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Walk ON! ISSUE 3 February 2012


Find out the latest planned trips for 2012 DAYS WALKS - TOURS - HOLI In the Chilterns, UK, Morocco, France & Germany with Walkfree Breakfree - READ on - WALK on!


Chiltern HILLS



PROMISE to our land

Find out how we are working with and making promises to Our Land project

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Find out the latest trips planned for 2012

Value weekends & short breaks in the UK, France, Germany & Morocco 2012 TRIP CALENDAR

Latest trips planned for 2012 - UK, France, Germany & Morocco PROMISE TO OUR LAND

Find out how we are working with and making promises to Our Land project CHILTERNS WEEKEND WALKERS

Find out how to get involved with the Chilterns Weekend Walkers and what they get up to. They have walks planned every Saturday and Sunday!









Super Escapes - Discover More - Do More

London, Oxford and Bucks escapes

Latest trips planned for 2012

Offers dedicated to groups

Keep up to date with all things Walkfree Breakfree by joining our Facebook group. Find us on Facebook by searching for Walkfree Breakfree Walk ON! is a magazine produced by Simply Designs on behalf of Walkfree Breakfree. No part of this magazine can be re-produced. All content within this magazine is correct at time of production and Walkfree Breakfree cannot be held responsible for any changes to planned trips advertised within this publication. Please check our website for ALL up to date information and activities © Walkfree Breakfree 2012

2 February 2012

WELCOME “The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose” Charles Dickens


elcome to our 2012 edition of Walk On our Walkfree Beakfree on line brochure and magazine. I am pleased many of you had an opportunity to join us during 2011 and helped our new business to develop and thrive. Thank you and I look forward to enjoying our 2012 walking fun and adventures with you – we are going to some terrific destinations I promise. The business I founded Walkfree Breakfree emerged from a successful university outdoor group where I organised and led student and staff on outdoor trips throughout the UK and at times beyond. I am proud of the ethos this gives to my company. Our business is about delivering walking short breaks and holidays to encourage you into and to enjoy that wonderful land of ours outdoors. But it is more than that, we seek to positively encourage participation, community, interaction and friendships by delivering a group style of service to all, for singles, couples and of course groups of all kinds. To develop offers that appeal to differing ages, gender and ethnicity – bringing our university ethos alive outdoors. For us outdoor activities are best enjoyed as a group, in our view it’s more fun and leaves you with memories that inspire and last, it is this wonderful interaction that we love and wish to share with you in beautiful and inspirational places. Our very name Walkfree Breakfree is intended to

encourage you to shake off your shackles; we truly want you outdoors, to be active and stress free, enjoying our wonderful landscapes in the company of others. Encouraging inspirational togetherness, in our magical English countryside, in our home base in the beautiful Chilterns or in other fabulous locations our isles can offer. Strolling across green fields or forests deep, on coast or mountains high, along streams and mighty rivers sparkling bright, past ancient stones standing proud, to hamlets quaint, to breath in the fresh air, enjoy the sounds and see wildlife at play that is what Walkfree Breakfree is about. During 2012 we will start to deliver walking holidays in the Chilterns so close to London yet far from the madding crowds, with its small and delicate fields and golden beech woods, its quaint hamlets, flint cottages, small and beautiful churches, drovers trails, and tales of old. Above all, one of the finest and most extensive footpath networks you will find anywhere in the UK with four seasons walking for all. On its boundaries, the winding river Thames, the royal and mighty castle of Windsor and ancient university town of Oxford. To get you outdoors, to change your views, time and time again, exploration, discovery, places new and companionship, that totally inspires me, do join us in 2012 when you can. Iain Thomson Founder Walkfree Breakfree


Trip calendar 2012

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Brecon Beacons - Mountain Highs (free places on 04 an introduction to navigation course available) Trip ref: Brecon 2012 Date: Friday 24th February- Sunday 26th February Cornwall Rocks - Chocoholic Delights UK’s shortest coast to coast Trip ref: Cornwall 2012 Date: Friday 30th March - Monday 2nd April Rutland Haven - Bike it or Walk it! Trip ref: Rutland 2012 Date: Saturday 28th April - Sunday 29th April

