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Starting Over - An Interview with Cheryl Maloney JOSH UBALDI




06 Demolishing A New Year’s Myth

Greg Kuhn

24 Every Moment is a New Beginning

Suzy Manning

44 Stating Over, Starting New

Cindy Harpe Hively

52 Shifting Up: From Judgment to Discernment

Robbie Adkins


10 Easy Does It

Janet D Thomas

Lanette Pottle

30 How to Achieve Your Goals

33 Sharpen Your Pencil

Rochelle Soetan

34 Lucky You in the Happy New Year

Ellen Whitehurst

42 The Solution. One Resolution

Regina Cates

54 Happy New Year

Linda P. Jones


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


16 Fresh Start Dave Fresilli


12 Celebrate the Process of Change

Jordan Gray

20 Creating a New Language for a New


Fuzzy Manning

26 Are You Ready for the New Year?

Marilyn Hough & Chuck Schmitt

28 The Power of Choice

Jon Satin & Chris Pattay

38 Navigate Through Life Changing


Shann Vander Leek

40 Remembering the Real Reasons for

the Seasons

Regina Cates

51 Saying “Goodbye”

Debbie Lynn


04 Welcome

58 Begin With Yes

09 Inspirational Poster


Paul Boynton

Katrina Mayer

12 Inspirational Video - Best Holiday Yet

Cheryl Hunter

32 Reflections

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

Cheryl Maloney


Welcome Goodbye 2013... Hello 2014! I could think of a million reasons to say “Adios” and they’d all be followed by “Thank Heavens it’s over.” But then I’d be focusing on everything that didn’t go well last year. The truth is there is so much more to be grateful for and it deserves much more attention than all the bad stuff. What about you? Are you focusing on what didn’t work and forgetting about what did? OK... time’s up. It’s the New Year and time to move on, so to speak. So let’s do this! Every minute we have the chance to start over or to start again. Every moment we can change our attitude, our perspective and our mind. Nothing stands in the way of our doing that... except us. I’m ready... how about you? We’ll go with that fact that 2014 is here and everything before this is history. We can learn from the past but we can’t return to it. So let’s take those lessons and use them as the springboard into a wonderful new year! Let’s choose this year to look for the best in every person. To lead with love even when we’re not feeling loved. And let’s start right now to be kind to ourselves too. Make this year your year to shine. Whether that means living out your dreams or finally deciding it’s ok to have a dream and to pursue it. Leave behind what dulled your spirit and your soul. Allow yourself to be the light in your own life. When you’re shining... others will bask in the warmth of your sunshine too. This is you... this is who you are! Cheryl Maloney Editor


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

In This Issue Whether you’re starting over, starting again or starting new half the battle is making the decision you’re worth it... that changing is good for you and that you’re ready now! The other half is knowing what your first step is.

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In this issue we have an amazing team of inspirational leaders who are all in to help you with whatever you need.

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• Greg Kuhn helps you by “Demolishing a New Year’s Myth (p.6) • Suzy Manning encourages you to be flexible with yourself in “Every Moment is a New Beginning.” (p.24) • Discover a few Fung Shui secrets in Ellen Whitehurst’s “Lucky You in the Happy New Year.” (p.34) • Robbie Adkins teaches how to “Shift Up” from judgment and practice discernment. (p.52.) • In “Starting Over. An interview with Cheryl Maloney” you’ll gain insight into where the creator of Simple Steps Real Change has been and what drives her to be here for you, every day.

Copyright All material appearing in Simple Steps Real Change Magazine is copyright unless otherwise stated or it may rest with the provider of the supplied material. Simple Steps Real Change Magazine takes all care to ensure information is correct at time of publishing, but the publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information contained in the text or advertisements. Views expressed are not necessarily endorsed by the publisher or editor. Nothing within this publication dispenses medical advice or prescribes the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems. It is at the sole discretion of the reader to seek the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the magazine is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

Whether you’re starting fresh, trying to reach your goals or are just dealing with change you’ll find plenty of inspiration from our contributors. Every one of them pours their passion into the articles within these pages. I know you’ll feel their energy and allow it to light your way.

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Simple Steps Real Change Magazine




How to Use Simple Quantum Physics to Demolish a Cherished, But Harmful, Myth of New Year’s Day


he New Year is ubiquitous with making resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are customary because January 1st is thought of as your only chance all year to start anew with a completely clean slate. It’s not uncommon for you to feel a heavy expectation to take advantage of that clear and untainted calendar. New Year’s Day certainly presents the perfect time to make a fresh start. Yet these things are all examples of a big myth about January 1st. A big myth that can actually make fresh starts more difficult to accomplish. And dispelling this myth can, in fact, free you up to begin anew and fulfill resolutions much more thoroughly than you’ve previously experienced. The pressure you are apt to put on yourself to make, and keep, New Year’s resolutions is well known. And more insidious than that pressure, perhaps, is how badly you can feel after you stumble and mess up your resolutions. You feel you’ve blown your one great opportunity to take advantage of the only clean slate you’ll get until next January. Let’s acknowledge that the reasons for making those New Year’s resolutions are valid; resolutions almost always concern things that are good for you and will benefit you. And the custom of making them on January 1st is sound too; why not take advantage of the only day the calendar


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

offers you a completely clean slate? Yet what if I told you that every moment of your life you’re offered a fresh start with a clean slate? And I mean that literally, by the way, not metaphorically. Forget what your calendar says. New Year’s Day being your best, and only, chance for a fresh start with a clean slate is a big myth. That’s because, quite simply, quantum physics has taught us that every single second of your life is a fresh start with a clean slate. What are you made of, after all? You are made of the same thing that everything else in the universe is made of. Energy. In fact, you are not really made of energy. Just like everything else in the universe, you are energy. Like every other material object in the universe you were once a part of an omnipresent field of


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


energy known as the quantum field. The energy of the quantum field exists as the potential to become anything until that energy is observed by you. Your observation causes coherence between the energy of you and the energy of the quantum field. Thus, in our universe, material objects do not preexist prior to your observation. Each second of your life you create your material world completely. Could there be a cleaner slate? Thus we can completely dispel the myth that New Year’s Day is the only time for new beginnings because it is not the only fresh start available to us. And we can take all the pressure off ourselves to never slip up, thinking we won’t have that clean slate again until next January, because we have the opportunity to begin anew every second. Also, you can make this knowledge have even more impact by declaring that the changes you’re making don’t have to be made “forever.” You merely need make your desired changes, or fulfill your resolutions, in this moment – considering that you now have further evidence that this moment is where all your creative power resides. Each second of each day is a new beginning.


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

Each moment is a new opportunity to redefine yourself, to make changes, and to start fresh. So feel free to make some resolutions this New Year’s Day; just be sure to remember that your calendar actually begins anew every moment of the 364 to follow.

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Janet D. Thomas


I simply adore the concept of the New Year. Just the idea of it brings hope, happiness and the promise of a new day. I used to be the queen of New Year’s resolutions. I was adept at creating lofty goals for myself. I was going to lose 50 pounds (overnight); I was going to be more fun to be around; I was going to stop being so introspective and just enjoy life. I would resolve to be thin, smarter and have more money. I would imagine creating ways of living that were so far away from where I was. I now realize that if I was successful in achieving my New Year’s resolutions it meant that I would be someone else. I wouldn’t be myself. None of my resolutions incorporated the idea of honoring or accepting who I was. I suppose it is common for many of us to want to be someone other than ourselves, and there’s certainly no better time to start than at the dawn of a new year. Yet, once I healed for real, something unexpected happened – I didn’t want to be anyone other than myself. It was delightful! And when it happened, I discovered that my resolutions gently and effortlessly evolved to be simpler and more attainable. I gained the ability to create a tangible plan of action to achieve my goal rather than simply thinking with self-sabotaging broad strokes in the hopes of achieving an unattainable goal. Take a good look at your goal for this year. Does your goal allow you to embrace who you are right now? Does your proposed improvement feel like a warm and nurturing blanket around you? Is your goal manageable? Will your


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

improvements or refinements be in alignment with accepting yourself? Are you willing to be gentle with yourself as you incorporate a new habit or two? The beauty of looking at your goal from these points of view allows you to get a real good glimpse of the state of your personal union. And when you assess, simply observe it without judgment. Your observation might be something like, “Ah, I’m feeling really jazzed about it and can already imagine my cool and adventurous journey to get there.” Or, it could be similar to this, “I am kind of agitated about it because I want it RIGHT NOW!” Either way you understand where you are in your relationship with yourself. If you find that there’s something you believe is truly lacking, imagine yourself already having it … a lot of it. Allow yourself to feel energized. Pretend that all you think having that thing in your life will bring you is already present. Your ability to imagine it, to understand it, to know it and to feel it is in your power, here and now. By shifting your resonance, here and now, you allow yourself to achieve that feeling, now. When you are feeling jazzed and excited about your goal, easy does it. Be patient. You can manifest your goal by doing something in support of it just today, then recommitting to your “just today” on the next day, and on the following day. Staying present and doing your best “just today” gives you the ability to take nice, easy and gliding steps in achieving what you want. It honors and supports you. The adage to under-promise and overdeliver can be such a wonderful gift to give to yourself. Beginning anew is inherent within us and is reflected so beautifully in our world. With our renewing cycle of night following day following night, we are gifted with the opportunity to begin anew at any time. When you decide, truly decide, to begin anew and take one lovely bite-sized step just today, you can find yourself effortlessly and lovingly manifesting what you desire. Any day can be the beginning of your new year, with all of the hope, happiness and promise that it brings.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

Beginning anew is inherent within us and is reflected so beautifully in our world.

