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Start Here. I chose the name of this book because I feel it sums up my target market. It’s for people who have just their life to offer and they will travel. In most ways this book is written to the me of two years ago. It’s for people who will go anywhere and do anything. For people who are open to opportunity and adventure. If you have life and will travel, there are people out there who want you. I’ve backpacked, worked, freelanced and, most importantly, adventured. This experience is not something that is an unreachable dream, it is something that it within your grasp. It might seem overwhelming at first as there is a huge amount of information available, but here I am going to tell how how to make this dream a reality for you. I was pretty low two years ago, think-

ing about the future and not really coming to any solid conclusions about what I wanted to do. In part some of this was that I wasn’t able to find something I loved, not for a lack of love. I am interested in a huge number of things, it was more a conundrum because I had no idea what to choose. What made it worse is that it felt as if I was making a decision that would last for ever. Or at least until I was 65 and could retire. That’s not something I want and if you’re reading this book, I’m guessing it’s not what you want either. This book is partly my story and its partly how you are going to make that story your own. Continue reading ‘A Promise’ below to see how we are going to make this happen for you.

A_PROMISE I’ve created this book to achieve two things, first off, I want it to motivate you. I want it to make you think: yes, I can do this, I can travel, I can work abroad, I can live that life.

Second, I want it to give you the practical knowledge to be able to do that. I don’t want this to be a ‘motivational’ book. While these are often great in telling people to do things, other than ‘take action’ they don’t actually provide

a great deal of information on how to take the next step. Each chapter deals, not just with why you should travel and work, but also how you can do it. I have interviewed numerous people, delved through the internet, and done an enormous amount of research to make sure you have everything you need to take action. More often than not, this is broken down into a step by step summary at the end of the chapter. This book contains a ridiculous number of links to external websites that I have come across in my research. These are sometimes used when I feel a source is necessary to backup my seemingly wild statements, but more often they are there for your benefit. They’ll point you to the right place to get something done, such as find out visa requirements. Side note: None of the links in this book are associate with affiliates. I don’t make any money from any of the sights I link to. Also, if you are reading this in paper form, or for whatever reason, can’t follow the hyperlinks, you should have also been provided with the ‘Link Doc.’ This has all the hyperlinks, with their associated page numbers.

So the promise: You have almost certainly purchased this as an ebook. This means the distribution costs for me are practically zero. Therefore, I will happily refund you the cost of this book if you don’t find it useful for taking the next step getting abroad. I guarantee that there is something in this book that will allow you to get out and go abroad. Obviously, there is only so much I can do, so please don’t ask for a refund if you are in prison, or have six children, or are terrified of leaving your home. Once you’ve got the refund there isn’t much I can do to stop you keeping the book anyway, but I’d ask you not to buy the book with the intention of getting a refund, it’s a real hassle for me. If your dead set on getting it for free, I’m sure you can find a way. I just ask that if it was really valuable to you, please consider paying for it afterwards.

About the Author I’m a guy in my mid twenties and I’ve visited more countries than most people I know. I’ve worked abroad in several different ways and have felt the joys and dealt with the hassle that these experiences can bring. I’ve also backpacked extensively and I enjoy ‘ultralightweight travel,’ having spent two months in the US with a 15 litre backpack and five months in Asia with a 20 litre. I’m also a keen cyclist and prefers the ‘rough’ option; stealth camping and bivvy bags. I fancy myself an adventurer, but I never reject the offer of a hotel with air-con if the price is right! I first began working abroad in early 2011, with an internship for 3 months in Sri Lanka, but even after that ended I found new ways to keep from going home. Now, in mid-2012, I am still living and working abroad, doing freelance work in the Czech Republic. I love my lifestyle and want to be able to share it with you.