A High Atlas Trek in Morocco - a personal challenge to summit a 4000m mountain and enjoy a unique mix of Berber and Arab culture Trip ref: MGoun 2012 Date: Wednesday 5th Sept - Tuesday 11th September Walks, Apples & Cider in Kent - The Garden of England Trip ref: Kent 2012 Date: Friday 14th September - Sunday 16th September



Morocco - Introduction to Trekking Trip ref: Morocco 2012 Date: Wednesday 26th September - Tuesday 2nd October

Ooh la la - its spring and time to enjoy a short break & hop across the channel a la francaise Trip ref: France 2012 Date: Friday 4th May - Tuesday 8th May

Wanderlust on the Rhine - a mighty river, walks, vineyards and castles Trip ref: Germany 2012 Date: Wednesday 10th October - Monday 15th October

Lake District & Cumbrian Way Trip ref: Lake District 2012 Date: Friday 25th May - Sunday 27th May

An English Country House Weekend on the Isle of Wight Trip ref: IOW 2012 Date: Friday 19th October - Monday 22nd October

Island Magic - A Scottish Escape to the Isles of Mull, Iona & Staffa Trip ref: Mull 2012 Date: Thursday 14th June - Monday 18th June


Le Festive Hop to Boulogne Trip ref: Festive Hop 2012 Date: Friday 30th November - Sunday 2nd December



February 2012 3

Where? UK, France, Germany & Morocco 2012



he objective of our Walkfree Breakfree: Value Walking Weekend & Short Break programme is to encourage and motivate you to get out and enjoy walking in some of the most exciting and interesting areas of the UK and Europe. In these recessionary times we aim to offer excellent value with a package that includes accommodation, guided or independent walks, meals and transport via minibus/mini-coach wherever practical (we arrange pick-ups from Amersham or High Wycombe Stations, close to our base in the Chiltern Hills). Our group meals are a real treat. Where we have our own facilities, our chef creates memorable dishes and as part of the community spirit we all share the chores. This is great fun and helps create a fantastic social atmosphere. Making travel via minibuses an integral 4 February 2012

component of our core offer promotes green travel and enables us to develop innovative walking itineraries without the constraint of a fixed base. This means we can offer diverse walks suitable for all ages and ability. It also allows us flexibility. If there is a consensus, in the event of truly awful weather we can shorten our walks and enjoy a tour to places of interest. Weather proofing our short breaks to cope with changeable weather – now that is an innovation for UK walking holidays! We are excited by our well researched 2012 walking programme and hope you are too as it offers some of the very best walks, heritage and culture in our fabulous isles and cost effective opportunities to travel overseas. Our short breaks and holidays allow singles, couples and groups of all kinds the opportunity to enjoy an active group

experience which is sociable, fun, interactive, and memorable. Our group size varies but is usually 16-24 persons, a number that allows us to split up for walks to cater for differing levels and interests. Further information on Walkfree Breakfree and our service style is available on our website. As a relatively new business that has emerged from a university outdoor background we are determined to retain our ethos of encouraging one and all. We deliver our services in a friendly and highly professional manner with a relaxed, inclusive approach. Consider us akin to a “walking club” without annual fees. Excite your mind and senses - head off with us into the great outdoors with Walkfree Breakfree on a journey through this magical countryside of ours and take home some enduring memories and cherished friendships.

Brecon Beacons - Mountain Highs

Trip calendar

(Free places on an introduction to navigation course available) Number of Nights: 2 Location: Brecon Beacons Accommodation: Cantref Farm – good quality hostel accommodation – shared rooms but no massive dorms!

Cornwall Rocks - Chocoholic Delights UK’s shortest coast to coast Number of Nights: 3 Location: Cornwall Accommodation: Excellent, high quality farmhouse accommodation with double, twin and shared rooms.

Bike it or Walk it! Number of Nights: 1 Location: Rutland Accommodation: Travel Lodge/Premier Inn or similar (twin or double rooms).

Ooh la la

It’s spring and time to enjoy a short break & hop across the channel à la française Number of Nights: 4 Location: Côte d’Opale, France – near Montreuil-sur-Mer, only a 45 minute drive from Calais Accommodation: French Gite , with double, twin and shared rooms.

