495 CD £6.99

512491 2 CDs £5.99

Various Artists – Hot Hundred Love Songs

The Ultimate Collection – Foster & Allen

The Soothing Sounds of Pan Pipes

Gilbert O’Sullivan – A Singer & His Songs

Al Bowlly – The Essential Collection

Featuring 100 great love songs. Includes Sealed with a Kiss,True Love,Who’s Sorry Now? and many more…

A Bunch of Thyme • Old Flames • Maggie • Gentle Mother • Walk Tall • Happiness • I Can’t Stop Loving You… and more!

El Condor Pasa • Flight of the Condor • Light of Experience • Theme from the Godfather… and more!

Nothing Rhymed • Alone Again • Clair • Get Down • We Will • No Matter How I Try • Matrimony • Ooh Baby … and more!

Love Is the Sweetest Thing • The Very Thought of You • Dancing with Tears in My Eyes • Adeline… 52 tracks.

514300 4 CDs £6.99

521198 2 CDs £12.99

512889 3 CDs £7.99

514093 CD £11.99

511278 2 CDs £6.99

Lonnie Donegan – Collection

The Best of Elaine Paige

The Best of Perry Como

Rock Island Line • John Henry • Diggin’ My Potatoes • Bury My Body • Stewball • Railroad Bill • Dead or Alive… and more!

I Know Him So Well • Don’t Cry for Me Argentina • Memory • I Only Have Eyes for You • From a Distance • True Colours • He’s Out of My Life… 15 tracks.

Catch a Falling Star • Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) • Some Enchanted Evening • Surrender • Till the End of Time • Papa Loves Mambo… and more!

Jimmy Shand – Accordion Favourites

Various Artists – The 4 Seasons & The Boys from Jersey

389442 5 CDs £14.99 £12.99

511388 CD £6.99

S270004 2 CDs £6.99 £3.99

The 1920s and 30s jazz revivalists had a 1961 No. 1 hit with the George Martin-produced You’re Driving Me Crazy followed by a No. 4 with Pasadena (both included here along with Alexander’s Ragtime Band, the Charleston and The Black Bottom and many more!).

395114 CD £7.99 £6.99


A huge variety of jigs, reels & polkas including Cock O’ the North • I Belong to Glasgow … and more!

S71070 CD £5.99 £4.99

Take Five • Just One of Those Things • I’ll Remember April • You Stepped Out of a Dream • Mam’selle • Perfidia • Kathy’s Waltz • Somebody Loves Me • Everybody’s Jumpin’ 60 tracks.

513430 3 CDs £6.99

Sherry • Big Girls Don’t Cry • Walk Like a Man • Rag Doll • Big Man in Town… and more!

S91029 CD £5.99

Three albums from Freddie King and one classic from Albert King, complete with original artwork and liner notes. Contains: Let’s Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddie King; Freddie King Sings; Boy Girl Boy featuring Lula Reed and Sonny Thompson…and more!

See the full collection at

513468 2 CDs £7.99 £2.99

Easy Listening When I Fall in Love

Original Hits of

Nat King Cole

A superb collection from one of the greatest popular singers of all time! When I Fall in Love • Tenderly • Ramblin’ Rose • Unforgettable • Mona Lisa • Too Young • Answer Me • Let’s Face the Music and Dance … 26 hits!

514034 CD £6.99

George Formby – Best of

Doris Day, iconic movie star and singer sadly passed away, aged 97 on 13th May 2019. This enchanting 3-CD set features 75 of her most memorable songs, including Que Sera, Sera, Secret Love and Sentimental Journey, her first No.1 hit in 1945.

Daniel O’Donnell – I Have a Dream

Who’s Sorry Now • Carolina Moon • You Always Hurt the One You Love • If I Didn’t Care • Frankie… 28 tracks.

Everything Is Beautiful • Never Ending Song of Love • Beautiful Sunday • Sweet Caroline • I Can See Clearly Now… and more!

