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Hello Everyone! Welcome to Issue Two of SLM! I am very excited for this issue because, I think the staff did a great job with their assignments and I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about them after reading this. We were all very pleased to know that so many of you have enjoyed issue one and we all hope you keep reading future issues! We all thank you for the support and kind words. This magazine would not be possible without our gracious readers and contributors. Thanks for reading!































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By: Rawr2019

A very good friend of mine created this wonderful house called Santa Fe Splendor. I thought since the theme for this Issue is International, why not feature this amazing build. This house really does showcase some of the talent this brilliant simmer has. I asked her a few questions about her lot and a few other things. Here is what she had to say: How long have you been playing The Sims? I received Sims 3 for a Valentine’s Day gift in 2010. I have been addicted since then. I remember thanking my husband repeatedly for such a wonderful gift to utilize my creative energy.

Out of all of the TS3 games which do you like the most? I am impressed by the entire suite of EP’s and SP’s but my current favorite is Pets. I delayed purchasing this expansion pack but once I started playing it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

How long did it take you to build this lot? I think it took approximately a week to finish this one. I enjoyed adding extra details to the build, dĂŠcor and landscaping. I really wanted it to look authentic.

Which do you enjoy more, decorating or building? This is a tricky question. For me, the two go hand in hand. Choosing one would be like serving tortillas without salsa or peanut butter with jelly. What inspired you to build it? Mom2elias was gathering kitchen photos for an article. She wanted a kitchen with a Latin or Spanish motif. So, since I didn’t have one, I made one. I began to research different colors, patterns and styles of architecture and dÊcor before building.

What is your favorite set from the store and why? I probably use the Club Vaindenburger set the most. I think it looks very realistic in the game and gives the room a warm, welcoming aura.

What advice do you have for a novice builder? Tutorials and questions to more experienced gamers have given me the best assistance. Also, I bravely joined a contest in February 2011. My building skills have improved more in the last year than the first year of having the game. What's the hardest part about building to you? CFE is the most challenging part for me. Once I tried it, I was completely addicted to incorporating it into the builds. It creates a more realistic build but poses many challenges. Needless to say, I am still in the learning process.

What's your favorite lot you've ever built? My favorite build is the Craftsman Classic. It was based on a house used in the 2008 movie, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” The home had lots of charm and personality, so I absolutely had to try and recreate it.

If you could build any famous building from around the world, what would it be and why? I’m not sure if this qualifies, but I’d like to try recreating Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC. I am originally from NC and now live in SC, so it is a landmark that is close to home.

By: Itzmee Coastal Dream: Inspired by the beautiful environment of Australia. From the green forestry that fills the nation, to the humid deserts that cover the country and the tropical shores that surround the continent. With bright, happy, cheery people and unique and friendly wildlife, Australia is a welcoming country, with experiences that are one of a kind. This house really captures and represents the place where many people dream of visiting.

The light olive greens and calm blues that give the house its beauty represent the rainforests and its wildlife as well as the clear waters and its marine life. The woods represent the sands of the deserts and the beaches. The grey slate represents the modern aspects of the country, from the cities to the technology. Everywhere you turn in the home, a reminder of Australia will be there.

On the other side of the home, a spacious sitting room leads you to the family room where four Sims can be seated comfortably. A bookcase offers Sims with knowledge, as well as joy, and the large television lets Sims relax, with the added benefit of learning a new skill – depending on which channel they decide to watch. Several large windows let light flood in, not only providing light for the family room, but for the sitting room and kitchen too.

The kitchen features a one-of-a-kind stone wall and many large windows. A wooden counter top allows Sims to create edible masterpieces with ease, and the butler's pantry keeps these counter tops clean, due to the housing of the microwave, food processor and more. Many shelves also house snacks, meals and ingredients. A large window lets light flow in, reducing the need for electrical lighting. The kitchen however has three custom-ordered lights mounted to the top of the main shelf, acting as spotlights creating a fun but sophisticated atmosphere. The blue cabinetry adds to the ambience and keeps in theme, representing the light blue skies.

This home will make any family feel like they are on the sunny coast of Australia , soaking up all the sun on the beach. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of this Coastal Dream.

