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OUT ON 30.03.20

Series 5 Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi return in the globally acclaimed BBC comedy drama about late life romance and second chances. With Sarah Lancashire. Nicola Walker and Timothy West. Celia and Alan, we’ve missed you! Subtitles

191726 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Last Tango in Halifax Series 1-3 16hrs 55. Subtitles

163781 10 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £24.99

Last Tango in Halifax Special/Series 4 2hrs 169498 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £8.99


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Sister, My Sister

The Beiderbecke Trilogy

Never the Twain – Complete

Fried Green Tomatoes

The Lady in the Van

139767 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

ITV comedy mystery dramas starring a jazz-loving James Bolam and Barbara Flynn. 12hrs 30

Donald Sinden and Windsor Davies are rivals and in-laws in the classic ITV sitcom. 27hrs 55. Subtitles

Nostalgic drama set in Alabama, past and present, with Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. 2hrs 04

Maggie Smith is triumphant in this British comedy drama adapted from the play by Alan Bennett. 1hr 44

130091 6 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £24.99

190993 11 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £39.99

137663 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99

166382 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

84 Charing Cross Road

The Bounty

Coronation St. Best of 1960 –1969

Marco Polo


Biopic of the great Italian explorer. Stars Burt Lancaster, John Gielgud, Denholm Elliott, Anne Bancroft et al. 7hrs 30

Timothy Spall stars in the biopic of Albert Pierrepoint, Britain’s most prolific hangman. 1hr 30. Subtitles

Repressed passion, incest and violence in this arresting drama set in a bourgeois household in 1930s France. 1hr 29


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Friendship between a bookseller and a writer. Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins star. 1hr 35. Subtitles

Captain Bligh / Fletcher Christian drama with Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier and Daniel Day-Lewis. 2hrs 12

122803 DVD Cert U £19.99 £7.99

139624 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

William Roache, Eileen Derbyshire, Betty Driver, Barbara Knox et al! 33hrs 20

190366 10 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £32.99

134814 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £10.99

139333 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £6.99


Friday 8 May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the formal end of WWII in Europe. This remarkable DVD tells the stories of those who experienced the end of the war in all its many forms. 1hr

OUT ON 27.04.20

191674 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99

191250 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

Napoleon’s War: 1812

The Resistance Fighter

Russian historical drama set during the Napoleonic Wars, and the Battle of Borodino in 1812. 1hr 35. Subtitles

Polish WWII war drama following the build-up to the Polish uprising against Nazi occupation. 1hr 54. Subtitles

166513 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

191165 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

137464 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

Lancaster Skies

1862: The Battle for Glory

Manhunt – Complete

Set during the bloody American Civil War, this action drama follows soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

Gripping ITV WWII drama set in Occupied France. Nina, a resistance fighter, is on the run from the Nazis. 21hrs 40

190702 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £10.99

133434 7 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99

British WWII drama inspired by true events. A Spitfire ace must overcome his personal demons to lead his squad. 1hr 38

190055 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £5.99

The BBC’s sensational drama focuses on the intertwining lives of ordinary people in Britain, Poland, France and Germany, embroiled in WWII. Starring Sean Bean, Helen Hunt and Blake Harrison. 7hrs. Subtitles

Epic, real-life saga about an undermanned American fleet and the brave Navy leaders and pilots who triumphed, against the odds, over a powerful adversary. With Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans and Aaron Eckhart.

Pearl Harbor Dramatic reimagining of the WWII attack and its aftermath, starring Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett. 3hrs. Subtitles

Destination D-Day

Anne Frank

Catch 22

Critically acclaimed BBC documentary about the D-Day Landings on the beaches at Normandy, presented by Sir Huw Wheldon. 1hr 27. Subtitles

TV mini-series telling the tragic story of Anne Frank and her war diary. Starring Ben Kingsley and Brenda Blethyn. 3hrs 10. Subtitles

Acclaimed adaptation of Joseph Heller’s celebrated satire about US airmen in the Mediterranean during WWII. 2hrs 1

190064 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £9.99

191696 DVD Cert TBC £15.99 £7.99

131658 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

Grey Wolf – Escape of Adolf Hitler History states that Hitler died on 30th April 1945, by suicide. But what if history is wrong? 1hr 34. Subtitles

139677 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

191120 2 DVDs Cert 15 £25.99 £18.99

Gulag – The Forgotten Prisoners of WWII Multi-award winning WWII film based on an incredible true story. 1hr 50. Subtitles

190254 DVD Cert 15 £10.99 £8.99

The 12th Man A breathtaking war thriller about an incredible true-life story of heroism and a man’s unbreakable will to live. 2hrs 10. Subtitles

188626 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £6.99

The Interrogation What kind of person could do this? Drama based on the autobiography of Auschwitz commander Rudolf Höss. 1hr 20. Subtitles

188181 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

Sam Mendes directs and writes this WWI Oscar and Bafta-winning drama, starring Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong. The drama follows two young soldiers during WWI as they are sent on a dangerous mission that, if successfully carried out, could save the lives of 1,600 British men. 1hr 59

OUT ON 18.05.20

191794 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99


Bargain Box Sets E SAV


Series 1- 9 Every episode of the Inspector Morse spin-off detective drama starring Kevin Whately. This time he is in charge and has his own sidekick in the form of D.S. Hathaway (Laurence Fox). 48hrs

166074 19 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £54.99



Series 1

Ken Burns chronicles the epic saga and turbulent history of one of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth – America’s vast and turbulent region, from before European settlement into the 20th century. Subtitles

Glossy BBC crime drama. DC Miranda Blake is sent to Spain to capture a murderous criminal. She is teamed up with a flamboyant German detective. Sparks fly! 7hrs 20. Subtitles

187839 4 DVDs Cert E £39.99 £19.99

191310 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £18.99




Atlantis – Complete

The Worker – Complete

Four Feather Falls

The Supervet

First Gerry Anderson Supermarionation drama. Sheriff Tex Tucker is given four magical Indian feathers. 9hrs 45

The work of a pioneering veterinary practice is showcased in this popular Channel Four series. 48hrs 18

The first two series of the BBC’s popular British fantasy drama starring Jack Donnelly. 20hrs 10

All 25 episodes of the 60s sitcom with Charlie Drake as the bane of his local labour exchange. 12hrs 10

170577 8 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £24.99

130517 5 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99

142021 3 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £12.99

187628 17 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £44.99

123921 5 DVDs £34.99 £9.99

Sapphire & Steel – Complete

The Vice – Complete Series

The Glittering Prizes

British sci-fi series starring Joanna Lumley as Sapphire and David McCallum as Steel. 14hrs 10

Ken Stott and David Harewood star in this police drama set in London’s seedy underbelly. 28hrs 40

Tales of the Unexpected – Complete

133274 6 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £27.99

135352 10 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £34.99



188068 19 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £74.99

Star Trek Voyager – The Full Journey

The Errol Flynn Collection

Sci-fi spin-off about the crew of the Starship Voyager, led by Captain Janeway. 129hrs. Subtitles

This collection includes four of the Australian born actor’s acclaimed film performances. 7hrs 30. Subtitles

190964 48 DVDs Cert 12 £179.99 £74.99

136944 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £14.99

Terence Rattigan – Collection

Legends of Cricket

Betjeman – The Collection

Starring Tom Conti, Nigel Havers, Connie Booth, Miriam Margolyes and Tim Pigott-Smith. 7hrs 45

Compiled to celebrate his birth centenary, nine of Terence Rattigan’s best-known plays. 12hrs 34. Subtitles

Focusing on the best cricketers, including Greg Chappell, David Gower, Richie Benaud, and Glenn McGrath.

John Betjeman travels around Britain in search of our finest architecture. 9hr 35. Subtitles

139248 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £6.99

134268 5 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £19.99

138213 3 DVDs Cert E £9.99 £7.99

169687 3 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. 12hr 10. Subtitles



All 74 episodes of the British sitcom written by Carla Lane. The Boswells are a family of lovable rogues with the unity, loyalty and ability to survive in a world of unemployment.

This lighthearted BBC drama series stars Robert Carlyle as the eponymous hero, a police constable who is posted to the small Scottish town of Lochdubh, along with his canine sidekick. 18hrs. Subtitles

140248 16 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £27.99


All 112 episodes, originally transmitted between 1979 and 1988. 47hrs 5

BBC Classic Brontë Collection



132843 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £21.99

Cert 15



Cert E

Complete This smash hit ITV series from the 1970s was based on a bestselling book by Monica Dickens and set in a rest home for abused or abandoned horses.Young Dora fights to protect and heal the horses. 16hrs 15

133273 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £24.99

Bargain Box Sets

The world’s five favourite operas in one complete five-disc set. Enjoy Bizet’s lively Carmen and Verdi’s Egypt-set Aida, Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Puccini’s Tosca performed by the Canadian Opera Company and Verdi’s Nabucco. 8hrs 49

Over 100 songs by more than 50 artists live at Florida’s Cheyenne Saloon & Opera House, including the Bellamy Brothers, Boxcar Willie, Charlie Rich, Tammy Wynette and many more! 6hr 30

130339 5 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £10.99

Chuck Norris Collection Three action-packed movies: Missing in Action, Code of Silence and Lone Wolf McQuade.

Classic Sinatra A three film collection celebrating one of the greatest singers and actors of all time. With 17 iconic songs! 5hrs 27

136941 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £9.99

187772 4 DVDs £12.99 £8.99

Night Gallery – Complete

Westerns Dynamite

Spine-tingling 1970s series starring Vincent Price, Roddy McDowall, Leonard Nimoy. 32hrs 11

Rio Bravo, Pale Rider, Dances with Wolves, Unforgiven, How the West Was Won and more! Subtitles

166807 10 DVDs Cert 12 £79.99 £49.99

137832 21 DVDs Cert 18 £69.99 £44.99



Cert E

Filmed at the legendary ‘Little Darlin’s’, Kissimmee, Florida, this collection comprises 88 live performances from 36 rock ‘n’ roll greats, including Del Shannon, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Coasters and The Dixie Cups. 5hrs 40

130340 5 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £10.99

441389 5 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £10.99

Dallas – Complete

Just William – Complete

The Humphrey Bogart Collection

Wild at Heart – Complete

My Family – Complete

All 357 episodes of the US drama chronicling the lives of the Ewing Oil magnates. Subtitles

A 1930s schoolboy and his gang, The Outlaws, are plagued by Elizabeth Violet Bott. 11hrs 30

Four film classics: The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Big Sleep and Key Largo. 6hrs 46. Subtitles

Amanda Holden and Stephen Tompkinson star in the popular drama set in South Africa. 52hrs 58

BBC sitcom starring Robert Lindsay as an uptight dentist and Zoë Wanamaker his wife. 59hrs 56. Subtitles

136387105 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £94.99

134789 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £15.99

136945 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £15.99

181916 17 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £59.99

157075 22 DVDs Cert 12 £79.99 £44.99

Tales of Para Handy – Series 1 & 2

The Human Jungle –Complete

Clayhanger – Complete

Within These Walls – Complete

Orphan Black – Complete

Herbert Lom stars as a psychiatrist whose patients include a galaxy of guest stars. 21hrs 3. Subtitles

Arnold Bennett’s epic story of life, love and family conflict, starring Janet Suzman. 21hrs 40

Googie Withers stars as governor Faye Boswell in the hard- hitting women’s prison drama. 59hrs 10. Subtitles

The Emmy awardwinning sci-fi thriller about identity and disturbing truths. 34hrs 36

136067 7 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99

133432 7 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99

189274 21 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £44.99

192392 15 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £39.99

Classic BBC series about the Vital Spark crew. With Gregor Fisher. 9hrs. Subtitles

188465 3 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £18.99



David Jason is Detective Inspector Jack Frost, a gritty and determined man with no time for paperwork or the orthodox approach to police work. He’ll get the job done – his way. 66hrs. Subtitles


Classic ‘70s sitcom about twins Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques who live together, annoy their snobby nextdoor neighbour Mr Brown and get into frequent trouble with the local constable. 32hrs 50

The complete box set of the acclaimed smash hit series. In the wrong place at the wrong time, the heroines of this WWII drama are captives in a gruelling Japanese PoW camp. 29hrs 21. Subtitles

134517 29 DVDs Cert 15 £114.99 £59.99



169523 12 DVDs Cert PG £89.99 £54.99



£43 £79.99 £36.99

12 DVDs Cert 15


Shaun is back! And there’s a new arrival in town, in Aardman Animation’s delightful sheepquel!

191210 DVD Cert U £19.99 £15.99

2-Movie Collection 191211 2 DVDs Cert U £24.99 £19.99


David Tennant stars in this moving, compelling Channel 4 crime drama as a Scottish doctor who becomes prime suspect when his wife and children die in a fire. If you enjoyed Broadchurch, this is for you… 3hrs 3

191545 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

Series 9 The BBC’s popular Caribbean-set crime drama returns with Ardal O’ Hanlon and Don Warrington and the rest of the Honoré police team on Saint Marie! Subtitles

191362 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99




191361 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99


Claes Bang stars as Bram Stoker’s Dracula facing his adversary Agatha Von Helsing, in this witty and dark reworking of the classic legend by Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat. 4hrs 30. Subtitles



New Releases

In 1945, hundreds of children liberated from concentration camps were flown into a tiny town in the Lake District to begin new lives. This BBC dramatization, based on true events, tells their unique story. Starring Iain Glen, Romola Garai and Tim McInnerny. 1hr 30

191406 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99

If you’re an Agatha Christie fan, you’ve got a treat waiting for you. This critcally acclaimed whodunit boasts a stellar cast, including Toni Colette, Christopher Plummer, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Shannon.

191338 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

Vienna Blood BBC’s thrilling new crime drama set in 1900s Vienna, from acclaimed writer Steve Thompson. 3hrs. Subtitles

191315 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99


Made in Auschwitz Documentary on the shocking treatment of women held in Auschwitz Block 10. 1hr 13. Subtitles

191517 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

The Shiny Shrimps French comedy hit, this is a bumpy, raucous, joyful ride of a film! A homophobe has to make amends. 1hr 35. Subtitles

191347 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99

The Man in the Iron Mask

The Power Game – Complete

We Go in at Dawn

The Haunting of Alcatraz

Richard Chamberlain leads an all-star cast in this thrilling adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic tale.

The classic British boardroom drama spin-off from The Plane Makers. Patrick Wymark stars.

Action-packed British drama about the World War II mission to save Operation Overlord.

1937. A prison guard working the night shift experiences chilling, supernatural disturbances.

191496 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

191752 12 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £49.99

191266 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

191303 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99

Series 8 10hrs 191319 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £24.99

191639 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £13.99

ITV crime drama based on the terrible true story of one of Britain’s most brutal murders. In 1985 five members of one family were shot dead in a Sussex farmhouse. Stephen Graham and Mark Addy star. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

191412 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £21.99


191407 26 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £54.99

During an uneventful summer, a group of eight friends seek entertainment. They allow their sexual curiousity to run riot as they engage in several sexual games, breaking rules between right and wrong. 1hr 30



Mark Williams and Sorcha Cusack star. Adapted from the stories by G.K. Chesterton. 90hrs


Series 1- 8


New Releases


Series 6 Series 3

The popular crime drama is set in a seemingly quiet country town in New Zealand, where the newcomer Detective Mike Shepherd finds that murder lurks in even the most homely location. 6hrs 40. Subtitles

Combining corpses, comedy and cracking mysteries, this quirky BBC crime drama stars Mark Benton and Jo Joyner as the sleuths covering Stratfordupon-Avon. 3hrs 18

191739 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £24.99

191404 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Series 1-6 36hrs 25. Subtitles

Series 2 3hrs 18 188692

3 DVDs Cert 12


£29.99 £24.99

12 DVDs Cert 15

£49.99 £34.99

Series 1 8hrs 20 187857 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £22.99

Series 1 Jason Watkins stars in this Bath-set ITV crime drama about an unlikely partnership between two detectives. DS Dodds is shy, modest and enigmatic, while DCI McDonald is wildly ambitious, the hare to his tortoise! 4hrs. Subtitles

191738 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £13.99

For Sama This Oscar winning film is an intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war in Syria. 1hr 40

191746 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £13.99

Inside No. 9 – Series 5

Rudyard Kipling – A Secret Life

Escape from Auschwitz

Cold Feet – Series 1-9

Acclaimed BBC anthology of darkly comic tales by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.

Revealing film lifting the lid on the private life and devastating secrets of the author. 50mins

Remarkable true story of WWII. Four men risk their lives as they attempt to escape the camp.

James Nesbitt, Fay Ripley, Hermione Lee, Robert Bathurst, and John Thomas star. 61hrs. Subtitles

191371 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

191385 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99

191296 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

191552 18 DVDs Cert 15 £64.99 £54.99

The Occupation

Judy & Punch

True story of a 13-year-old Polish Jew whose family was killed by Nazis. To survive she steals an identity. 1hr 51

The traditional story is turned on its head in this fierce, darkly comic and epic female-driven revenge story. 1hr 41

191542 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

191571 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £13.99


191753 £12.99 DVD Cert U

Series 23 A body in the concrete pillar of a car park. A downed plane. Scientific research gone wrong. The BBC’s forensic crime investigation drama returns with Nikki and the team. Subtitles

191366 3 DVDs Cert 18 £19.99 £14.99


191656 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99



Venus is a pedigree cow that has to be shipped off the German-occupied Channel Island of Armorel by major David Niven in this Second World War comedy adventure. With Glynis Johns, Bernard Lee and Kenneth More.

Who would have thought a crime drama set in Iraq would be the next big thing on TV? Channel 4’s acclaimed thriller has unleashed a new detective on our screens and by all accounts he’s here to stay. 4hrs 30. Subtitles



New Releases


Renée Zellweger won the Best Actress BAFTA for her role as Judy Garland in a biopic based on her later life and career. As her private life descends into chaos with child custody issues, financial trouble and an escalating drug habit, Judy moves to London to reinvent herself and give her career one final shot. With Rufus Sewell and Michael Gambon. 1hr 58. Subtitles

191625 DVD Cert 12

£19.99 £14.99 Political drama set in the heart of government during a crisis that threatens to engulf the entire nation. Robert Carlyle stars as the Prime Minister and Victoria Hamilton as his Chief of Staff. They face difficult decisions at work and in life. 6hrs. Subtitles

Expertly restored, the original surreal BBC comedy in stunning high definition at last!

