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Apple New Technology to Change the World Forever - iPhone and IBeacon Powered Future As we know apple announced new technology iBeacon last year and built it into the apple iOS7 operating system and devices. Hands-on with the iPhone and iBeacon powered future of shopping. The new definition of shopping that sends notification to your iPhone when you are in the close proximity of the small wireless sensor in a store. iBeacon can invoke location based marketing messages and push out general notification because of its proximity based location awareness and context aware technology for the next generation of shopping experience. According to Apple’s “made for iPhone” program, Apple has recently started iBeacon product certification. iBeacon specification is now available for the members of MFi program.

MFi is a licensing program that allows developers and accessory maker to access hardware components. But the thing is that, developers and manufacturers will have to sign NDA to read the specification. Few companies are going to provide innovative solutions for retailers. The Apple iBeacon trying to achieve all shops would be powered by iBeacon Technology and mobile retails app platform as well as some new interesting product that could soon completely revolutionize the way, by which we do shopping by mobile device. Shoppers and retailers are now also interested to make their own customized App that works with iBeacon. Now in market Third Shelf and some other mobile platforms are also available that does not need any technical aspect because Third Shelf type of services lets small and medium size businesses quickly build an app that interact with iBeacon and easily create and manage promotions and loyalty program. iBeacon, the heart of Bluetooth low energy system, allows about 150 meters of range to send notification and personalized messages of item and offers during the shopping for instant purchasing and payment by

barcode scanning. The reason behind using Bluetooth Technology instead of GPS Technology is to determine your accurate position when you are indoor. Using iBeacon, your advertisement is sent only to those customers who are present 150 m in proximity to the beacon. It opens doors to a modern more efficient micro-location targeting. If you want to use iBeacon in apple grand central store, you still have to download and install app in your iPhone5. Through the app you can access whole central control dashboard. It includes Barcode based “Easy Pay System� for instant shopping and make payment whenever push message comes and you select to purchase and item. For more details visit here

Apple new technology to change the world forever iphone and ibeacon powered future  

iBeacon can invoke location based marketing messages and push out general notification because of its proximity based location awareness and...