S71041 CD £4.99

514253 CD £8.99

Acker Bilk – Stranger on The Shore/A Taste of Honey

380416 CD £7.99

Stranger on the Shore • Lullaby • Mean to Me • Greenslaves • Take My Lips… and more!

S91030 CD £5.99 £4.99

S73040 3 CDs £8.99

Connie Francis – Extended Play

22 legendary songs including Leaning on the Lamppost • When I’m Cleaning Windows • Chinese Laundry Blues • Why Don’t Women Like Me… and more!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly • The Ecstasy of Gold (from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) • The Man with the Harmonica • Your Love • Deborah’s Theme • Cockeye’s Song (from Once Upon a Time in the West)… and more!

Bing Crosby – Milestones of a Legend

John Williams – Guitar Magician

Ten-CD box set containing 12 original albums and 29 bonus tracks from one of the world’s most outstanding performers.

‘A prince of the guitar has arrived’ – Segovia ‘Recommended enthusiastically!’ – Gramophone!

519372 CD £12.99

519374 10 CDs £15.99

513831 CD £6.99

Brenda Lee – The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection

Mantovani – The Complete Collection

Blue Tango – Very Best of Leroy Anderson

Hoagy Carmichael – Sings Hoagy Carmichael

Sweet Nothin’s • I Want to Be Wanted • One Step at a Time • Ain’t That Love… and more!

Charmaine • Moon River • Diane • Come Prima • Poppa Piccolino • Summertime in Venice • La Vie en Rose • Laura… and more!

23 classics including Sleigh Ride • Trumpeter’s Lullaby • Waltzing Cat • The Typewriter • Fiddle Faddle • Forgotten Dreams… and more!

The Old Music Master • Hong Kong Blues • Memphis in June • Ole Buttermilk Sky • My Resistance Is Low… 16 tracks.

521473 3 CDs £7.99

389824 5 CDs £12.99

519305 CD £6.99

513696 CD £6.99

This first Sinatra collaboration with arranger Gordon Jenkins basks in a cascade of swooning strings befitting of yearning, mostly lovelorn torch songs such as: Night We Called It a Day • Laura • I Think of You • I Cover the Waterfront … and more!

511532 CD £9.99 £7.99

Portrait of My Love • Can This Be Love • Till Then My Love • My Kind of Girl • Softly as I Leave You • Why Not Now • When Love Comes Along • Without You • Speak Softly Love • Wednesday’s Child… 24 tracks.

513322 CD £5.99

A single disc encapsulation of the very best in Scottish traditional music from across the centuries. Features heritage classics such as Flower of Scotland • The Skye Boat Song • Scotland the Brave • Amazing Grace • Mull of Kintyre • Loch Lomond… and more!

See the full collection at

S91004 CD £5.99 £4.99


Classical The Snow Is Dancing • Golliwog’s Cake-Walk • Girl with the Flaxen Hair • The Engulfed Cathedral • The Snow Is Dancing • Clair de Lune • The Happy Island • Gardens in hte Rain • Arabesque No. 1 • Minstrels • Goldfish • Reflections in the Water • Pagodes… and more!

Two CDs contain preludes and fugues in quasi Bach style. The third is devoted to the six Grand Sonatas for the organ, a dazzling display of the instruments possibilities and his own creative powers.

521609 3 CDs £13.99 £9.99

Concierto de Aranjuez • Allegro Con Spirito • Adagio • Allegro Gentile • Fantasia Para Un Gentilhomre • Villano y Ricercare • Espanoleta y Fanfare de la Caballeria de Napoles … and more!

521049 CD £6.99

521376 CD £6.99

Mendelssohn – Piano Concertos

Lisa Della Casa Sings Handel & Mozart

Grieg – Peer Gynt Suites/Piano Concerto

Molto Allegro Con Fuoco • Andante • Presto - Molto Allegro E Vivace • Allegro Appassionato… and more!

Superb compilation of Mozart– Da Ponte operas from one of Switzerland’s few internationally known musical stars.