191384 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99

Series 2 6hrs 27 191218 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99

Series 3 6hrs 33 191118 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £18.99

191216 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £26.99



More family heirlooms are restored, including a watch hidden in the original owner’s dress while she was a PoW.There’s no mention of monetary value in this charming series, only sentimental value. 11hrs 15

A woman flees the clutches of her murderous boyfriend in Cologne and hitches a ride with a barge captain on the Rhine. Romantic noir drama, starring Juliette Greco, Marius Goring and William Sylvester. 1hr 35

191754 £12.99 DVD Cert PG


Series 3


191525 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £26.99

Series 9 & Christmas Special The much-loved BBC drama return to our screens with some festive magic and a new eightpart series. Jenny Agutter and Miriam Margolyes star. Subtitles

191364 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern star in a darkly comic TV drama. 5hrs 25

191237 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £22.99

Series 1-2 191238 5 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £32.99


191556 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99

Series 2



It’s the start of a new chapter for the 1950s-set ITV crime drama, as Tom Brittney replaces James Norton as the resident vicar and amateur detective. With Robson Green.

A ageing conman preys on a wealthy widow after meeting her online. Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren star in the adaptation of Nicholas Searle’s bestselling thriller, packed with twists and turns. With Russell Tovey and Jim Carter.

191193 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99


Series 5


New Releases


Series 7 Series 10

Shaun Evans reprises his role as DS Endeavour Morse, alongside Roger Allam as DCI Fred Thursday, for a new set of compelling cases.The new trilogy of films mark the team entering a new decade and era of change.

Brenda Blethyn’s unconventional DCI Vera Stanhope and her loyal team of detectives are back! Adapted from the crime author Ann Cleeves’ novels, the four new episodes are set, as ever, against the picturesque Northumbrian landscape. 8hrs. Subtitles

191555 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99 191544 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99

Series 1 BBC comedy series about an amateur dramatics group, from the team behind the riotous The Play that Goes Wrong. Contains six 30-minute plays featuring the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society. 2hrs 55. Subtitles


Series 1 & 2 David Morrissey, Mackenzie Crook and Zoë Wanamaker star. 14hrs 15. Subtitles

191321 5 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £27.99

Series 2 7hrs 30 191322 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £17.99

Series 1-10

191615 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

£64.99 £49.99



17 DVDs Cert 15



The celebrated actor and archeology enthusiast, explores the history of the nation through the eyes of ordinary people, covering The Tudors, The Victorians, The Georgians and the Second World War. 3hrs. Subtitles

191740 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99


Series 1-7

81hrs 20. Subtitles

20 DVDs Cert 12

£84.99 £79.99

Volume 4 Enjoy 71 individual nostalgia pieces from the 1920s to the 1970s, and enjoy a view of the fashion styles, transport and events during that time, covering the length and breadth of Britain. 11hrs 21

191640 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99


Asterix and Obelix are two feisty Gauls living in rural Brittany free from Roman rule. The magic potion is what keeps the Romans at bay. Comical animation based on the comic book series by René Goscinny. 1hr 21

191320 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £12.99

A darkly sharp and witty refreshing contemporary ITV drama which explores family dynamics and relationships. Starring Imelda Staunton, Francesca Annis, Russell Tovey and Stephen Rea. 4hrs. Subtitles

191570 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99


Cert 15


191262 DVD+BLU DVD £19.99 £14.99 + BLU


Glenda Jackson and Peter Finch star in this British drama about a divorced woman and a middleaged man who share a lover. John Schlesinger directs, with Peggy Ashcroft, Frank Windsor and Tony Britton. 1hr 51



New Releases


Series 2 The BBC’s acclaimed law-and-lawyers drama that also dissects modern marriage, sibling rivalry, office politics and family dynamics. Created by Bafta winning writer Abi Morgan, starring Nicola Walker, and Stephen Mangan. 6hrs. Subtitles

Series 2 Comedian Susan Calman takes us on a lighthearted journey around Scotland's romantic and rugged locations, from the Borders to the islands, Loch Ness to Edinburgh Castle. 4hrs 21

191679 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Series 1 5hrs 42. Subtitles 192314

2 DVDs Cert 15

191655 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

Each year André Rieu performs in his hometown, Maastricht. Now you can spend an enchanting evening with the Dutch violin maestro and his Johann Strauss Orchestra live from Maastricht!

£19.99 £14.99

191643 £14.99 DVD Cert E

Series 1 3hrs 30


The TARDIS arrives in the landing path of a plane at Gatwick airport, where the travellers discover that Chameleon Tours is a front for an alien operation. Patrick Troughton stars. 2hrs 23

191363 3 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £14.99


191264 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £8.99

The Faceless Ones


In 15th century Turkey, the cruel and blood-thirsty Vlad the Impaler inflicts bloody murders against the terrified population. Seven warriors embark on a quest to end his persecution forever. Fans of The Vikings will love this! 2hrs 1



2 DVDs Cert E

£19.99 £17.99

Acclaimed gay drama, described as ‘the best gay film of the year’, which follows two men who have a chance encounter in Barcelona, but soon realise it could be more than serendipity that led them to find each other. 1hr 24

191637 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99

SPY IN THE WILD Series 1-3

Series 2

ITV drama with Amanda Redman, following the life of a doctor who leaves the UK for a hospital in India.

BBC natural history series in which spy cameras disguised as wildlife infiltrate the animal world.

191329 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £34.99

191757 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

Series 3

Series 1 & 2

191330 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99

191756 4 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £21.99

OUT ON 27.04.20

OUT ON 06.04.20

Seeking escape and inspiration, Agatha Christie travels to Baghdad on an archaeological tour, where she is soon caught up in an intrigue, and more than meets her match! Channel Five drama starring Lyndsey Marshal.

Dual Format Classic comedy starring Peter Sellers as Mr. Martin, champion of the workers, totally opposed to the new business practices of his boss (Robert Morley) and a high-flying American businesswoman (Constance Cummings), who has been hired to OUT ON 20.04.20 modernise a male-only tweed factory. Before long she is introducing all sorts of new-fangled ideas and the employees are scandalised that they have to work under a female boss. Let battle commence…1hr 24



£19.99 £14.99

OUT ON 06.04.20



OUT ON 27.04.20

Edward Norton writes, directs and stars in this American crime drama, set in 1950s New York as the civil rights movement grew. Based on the novel by Jonathan Lethem. Bruce Willis, Willem Dafoe and Alec Baldwin co-star.

OUT ON 13.04.20

OUT ON 04.05.20

191664 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £12.99

191559 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £17.99

Sensational live concert version of one of the world’s most popular stage musicals, starring Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Matt Lucas, John Owen Jones and Carrie Hope Fletcher, and featuring a 65-piece orchestra. Now you can experience the phenomenon from the comfort of OUT ON 20.04.20 your sofa, and enjoy performances of songs such as I Dreamed a Dream, Bring Him Home, One Day More and On My Own.


DVD Cert E

£24.99 £17.99


A true story of bloody battles, violent feuds, the hunt for gold and the formation of an empire. This action packed historical adventure is a true story set in Russia during the reign of Peter the Great

In the 1960s, Blake and his alcoholic mother are forced to move into the vast and isolated Clemonte Hall, to care for his dying grandfather who lives in the attic room. Soon, ghostly goings-on fill the house with dread.

191663 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99

191569 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £13.99


The classic mini-series based on the novel by Irwin Shaw, tracing the epic story of the Jordache family from 1945 to the late 1960s. Starring Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss. 30hrs 15

OUT ON 20.04.20

191748 9 DVDs Cert 12 £54.99 £44.99




191727 3 DVDs Cert TBC £24.99 £19.99

Complete Box Set OUT ON 04.05.20

191728 23 DVDs £74.99 £49.99

Cert TBC

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic is both timeless and timely. Playing Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth March, the film stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, with Timothée Chalamet as their neighbour Laurie, Laura Dern as Marmee, and Meryl Streep as OUT ON 04.05.20 Aunt March. 2hrs 9. Subtitles

191795 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £14.99

Series 3

Modern BBC adaptation of the classic family favourite. Siblings Susan and John arrive at Scatterbrook Farm to find it troubled by a late harvest. Can walking, talking scarecrow Worzel Gummidge help? 2hrs. Subtitles

The final mission for Section 20. BBC action drama series based on the book by Chris Ryan.

OUT ON 06.04.20

191755 DVD Cert U £15.99 £13.99

German Weimar Republic crime drama set in the 1920s. 9hrs. Subtitles

191324 2 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £19.99

Series 1-3 21hrs. Subtitles

OUT ON 13.04.20

191323 6 DVDs Cert 18 £39.99 £34.99

Guy Ritchie’s latest action comedy is a gritty London-based crime story, starring Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan and Colin Farrell. American Mickey Pearson has built a marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking cash out of his highly profitable business, it triggers plots, schemes, bribary and blackmail.

191737 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £14.99

Series 13 Historical crime drama set in late 19th century Canada, starring Yannick Bisson as Inspector William Murdoch, a dashing young detective who pioneers new scientific approaches to solving crime such as fingerprinting, forensic techniques and lie OUT ON 18.05.20 detector machines. 13hrs 30. Subtitles


5 DVDs Cert 15

OUT ON 26.04.20

£34.99 £29.99



OUT ON 04.05.20



Complete Series

Anne-Marie Duff stars in the riveting two-part BBC drama inspired by the 2018 Novichok poisonings. It tells the story of how ordinary people reacted to a crisis on their doorstep, displaying extraordinary heroism. 3hrs

The adventurer embarks on an epic journey and finds a continent with glaciers, deserts and jungles, where great wealth exists alongside extreme poverty, political divisions and human drama. 5hrs. Subtitles

191766 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99

OUT ON 13.04.20

191764 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

The true story of America’s greatest battle. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a brilliant Confederate general in the War Between the States whose name has has remained surrounded in controversy to this day.

OUT ON 18.05.20

191665 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99


OUT ON 08.06.20

Series 1 & 2

Series 1 & 2

Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison get behind the wheel of the 1936 designed Morgan 4/4 and set out on road trips along some of Britain’s most beautiful vintage roads. 5hrs 16. Subtitles

The smash hit ITV crime thriller, starring Joanna Froggatt and Ioan Griffudd. 9hrs

191770 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £21.99


A bizarre and absorbing story of the relationship between a British war correspondent and a female extra-terrestrial, on a peace mission to Earth. British sci-fi drama starring Tilda Swinton and Bill Paterson. 1hr 15

191762 4 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £21.99

Series 2 4hrs 30 OUT ON 13.04.20

191763 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99

OUT ON 15.06.20

191735 DVD+BLU £19.99 £14.99

Cert 15

Series 2

OUT ON 20.04.20

The hit fantasy series about Talon, the lone survivor of a race called Blackbloods, seeking revenge for her clan’s slaughter. In this series, Talon and Gwynne prepare for war, having defeated Dred and retaken the Outpost. 9hrs 45. Subtitles

191765 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £21.99

Series 1 7hrs 30 191765

3 DVDs Cert 12

£24.99 £21.99

Winner of the 2020 Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Foreign Language Oscars, as well as the Palme d’Or, this critically acclaimed Korean film is a pitch-black social satire and thriller centred on OUT ON 01.06.20 our modern way of life. Heart-wrenching and hilarious, director Bong Joon Ho has delivered a masterpiece in original, riveting storytelling. 2hrs 11. Subtitles


Series 1

OUT ON 01.06.20

£19.99 £15.99



OUT ON 08.06.20

191567 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

£19.99 £15.99

The true story behind Sam Mendes’ multi award-winning movie about the efforts of a pair of soldiers during the First World War as they endeavour to carry out a mission that could save thousands of lives.

A security guard saves thousands of lives but is mistaken for a terrorist. Clint Eastwood directs this film based on true events at the 1996 Olympic Games. Starring Jon Hamm, Kathy Bates, Sam Rockwell et al.

Nine-part spin-off of the acclaimed graphic novel. Set in an alternate reality, it follows police officer Angela as she investigates the murder of her boss, and uncovers a conspiracy.

191635 DVD Cert TBC £34.99 £29.99

DVD Cert 15

Armando Ianucci gives you Dickens as you’ve never seen him before, with this fun-filled, comical adaptation starring Dev Patel in the lead role, supported by Ben Whishaw, Tilda Swinton, Peter Capaldi, Imelda Staunton and Hugh Laurie. Dickens’ priceless characters, including Mr Mcawber OUT ON 30.06.20 and Uriah Heap, are hilariously captured by a superb British cast. 1hr 59. Subtitles

OUT ON 18.05.20

191741 DVD Cert E £14.99 £11.99



Fast-paced 1955 spy thriller set in Spain. An F.B.I. man avenges his brother’s death at the hands of smugglers. Starring Richard Greene, Anouk Aimee and Michael Denison. 1hr 18

189814 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £12.99

The Goddess

Things to Come

This tragic tale of shame and maternal sacrifice is a silent classic of early Chinese cinema. 2hrs 25

In 1940 war hits Everytown and lasts 30 years. A new order, ‘Wings Over the World’, emerges from the ruins. 1hr 36

180267 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £15.99

133303 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £14.99

A young French girl on the run gets caught up in a prostitution ring. Superior sexploitation thriller with fiery performances from Herbert Lom (as a sinister pimp) and Diana Dors (as a sex worker). 1hr 25


Searing adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece about his claustrophobic and explosive home life. Katharine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, Jason Robards and Dean Stockwell star. 2hrs 50

191494 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £10.99

Ryan’s Daughter – Special Edition

Strip Tease Murder

David Lean’s epic stars Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum and an Oscar winning John Mills. 3hrs 17. Subtitles

British crime thriller starring Ann Lynn, Jean Muir and Kenneth J Warren. 1hr 4

123136 2 DVDs Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

164108 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

191348 DVD+BLU £19.99 £17.99

Play Misty for Me

The Young Savages

Clint Eastwood’s classic psychological thriller about a California DJ who has an affair with an obsessed fan. 1hr 37

Burt Lancaster stars as Hank Ball who investigates the brutal gangland murder of a blind Puerto Rican boy. 1hr 43

191789 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £14.99

163487 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £5.99

Cert PG

The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond (Roger Moore) is on a mission that has him skiing off cliff edges! 2hrs 03. Subtitles

144715 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99


Eugenie De Sade


A girl is drawn to her stepfather, a famous erotic fiction writer, and is pulled into his sexually perverted world. 1hr 41. Subtitles

Hammer adaptation of Bram Stoker’s vampire story. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star. 1hr 19. Subtitles

187799 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

DVD + BLU Cert 15



156584 £24.99 £9.99

Robert Redford plays a man fed up of society, who lives in the Rocky Mountains. 1hr 51. Subtitles

163296 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

Director John Sturges’ remake of Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai featured future stars Yul Brynner, James Coburn, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and Robert Vaughn. Four films in the set. 6hrs 55

619364 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £16.99


Jeremiah Johnson

Tommy (1975)



West 11

The Who’s brilliant rock opera is sublimely matched by director Ken Russell’s penchant for cinematic excess! 1hr 47

Space mining vessel the Nostromo picks up an SOS call from a nearby planet and the crew investigate. 1hr 51. Subtitles

John Hurt, Bridget Fonda, Joanne Whalley star in this film about the infamous Profumo affair. 1hr 55

Joe Beckett is an unemployed misfit convinced to kill a friend’s aunt for her money… 1hr 30

134535 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £9.99

619353 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £7.99

Volume 1 The acclaimed Renown collection contains: Once in a New Moon; Night Caller; Lifepod; Target Earth; Stranger from Venus; Alien Factor; Captive; Psi Factor and The Missing Scientists. 10hrs 34. Subtitles

191336 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £22.99

190921 DVD+BLU Cert 18

£22.99 £17.99

163667 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Ava Gardner in some of their best films. Includes: A Shriek in the Night, Till the Clouds Roll By, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Home Town Story and Whistle Stop.

169313 5 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Classics DVD + BLU

In one of the most popular films from the silent era, screen heartthrob Valentino gives one of his finest performances in this Oriental epic. Sadly it was his last. He died suddenly, aged 31, just before the film’s release. 1hr 9

191351 DVD+BLU £17.99 £15.99

George Formby classic! Gormless George, a barber’s assistant, has a thing for the attractive manicurist. But he must beat his love rival, the caddish Hector, in a competition for her affections! 1hr 18

When Professor Sharpey commits suicide, security officer Major Hall suspects treasonous motives. Basil Dearden’s tense, memorable Cold War thriller starring Dirk Bogarde, Mary Ure and John Clements. 1hr 44

191492 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

Cert U

191497 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £10.99 DVD + BLU

The Gaunt Stranger

The Proud Valley

The White Sheik

42nd Street

Hannibal Brooks

Night of the Fox

Paul Robeson and Edward Chapman star in this drama full of musical numbers and undeniable charm. 1hr 16. Subtitles

1950s romantic Italian comedy about newlyweds in trouble on their honeymoon, directed by Federico Fellini. Subtitles

Ruby Keeler, Ginger Rogers and Dick Powell star in a glorious musical with dazzling songs. 1hr 26. Subtitles

A British PoW befriends an elephant. Michael Winner’s comedy adventure stars Oliver Reed and John Alderton. 1hr 42

Jack Higgins WWII drama, about the D-Day landings, with Michael York, John Mills and George Peppard. 1hr 36

138678 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

169551 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

191787 DVD Cert U £17.99 £14.99

124072 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

190371 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £7.99

169845 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £5.99

Against the Wind

College Swing

Woman of Straw

The 39 Steps

George Burns and Gracie Allen lead a galaxy of 1930s stars in the kind of gleeful, musical tomfoolery of the era! 1hr 26

A man teams with his dying uncle’s nurse when he learns he will inherit nothing. Stars Gina Lollobrigida and Sean Connery. 1hr 22

Hans Christian Andersen

Not as a Stranger

Jack Warner, Simone Signoret and Gordon Jackson star in a wartime espionage thriller set in Belgium and London. 1hr 34

Robert Mitchum and Olivia de Havilland star in this romantic medical drama. With Frank Sinatra and Lee Marvin. 2hrs 17

1959 adaptation of John Buchan’s classic thriller starring Kenneth More, Sid James and Joan Hickson. 1hr 31 Subtitles

130107 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

164455 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

163485 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £5.99

163480 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

158615 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

Rare Edgar Wallace thriller. Scotland Yard investigates ‘The Ringer’ who is on a killing spree. 1hr 9

Vivien Leigh, Stewart Granger, Claude Rains and a very young Jean Simmons star in the most expensive and sumptuous British film made of its time. Adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s epic play. 2hrs. Subtitles



135824 DVD Cert U £15.99 £5.99

Musical starring Danny Kaye, featuring the songs Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling and more! 1hr 52. Subtitles

192341 £8.99 DVD Cert PG

Howard Hawks’s moody melodrama is a story of trench life during World War I focusing on the lives of a French regiment. With Frederic March and Lionel Barrymore. ‘A grim, taut and absorbing war film’ – New York Times 1hr 43

139231 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99



Three Days of the Condor A CIA researcher returns from lunch to find his co-workers have been killed. 1hr 58

166887 DVD+BLU Cert 15

£19.99 £14.99

In Which We Serve Magnificent war drama directed by David Lean. Noël Coward and John Mills star. 2hrs 18. Subtitles

132705 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

32 timeless and classic comedy shorts. This box set charts Keaton’s early association with ex-Keystone Kop Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle through to starring in, headlining, and directing his own box office smash hits. 12hrs

172418 4 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £32.99





James Marsh directs this award-winning biographical drama starring Eddie Redmayne as English physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, and Felicity Jones as his first wife Jane. Redmayne won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance. With David Thewlis and Emily Watson. 2hrs 3

170010 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

Picking up where the blockbuster ITV costume drama series left off, the big screen outing introduces Imelda Staunton to the cast of regulars, including Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Penelope Wilton, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery and Jim Carter. The year is 1927 and King George V and Queen Mary are planning a visit to Downton.



