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It has been 11 great years of developing chocolate - all made with natural ingredients, the best sustainable cocoa and with respect for mother nature. Our chocolate bars are made by hand by the most skilled and passionate employees in our factory in Copenhagen. Please take a look at this catalogue - you will find more about us, our products and a lot of good news!

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For more than 11 years we have handmade chocolate bars with special names - for us they are special personalities. Some have been with us from the very beginning – take Grainy Sue or Dark Marci for instance – and some were born along the way as the funky lady Creamy Carol. Do we need to say we looove them all?!? For us they are way more than just chocolate.



The produce of vegetables serve two purposes; firstly they are meant to supply the local women a second source of income besides the cocoa beans, secondly they are to ensure better nutrition for the children in the local school.

Not all vegetables are sold—part of the fresh produce are delivered to the kitchen in the local school. Here they’ll supply students with a great meal, resulting in long-lasting energy fit for a long day in front of the blackboard, a long-term way to increasing the level of education amongst the village children.

The greenhouse project is run by the local women who have all received training in making the production run smoothly. They have learnt about growing and maintaining plants, seasonal plants, bookkeeping, trade and development of new markets. In

A new role for the women

In a greenhouse in a cocoa village near San Pédro in The Ivory Coast, a group of local women are growing vegetables and fruit. But they are also growing a new future. In addition to ensuring the women a more stable income, the produce is served as lunch in the local school, making sure the children get a good meal and more energy for their education. The greenhouse project is one of the many ways Simply Chocolate — and you — are giving back to the cocoa farmers and their families.

A green school with great energy

this way the project also ensures a new independence for the women, carving out a more significant role in the villages—an important step towards a better future for African nations.

Read more about our work with Cocoa Horizons on our 5



Taste and quality is everything. Always. We use quite a lot of time searching for great ingredients and interesting flavors and we will go far for new, innovative takes on that - but we would never compromise on great taste. Maybe spirulina is new and modern but if it doesn’t taste great, we would never go down that road just because it’s ‘cool’. We need the spelt flakes with the right crunch, we have our own recipe for marzipan, and our caramel is made from honey, sugar and butter - that’s it. And we know it works.

‘All Natural’ means using the best of bests while shunning labs with powders and liquids that no one can pronounce the names of. We are very picky when it comes to our ingredients. We only use the best nature has to offer – we just take credit for it.

Our ingredients are - of course - extremely important to us but ‘all natural’ also means being aware of how we make chocolate and the responsibility that follows.


We evaluate every supplier thoroughly on CSR, child labour and documentation, quality, innovation, price, delivery and reachability. This enables us to keep 100% track of our ingredients. All because we care.



Self-sufficient when the sun shines

We have recently plugged in our new solar panel system on the roof of our factory in Copenhagen. The system is scaled for our future energy consumption because we expect production to increase in the coming years. This makes Simply Chocolate energy self-sufficient on sunny days.

The system means we will lower our CO2 emissions with an amount comparable to 25 private household’s annual energy consumption. At the same time, we’re working with our chocolate supplier to ensure that our freight from Belgium to Copenhagen will become 100% energy-neutral. According to our plan we’ll reach this goal in 2025.

Energy-neutral transportation

Usually the sun is one of chocolate’s worst enemies as both sunlight and the heat from the rays destroys chocolate. But at Simply Chocolate the two are actually best friends, as we have had our very own solar panel system installed on our roof. This makes us 100% energy self-sufficient when the sun shines.



We depend on good packaging. Even the most beautiful and perfectly tempered chocolate can go grey and loose its snap if wrapped in the wrong material. This is why our industry for years have been using packaging that are not necessarily environmentally friendly or reusable. We have decided to change this. That’s why we - together with our Danish packaging supplier - are working hard to find new solutions.


