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- Benzene found in adhesives, automobile exhaust, detergents, and lubricants - Ammonia found in many cleaning products and fertilizers - Xylene found in nail lacquer, paint, and tobacco smoke The most ordinary household plants can perform some pretty extraordinary tasks. The “Spider Plant,” one of the easiest indoor plants to maintain, produces oxygen while absorbing carbon monoxide, xylene, and formaldehyde. The very forgiving “Snake Plant” or Sansevieria, also absorbs carbon monoxide and filters out trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene from our indoor environments. The “Peace Lily” is a major contributor to soaking up trichloroethylene along with ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene. Indoor plants can also absorb airborne dust and microbes such as bacteria, spores, and even mold!

anxiety. Between work and home, some people spend upwards of 90% of their day indoors, with little time allocated to being outside. Even then, in more urban areas, sometimes “nature” isn’t easily accessible or nearby. By adding greenery in the form of potted plants or living walls, one can create a calm indoor atmosphere comparable to the great outdoors. Studies have found a significant reduction in stress levels amongst employees whose workspace incorporates plants. Plants help reduce overall tension, depression, fatigue, and hostility, leading to a more harmonious work environment. Proximity to nature in the form of plants can also help boost confidence and self-esteem, fostering a more optimistic outlook. Incorporating natural elements, such as sunlight, water features, and plants helps create a positive ambiance in both the home and workplace.

Boost Productivity and Morale

Plants and people both need natural light to thrive. For plants, bright natural light leads to photosynthesis and, ultimately, energy for growth. For people, light boosts the creation of melatonin, which regulates sleep cycles and ultimately, energy levels. Many would agree that being out in It’s only natural that the two go nature helps reduce stress, anger, and hand-in-hand. When energy levels

Mental and Physical Well-Being


LIVING Lavishly

Peacy Lily

Spider Plant

Snake Plant

found in household cleaners, paint and varnishes

are up, productivity increases. Consider rolling “living walls” instead of constricting cubicles and open concept meeting spaces with big windows and large palms instead of curtains or blinds. All these aspects in a room can improve overall attitude, creativity, and efficiency within the workplace in addition to creating a beautiful indoor environment. Biophilic design in the workplace can be a competitive advantage, and an employer who enhances the working environment of their employees will find a higher percentage of staff loyalty compared to those who don’t make any improvements to the space. There is no doubt that live plants offer many benefits at home and at work. The addition of well cared for plants creates a beautiful, pleasing environment for all indoor spaces. Samantha Young, a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, is the owner-operator of The Plant Lady, a plantscaping business based out of San Luis Obispo since 1983. When she isn’t designing plantscapes for her customers, she enjoys spending time with her family, dogs, cats, and horses in Northern San Luis Obispo County. For more information, please visit www. or call 805-541-2411.

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Living Lavishly  

Living Lavishly Vol. 9 showcases the local resources, talent and expertise we have here in the Central Coast of California.

Living Lavishly  

Living Lavishly Vol. 9 showcases the local resources, talent and expertise we have here in the Central Coast of California.