£19.99 £14.99

Oscar-winning drama based on writer Lillian Hellman’s memories of her enigmatic friend Julia, who became involved in the anti-Nazi resistance movement during the 1930s. Starring Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave. 2hrs

140024 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99


18.05 ON .20

Sorry We Missed You

The Count of Monte Cristo



Mrs Lowry & Son

Paris, Texas

Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman star in this explosive drama, based on true events at Fox News. Subtitles

John Ford’s 1934 Western is widely regarded as one of the best ever made. John Wayne stars as The Ringo Kid. 1hr 35

Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall lead the cast in this biopic of renowned English artist L.S. Lowry. 1hr 31

Wim Wenders’ road movie masterpiece. Harry Dean Stanton stars as a wanderer; with Natassja Kinski. 2hrs 27. Subtitles

Hard-hitting drama about the gig economy from Ken Loach and Paul Laverty. 1hr 41. Subtitles

Superb adaptation of the classic novel. Richard Chamberlain, Trevor Howard, Tony Curtis star. 1hr 38

191290 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £13.99

191495 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

191633 DVDs Cert TBC £19.99 £15.99

166409 DVD Cert U £12.99 £5.99

191146 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £10.99

190737 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

164659 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £6.99




The Pianist

All Is True

Official Secrets

The Hateful Eight

TV drama following Manchester United through the Munich air disaster. David Tennant and Dougray Scott star. 1hr 30

Drama about the turbulent life of a sailor who abandons his family in the Liverpool slums – and returns years later. 1hr 17

Julie Walters stars as one of the most controversial and loved figures in British politics – Mo Mowlam. 1hr 40. Subtitles

Adrien Brody stars in this epic true story about a musician who survived WWII with an officer’s help. 2hrs 29

Original take on the final years of Shakespeare’s life. Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen star. 1hr 41

Ralph Fiennes and Keira Knightley star in a political thriller about the Iraq War whistleblower. 1hr 47. Subtitles

Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in Tarantino’s Western thriller. 2hrs 48

170335 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

150776 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

137771 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

620626 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £7.99

189999 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

191287 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

167070 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £9.99


The Age of Adaline Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn star in a fantasy drama about a woman who doesn’t age. 1hr 53

Crime & Investigation

Luc Besson’s classic about a violent girl who avoids a long prison stretch by becoming a hitwoman. 1hr 51. Subtitles

149951 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

No Exit Cleverly plotted vintage British thriller. A crime writer stages a prank to prove the perfect murder is possible. 1hr 20

166877 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

The Left Hand of God Humphrey Bogart is a US pilot caught up with a warlord and missionaries in 1940s China. 1hr 23

The full collection starring Charles Bronson as a vigilante out for revenge. Co-starring Jeff Goldblum and Jill Ireland. Michael Winner directed the original launch film in the franchise. 7hrs 30. Subtitles

191535 DVD Cert 18 £17.99 £14.99

137456 DVD Cert 12 £17.99 £8.99


All 5 Films

A sadistic London gangster seeks to rid his organisation of traitors while plotting to blackmail members of parliament. 1970s crime classic starring Richard Burton, Ian McShane and Nigel Davenport. 1hr 34. Subtitles

Francis Ford Coppola’s seminal eavesdropping drama. Surveillance expert Harry Caul and partner Stan are hired by a mysterious client who seems intent on murder. Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall star. 1hr 49

The Snowman Based on Jo Nesbø’s bestselling thriller, Michael Fassbender stars as an investigator in remote Norway. 1hr 54

145158 5 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £22.99

Hatton Garden – The Heist

Witness for the Prosecution

The Debt Collector


The story that captured the public imagination more than any other crime since The Great Train Robbery.

Tyrone Power and Marlene Dietrich in Billy Wilder’s version of the Agatha Christie play. 1hr 52. Subtitles

Billy Connelly, Ken Scott and Francesca Annis star in this powerful and gripping cop-thriller. 1hr 44

169198 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

137445 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

135234 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99

441990 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

Michael Craig and Nigel Patrick star in this BAFTA winner that explores the racism against immigrants in ‘50s London. 1hr 30

188933 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

190643 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £8.99

Sleeping with the Enemy

The Bogart & Bacall Collection

The Riddle of the Sands

The Fourth Protocol

The Thomas Crown Affair

Dirty Harry Collection

Julia Roberts is an abused wife who fakes her own death to escape her husband. 1hr 34. Subtitles

Includes four classics: To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo. Subtitles

Michael York, Jenny Agutter and Simon MacCorkindale star in a WWI thriller. 1hr 42. Subtitles

Michael Caine stars as a British spy in Frederick Forsyth’s acclaimed Cold War thriller. 1hr 54

Romantic caper with Steve McQueen as a heist mastermind. Faye Dunaway costars. 1hr 38. Subtitles

Five films starring Clint Eastwood as Lieutenant Harry Callahan, the San Francisco cop. 8hrs 26. Subtitles

159497 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £5.99

136946 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £15.99

135821 DVD Cert U £7.99 £5.99

133737 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £6.99

619848 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

623538 6 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £21.99

Critically acclaimed film following a young civil rights lawyer as he attempts to free a man from death row. Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson star in this US legal drama, based on true events.

191566 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99



Definitive Collection

Complete Trilogy

Basil Rathbone stars in 14 films made in the 1940s, including The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Voice of Terror, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon and Sherlock Holmes in Washington.16hrs

All three films in the action series starring Liam Neeson as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills, who is drawn back into the game after his daughter is kidnapped. 4hrs 53. Subtitles

230533 7 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £18.99

189601 3 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £8.99



A jazz trumpeter tries to woo a fellow musician grieving for her dead lover, and sets up a band to bring them closer together. With jazz greats Benny Goodman, Charlie Barnet, Gene Krupa, Harry James, et al. 1hr 28

191349 DVD+BLU DVD £17.99 £15.99 + BLU

John Wayne – Westerns Sage Brush Trail; Randy Rides Alone; Blue Steel Undercover; Lucky Texan; Feeling the Sheriff.

192238 4 DVDs £12.99 £9.99

Cert E


Cert PG

Hers to Hold Deanna returns to the role of Penny Craig – the part that made her a box office sensation. 1hr 31

107193 DVD Cert U £12.99 £3.99

The Powell & Pressburger Collection Eleven films: A Matter of Life and Death,The Red Shoes and more. 20hrs 43. Subtitles

124297 11 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £29.99

The Day Will Dawn

Someone’s husband has cheated. Three friends just don’t know which one. 1hr 43. Subtitles

Hugh Williams, Ralph Richardson and Deborah Kerr star in this British wartime drama. 1hr 35

164321 DVD+BLU Cert U £19.99 £12.99

170362 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

191160 £12.99

Doctor Cyclops

Green for Danger

Corvette K-225

191682 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £7.99


139540 DVD+BLU DVD £17.99 £10.99 + BLU

China Girl In WWII Burma a Chinese woman and a cameraman are pursued by the Japanese. Gene Tierney star.s 1hr 35

135034 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £4.99

Cert PG

The Great Dictator In his first talkie Charlie Chaplin satirises the Nazis in this controversial comedy. 2hrs 5

164424 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

Legendary director Fritz Lang’s engrossing spy thriller years ahead of its time. Gary Cooper is an American scientist, parachuted into war-torn Nazi Germany to obtain military secrets. 1hr 46. Subtitles

191241 DVD+BLU DVD £19.99 £17.99 + BLU

Cert PG

Billy the Kid Smoking Guns / Trapped

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Dynamic duo Buster Crabbe and Al St John star in a Billy the Kid double bill. 2hrs

Powell/Pressburger WWII classic. Roger Livesy and Deborah Kerr star. 2hrs 36

134978 DVD Cert U £12.99 £3.99

136651 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

Working secretly for the government at his remote country house laboratory, John Barrington is fighting the Nazi’s. Anthony Asquith’s thrilling wartime spy drama stars Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, John Mills and George Cole.

A Letter to Three Wives

1940s sci-fi classic. Albert Dekker stars as a scientist who discovers he can shrink humans. 1hr 13

Elia Kazan’s chilling noir is the true story about the murder of a priest, the subsequent arrest and trial of a jobless drifter, and the efforts of an attorney to uncover the truth. Dana Andrews stars. 1hr 28. Subtitles

Classic WWII-set British murdermystery, starring Alastair Sim as an irreverent sleuth.

191158 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99

Snowbound A story of post-WWII Nazi intrigue. Thriller starring Robert Newton, Herbert Lom, Dennis Price and Stanley Holloway. DVD Cert U

Howard Hawks drama stars Randolph Scott at his finest, in a stirring dramatic tribute to Canada’s WWII escort ships. 1hr 38

164456 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £5.99

191491 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99


Set against the dramatic backdrop of Niagara Falls, Marilyn Monroe plays a femme fatale possessing two of the most powerful weapons: an erotic body and an evil mind. Costarring Joseph Cotten. 1hr 25. Subtitles

Peter Sellers, Margaret Rutherford, Virginia McKenna, Leslie Phillips, Sid James and Bill Travers star in Basil Dearden’s heartwarming comedy about a couple who inherit a cinema in the north of England. 1hr 17

Jack Warner, Bill Owen, Sid James, Kay Kendall, Joan Collins and Joan Sims star in this classic drama based on the play by Ralph Peterson. It’s about five different boxers and their reasons for choosing a life in the ring. 1hr 19

134715 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

189153 DVD Cert U £12.99 £10.99

191342 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99


Lola German drama about the double life of single mother/cabaret singer in the 1950s. Directed by R. W. Fassbinder. 1hr 53. Subtitles

181769 DVD Cert 15 £17.99 £10.99

Love Me or Leave Me Musical biopic about the life of famed singer Ruth Etting. Doris Day and James Cagney star. 1hr 57. Subtitles

190758 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

A Town Like Alice Virginia McKenna and Peter Finch star in this WWII romantic drama set in and around Japanese Labour camps. 1hr 52

169526 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £6.99

British Film Comedy: The 50s Four comedies with Ian Carmichael, Joyce Grenfell, TerryThomas, Wilfrid Hyde White et al! 5hrs 24

188258 £12.99 4 DVDs Cert U


High Society

Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman star in this vintage 1958 romcom directed by Stanley Donen. 1hr 40

Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Louis Armstrong star in a musical full of Cole Porter classics. 1hr 43. Subtitles

189990 DVD+BLU Cert PG

£14.99 £12.99

106904 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

The Mr Pastry Collection Tons of Trouble; Butler’s Dilemma; The Time of His Life; The Madame Gambles; Something in the City. 6hrs 28

190267 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £14.99



A disparate group of travellers descend upon the East African coast, all hoping to claim a piece of uranium-rich land. Humphrey Bogart and Gina Lollobrigida star in John Huston’s classic action comedy. 1hr 29

191263 DVD+BLU Cert U £19.99 £14.99

Deadly Nightshade

A Kid for Two Farthings

The Midnight Story

1950s British crime thriller about the opportunities (or not) that arise from a mistaken identity. 1hr 1

Carol Reed’s classic drama is a delightful urban fairy tale set soon after WWII. Celia Johnson stars. 1hr 31

Terrific 1957 film noir. ‘Unusually deep performance from Tony Curtis.’ – Hollywood Reporter. 1hr 27

136917 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £11.99

190253 DVD+BLU Cert U £19.99 £9.99

171947 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

Broken Lance

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Penny Princess

After going to prison for his father’s crime, a rancher’s son returns years later to find the ranch in ruins. Spencer Tracy stars. 1hr 36

135033 DVD Cert U £12.99 £5.99

‘One of the freshest and most satisfying of movie musicals’ – Radio Times Guide to Films. 1hr 42. Subtitles

623609 DVD Cert U £12.99 £7.99

An America woman finds herself heiress to a tiny bankrupt European country. Classic comedy with Dirk Bogarde. 1hr 31

138646 DVD Cert U £12.99 £8.99


Spicy Cinema

Erotically-charged thriller written by Bryan Forbes (The League of Gentlemen) and Brian Clemens (The Avengers), starring Carroll Baker, Ian Bannen, Denholm Elliott and Peter Van Eyck. 1hr 37

Sultan of sleaze Jess Franco directs this drama, designed for connoisseurs of crime and perverted punishment. Enjoy a cast of curvaceous criminals in this uncut, uncensored entry in the women-inprison genre. 1hr 41

After the death of her father, 20-year-old Cecile looks for support from her friends but it is only through random sexual encounters that she finds solace. Graphically erotic drama. 1hr 43. Subtitles

182049 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

191526 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £10.99

139981 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £7.99


20.04 ON .20


Fanny Hill

Drug-laced sangria causes a dance troupe’s rehearsal to descend into a dark nightmare. Directed by Caspar Noé.

Shelley Winters and Oliver Reed star in this 1983 softcore version of a British classic by Gerry O’Hara. 1hr 38

Exposed: Beyond Burlesque

Fifty Shades of Erotica

Shades of Obsession

189652 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £12.99

191657 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £11.99

Poor Cecily Ultra rare cult favourite, full of bodice-ripping action, inspired by the Marquis de Sade’s Justine. 1hr 25. Subtitles

150305 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

Documentary on the burlesque scene with key performers challenging sexual and social taboos. 1hr 18

A selection of vintage erotica trailers from the swinging Sixties, sordid Seventies and erotic Eighties. 2hrs

Fast-paced thriller about a porn addict biology teacher who becomes obsessed with a pupil. 1hr 37

146611 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

150306 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £9.99

166514 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

191488 DVD Cert 18 £11.99 £10.99

The Demoniacs

Forever Night

Whore Angels

Maid in Japan

Sadistic horror directed by Jean Rollin. A gang of pirates kidnap, rape and murder two girls. 1hr 35. Subtitles

Erotic horror set in a world of demons and goblins, where a condemned man can watch, but not touch. 1hr 27

Sexploitation horror. A drifter finds herself in a heady mix of possession, passion and humour. 1hr 3. Subtitles

The House of Maids is a café whose staff will do anything to bring a smile to customers’ faces. 1hr. Subtitles

The Nude Vampire

190186 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

163545 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

188155 DVD Cert 18 £14.99 £11.99

188577 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

Two young, beautiful women try and negotiate the trappings of success, the tyranny of distance and the pull of family, as they hurtle towards an inevitable breakup. Contains strong sex scenes. 1hr 33. Subtitles

188594 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £14.99


The story of a parttime porn actress and a hooker, as they set out to leave their town for Paris after witnessing and being subjected to rape and violence… 1hr 14. Subtitles

170649 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99

Orpheus Song An erotic film and a modern day variation on the Greek myth. Two men, one gay, become gym buddies. 1hr 12

Education Anglaise French erotica. After the deaths of her parents, 16-year-old Sylvie is entrusted to her uncle. 1hr 30

610465 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £9.99

Sex Machine

A surreal blend of horror and erotica as a secret cult experiments on a captive woman. 1hr 20

150304 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £11.99

This boundary breaking Japanese sex comedy is part of the pink film genre and is directed by Yuji Tajiri. 1hr 06

163539 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £11.99

Erotic drama inspired by the Berlusconi sex scandals. Pier, a very powerful man, has a high sexual appetite. His ex-girlfriend brings him ambitious men and women who will do anything to win his support. 1hr 30. Subtitles

190734 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £13.99




Crooks in Cloisters Comedy about a bunch of on-the-run petty crooks who take to the cloth in an attempt to lay low. 1hr 30

Box Set

The Movie

Five films covering the entire Pink Panther story, all starring Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. Bert Kwouk stars as Cato and Herbert Lom as Inspector Dreyfuss. 8hrs 18

Captain Mainwaring and his inept men create mayhem when they go on manoeuvres with other military companies under the eyes of a real MajorGeneral. Arthur Lowe, Clive Dunn et al. 1hr 31

140291 5 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £15.99

True as a Turtle An enjoyable comedy looking back at sailing and society in postwar England. John Gregson and June Thorburn star. 1hr 36

138807 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

167642 DVD Cert U £12.99 £9.99

Ghost in the Noonday Sun

139210 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

121182 £7.99 DVD Cert U

A Private Function Alan Bennett’s black (market) comedy stars Michael Palin and Maggie Smith. 1hr 32. Subtitles

His and Hers Terry-Thomas stars in a domestic farce. With Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor and Oliver Reed. 1hr 26. Subtitles

167415 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £7.99

139678 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

The St. Trinian’s Collection

The Happiest Days of Your Life

Carry On – Collection

A 1973 pirate comedy starring Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Clive Revill. 1hr 32

Four St Trinian’s titles following the adventures of the notorious all-girl school. 5hrs 50

Classic British comedy starring Alastair Sim and Margaret Rutherford. 1hr 21

30 hilarious slapstick British comedy greats starring Kenneth Williams. 43hrs 20. Subtitles

169484 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £11.99

126019 4 DVDs Cert U £29.99 £15.99

170890 DVD Cert U £17.99 £10.99

The feelgood film of the year! James Purefoy and Daniel Mays lead a stellar cast in this comedy drama based on the true story of a group of Cornish shanty singers. If you loved Calendar Girls, this is the film for you! 1hr 52

190098 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

Guy Rolfe, Michael Hordern, Ronald Shiner and Lionel Jeffries find their sea legs in this littleknown but hugely engaging nautical yarn from 1958. Co-starring Warren Mitchell and Richard Briers.1hr 17

138900 16 DVDs Cert 15 £69.99 £34.99

It’s Great to Be Young! John Mills stars in this 1956 feel-good British comedy as a cool, trumpetplaying teacher. 1hr 34

Up Pompeii A funny thing happens to Frankie Howerd on the way to the rent-a-vestal-virgin market stall. BBC at its sauciest best! 1hr 27

Operation Bullshine A WWII officer has to deal with women at his men-only camp. Donald Sinden stars. 1hr 21. Subtitles

133997 DVD Cert U £15.99 £10.99

134051 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £11.99

Private School

Up the Chastity Belt

Father Came Too!

