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First of all, a "locked" cell phone only recognizes a SIM card from a particular carrier. This "lock" is software that makes sure that only that particular carrier is recognized. An unlocked cell phone is a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) cellular phone that has been "unlocked" so that they will work with any SIM (Subscriber Information Module) card that you want to install. This allows you to plug in a different SIM card for different cellular service providers. Most cell phones that you buy have a unique serial number for that particular phone. This allows the cell phone service provider to know who you are and where to send calls when someone calls your cell phone. On the other hand, a GSM phone is not linked directly to you. It has a removable SIM with a unique serial number. The serial number in the SIM is what identifies you to the service provider. Now, all you have to do is install your SIM into any compatible GSM phone and you will be able to use it as your phone. Your wireless provider can find your SIM and doesn't care what phone it's in. Why would you want to unlock your GSM phone? * If you want to change your wireless service provider but you want to keep your phone * You bought a new phone but would like to keep your old phone to use in case of an emergency * You plan to travel internationally and don't want to pay the high international rates that your present wireless service provider charges You can buy an unlocked cell phone from a number of places on the Internet. Just understand that you are probably going to pay a lot more for the phone since most of the US carriers offer free or discounted phones when you purchase one of their plans. You can also find companies on the Internet that will unlock your current phone for a fee. Once you have an unlocked GSM cell phone, it should work well with any carrier that uses SIM cards.

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==== ==== Learn more about the most popular unlocked cell phone products. ==== ====

Know What an Unlocked Cell Phone is  

When it comes to unlocked cell phones know what you are buying first.

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