By: gngrsnp

"Where little ones are more than a paycheck" Nandi Pandi was started by my grandmother, Nadira Pandimar, over 20 years ago, and has been run by and the home to a family member since. She believed that a child flourishes best in a home type atmosphere surrounded by family and loved ones. Our family is your family.

"Where your toddler/child is more than our paycheck!" Family Owned for the last 20 years. Our little ones are better behaved, have higher grade scores, and hit the honor roll faster and stay there longer. We are more than a daycare, we’re extended family. Large, spacious, and loving. 4 bed, 2 bath. Den, study, open floor plan and more. CC Free. *Tested to level 3 daycare with many happy toddlers. Child tested via the family.

"Nandira and I were great friends, back in the days- rest her soul. My three sons were her first little ones. Now, 20 years later, her son and his wife are watching my newest, Avril, my preretirement surprise." - The Miller Family "The Pandi Daycare has helped raise my teenage daughter, Aya, and now my little Sophia. Oh, and my new grandson, Toddie." Anna Maria and Sophia "Yes, I attend Nandi Pandi, but for tutoring. Also, a daycare/childcare graduate. Did you know the top s tudents in High School all attended Nandi's, many getting the jobs of their dreams? Go figure." - Josiah Llama Llama High

By: Missroxor By: Lissykin

English Cottage style homes are one of my favorite styles to make because they’re quaint, cozy and full of clutter. Most traditional English cottages are miniscule compared to modern American style homes, so think small scale when laying out rooms. Low, vaulted ceilings* are another common feature of historic homes in the UK and they look pretty in Sims houses. Objects: My furniture choices were based on how traditional they looked and whether they could pass for antiques. Often real English cottages will be filled with heirlooms and pieces that have been accumulated over several decades or even centuries. Metal work is good too, I tried to stick to tarnished gold and brass which I think gives objects an aged look. I love metal frame beds but something like “The Lexington” or a 4-poster bed would work with this style too. Side tables with table cloths work well with this theme though I went for the side table with the lace doily instead because I love it! CASTing: Natural wood colours like walnut, mahogany, pine and oak are ideal though painted furnishing works too. I CASTed a couple of big furniture pieces with a worn paint effect to add to the aged feel while adding a little colour. English Cottage style is big on floral prints. I kept mine to a minimum; instead opting for pastel polka dots and toile/paisley type designs on the soft furnishings, cushions and rug. I made sure to have a couple of rose motifs here and there since the rose is England’s national flower. I kept the walls and floors simple and fairly neutral so I could add plenty of clutter and mix a variety of patterns and colours .

Clutter/Décor: I chose a small blind because I didn’t have a lot of wall space to work with, but English Cottage style often calls for full and/or fussy curtains. Throw cushions can really add to the warm, cozy, relaxed feel. If you don’t mind using CC I found lots of pretty ones at "Simcredible Designs." No traditional English home is complete without some fine china: experiment with some delicate blue and white patterns on lamps, pot plant or decorative dishes. Having family photos and stuffed teddies on display adds to the aged, generational feel. Finally; keep lighting soft. Change some lamps to flame coloured (set on dim) for that soft, cozy glow adding just one or two white lights for brightness.

Objects: Moroccan furniture has quite a specific look (I believe the phrase is ‘Moorish’) but if like me, you don’t own much of the store stuff and can’t use CC, you’ll have to use your imagination. Often real Moroccan furniture has an aged, hand-made quality to it so shiny plastic is a big no-no. If you use cc try looking for floor cushions and other pieces low to the ground. If not, concentrate on finding pieces with a little flair: ornate carving or embellishments of some kind. CASTing: The Moroccan colour palette is rich and bold, with dark, often reddish woods and jewel or spice toned silks and sheers. Painted tiles, mosaics and bejewelled objects are common features as are gold and silver accents. Walls are rarely plain and smooth, so I’ve gone for tile in parts and a textured wall in the rest. I really wanted to give the bold colours a try but was worried about going over the top so I kept the really bold blues and burnt oranges to just small accent areas and covered the rest with a sandy colour (seating area) and fairly muted orange (bedroom). Clutter/Décor: Mirrors, woven baskets, palms, incense burners, throw cushions (in bold colours and/or silky fabrics) for the floor and layered (Persian) rugs are all common décor items within the Moroccan theme. It’s also very well known for its drapes, canopies and lanterns; the latter of which I represented with tons of candles and lantern style lamps in lieu of the real deal. Lastly, water features rate pretty highly in Moroccan design. It’s not always feasible to have one indoors but if you’re doing a Moroccan house try to include one somewhere on the lot. Credits: I hadn’t thought of the layered rugs idea until I saw it in an awesome Moroccan house made by Walkingstick (for our International contest) so thanks for the inspiration.