We are on a very important mission. Imagine an edible wrapping. We are not there yet but we are on the journey and until the goal is reached we are doing what we can to do better. For example we have teamed up with the organisation Plastic Change as sponsors. They work to reduce and remove plastic from the oceans and working to find better alternatives. The goal is a world free of plastic waste.

Understandably, there’s a great focus on packaging and environmental impact, and at Simply Chocolate we’re constantly working on getting closer to our goal of 100% reusable packaging.


Great Taste Award

The Great Taste Award is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world. Quite simply the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drinks in your local, quality retailer.


The International Chocolate Awards is the World’s only fully independent competition recognising excellence in fine chocolate making and in the products made with fine chocolate. The award is an approval based on taste only and not marketing.


International Chocolate Awards

Taste is everything. Always. That’s why we are so very proud and happy that professional taste experts awarded us with several prizes. We love our tasty, handmade chocolate bars no matter what but to have your ‘kids’ praised by others makes our hearts warm.






Maybe you come to think of someone with the lastname Bradshaw, and it is actually not a completely wrong coupling. Carrie is only for the real deal, and that’s exactly why the salted caramel crunch is simply the best you will ever taste. A fashionable mix of flake salt with crunchy homemade salt caramel chunks embraced in the softest coating of premium milk chocolate.

at your best. Meet Carol - she’s one of those people we all need in our lives. For lovers of soft caramel, there is none other than Carol. Imagine the cracking of premium dark chocolate between your teeth as a gateway to the softest, creamiest caramel.





have doubled the layers of chocolate with premium dark chocolate. In the center you meet the best marzipan made with almonds from Valencia. A refined mix of sweet and slightly bitter gives this classic something extraordinary.



Persian Perry has been named one of the world’s best chocolate bars. This bar is made by inspiration from the alluring mystery of the East with real Persian liquorice in a perfect combination with the best premium white chocolate.







Now with 71,4 % cocoa

salted almonds just hits a totally new level and a indescribable fantastic taste. Let’s just say it has the most perfect balance and with a cheeky postulation we can call it a world-class chocolate bar, but hey, taste it yourself and you’ll see. Enjoy!




We’ve packed so much caramel love and crunchy peanuts into this bar, that we had no choice but to dress her in gold. Homemade filling of caramel, peanuts, spelt and oats coated with the best premium dark chocolate. This awarded beauty with dark chocolate cover in combination with a soft, slightly chewy interior, grants Sue a place in the hearts of many.





Imagine living in the jungle surrounded by palm trees, coconuts, wild berries and sunshine. This is what Grainy Billy tastes like. A taste that evokes a subtropical dream of life far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A creamy mix of coconut, white chocolate and cranberries coated with premium milk chocolate will make the dream come true. We wish you a happy journey! NEW Now with milk chocolate 27

From the very first taste of our protein bars many years ago, the main idea was to make a protein bar that taste of the ingredients and not of artificial banana — or any other artificial flavor. Another goal was that it could not be a dry, crumbleling texture that protein bars tend to have. It took a while to find the right recipe. And a loooot of tastings. But we were so happy with the result and have been ever since.



Sally is our strong friend. We all have a six-pack somewhere - maybe just hidden and Sally is your proof that everyone deserves a delicious protein bar, no matter how visible the six-pack is. This protein bar has the best mix with caramel and crisp and the yuzu takes it to an even higher level - and then it’s covered in premium milk chocolate. Do we love it ... oh yes, we do!






Say hello to Arnold. He is your very best reason for frequent visits to the gym. Repeat after me: ”Strong, stronger, protein.” Sweet dates just taste so much better than artificial sweeteners. That is why Rich Arnold is also a fitness favorite with his antioxidants, peanuts, protein, caramel, dates and premium dark chocolate.


We challenge you to try Tom and tell us if this isn’t one of the best cocoa protein bar you’ve ever tasted. Seriously, it is like having an inner voice that pushes you to give extra. The taste of cocoa, acai and passion fruit coated with premium dark chocolate will certainly accelerate your refined taste to natural protein bars.