When you are feeling jazzed and excited about your goal, easy does it. Be patient.



“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but we rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” –Maya Angelou


hange is the constant companion of life. Some changes result in major transformations while many of our changes are minor. It is important to recognize that change of every type is a source of stress. Even exciting new beginnings create stress responses in the body. With this knowledge, it is advantageous to learn how to embrace the steps of change. Learning to make transitions smoothly reduces stress. Resisting and fighting change magnifies stress. The choice is ours. Some changes are planned and desired, such as weddings, graduations, promotions, retirement, and so forth. What many of us overlook is that these new beginnings are also endings. One way of life is ending so a new way of life may begin. All beginnings mark the end of something. Even changing a habit requires that


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

something must end. There are endings that we don’t desire, for example, being fired from a job, loss of our health, loss of a home, the death of a loved one, and so on. Although it may be challenging to see

in the moment, these endings mark new beginnings—a new way of life. Every change, large or small, includes an ending as something new begins. I gained in depth knowledge regarding the process of transformation while serving as a certified hypnotherapist.There are three primary components involved in transformation; they are: what is ending, what is beginning, and the adjustment to the change. The challenge in managing transition is that all of these phases are occurring simultaneously. In most cases, you don’t have the luxury of handling one step at a time.

In successful transformation, there is a dance moving us from one foot to another. Loss, adjustment, and new beginnings are interwoven. Here are a few pointers that may help you move through

changes in your life. First, recognize what is ending and do your best to honor the loss. This process may be long when the loss involves death or other significant life changes. Grief is a process that requires awareness, and it includes more than one phase. Realize that we grieve losses of many types. For example, welcoming the first child into the family is a joyous occasion. However, the couple loses the pleasure of focusing exclusively on each other. Even though the baby is welcome, the couple must adjust to changes in their relationship.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

Second, allow time for mental and emotional adjustment to change. This adjustment period may be uncomfortable, and it could appear unproductive. For an unknown amount of time, depending upon circumstances, you are redefining, or perhaps

What many of us overlook is that these new beginnings are also endings.


even reinventing your identity. Consider the transition that occurs upon graduation. Your identity as a student suddenly ends, and the new lifestyle of career building begins. While you were a student, you developed a familiar routine around your identity. When school ends, a significant identity transition occurs. For a brief time, you may struggle to find yourself and develop new routines. Whether the transition you are making is major or minor, be gentle with yourself as you move through the adjustment phase. The renovation period is often a time of insecurity. Sometimes we want to go back to the way things were before the change. If we didn’t initiate the change, we may feel angry and defiant. We might deny the need for the change. We might feel disconnected from others or ourselves. The good news is that this phase will pass. One tool that helps us through our momentary instability is to recognize the power inherent in renewal. Ask yourself, who am I in the present? Who do I want to be? Then, breathe deeply and remember that change serves us in many ways. Next, remember what is beginning. Every ending and every change marks a fresh start. Find the creativity and inspiration present in each transformation. Feel the joy and excitement of change.This phase of transformation is a healthy celebration of what is arriving. Planned and unexpected transformations offer the opportunity for extraordinary


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

growth. Remember that every moment offers the chance for a new beginning. To foster the creative spirit within, remind yourself that my life begins today. In conclusion: change happens, adjustment takes time, resistance is stressful, and acceptance is helpful. In the face of major change, accept that you have closed a chapter of your story, or even a book, and you are starting fresh. Above all, be as mindful as possible in each phase of the transition dance. Be like the caterpillar: The process of transformation brings forth your untold beauty.








major or minor, be gentle with yourself...

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine



FRESH Dave Fresilli


irst I would like to extend a warm and Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.

Some of us in the northern hemisphere are going to be donning coats and gloves for a few more months, while others get to bask in the warmth of the sun. No matter where you are, it is a time for renewal. What a perfect time to look forward and create even more health and wellness for 2014. Ask yourself, “How much more can I improve my health? How fit can I become? What would I really like to achieve this year?”


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

It is good to remind ourselves that no matter what we have or have not done in the past, it has no bearing on what we do from this moment forward. Why not dream big? What is it you want to create? If you are stuck for an answer, try this: Ask yourself “How would it feel to be really healthy? How would it feel to be really happy? How would it feel to have an overwhelming sense of wellbeing?” Before you ask these questions, quiet yourself down and close your eyes. Then ask the question(s). Give yourself time to feel what it

Happy thoughts! – You must focus on bringing joy into your life. Contemplate what makes you happy. Let go of thoughts that cause pain, fear, anxiety, and drag you down. Breathe - Proper breathing heals. You’re doing it anyway, so why not do it right? Look into diaphragmatic breathing. Hydration – Drink water! Half your body weight in ounces everyday is a start, more is better. Nothing else replaces water. Not coffee, not tea, not SODA, or fruit juices. Nutrition – Only whole foods. Please,


if you are not sure of this, visit my blogs. Sleep - Do not skimp on sleep. That is when your body heals and recovers from all you put it through. Movement - Your bodies are meant to move. Go easy at first and pay attention to posture and form of the exercise. If you are a beginner, hire a qualified trainer.

would be like to feel healthy, happy, well. Most folks start the New Year with best intentions but no true connection to what they want to create. We see it every January when the gyms are full of people who are dieting, working out, and putting all that effort into what? Getting healthy? But you see, most, if not all, have no idea what that really means for them, or better

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


Here are the six fundamental factors to health and wellness. They may seem familiar. Well, if they do that’s because I have given them to you in previous articles. The question is: Have you been listening and integrating them into your life? So what is your new life for 2014 going to be? It is up to you to decide and then step forward into it. Everything you’ve done in the past is in the past. No need to do them again. How about a new you, a fresh you. I am here to help. I wish for all of you Vibrant Health! said, they have no idea what that is supposed to feel like. When you go within and begin to feel what it would be like to be healthy and happy, your subconscious will effortlessly respond. It already knows, even if you have never felt it yourself. This may seem ridiculous, but in fact you are tapping into your higher self which knows no limitation. Let go of the resistance and fear of what is possible for you. You can be healthy and happy. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and be vibrant. They do the best they can, but you have to help by integrating just a few simple steps as part of your lifestyle. It is so easy that most folks ignore them and think they have to beat themselves up on a treadmill or lift heavy weights. I would suggest putting down all the fitness magazines with photos of fitness models doing exercises. Also stop trying the next-best diet. Stop listening to people at the gym, and for goodness sake, stop listening to infomercials.


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine




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NEW LIFE Fuzzy Manning

Suzy Mannin

85% of all communication is done at an unconscious level. Your emotions come through loud and clear in person or over the phone every time whether you are conscious of it or not!

Suzy Manning Fuzzy Manning


or those who are dealing with change in the New Year, perhaps you’re encountering some new feelings or emotions for the first time. Do you have a sense that you’re starting over? You’re probably well aware that you have a great deal of resistance in moving forward. Are you closed to new opportunities or relationships? Did you tell yourself a story that you’re not open to engage with life and what the universe has to offer? Are you pulling away because you don’t feel you fit in or belong? Once you’ve had a chance to sit with and work through your stories, you’ll realize that it is not about being liked or accepted, but about engaging in what you


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

love to do. Your life is defined, scripted, and molded by your ability and inability to give and receive. Effective giving and receiving is something that isn’t taught, and it’s assumed that it should be common sense. The art of giving and receiving is all about feeling comfortable with language. Communicating for the majority of us isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s always interesting to be in a conversation listening to see what occurs. Do you actually say what you mean? Did you hear what was intended or implied? Communication is a process of stating an opinion or asking a question of others. As the dialogue proceeds,

Give With Your Emotions •

Choose to focus on pleasure

Give for the pure joy of giving with no expectations

Don’t let past experiences influence giving with your true emotions


Receive With Your Mind •

Be open and receptive to all points of view and opinions

Receive everything and everyone with an open, flexible mind

Accept everything and everyone without prejudice or judgment

“Do you find yourself becoming judgmental or prejudiced?” you quickly are aware if you do or don’t possess an open mind to receive. You might find yourself being challenged to receive information and view it from different vantage points. Do you find yourself becoming judgmental or prejudiced? Do you find yourself being influenced from speaking your truth or sharing your emotions? Communication can be a time of unpleasant interaction or a time of sharing from a heart-space what’s really on your mind without hesitation. Since communication is

Give With Your Emotions

Receive With Your Mind

85% nonverbal, you need to be aware of what is being said or conveyed verbally and nonverbally. Women and men perceive the world entirely different, and this is apparent in both personal and professional relationships. As you begin the New Year, you may want to consider a different approach by creating a new language for your new life. You can start with acquiring a new focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have. You can learn how easy it is to attain an attitude of gratitude to allow more pleasure in your life. Your openness and flexibility can enhance your outcome of any situation. This is achieved with an open heart to give and receive.

