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Wolverine  Residential and Small Commercial Building Passive Vent Air Scrubber

Superior Odor Control, Superior Quality, Exceptional Price Made in U.S.A

Wolverine Vent Odor Filter  Part Number WLV-4

 UPC Certified  IAPMO R&T Lab Tested  Eliminates Sewer and septic odors emanating from vent pipes  Unique Cross Flow Design Pat.Pend. Dilutes H2S concentration for longer carbon bed life.  Comes standard with Sulfursorb Catalytic Activated Carbon Media.  5 Year Limited Warranty  120 Day Money Back Gaurantee.  For use on low flow/passive vents systems  Made of ABS Plastic

The Standard Wolverine  Is a powerful plumbing/septic vent odor adsrorber utilizing our Cross Flow Pat.Pend. design to eliminate septic and sewer gas odors in residential, and small commercial building vent systems. The Wolverine  easily mounts on top of existing rooftop or yard based septic or sewer vents and installs in minutes with no tools required. The Wolverine comes standard with a 4" inlet. A flush bushing is needed to adapt 1.5” through 3” Vents. This makes it the perfect Do-It Yourself solution for the homeowner or professional alike to eliminate annoying Hydrogen Sulfide vent odor. All you need to do is measure, order and install.

UPC Certified IAPMO R&T Lab Tested

Simple Solutions LLC 6 Jacobs Road West Milford NJ 07480 Phone: 973 846 7817 Toll Free: 1-866-667-8465

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC. Part # WLV-4 Limited Warranty

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC. (Here to fore known as SSD) warrants the WLV-4 Vent odor filter housing and any parts thereof sold by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of Sixty (60) MONTHS from the date of purchase to the original retail purchaser. What is covered: Product or parts thereof, which are defective in materials or workmanship. What is NOT covered: This warranty does not extend to any defect due to the negligence of others. This includes but is not limited to:

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Failure to install, operate, or maintain the unit in accordance with installation instructions (operating and installation instructions are available for download at Unreasonable use, accidents, alteration, use of unauthorized or non-standardized SSD parts and accessories. Air flow malfunction due to a plugged filter, i.e., as resulting from large power outages, inclement weather, freezing, or other acts of God.

Who is covered: The original purchaser at retail. What SSD will do: SSD will repair or replace, at its option, all defective parts free of charge that are covered by this limited warranty on a carry-in basis, to either your nearest authorized dealer or by contacting Simple solutions distributing directly. What you must do for warranty service: You must return the defective product or part to any locally authorized dealer of SSD products with this limited warranty and a copy of your documents evidencing the date of purchase. If service is not available locally, you must contact our customer relations department via E-mail at or call 1-(866)-NO-STINK for instructions on return shipment of used units.

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC.

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC. Makers Of Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Filters Simple Solutions Distributing 6 Jacobs Rd. West Milford, NJ 07480

1-866-No-Stink (1-866-667-8465-Outside NJ) 1-973-846-7817 (inside NJ and Outside of the US) E-Mail

Wolverine Brand  Activated Carbon Vent Filter: WLV-4 Installation Instructions Visit WWW.StopSepticOdor.Com orWWW.IndustrialOdorControl.Com for a video demonstration of the measuring and installation. NOTE: If you purchased your Wolverine Online skip to step 3 Note: If adding Carb-Zorb CO2 abatement pellets to your Wolverine Brand Vent filters skip step 4 and follow step 4A 1. Determine your vent pipe size: Use one of the following methods: a. Measure your vent pipe outer diameter to determine its size. See the below chart to determine your nominal vent pipe size (Figure 1). b. If your vent pipe is PVC or ABS the vent pipe may have its size stamped on the side of the pipe. i. Tip: If you are using the Wolverine Brand Vent filter on your roof and you have easy access to your attic you can look on the side of the vent pipe in the attic for the size stamp. This eliminates the need to go on your roof to measure 2. If your filter requires a flush bushing cement the bushing into the bottom of the filter housing by applying cement to bushing and pushing the bushing in as far as it can go with hand pressure only. Note: Do not hammer or force the bushing in place or damage to the filter housing may occur. It is recommended that before cementing bushing into filter verify bushing fits properly on vent pipe. Flush bushings are available from any home improvement or plumbing store. 3. Place the filter housing right side up on either a rag or newspaper 4. Cut one corner of the bag of Activated carbon to make a pour spout and fill the filter through the fill port at the top of the filter. Occasionally shaking the filter to settle the carbon eases the filling process. Note: Do Not pack the carbon into the filter when the filter is full you will have about a 1/4 inch air gap between the top of the filter and the carbon. 4A. ( Follow step 4A if adding Carb Zorb to your Wolverine Brand Vent filter) Cut one corner of the bag of both the Carb Zorb and the Activated carbon to make a pour spout. a. Add approximately ¼ of the activated carbon to the filter through the fill port at the Top of the filter. b. Add 100% of the Carb Zorb CO2 Abatement Granules to the filter c. Fill the remainder of the filter with the Activated Carbon. Note: occasionally shaking the filter to settle the carbon eases the filling process. Note: Do Not pack the carbon into the filter when the filter is full you will have about a 1/4 inch air gap between thetop of the filter and the carbon. 5. Install the fill cap to the top of the filter. 6. Install filter on vent pipe. Note: Do not glue or cement filter to vent pipe. Carbon Replacement. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Remove filter from the vent Place the filter on a rag or newspaper Using a small screwdriver depress the lock tab on the filler cap and remove the cap. (The lock tab located in the small slot a the top of the filter) Pour the spent carbon into a suitable container and dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations. Follow steps 4 thru 6 of the installation instructions. Figure 1

Outside Diameter (inches)

Nominal vent Pipe Size Schedule 40 Flush (inches) Bushing required.



4” x 1.5”



4” x 2”



4” x 3”



No bushing required.

This drawing contains information proprietary to Simple Solutions Dist LLC It is submitted in confidence and is to be used solely for the purpose for which it is furnished. This drawing and such information is not to be reproduced, transmitted, disclosed or used otherwise in whole or in part without the written authorization of Simple Solutions Dist LLC Simple Solutions Dist LLC. 6 Jacobs Road West Milford NJ 07480 Drawn 2/4/07 By: LJP Scale: Not to Scale Rev. As Built Wolverine Activated Carbon Vent Pipe Filter Part #: WLV-4 4� Socket Coupling ASTM D2661

Location of Future UPC mark.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Location of Future UPC mark

WLV-4 Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Adsorber Perforated disc used to contain the filter media. Fill Port for carbon replacement. Typical atmospheric vent from Plumbing system or septic tank. Filter Media Odorous gasses entering adsorber Fresh air entering media chamber Filtered air

WLV-4 Standard Wolverine  

The WLV-4 is the economical residential odor control solutions for septic vents.