Beautiful bedrooms begin with inspiration. The beach is the perfect place to take those cues; creamy multi-textural sand, a smooth blue sea, and cottony white clouds blowing gently along stems of tawny beach grass each help to create a natural color scheme.

Using soft colors for the wall coverings and flooring highlight the bright bursts of turquoise, orange, purple and red. Clean crisp white bedding finishes the look. When working with color, remember: if it exists in nature it will look lovely!

The French Romance Bedroom set contains the most lavish dĂŠcor and furnishings for the most romantic moments. Careful craftsmanship of furniture made from the finest teak wood, luxurious gold gilded finishes and rich marble materials satisfy even the snobbiest of bourgeoisie Sims. Creating useful space in the room helps denote reading, relaxing and dressing areas. The cheat moveobjects on allows for the table and wall decorations to be stacked and placed closed together. Now that looks

Make sure you check the credits pages for links to these last two bedrooms. You can download the showrooms or individual items. There is also a link to the English Cottage Bedroom that shows how to do a vaulted ceiling.

Indian Silk Sari: Indian Sari’s are traditionally made in vibrant colors. I took Kalami’s pattern which was originally a Green and Blue, changed the colors to make the main color purple and the companion color a deep turquoise.

Little Africa: I love this Afric

Kulpickles. I liked these new o something unique yet differen patterns on the exchange.

Little Germany: I love these ‘border’ type patterns I used on the apron of this dress because you can use them for almost anything. Pattern by Therasmum1994

By nedswife and Candygurl84

can pattern from

ones because they are nt to the usual ‘tribal’

Aust Aboriginal Art: This pattern is representative of typical Aboriginal Art. The Indigenous Artists of Australia have a unique way of painting, using ‘dots’ of paint in different colors. Pattern by Electra666

Little Miss Japan: This is an EA recolor I did for this little outfit. I wanted to keep the bright colors of Japanese fabrics but with a different color from the ‘usual’ red.

Single Rose Simplicity T-Shirt : I like the roses on this pattern, kind of a romantic look with the black background. I thought it would be cute on a t-shirt, kind of dressy/casual.

Pow Wow Pretty Dress: I like this pattern because it reminds me of a Native American blanket. I chose this dress because I thought the fringe on it went well with a Native American style pattern.

Royalty Ready Dress: I just liked the classy look of this pattern. I thought it looked so nice and fancy on this dress. Fancy enough to wear among royalty in England possibly.

Green Circle Yellow Circle Dress : I like the circles in this pattern and I wanted to make it Springy with green and yellow. I like the blue waste-band on this dress, I thought it made the pattern stand out and look nice.

Meet Minsi ! She enjoys spending time with her family and close friends. She loves to express herself and her culture through fashion. So being in SLM was the perfect opportunity for her. She called everyone in her family to tell them the good news as soon as she found out she was in the magazine!! With her genius mind and natural beauty she is destined for success.

By Candygurl84 and 301001



By Jaguwar

When most people think of The Sims, the franchise as a whole, they think of digital, pixelated "doll play" in a virtual world. Some laugh and think it is crazy, while others are fascinated and join the ranks of more than 9 million strong who have "liked" The Sims 3 franchise on Facebook. Others still, have seen the value of storytelling through these digital creatures and endeavor to provide both a creative outlet for themselves and entertainment for the masses through these stories. Call them digital soap operas. I received a chance to interview one such creative person; she goes by the name ReyaD on MTS (Mod The Sims), and she is the author of the Sabo Random Legacy. This is Reya's 3rd legacy; the other two were Vasquez and Starr. How did you start writing legacies? I started writing legacies back in March of 2011, when I stumbled across the R&R legacy by Becky (NutsandDolts on MTS) and later, Calisims' Legacies. I fell in love and decided to try my hand at it. My first legacy died during Generation 3 because of glitches, but it was a learning experience that I'll never forget. And now I love legacy writing.