“Change permeates your life and influences your perception of the world and your ability to step into co-empowerment.” Fuzzy Manning


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

People don’t care what you can do for them or how much influence you have until they know you’re willing to listen with an open heart. Your life can go on as it has for years, or you can choose your words to influence and

impact lives. What you think, say, and do have an effect on others. Allow your actions and your language to inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine



New Beginning Suzy Manning To realize that our goals are not set in stone and to allow ourselves the flexibility for change makes life more dynamic, more fun, and more creative.


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine



he New Year seems to be a time of self-reflection for change in both our personal and professional lives. We create action plans by considering where we are in our lives and where we would like to be. After setting goals at the beginning of a New Year, a changing season or a new month can often trigger reflection to see if we are moving in the right direction or if the goals we set still resonate with us. To realize that our goals are not set in stone and to allow ourselves the flexibility for change makes life more dynamic, more fun, and more creative. Allowing life to be a natural organic process that unfolds at our feet is such a rich experience as opposed to attempting to push or force the life we desire. If we see life as a process unfolding anew

through them all the time, so why not learn to focus on making these thoughts be lifechanging.

as we move forward on our journey, let’s look at each day as a brand new baby day gifted to us for a new beginning. This new day has never had a life before. It is up to us to create the day! So each day could be an opening for us to ponder what we desire to create to have a life that is juicy, alive, and full of adventure. If we can visualize each day as a clean slate, this gives us the opportunity for starting fresh every day, not just in the New Year or at the beginning of a new month. Could there be another perspective? Could every moment of each new day be

a gift to us from the Universe to start anew? A favorite quote of mine from the movie “The Peaceful Warrior” is “There is never nothing going on.” In the moment is when we decide if we are worth asking for a raise, asking someone for help, or picking up the phone to connect with a potential client. When we realize that our life is created in each moment, we then embrace the power and the potential in every moment of every day. We can choose to change our life in an instant, and change equates to a new beginning. Nothing happens without a thought and an action. Our minds have hundreds of thoughts running

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

I am mesmerized in the fall with the brilliant leaves dancing on the tails of the wind spirit as they flutter and swirl on their downward spiral to the ground. Each one excites me as they each represent a new idea in that moment, never conceived by anyone before. Snowflakes also intrigue me with their unique designs that are here one moment and melt the next in the palm of your hand. A moment of beauty, a new design, an idea, a chance to change your life all reflected in the beauty of Mother Nature. Connecting with the natural world around me keeps me in the moment and awakens me to what I am feeling and experiencing in each moment. Everything is changing even if you cannot see it with your naked eye. Life is about change. It is the natural evolution of the Universe. When I am able to be present with my surroundings in the moment, I have the ability to dance with the natural flow of life, to allow my life to unfold without stress, worry, or heartache. This New Year practice living in the moment, feeling what is working, what is not working, and what needs to change. Use each moment to reflect on your life. We each know what needs to happen in that moment. Don’t drag it out to next month or next year. Live empowered, on purpose, and fully engaged this year. Celebrate each moment as a new beginning!




re you ready for the New Year ... that time that comes around once every twelve months when you write down your aspirations for the next 365 days? Are you enthusiastic and ready for a fresh start? Or ... are you growing weary of the never ending cycle of writing down goals that are rarely, if ever, achieved? What if you skipped the resolutions this year and did something new?  Would you like to try an experiment … a way that might bring you more success and happiness?


NEW YEAR Marilyn Hough & Chuck Schmitt Changing the way you focus and what you choose to focus on changes your orientation towards life.

Most of us have been doing New Year’s resolutions for years. You write down all the things you want to accomplish, then make them time specific and measurable, than set out through sheer will power to accomplish the items on your list. Nine times out of ten the majority of the resolutions are long forgotten by mid-February (if you last that long), and come January of the following year you start the process all over again. How’s that working for you? Instead of starting each year feeling like a failure, looking at what you didn’t check off your goal list from last year, what if you started a new practice? How about starting each year recalling

“Starting the New Year recounting your successes inspires you to reach new heights.” and celebrating your successes … all the things that brought you joy … then focused your attention on ways to bring even more joy to your life in the coming year? You heard me. Instead of looking at your failed attempts to lower your weight, exercise more regularly, spend more time with the family, increase your income by “x” amount, try focusing on what you accomplished during the last twelve months. In fact, do it now. Sit down and make a list of five or more things you accomplished last year. It would be helpful if you could do this before you read any further. One would think this should be a fairly easy task. Most of us, however, are so focused on where we fell short that it is difficult to remember the things we actually succeeded at. Let’s change that. Take a moment to look over your list. Was it difficult to come up with five items? Were you racking your brain to come up with big accomplishments … bought a new car or home, received a giant raise, traveled to Europe? When we sat down and made our list, we noticed that we were searching our memories for these big-ticket items. While these achievements are important and feel good, the smaller triumphs are also important ... setting aside time for regular coffee dates with friends, reserving weekends for new adventures, scheduling time to dabble in hobbies.  Do not minimize these endeavors.  They also need to be included in your list of successes. These are the things that fill your soul and inspire you. Changing the way you focus and what you choose to focus on changes your orientation toward life.  If you begin to focus on things that make you happy, you’ll begin to see more things to make you happy. If you’re always focusing on what’s going wrong or what you don’t like, that is all you will see. Whatever you

focus on grows stronger. As you become more positive, you will start to notice all the little things that are working in your life. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. When you shift your focus to what is working, two things happen: 1) you no longer notice or care about the things that don’t work out, and 2)  you become even more lighthearted and joyful.  Now,let’s go back to your list of accomplishments. Which of those items brought a big smile to your face when you revisited it? Take a moment to recall each item that delighted you and relive the accomplishment in your mind’s eye. Remember what it meant to you. Feel the exhilaration  you experienced in your body. Now,  look at your daily schedule. How much time do you  allot  for each of the items that actually bring you joy? You may be surprised how little time you set aside for the things that bring the most pleasure to your life. Most of us have calendars full of “shoulds” and “have tos.” We get it, you’re busy. The goal (in our little experiment) is to find just a little more time in your daily …  even weekly …  schedule for the items that captivate and delight you. Why? Because if you can find more time for the items that make your heart sing … playing with your children/grandchildren, coffee with a girlfriend, walking in nature, an art project … you will find the energy and enthusiasm to do the other things that need to get done … all the while keeping a positive attitude.  Starting the New Year recounting your  successes  inspires you to reach new heights. It sets you up to feel connected, joyful and ready to pursue your dreams. Learning to focus on what makes you happy sets you up to succeed. And, it inspires others.  We invite you to try our little experiment and see what happens. We would love to hear your results.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine




s humans, we have been endowed with many gifts. All gifts, whether unique or shared, were divinely given to us for a particular purpose. Of all the gifts we possess, none is more powerful than our ability to make choices.

There is certainty, however, that we possess Free Will that enables us to make choices in any given moment. The million dollar question to ask regarding the power of choice is “Am I making choices out of fear or are they made from a place of love?”

It is the choices we make that create our physical reality. The origin of each choice we make can be traced back to the very beginning of our individual existence in this lifetime.

If you ask most people, they’ll say most of their choices come from a place of love. The likelihood is that these very same people are confusing love with fear and neediness. When we live in fear, we can’t trust. When we can’t trust the choices we make, it keeps us stuck in neutral at best, getting the same old unwanted results.

In some circles it is believed that one of the very first choices we make before we incarnate as humans is that we choose our parents. Who’s to say if this is true or not? Can we really know for sure?


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

Why, then, do we make what others may consider “poor” choices, choices that are not in alignment

with who we truly are? Why? Because we make choices based on not who we are, but based on who we think we are. When we believe we are inadequate, deficient or unworthy of receiving goodness in any way, the choices we make will undoubtedly be in alignment with those beliefs. Similarly, when we know we are good enough, sufficient and worthy of receiving Life’s unlimited bounty, we make choices that affirm these truths. The power of choice is a gift we each possess. Maximizing that power to your advantage is a skill you must learn to hone if you want different results in your life. The power of choice is about becoming master or mistress decision-maker in your for your life. It is such an integral part of human existence because it is present in given moment.

the life, our any

Visualize it this way: built into every moment of your life is a fork in the road. With every fork, we choose either to go right or to go left. Each choice creates a result and each result creates another fork in the road. The challenge most people face is that they are unconsciously making choices. They are on auto-pilot, and the pilot is their belief system that says “wrong, less than, unworthy and not good enough.” The solution to creating different choices and receiving different results is to change how we think and feel about ourselves. Put another way, changing how we see ourselves produces different choices and therefore different results. Perhaps, until now, you have been going left at every fork because you were unconsciously on auto-pilot or you consciously believed this is the path you should be taking. Know that in any given moment you can consciously make a different choice. You are now one decision away from improving the quality of the life you are currently living. Here are some ways you can begin to make better choices for yourself and your life:


First, decide that you are willing to make different choices.

Then, visualize how you want your life to be. What choices do you want to make that are in alignment with your vision?


Now, ask, “What beliefs do I hold onto that may be emotionally blocking me from making different choices?” Are you willing to let them go and replace them with a new, empowering belief system?


Now, ask, “What beliefs do I hold onto that may be emotionally blocking me from making different choices?” Are you willing to let them go and replace them with a new, empowering belief system?


Stop procrastinating! Procrastination guarantees you’ll stay stuck and continue to make choices that create the same old results. Be open to going out on a limb. A different choice can produce some surprisingly great outcomes!


