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simplemente blanco

holidays 2013 [vol. 1]

index stockings







HOPE stocking stk300

P for peace stocking stk290

wooden snowflakes stk070 – Anis stk030 twigs stk060 – liquid amber stk050

Green pied de poulet stk190 - suede w/belt stk200 tiradores stk210 – brown laces stk220 – brown tweed w/fasteners stk230

white lollypops stk000 - silver sequins stk160 pentagrama stk150 – white flowers stk140

cotton blossoms stk090 – wooden dots stk040

bunnies stk260 – alphabet stk270

pom-poms stk280


blackboard ball orn130

bells orn140

glass ball w/feather orn150

little birds orn060

bird house (white) gar282 (small) gar283 (big)

knitted balls (big) orn090 – (small) orn092

NOEL letters orn120

little birds gar360 (white, and pastels)

sheep ornament orn100

dark booties and mittens orn070

wooden ornaments orn080

single mitten orn010 - pair of mitten orn030


dark garland with fabric flowers gls020

paper flags garland gld030

white and wooden wreath gld040

simplemente blanco holidays 2013

Holidays 2013  

christmas decorations and designs stockings, ornaments, garlands, gifts etc

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