This is your chocolate for meetings, offices, hotel mini bars, showrooms, restaurants, coffee treats or where ever there is need for a delicious mini treat individually wrapped in colorful and eye-catching foil. We have 9 delicate flavors — all premium chocolate filled with a tasty mix of some of the following: marzipan, caramel, peanuts, coconut, almonds or liquorice.




Go exploring and find your ultimate favorite 10 grams of heavenly chocolate — yes, we know it is hard! 10 g. 71,4 % premium dark chocolate with salted almonds, known for their superb quality. The salty hint and the fruity chocolate truly makes this a perfect match to a good cup of coffee. 10 g. A fashionable mix of flaky sea salt and crunchy homemade caramel pieces, all wrapped in the softest coat of premium milk chocolate. There is a reason why this fella is a best seller! 10 g. Premium white chocolate with genuine Persian liquorice. It is slightly more bitter, than regular soft liquorice which makes it a perfect sidekick to the sweet, white chocolate. 38

10 g. A layer of premium dark chocolate, with a delicious center of soft and creamy caramel, makes Creamy Carol a very tasty treat. For lovers of soft caramel, there is none other than Carol. 10 g. A creamy mix of coconut, white chocolate and cranberries coated with premium milk chocolate will make your subtropical dream come true. We wish you a happy journey! 10 g. This little tasteful fella is many peoples favorite. With raspberry, Persian liquorice and premium white chocolate this bite just makes your mouth drool and craves for one more. 10 g. Blend of caramel, peanuts and premium dark chocolate. We’ve packed so much caramel, love and crunchy peanuts into this bar, that we had no choice but to dress her in gold. 10 g. Calling all lovers of coffee! The most tasteful, crunchy and sustainable coffee beans in a perfect mix with premium dark chocolate makes this bite a must have, must have, must have. 10 g. A double layer of premium dark chocolate, with a centre of marzipan made from Valencia almonds. This sublime blend of sweet and bitter flavour is a forever tongue twister. NEWNEWNEW 39

When is chocolate not a good idea? We know, it is always a good idea. If you need a choocolate that is screaming ‘you’ (insert your brand name) we can help you with that too.

We offer 3 variants of our Bites which is wrapped in our colorful Simply Chocolate foil with your logo and/or a statement of your choice. You know, a certain sports brand would probably write JUST DO IT, but don’t copy that - unless you have a good lawyer! Depending on the quantity you are looking for, we have different options in color and foils.


We’ll help with the best solution for your brand.




A fashionable mix of flaky sea salt and crunchy homemade caramel pieces all wrapped in the softest coat of premium milk chocolate. Try it - there is no doubt why this bar is a big seller.

And by sharing, we of course mean both when you share with others and when you share with yourself. We’ve scaled the size of three of our favorites so you can enjoy your favorite chocolate with your favorite person.


71,4% premium dark chocolate with salted almonds, known for their superb quality. The salty hint and the fruity chocolate truly makes this a perfect match to a cup of coffee.


85 g.

85 g. Premium white chocolate in the best combination with Persian liquorice. It’s slightly more bitter than regular soft liquorice which makes it a perfect sidekick to the sweet, white chocolate.

85 g.



4 x Crispy Carrie 4 x Salty Fred. 4 x Mocca Molly 4 x Pink Polly 4 x Persian Perry 4 x Crunchy Coco 2 x Crispy Carrie 2 x Salty Fred. 2 x Mocca Molly 2 x Pink Polly 2 x Persian Perry 2 x Crunchy Coco 2 x Crispy Carrie 2 x Salty Fred. 2 x Mocca Molly 2 x Pink Polly 2 x Persian Perry 2 x Crunchy Coco 24 PCS. BOX 12 PCS. BOX 12 PCS. BOX 240 g. 120 g. 120 g.