With conscious awareness and consistent effort, you have the ability to create different results by maximizing the power of choice to your advantage. It is the fastest way to ignite your creativity, which is the energy of your personal spiritual evolution that lives within you. Remember that small successes, compounded over time, can create amazing results! Start over by making choices for your spirit and life to evolve. Then, witness the miracles!

When we live in fear we can’t trust. When we can’t trust the choices we make, it keeps us stuck in neutral at best, getting the same old unwanted results.

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YOUR GOALS Lanette Pottle


ime and money. This is overwhelmingly the response I get when I ask the question, “What is keeping you from claiming your dreams as reality.” Sounds plausible, right? After all, there are never enough hours in the day, and definitely the economy has been tough. Thinking it can’t be this simple, I go on an expedition to find the root cause; it’s in that process I uncover a buried truth. The number one reason women are not living their dreams and achieving their goals is


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

directly related to the beliefs they hold: the belief that they don’t have the talent or ability to reach the goal, the belief that not trying is better than failing, the belief that sacrificing their goals and dreams somehow makes them a better wife and mother, the belief that they are not worthy or deserving of happiness and success. Time and money may be a challenge to overcome, but until their beliefs are altered, they will never live their dreams.

The number one reason women are not living their dreams and achieving their goals is directly related to the beliefs they hold...

~ Sit with this thought. ~ Hold it for consideration. ~ Get brutally honest with yourself. ~ Could this be true for you? If, after reflecting and digging deep, you’ve made room for the fact that belief is the true barrier standing between you and the rich, fulfilling life you deserve, you’ve made a fantastic discovery. Identifying and embracing this truth is the first step towards making positive change. Ready to dig a little deeper? (I know it’s scary but the things you discover are worth more than gold.) Here is a five-step exercise to help you gain traction and build momentum to propel you into the life you deserve; it’s simple, though definitely not easy. • Find a quiet spot and set a timer for 30 minutes. • Do a ‘brain dump.’ Put pencil to paper and

dump the stories of your life on to the page. What is your truth? Who are the people whose negative voices are stuck in your head? What are the incidents that cause you shame? What have been the absolute low points in your life? Write it all down – don’t worry about punctuation and sentence structure; capture the thoughts that come to you. Don’t fight the emotion … lean into it and keep going. • Once your thirty minutes are up, review your notes and work to identify themes. These themes are the basis of your beliefs – what are they? I am not worthy of love. Love equals pain. Happiness is not possible for people like me. I am stupid. Everyone lies. • This last step is one of empowerment. Now it’s time to turn things around. You are going to turn these negative beliefs into positive ‘I AM’ statements. (Joel Osteen said it best when he told Oprah, “Whatever follows I AM is going to come looking for

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


you!”) I am loveable. I am worthy. I am on the path to happiness. An important note here: When crafting your ‘I AM’ statements, be sure that you are using positive language … that means leaving the word ‘not’ out of things. • The final step in this exercise is going to feel awkward; get over yourself … do it anyway! Look into the mirror and say your ‘IAM’ statements out loud. Not once. Not twice. But three times each. Pay attention to your physical reaction to your words. How does it feel? Can you feel your conviction grow each time you say your statements out loud? By completing these five steps you have gone through the process of creating a new “script” for your life. Be sure to put it into action right away and keep practicing. Use it when you start beating yourself up with negative selftalk and limiting beliefs. Before you know it, you will be able to do this more quickly, more naturally. It will become your new norm. And you’ll know, with confidence, it’s your time … time to claim your dreams as reality and achieve your goals.

REFLECTIONS Cheryl Maloney


or so much of my life I remember looking forward to New Year’s Eve. It was the day to reflect and celebrate that I’d made it through another year of life. I looked at New Year’s Day as a chance to start over.

What I know now is that all those symbolic events actually occur every day. We don’t need to wait for a holiday anymore than we have to wait for someone or something to “make” us happy. Yes it’s true that there are circumstances beyond our control. It is however our attitude about those circumstances that we have control over. When we stop to realize that our happiness and our misery are all self-created then we realize that every moment is a new opportunity. This New Year... If you want to make a resolution... make the resolution to become acutely aware of the power you have... every moment.


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

line we know as pencil lead. Just the same, we can be used as tools for growth while being shaped into our best instrument; it’s what’s inside that gives us worth. We are comprised of pure energy and therefore, the impact from our motivation is powerful.


THE POINT Rochelle Soetan


ow often do you draw up a list of your grandest desires? How often do you impose limits on them? At any moment of any day you can stop the bad habit of renouncing your desires and start tapping into the passion that propels them to fly. Dismiss the dull negative thinking and embrace the limitless opportunities life offers to begin again. If we are attentive, we see how several of life’s lessons derive from the simplest of things. A pencil, for example, is a writing implement used for inscribing, drawing, sketching, and even to correct submitted texts. Much like us, a pencil can write a story, leave behind a mark, correct a mistake with its eraser, is capable of breaking, can dig a hole to plant a seed, and be sharpened to precision. Isn’t it amazing how such greatness can be created from something so fragile? A pencil is smooth on the outside, durable on the inside - as are we. Anything can teach us a valuable lesson. As a literary artist, I find that the qualities of a good writing utensil often aid in my utmost ability to create. The essential qualities we cultivate help us to become our best selves. Like a pencil that is made of graphite, cedar trees, paint, erasers, and ferrules - we are made of resilience, love, compassion, and strength. These reserves are inexhaustible and we own the ability to choose how we want to leave our mark in this world. A pencil creates marks that leave behind a trail, and everywhere we go, we leave our mark too. The graphite inside of a pencil can be used without being shaped into that long thin

Errors are human – and inevitable. The marks left behind by a pencil can easily be erased. In life, with acceptance and employment, almost all mistakes can be corrected. Our inaccuracies show us that failures can be constructive. They can improve us in a way that redefines our existence, renews our spirit, restores our faith, and reboots our steps to move forward. By accepting that we will make more mistakes as we journey along, we learn how to transform our pain into power and our failures into success.

“A pencil creates marks that leave behind a trail, and everywhere we go, we leave our mark too.” There is no such thing as a perfect pencil. However, when the exterior breaks, the interior can still be used. When we break, we can draw from our inner resources in order to mend. Like that pencil, the universe uses us as a tool for improvement. No component is ever useless because every piece has value. Have you ever had a dull pencil? How effective was it? Much like a pencil, once we sharpen our strong points, we become more effective to be used. Sharpening is painful - but it makes us better. In order to know how to win, you must first know how to lose. In the upcoming year, make a conscious effort to develop your mind and stop fearing failure. Let your ego “sleep” for a while. Manage your time wisely – it’s all you have. Dare yourself to dream. Make small changes for a more creative mind. Write your story. Erase negative thoughts. Break unhealthy habits. Make your heart’s passion your highest priority. Sharpen your goals and get on point. You could learn a lot from a pencil … imagine that!

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ere’s wishing you a New Year just absolutely overflowing with all kinds of fabulous fortune and luck! And, well, Lucky YOU because now you’ll know exactly how to make that wish come true! It all starts with a resolution revolution! I know, I know, we’re all going to lose weight and exercise more regularly. We’re going to eat healthier as well as improve our relationships, our diets, our kid’s study habits as well as our own drinking ones. We’re going to finally find that better job and be more philanthropic or forgiving and, as usual, this will be THE year when we get back in touch with all our loved ones. Especially the ones whose text we still haven’t returned from three weeks ago. That’s right, we rush here and whoosh there and then believe that because what we resolve on this one single day can change our life for the better, forever. Yeah, um, not so much. Now, I’m not all bah humbug or about being a sour dumpling raining on your New Year

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


On New Year’s day itself never refer to anything in the past. Instead, talk ONLY of dreams and hopes and wishes for the future. parade. Hey, we know I believe in intention followed by action step as much as the next empowered guy. The difference though is that if you are still in the same size jeans or still doing that same old job while still reaching for the pinot after you’ve created a platform to change those very behaviors, well, then, sometimes there needs to be more of an internal assessment and less hanging of wind chimes in the center of the kitchen when eating on black plates while wearing a white shirt because Feng Shui says that will help you shed those last ten pounds (hint, hint). Now, let’s go ahead and explore some ‘secret’ Shui to make 2014 YOUR luckiest year yet! • One of the most powerful cures to ensure a power-packed New Year is pretty practical as well. It suggests that your entire house, as much as possible, should be completely cleaned before the New Year comes calling. This will clear the way for new and exciting energies to enter your life immediately tagging alongside inspiration and opportunity too. That said, you should NEVER (and I mean NEVER) clean your house on New Year’s day itself as in many cultures and traditions this act is believed to “sweep” your luck and blessings away. Look, if you find that you can’t tackle cleaning the whole house before the big day, than at least concentrate on cleaning up the kitchen as this is the one space in your house that represents Health, Happiness and Prosperity - - - The Three Great Blessings that will lead to one spectacular year! • According to Feng Shui, the New Year ‘Gold Standard’ is to move twenty-seven things around your home on New Year’s Day and then sit back and wait for Fortune and Luck to invade your life from every conceivable direction. Moving twenty-