Lake District & Cumbrian Way Number of Nights: 2 Location: Lake District - Ulverston Accommodation: Private Hostel – shared rooms.

Island Magic

A Scottish Escape to the Isles of Mull, Iona & Staffa Number of Nights: 4 Location: Isle of Mull – Scottish Isles Accommodation: Private Lodge – shared accommodation.

A Hight Atlas Trek in Morocco

A personal challenge to summit a 4000m Mountain and enjoy a unique mix of Berber and Arab culture Number of Nights: 6 Location: Kingdom of Morocco – High Atlas and Marrakech Accommodation: Various - please see itinerary in trip details.

Walks, Apples & Cider in Kent - The Garden of England Number of Nights: 2 Location: Doddington, Kent Accommodation: Palace Farm Hostel – shared rooms in this excellent and quality farmhouse independent hostel.

Morocco - Introduction to Trekking Number of Nights: 6 Location: Morocco Accommodation: Hotel & Gites.

Wanderlust on the Rhine

A mighty river, walks, vineyards and castles Number of Nights: 4 Location: Boppard, Germany Accommodation: Hotel – doubles, twins (single supplement).

An English Country House Weekend on the Isle of Wight Number of Nights: 3 Location: Isle of Wight Accommodation: Manor House: Double and twin rooms.

Le Festive Hop to Boulogne Number of Nights: 2 Location: Boulogne Accommodation: 2 * Hotel – doubles/twins (single supplement). For more information, check out February 2012 5


PROMISE to our land

As a business Walkfree Breakfree is totally dedicated to the outdoors and to encourage you to enjoy activities in the great land of ours. It is therefore a pleasure to work with and make the promises to Our Land project.

February 2012 7


THE PROMISE to our land

Experiences in the Landscape. Exploration and travel, knowledge and culture, mysteries and tales of old have excited us for generations. Today, many of us can travel the world over with relative ease, to places and people new, to enjoy discovery and exploration. Fantastic and fabulous but for us in this home land of ours with its rich contrast around each and every mile we have special places galore. Exploration and discovery its right here, outdoors in this land of ours. Come, we have stories to tell, places to see, to be enjoyed together, not trampled over by hordes, no never with us. See, listen, learn, saviour and discover in the right way as it this that will sustain and protect the landscape we cherish.

No need for travel far, join us, we are here, nearby, in our very own land. We will take you to places new, on paths of discovery, enjoy! To the deep Maharaja well to remind us of spices, the orient and an empire conquered; to reflect on a man, not Prime Minister powerful, as we hear tales of Disraeli and his axe, felling mighty trees to bring us chairs intricate and delicate; we will walk ancient paths of trading and war that suffragettes strong took to safe houses from fear; or

to the first meeting house for Quakers that helped them go far. The Midsomer Murder TV locations walk them for real, along Midsomer Murder trails if you dare. Using and enjoying our special places will sustain them, as we take you to these magical locations we will encourage you to reflect, understand, use all your senses, in the hope you will take away memories that last, of places you now cherish and wish to protect for those that follow.

PROMISE to the enviroment

In delivering our business activities we promise to help protect and sustain our wildlife and landscape by taking every opportunity available to take you to places that conserve, protect and offer information of how we individually can play our role. We will take this further by developing short breaks and holidays, our Active Learning programme. Our leader’s role will be to specifically encourage you to understand and discover more of the wildlife and landscape around us. Leaders will have specialist knowledge but their aim and our business objective will be to encourage you to take your first steps of discovery and not to impart specialist and highly technical knowledge. We will leave that to others as activity, fun and imparting learning that you will value, remember, and perhaps give to others will be our aim.