‘Concerto performance unsurpassed… moments of magic… one of the great bargains’ – Penguin Guide

514805 3 CDs £7.99 £5.99

515632 CD £6.99

515677 CD £9.99

513284 CD £6.99

Russell Watson – Amore: The Opera Album

The Ultimate Classical Collection

André Rieu – Rieu Royale

‘So utterly marvellously played that it gives endless pleasure’ – Gramophone

Rigoletto, Tosca, Les Pecheurs de Perles, Werther, La Boheme, Aida, West Side Story, Turandot…and more!

Featuring Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1 • Debussy’s Clair De Lune • Barber’s Adagio for Strings • Ravel’s Bolero… and more!

Coronation Waltz • Wilhelmus • Radetzky March • Emperor Waltz • Auld Lang Syne … and more!

London Regency College Choir – 20 Glorious Hymns

512528 CD £6.99

513340 CD £7.99

R50007 3 CDs £8.99

513412 CD £7.99

André Rieu – Sentimental Melodies A fantastic two-CD set featuring an important part of the Rieu body of work.

S92003 2 CDs £6.99 £5.99

Rachmaninov – Piano Concertos 2&4

Fritz Kreisler Masterclass A fantastic collection from the legendary violinist and composer. Includes violin concertos by Brahms and Mozart and much more!

David Oistrakh on violin and the London Symphony Orchestra perform Violin Concerto No 1 and Scottish Fantasia. ‘A first-class recording helps this concerto into a winner; that, with Oistrakh’s firstclass performance… Superlative’ – Gramophone.

521092 CD £6.99


La rondine. Chi il bel sogno di Doretta • Gianni Schicchi. O mio babbino caro • Madama Butterfly. Un bel di vedremo • Gianni Schicchi. Firenze come un albero fiorito • La bohème. Quando m’en vo’… and more!

R50006 CD £5.99

See the full collection at

Familiar hymns of praise and devotion to evoke fond memories and lift the spirit.

S91016 CD £5.99

The great Viennese pianist’s survey of Schubert’s poetic masterpieces. ‘Brendel at his finest and most spontaneous’ – Penguin Guide 4 Impromptus, D899 • 4 Impromptus, D935 • No 3 in F Minor • No 4 in C Sharp Minor • No 5 in F Minor • No 6 in A flat

512739 CD £6.99

Rock & Roll Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel) • I Can’t Stop Loving You • Love Hurts • Uptown • Crying • Candy Man • I’ll Be a Legend in My Time • Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) • Bye Bye Love … and more!

Crying • Jolie • Rockhouse • Only the Lonely • You’re My Baby • Sweet and Easy to Love • I’ll Never Tell • Uptown • This Kind of Love • Today’s Teardrops • Sweet and Innocent • Devil Doll • Domino • Go Go Go … and more.

S71064 CD £4.99

513441 3 CDs £6.99

Outside of Heaven • Everything I Have Is Yours • Downhearted • I’m Walking Behind You • Wish You Were Here • Oh! My Pa Pa • I Need You Now • (I’m Always Hearing) Wedding Bells • Cindy, Oh Cindy • Anytime • Heart • Trust in Me • Lady of Spain • Tell Me Why… and more!

513671 CD £4.99

Number 1 Hits of the 1960s

Bob Dylan – Shadows in the Night

Buddy Holly – Heartbeats

Gerry & Pacemakers – The Very Best Of

The Everly Brothers – The Very Best Of

Featuring Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Shirley Bassey, Helen Shapiro and many more!

I’m a Fool to Want You • The Night We Called it a Day • Stay with Me • Autumn Leaves • Why Try to Change Me Now… and more!

Not Fade Away • Peggy Sue • Oh, Boy! • Rave On • Heartbeat • That’ll Be The Day • Maybe Baby • Ready Teddy… and more!

How Do You Do It? • I Like It • It’s Gonna Be Alright • I’ll Be There • Girl on a Swing • Come Back to Me… and more!

