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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is increasingly important to the success of your business, it's vital to get and stay ahead of your competition. But when choosing the best SEO solution, it's imperative to get the service that you really need. All Inclusive If you're completely new to SEO and you don't have the time, budget or inclination to learn about it, you'll need a package that does it all for you. A great SEO expert will be able to provide a full 'All Inclusive' package. This type of package would usually include:

Website Analysis and Website SEO maintenance Keyword Research, Analysis and Implementation  Link Building PPC Management Reporting

All of these areas are essential to SEO success and are distinct fields of expertise requiring a combination of knowledge and experience that only an expert brings. Link Building Only If you're confident about your own SEO work, or you have someone else currently providing your SEO solutions, you might want to look for a Link Building Only service. Link Building is the process of getting high quality and relevant links from Search Engine-respected websites back to your own site. The purpose of this is to improve your Search Engine rankings because Search Engines place a high value on quality links. Link Building is essential to your SEO success but very time consuming. Getting a Link Building service to create these links is a cost-effective way of getting what you need. Mentoring An SEO mentor will provide you with the opportunity to learn about Search Engine Optimisation on a One to One basis. Mentorship includes providing up to date tuition and help in the latest techniques and methods of gaining excellent search engine rankings for your website. Consultancy

An SEO consultant is an expert that provides professional advice and services including but not limited to assistance with your choice of keywords, the optimisation of your website and its content, the creation and management of Pay Per Click (AdWords) Campaigns and Advanced Analysis of Website/Visitor Statistics. Working with a Consultant is a personal one to one experience and is therefore important for those people who wish to have a solid personal input into the optimisation of their website. In-House Obviously, you could have your own people perform your SEO work. If your own in-house team can't provide you with the best SEO results, then you could get an SEO professional or team to provide in-house SEO training or in-house SEO services to you at your own site. Agency This involves buying in the support of an SEO Agency, a company set up to assist other companies with their SEO efforts. They usually do this work from their own offices but keep you updated through a relationship with an SEO Account Manager. Now that you've considered the options, choose the best solution that fits precisely what you need from an SEO expert.

Ben Norman is a UK Based SEO Specialist and Google Consultant who specialises in providing SEO Services and helping businesses to significantly improve their online visibility.

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==== ==== Don't read this unless your site can handle a 1000% Traffic increase: ==== ====

Is SEO a scam?  

Don't read this unless your site can handle a 1000% Traffic increase.