Frankie Howerd plays Lurkalot, serf to Sir Coward de Custard. Racy follow-up to Up Pompeii! 1hr 31

Classic British comedy with James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter and Sally Smith. 1hr 31

134052 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £9.99

191498 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £14.99

Phoebe Cates and Matthew Modine star in this saucy comedy about sexcapades at an exclusive girls school. 1hr 29

192252 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £8.99

Triple bill: The Big Job – Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery, Jim Dale and Joan Sims co-star; The Lavender Hill Mob – Alex Guinness, and an early cameo by Audrey Hepburn; Make Mine a Million – Arthur Askey co-stars. 4hrs

125110 3 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £11.99

139672 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £8.99

British comedy classic starring Julie Christie, Dick Emery, James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips and Stanley Baxter. A cyclist on a modest salary swaps his bike for a luxury car to impress a girl, with hairraising results! 1hr 31

191499 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £10.99


Family Favourites

A semi-sequel to Disney’s 1940 classic. Features the original film’s Mickey Mouse adventure The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – plus seven other all-new animated interpretations of classical music. 1hr 11. Subtitles

143378 DVD Cert U £15.99 £11.99

Disney musical starring the primly perfect Julie Andrews as an Edwardian nanny. 2hr 13. Subtitles

Kay Walsh, Donald Crisp and Laurence Naismith star in this deeply moving true story about a little Skye Terrier who refuses to leave his master’s Edinburgh grave – and the people who come to love and admire him. 1hr 27. Subtitles

138940 DVD Cert U £15.99 £11.99

Mary Poppins & Mary Poppins Returns

132004 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

191714 3 DVDs Cert U £24.99 £17.99


Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Honey I … Triple Pack

Hunchback of Notre Dame I & II

Beauty & the Beast

Disney Oscar winner stars Angela Lansbury, and Bruce Forsyth sings Portobello Road! 1hr 52. Subtitles

Rick Moranis stars as eccentric inventor Wayne Szalinski, in these blockbuster comedies. 4hrs 07

Disney animations voiced by Tom Hulce, Demi Moore, Jason Alexander, Kevin Kline and more.

Disney double bill of the fairy tale, with the animation plus CGI/ live-action versions. 3hr 35. Subtitles

620703 DVD Cert U £15.99 £11.99

191710 3 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £12.99

191711 2 DVDs Cert U £15.99 £12.99

191716 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £16.99

Toy Story 1-4 All four instalments of the universally applauded CGI-animated adventure franchise following the adventures of a band of toys who come to life as soon as their owner leaves the room.

The Lion King

Aladdin (2019)

Jungle Book

Remake of the 1994 Disney animation, voiced by Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Beyoncé. 1hr 58

Guy Ritchie co-writes and directs this live-action fantasy adventure starring Will Smith and Mena Massoud. 2hrs 08

Jon Favreau directs this fantasy adventure remake of the 1967 film inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s book. 1hr 46. Subtitles

191721 DVD Cert PG £22.99 £17.99

191719 DVD Cert PG £22.99 £17.99

191708 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £11.99


Sea Biscuit


Robin Williams stars as the buff sailorman and Shelley Duvall stars as love-of-his life Olive Oyl. 1hr 32. Subtitles

Fact-based drama set in Depressionera America, about a racehorse. Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges star. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

Jane Seymour, Sian Phillips and Jason Robards in a timeless heart-warming family story set in the Swiss alps. 3hrs 13

191700 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

164640 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £6.99

164775 DVD Cert U £15.99 £6.99

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Lone Ranger

191725 4 DVDs Cert U £39.99 £32.99

Toy Story 4 191720 DVD Cert U £22.99 £17.99

Bob Hoskins stars with Jessica Rabbit, the world’s sexiest cartoon character. 1hr 45. Subtitles

137931 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

Sci-fi adventure based on the novel by Douglas Adams. 1hr 50. Subtitles

191703 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

Western starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the legendary masked man. 2hrs 29. Subtitles

191704 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

Family Favourites

2010 – Tim Burton 191702 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

The Love Bug; Herbie Rides Again; Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo: Herbie Goes Bananas; and Herbie Fully Loaded. 8hr 4. Subtitles

Box set of seven films with Kermit and other muchloved characters created by Jim Henson.

Through the Looking Glass/In Wonderland

620696 5 DVDs Cert U £33.75 £16.99

7 DVDs Cert U

Herbie the Love Bug

Muppets Treasure Island

1hr 43. Subtitles

1hr 36

191697 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

191699 DVD Cert U £12.99 £6.99

Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman and more. 1hr 49. Subtitles

3hrs 32. Subtitles

191707 2 DVDs Cert PG £15.99 £11.99

Treasure Island

Fox & Hound Special Edition

Robin Hood Special Edition

Swiss Family Robinson

Loveable Disney animation voiced by Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell. 1hr 19

Disney animation with Robin as a fox, Little John a bear, and Friar Tuck a badger. 1hr 23. Subtitles

John Mills stars in the classic Disney adaptation of a shipwrecked family. 2hrs 6. Subtitles

138944 DVD Cert U £15.99 £11.99

138947 DVD Cert U £15.99 £11.99

131981 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

Tarzan Triple Pack

The Incredible Journey

Pirates of the Caribbean 1-5

Disney animations based on Edgar Rice Burroughs classic novel Tarzan of the Apes. 3hrs 12 Subtitles

Family adventure about two dogs and a cat in search of their family. 1hr 20. Subtitles

Five movies from the popular adventure with Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Subtitles

191713 3 DVDs Cert U £18.99 £14.99

620680 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

191717 5 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £17.99

Bobby Driscoll stars as Jim Hawkins while Robert Newton steals every scene as pirate captain Long John Silver. 1hr 36

131984 DVD Cert U £17.99 £6.99

Disney Princess Collection

Sister Act / Sister Act 2

Four Disney fairy tale animations – Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, Snow White and Little Mermaid.

Whoopi Goldberg stars in these hit comedies, with Maggie Smith, Harvey Keitel. 3hrs 12. Subtitles

191718 4 DVDs Cert PG £22.99 £19.99

191705 2 DVDs Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

The Nutcracker & The Four Realms

191715 £19.99

Saving Mr Banks


Biopic of the creator of Mary Poppins, with Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks (as Walt Disney). 2hrs 7. Subtitles

Disney family drama based on the classic novel by Eleanor H. Porter. Hayley Mills and Jane Wyman star. 2hrs 14. Subtitles

143334 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

163580 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

Meet the Robinsons Time travelling Disney adventure about a boy searching for family life in the future. 1hr 31. Subtitles

164503 DVD Cert U £15.99 £8.99

Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell star in this fantasy adventure based on the characters created by A.A. Milne. Now an adult, Christopher Robin neglects his family because of work pressures. Out of nowhere his childhood friend Pooh appears looking for his help. The pair head back to Hundred Acre Wood. 1hr 44

191722 DVD Cert PG £22.99 £18.99

Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley star in a fantasy adventure. 1hr 19. Subtitles

Winne the Pooh 5 Movie Box Set

191706 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

191712 5 DVDs Cert U £18.99 £16.99

5hrs 45. Subtitles


Easter Multi-Buy – Any 2 for £14

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Calamity Jane & Sam Bass

The Crucible

Helen Mirren, Rupert Graves and Helena Bonham Carter star in this E.M. Forster adaptation. 1hr 48

Yvonne De Carlo is the legendary cowgirl in this Western. George Sherman directs. 1hr 25

139216 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

164452 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

137446 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

Nine to Five

The Great Escape

Nicholas Hytner’s adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder. 1hr 58. Subtitles

The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman star in the hit adaptation. 2hrs 45. Subtitles

Hang ‘em High Clint Eastwood stars in this ’67 shoot ‘em up as an innocent rancher condemned to hang for rustling. 1hr 54. Subtitles

139189 DVD Cert 12 £22.99 £8.99

623684 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99

The Apartment


Comedy classic with Jack Lemmon as an office man who lends his apartment to his adulterous bosses. 2hrs. Subtitles

Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae in the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical. Songs include You’ll Never Walk Alone. 2hrs

132310 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

123437 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £8.99

121162 2 DVDs £15.99 £7.99

Man on Fire

The Robe

Some Like it Hot

All About Eve

Denzel Washington stars in this action thriller as an exCIA agent hired to protect a 10-year-old girl. 1hr 50. Subtitles

Richard Burton, Victor Mature and Jean Simmons star in this acclaimed Biblical epic. 2hrs 15. Subtitles

Billy Wilder’s classic six Oscar-winning screwball comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. 2hrs 2. Subtitles

Classic Oscar-winner with Bette Davis and Anne Baxter, and with a cameo from Marilyn Monroe. 2hrs 14. Subtitles

167164 DVD Cert 18 £15.99 £8.99

123489 DVD Cert U £9.99 £8.99

135827 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

135835 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

The Sweet Smell of Success

Shadow Run

The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Four Weddings and a Funeral – Special Edition

Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep star as tempestuous lovers 2hrs 4. Subtitles

Hugh Grant stars as the Brit trying to woo Andie MacDowell. 1hr 52. Subtitles

619146 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £7.99

619796 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £7.99

Classic comedy about office revenge starring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. 1hr 45. Subtitles

159698 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £8.99

Classic 1950s film noir masterpiece starring Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster. 1hr 37. Subtitles

623700 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99


Steve McQueen leads a starry cast in the true story of the daring PoW breakout. 1hr 53. Subtitles

Michael Caine and James Fox star in this British crime thriller. A criminal is ordered to hijack an armored vehicle. 1hr 30

170949 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

Cert U

Theatre of Blood Vincent Price is a crazed Shakespearean actor who takes revenge on critics. 1hr 40. Subtitles

Bridge of Spies Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance star in Steven Spielberg’s compelling Oscarnominated Cold War drama. 2hrs 21

617476 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

166535 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Train



Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield and Jeanne Moreau star in this rarely-seen 1964 war movie. 2hrs 7. Subtitles

Cult sci-fi action drama starring Sean Connery. In the future the world is divided into two classes. 1hr 45

Passion and betrayal are at this thriller’s core. Kevin Costner, Anthony Quinn, Madeleine Stowe star. 1hr 59. Subtitles

132947 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

144822 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

159872 DVD Cert 18 £9.99 £7.99

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Longest Day

Midnight Cowboy

Richard Burton, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda star in this fact-based WWII drama. 2hrs 51

Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight star in the X-rated, tragi-comic Oscar-winning film about friendship. 1hr 48. Subtitles

136108 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

144665 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

619130 DVD Cert 18 £12.99 £7.99


The Bridge at Remagen

My Darling Clementine

George Segal and Ben Gazzara star in factbased drama about a US troops’ assault on the Rhine. 1hr 52

Hard-hitting Western with a tender heart starring Henry Fonda and Linda Darnell. 1hr 32. Subtitles

122610 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99

134726 DVD Cert U £9.99 £7.99

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe star in Howard Hawks’ celebrated musical. 1hr 30. Subtitles

The musical drama is directed by and stars Barbra Streisand. With Mandy Patinkin and Amy Irving. 2hrs 20. Subtitles

612723 DVD Cert PG £15.99 £7.99

Easter Treats




Welcome to My World Part 1

Featuring all 52 episodes from series one to six, including Christmas at Downton, A Journey to the Highlands, The London Season, A Moorland Holiday and The Finale. Subtitles

167544 DVD Cert E £19.99 £14.99

Part 2

168318 DVD Cert E £19.99 £14.99

Part 3

169255 DVD Cert E £19.99 £14.99

169236 26 DVDs Cert 12 £58.99 £38.99

The Book of Ruth

Homeward Bound

There Was a Crooked Man

Tchaikovsky – The Ballets (The Royal Ballet)

The Bible – The Ultimate DVD Collection

The biblical epic and a powerful love story about courage in the face of adversity. 1hr 31

Remake of the 1963 Walt Disney classic about three dogs who look for their owners. 1hr 21. Subtitles

Comedy legend Norman Wisdom is at his best playing a naïve explosives expert. 1hr 42

Contains: Swan Lake; Sleeping Beauty; and The Nutcracker. 7hrs 53. Subtitles

Includes David, Abraham, Joseph, Jesus, Moses and Samson and Delilah. 18hrs. Subtitles

190244 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

191698 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

191695 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

188290 3 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £24.99

130218 17 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £59.99

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Pretty Woman – 15th Anniversary

Sully: Miracle on the Hudson

Dolly Parton – Song by Song

Sci-fi adventure, based on Jules Verne’s novel. Kirk Douglas and James Mason star. 1hr 58. Subtitles

Richard Gere is a millionaire and Julia Roberts a hooker in this romantic classic. 2hrs. Subtitles

Clint Eastwood directs and Tom Hanks stars in this drama recreation of the Hudson River plane crash.

The stories behind the legendary country singer’s most famous hit songs. 1hr 54

132861 DVD Cert U £15.99 £7.99

620675 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £7.99

187734 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £7.99

166423 DVD Cert E £12.99 £4.99

Period drama set in London in 1876. A young girl, abandoned as a baby, sets out to find her real mother. 5hrs

164606 2 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £21.99

Series 2


191683 2 DVDs £9.99 £8.99

Calendar Girls A women’s club raises money with a risqué calendar. Helen Mirren, Celia Imrie and Julie Walters star. 1hr 48. Subtitles

137660 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £7.99

Cert PG

Dinnerladies – Complete Bren, Jean, Dolly, Anita and Twinkle work in a canteen. Victoria Wood and Julie Walters star. 7hrs 53

444993 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99

The Complete Collection While You Were Sleeping

Looney Tunes – Golden Collection

Acclaimed, cleverly scripted romcom with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. 1hr 40. Subtitles

The Warner Brothers’ seminal cartoon, largely uncut, and remastered. 42hrs 24. Subtitles

191701 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £6.99

135880 24 DVDs Cert U £69.99 £47.99

Much-loved ITV series starring Jon Pertwee as the scarecrow and Una Stubbs as Aunt Sally. Includes A Cup O Tea an a Slice O Cake, and Worzel Gummidge Down Under. Pure nostalgia! 28hrs 51

191236 9 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £39.99



Peter Cushing, Brian Cox, Diana Dors, Pierce Brosnan, Denholm Elliott, Sian Phillips and Gareth Thomas are just some of the stars in this popular 1980’s ITV drama chiller series. 11hrs. Subtitles



Hidden: Series 2 An investigation is launched following the discovery of a body, in this popular detective drama set in North Wales.

191761 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £21.99

The Spanish Princess Based on The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory. 7hrs 28. Subtitles

190337 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £12.99


Following the death of his father, a feared shipping tycoon, adventurer James Keziah Delaney, thought dead, returns to London in 1814 to claim what’s his. Tom Hardy, Jonathan Pryce and Oona Chaplin star. Subtitles


133739 4 DVDs Cert 18 £39.99 £12.99


Complete Series In this popular British TV drama Robson Greene and Jerome Flynn are solders in the King’s Own Fusiliers regiment, peacekeeping in Northern Ireland and the rest of the world. 68hrs 20


180099 3 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £14.99

Robin of Sherwood – Complete BAFTA winner! Ray Winstone, Michael Praed, Jason Connery star. 21hrs 40


The Adventurer – Complete Gene Barry stars as Gene Bradley, a jetsetter with an eye for the ladies and a nose for trouble. 10hrs 50

The Mad Death A tourist smuggles her Siamese cat into Scotland, sparking a terrifying outbreak of rabies across the UK. 3hrs. Subtitles

445171 8 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £39.99

136551 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £17.99

188927 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £8.99


Wolf Hall

Sky drama about the accident at the Soviet nuclear plant in 1986. Starring Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard. 5hrs. Subtitles

Damian Lewis and Mark Rylance star in this adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize winning novels. 5hrs 50. Subtitles

The Hanged Man/ Turtle’s Progress – Complete

190240 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £17.99

170011 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £12.99

1974 mini-series and its 1980 spin-off. Colin Blakely stars. 17hrs 30

191693 6 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £24.99

444294 23 DVDs £59.99 £44.99

Cert 15

Pretenders – Complete

The Fear – Complete

The Vision

Action-filled drama set in the turbulent years of King James II’s rule in the 17th century. 5hrs 25

Iain Glen is a young gangster involved in various extortion rackets in North London. 4hrs 10

170638 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

133852 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

181599 DVD Cert 12 £12.99 £9.99

Tour of Duty – Complete

Frankie Drake Mysteries Series 3

A U.S. Army platoon struggles against the merciless, bloody tactics of the Viet Cong. 48hrs 36

Period crime drama, about the first female private detective in 1920s Toronto. 7hrs 30. Subtitles

Sword of Freedom – Complete

136399 15 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £59.99

191758 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £25.99

Dirk Bogarde, Eileen Atkins and Lee Remick star in this powerful drama about TV evangalism. 1hr 45. Subtitles

Drama set in Renaissance Florence. Edmond Purdom stars. 16hrs 15

137954 5 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £21.99

Drama E SAV



Tom Hughes stars as an MI5 spy in this six-part BBC drama series set during the Cold War. MI5 chief Daddy assembles a secret committee to investigate a Soviet plot. Co-starring Brian Cox. 6hrs. Subtitles

The compelling and thought-provoking modern-day David and Goliath drama series starring Ian McShane as Silas Benjamin, King of Gilboa. With Christopher Egan. 9hrs 16

164263 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

191687 3 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £14.99

The Prisoner – Complete Patrick McGoohan stars as Number 6 in one of TV’s biggest hits, set in an ‘idyllic’ village.14hrs 10

Torvill & Dean Feature-length film exploring the humble beginnings that led the pair to become Olympic champions. 1hr 43. Subtitles

Sophie Cookson, James Norton, Emilia Fox and Ben Miles take us deeper into the Profumo Affair, the infamous political and sexual scandal that rocked Sixties Britain and toppled the government. 6hrs. Subtitles

Secret Diary of a Call Girl – Series 1

Orson Welles Great Mysteries – Volume 1

Billie Piper stars as a high-class prostitute in this long-running series. 2hrs 57. Subtitles

Acclaimed anthology series featuring 13 tales of mystery and suspense. 5hrs 17

190988 DVD Cert 15 £24.99 £17.99

Succession – Series 1

Mrs Wilson – Series 1

Circles of Deceit

Golden Globe winning satire about family. Brian Cox stars as a media mogul. 9hrs 31. Subtitles

Ruth Wilson stars as a woman investigating her dead husband’s life when secrets emerge. 3hrs. Subtitles

Four TV thrillers starring Dennis Waterman, Leo McKern, Peter Vaughan and John Hannah. 6hrs 30. Subtitles