Walk Right Back • Cathy’s Clown • When Will I Be Loved • Wake Up Little Susie • Bye Bye Love • (Till) I Kissed You… and more!

S72014 2 CDs £6.99

515643 CD £9.99

S72001 2 CDs £6.99

512213 CD £6.99

S71055 CD £5.99

The Beach Boys – The Very Best Of

The Best of Billy Fury

The Best of Elkie Brooks

Cliff Richard – Hot Hundred

The Platters – The Best of

Pearl’s a Singer • Fool if You Think it’s Over • Lilac Wine • Don’t Cry Out Loud • Sunshine After the Rain… and more!

The Young Ones • Fall in Love with You • Do You Wanna Dance?…and more!

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes • Twilight Time • The Great Pretender • Roses of Picardy … and more!

Good Vibrations • California Girls • I Get Around • Wouldn’t it Be Nice • Surfin’ Safari • Fun Fun Fun • Surfin’ USA… and more!

Maybe Tomorrow • Halfway to Paradise • Jealousy • I’ll Never Find Another You • Last Night Was Made for Love • Don’t Say it’s Over • Colette… and more!

513417 CD £7.99

S71054 CD £4.99


Heartbreak Hotel • Don’t Be Cruel • Hound Dog • Love Me Tender • I Want You, I Need You, I Love You • Too Much • All Shook Up • Teddy Bear • Jailhouse Rock • Don’t • Hard Headed Woman • One Night • I Got Stung • A Fool Such As I … and more!

S71004 CD £5.99

511871 CD £6.99

514145 4 CDs £12.99 £3.99

This deluxe edition comes with a bonus CD featuring six tracks recorded at the band’s 2015 Stuttgart Aquostic show, including: And It’s Better Now, Whatever You Want and Rocking All Over The World

519361 2 CDs £16.99

See the full collection at

511718 2 CDs £6.99

Down Down • Rockin’ All Over the World • Whatever You Want • The Wanderer • Pictures of Matchstick Men • Caroline • Rain • Mean Girl • Rockin’ All Over the World • Don’t Drive My Car • Beginning of the End… and more!

513054 CD + DVD £7.99


Audiobooks & Spoken Word Millions of radio listeners were shocked when radio news alerts announced the arrival of Martians! The original 1938 broadcast that panicked a nation! Based on the original story by H.G. Wells, and directed by Orson Welles.

Morse’s Greatest Mysteries and Other Stories Six ingenious cases in this enthralling and bestselling collection of short stories read by Samuel West. ‘No one constructs a whodunnit with more fiendish skill than Colin Dexter’ – Guardian

512463 CD £6.99

1953 – A Year to Remember That’s Amore Dean Martin • Choo Choo Train Doris Day • I Believe Frankie Laine… and more!

514607 CD+DVD £11.99 £3.99

Miss Marple’s Final Cases June Whitfield stars as Miss Marple in three brand new BBC Radio 4 dramatisations of Agatha Christie’s classic short stories.

514281 2 CDs £12.99 £9.99

521100 CD £16.99

521096 CD £18.99 £15.99

John Lennon in His Own Words

Case for Paul Temple

Raffles – Seres 1 & 2

Ordeal by Innocence – Agatha Christie

Eight-part remake of the lost The former Beatle and icon talks archive drama, Crawford Logan about his life and career in these and Gerda Stevenson star. With original music from the missing fascinating interviews from the 1946 production. BBC archives.

Twelve Radio 4 dramatisations. Jeremy Clyde stars as the cricket playing A.J. Raffles, with Michael Cochrane as his jeweller friend Bunny.