Do you have a writing background? I've been writing since I can remember. I published a few short stories in anthologies and contests (also poems but I never want to see those again). I was also a published journalist for about two and a half years to make money on the side before quitting to focus on schoolwork. I'm currently working on a series of action/adventure books that are constantly being pushed onto the back burner so I can work on my legacy. Did you use custom Sims, or are you using pre-made EA ones? I use all custom made Sims. Some were made by me, but the majority of them come straight from fellow Random Legacy writers whose characters I fell in love with and couldn't pass up on. You will always see cameos in my legacy from as many stories as I can. I do like some of the EA pre-made Sims (Beau Merrick, you will always be in my heart), but I could never stand an entire 10 generations of breeding with pudding faces.

The Sabo Random Legacy is typically updated daily by 9PM Pacific (12AM Eastern)

What world did you set it in? I started the Sabos off in the wonderful, beautiful, just about perfect world of Neverglade It is huge, has houses of all sizes and price tags, AMAZINGLY beautiful scenery and custom homes; and my computer got jealous and decided not to let me continue playing it. So I had to move them to Meadow Glenn which is where they're currently living. While small, Meadow Glenn has a lot of charm and the homes are very beautiful. The town has such an old and almost whimsical feel that you can't help but fall for. I was very lucky to be introduced to Meadow Glenn by a fellow legacy writer; otherwise the Sabo’s would no longer be here. But one day I will find out what caused my Neverglade issues and I will use it as the set for another legacy. I just can't bear to let it go. Yes, I get attached to worlds easily.

Want to see the Worlds used for this legacy? Make sure you check the Credits page for links to them.

Do you use poses in your legacy, or do you just look for the opportunity to get the right shot? I've only just started using poses in Generation 5 of the Sabo legacy, only once or twice before, and once or twice after. Most of my scenes are taken at the perfect moment in accordance to my amazing memory for useless things, like which interaction leads to which motions/poses.

Do you write the story first then make the Sims act it out, or do you write the story based on how they interact? I usually start out with a basic premise for each generation, come up with some main scenes that would explain the basic premise, and then adjust the scenes based on the characters themselves; adding extra scenes to showcase the personalities of the Sims themselves. I do pride myself on letting my Sims pick their own personalities and only intervene when I absolutely have to. Traits are the best thing that ever happened to The Sims in my opinion. After the photos are taken, I'll write out the scenes on a Microsoft Word document and then transfer them over to Blogger for final editing and posting.

Speaking of interaction, do you use any kind of story progression mod? YES! I can't live without Twallan's SP (Story Progression), MC (Master Controller), MC Plus (Master Controller add-ons) and Woohooer. Well, let’s just say I'm in love with Twallan and his work. I can't imagine playing The Sims without Twallan’s Mods.

Never heard of Twallan? Well check the credits for more info.

Give us a quick synopsis of the story. The Sabo Legacy is a continuation of my Starr Legacy which ended with Sunset Valley's entire vampire population being killed with only the very youngest Starr as a survivor after her father's death. The Sabo legacy starts with Jakelene Starr being raised by a family friend in the quiet town of Neverglade, knowing who her parents were and not being able to tell anyone about them. But the story isn't just about her, it’s also about her husband Aarun who was disowned by his adoptive parents by taking his sister's side in a family dispute. They make a living for themselves and manage to make a name for the family. Can't say much more than that, but you can expect this much: a curse of twins, characters you want to slap, heart-ache, and never a dull moment, though rarely any happy moments either because those bore me to tears. If you were any author (current or past), who would it be? if I had to pick one author to be I'd chose J.R.R. Tolkien. I have three different box sets of The Lord of the Rings books and have been eagerly awaiting the Hobbit movie since the first The Lord of the Rings movies came out. Tolkien created his own world and created a story with so much lore and imagination that I can't help but discover new things with every read-through. I can only wish my stories will someday have such an effect on whoever reads them.