Our red kites and unique fauna of our chalk lands have much to offer. Whenever we lead you across paths we will tread carefully and encourage you to do likewise, to learn and understand. In the way we deliver our business we promise and pledge to encourage Green Travel. Our modern and fuel efficient midi-coaches and minibuses are at the heart of our offer. These vehicles enable us to minimise the use of cars carrying individuals, taking up valuable parking spaces often at a premium at our special places. They allow us to offer door-to-door travel

for groups of all kinds, and to maximise the flexibility of our programmes, to weather proof them and to quickly respond to contingencies of nature when these arise. If you are a group of 8 persons or more we can collect you direct from home, office, or airport and deliver an inclusive fixed cost package. Alternatively we can meet at our accommodation base. The buses also enable us to cater for differing levels of fitness and demands within one group, walks of 6/7 miles; 9/11; or tours and strolls for example.

PROMISE to the community

Our business is about activity, encouraging you to enjoy walks in the great outdoors, developing community and interaction, bringing you close to places and people. As a business we seek to add value to what we do and one of the best ways of achieving this is to bring our guests as close to the landscape and community as possible. We seek out whenever we can local accommodation in the heart of the community, farmhouses, large cottages and independent hostels. We visit local inns with history that inspires and local beers to enjoy; we bring in people with tales of heritage to be lived or songs to sing. Our walking short breaks and holidays will always be more than activity; they will be a group experience and will include opportunities to visit places of heritage and culture. Some of these will 8 February 2012

be grand and famous, others will be remote and small but just as intriguing, isolated churches housing ancient paintings or hiding graves with stories that inspire, the ninety-nine year old sailor who fought at Trafalgar or a sad and lonely military tombstone with the inscription “Rank – Boy”. On our walking holidays you will be provided not just with maps but information that will allow you to discover arts and crafts of the area and if a local event is happening we will

join in if we can! We pride ourselves in delivering information that really does allow you to know whether this break is for you and ensure it gives you ample information on the places we are visiting. As a business we have set up our own Community Interest Company called Walk For Life C.I.C, and as our business develops we fully intend to devote resources to encourage others less active to make use and enjoy this great land of ours outdoors.

   

  


                                                                                                                                                                    

 

    February 2012 9


Chiltern HILLS

SUPERB ESCAPES - DISCOVER MORE - DO MORE NEW 2012 Day Walk Programme is now available. See right for details.

10 February 2012



alk in the Chilterns, England. Walkfree Breakfree is an outdoor business based in the beautiful Chiltern Hills, which is one of the UK’s best and most outstanding Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It delivers excellent, easily accessible four-season walks and we want to encourage you into our Chiltern Hills. For those of you who have never previously walked in the Chilterns with Walkfree Breakfree then please do join us on one of our Chiltern Day Walks, for you it is 100% free – yes free as we know you will enjoy the Chilterns and the walk and if it encourages you back we will be happy. Enjoyed your Chiltern Day walk last time and back for more. Fantastic we will charge you a small fee of £5 per person for the walk and a voluntary contribution at your discretion towards the fuel if we have picked you up in our minibus from a local station. But here is a tip – do look out for voucher offers and adverts during the year that will allow you to enjoy more free Chiltern walks. Visit the Chilterns – it’s just so easy and accessible and especially from London, visiting or on an Olympic Break you can jump on a Chiltern Line or Metropolitan tube and we will, if we can, pick you up from a nearby railway station - just remember your sandwiches, boots and clothing for fair weather or foul! As a walking company we organise short breaks and holidays throughout the UK, but being based in the beautiful Chilterns we are determined to offer visitors an interesting and delightful range of short walking breaks and holidays in a diverse and culturally outstanding area. Join us and enjoy the great beech trees, the flora and fauna, spot the majestic red kites that sweep and twirl overhead; walk parts of the Ridgeway a national long distance trail an ancient trading route; stroll along a section of Shakespeare’s Way as it winds its way from Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford on Avon to the Globe Theatre in London; or walk on sections of our very own Chiltern Way a 172 mile spectacular walk that is a rover’s delight. With us you will discover tiny hamlets and old churches, reflect on life as you stand in the grounds of iron-age forts or over a refreshing English beer in one of our quaint and traditional English country pubs; and admire truly great homes and estates. Chiltern Walking Holidays and Chiltern Tours are on offer during 2012, whether for a day walk or holidays do join Walkfree Breakfree in the Chiltern Hills, UK - you will not be disappointed! Full information on our Chiltern, Thames and Oxford guided walking holiday programme please visit our website