My life is rather different than what he planned, just two years ago, I was finishing up a postgraduate law degree and was all set to enter an office for the foreseeable future. A suffering economy and itchy feet made me realise that this wasn’t the future I wanted, at least for the time being. Simon Whistler, May 2012


Travelled in 40+ countries and counting Survived a snake bite Been shot at Ridden a scooter through the jungles of Cambodia Cycled the length of the UK Almost starved while boating in Asia

(NOT_ABOUT_THE_AUTHOR) I’m not the real reason you should be glad you have bought this book however. One man’s experience of working abroad is going to be very limited. You should be glad you are reading this book because of the interviews

I’ve conducted and the extensive research that has been done. You’ll be reading about experiences far outside of the authors and so the chances of their being something that will suit your situation is greatly improved.

What’s this All About? Clearing out the misinformation on working abroad and the cost of work and travel. It is a well-known problem that there is either time or money. The former you have when you are young, the latter you have when you are old. Most people never have these at the same time. The only time when 90% of people have both the above factors is retirement and let’s face it, no one wants to wait until they are 65+ to travel around the world. You just won’t be able to do the things you dream of. You’ll want to go to bed early and should probably stick to cruising. And that’s all well and good; I know plenty of people my grandparents age who love that.

“90% of people only have time and money when they retire” That isn’t why you have this book. You have it because you want to find the way to have all the pleasure of travel today – without having to save up for a lifetime. You want to have the cake and eat it too. This is possible. It happens all the time, I’ve done it and it’s not something that is the preserve of the wealthy, lucky, or drug smuggling (although I do know all these people as well – I’ll share their stories too). Not only can you travel but you can do it without taking on debt, you can

do it while building valuable experience and you can do it long term (months or even years). I’ve done it and it’s not hard. In fact, the best piece of advice I can give is ‘just do it.’ I’ve been to 35+ countries in the last 5 years. Better yet, I did most of this during the biggest recession in decades, this was not something that made it harder, it made it easier. My experience has not always been comfortable and you are bound to have some number of problems. This book will give you the means and the confidence to put together a real plan of action. It will give you a way to get out there and do it. This book isn’t just about me, my story is unique and so will yours be. To make sure that there is something you can relate to, there are over twenty interviews with people who have gone abroad. Some of them are conventional, but the best ones aren’t. I read a lot about creating businesses that gives you the freedom to travel. This book is not about that. There are plenty of books on this subject, which are more comprehensive than anything I could ever write – mostly

because I simply don’t have much experience with that. I’ll refer you to the famous and excellent book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss if that’s what you’re after. The problem with this is that it’s often targeted towards people who are taking a longer term view - this book is about people who want to leave next week. Without further ado, let’s have a look at how the book will be structured and then get into the good stuff.

HOW_THIS_BOOK_IS_ORGANISED Each chapter in this book deals with a distinct subject, some of these are related to finding work abroad, some are about specific experiences, and others are just offering some tips about travel in general. If you choose to read this book cover to cover, I hope you find it enjoyable, but it is primarily designed to be a guide, something that you can dip into at the sections relevant to you. I have also tried to organise the information into the most appropriate chapter, but there is a significant amount of overlap. Instead of repeating myself, you will see a lot of notes that say ‘see page…’ For example, if you reading about teaching English in Eastern Europe and want to know about the visa, I’ll redirect you to the right part of the visa chapter. I’ve tried to include as many of these as possible so the book is as easy to navigate as possible. Hopefully this will be more useful than confusing – the links have also got hyperlinks for your benefit if you’re reading the digital version.

There is some repetition however, but it is for your convenience. At the end of each chapter there is a resource section. This list will cover all of the resources that I have mentioned in the chapter, but will also have several that were not included. The extra ones are usually those sites that I have come across in the research but haven’t felt it entirely necessary to include in the main text. They might either be too specific or too broad for the general reader, but can be very useful for some. The resource section is probably going to be your best place for taking action. It usually will come directly after an ‘action challenge’ – where I encourage you to take the first steps to working abroad. The resource section is an ideal starting place for moving away from the book - it has everything you need to keep you on the right path and out all the bad places on the internet filled with misinformation about working abroad. 


I chose the name of this book because I feel it sums up my target market. It’s for people who have just their life to offer and they will tr...

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