191636 6 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £44.99

189194 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £9.99

147549 2 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £7.99

190081 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

191214 3 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £24.99

188560 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £17.99

187860 2 DVDs Cert 15 £15.99 £11.99

The White Princess

Dr Finlay’s Casebook – A Questionable Practice

War & Peace – Complete

Trial & Retribution – Complete

Ellery Queen Mysteries – Complete

Hannay – Complete

Sharpe – Classic Collection

22 unforgettable cases from the acclaimed thriller writer Lynda La Plante. 52hrs

Crime classic by the creators of Columbo. A writer helps the NYPD. 19hrs 58

All 13 episodes of the action-packed series, following the exploits of Major Richard Hannay. 10hrs 53

14 movie-length ITV adaptations. Sean Bean stars as the dashing British hero. 25hrs. Subtitles

140065 20 DVDs Cert 18 £59.99 £39.99

166971 6 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99

167626 4 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £24.99

190378 8 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £22.99

Philippa Gregory adaptation about family, power, love and betrayal. Jodie Comer stars. 7hrs 34. Subtitles

190907 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £9.99



This episode was thought lost forever! 50mins. Subtitles

169712 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £4.99

The BBC’s 20-part adaptation of the Tolstoy epic, starring Anthony Hopkins. 14hrs 50. Subtitles

132589 5 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £14.99

Complete The true story of Shackleton’s 1914 Endurance expedition to the South Pole and his epic struggle to lead his 28-man crew to safety after his ship was crushed in the pack ice. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

167514 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99



Australian mini-series starring Romola Garai and Jack Davenport.The drama tells the epic story of 19-year-old Mary Bryant who was transported on the First Fleet to the new penal colony at Botany Bay, Australia. 3hrs

150913 2 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Cert 15



Complete Journey to the rough ‘n’ rowdy West and join the misadventures of two outlaws with every episode of the Western series starring Ben Murphy and Pete Duel. 42hrs 46

170836 10 DVDs Cert PG £69.99 £44.99


Period Drama Helen Mirren leads the cast in this epic and romantic drama about the power, politics, and passions of the legendary monarch. She stars as one of the greatest rulers in history. With Rory Kinnear. 4hrs 40. Subtitles

191029 3 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99



The Woman in White Not all villains wear black. Acclaimed BBC adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ classic novel. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

133338 2 DVDs Cert PG £17.99 £7.99

My Mother & Other Strangers WWII BBC drama set in Northern Ireland, following the fortunes of the Coyne family. 4hrs 50. Subtitles

169277 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99


The Life and Times of David Lloyd George TV drama charting the life of the controversial liberal leader. 9hrs 6. Subtitles

We’ll Meet Again – Complete Susannah York and Michael J Shannon star in this WWII story of love and courage. 11hrs 40

Based on the memoirs of Elspeth Huxley, this enchanting ITV drama series follows the adventures of a young Edwardian family leaving England to live in a far-flung corner of the British Empire – East Africa. Hayley Mills and David Robb star. 5hrs 50

Dustin Hoffman stars in this drama, set in 15th century Florence, about the House of Medici, one of the most powerful Florentine families and bankers to the Pope. With Richard Madden.

132281 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

The Duchess of Duke Street – Complete Gemma Jones stars in the BBC drama set in Edwardian London. 21hrs. Subtitles


2 DVDs Cert 15

£24.99 £18.99

Nancy Astor

Lillie – Complete

Award-winning BBC series about the life and times of the first woman in the House of Commons. 8hrs 10. Subtitles

Francesca Annis stars as Lillie Langtry, lover of the Prince of Wales, in this award-winning drama. 10hrs 50

Bramwell – Complete

132283 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £18.99

445035 8 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £29.99

Jemma Redgrave stars as a medic in a male-dominated Victorian London. 22hrs 44. Subtitles

191694 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £24.99

240482 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £18.99

170599 10 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £21.99

617011 3 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

Dark Angel

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

The Old Curiosity Shop

Diana – Complete

Wind at my Back – Series 1

Swashbuckling BBC TV adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel, starring Alan Badel. 5hrs

Tara Fitzgerald, Toby Stephens and Rupert Graves star in Anne Brontë’s 19th century tale. 2hrs 38. Subtitles

Natalie Ogle stars in this BBC adaptation of the timeless, Dickens classic. 4hrs 30. Subtitles

Jenny Seagrove and Kevin McNally are the couple battling class difference and war. 8hrs 40. Subtitles

Acclaimed drama adapted from Canadian author L.M. Montgomery’s bestseller. 10hrs

139238 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

445368 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

120085 2 DVDs £15.99 £6.99

163495 3 DVDs £29.99 £8.99

188217 4 DVDs Cert PG £34.99 £21.99

ITV drama based on the true story of the Victorian poisoner Mary Ann Cotton, starring Joanne Froggatt. 3hrs

169386 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99

Cert U

Cert 12

Cert U

Cert 12





Alison Steadman and Samantha Bond star in the infamous classic adapted by Andrew Davies. Orphan Fanny’s virtue is tested in London by a madam and her lustful client Mr Crofts. 1hr 46. Subtitles

Based on Anthony Price’s acclaimed novels Chessgame sees Terence Stamp as David Audley, a history professor who also heads a small team of counter-intelligence agents. 5hrs

Michael Holdern, David Threlfall, Zoë Wanamaker star in this 1986 ITV drama series written by Sir John Mortimer, focusing on the upheavals and corruption of post-war British society. 9hrs 56

445408 DVD Cert 15 £9.99 £7.99

Rosamunde Pilcher’s Four Seasons Michael York, Tom Conti, Frank Finlay and Juliet Mills star in the adaptation. 5hrs 56

170732 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

Charles Dickens – Collection

Eagle of the Ninth An epic historical adventure adapted from the bestselling children’s novel by Rosemary Sutcliff. 4hrs 8. Subtitles

Four BBC dramas: Great Expectations; Little Dorrit; Oliver Twist; Bleak House. 21hrs 8. Subtitles

133541 4 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £17.99

136265 9 DVDs Cert 12 £44.99 £26.99

169706 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

Bravo Two Zero

Little Dorrit

Sean Bean stars in this harrowing true account of an SAS unit cut off behind Iraqi lines in the Gulf War. 1hr 52. Subtitles

Tom Courtenay, Claire Foy and Amanda Redman star in this 2008 BBC adaptation of the Dickens classic. 8hrs. Subtitles

Real Women – Series 1 & 2

132839 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £7.99

623479 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £12.99

Five friends reunite after 20 years. Pauline Quirk, Michelle Collins and Lesley Manville star. 5hrs 15

188921 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £8.99

The Barchester Chronicles Starring Alan Rickman, Susan Hampshire, Geraldine McEwan, Nigel Hawthorne. 6hrs 39

122389 2 DVDs £24.99 £9.99

Cert U



Ghostboat A WWII sub goes missing and re-appears 40 years later. David Jason stars in this spooky ITV drama. 1hr 39. Subtitles

134556 DVD Cert 12 £9.99 £5.99

Madame Bovary

Apple Tree Yard

Francesca Annis and Tom Conti star in the BBC’s adaptation of Flaubert’s story of a woman’s downfall. 3hrs 31. Subtitles

Provocative BBC thriller adapted from the bestselling novel. Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin star. 3hrs 43. Subtitles

120077 2 DVDs Cert PG £15.99 £6.99

169609 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

191689 6 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £39.99

Kidnapped – Complete

The Mill on the Floss

A young boy is kidnapped and sent to sea by a wicked uncle. David McCallum stars. 5hrs 50

George Eliot’s tale about Maggie Tulliver. Emily Watson, Cheryl Campbell and Bernard Hill star. 2hrs. Subtitles

137538 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £11.99

442456 DVD Cert PG £9.99 £7.99

The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel

Hard Times

Classic 1956 series with Marius Goring, Christopher Lee, Peter O’Toole. 7hrs 30

135415 3 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £15.99

The 1977 BAFTAwinning adaptation of the Dickens’ novel. Timothy West, Edward Fox and Patrick Allen star. 3hrs 20. Subtitles

132066 DVD Cert PG £14.99 £6.99

JANE AUSTEN Persuasion Acclaimed adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, starring Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins. 1hr 33. Subtitles





Andrew Davies adapts Jane Austen’s last novel. Anne Reid leads the cast. 6hrs 6. Subtitles


2 DVDs Cert 12

£22.99 £14.99


£17.99 £7.99

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen classic starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. 5hrs 27. Subtitles

132165 2 DVDs Cert PG £12.99 £8.99

The Jane Austen Collection Mansfield Park (Billie Piper); Northanger Abbey (Felicity Jones); Kate Beckinsale in Emma. 4hrs 50. Subtitles

134512 3 DVDs Cert PG

£19.99 £12.99


Crime & Investigation





BBC mini-series based on the novel by John le Carré. Tom Hiddleston stars as former soldier Jonathan Pine, who is recruited MI5 to infiltrate an illegal, international operation. With Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman. 5hrs 44

166845 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £12.99

Complete Complete Series Richard Vernon and Michael Aldridge star as Home Office-appointed criminologists in this clever, humorous and highly original 1960s drama sequel to The Man in Room 17. 10hrs 20


Hetty wakes on her 60th birthday and decides to become a detective. Armed with just her handbag and lots of gritty northern common sense, she’s on the case. Patricia Routledge stars. 22hrs 32


138272 4 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £21.99

181914 DVD Cert 12 £39.99 £29.99





Sherlock Holmes – Complete

The Untouchables – Complete

Bones – Complete

Space Precinct – Complete

Starsky & Hutch – Complete

Jonathan Creek – Complete

Callan – The Colour Years

All four series of the crime drama starring Jeremy Brett as the sleuth Sherlock Holmes. 39hrs 16

Groundbreaking crime drama about Eliot Ness and his team. Robert Stack stars.100hrs 37

Crime drama in which bizarre FBI cases are handled by a forensic anthropologist. Subtitles

Gerry Anderson’s drama series mixes live action drama with animatronics. 17hrs 36

Alan Davies stars as the amateur detective with a talent for solving puzzles. 23hrs 55. Subtitles

The third and fourth series of the ITV espionage drama starring Edward Woodward. 18hrs 20

190379 16 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £42.99

180419 31 DVDs Cert 12 £89.99 £49.99

188756 66 DVDs Cert 15 £109.99 £64.99

TV’s coolest buddy cop show, fuelled by full-throttle car chases and offbeat humour. 66hrs 36. Subtitles

188165 7 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £32.99

136042 20 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £29.99

134471 9 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £14.99

133856 6 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £24.99

Public Eye – A Box Named Frank

The Saint – Complete Colour Series

Gideon’s Way – Complete

1960s/70s detective series starring Alfred Burke as Frank Marker. 38hrs 20

Roger Moore stars as Simon Templar in the classic TV adventure drama. 42hrs 30

136240 17 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £49.99

190386 14 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £42.99



Scotland Yard – Complete

Foyle’s War – Complete

Behind the scenes of the police HQ, introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten. 19hrs 30

Michael Kitchen is a hardworking senior policeman in Hastings during WWII. 46hrs 40. Subtitles

136246 6 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £24.99

190985 10 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £64.99


0 £10

Murdoch Mysteries – Series 1-11

Crime drama set in 19th century Canada, starring Yannick Bisson. 131hrs 15. Subtitles

188204 53 DVDs Cert 15 £199.99 £99.99

Mitch – Complete All ten episodes of the gritty, hard-hitting 1980s ITV crime series starring John Thaw as Mitch. 8hrs 20

130519 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99


John Gregson stars as Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard in this 1960s crime series. 21hrs 40

133276 7 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £27.99

Crime & Investigation E SAV




Series 2

First series of the British TV drama, starring John Thaw as Sgt. John Mann, a short-tempered, firmbut-fair British Military Policeman. Peter Bowles, Edward Fox and Brian Cox co-star. 19hrs 10

A US cop who’s out on a limb in England gets paired with a Scotland Yard high-flyer. Real life couple Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber star as the cops with chemistry! 25hrs 50

Sarah Parish returns as the manipulative police officer DCI Elizabeth Bancroft following a two year hiatus.

135336 7 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £32.99

Inspector Lynley – Complete

Wycliffe – Complete

Nathaniel Parker stars as a posh cop in these thrilling BBC murder mysteries. 34hrs 47. Subtitles

Jack Shepherd stars as the quietly charismatic Detective Superintendent. 32hrs 40

139660 12 DVDs Cert 15 £79.99 £39.99

180710 10 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £36.99



The Doctor Blake Mysteries – Complete All five series of the hit 1960s-set detective drama. 45hrs 50

189769 17 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £42.99

191550 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £16.99

Series 1 & 2 191549 2 DVDs Cert 18 £29.99 £22.99

188069 9 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £34.99

Van Der Valk – Series 1

McCallum – Complete

Jack the Ripper – Complete

Classic Taggart – Through the Years

Marc Warren stars in the ITV remake of the Amsterdamset classic British detective drama.

British detective drama starring John Hannah as forensic pathologist Iain McCallum. 14hrs 23

Stratford Johns and Frank Windsor star in this 1973 drama. They pit their wits over the unsolved case. 5hrs 30

Seven classic episodes packed with intriguing plot twists, plus the obligatory gruesome murder. 10hrs

191772 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £19.99

166431 9 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £12.99

188015 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

135353 7 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £10.99


Zodiac – Complete

Department S – Complete

Quirky 1970s Thames TV mystery series starring Anouska Hempel and Anton Rodgers. 5hrs

Peter Wyngarde stars as Jason King, head of an elite team who solve the crimes no one else can. 23hrs 20

Discredited ex-CIA agent McGill works as a ‘gun for hire’. His unorthodox approach gets him in trouble. 24hrs

136887 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99

135363 8 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £44.99

134721 8 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £29.99

Man in a Suitcase


Whodunnit? – Complete

Bergerac – Complete

Kojak – Complete

The murder mystery celebrity panel game, with Edward Woodard and Jon Pertwee. 33hrs 20

Join Jim Bergerac of Jersey’s Bureau des Etrangers for all nine BBC series. 75hrs 11. Subtitles

Telly Savalas is the Greek-American cop investigating Manhattan homicide cases. 96hrs 10

Caroline Quentin is a single mum and a detective, in this fastpaced police drama. 19hrs 24. Subtitles

163535 30 DVDs Cert 15 £119.99 £54.99

135341 9 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £29.99

188846 13 DVDs Cert E £59.99 £29.99

132886 27 DVDs Cert 12 £89.99 £49.99

Blue Murder – Complete




Stratford Johns stars as the no-nonsense DCS Charlie Barlow. 13hrs 20. Subtitles

135016 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £12.99

Series 2 166450 7 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £17.99



Series 1-3

Series 1

David Tennant and Olivia Colman star in the awardwinning police procedural that got us all talking. Set in the picturesque seaside town in Dorset. ‘This is about as good as TV drama gets’ – Radio Times

A solicitor returns to her old seaside town take up the post of coroner. Claire Goose stars. 10hrs

169844 6 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £29.99

166348 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

Series 2 10hrs 169441 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99


Comedy The Complete Series


Written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, this hilarious comedy was inspired by, and based upon actual conflicts, documented by the astronauts of the NASA Skylab programme. 5hrs 25

First broadcast in the 1970s, this BBC sitcom’s simple slapstick humour is ageless. Michael Crawford stars as Frank Spencer, one of British TV’s most mimicked men. Ooh Betty! 11hrs 50. Subtitles

Series 9

135400 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

The grumpy doc’s medical practice remains under scrutiny. Louisa pursues a new career; and Al accidentally proposes to Morwenna! 6hrs. Subtitles

190987 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99

616140 4 DVDs Cert PG £29.99 £16.99

Series 1-9 Martin Clunes stars as a GP whose abrasive and tactless manner causes mayhem in Cornwall. 51hrs 45


18 DVDs Cert 15

£99.99 £79.99

The Vicar of Dibley – Complete

Little Britain – Complete

Is it Legal? – Complete

Outrageous BBC sketch show created by Matt Lucas and David Walliams. 11hrs 18. Subtitles

Award-winning comedy with Imelda Staunton, Patrick Barlow and Richard Lumsden. 8hrs 45

190574 3 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £29.99

618437 8 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £22.99

187909 3 DVDs Cert 12 £12.99 £10.99

To the Manor Born – Complete

Till Death...

At Last The 1948 Show

Hallelujah! The BBC TV sitcom in one big box set. Dawn French stars. Subtitles

All three series of the popular BBC comedy starring Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles. 11hrs 43

190390 4 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £19.99


Johnny Speight’s wicked satire on prejudice and bigotry. This spin-off sees Alf Garnett retired in Eastbourne. 2hrs 54

188658 DVD Cert 12 £14.99 £11.99

John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Marty Feldman,Tim BrookeTaylor star. A Monty Python precursor.

190208 3 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £22.99

Hello Cheeky

My Wife Next Door – Complete

Butterflies – Complete

John Alderton and Hannah Gordon are a divorced couple living next door to each other. 6hrs 17

133385 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Carla Lane’s sitcom about a bored suburban housewife. Wendy Craig stars. 13hrs 50. Subtitles

163507 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £8.99

134501 5 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £24.99

Count Arthur Strong – Series 1-3

The Fenn Street Gang – Complete

Nearest and Dearest – Complete

Last of the Summer Wine – Complete

All 43 episodes of the classic comedy starring Jimmy Jewel and Hylda Baker. 19hrs 35

The much-loved BBC sitcom began in 1973, Bill Owen, Peter Sallis and Brian Wilde star.

133271 7 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99

188876 54 DVDs Cert 12 £149.99 £89.99

Classic 1970s ITV comedy sketch show starring Tim BrookeTaylor, John Junkin and Barry Cryer. 5hrs 35

Steve Delaney stars in this critically acclaimed sitcom. 9hrs 35

188970 5 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £26.99

Spin-off from the comedy Please Sir! The school leavers try to cope in the world at large. 19hrs 35

189118 7 DVDs Cert 12 £29.99 £24.99

A Very Peculiar Practice – Complete Peter Davison stars as a GP in the cult campus black comedy. 13hrs 20

444703 5 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £24.99


A bold BBC black comedy set in the 1800s starring Julia Davis. Featuring a cast of fiends, physicians, hunchbacks, wastrels, maids, crones, and an adorable puppy called Susan, it oozes dark humour. 2hrs 56. Subtitles

136389 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £9.99

The Royle Family – Complete

Upper Hand – Complete

Much-loved French Resistance sitcom, with Gorden Kaye and Carmen Silvera. 44hrs 30. Subtitles

All 25 episodes from the British sitcom about a working class family from Manchester.