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

seven things might be harder to do than you might think, but remember, it will also count if you simply move the salt shaker to the other side of the pepper. The object here is only to shake it up in order to change it up. Then you’ll find that the ‘same old, same old’ heading the way of 2013. • Anytime immediately prior to the clock striking 2014, go to the ATM and pull some cold cash out of your soon-to-be-heatingup bank account. Get a good, hearty smattering of small bills and put them inside your wallet making it appear stuffed good and full and really fat. This simple tip will bring untold and unexpected fortunes for the year ahead. If you want to get muchly magical, put twenty-seven one dollar bills in your wallet and forty-nine coins in your change purse or pockets. Then sprinkle dried ginger inside and outside of those same spaces. You might want to amble over and give a little shake on the checkbook too. This can really spice your financial life right UP! • If you are home as the year turns, then open up all the doors and windows, if only for a moment, no matter how frosty freezing it is outside and allow the energies from 2013 move out so some new, interesting and inspirational ones can come calling in 2014. Along this same line of thinking, you know, burning off the old in order to make way and welcome the new, you can light firecrackers or bang pots and pans together to make some big noise. This is believed to scare away any malign influences that could have bought the crap in the New Year. Buh bye negativity! Hello abundance! • On New Year’s day itself never refer to anything in the past. Instead, talk ONLY

abundance, well, it can only mean the happiest New Year yet! • This is my favorite secret Shui New Year’s tip: It’s considered TOTALLY auspicious if the first thing you see on New Year’s Day is a red bird. If you don’t think a red bird will just happen by your window on its way home from the Swallow Jagermeister Party, then get proactive and paste a picture of one somewhere where you will see it easily and FIRST THING on New Year’s day. (PS…magpies…especially red ones… are known to bring special boons and benefits when hanging around your house…just sayin!) of dreams and hopes and wishes for the future. Then, place nine mandarin oranges in a bowl in your kitchen or on your dining room table. In Chinese, the word for ‘orange’ sounds exactly like their word for ‘gold’ so to put these fruitful symbols in those two rooms associated only with

Now, lastly, remember that the first thing you hear as the New Year slides in will have a tremendous impact and influence on the whole rest of the year. Why not then tell someone EXACTLY what sweet nothings will produce positive somethings in 2014. Stick to this script for those most delightful results.

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he intention of this article is to guide you through the four stages of every transitional cycle and provide you with strategies to support you as you move through each moment of your experience. Begin the New Year with a deeper understanding of the four stages of lifealtering transformation. Whether you have made the choice or have been forced to significantly alter your life, understanding how to navigate your transition will save you from the discomfort of twisting in the wind. This is it. This is your one and only precious life. You can’t afford to waste a moment looking over your shoulder. Take the lead and navigate through your change with awareness, honesty and as much grace as you can call up. The first stage of any significant transition begins with some pain and discomfort. You know a radical change is coming, but you might not be sure what to do about it. Chances are you will be down in the dumps. You may feel frightened, angry, uncertain, or like you’re reeling out of control. During my career transition, I remember feeling completely lost in a fog and freaked out by the fact that the ideals around which my whole former life had been built were no longer acceptable.


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

“Take the lead and navigate through your change with awareness, honesty and as much grace as you can call up.�

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


detached, or highly emotional – sometimes all at the same time.

During this challenging first stage, I recommend staying with your regular, comfortable routines. When you are swimming in a black hole of uncertainty, the best thing you can do is create a nurturing luscious list focused on self-care. Try to cut back on extraneous commitments at home or work, and take the time to be gentle with yourself. Items on your luscious list might include: inspirational reading, watching a magical sunset, choosing fresh-cut flowers for your desk or dining room table, playing on a swing set, soaking in a hot bath, listening to great music, practicing yoga or Tai Chi, playing outside with your family, preparing a tasty meal, or writing in a gratitude journal. Joyful activities like these help to balance out the stress and anxiety of a significant change. While you’re nurturing yourself


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

through your discomfort, remember that nurturing is not running away from your reality. Look in the mirror, and be honest about what’s happening inside. Accept the fact that you’re suffering, but don’t accept that your suffering is permanent. Ask yourself what really separates where you are from where you want to be. Honesty is key to healing and flowing through a monumental change. The second stage of transition involves deep introspection. You may start to withdraw from the world, retreating into a safe and private emotional space. Initially, this might be a way to protect yourself from the pain and uncertainty you’re feeling, but this retreat can also allow you to begin to let go of old patterns and behaviors which stand in the way of your positive transition. You may feel contemplative, curious, spiritual,

Writing your thoughts in a journal is a good activity to try at this stage, especially if you’re feeling withdrawn and are having trouble talking to the people around you. If you’re still unclear about where you’re really going, try making a simple compare/contrast chart. Fold a piece of paper in half, and label one column “Want” and the other “Don’t want.” Then, fill in the blanks. Knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do. It helps you set boundaries and build a solid foundation for your ideas. Another helpful suggestion is to spend time in nature, soaking up the beauty of your surroundings. Plan to take a walk along the beach, hike in the woods, or visit a local park. Allow yourself plenty of time to heal from the pain and anguish of the first transitional stage. Remember that the second stage of transition is about healing and nurturing your mind, body and soul, but it’s also a time for examination. Find the activities that keep you focused, not distracted, and don’t be afraid of the deep work. Becoming who you really are means surrendering to change. The third stage of transition is a big shift from the first two. It’s filled with positive energy and includes research and exploration in the outer world. When you reach this stage, you are finally starting to feel like you have some direction. You’ve

gotten an inkling of what the real nature of your upcoming transition might be. You are ready and eager to move forward, and you are curious about all the new possibilities. You become secure, optimistic, and confident. You are uncovering a new path and ready to walk through the doors of a ripe new opportunity. In this stage you will want to explore the Internet, read about new topics of interest, and continue to write in your journal. Your discovery period is also the perfect time to explore new connections and talk with trusted confidants. Immerse yourself in the discovery of anything that interests you. Sometimes, even things that are unrelated on the surface can work themselves into your new path in unexpected ways. Allow yourself to play on a brand new playground!

that everything is possible. When you experience your creative renewal, allow yourself to be in the flow of the moment. Allow your plans to unfold without force. Become enamored of your new path, hang loose, and enjoy the magic carpet ride! I declared my new path almost eight years ago on New Year’s Eve while surrounded by my friends and family. Each stage of a significant transition can last from a few weeks to several months. Honoring and caring for yourself, and allowing the process to unfold naturally, will help you move through the difficult stages of transition quickly. I have navigated the choppy waters of an enormous career

and lifestyle transition and have successfully reinvented myself – but I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my family, friends, and a couple of world-class coaches. No matter what stage of transition you’re in, don’t be afraid to reach out for support. You don’t have to go through your experience alone! Creating your life on your terms is really about allowing for grace through your next transition.

What stage of transition are you experiencing right now? How long have you been in this stage? What do you need to do right now to honor the stage you are experiencing?

When you have navigated the first three stages – fear and discomfort, going internal, and exploring new frontiers – you are ready to move into the magical stage of creative renewal. The fourth stage of transition is a good time. When you reach the creative renewal phase, your vision has become clear, and you’re ready at last to create life on your terms. You are highly energized, committed, and optimistic. You are also determined to make significant changes quickly. Things seem to flow quite naturally for you. Mentally and physically you feel unstoppable because you know

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Join me in breaking the habit of making a long list of resolutions. Let’s identify one thing to concentrate on, to make a consistent part of our new 2014 life style.


do not have a list of New Year’s resolutions. For too many years I set myself up declaring all the things I was going to change about myself, yet did not stick with long enough to actually achieve the change I wanted. Then I would spend the next eleven and a half months beating myself up for not keeping the resolutions I made. This year join me in breaking the habit of making a long list of resolutions. Let’s identify one thing to concentrate on, to make a consistent part of our new 2014 life style. For example, let’s focus on cleaning up and maintaining clean spaces within our homes and outer environment to enhance the universal flow of energy around and through our body, other people and pets, and the objects surrounding us. Known in Asian cultures as Qi (Ch’i) or “lifeforce,” this stream of energy is the underlying reason why we feel positive and peaceful when our space is neat and clean. When our room is a mess or our home or car is disorganized, we feel stress and chaos. This belief is similar to the one I was exposed to as a child in the phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Today I realize that being clean pertains mostly to my behavior, thoughts, and deeds. But I have also learned that when my outer environment