UP LOVE A statement for any event, written on beautiful boxes with a sneak peek at the chocolate inside. On the inside you will find pieces of premium white, dark and milk chocolate with crispy coconut, Persian liquorice, caramel, sea salt, coffee or red berries. 46

White chocolate with raspberry and Persian liquorice.

Mocca Molly

White chocolate with Persian liquorice.




Salty Fred

Crispy Carrie

Salted roasted almonds with premium dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate with crunchy coconut grains. ME?INWHAT’SITFOR



Pink Polly


Crunchy coffee beans with premium dark chocolate.

Persian Perry

Cruncy Coco


Crispy caramel, sea salt and premium milk chocolate.


So far, the collaboration includes a limited edition with a chocolate bar, a bite and a chocolate box and a part of the revenues goes to the work done by Copenhagen Pride. We have done this because we truly believe in diversity and that the freedom to love another human being is a human right always worth fighting for.



Under the slogan ‘Love is in the air’ Simply Chocolate sponsored World Pride 2021 in Copenhagen, which gave us the permission to use the logo on our products. In 2022 we sponsored Copenhagen Pride and we will do it again in 2023. Why? Because our chocolate heart beats for all colours, genders and sexualities.

We’ll help you find the best solution in your store.

We find space, where no other looks.

With our creative minds and slim dispensers for bars, there is no place you cannot utilize for selling our tasty chocolate bars and protein bars.





Cardboard dumper For bars or bites, 37x42x75 cm Acrylic box long For bars or bites, 19,5x43,5x8 cm Acrylic box small For bites, 19x19x11 cm Acrylic dispensers For bars, 17x50x7 cm Metal table display For bars, 20,5x19x54 cm Metal floor display For 10 kolli bars or bites, 37,5x38x168 cm


the height of 6 pallets - 86,4 cm x 120x80 cm




eye-catching POS material is a big part of our success. A lot of colors combined with special statements, always gets people to stop. We have POS solutions for almost everything and we constantly create new POS to be placed where no one else see oppotunities.

1/1-pallet cover


roll - 25 meter For the height of 3 pallets - 43,2 cm

Cardboard floor display For 9 kolli bars or bites, 60x40x138 cm (178 cm with sign) 53

Six Pack Sally g. 30 pcs. 0021050108



Creamy Carol 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050020

Speedy Tom 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050102

Name Weight Colli size Article No.

Salty Fred 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050001

Grainy Billy 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050021

Rich Arnold 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050100

Grainy Sue 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050013

Crispy Carrie 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050018

Name Weight Colli size Article No.

Persian Perry 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050015


Dark Marci 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050008

Instead Of Flowers 120 g. 12 pcs. 0021030004

Mixed Bites 1 (Crispy Carrie, Salty Fred, Persian Perry) 10 g. 3 x 25 pcs. 0021030130


Name Weight Colli size Article No.

Dark Marci 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030119

Mocca Molly 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030128

Persian Perry 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030129

This Is More Than Just Chocolate 120 g. 12 pcs. 0021030009 240 g. 12 pcs. 0021030006

Crispy Carrie 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030126

Yes You Can Buy Love

Persian Perry 85 g. 20 pcs. 0021050201-2022

Salty Fred 85 g. 20 pcs. 0021050200-2022

Love Is In The Air (Gift Box) 120 g. 12 pcs. 0021030007

Grainy Billy 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030133

Grainy Sue 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030118

Love (Bar) 40 g. 30 pcs. 0021050019

Name Weight Colli size Article No.

Mixed Bites 2 (Grainy Sue, Dark Marci, Creamy Carol) 10 g. 3 x 25 pcs. 0021030120

Name Weight Colli size Article No.

Pink Polly 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030132


Love (Bite) 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030125

Salty Fred 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030127


Name Weight Colli size Article No.

Crispy Carrie 85 g. 20 pcs. 0021050202-2022

Creamy Carol 10 g. 75 pcs. 0021030131


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