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Our Vending machines! A Brilliant Idea needs a Brilliant Machine!!! 1. Designed by and for us our machines are the first Card Vending Machines available in the UK and Europe. 2. A Brand new machine with the latest technology and the greenest credentials. 3. Produced in America by one of the biggest Vending Machine Manufacturers in the world! 4. Wrapped in the Card Vend livery giving it & our Vendors a Corporate, professional image 5. A Rolls Royce amongst vending machines with a 3 year parts & labour warranty. 6. Tested to vend 98% of the time with a guaranteed vend or money back ... so fewer unhappy customer 7. 8. 9. 10.

Why Vending? Vending is a massive industry today and integral part of all our lives. It is estimated that the Annual Consumer Spend in vending machines is £1.65 billion. The UK is estimated to have 512,053 refreshment vending machines alone in operation. Vending is a simple cash business that can be run in only a few hours a week. It requires no previous knowledge or training and the return on your Investment can be great.

Immediate Cash Flow! Your cash flow starts as soon as your equipment is placed. Most new businesses fail, in large part, from lack of cash flow in the beginning. One of the many benefits of vending machines is that your cash flow starts Day 1!

The Largest "All-Cash" Business in the World! Your Card Vend business is an all-cash business. This means no bad debts, I.O.U.'s, or accounts receivable. How many businesses do you know of that are all cash?

Working for You 24 Hours a Day! Another amazing benefit of the Vending Machine Business is called "Passive Income". Regardless of what you choose to do with your time (family, vacation, other business ventures, etc), your Refreshment Stations are working for you all day, every day. You have your own "sales team" working 24 hours a day - with no coffee breaks, never phoning in sick, and totally predictable in terms of sales performance. They don't require training, supervision, or motivation. And they cater to everyone; rich, poor, male, female, young & old. All they do is generate a consistent stream of cash for you. If this sales team were big enough, you could replace your current income.

Incredible Return on Investment! The purpose of any investment is to make money. However, it usually takes money to make money. What you, as a business investor should be looking for is the highest possible "Return on Investment". Not only are the profit margins in selling greetings cards, they're incredible! Card Vend cards have a very impressive gross profit. Where else can you get this kind of return on your money? At the moment £15,000 invested in a Post Office Savings Account at 3% will pay only £450 per year.

Value as a Going Concern Quite often, business advisers will suggest a valuation of between 5 and 10 times the annual post-tax profit.

Machine Buy Back Policy The Perfect Home Based Business! No boss. No set hours. No rent. No utilities. No employees. No advertising costs. No complicated paperwork. No franchise fees. No royalties. No territory limits or restrictions. No limit to income. No end in sight. No kidding!

Part-time to Full-time! Are you tired of working for someone else? You will never know financial security while you are trading time for money. Until you break that equation, you can't create financial independence. To break that equation, start your own Card Vend business part-time - then make your vending machine business pay for itself as it grows. When your income meets or exceeds what you are earning now, you may consider converting from your current job to being your own boss. How would it feel to wake up each day knowing that not only is your time your own, but you have a little "sales team" out there making you money while you sleep? Let us help you make it happen!

You Don't Have to Be a "Salesperson"! Some of the most successful people in vending today were those who didn't feel they were the "salesperson" type. They wanted to get started, but were concerned about approaching establishment owners. Don't worry about this part of the business! Many of our distributors have Professional Locators come in and do the placement work for them. That's right. Professional Locators can find locations for every one of your Refreshment Stations. Simply tell your Locator the zip codes where you'd like to have your equipment placed, give them a list of your preferred locations and then let them go to work. You can have final approval of each location and their work is guaranteed in writing. You can even have a re-location warranty. Locators get your equipment placed. You collect the money. We take nothing. Could it be any better than this?

A Great Family Business! Want to grow closer to your kids? Want to teach them the basic economics of "Supply and Demand" and the true value of work? You couldn't have picked a more perfect business! This is one of the most cherished benefits of vending. Families can run one or more successful Card Vend routes together and have a lot of fun in the process. What better way to start saving for cars, trips, college, etc? Educational for kids - Rewarding for parents - Great for the whole family!

Supplement your Pension! Or Enhance your Retirement Work until you drop. That is a familiar tabloid newspaper headline. But it is becoming all too much of a reality for many of the baby boomer generation. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that record numbers of older people – particularly women – are now working beyond the age of 60. Economic factors are forcing many people to delay - if not abandon - dreams of early retirement. Inadequate income following divorce, the death of a partner or the need to help with the costs of caring for an elderly parent can mean going back to work instead of enjoying more leisure time. But for many, there is a more positive reason for going back to work when most of us head for the garden. They are reluctant to stop work completely at the cliff edge of 60 or 65. They miss the stimulation of the work environment and dread the prospect of empty hours of retirement stretching ahead. Others choose to return to work for pin money – saving up for something special such as a holiday or new TV. Official figures show there are now 850,000 women over 60 in employment when they might traditionally have expected to have stopped working. This is the highest figure since records began – and the number of older women workers is growing faster than any other age group.

The Key to Wealth: Multiple Streams of Cash Flow! Do you know anyone who's financially independent or wealthy? How did they get there? Luck? They most likely got there gradually - with "multiple streams of income". In other words, they have more than just one source of cash flow. Maybe they're involved in one or more business, own some property, receive dividends from stocks, or have a pension etc. Here's your chance! Position yourself now with a stream of cash flow from your Card Vend business - then use your revenue to grow your business or to establish other streams of cash flow. Not luck - just common sense.

What better business to get started in than the vending machine business? Cash flow begins instantly and then you have a business that is on "cruise control." The choice is yours: you can keep your Card Vend Business small or grow it into an incredible moneymaking "cash cow". Either way, you have control. What other business can offer all the above?! Contact us to get started today

Charities Christmas cards and Charitable contributions have almost become synonymous In the UK where the sale of greeting cards is the number one charity fundraiser at Christmas. More funds are raised by the sale of charity cards than by any other individual product. Currently it is estimated that charity cards make up 60% of the Christmas card market in the UK raising £50 million. However, Registered charities are losing out on an estimated £460 million each year because they focus too much on Christmas cards – and don’t “It is now considered ‘cool to supply greeting cards all year round. The purchase of care’. The charity card an individual charity cards remains largely confined to Christmas sends, and the charity they support and Easter. Charitable cards for other occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Father’s and Mother’s says something about who they are, Day remains an untapped market..

and makes them feel good.”

An October 2010 Mintel report revealed that 21% of people are desperate to support their favourite charity through everyday greeting cards, and a quarter of those would spend more on a charity card. Charity cards appeal to consumers as a way of giving – it is an easy and attractive way to donate.

Card Vend Charity Cards As a Card Vend business owner you can customize stickers and attach them to the front of your cards in support of any charity and then passing the site fee directly to the charity. Lots of larger businesses have an existing charity relationship You can work together with smaller charities in finding sites and pay the site fee to them Potential Sites - eg one route to siting a machine in a school could be through the PTA receiving a site fee You could work together with a charity to approch their patrons to have a card vend machine sited on their premises

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