By Rawr2019 This January I had the pleasure of being invited to work with some of the most talented creators The Sims 3 has to offer. I’ve learned a lot from watching these builders work and I thought you all might benefit from their expert advice. I have eight members from the team here today discussing some juicy secrets to help you become better builders and decorators. If I were you, I’d take out some paper and start taking notes, these interviews are as good as gold! What was the first mistake you made when you first started building? ZooProfessor3: I made the same mistake everyone makes, my houses were way too big and had "big honkin' huge box" syndrome.

KylieS21: Gosh, I can't remember. That was way back in Sims 1. I think in Sims 2 I used to use the auto roof quite a lot. I didn't share my lots then so I guess I didn't really care about the roof very much. I struggle to play without the money cheat so I guess for me I was always building massive mansions, never smaller, more livable houses. By the time my Sim got out of bed and walked all the way to the bathroom, it was time to go to work, lol. sashraf: Not saving anything I built. Prior to this year I would build a town, play with it until I was bored, delete it and start fresh. I never uploaded anything until April of this year so it's all gone; with the exception of the last town I was working on “The Victorians.”

Sarademoor: I too, fell prey to the rookie builder's first mistake, make giant boxes with windows and auto-roofing! I had quite a thing with the same colours. I had houses that were total blocks of red, yellow and blue. Calmorezoo: Gee, you got me thinking, it was so long ago. Well, I think it would have to have been forgetting to put lighting in.

The Mayfair by ZooProfesso3

What would you say is the easiest part of making a house? ZooProfessor3: If I already know what the house should look like, then I think that is easiest for me. For instance, if I have a picture and/or house plan that I am trying to follow exactly. It isn't always the most rewarding, though. I enjoy designing structures of my own construction, but it is harder and I change my mind a lot. I will try different things, actually saving each with slightly a different name so that I have a few versions I'm working with until I decide which one I like. KylieS21: Hmm, hard to say. Each part of it has its own little challenges. Figuring out how wide a room should be, getting the right scale and shape for the house. Figuring out the internal layout, the configuration of windows and how wide of a front door and hallway to use. Which sort of roof and which part of the house to put it on. And then on top of that, you have the challenge of decorating and furnishing; and the beast that is landscaping. The only easy bit for me is deciding in my head what I want to build. The hard bit was trying to pull it off in game. EMPRESSPAMELA: It depends on the house and what my inspiration is. Not using any diagonals certainly does make it easier.

sashraf: The exterior. Especially if I have a picture, then I don't have to even think about it! What is the coolest thing you have ever done with MOO? ZooProfessor3: I love to make window boxes on the outside of the house (on upper stories) using MOO and some of the flower boxes in Buy Mode. WibbleLikeAJelly: I'm not really that adventurous with moveobjects, but perhaps a "wall of plants" made from the window boxes in The Sims 3 would be something I was most pleased with. To delve deeper into what is possible would definitely be something for me to look into. Sarademoor: MOO is my best friend while landscaping. Overlapping plants to create "fuller" bushes. Not supercool, but a nice overall effect. :D Cmnshtr: Putting windows in the pool, or making a multi-level coffee table, or corner cupboards. sashraf: Hiding the small display stand inside other things for placement of objects where they can't normally go.

If you could replicate any famous building into The Sims 3, what would it be and why? WibbleLikeAJelly: The Sheats/Goldstein Residence, by John Lautner. I just love the use of curves and geometry to produce something that looks really rather special and just slips into the surrounding landscapes effortlessly. The one thing that's holding me back to make this is the fact that we don't yet have the ability to build glass walls. That would be a striking point for me as far as building is concerned. Sarademoor: I'm currently working on one. Super-secret! KylieS21: For a long time, primarily after visiting, I wanted to replicate "Longleat House" because I loved its grandeur and the rich furnishings. I loved its architecture and the stone carvings, the grand marble fireplaces and the grand staircases. So I did and I was lucky enough to have it featured. Now I have a whole list of grand British houses that I want to replicate but I doubt I will ever have the time. I'd really like to pull off a castle of some form. I'm not sure which one though. EMPRESSPAMELA: The Coliseum, as I have seen it in real life and it would love to re-live the experience with Sims. calmorezoo: Rhinefield House in the UK, I spent most of my childhood visiting that building and grounds.