Sitcom about the blossoming romance between a high flying executive and her live-in help. 39hr 35

138829 9 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £22.99

163690 14 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £34.99

Drop the Dead Donkey – Complete

Wacky Races – Complete

Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister The BBC’s sharp political comedy with Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne. 19hrs. Subtitles

123913 7 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £18.99


BAFTA-winning witty, TV comedy series. Neil Pearson stars. 27hrs 30. Subtitles

166252 11 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £39.99


Series 1-3

Three lost episodes faithfully recreated from Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s original BBC scripts. Starring Kevin McNally, Robert Bathurst, Timothy West and Kevin Eldon.

Sitcom starring Peter Davidson as hapless houseboat resident Brian. His younger brother Steve, played by Robert Glenister, lands in London to crash at his place. Chaos ensues. 9hrs 27

191247 DVD Cert PG £17.99 £13.99

‘Allo ‘Allo – Complete

171479 16 DVDs Cert PG £99.99 £29.99

The Lost Episodes

Join diabolical Dick Dastardly and his snickering canine cohort Muttley for all 34 episodes. 6hrs 58

612008 3 DVDs Cert U £26.99 £14.99

Love Thy Neighbour – Complete Un-PC ’70s classic about a white bigot and his West Indian neighbour. 24hrs 3


191690 4 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £19.99


Bless this House – Complete Join Sid James and Diana Coupland for 65 episodes of one most popular sitcoms of the 1970s! 27hrs 5

167063 9 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £29.99

133600 12 DVDs Cert 12 £49.99 £32.99

Dick Emery at Thames Television

The Stanley Baxter Series & Picture Show

Hello, honky-tonks! Enjoy the many faces of one of Britain’s comedy giants. 2hrs 36

All six of the popular stand-up comedian and impressionist’s ITV specials 4hrs 10

169782 DVD Cert 15 £12.99 £7.99

130086 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

The Darling Buds of May – Complete

Spitting Image – Complete

Travel back to the 1950s countryside and meet the Larkin family. 14hrs 59. Subtitles

The 1980s satirical puppet show took no prisoners, cruelly lampooning politicians of all parties. 25hrs 15

133570 6 DVDs Cert PG £22.99 £15.99

137251 11 DVDs Cert 15 £59.99 £37.99

Rev – Series 1-3

Duty Free – The Collection

Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman star in this series about a rural vicar who moves to a city church. 9hrs. Subtitles

141724 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £22.99

Includes all three series plus Christmas Special. Keith Barron and Gwen Taylor star. 9hrs 35

130276 4 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £15.99



A to D

A huge specially designed first aid kit-style box set containing over 260 episodes from all 11 seasons of this multiple-Emmy-winning Korean War comedy series. 108hrs 20

Joanna Lumley stars in this pacy, racy comedy drama. Kate Swift is jailed for six months after taking the rap for her husband. On her release she’s broke, angry and out for revenge. 11hrs 40.

The award-winning comedy panel series hosted by Stephen Fry. 27hrs. Subtitles

615482 36 DVDs Cert 15 £139.99 £59.99

444937 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £24.99

169217 12 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £39.99

E to G 27hrs 30. Subtitles 190376 10 DVDs Cert 5 £49.99 £39.99


TV Nostalgia




The first Granada Television series to be filmed in colour, this popular children’s adventure featured a star who is 72 feet long and painted in cheerful shades of red and yellow! 5hrs 15

Splendidly pink box set of the 70s’ best-loved BBC sitcom with the camp Mr. Humphries, Mrs. Slocombe and her pussy and the amorous Mr Lucas trying his charms on the sexy Miss Brahms. 34hrs. Subtitles

Thirteen unique standalone tales to chill the blood. This horror anthologyis a true forgotten gem starring John Thaw, Ian Holm, Tom Bell, Ian Hendry and Ray Smith. 5hrs 25

170768 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £14.99

134478 12 DVDs Cert PG £89.99 £39.99

Room Service – Complete

Not on Your Nellie – Complete

Two Ronnies – Complete

Set in a top London hotel, this sitcom charts the disasters that beset a team of waiters. 3hrs 16

Hylda Baker stars in this ITV sitcom about a bumbling Northern spinster who inherits a London pub. 7hrs 05

Barker and Corbett. ‘It’s goodnight from me.’ ‘And it’s goodnight from him.’ 70hrs 12. Subtitles

164242 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £9.99

191688 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £14.99

136076 27 DVDs Cert 12 £124.99 £44.99

Upstairs, Downstairs – Complete Classic 1970s period drama starring Jean Marsh, Nicola Pagett and Gordon Jackson.

191692 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

All Gas & Gaiters The ecclesiastical rivalries at St. Oggs Cathedral enchanted a generation of viewers. Enjoy this classic once again! 5hrs 30

188361 21 DVDs Cert 12 £99.99 £44.99

132601 2 DVDs £15.99 £6.99

Six Million Dollar Man – Complete

Cilla’s World of Comedy – Complete Cilla’s bittersweet dramas about six women with very different lives. 2hrs 30

Q – Complete Surviving episodes of Spike Milligan’s groundbreaking, anarchic and surreal comedy sketch series. 13hrs 35. Subtitles

138470 DVD Cert PG £24.99 £8.99

167517 5 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £14.99

Thriller – Complete

The Champions – Complete

The Lovers – Complete

Lee Majors is Steve Austin, who uses his superpowers to fight crime and space aliens. 112hrs 20

Anthology of plays – some horrific, some terrifying. Robert Powell stars. 47hrs 40

British series about three agents with superpowers working for a Swiss Intelligence agency. 25hrs 45

Richard Beckinsale and Paula Wilcox star in Jack Rosenthal’s classic ‘70s comedy. 5hrs 25

137879 40 DVDs Cert PG £199.99 £139.99

134745 16 DVDs Cert 18 £49.99 £39.99

134729 9 DVDs Cert PG £59.99 £39.99

124208 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £14.99


Parkin’s Patch – Complete

Curry & Chips – Complete

The Heartbeat forerunner stars Warren Clarke, Pauline Collins and Michael Elphick. 10hrs 50

Spike Milligan is a man of mixed Irish-Asian descent, and the butt of everyone’s jokes! 2hrs 30

134651 4 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £18.99

133233 DVD Cert 15 £14.99 £9.99

Cert U

The Complete Collection Habitual offender Norman Stanley Fletcher (Ronnie Barker) is doing porridge at HM Slade Prison. He whiles away the time sharing his wealth of experience with his fellow inmates, particularly naive, young firsttimer Lennie (Richard Beckinsale) whom Fletch takes under his fatherly wing. And he’s always trying to get one over officious prison officer Mr Mackay. 10hrs 55. Subtitles


4 DVDs Cert 15

£39.99 £16.99

In this BAFTA winning sequel to Porridge, Norman Stanley Fletcher has been released from jail, having served 3 years, 8 months and 4 days. After numerous spells in prison and now at the ripe age of 45, he’s decided to go straight. But life in the outside world is just not the same as it used to be… Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale star. 2hrs 53. Subtitles

120807 DVD Cert PG £12.99 £7.99


From poltergeists to swarms of rats, terrors keep on coming. Martin Shaw and Simon MacCorkindale star. 5hrs

133008 2 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

European TV

Series 1 Norwegian political and environmental thriller. 7hrs 30. Subtitles

166568 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £12.99

Series 1 & 2

11hrs 59. Subtitles

166568 3 DVDs Cert 15 £34.99 £32.99

Rig 45 Just before Christmas, Andrea is sent to investigate a fatality on a North Sea rig. Swedish thriller. 4hrs 25. Subtitles

190261 2 DVDs Cert 15 £14.99 £12.99

Anno 1790 High quality, original crime drama set in Stockholm during the time of the Enlightenment. 10hrs. Subtitles

138892 3 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £15.99

Jordskott Swedish murder mystery thriller set in the town of Silverhöjd where children keep vanishing. 9hrs 46. Subtitles

164493 4 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £18.99

Wallander – Collected Films 27-32 Swedish crime drama based on Henning Mankel’s novels. 9hrs 07. Subtitles

The Killing Trilogy

Spin-off series of the Italian drama Inspector Montalbano. 20hrs. Subtitles

166356 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £27.99

169601 4 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Series 2 10hrs. Subtitles

Two detectives are sent to the Alps to investigate a murder Thrilling German drama. 8hrs. Subtitles

190983 2 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £17.99

150923 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

A French detective heads to a remote Swedish community to investigate the murder of a French citizen. 7hrs 11. Subtitles

180478 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £11.99

Critically acclaimed HBO mini-series based on the novel of the same name. Subtitles

188062 11 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £22.99

Gripping French detective drama. Dead bodies are left inside model homes. 5hrs 13. Subtitles

Midnight Sun

My Brilliant Friend

Acclaimed Danish crime drama with Sarah Lund as the detective with the covetable jumpers. 38hrs 40. Subtitles

Witnesses – Series 1

190127 4 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £14.99

Der Pass – Series 1

Scandi thriller in which a software engineer must assist a terrorist to steal drone equipment. 10hrs. Subtitles

Spiral – Series 1-6

Young Montalbano – Series 1 & 2

The acclaimed Channel Four French political drama set in and around the French secret service. 10hrs. Subtitles

Grey Zone

190191 3 DVDs Cert TBC £24.99 £21.99

189342 16 DVDs Cert 18 £64.99 £44.99

Series 1

Sky TV’s compelling war drama series set as a sequel to the 1981 film of the same name. A French citizen working as a translator for the Nazis is caught up in the French Resistance. 6hrs. Subtitles

191030 4 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £21.99

140016 3 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £14.99

Brilliant French detective drama about Laure and her team of misfit cops. 58hrs. Subtitles

Series 1

188639 DVD Cert 15 £24.99 £12.99

German apocalyptic thriller series. An asteroid is set to hit Europe in eight days. With time running out, people attempt to flee, but for those that cannot make it out of the city, chaos rapidly descends as hedonism, repentance and crime take hold before the inevitable cataclysm unfolds. 8hrs. Subtitles

191680 2 DVDs Cert 18 £24.99 £18.99

Inspector Montalbano – Complete 34 films of the Italian crime drama, starring Luca Zingaretti. 55hrs. Subtitles

190239 17 DVDs Cert 15 £99.99 £64.99


TV Sale

Series 3 Period drama set in 17th century Virginia, starring Sophie Rundle and Jason Flemyng. 5hrs 7. Subtitles

190242 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £18.99

Series 1-3 190243 9 DVDs Cert 15 £44.99 £39.99



Epic BBC natural history series covering the animals living undisturbed, safe from hunters and unafraid of humans, in this amazing protected eco system. Dramatic documentary at it’s best! 6hrs. Subtitles

Sarah Phelps has adapted Tana French’s bestselling crime novels In the Woods and The Likeness into a major BBC crime drama series set in Ireland. Killian Scott and Sarah Greene star. 8hrs. Subtitles

188348 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £14.99

The Old Devils – Complete

The Frankie Howerd Pilots

Summer of Rockets

Andrew Davies’ classic BBC adaptation of the bestselling novel by Kingsley Amis. 2hrs 38. Subtitles

Includes Up the Convicts, made for an Australian audience, about a penal colony. 3hrs 18

Stephen Poliakoff’s BBC drama stars Keeley Hawes,Toby Stephens and Timothy Spall. 6hrs. Subtitles

188022 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £11.99

188964 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £12.99

189690 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

242026 DVD Cert U £12.99 £5.99

Star Maidens

Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Review

Don’t Drink the Water – Complete Series

Car Share – Series 1

All the action from the greatest rugby world cup yet, hosted by Japan.

Blakey moves to Spain with his sister. Stephen Lewis and Pat Coombs star. 5hrs 25

191201 DVD Cert TBC £19.99 £10.99

134812 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £10.99

The cult 1970s battle-of-the-sexes sci-fi series on DVD for the first time! Starring Lisa Harrow. 3hrs 20

167521 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £8.99

Complete Edward Fox and Cynthia Harris star in this magnificent BAFTA and Emmy award-winning ITV series about the heir to the throne whose love for an American divorcee shook the nation. 5hrs 50

122105 2 DVDs Cert U £19.99 £10.99


Emma Kate Beckinsale stars in this Jane Austen classic. With Mark Strong, Samantha Morton and Olivia Williams. 1hr 47. Subtitles

John and Kayleigh are thrown together in a company car share scheme. ‘What a hoot!’ 2hrs 50. Subtitles

166084 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99

190989 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £19.99

The Aphrodite Inheritance

Secret State

The Ginger Tree

Conspiracy thriller stars Gabriel Byrne. With Gina McKee, Charles Dance and Rupert Graves. 2hrs 44. Subtitles

Samantha Bond stars as a young Scotswoman isolated by war, life and love in Japanese society at the turn of the 20th century.

139255 2 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £8.99

136663 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

166312 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Billy Connolly – High Horse Tour Live

Booze Cruise – The Collection

Wild South America – Andes to Amazon

BBC thriller – a mix of greed, mystery and mythology. With Peter McEnery and Brian Blessed. 6hrs 50

Enjoy this fantastic performance by one of Britain’s standup greats. 1hr 36

Martin Clunes, Neil Pearson and Mark Benton star in three feature-length comedy dramas. 5hrs

169349 DVD Cert 18 £19.99 £12.99

166996 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £11.99

Andrew Davies’ sumptuous BBC adaptation of George Eliot’s last novel charts a love story set in Victorian high society. Hugh Dancy, Greta Scacchi, Hugh Bonneville, Edward Fox and Barbara Hershey star. 3hrs 27. Subtitles

134473 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £10.99

Cert 12

BBC documentary that reveals a continent at it’s most intriguing. 5hrs

618808 2 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Cert E

Series 1



Sci-fi drama from Robert Zemeckis. In 1952, an astrophysicist is recruited by the US Air Force to work on a clandestine operation, a project to study UFO sightings. Aiden Gillen stars. 7hrs 20

190528 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £12.99

TV Sale

Maxine Peake and Rory Kinnear in Mike Leigh’s masterpiece. With the dust yet to settle on the battle at Waterloo, a shell-shocked soldier returns home to Manchester where a life of stark inequality awaits. 2hrs 34. Subtitles

188645 DVD Cert 12A £19.99 £9.99

Bodyguard One of the most talked-about BBC dramas in years. Stars Richard Maddon and Keeley Hawes. 6hrs. Subtitles

188208 2 DVDs Cert 15 £24.99 £14.99

Alice in Wonderland Surreal, gothic version of Lewis Carroll’s tale directed by Jonathan Miller, with music by Ravi Shankar. 1hr 21


190576 2 DVDs Cert 12 £22.99 £14.99

138598 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

Mansfield 66-67 Documentary on the myths around Hollywood icon Jayne Mansfield’s final years and her untimely death. 1hr 25

Doctor Who – The Macra Terror

A Year in Provence

Appropriate Adult

Collision – Complete

Surviving audio-only recordings are used to create this animated reconstruction of the classic. 1hr 40. Subtitles

John Thaw and Lindsay Duncan star in the BBC drama of Peter Mayle’s biographical bestseller.

TV drama about serial killer Fred West. Dominic West and Emily Watson star. 2hrs 13. Subtitles

All five episodes of the thrilling ITV crime drama series starring Douglas Henshall. 3hrs 41. Subtitles

188353 2 DVDs Cert PG £19.99 £10.99

131104 DVD Cert PG £19.99 £9.99

158828 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £9.99

158116 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £8.99

Joyce Grenfell – The BBC Collection


139424 DVD Cert PG £16.99 £11.99

187875 DVD Cert 15 £15.99 £8.99

Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees

The Little Drummer Girl

Take Me Home – Complete

Killing Eve – Series 1

The A-Team – Complete Series

Judi shares her deep love in this beautiful BBC documentary, filmed over one year in leafy Surrey.

Slick BBC adaptation of the John le Carré espionage novel set in the 1970s. Florence Pugh stars.

Keith Barron, Annette Crosbie and Reece Dinsdale in Tony Marchant’s drama. 2hrs 57. Subtitles

The spy thriller that got the nation talking, starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. Subtitles

Classic US action adventure with Hannibal, Faceman, B.A. and Murdoch. Starring Mr T!

190096 DVD Cert E £14.99 £7.99

189588 2 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £12.99

188019 DVD Cert 15 £19.99 £10.99

188558 3 DVDs Cert 15 £22.99 £14.99

The most memorable events in the history of the solar system, using groundbreaking visual effects to tell the thrilling stories of all eight planets. Brian Cox reveals how the latest science allows us to unlock the facts. 5hrs. Subtitles

189698 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £12.99

Michael Sheen and David Tennant star in the acclaimed adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestseller about good and evil teaming up to save the world! Jon Hamm and Benedict Cumberbatch co-star.

Sci-fi comedy drama from Quatermass writer Nigel Kneale. Tony Haygarth stars as a repair man who life is radically changed when he meets beautiful Miss Griffin (Prunella Gee) from Mercury… 3hrs

191747 22 DVDs Cert 12 £84.99 £69.99

Musical documentary charting the early years of influential record label Motown, from its humble beginnings in Detroit to its relocation to Los Angeles, producing some of the most distinctive soul records of all time. 1hr 52

191062 DVD Cert E £15.99 £8.99

Some of her most famous songs and sketches. 3hrs 35. Subtitles

125126 DVD Cert U £19.99 £8.99

Documentary on President Nixon and his White House staff and how they were brought to justice. 4hrs 30

190303 2 DVDs Cert 15 £19.99 £12.99

Prepare to go off the beaten track in this mouthwatering BBC series, as the globe-trotting British chef explores France and embarks on what he calls “a journey without maps” to uncover the country’s most delicious bites. 6hrs

191031 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £16.99

33 37

Trains & Transport


189807 5 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

4 DVDs Cert E

£19.99 £5.99

The Trams of Beamish Museum In 1973 trams first operated at Beamish Museum. They now carry 1.5 million passengers per year.

188636 DVD Cert E £12.99 £8.99

The Orient Express Experience

The Beauty of Steam

Experience traveling on the worlds’ most famous trains in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

166487 DVD Cert E £9.99 £4.99

Peterborough to Loughborough

Travel the length of Britain by steam along the numerous small local railways. Episodes cover the English heartlands, valleys, mountains, the West Coast Southern England, and Stephenson’s Country. 4hrs 10

A celebration of the legendary locomotives and the titular, The Flying Scotsman 1929, comes in a commemorative union flag box. Also included are, North America 1969-72, Australia 1988 and The Inaugural Scotsman 1999.

Discover one of Britain’s greatest and most beautiful inventions – the steam locomotive!

188119 5 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £18.99

History of British Steam Railways Engines in full glory, with lineside views, footplate action and rare archive.1hr 41

123639 DVD Cert E £12.99 £4.99

A cab ride via Oakham and Melton Mowbray.