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

is neat and orderly, that organization spills over into my inner environment. Less clutter means less distraction, so my energy can be more focused and productive. To improve our mood and sense of well-being, let’s clean out our home and maintain clean


spaces. This is especially important since we live in a world where collecting seems to be a widespread obsession. The chaos and stress of being surrounded by so much stuff can be emotionally and physically distressing. At home pick up every object and ask yourself how you are impacted by it. Does an item store unpleasant memories? If so, doesn’t keeping it around make you feel uncomfortable? Taking an emotional inventory of your possessions shifts something inside you. Releasing many of your things will cause change in some long-held patterns about what really matters and makes you content. Part of loving ourselves is caring about how our environment feels and looks. There is a deep sense of balance derived from taking time to organize and clean out closets, drawers, bookshelves, tabletops, and cabinets. We determine whether the items in our home have a purpose and a place. We give away, donate, recycle, or sell any excess. Through the effort of cleaning up our home, office, and car, we can dramatically lessen distractions and improve our sense of wellbeing, balance, and inner peace. Another advantage of cleaning up our outer environment is greater inner awareness and respect for our shared outdoor space. While we may have a home with a yard that we own or rent, the entire planet is our home and residence to billions of other people,

animals, and plant life. It is a heart-responsibility to care about how our actions impact the planet and delicate balance within the natural world. For example, in Los Angeles, owners must pick up after their pets—it’s a law. I was out walking my dog when I overhead a woman comment that she did not need to pick up after her dog because its droppings were good fertilizer. There was a time I thought my dog’s poop was just fertilizer too; that is, until I took the time to learn and care about the environmental and public health safety reasons behind the law. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies pet waste as a pollutant, just as our own biowaste is considered an agent for both viral and bacterial Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

diseases. So, pet droppings are not good fertilizer. Even if we do not live near a body of water, animal poop can get washed into storm drains and end up in faraway streams, rivers, and groundwater. Assessing and purging applies not only to our personal property but to the beautiful planet we call home. Take inventory of how you can properly dispose of paints, chemicals, printer cartridges, batteries, cell phones, computers, plastic bags, and other things in your everyday life that can negatively impact the natural world. Let’s make our 2014 resolution to maintain clean spaces for everyone on the planet and all life that calls Earth home. The small actions we take do make a big difference.




am so fortunate to live in a part of the country where I experience seasonal changes. Each Season, each Moon and Sun cycle, each Equinox and Solstice, each ebb and flow have been opportunities to start anew, to learn more about who I uniquely am and to celebrate with flow and creativity. What nature has taught me the most is that every moment is new. Wow ... every moment is new. I have chills putting this into words. What a miracle to live moment by moment in newness, and from our Rhythms. This past year as I have been observing and living in rhythm with nature, it has become very beneficial to my health and well-being. Living in harmony with nature is not a new idea, it is one of the foundations of Eastern Medicine and was also the basis for health before society became too busy and stressed to feel the body’s rhythms. Fighting or not listening to our rhythms throws us out of balance into a state of dis-ease. As we go into the New Year, by observing the changes that take place during the winter season, we can attune ourselves to a healthier winter. Leaves have fallen off the trees providing nutrients for the soil, plants pull their sap and nutrients back into their roots, days are shorter, life slows down, some animals hibernate, nature withdraws into itself, the earth rests. Winter is a time of regeneration. I have embraced the New Year and Winter

Rhythms. Winter should be a time of personal growth, a time to go within, a restful break, a time to replenish energy for the start of the “growing” season, Spring. The shorter days that winter provides should be used as an opportunity to get more rest, sleep and dreams. Personal growth requires a lot of quiet time and solitude. Solitude is always an interesting period in our lives. It can be a time of independence, loneliness or a time of reflection and growth, the choice is ours. Winter is the time to go within. Time spent alone has the ability to open creativity. It allows us to become our real selves, true to ourselves. A time to explore who we really are, our strengths and weaknesses. We are all complete as we are, but we don’t usually realize it. No one can provide true happiness for another person. True joy and happiness come from within when we take the time to be ourselves, to discover who we are. If we use this quiet time to reflect on the past, but not cling to it, we are able to see where we are and where we may be heading. We realize how we’ve changed, what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown by past experiences. Sometimes the smallest steps in our development are created by the hardest lessons of the past. Recognizing difficult times as just that allows us to release and forgive, to move on. Obstacles along our path provide a stopping point, a time to slow down and reflect. We are all given the strength to remove or move around the obstacle.

“We should ask intentional questions of ourselves, delve deeper than we have ever gone before.” add many more items to my list, but these are my top ten loves and joys. Creating a list makes me feel at home within my own being. It is a fresh start. A new beginning to discovery. 1. Winter walks, finding moments of gratitude 2. Making my own teas through nature’s goodness 3. Aromatherapy and essential oil healing 4. Writing cards to be delivered by mail 5. Visiting family and friends, building stronger relationships 6. Preparing for Spring planting 7. Watching a snowfall by the window in the darkness 8. Creating new recipes and baking 9. Going to my cabin for a day every week 10. Making a new checklist for staying healthy and thriving When you create a list, you want to be sure that whatever you put on your list are things that make you feel connected to your joys, your essence, your truest self. They need to feel effortless and nourishing. This isn’t another to-do list. This is a list that brings you to delicious moments you savor and can’t do without.

When we take time to be introspective, we ask, Allowing ourselves to move with the rhythms What is important to us? What do we choose to of Winter, we are not idle. Anything but. create? Who am I? These questions are vital for a life that expresses peace and deep What is important We know that in every relationship (with our self, others, nature, seasonal connection. Winter gives us hope that to us? What do we rhythms) there is a time for activity and what we create can be different. Strange choose to create? a time for reflection. Reflection can be that in Winter’s seeming dormancy lie Who am I? . hard work if we do it right. We should the seeds of great change and newness. ask intentional questions of ourselves, So here we are at Winter, with her unique rhythms. Obviously we can feel that life delve deeper than we have ever gone before. has slowed down within us and around us on Understand who we are and our connection the outside. What are a few ways we can keep in to life. It is in this way that the newness and rhythm with all that we are and want to explore? creativity are vibrant and vital. Nature has the balance of its rhythms down to an art. I hope This is my creative newness list for keeping in you can do the same! and with the rhythms of Winter. I know I could

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine



An Interview with Cheryl Maloney


heryl Maloney is a resilient lady.

Cheryl to hear the arc of her story, she

In addition to her vision, sense of

never disappoints. Having gone through a

humor, and dedication to create

three year period akin to A Year of Magical

a safe space for people who need it, her

Thinking, she boldly created a mission

resilience and vulnerability consistently

that has contributed solace, inspiration,

keep her close to her followers.

community and infinite possibility to nearly half a million individuals all around

I met Cheryl at an exciting time in both

the world.

of our lives. We were both hitting a stride, when the power of possibility shined

That’s no small feat in today’s smorgasbord

brightly after most of the dust of various

of self-help gurus. But Cheryl will be the

transitions had settled. I consider her one

first to tell you that she’s no guru, and

of my diamond finds along the journey to

has little need for them. She’ll tell you

my own actualization.

instead that it’s time to honor the guru within ourselves. We all have the answers,

As the New Year 2014 was fast approaching,

all the time. Sometimes we just need a

and Cheryl’s following was growing in

little help and wisdom getting the clarity

leaps and bounds, my gut told me that

to see what’s been there all the time.

everyone newly welcomed to the Simple Steps Real Change Community needed

Like many of us, Cheryl found herself in

to know that vital little bit more about

a seemingly unmanageable place in time.

the journey of our esteemed and well-

She felt confounded and mired in a terrible

loved founder and publisher. Though her

situation that was mercilessly taxing and

natural modesty initially shied away from

soul-challenging. She discovered that the

a personal interview, I am privileged to

big, classic spiritual and self-help tomes

share her story with even more people

become burdensome instead of helpful.

who might take heart from it.

Cheryl’s quest for a simpler answer is a reward for each of us.

Unsurprisingly, when I sat down with


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WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO START SIMPLE STEPS REAL CHANGE? I believed that I wasn’t the only one going through the challenges in life that I was going through. I had no picture of what Simple Steps Real Change [SSRC] looks like now. I simply started writing blog articles about what I was experiencing that others might also be going through. I just hoped that if I shared, it would help someone else. One thing, one simple thing! At the time, I was reading so much [of the self-help literature available], and it was too complex. With all the stress at the time, I couldn’t internalize it. In the middle of being in hell, it was hard to even get up in the morning, let alone read this complex material. There had to be something simple.

HOW DID YOU FIND YOURSELF IN SUCH A STRESSFUL PERIOD? I left a 25 year career with one company, which had been acquired, and found that my entire identity was tied up in working there. Jack [Cheryl’s husband] and I decided to leave the Seattle area to relocate to Texas to take care of my parents. So on top of the stress of not having a job, we also left all our friends,

comforts, and the longest place we’d ever lived in. In many ways, our whole support system was gone. Now, in the course of leaving the company, we invested all of my retirement savings in real estate. Within a year of moving the market collapsed, and we lost all of it. It was around then that Jack was diagnosed with leukemia. My father died suddenly, and I became the sole caregiver for my mom who is blind. Then Jack was diagnosed with cancer. In only two years, I went from the corner office and driving the BMW to dealing with my husband’s leukemia, cancer and losing everything financially. Funny enough, it never crossed my mind that I didn’t have retirement any more. With the stress at the time, my focus was on day-to ay-survival, not the future. It was a Godsend that Jack was employed, but he was sick.

THE STRESS SOUNDS UNBEARABLE? HOW BAD DID IT GET? There were days I didn’t want to get out from under the covers. For months I truly was lying on the sofa in a state of depression. I didn’t have an interest in anything; I didn’t do anything. I was just watching television, and doing nothing. One day a commercial for an antidepressant came on, and I realized that’s what my life had become. I had a choice. I could stay where I was, or I could choose to get up. I got up! That commercial was my wake-up call.

“The truth is that millions of people are feeling the same things, and you have to allow yourself to feel what you feel. Then you can get past it. You deserve more.”