The Chiltern Hills – Superb Escapes – Discover More – Do More Day Walks for singles, couples and groups 2012 Programme Our ethos at Walkfree Breakfree is to encourage participation and we do hope you will join one of our Chiltern Day Walks available during weekends and midweek. If it is your first walk with us is 100% free and if you are back for more walks then it is only £5 per person. Please do register on our mailing list and download our Chiltern day walk programme. February 2011 11

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The Chiltern HILLS

Walk with us in the Chilterns, England. We are an outdoor business based in the beautiful Chiltern Hills, one of the UK’s most outstanding Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It delivers excellent and easily accessible four-season walks and we want to encourage you into our magnificent Chilterns. For those of you who have never previously walked in the Chilterns with Walkfree Breakfree please do join one of our Chiltern Day Walks for you it is 100% free – yes free as we know you will enjoy our walks in the Chilterns and hopefully you will be back for more. Walked with us before – excellent and thank you for companionship. This year a small fee of £5 per person will be levied for the walk and a voluntary contribution at your discretion towards the fuel if we have picked you up from the station. But here is a tip – do look out for voucher offers and adverts during the year that will allow you to enjoy free Chiltern walks. More day walks will be offered during the year.

Perfect Peace Saturday 10th March 10.30am The Chess Valley Saturday 14th April 10.30am A Chiltern Blue Bells Trail (date to be confirmed) 10.30am Great Missenden Walk Tuesday 15th May A walk in the southern Chiltern Hills Saturday 9th June 10.30am Bright Lights - Glow Worms a Glowing - we hope! Friday 29th June 10.00pm Autumn Colours and up the Beacon Sunday 4th November 10.30am Festive Steps Sunday 16th December

SUPERB ESCAPES - DISCOVER MORE - DO MORE All day walks must be pre-booked. For more information, join our mailing list at


Iain knows exactly how to organise the whole package: bringing people, nature, exercise and great food together and infusing everything with the spice of adventure - John


Look This Way – We have the Views You Need We offer inclusive walking and outdoor activity packages customised exactly to your needs. Accommodation, transport, food, leaders, amazing destinations in one simple package. Tailored exactly to your budget our trips offer unbeatable value and memorable experiences for all. Fun and activity for groups of all kinds – amazing social experiences for friends and family, work based charity challenges, employee or club organisers we can get you outdoors without the hassle. With us it can be from door to door as we can pick you up from the location of your choice including airports and whisk you to stunning destinations throughout the UK. We make it easy for groups to get outdoors to enjoy the views, the fun, the adventure and great socialising opportunities. Visit our website Join our mailing list now!

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Groups – we are here for you – look no further. We make it easy for you to organise and enjoy that walk, cycle ride, or other outdoor activity or challenge you have always planned. We are here for all - change your views – live life – get outdoors with Walkfree Breakfree. We offer walking holidays and weekends for walking clubs and social groups of all kinds, for all ages, customised exactly to your requirements, interests and budget and we can offer a door-to-door service. On our longer trips, for example to Scotland, we can co-ordinate travel via rail or air with minibus pickups so you can take advantage of budget travel opportunities to spare you many hours on the road. Alternatively join us on the high road – we will make it an enjoyable part of the holiday experience and in a group it’s great social fun, convenient and of course green travel with no ash clouds to interrupt! Our promise for groups – great deals and organisational simplicity – with service and prices customised to your specific needs. Change your views – live life – let’s get your group outdoors with Walkfree Breakfree. Email: or ring Iain on 07889 165278

TRIPS TO INSPIRE The Chiltern Hills, Thames & Oxford: Walks & Rambles | Nightwatch – A walk on the dark side in Galloway the first dark park in Europe | Challenge Walks – Avoid the Crowds – Use our Support Services | Snowdonia for All – Epics or Strolls the Choice is | Morocco & the High Atlas - Mini five day adventures or a week’s introduction to the fun, challenge and joy of trekking | Northern Ireland & The Antrim Coast ...and lots more offers - check them out now

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Third edition of Walk On magazine  

Third edition of Walk on - a quarterly magazine offering great trips around the Chilterns, UK, Morocco, France & Germany.