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Balan c e d Body body. It can enhance and sustain the functionality of all of our systems by the way we breathe, feel and move, along with focusing on soothing harmonizing and balancing thoughts. That functionality is our main process in life.

• Improved digestion

These mind-body and energetic practices developed so many years ago have amazing influences on all areas of the body through what the “Ancients” called chi.

• Knowledge of self-defense

The delight of tai chi is that anyone can practice it anytime and anywhere in almost any state of health. There is no age limit. The many benefits for practicing Tai chi include: • Improved health • Reduced stress levels • Increased energy • Improved concentration • Better quality of sleep • Strengthened bones, muscles, and joints • Increased flexibility

• Improved heart and lung function • Prevent age-related health issues • Quieter and focused mind

Tai chi’s slow movements provide the opportunity to relax and strengthen your body without risk of strain or injury. It is also particularly suitable for the elderly as it improves balance and strength, preventing injury from falls. Many people begin tai chi with injuries or bad health and their primary focus is to aid their recovery. Correct breathing and posture during tai chi is essential for the flow of chi and to avoid unnecessary strain. Becoming aware of your breathing and which parts of your body are tense and how to relax them result in a calmer mind and body. The benefits of tai chi will quickly flow into other areas of your life, allowing for a more relaxed and healthy approach to daily activities. After a period of time you

should begin to sense your own energy or chi. Regular practice is the key to progress and with repetition, the movements will become automatic, allowing your tai chi to be relaxed and flowing. There is an ancient Chinese proverb which states that even the longest journey starts with the first step. Tai chi can be a lifelong study, with the benefits and rewards relative to the amount of time and effort you put into it. With regular practice, your tai chi will be more relaxed and reduce your stress and tension levels. This will enable you to gain the full benefit of this graceful art. Dana Charvet was a member of the Olympic Judo Team, holds a Ph.D in Asian Studies, and has been a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Qong for 30 years with a black sash in Shaolin Kung Fu. He also received the 2019 Tai Chi Instructor of the Year Award from the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. If anyone is interested in learning more he can be reached at 805.701.7397 or teaching martial arts at Grateful Body, 850 Shasta, Morro Bay, California.

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LIVING Lavishly

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Living Lavishly  

Living Lavishly Vol. 9 showcases the local resources, talent and expertise we have here in the Central Coast of California.

Living Lavishly  

Living Lavishly Vol. 9 showcases the local resources, talent and expertise we have here in the Central Coast of California.