521563 CD £7.99

512418 4 CDs £15.99

514211 6 CDs £18.99

513724 2 CDs £10.99

Sherlock Holmes – Valley of Fear

John Wyndham

Poetry Choice

Dylan Thomas Poetry

Ian McKellen reads the last of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s four classic Sherlock Holmes novels. 2hrs 14

Six BBC radio dramatisations: Great Voices The Day of the Triffids • Chocky 38 classic British poems read by •The Kraken Wakes • Survival • The Robert Donat, Richard Burton, Chrysalids • The Midwich Cuckoos. Flora Robson, Michael Redgrave, John Gielgud and more. 521564 11 CDs

514206 £9.99 2 CDs

£29.99 £24.99

Defender of the underdog, friend of South London villains and scourge of QCs, John Mortimer’s famous comic creation is brought to life in 13-episodes. Maurice Denham stars as Rumpole.

521587 7 CDs £29.99 £24.99


Tell Tale

Robert Bathurst reads this bestselling collection of 14 fast-paced short stories, full of twists and unforgettable characters. Jeffrey Archer is one of the UKs most popular writers.

513239 CD £6.99

A brand new BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel, known to be a favourite among her own works. 1hr 18

15 classics, six read by Dylan Thomas, nine by Richard Burton, including Do Not Go Gentle, Death shall have no dominion, A Winter’s Tale, Fernill, Lament and more.

512462 CD £6.99

Volume 3

Volume 2

Ian Carmichael stars as the gentleman detective in these Dorothy L Sayers dramatisations of Murder Must Advertise, The Nine Tailors, Gaudy Night and Busman’s Honeymoon.

Ian Carmichael is Lord Peter Wimsey in these muchloved detective mysteries. Includes The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, Strong Poison, Five Red Herrings, and Have His Carcase. With Joan Hickson and Warren Clarke.

521731 9 CDs £29.99 £24.99

See the full collection at

521730 13 CDs £34.99 £29.99

CD Comedy Happiness • For Someone Special • If • Tears • Promises • Still • May You Always • The River • The Key • Brokenhearted • Happy Days and Lonely Nights • Those Golden Days • Eight by Ten • Sweet Memories … 80 tracks.

512132 3 CDs £9.99

Flanders & Swann – A Transport of Delight

Blastermind – Blaster Bates

Watch Out for the Bits

Bad News from the Manor • Old Bess • In the Neuro Ward • Presentation at the Palace • Gelignite in the Taxi • The De-Mob Suit • Off the Coast of Morocco • The Van Full of Letters • One of Life’s Tragedies… 16 sketches.

Blaster Bates’ humour relates to blowing things up and the people he’s encountered in those exploits. This album is another example of his unique humour, dating from the 70s.

511143 CD £9.99

Make ‘Em Laugh

Jeeves & Wooster The Collected Radio Dramas

The Goons – The Best Of

Joyce Grenfell – It Was a Funny Old Life

Six acclaimed dramas starring Michael Hordern and Richard Briers as Jeeves and Wooster.

Tales of Old Dartmoor • Dishonoured • I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas … and more!

Compilation of one of Britain’s great, slightly eccentric, comediennes featuring her trademark musical monologues.

S72023 2 CDs £8.99 £6.99

S71044 CD £6.99

The Original Comedians Live – 40th Anniversary Show

Evenings Wasted with Tom Lehrer

David Gunson – What Goes Up Might Come Down!

512519 CD £5.99

511271 CD £6.99

Between 1956-67, the British duo performed their songs in their long-running revue At the Drop of a Hat.

40 classic comedy tracks featuring The Goons, Norman Wisdom, Joyce Grenfell, Jimmy Durante, Max Miller, George Formby and many more…

512025 CD £7.99

513006 2 CDs £6.99

Hoffnung at the Oxford Union

The Bricklayer – 17 Comedy Sketches

Cartoonist, musician, actor, broadcaster, mimic and comedian – Hoffnung was all these and more.

Hoffnung’s immortal ‘The Bricklayer’ and ‘French Widows’ Frank Carson, Bernard Manning, and more, with Peter Sellers, Charlie Williams, Roy Walker, Sophia Loren, Tony Hancock et al. Stan Boardman amongst others.

