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Hello readers and welcome to our 6th Issue of Simplistic. Did you know we have been publishing this magazine for 1 year now. Time flies when you are having fun LOL We wouldn’t be here without our amazing staff and freelance photographers. So we say a huge big THANKYOU to all. Of course we have to thank all of you too. In this issue we have some fabulous features including an Into The Future Special and an in depth look at Midnight Hollow. We also have updates from Simtech Forum and a couple of new features. We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Time to grab a cup of your favourite brew, a cookie or slice of key lime pie and take a few minutes to yourself to read our mag. The Editors xxxx

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The Sims Resource has evolved

We have gone through many changes in our 14 years of being the biggest Sim most challenging changes to date. For many years now, TSR has existed with content, created by our paid staff of Featured Artists

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All 852,000+ creations are now entirely free with no downloading restrictions. Content creations from our Featured Artists wh

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Advertising will be paying for the site in the future so we have redesigned the and backend process to make the site more efficient for the massive increas

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You no longer need to share any details with the site to get access to our downl log in if you choose to post comments on c

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Our Subscribers used to benefit from browsing the site without advertising, cleaner and more efficient experience of gathering Custom Content for their ga happy to contribute to the cost of running this enormous resource in return fo available for the meager pri

nt News Bulletin

d - Welcome to the NEW TSR!

ms community website, and now we are going through one of our biggest and a subscription model, allowing Sims players to pay for access to our premium s who excel in Custom Content for The Sims games.

nloads are now free

. You now have full, unlimited access to tens of thousands of premium Custom hich were previously exclusive to subscribers.

cient new site design

site to make better use of ad placements. We have also streamlined the design se in traffic we are expecting as a result of changing to a "freemium" model.

required to download

loads. Just visit, browse and download with no login required (you will need to creations, in guestbooks or on the forums).

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and having access to our powerful Download Basket feature giving a faster, ame. Although all of the content is now free we appreciate that some people are or removing the ads which will pay for our existence. This opportunity is now ice of just $2.99 per month!


The Simplistic Staff would like to thank all cc creators, pose makers, model makers and of course EA for bringing us all these wonderful items for a game we love.

Ina’s Links Walk on the Wild side Models - Noyonika Manuel - Giselle Benton - Mitzy Model Outfits*free*-outrageous-edgyoutfit/id/1217846/



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Male Outfits

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The Fortunate Fool's Suit/Lucky Palms World

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Once again we would like to thank you all for your contribution to Simplistic Magazine

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If you would like to join our staff here at Simplistic please contact us either at the email above or on our Facebook Page . Or alternatively you can send a private message to InaMac69 - ArtsyAmy495 or Fantasticsims at Simtech Forum. Positions available Writer - Photographer - Ad Maker CC Creator - Pose Maker

Simplistic fall issue 06  

Simplistic Magazine presents the fall issue packed with features icluding an in depth look at Midnight Hollow and Into The Future. Also Simt...