191378 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Loughborough to Manchester 191379 DVD Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Cert E

Flying Scotsman

Steam at Work

The story of the world’s most famous steam locomotive and why it became such a national treasure!

Features the Swanage Railway, North Yorkshire Moors, Kent and East Sussex and the Severn Valley. 1hr 35

188285 DVD Cert E £9.99 £5.99

130321 DVD Cert E £12.99 £4.99

A treat for railway enthusiasists who can now enjoy extensive train journeys on the Marsden Rail from the comfort of their armchair! Compiled from archive footage taken in the mid-20th century, these films capture the detail of these nostalgic journeys. Enjoy the routes 34: Steam and the marvellous scenery, as well as the unique aspects of the individual stations each train stops at along the way.

32: King’s Cross to York 189783 DVD Cert E £16.99 £11.99


33:York to Newcastle 189784 DVD Cert E £16.99 £11.99

in the North East 191645 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

35: On Yorkshire Lines 191646 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

36: North from Crewe

37: Somerset & Devon Revisited

38: Around Britain 1953-67

39:York and the North East

40:Yorkshire and Lancashire

191647 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

190608 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

189785 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

191648 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

191649 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

Britain’s Most Beautiful Railways Enjoy a nostalgic train ride nationwide to celebrate our rich railway heritage! 3hrs

R10003 3 DVDs £15.99 £9.99

Cert E

War & Military

Culloden depicts the 1746 Battle of Culloden in which the British Army defeated the outnumbered Scottish Jacobite forces. The War Game depicts a fictional Soviet nuclear attack against Britain. 1hr 57. Subtitles

Real-life story of the Royal Flying Corps which inspired Sam Mendes’ BAFTA-winning film 1917. Shot in feature film style with dramatic recreations of aerial dogfights, bombing missions, trench combat and more.

171511 DVD + BLU £19.99 £12.99

191642 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £13.99

Bath at War A moving account, with reconstructions, of the bombing raids on Bath during WWII, which destroyed 1200 buildings. 1hr

120207 DVD Cert E £12.99 £10.99

Victory at Sea 1952 Emmy-winning series on naval warfare during WWII featuring a Richard Rodgers soundtrack. 12hrs

137900 5 DVDs+CD Cert E

£24.99 £15.99

The Russian Revolution and Facism in Colour

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Lancaster Bombers

Every detail of the Great War, from the trenches to the Red Baron and the Armistice.

Inside story told with archive footage, reconstructions, letters and diaries. 1hr 36

138752 4 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £10.99

165350 6 DVDs £19.99 £5.99

107052 DVD Cert E £12.99 £4.99

Documentary on the history of the Lancaster, with stunning footage. 55mins

The American Civil War

Victory Parade in Colour

Black Ops Special Forces

Epic, definitive and award-winning series about the bloodiest war in American history. 6hrs 40

Incredibly rare colour film of the glorious victory celebrations in London on VE Day 1945.

Contains: City Under Seige; Taking Down Bin Laden; Operation Thunderbolt; Operation Certain Death.

188474 DVD Cert E £22.99 £12.99

190774 DVD Cert E £9.99 £6.99

187525 4 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £10.99

Cert E

181828 DVD Cert E £14.99 £6.99

Cert 15

WWI – The First Modern War

Documentaries on two significant political movements in the 20th century. 3hrs 20

Marvel at this featurelength programme about the world’s top aerobatic display team. Fantastic archive and display footage tells the story of the RAF from it’s creation in 1964, through to today. 1hr

The War In extraordinary times there are no ordinary lives, in Ken Burns chronicle of World War II. 15hrs

The Unseen Holocaust Documentary of the Jewish persecution that occurred before Auschwitz and Treblinka. 1hr 28

166503 DVD Cert E £9.99 £5.99

139389 6 DVDs Cert E £39.99 £22.99

164272 DVD Cert E £12.99 £9.99

World War II – 1942 and Hitler’s Soft Underbelly

The True Glory

Spitfire at War

War doc on D-Day, through to the fall of Berlin, 1945, covering major campaigns and historical events. 4hrs Subtitles

Profile of the famous aircraft, with air-to-air footage (including a simulated dogfight), rare archive film, and interviews. 1hr 15

169681 2 DVDs £9.99 £7.99

120346 DVD Cert E £9.99 £4.99

Churchill’s dangerously dark obsession with Hitler’s Europe. 2hrs. Subtitles

166453 DVD Cert E £19.99 £5.99

Cert E




Using specially commissioned computer graphics, never-beforeseen archive footage and interviews with aviation experts, these programmes bring to life the Secret Aircraft of WWII. 3hrs 45

137780 4 DVDs £19.99 £7.99

Cert E

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of WWII, four actors explore their grandparents’ extraordinary wartime stories. Helena Bonham Carter, Carey Mulligan, Kristen Scott Thomas and Mark Rylance star. 3hrs

191339 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

Documentary examining the defining moments of the British and American Allied air offensive, a campaign of unprecedented might over Germany’s cities, claiming the lives of nearly half a million civilians during WWII. 1hr

136271 DVD Cert E £9.99 £6.99



Series 6

The horticulturist explores some of the most famous and interesting gardens across the Pond, in this new BBC series. His tour includes Miami, New Orleans, and President Thomas Jefferson’s vegetable plot. 3hrs

Discover secrets you were never supposed to know! Travel to places you were never supposed to see! Three Readers Digest investigations explore Britain’s hidden history, wartime secrets and modern mysteries. 2hrs 35

Timothy West and Prunella Scales embark on spectacular canal journeys. 6hrs

191169 2 DVDs Cert E £24.99 £21.99

Series 1-5 189471 5 DVDs Cert E £49.99 £44.99

191548 DVD Cert E £22.99 £19.99

R10002 3 DVDs £15.99 £8.99

Cert E

JULIA BRADBURY Julia explores the hidden side of well-known islands like Corfu, Crete and Santorini as well as uncovering some lesser-known island gems like Symi, Thirassia and Skopelos island-hopping her way to her ultimate destination, Chios – the island of her heritage. 2hrs 24. Subtitles

191546 DVD Cert E £19.99 £17.99

Julia embarks on four walks in this BBC series. Getting away from the usual tourist routes, she explores the Garden Route, Drakensburg mountain range, Kruger National Park and the Augrabies Falls at the edge of the Kalahari Desert. 2hrs

134526 DVD Cert E £16.99 £12.99

Michael Palin’s insightful BBC series in which he travels through Eastern Europe – from Slovenia to Croatia, Albania and onwards to Poland, Lighuania, Latvia and Russia – opening up an undiscovered world. 6hrs 50. Subtitles

130014 3 DVDs Cert PG £24.99 £14.99


Grand Tours of Scotland Series 1-7 Paul Murton explores the most fascinating parts of the country that have charmed visitors for more than 200 years. 17hrs 30

The Cotswold Way The Way meanders for over 100 miles, through some of the loveliest scenery and picturesque towns and villages in England.

190616 7 DVDs Cert E £36.99 £24.99

136959 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Hebrides – Islands on the Edge

Arabia with Levison Wood

Scotland’s Hebrides are Europe’s final frontier against the wild and unpredictable Atlantic Ocean. 3hrs 56

A 5000 mile journey across 13 countries. He starts on the border between Syria and Iraq, a war zone. 3hrs 45

158839 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £10.99

191009 DVD Cert E £19.99 £16.99

A Griff ’s-eye look at eight dramatically different kinds of quintessentially British terrain. 3hrs 20

166652 DVD Cert E £9.99 £8.99

Greatest Cities of the World with Griff Rhys Jones – Series 1 137143 3 DVDs £19.99 £6.99

Cert E

Joanna Lumley’s India

German Wanderlust

Join Joanna on a lively voyage to all corners of India, the country in which she was born. Subtitles

Julia Bradbury heads to the Continent to explore Germany’s landscape and cultural heritage. 2hrs. Subtitles

187598 DVD Cert 12 £19.99 £12.99

134227 DVD Cert E £16.99 £8.99

Islands of Britain

Ireland with Ardal O’Hanlon

Martin Clunes embarks on an epic journey around the remarkably varied range of islands that lie off the coast of Britain.

139919 DVD Cert E £19.99 £6.99

The comedy star of Father Ted and Death in Paradise takes us on a journey around his home country. 3hrs

194799 DVD Cert E £14.99 £9.99

Series 1 & 2 Muriel Gray journeys to Scotland’s highest, remotest and most stunning parts such as Mighty Liathach in Torridon, Beinn Narnain, The Five Sisters of Kintail, An Teallch, Aonach Eagach and Ben Cruachan. 5hrs

139965 2 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

Cert E


The Collection

Series 1 & 2

The British celebrity chef and ‘real food’ campaigner’s celebrated culinary journey. He focuses on selfsufficiency, food integrity, and the consumption of local, seasonal produce. 26hrs 29

An in-depth exploration of the country’s landscapes. In the heart of England, it is still possible to find a lonely countryside with roads and lanes that have been untouched for centuries. 5hrs. Subtitles

188028 2 DVDs £19.99 £9.99

191638 12 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £36.99

Soundbreaking – Complete

Wonders of the Monsoon

This eight-part series traces a century of sonic innovation and revolution, with over 150 interviews. 6hrs 31

From Australia to the Himalayas, the deserts of Northern India, to the lush equatorial rainforests of Borneo. 5hrs

191691 2 DVDs Cert E £19.99 £14.99

155338 DVD Cert E £19.99 £7.99

ABBA – Box Set Documentary box set: The Visitors; In Performance; The Gold Singles; and The Arrival. Features all of their hit songs!

191038 4 DVDs Cert E £29.99 £19.99

Do U.F.O.s really exist? Arthur C. Clarke debunks myths and legends about some of the planet’s strangest phenomena, presenting us with fascinating truths about humanity and the world in which we live. 5hrs 25

136967 2 DVDs Cert E £14.99 £11.99

Cert E

Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and Wartime Farm

The Biggest Little Farm Documentary about a young US couple who buy land to turn it into a biodiverse and sustainable farm. 1hr 31

191328 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £13.99

Documentaries following a team of archaeologists and historians as they set out to recreate farming life at various periods in the past. With Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman and Alex Langlands. 26hrs

136417 9 DVDs Cert E £69.99 £39.99



Including Victorian Farm Christmas Bible Prophecies Hidden within the bible are sacred and ancient secrets and a hidden code.This documentary examines these hidden prophecies. 1hr 10

188580 DVD Cert E £15.99 £10.99

Simon Schama’s Power of Art

Ballet Boys

The Executioners

Outstanding BBC series, with Van Gogh, Picasso, Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner and Rothko. 6hrs 40

Follow the progress of three young dancing hopefuls as they embark on the most challenging journey of their lives. 1hr 15. Subtitles

From hangmen to the infamous ‘Bourreaux’, meet the men carrying out the world’s deadliest jobs. 2hrs 40

141756 3 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £11.99

163550 DVD Cert 12 £15.99 £8.99

168938 2 DVDs £14.99 £9.99

From the colourful paradise of South America to the scorching heat of Africa, this is the BBC’s latest landmark natural history series, narrated by David Attenborough. See our planet’s inhabitants with eyes wide open.

190584 3 DVDs Cert PG £22.99 £14.99

Cert E

Ken Burns’ latest acclaimed documentary chronicles the story of country music, from its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to the stadium-sized concerts a century later. 16hrs. Subtitles

191309 8 DVDs Cert E £69.99 £49.99

Wearing period clothes and using only the tools available at the time, the team take a year out of their lives to find out what rural life was really like in the 1880s. Includes three Christmas Specials. 8hrs 57

131947 DVD Cert E £16.99 £14.99

The fight against the Mafia, told by the FBI. Reconstructions, archive footage and testimony from witnesses and FBI agents are used to explore the methods of the Mafia and the FBI’s efforts to combat them.

137178 6 DVDs Cert E £12.99 £10.99


New Releases With His Hot and Blue Guitar

Rock Island Line • I Heard that Lonesome Whistle • Country Boy • Cry! Cry! Cry! … and more!

522086 CD £11.99

Sings the Songs that Made Him Famous

Where the Old Red River Flows • How Can You Refuse Me? • Alabama Waltz • Lord Build Me a Cabin • Nobody’s Lonesome for Me • The Blind Child’s Prayer • A Mansion on the Hill • Everything’s Okay • I Saw the Light • I’ve Just Told Mama Goodbye • Dear Brother… and more!

The best organists play on a wealth of historic or newly built organs, all perfectly suited to the music played on them, covering the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romance periods to the 20th century.

521965 6 CDs £79.99

522087 CD £11.99

Ultimate Northern Soul – The Classics

Volume 2

521446 50 CDs £119.99 £69.99

Pop Bart! – Various Artists The Josh White Stories – Porter Wagoner & Dolly Rock with the Caveman • Sweetie Vol. 1 & 2 Parton – Four Albums

Mario Lanza – Classics

Seven Days too Long • Loving on the Losing Side • Where Did Our Love Go? • It Really Hurts Me Girl • Don’t Pity Me… and more!

Sweetie • Wild Cat • Under Control • Little Boy Blue • Wave Your Little Handkerchief • Jellied Eels • Happiness… and more!

Boll Weevil • Watercress • Frankie and Johnny • Dupree Blues • Red River • Cotton-Eyed Joe • House of the Rising Sun… and more!

Just Becase One of Us Was Wrong • The Last Thing on My Mind • Before I Met You • Forty Miles from Poplar Bluff… and more!

Granada • Be My Love • Because • The Loveliest Night of the Year • Some Day • The Lord’s Prayer • Because You’re Mine • Serenade • Beloved… and more!

521419 5 CDs £10.99

522084 2 CDs £12.99

522085 CD £10.99

522089 2 CDs £12.99

522090 CD £9.99

Oslo Philharmonic & Petrenko – Richard Strauss

King Solomon Hicks – Harlem

Beethoven: Sonatas Opus 106, 111 – Filippo Gorini

522094 CD £14.99

Al Jolson – The Kraft Showaddywaddy – Music Hall Years 1947-49 Hey Rock n’ Roll April Showers • Peg O’ My Heart • Almost Like Being in Love • The Best Things in Life Are Free • My Gal Sal • Maxim’s… and more!

Peter Gunn • Chantilly Lace • Be Bop a Lula • Bye Bye Johnny • I Recordings of orchestral music, Hear You Knockin’ • Just Like Eddie including Eine Alpensinfonie and • Book of Love… and more! Tod und Verklärung.

I’d Rather Be Blind • Every Day I Have the Blues • What the Devil Loves • 421 South Main • Headed Back to Memphis… and more!

Gorino presents Beethoven and tackles Sonata No. 32 and the perilous Sonata No. 29, known as the Hammerklavier.

522091 3 CDs £16.99

522092 CD £9.99

521960 CD £12.99

521911 CD £12.99

Something’s Gotta Give • Sluefoot • They Can’t Take that Away from Me • I Won’t Dance • Hello Baby • There’s No Time Like the Present • Sweet Sorrow • Just Like Taking Candy from a Baby • That Face • Calypso Hooray • A Foggy Day • They All Laughed • I’ll Walk Alone … and more!

522088 CD £11.99


The Class • Whole Lotta Laughin’ • Toot • Samson and Delilah • Dancing Dinosaurs • Those Private Eyes • The Fly • Schooldays, Oh Schooldays • The Hucklebuck • Oh Susannah • Dance the Mess Around • Good Good Lovin’ • Let’s Twist Again • La Paloma Twist … and more!

522093 CD £10.99

Don’t Give Up on Us • Silver Lady • Going in with My Eyes Open • Let’s Have a Quiet Night In • It Brings Out the Love in Your Eyes • Troubadour • Wall • Topanga • Rider • Black Bean Soup • Mary’s Fancy • Our Lives • Dreamers • Jazzman • Silver Lady… and more!

522045 3 CDs £9.99

Country & Folk Take Me Home, Country Roads • Leaving, On a Jet Plane • Mr Bojangles • Rocky Mountain High • Annie’s Song • I’d Rather Be a Cowboy • Everyday • Back Home Again • Sweet Surrender • Follow Me • Rhymes and Reasons • Calypso • Daydreams • Friends with You… and more!

Crazy Patsy Cline • You’re My Best Friend Don Williams • I’m Sorry Brenda Lee • Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town Kenny Rogers • Save the Last Dance Buck Owens • Country Girl Faron Young • Let’s Have a Party Wanda Jackson • Coalminer’s Daughter Loretta Lynn… and more!

521321 3 CDs £9.99

A 10-CD collection featuring Daniel O’ Donnell’s classic albums • Two Sides Of • I Need You • Don’t Forget to Remember • From the Heart • The Last Waltz • Follow Your Dream • Favourites • A Date with Daniel O’ Donnell Live • Especially for You

521256 10 CDs £49.99 £39.99

S73005 3 CDs £8.99

Now 100 Hits – Country Absolutey Essential Irish Pete Seeger – Islands in the Stream • Take Me Collection – Various Artists Absolutely Essential

Classic Country – Various Artists

Patsy Cline – 60 Essential Recordings

Home, Country Roads • Rhinestone Cowboy • Ring of Fire • Dance the Night Away • Let Your Love Flow • Stand By Your Man… and more!

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling • The Parting Glass • Rare Old Irish Whiskey • Danny Boy • Shannon River • Molly Durkin… and more!

The Hammer Song • This Land Is Your Land • Casey Jones • The Strange Death of John Doe • Old Riley • Foggy Dew… and more!

Featuring Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Willie Nelson… and more!

Crazy • She’s Got You • Leavin’ on Your Mind • A Poor Man’s Roses • Hidin’ Out • Then You’ll Know • Heartaches … and more!

522095 5 CDs £14.99

521441 3 CDs £7.99

521442 3 CDs £7.99

521443 3 CDs £7.99

521444 3 CDs £7.99

Elvis Presley – Elvis Sings Country

Crystal Gayle – Live in Tennessee

Kenneth McKellar – Very Best Of

Glen Campbell – Old Home Town

Country Gospel – Old Time Religon

Blue Moon of Kentucky • That’s All Right • I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine • Baby, Let’s Play House • Blue Moon … and more!

Everybody’s Reaching Out for Someone • Coal Miner’s Daughter • You Belong to Me… and more!

The Rising of the Lark • Danny Boy • My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose • Skye Boat Song • Cockles and Mussels… and more!

Tennessee • Rag Doll • Mull of Kintyre • Sweet Sixteen • A Few Good Men… and more!

The Christian Life • Peace in the Valley • Wings of a Dove • Great Speckled Bird • I Saw the Light … and more!

