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Official Newsletter for Key Club Division 4C

August 2011 Vol. 1 Issue


La La Laaann's TR IBUNE!

Greetings Key Clubbers! I'm Lan Pham, but you could call me Michelle. So, Summer is almost officially over, and school's just around the corner! Exciting isn't it? Should be, because that means another great year of Key Club SERVICE. I've got a lot to cover for you all, and surely I'll try to cover the most I can in this newsletter issue. Before, I get started with all the fun exclusions, I'd like to again say that my goals for this year are to, 1. Increase membership 2. Communicate more often 3. Promote District Wide Projects I surely cannot do any of these things without the patience and help from you members, and especially board members! If you help me do my job, I'll help you do yours, together we can make a difference in our Key Club community!

Yours in service, Michelle Lan Pham

Key Club International Convention in... Phoenix, Arizona!

It was an incredible week! I got to experience my very first ICON, in one of the most beautiful 7 wonders of world with terrific people. =) It definitely taught me a lot about what Key Club was really about, especially the very informative forums & workshops Key Club International provided for us! I absolutely encourage every member to attend next year's ICON held in Orlando, FL!!! It will change you, that I swear.

International & District Board Contact Info 's International Trustee, Governor, LTG, Secretary-Tres.

‌. (225)-620-5953 (813)-340-8323 (985)-713-4798 7416 Shrewsbury Avenue. 2504 Lafayette st. Lot 10 308 Hale Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Gretna, LA 70053 Thibodaux, LA 70301


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August 2011 Newsletter  
August 2011 Newsletter  

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