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


YOU’RE SIT TING IN TEXAS, YOUR BASIC SECURITY NEEDS ARE AT RISK ... DID THE COMMERCIAL INSPIRE YOU TO SIT DOWN AND START A BLOG? The blog started before that ... shortly after we moved to Texas. I was 53 years old, in a state I had never lived in, and I couldn’t find another job. I was just writing to express what I was going through. I’d never ever written anything other than work documents before. I was blogging on a website at the time that no longer exists, and pretty much no one was finding it. It wasn’t until my niece suggested that I put this on Facebook that things took off. Even though I stopped just lying on the couch, I found myself looking at what I had lost in my life. And I asked myself, “Is this all there is left to your life?” My family all live into their 90s, and I thought, “Is this how I want to be for another possible 40 years?” So I started reading everything I could get my hands on. I was reading so much, but I could not ingest anything. Everything felt


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

so complex! Finally, I came upon Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. It was all about how to find Happiness again, and how people looked at things differently. Then it struck me: It’s just got to be simple. There has to be more! And it has to be real. So one day I just strung those things together. Once I moved to Facebook as SSRC, things steadily crept along. [Laughing] I was literally sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room when my 57th person signed up! I was so excited! It hit me that people are reading what I had to write. It crawled along for months and months, and finally there were 1000 people! 7000 people!

WAS SSRC BECOMING CENTRAL TO YOUR WAY OF LIFE? First of all, Jack was doing everything he could to be understanding. He has the patience of a saint. In my darkest moments, he never once said anything like “You have to go back to work.” It was, “Do what you want to do, it’ll be ok. We’ll figure it out. Don’t worry about it.” No-problemJack. He was supportive and understanding, and

he’s always been that way. We’ll figure it out. We’ll get through it. And yes, all of my free time was spent writing. It was never about just Train of Thought. It had to be meaningful, so it would tell a story. I committed to blogging daily. It was so important to me that I make a personal connection with everyone on the forum. I sent a message to people on Facebook when my dad was in the ambulance. Some of our readers will remember how I even wrote, “My father is going to die tonight,” and the love and support came back to me! There were so many people out there who’d been through this. All of a sudden, we were talking about praying for help – not religiously, but spiritually. As new readers were coming in, we were doing the same thing. SSRC was becoming a place people could be supported and safe. People needed to feel safe! It’s been an amazing journey.

WHO WERE SOME OF THOSE FIRST PEOPLE WITH WHOM YOU INTERACTED? They were regular, everyday people. They were folks who were trying to put food on the table, whose children had died, people whose kids blamed them for the divorce. That’s the connection that’s most important. Everyone is going through something, but we forget about that with the everyday stresses. Most people seem to just be told, “Get over it, and move on.” But people need to be supported. As long as they feel they are alone, they feel like pariahs. The truth is that millions of people are feeling the same things, and you have to allow yourself to feel what you feel. Then you can get past it. You deserve more. My biggest impact came from a lady in Chicago. Around the time the market crashed, she lost her job, was caring for her mother, and needed to feel safe and secure. I had put a post up on a Saturday morning that said, “If it’s important enough to you, you will find a way.” She exploded! “How dare you say this, you have no

idea what it’s like!” And she unloaded on me. I stepped back and realized that I had a choice. I could say “Get over it,” like everyone else, or I could take a different position. So I responded: “There’s nothing here to negate what you’re going through. When you’re ready to get to that point of living your dream, you WILL find a way.” We ended up talking on the phone for over an hour, and we laughed. She changed my perspective that day, adopting this attitude of gentleness and kindness. We’re all going through something. There are degrees and steps. There’s a journey.

WHAT DID YOU DISCOVER DURING THOSE YEARS IN TEXAS? I had always been a positive person and bounced back in 24 hours if anything happened to me, as far as anyone else was concerned. But internally, I was completely obsessive: a worrier! I spent so much time worrying about the things that I didn’t want to happen. And every one of them came to pass. I was focused on not having enough money, and that is exactly what happened. As soon as I stopped doing that, it all went away. I no longer focus on what I don’t have. I focus on the fact that I can pay my bills every month. That may be the Huge Lesson. Real discovery is the willingness to see all the possibilities, and not just what is in front of your face.

WHAT DO YOU MISS ABOUT THE WOMAN IN THE CORNER OFFICE WHO DROVE THE BMW AND THE PORSCHE? I don’t miss anything … is that true? Yes, I don’t miss that person. I’m grateful that I lost pieces of that person, because that person was arrogant, and that I found who I am really am. It was all a front before. None of that stuff means a hill of beans. Relationships with people matter most to me now. I can’t tell you I miss any of it. I’m even glad I lost it, though I wish it could have come a different way.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine



Cheryl is committed to people who need to be heard. Lucky for them, she has a singular certainty and pure belief in what’s positive, true and divine. Her willingness to reach out and support separates her from the pack. And now her vision extends to providing this next generation of light-bearers to offer hope, guidance and possibility through Simple Steps Real Change Magazine. We’re proud to be a part of this legacy, and even happier to call her our friend.

WHAT DO YOU SAY TO PEOPLE WHO CLAIM: “PEOPLE CAN’T CHANGE”? If you believe they can’t, they never will in your eyes! We don’t let people change. When we go through life-altering challenges, we’re either wiser or waiting for another lesson. There will be another lesson if we didn’t get it the first time.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE SSRC TO LOOK LIKE IN FIVE YEARS? Right now, SSRC is a safe harbor where people can come and just be, come to feel support and understanding and kindness and love, and not feel pressured, ostracized, condemned - all those negative feelings because people disagree with them. I’ve created a place where everyone’s beliefs are honored. That is what I want Simple Steps to continue to be. In five years, I believe it will be the place where everyone comes for kindness and support, a place where positivity rules. If people are

looking for positivity, they’re going to go to SSRC. My vision is to help create a positively focused world. The mission is to help people see their own magnificence, their own beauty, they’re own potential.

WHAT IS THE GREATEST LESSON YOU’VE LEARNED SO FAR? It’s that every person is doing the best that they can.

WHAT IS YOUR SECRET TO KEEPING IT SIMPLE? I truly believe that if we break up what we see as complicated into its smallest parts, we’ll realize there is a simple path right in front of us. And we take that path one simple step at a time.

WHAT’S AT THE END OF THE PATH? What end? There is no end! [Laughing] It’s like asking “How do I get out of the box?” There is no box. There is no end to life.

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Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


o set the tone for the next 12 months, lessen the focus on what did or didn’t happen last year and kiss it goodbye. (Not to say the last year wasn’t/isn’t relevant, but it is gone.) So take the whole of it and reflect for a moment. Say thank you for all that transpired and transformed you (you will never be the same). Hold gratitude for what you became and now have because of it, and be present to the New Year that is ahead … it is time to meet up with 2014. Moving forward there is much to embrace.


GOOBYE Debbie Lynn

The timeline (January 1) means nothing, it is only a marker – don’t put undo stress into your change. Learning to flow and to adjust to the flow (flexibility) is key. Emerging from one mind-set, habit or routine to new territory takes courage and inner awareness. It is here that you get to see what makes your heart happy (or not). And as you reflect on the year that ‘was’ (without avowing some kind of crazy resolution), you can be with all the newness that is slated to come your way, but you must be willing to take a truthful look inside. Each small “simple step” leads to betterment, just as each painful and joyful situation you went through was a gift. We all know letting go brings freedom, and the freedom of goodbye will bring peace, but you must understand that whatever it is that is leaving you is leaving for the highest good. This doesn’t mean we forget, it simply means we have chosen to move on. Ring in the new with clarity. No unreal expectations and with real acceptance that honoring serenity begins with a good-bye, and inner happiness ends up with hello.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine







ost of us fear being judged on some level. It doesn’t feel good at all, and depending on how much emotion is attached, it can feel really awful. Most of us, however, tend to do it to other people or events. While we can’t easily control being judged by others, we can learn to shift what we do ourselves in our daily situations and that can improve the quality of our lives. It doesn’t mean that you just “accept all that comes your way.” What it means is that you stand back and try to see what is motivating you to decide if something is right or wrong for you, shifting from judgment to discernment. Following are some steps you can take to do that, but first let me explain the difference between the two.

spend the rest of the day “out of sorts.”

Let’s say you are an interior designer. Your client is color blind, but knowing that green will represent “healthy and organic” for his new store, has decided that he wants all the items in a particular room to be green. He can’t see the difference between green and blue. Your job is to select only green items, using your ability to discern between the two colors. There is no emotional judgment involved in this; it is just a simple matter of observation and choices.

Too often we have to make snap decisions, and there may not always be time to go through these questions, but if you practice when you have time to ponder something, it will in time become second nature to you and you will run through the questions in a flash of a second. If your answer was “yes” to 2. or 3., it is likely that you are in a state of being judgmental, or having an emotional reaction to the situation that might have nothing to do with the current situation. So what is wrong with that you ask? You might just make the wrong choice. You might let some past experience stop you from what could be a very good experience for you… now, with this new situation…not the old one in your emotional memory banks.

But let’s say your mother always dressed you in green when you where a child and everyone in school made fun of you. Now when you look at something that is green, it inspires a negative emotional judgment about the color. It puts your emotional body into negative vibration mode and out of sync with the rest of you. It takes you away from your higher source. If that happens and you are aware of it happening, you have to work at bringing yourself back into balance or


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

So if you find yourself “not liking” something, step back and evaluate what is going on with you, what is the reason for the reaction. Ask yourself: 1. Is this opinion based on prior experience about this subject? 2. Does the situation evoke a twinge in my belly? 3. Am I thinking about what OTHERS would think of choosing or not choosing the situation? 4. Have I rationally thought about the pros and cons of this subject?