513603 CD £6.99

511363 CD £6.99

Mary from the Dairy • She Shall Have Music • What I Want to Tell Is This • Listen, Listen • Listen I Like the Girls that Do • Lulu • There’s a Surprise • The Hiking Song • Mary from the Dairy • The Woman Improver • Passing the Time Away • I Bet Nobody Would Bump Into Me… and more!

513686 CD £5.99

511141 CD £9.99

521734 17 CDs £59.99 £44.99

Poisoning Pigeons • The Elements • Lobachevsky • Masochism Tango Gunson spent 10 years in the • Old Dope Peddler • Wiener RAF before becoming an air Schnitzel Waltz… 20 clever songs! traffic-controller.

511140 CD £10.99 £9.99

Very Best of Bob Newhart

The Button-Down Anthology

Introducing tobacco to civilization • Bus drivers’ school • Kruschev landing rehearsal • Driving instructor • Defusing a bomb • An infinite number of monkeys • Abe Lincoln versus Madison Avenue … and more!

Some of the greatest work of the influential American stand-up comedian and actor! Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue • Merchandising the Wright Brothers • Retirement Party • Rocket Scientist… and many more!

512344 CD £6.99

See the full collection at

S72022 2 CDs £8.99 £6.99


Roman Polanski’s horrifying Satanic chiller, based on the bestselling novel by Ira Levin, is set in 1960s Manhattan, and stars Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, and Oscarwinner Ruth Gordon. 2hrs 11. Subtitles

Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic triggered copycat violence on its release causing him to withdraw it from circulation in Britain, right up to his death in 1999. Starring Malcolm McDowell. 2hrs 11. Subtitles

623616 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

The complete six-part television mini-series, regarded as the bestever depiction of life on board a German U-boat during WWII showing the crew’s boredom and terror. 3hrs 28. Subtitles

623525 £7.99

135541 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

DVD Cert 18


Life Is Beautiful

The Thing

Enter the Dragon

Oliver Stone’s Oscarwinning docudrama starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Bacon. 3hrs. Subtitles

Best Foreign Film Oscar winner. A fable that proves love, family and imagination conquer all. Stars Roberto Benigni.1hr 51

Horror-meister John Carpenter and Kurt Russell’s star performance build this chilling version of the classic.1hr 43 Subtitles

An uncut edition of Bruce Lee’s last film which finds him in a brutal karate tournament hosted by the evil Han. 2hrs 8

136176 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £7.99

139614 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £7.99

623578 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

Hamburger Hill – 20th Anniversary Edition

Crimes and Misdemeanors

The Passion of the Christ

Martin Landau, Mia Farrow, Anjelica Huston, Claire Bloom in Woody Allen’s film. 1hr 40. Subtitles

Mel Gibson’s provocative and critically acclaimed film about the last 12 hours of Jesus of Nazareth’s life. 2hrs 6

623694 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

136145 2 DVDs £10.99 £7.99

138488 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £6.99

Drama about the battle for Hamburger Hill, one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Vietnam War. 1hr 50

148985 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £6.99

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush star in the moving and humorous story of the relationship between reluctant King George VI and his maverick speech therapist. Helena Bonham Carter, Guy Pearce and Michael Gambon co-star. 1hr 58. Subtitles

134008 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £5.99

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid Oscar-winning classic with Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Katharine Ross. 1hr 46

120586 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

Cert 18

Fantastic Mr. Fox Acclaimed awardwinning animation based on Roald Dahl’s classic, with George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray.

189985 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

A Town Like Alice Virginia McKenna and Peter Finch star in this WWII romantic drama set in and around Japanese Labour camps. 1hr 52

169526 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99


Coco Before Chanel


A man robbed of his name and his dignity strives to win them back, and gain freedom. Ridley Scott’s epic stars Russell Crowe. 2hrs 28

Chronicle of Gabrielle Chanel’s extraordinary journey from headstrong orphan to legendary couturier. Audrey Tatou stars. 1hr 50. Subtitles

Spielberg’s truly frightening great white shark thriller. Starring Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider. 2hrs

200167 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

136817 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £6.99

137798 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

See the full collection at

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