S71076 CD £4.99

514236 CD+DVD £11.99 £7.99

This historic performance celebrates Joan’s 75th birthday with a live tribute presented here on 2CDs and a bonus DVD. Freight Train • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot • The Water Is Wide • Forever Young • Seven Curses • House of the Rising Sun… and more!

515656 CD+DVD £18.99 £14.99

511618 CD £6.99

521964 2 CDs £10.99 £8.99

She Thinks I Still Care • Wedding Bells • Tarnished Angel • World’s Worst Loser • I Can’t Change Overnight • A Lifetime to Regret • A Good Year for the Roses • The Selfishness in Man • Please Don’t Let that Woman Get Me • Things Have Gone to Pieces • Jambalaya • Liberty … and more!

S91005 CD £4.99

S71101 CD £4.99

75 outlaw country classics featuring Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams, Faron Young, Loretta Lynn and many more! Tracks include Hungry for Love • Touch Me • Don’t Take Your Guns to Town • Go Boy Go…

S73035 3 CDs £8.99 £5.99


Nostalgia Magic Moments • Papa Loves Mambo • Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes • Delaware • Hot Diggity • Kewpie Doll • Moon Talk • Glendora • Catch a Falling Star • The Most Beautiful Girl • I’ve Got You Under … and more!

521322 3 CDs £9.99

The Banana Boat Song • Jamacia Farewell • Man Piaba • John Henry • Delia • Suzanne • Matilda • Scarlet Ribbons • In That Great Getting Up Morning • Once Was • Island in the Sun • Danny Boy • Unchained Melody • Come Back, Liza … and more!

Doris Day the iconic movie star and singer... This enchanting 3-CD set features 75 of her most memorable songs, including Que Sera, Sera, Secret Love and Sentimental Journey, her first No.1 hit in 1945.

S73040 3 CDs £8.99 £6.99

514098 2 CDs £7.99

Joe Brown – 60th Anniversary Collection

The Drifters – Under the Boardwalk

The Everly Brothers – Wartime Memories – The Cadence Recordings Various Artists

Doing My Time • Without Love • Lazybones • Midnight Special • True Love • The Wishing Well • All Shook Up • Uncle Penn… and more!

Save the Last Dance for Me • Temptation • This Magic Moment • There Goes My Baby • Sweets for My Sweet… and more!

Bye Bye Love • Wake Up Little Susie • All I Hae to Do Is Dream • Claudette, Devoted to You • Take a Message to Mary… and more!

Gracie Fields, The Andrews Sisters, Flanagan and Allen, Nat Gonella, George Formby, Vera Lynn, Glenn Miller and more!

I’m in the Mood for Love • I’ve Got a Feelin You’re Foolin • Singing in the Rain • I Could Write a Book • S’posin • Just You and Me • Slow Poke • Stardust… and more!

522024 CD+DVD £79.99

521972 CD £10.99 £8.99

522044 3 CDs £17.99

S71061 CDs £5.99

521293 CD £11.99

Charlie Landsborough – Gold

Del Reeves – Hits on the Billboard 1965-1978

Nat King Cole – 20 Golden Greats

Great Hit Movie & TV Themes 1957–1962

T.Rex – Dandy in the Underworld

What Colour Is the Wind • I Will Love You all My Life • A Million Ways to Fall • Like Rain … and more!

The Girl on the Billboard • A Dime at a Time • Crying in the Rain • Sidewalks of Chicago • Homemade Love… and more!

Sweet Lorraine • Straighten Up and Fly Right • Nature Boy • Ballerina • Love Letters … and more!

Forgotten Dreams • Around the World • Peter Gunn • 77 Sunset Strip • On the Beach • Never on Sunday… and more!

Crimson Moon • Universe • I’m a Fool for You Girl • I Love to Boogie • Visions of Domino • Groove a Little • Tame My Tiger… and more!

521325 3 CDs £9.99

522017 CD £11.99

512047 CD £7.99

515664 CD £9.99

521258 3 CDs £29.99

Love of the Loved • Anyone Who Had a Heart • You’re My World • It’s for You • You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’ • I’ve Been Wrong Before • Love’s Just a Broken Heart • Alfie • Sing a Rainbow • A Fool Am I • Step Inside Love • Liverpool Lullaby • Where Is Tomorrow?… and more!

515129 CD+DVD £10.99


Only the Lonely Roy Orbison • Walk Right Back Everly Brothers • I’m Sorry Brenda Lee • Three Steps to Heaven Eddie Cochran • Blue Moon The Marcels • Take Good Care of My Baby Bobby Vee… and more!

S72026 CD £9.99 £6.99

Doris Day – With Love

Here in My Heart Al Martino • Diana Paul Anka • Mambo Italiano Rosemary Clooney • Rose Marie Slim Whitman • Such a Night Johnnie Ray • Memories Are Made of This Dean Martin • Secret Love Doris Day • A Woman in Love Frankie Laine… and more!

S74001 4 CDs £10.99 £6.99

Easy Listening Beautiful romantic musical moments from the king of the waltz and his orchestra. Rieu pays homage to the city of Vienna and the golden age of operetta: Eviva España, Paloma Blanca, Mexico and title-track Happy Days Are Here Again.

High Society • Little One • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? • True Love • You’re Sensational • I Love You, Samantha • Now You Has Jazz • Well, Did You Evah? • In a Little Spanish Town • Honeysuckle Rose • The Song Is You • Cheek to Cheek … and more!

521120 CD+DVD £12.99

Max Bygraves – Tulips from Amsterdam

Songs of Praise

Flower of Scotland • The Skye Boat Song • Scotland the Brave • Amazing Grace • Mull of Kintyre • Loch Lomond… and many more heritage classics!

21 traditional hymns from the BBC series: Amazing Grace York Minster Choir • Thine Be My Glory & Jerusalem King’s College Choir, Cambridge… and more!

S91004 CD £5.99 £4.99

511478 CD £7.99 £5.99

Sweethearts & Stolen Kisses – Dream Lover

Memories of Yesteryear – The Walker Brothers Collection Various Artists

50 original tracks from the original artists including Ray Charles, Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Johnny Mathis et al!

75 fantastic tracks from Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald… and more!

Vera Lynn 100

Vera Lynn’s original iconic voice with full orchestra and choir. Songs Tulips from Amsterdam • include White Cliffs of Dover, Close Cowpuncher’s Cantata • You’re a to You,Wish Me Luck as You Wave Pink Toothbrush • Heart of My Heart • Mister Sandman 40 tracks! Me Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again.

512491 2 CDs £5.99

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore • Love Her • Joanna • Stand By Me • (Baby) You Don’t Have to Tell Me … and more!

514573 2 CDs £7.99 £3.99 S73039 3 CDs £8.99 £4.99 512580 CD £6.99

521338 CD+DVD £7.99

521303 CD £10.99

519374 10 CDs £15.99 £14.99

Music of the Highlands

Rhinestone Cowboy • Galveston • By the Time I Get to Phoenix • Try a Little Kindness • Wichita Lineman • She’s Gone Gone Gone • Walkin’ in the Sun • True Grit • On a Good Night • The Hand that Rocks the Cradle • I Remember You • Highwayman • Streets of London… and more!

Rock Me • That’s All •My Man & I • Shout Sister Shout • Precious Lord,Take My Hand • Pure Religion • I Want a Skinny Papa • Precious Lord, Take My Hand • Sin Is to Blame • This Train… and more!

Nessun Dorma • Voce’e notte • A mes mis • Brindisi • Celeste Aida • O sole mio • Miss Sarajevo • Ave Maria… and more!

519434 CD £12.99

521994 CD £11.99

Dean Martin – Italian Love Songs

Chill with Schubert

25 romantic songs of love from the former Dino Crocetti better known as the effortlessly cool crooner Dean Martin.

Wiegenlied • Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor • Schwanengesang • Octet in F Major • Nacht und Traume • Symphony No. 4 in C Minor • 4 Impromptus… and more!

S71072 CD £5.99

522082 CD £9.99 £7.99

Kiss • Delilah • Thunderball • What’s New Pussycat • Somethin’ Bout You Baby I Like • She’s a Lady • Help Yourself • It’s Not Unusual • Green Grass of Home • I’ll Never Fall in Love Again … and more!

512745 CD £6.99

Luciano Pavarotti – Pavarotti

A three-CD collection of opera and operetta arias showcasing some of the best work from the legendary soprano. Performances from Die Fledermaus, Don Giovanni, Marriage of Figaro, The Merry Widow, The Gypsy Baron, The Land of Smiles and more!

514777 3 CDs £7.99 £4.99


Audiobooks Harry Enfield stars as the eponymous detective in two full-cast radio dramatisations of Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently novels. These fantastically entertaining comedy sci-fi dramas also star Olivia Colman, Andrew Sachs and Peter Davison.

Rory Kinnear performs in this definitive recording of the classic tale. The other stories also testify to Stevenson’s inventiveness within the gothic genre, including a tale of vampirism, and a drama about the the murky underside of medical practice.

522104 6 CDs £19.99

Contains: The Daleks’ Master Plan, The Massacre, The Celestial Toymaker and The Savages PLUS a bonus disc: Doctor Who – Lost Episodes.

522122 12 CDs £24.99

The Lost TV Episodes Collection Three 522112 13 CDs £29.99

522116 4 CDs £17.99

Just a Minute: Through the Years

E. M. Forster: A BBC Radio Collection

DH Lawrence: A BBC Radio Collection

The M. R. James BBC Radio Collection

Nicholas Parsons chairs 12 classic episodes of the much-loved BBC Radio comedy.

Starry casts perform A Passage to India, Where Angels Fear to Tread, A Room with a View, Howards End.

Full-cast Radio 4 dramas: Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Spine-tingling stories by M. R. James, plus a chilling original drama. Mark Gatiss, Derek Jacobi, Anton Lesser.

522098 £19.99 6 CDs

522120 £29.99 15 CDs

522121 £29.99 14 CDs

522113 5 CDs £21.99 £17.99

North Korea Journal Glimpse life inside the world’s most secretive country, as told by Britain’s bestloved travel writer – Michael Palin.

522118 £16.99 3 CDs

Agent Running in the Field – John le Carré

P.D. James BBC Radio Drama Collection

Audiobook edition of le Carré’s latest acclaimed espionage thriller, read by the author himself.

Seven detective Adam Dalgliesh radio crime dramas. Starring Robin Ellis and Richard Derrington.

521278 10 CDs £19.99 £17.99

521843 17 CDs £34.99 £29.99

The Primary Phase The original full-cast BBC Radio 4 performance is positively gleeful and as irreverent as ever. For the longtime fan this recording will be like listening to an old friend. And for the neophyte looking to sample Douglas Adams’s gentle comic genius, this is the perfect place to start. Peter Jones leads the cast.

The Secondary Phase 522100 £17.99 4 CDs

The Tertiary Phase 522101 £14.99 3 CDs

The Quandary Phase 522102 £12.99 2 CDs

522099 £17.99 4 CDs

Quintessential Phase 522103 £12.99 2 CDs

SHERLOCK HOLMES The Four Novels Collection Clive Merrison stars as the super-sleuth with Michael Williams as his faithful friend Dr. Watson, in four full-cast BBC 4 adventures.

521831 8 CDs £44.99 £24.99


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 521828 12 CDs £31.99 £25.99

The Return of Sherlock Holmes 521829 12 CDs £31.99 £25.99

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 521827 12 CDs £49.99 £27.99

CD Box Sets Money (That’s What I Want) • Shop Around • Please Mr. Postman • Do You Love Me • You Really Got a Hold on Me • My Guy • Dancing in the Street • Baby Love • How Sweet it Is • Needle in a Haystack • My Girl • I Can’t Help Myself • Reach Out I’ll Be There… and more!

This is Me • Rocket Man • Take My Breath Away • Don’t You Forget About Me • Ghostbusters • The Power of Love • Happy • Can’t Stop the Feeling • Axel F • You Sexy Thing • Goldfinger • My Heart Will Go On • I Will Always Love You • Hedwig’s Theme … and more!

522042 3 CDs £11.99

András Schiff / Ludwig van Beethoven – The Piano Sonatas

The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music

Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Barber, Mozart, J. S. Back, Bizet, Prokofiev, Jenkins, Sibelius, Mascagni, Vaughan Williams, Pachelbel, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, Debussy, Dvorak, Elgar, Fauré, Holst, Shostakovich, Vivaldi, Shore, Holst, SaintSaens and more.

521990 5 CDs £16.99

522040 5 CDs £14.99

Easy Introduction to The Blues B.B. King, Ray Charles, Etta James, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Bobby Bland, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and many more!

Timeless Memories – Foster & Allen

Daniel O’Donnell – Halfway to Paradise

Featuring classic albums including Maggie, After All These Years, Heart Strings and more!

Good Luck Charm • Calendar Girl • Halfway to Paradise • Bye Bye Love … and more!

100 chilled out classics by Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Bach, Elgar, Albinoni, Pachelbel and more!

521335 10 CDs £39.99

521259 3 CDs £18.99 £13.99

512342 5 CDs £9.99

Original Soul

Complete piano sonatas, recorded live in concert at the Tonhalle in Zürich.

The most beloved classical works, now recorded by The London Philharmonic Orchestra

521445 £69.99 11 CDs

521975 4 CDs £14.99

521887 8 CDs £19.99

Let There Be Drums

The Sound of Big Bands

Nat King Cole Centennial

Cliff Richard – Hot Hundred

Greatest Hits of the 50s

This superbly retro packaged set features three of the greatest drummers of all time and some of their best work!

The greatest swing hits from Artie Shaw, Harry James, Don Lusher, Kenny Baker, Glenn Miller and many others!

Let There Be Love • Fly Me to the Moon • Answer Me • Dear Lonely Hearts • When I Fall in Love • Ramblin’ Rose… and more!

The Young Ones • Fall in Love with You • Do You Wanna Dance? • Blue Suede Shoes • Batchelor Boy • Too Much…and more!

All I Have to Do Is Dream The Everly Brothers • It’s Only Make Believe Conway Twitty • My Son Vera Lynn… and more!

S73006 3 CDs £8.99

S73002 3 CDs £8.99

S73043 3 CDs £8.99 £6.99

514145 4 CDs £12.99 £3.99

S73011 3 CDs £8.99 £6.99

Volume 1 Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant are among the readers of these 12 popular sci-fi stories from the worlds of Doctor Who.

521224 10 CDs £29.99 £24.99

Volume 2 521225 12 CDs £29.99 £24.99

Five BBC Radio dramas starring Leslie French and Willie Rushton. Short, shabby and unassuming, Roman Catholic priest Father Brown is an unlikely investigator. Blue Cross; Queer Feet; Perishing of the Pendragons; Dagger with Wings; Mirror of the Magistrate.

521823 4 CDs £34.99 £17.99

100 Hits – Classical Chillout

75 original classic soul hits featuring James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Mary Wells, Ben E. King and many more!

S73032 £8.99 3 CDs

Praise – A Collection of Glorious Hymns Ode to Joy • Amazing Grace • Ave Maria • Jerusalem • Ava Maria… and more!

S93005 3 CDs £8.99 £6.99

Ludovico Einaudi – Waves: The Piano Collection Le Onde • Eden Roc • I Giorni • Una Mattina • Divenire • Nightbook • In a Time Lapse… and more!

514185 £24.99 7 CDs

It’s 60 years since the first episode was broadcast in 1959. This classic sitcom is based around life on the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Troutbridge, and stars Leslie Phillips, Ronnie Barker, Stephen Murray, Heather Chasen and Jon Pertwee.

521812 4 CDs £16.99





All 12 series of the BBC crime drama with quirky old-school cops cracking unsolved past cases. Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, James Bolam and Alan Armstrong star. 120hrs. Subtitles

Collection of ITV’s adaptations of Catherine Cookson’s best-loved novels. The set includes no less than 23 full-length dramas, including all four from the Mallen series. 56hrs 32. Subtitles

164675 36 DVDs Cert 12 £129.99 £79.99

UFO – Series 1 & 2

Gerry Anderson’s acclaimed 1970s drama about an alien invasion of Earth. 21hrs 40

187866 9 DVDs Cert 12 £19.99 £15.99

Complete All 7 series of the pre-PC 70s sitcom gem following ducking and diving busmen Reg Varney, Bob Grant and their nemesis Inspector ‘Blakey’ Blake Don’t forget pickled onion-loving Olive! 32hrs 5

134466 24 DVDs Cert 15 £64.99 £49.99

Line of Duty – Series 1-5

The Spoils of War – Complete

Jed Mecurio’s explosive drama. The most popular crime series in the UK! 23hrs 30. Subtitles

1980s drama about two very different northern families returning to life after WWII. 16hrs 40

189978 10 DVDs Cert 15 £49.99 £34.99

167431 5 DVDs Cert 12 £39.99 £24.99

134808 11 DVDs Cert PG £49.99 £34.99

The Animals of Farthing Wood – Complete

Lord Peter Wimsey – Complete

His Dark Materials

BAFTA-nominated show, based on the bestselling books by Colin Dann. 16hrs 15

Five BBC adaptations. Ian Carmichael is the aristocratic detective. 16hrs 40. Subtitles

169387 6 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £29.99

136391 10 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £32.99

191240 3 DVDs Cert 12 £24.99 £19.99

134469 9 DVDs Cert 12 £59.99 £24.99

Brass – Complete

Knightfall – Series 1 & 2

Scenic Journeys on British and Irish Waterways

Acclaimed BBC/ HBO Philip Pullman adaptation. James McAvoy and Ruth Wilson star.

It Ain’t Half Hot Mum – Complete

‘Meet the gang, ‘cos the boys are here…’ All eight series. With Windsor Davies. 27hrs 27. Subtitles

Re-Mastered: The Ultimate Edition This collection brings together all four eras of the classic BBC comedy, starring Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson – from the Middle Ages to the WWI frontline. The supreme supporting cast includes Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent and more! 13hrs 55. Subtitles

134470 6 DVDs Cert 15 £39.99 £21.99

Timothy West stars as the greedy womaniser in the classic 80s ITV comedy drama. 13hrs 20

131331 5 DVDs Cert PG £39.99 £24.99

Acclaimed historical drama on the fall of the Knights Templar in the 14th century. 13hrs 11. Subtitles

Enjoy beautiful scenic journeys on British and Irish waterways. 2hrs 46

191064 4 DVDs Cert 18 £39.99 £18.99

R10001 3 DVDs Cert E £15.99 £7.99

Raquel Welch Collection

The Likely Lads – Collection

Four films starring the sex symbol: Lady in Cement, Fathom, Bandolero and Fantastic Voyage. 6hrs 30

Rodney Bewes and James Bolam star as Bob and Terry in one of the best British sitcoms. 16hrs 50

616636 4 DVDs Cert 15 £29.99 £16.99

126339 6 DVDs Cert 12 £34.99 £14.99

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