When you are pointing your finger at someone else in judgment, energetically you are pointing THREE fingers back at your self. Being more tolerant of people or situations that aren’t

living “up to your standards” will not draw those types of people toward you. Not being tolerant just might! We are learning how our own energy draws certain things to us and repels others. So if you are in a state of being emotionally judgmental, you are going to attract people that are also in that state around you…inviting them to judge you. Our emotions play a very important role in our lives, as long as they are in balance. Feeling love and joy are very positive experiences to be sure. If you are feeling

anger or fear, those feelings may be protecting you from something about to cause you harm. What is good for us to learn is if what we are feeling, be it love or fear, is really about the situation immediately in front of us or about something that happened in our past. Thinking that you are “in love” with someone who reminds you of a past love can match you up with the wrong person. If you are in a state of fear, lets say of being fired from your job, if that fear stems from a previous experience when you were actually fired, not this situation, you may react

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

inappropriately and actually get yourself fired again! Don’t be discouraged if learning to master this “discernment” about your emotions takes some time. But taking the time to try to see the difference can’t help but make your life better, help you make better choices. Just think about it next time you are in a state of judgment. Run through these four simple questions and see what is really going on with you. We all have this ability, we just have to be aware of it and take the time to learn to use it!




What’s so special about New Year’s that we have this ritual and how can you use this to motivate you all year long?

It’s that time of year that you make resolutions. Just about everyone has resolutions about money (make more, have more), health (lose weight, get healthy), and relationships (spend more time together, communicate better), at least that’s been my personal experience and also in talking with people. What’s so special about New Year’s that we have this ritual and how can you use this to motivate you all year long? What’s special about New Year’s resolution, in my opinion, is that it’s a FRESH START on a BLANK SLATE.


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

The reality is, we are given a fresh start every day! It’s all how you look at things. The problem is, our brain will only move toward things that give us pleasure and away from things that give us pain. We are allowing the short term pleasure to take over and we are ignoring the pain we feel, so we let other things get in the way, like our daily activities, and the big goals, our resolutions, get pushed to the back of the list as we live in the now and take care of our immediate needs for something more pleasurable. What can we do to change that? The trick is to bring the pain you feel into the NOW and keep the pain front and center to achieve your goals. That may not sound pleasant, but it’s extremely effective in achieving goals. Here are some simple steps for you: • Picture the most painful reason you want to make the resolution and make a change. If it’s money, perhaps it’s because you are in debt or don’t have enough for a comfortable retirement. If it’s health, perhaps it’s because you feel overweight when you put on a bathing suit, etc. Think of a painful reason why you want to change. If you have an actual specific experience you can place yourself in that was painful, use that as your avatar. (Perhaps your son said you were “fat”, or you couldn’t fit into your favorite jeans, or you couldn’t come up with the money to pay your bills, etc. Make it very specific to one particular instance). You are going to be using this to recall your specific pain and move you forward with your goal. • Write down your New Year’s resolutions on index cards and post them on the wall in front of where you spend your days, ie. your desk, the visor of the car, etc. Put them where you will see them often. Next to each resolution, write what your pain avatar is from step 1 above. That represents the

“why” you want to achieve your resolution. It must be a specific visualization of the pain you feel and why you want to change. • Give your resolutions a deadline - and make it shorter than 3 months. Instead of just saying “I want to have better communication with my spouse”, give yourself a deadline to have it and begin to work on it immediately! Having a deadline shorter than 3 months keeps it in the front of your mind so it doesn’t get filed away for later. Write that on the index card too. • Always select the best outcome for your resolution and make a plan. Let’s say you are not feeling healthy. Do the “one thing” that you decide will make the most difference in your health ie. “start exercising 10 minutes a day, increasing to 30 minutes over a month”, “only use cash or a debit card and not use credit cards”, etc. • Visualize the successful outcome of your goals daily. First thing in the morning and last thing at night are most effective for your subconscious mind to anchor. Really see yourself accomplishing your resolutions. • Hold the avatar - picture in your mind of the most painful moment you have had regarding your weight (relationship. etc.). Keep that picture of pain as the reason you will stay on your plan. Use it to bring up every time you are tempted to break your resolution. It works like a charm! There you have it. These are the steps that are going to give you what you really want. If you are having trouble, check in with yourself to make sure you have a burning desire to accomplish the goals and that you have a strong enough avatar. Rinse and repeat until you’re successful! Oh, and have a Happy New Year as the New YOU!

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine






When “Begin with Yes” becomes too much and my workload is simply overwhelming, how do I say no? This is a great question!  When you find yourself in the above situation, or better yet, find yourself getting close…. Say yes to no.  “”Begin with Yes” is not a naïve, ridiculous belief that you can do everything for everyone all the time.  Even I know that’s impossible.  What you need to do is learn how to say “no” with a “Begin with Yes” attitude.  Let me give you an example:  If your boss comes to you with another “exciting” project that will possibly put you over the edge, consider the following response: “Yes, that’s an exciting project and I’d love to be a part of it.  Right now I have several key initiatives moving forward and I need/want to keep them moving.  Is this something I could get involved in at a later time?  Could I help you think of another way to tackle this one? Is there something that I am currently doing that can be put on hold?”


Simple Steps Real Change Magazine

All of these questions represent an open “Yes” attitude that will feel good to you, and the person who made the request.  It also is clear that no matter how wonderful you are, there is just so much you can do and do well.  The question opens both parties up to a bit of problem solving, and in the end, your job will get done and you will maintain a sense of control over your workload.  I know this approach will work.  If you need more specific help or support, send me a followup note. 


While cultural diversity is great, communication in any large organization is difficult, and cultural diversity makes it even more so. What are tips for addressing the challenges of cultural diversity while celebrating all that it offers to an organization?   I love these “big” questions because the answers are often pretty simple and small.  In this case, what works well for me is not to solve, fix or resolve the big


BEGIN IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YES issue, but rather to think of next steps that move me, a group of people, or even an organization in the right direction.  A good friend, Dave Bastien, recently pointed out to me that in the mantra “Begin with Yes”, “Begin” is just as important as “Yes.”    And more often than not, any well-intended action to get things started & moving in a positive direction will reveal the next steps and subsequent actions.  Over time, these small steps will have a cumulative effect leading to generalized and positive organizational shifts that on the onset seemed impossible to tackle.  Let me give you a few examples of small actions that might begin to address issues of cultural diversity: You might schedule pot luck lunches with employees

sharing favorite ethnic foods? Put together a staff committee to find ways to honor different cultural traditions in the workplace.  Schedule agencywide Respectful Workplace Trainings and then model and reward respectful workplace practices.    The issues around communication & cultural diversity can be addressed pretty easily when this mind set is adopted.  just so much you can do and do well.  The question opens both parties up to a bit of problem solving, and in the end, your job will get done and you will maintain a sense of control over your workload.  I know this approach will work.  If you need more specific help or support, send me a follow-up note. 

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine


Contributors ROBBIE ADKINS


Artist and writer who has spent her lifetime developing useful spiritual tools.

Bestselling Author of ”Use it! Turn Setbacks into Success.” Speaker, Transformational Coach and ”The Resilience Expert.”



Paul S. Boynton is an awardwinning human services CEO who has been recognized

America’s Wealth Mentor for Women™shares innovative, realworld applications that boost financial confidence. Emphasizes the alignment of passion with purpose as essential for creating true wealth.

REGINA CATES Spiritual/personal empowerment coach and author of “Lead with Your Heart: Creating a Life of Love, Compassion and Purpose.

GREG KUHN Author Greg Kuhn, Professional educator and a futurist, specializing in framing new paradigms for 21st Century living. “The Law of Attraction Science Guy.” Author of the ”Why Quantum Physicists” series.

DAVE FRESILLI Holistic Health Practitioner, CHEK Institute Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Practitioner.

JORDAN GARY Inspirational Speaker, Author of “The Seventh Major Understanding– A Message of Awakening”

CINDY HARPE HIVELY An Awakened Living Mentor.


DEBBIE LYNN Ballet Dancer, Artist, Writer and Creator of “360 degrees project (full circle)”

FUZZY MANNING Fuzzy Manning is a HeartCentered Intuitive, radio show host, author, entrepreneur and speaker.

SUZY MANNING Suzy Manning CEO of Suzy Manning LLC. Insightful mentor, an inspirational speaker, thought-provoking author, and savvy radio show host.



PhD. Creator of Wholarian Vision, Motivational Speaker, Author, Wellness & Longevity Advocate.

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Life and Relationship Coaches, Business Consultants, Emotional Healers, Seminar Facilitators, Authors and Entrepreneurs.

Founder of True Balance International and Co-Founder of Anxiety Slayer. Author of ”Life on Your Terms.”



Founder of Positivity Nation Facilitator of breakthroughs, and an enthusiastic difference maker on a global scale.

International inspirational expert and bestselling author. Ellen Whitehurst is a magazine columnist, speaker and coach


The Relationship Specialists, Marilyn Hough and Chuck Schmitt, are inspirational teachers who share their knowledge to inspire others to live their best life

ROCHELLE SOETAN Rochelle Soetan is a veteran of the literary arts, catalyst for change, and the Author and Publisher of Tuesday Morning Love.


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