Hydra’s Rest by WibbleLikeAJelly If you could only build one style of house, what would it be and why? ZooProfessor: Easy: Victorian. I love those elaborate builds and you can actually do a variety of shapes and still stay true to the style. I never met a Painted Lady that I didn't like. WibbleLikeAJelly: I'm a great fan of modern, so that would be an easy answer for me. You can create a stunning look without the use of too many items (following Mies van der Rohe's principle of Less is More), and the term 'Modern' can turn back to many different eras, perhaps for me starting with the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, and leading on through the present and beyond. I'm also a fan of colour, so one of my favourite techniques, although I haven't had the chance to use it in many of my build, is to accentuate certain features in a room with bold splashes of colour and create a striking yet "approachable" look.

Like the homes in the pictures? Well make sure you check the credits for their links!

Riverblossom Hills Victorian by sashraf Calmorezoo: Georgian style or Queen Ann because of their elegance, large rooms and the grand dĂŠcor. EMPRESSPAMELA: Traditional Mediterranean, I love the exotic feel. KylieS21: Oooo, so many to choose from. Something old; possibly a combination of Palladian, Neoclassical and Baroque, something with that sort of feel. Having said that, I could live with Victorian as they are all so different and unique; it is like they all have their own personality.

Drake Manor by KylieS21

Which do you enjoy more, building, decorating or landscaping? WibbleLikeAJelly: Admittedly, I spend a long time on my builds, and a lot of people know that, but maybe because of that, I think I enjoy all three of those stages. Actually picking out a certain piece of furniture, or experimenting with a new pattern, or even finding out which plants look good together is what I enjoy, because it helps me improve and reach new levels. After all, I always say "if you're not bothered to build the house, then why should others be bothered to download, recommend, or even play it?" Calmorezoo: Building, I love the challenge. EMPRESSPAMELA: I like all aspects, but I guess I like building the most; with the right build the other aspects tend to fall into place easier. sashraf: Building and all of the exterior features including landscaping. Interior design in the Sims frustrates me, only because so many things I would like to use aren't available.

The Zoo by Sarademoor

What inspires you to build? WibbleLikeAJelly: Many things. Largely, real life designs, but perhaps more recently the community. Other times, just small tidbits of information; such as a saying, a song, or even perhaps a pattern in a magazine. KylieS21: Buildings I see every day. I'm forever seeing a building or a house and thinking "oh, I'd love to recreate that" or "that gives me an idea for this or that build." I ride the train to work so I spend a lot of time staring out the window gathering ideas. Granted, due to time constraints, a lot of them never come to fruition. Sarademoor: Other videogames are a major inspiration; “Elder Scrolls Oblivion”, “Legend of Zelda”, but also industrial looks like in the “Portal” games. Real life is a big inspiration. I always look at interesting buildings with a “Simmer's Eye.” In my head I'm determining which windows would be needed and so on. :D

sashraf: The rich architectural heritage I am surrounded by in the area I live. We have a fantastic artist’s community called the Allentown Arts District with tons of painted ladies. A few of Frank Lloyd’s builds and a host of others. Most of the older buildings have been protected by Historical Societies. This influence is also evident in most of the new builds in the area. Cmnshtr: The release from the real world.

No More Names by Cmnshtr

What advice do you have for a novice builder? WibbleLikeAJelly: Find your strengths and make the most of them. My strengths would be more modern builds, and that's where I feel I have been more successful as far as attention goes. Also, to find a good group of people who enjoy your work as much as you do, who will be happy to comment and tell you how to improve. KylieS21: A lot of what I have learned came from trying to recreate floor plans. If all you houses come out boxy, look at a real build and copy it, as closely as you can. Stretch yourself. But biggest development by far though, came went I started to participate in the community. Being around other builders has helped me immensely. The things I have learned on the forum have been invaluable to me. Sarademoor: First of all, build what comes up in yourself. Then try to look at it with a critical eye. I had trouble landscaping in the beginning. Looking at tutorials by Allium and Merrywidow helped me along greatly. Don't be afraid to look at other things and remember techniques and make them your own! Cmnshtr: Start with what you are comfortable with. Don't worry if you are building boxes and auto roof your home, mess with the roofing tools until you get the hang of it.

Itzmeediteranean by EMPRESSPAMELA

Cattails End by calmorezoo

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