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“ abo At one time or another, we all worked at a big-name branding and marketing firm. But as time passed, we realized it wasn’t fair that only the big guys could access the big-time thinking we were offering. We also realized we could be just as productive in a small industrial park as in a luxurious high-rise.

So, in 2008, Keith Fletcher founded to give growing companies the same global thinking the big guys were getting. One by one, we all joined him and codified that thinking into BizSynced. Since then, we’ve worked with dozens of companies around the world, with a focus on tech-related brands in the healthcare, insurance and manufacturing sectors. -

Why we created BizSynced. Too many companies with great people and products fall short of achieving their business goals because they have no clear brand and marketing strategy that aligns with their business objectives – no clear foundation on which to build their business. The big brands all know this. That’s why they’re synced. FLETCH calls it being BizSynced and exists to bring its harmony to everyone else.


Illustration from BIZSYNCED video

BIZSYNCED Make your marketing do more. The world’s most successful brands all know that syncing all aspects of their business behind a single, unique, compelling brand message will make their marketing more streamlined, efficient and effective. The result is greater consistency in all areas of their company – sales, marketing, finance, customer service and even HR – and that leads to success. Defining your brand in detail and writing it all down (yes, even start-ups) before you build a website, write a blog, tweet or design a tradeshow booth will help sync your marketing strategy with your business goals. When this happens, marketing becomes the key element in unifying everything and driving your business toward success. Everyone inside and outside your company knows: What you do Why you’re doing it Why they should they care How you’re different from your competition With everyone synced behind a well-thought-out brand strategy, there is no more scrambling with what to say, how to say it or what visuals to use. It’s all figured out. Now, you can build anything because you have a brand toolbox to pull from that’s unique to your company.


Target Audience The primary audience for the video are business owners who are satisfied with status quo, and who may not see the full value in marketing. They might have a good product that sells, but they don’t capture the full potential of their business. However, this also targets business owners looking to get better branding, and who are looking for a creative agency to work with. One group needs to be convinced on spending money to create a unified message and develop a full brand transformation. The second group isfurther in the buying process. They are already convince in the value of having brand standards, but they need to find the right creative agency.

The goal of the video is to simplify and explain the approach Fletch Creative takes when working with their clients. The objective is for the target audience to see the value in having a unified approach to their brand, centred around their core, their beliefs. 9


pproach Our approach at producing well-thought-out creative concept begins by defining the objectives, goals, target audience, and brand parameters & guidelines. Once these are defined, all parties involved have a better understanding of the project, and can assist in shaping the content effectively. Our team then works together to design a Concept that includes plot, tone, pacing, and look & feel. We maintain a collaborative environment where any idea is encouraged, and we strive to keep creativity flowing freely. We determine which ideas are the best fit for the project to ensure the desired results.

Illustration from BIZSYNCED video


Conc The concept revolves around colors representing different areas of a business: marketing, sales, HR, operations, finance etc. At first, these colors bounce against each other and don’t overlap. They’re independent and not tied to anything, introducing the idea of how brands run with lack consitancy-not being unified. This works well with Fletch’s use of the multiple saturated colors, a good fit to the Fletch branding.

Illustration from BIZSYNCED video

cept We demonstrate that without a solid belief, every department of a company operates separately and doesn’t communicate together. A un-unified brand will not resonate with their customers or potential customers. They might have a good product, but their audience won’t have an emotional connection. This leads to starting with the core, communicating what they believe instead of what they have. Once they have the core messaging, then all elements of a brand fall into place. Visually, we’ll see how all departments are now overlapping and tied to a core in the centre. This opens the perfect opporutnity to introduce BizSynced® by Fletch, showcasing Fletch’s methodology; defining a business’ core. This core is defined by asking the hard questions to uncover the purpose, objectives, and create full brand guidelines that are strategic in meeting those goals. The flower diagram of BizSynced® is introduced to explain how every step is defined by it’s belief; everything becomes unified by communicating from the core and moving outwards. The video will conclude by highlighting the power of using BizSynced® and positioning Fletch as essential business partner.


Look and Feel We used bright saturated colors on clean white background to match Fletch’s brand, and use the overlap of colors to show unity. Using many colors will provide an approach that’s fun, minimalistic, and also bring a sense of professionalism.

look The video showcases an abstract look & feel by using shapes and typography that will also asssit in driving the message forward (instead of characters). We felt this was more in tune with Fletch’s overall brand- minimalistic approach to explaining their methodology.

As we wanted the video to create a connection with the viewer, we used a friendly conversational voice over that conveys personality. The tone is straight to the point and confident, without sounding stuck up, allowing the viewer to see themselves work with Fletch. We selected a light and fun sound track that didn’t distract from the visuals. We complement the music with sound effects that help draw attention to certain areas on screen.



Illustration from BIZSYNCED video


Simple Story designed a 75 secs digital solution to the meet the requirements of the client. The final video product resides on Fletch Creative’s website, where it serves as the introduction to BizSynced®

Fletch’s hero product.

The video was included as part of Fletch’s Social Media stragety, as well as a sales tool.

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