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Custom Options Pricing - User Guide If you need any assistance in installation please touch base with us on our site or through email. We provide installation services as well if needed. Just fill out the form and let us know that you require us to install this module for you.

Getting Started! Overview Magento Custom Options Pricing Module allows you to create and assign group of options to all products in an easy way. You can create option sets and then assign them to simple products. This eliminates the need to create configurable products. Furthermore, these custom options can have images for customers‟ convenience. You can use CSV for these custom options price. You can create these option sets in this module. While creating these options you can define the following: • • • • •

Set the title, price and information of a custom option Configure sort order Upload image for this custom option Define Min, Max settings for height and width. Use CSV pricing

All the selected options will be added to the cart along with the main product, the price will also be added up and the customer will be able to checkout quickly. This extension works with simple and virtual products. A new tab „Custom Options Pricing‟ is created for each product. Admin can define the following settings from here; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Enable custom options pricing for that specific product. Upload CSV file for pricing Define labels for CSV row and column. Select the desired custom options group. Select the sort order

Create groups and custom option sets as defined in the „Step by Step‟ section of this page. This module is quite easy to configure and use. Once the options are defined, they will appear on the frontend.

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CSV Pricing Feature Included This Professional Magento Extension by FME includes CSV pricing feature. When you define a custom option, you can leave the „Price‟ field empty so that its price can be calculated from a CSV file. Each product has its own CSV; you can upload it from the catalog section at the backend. CSV Pricing feature allows you to sell variable sized products. Option Sets – Features Option sets are the group of options attached to any product as defined in the above example, different sets of tires make one option group. These option sets have the following characteristics. • • • • • • • • • • •

Ability to define Option sets dependency e.g. when a customer selects any option you can define the next step that will appear. Categorize option sets into groups and then assign products to these groups. Display custom text message when any option is not visible. Customer s can easily move back and forth to each option in a group with the help of arrow navigation. Customers can see which step they are at and how many steps are lefts. Select the sort order, it can be defined from catalog section or option set. Custom label Upload and display images with product options. Define min & max settings for height and width. Select products on which this options group will be applied. Options sets can be added from the groups section.

Custom Options Images • • •

Upload images for custom options (give your customers graphic example of what you are offering) Customers can see the images in original sizes on the front-end Specify the size of image thumbnails of custom options

Import Product Options Rather than creating product options for each item, you can create a CSV file containing all option sets and then import it. It takes just few seconds to update all products with product options. You can find a sample CSV file in the package.

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Enable custom options pricing for that specific product. Upload CSV file for pricing Define labels for CSV row and column. Select the desired custom options group Select the sort order CSV Pricing Feature Included 3 FME Extensions Support Document

             

Option Sets can be created for the simple products Custom Options Images can be included to enrich customer experience. Product Options can be imported as CSV file. Customers can easily select different product options and add them to the cart, all in one go. Supports different measurement units such as meter, centimeter, inches, foot etc. CSV Pricing functionality is included. Price for group options can be entered manually or it can be calculated from a CSV file (If uploaded). Eases admin‟s work, it eliminates the need to create configurable products in Magento. Provides One-stop shopping experience to customers. Enables your customers to calculate price for the desired measurements. Create Simple products having grouped options just like configurable products. Custom validation messages. Supports variables in validation messages. Supports image based product options. Use CSV to import product options rather than creating manually.

Back End After Installation FME extensions will appear in the menu after installation. For your convenience, you will find separate sections for extension configuration and store‟s configuration.

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General Settings

Using the General Settings configuration, you can enable / disable the extension according to your requirement. Select YES or NO from the drop-down menu.

In the CSV pricing part of the setting, following configurations you can set;  

You can set the unit of measurement as required. Add custom validation messages for min and max values

After you are done with the configuration, click “Save” on top right side of the page.

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Create and Manage Groups

From the backend, select “Manage Groups” from FME Extensions on the Menu. Create groups as many as required; later you will have to add options sets to each group.

Create and Manage Option Sets You can create product options in three ways, by visiting „Manage Groups‟ on the backend, by visiting „Manage Option Sets‟ or by using „Import Options”. 1. Manage Groups Navigate to FME Extensions -> Customer Options Pricing and follow below steps: 1. 2.

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Navigate to Manage Sets From the grid, click on „View Sets‟ to create option sets in that specific group. It will take you to the 2nd proceeding step.

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2. Manage Option Sets Navigate to FME Extensions -> Customer Options Pricing and follow below steps: 1. 2.


Go to Manage Option Sets Click “Add Option Sets” to create new options manually

Import Options Navigate to FME Extensions -> Customer Options Pricing and follow below steps: 1. 2.

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Go to Import Options from the dropdown menu Upload a CSV file containing custom product options and click “Import Options” to import all options in one go.

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Now you can view Groups, Option Sets and Options. And can select this group for a product on product edit section. You can also assign products where these options will be applied. Go to “Apply to Product” tab in the “Option Set” and select product(s) for this option set. Click “Save Option Set” to save the product option.

Images for Options You can give an extra attraction to your product options by including pictures. How to use them? Firstly, view the pictures provided in the CSV file of each product. Place these images in the following folder. Path: /media/customoptionspricing/import/ Make sure that the image name should be similar to the one provided in the CSV file and media directory. For a desirable view, use images with high resolution, e.g 700x500.

Import Product Prices CSV Upload csv file for prices, sample file named product_prices.csv provided in package. To upload the CSV of each product containing measurements, go to catalog and then follow the given steps; • • • • • •

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Click the product(s) assigned to the option set Go to Custom Options Pricing tab at the bottom of the page Enable / Disable the product as COP Upload the CSV file form your system Label the Rows and Columns of CSV Click “Save” to finish importing

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This CSV file is used to manage the price of product on basis of dimensions. Price calculation defined by Row x Column. The resulting cell value increments to the base price of product.

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Sample CSV file will be provided in the extension package. You can customize it according to your requirements.

Fromtend View On the frontend, the customer can calculate price on the basis of Width and Height.

Group, Option Sets and options can be edit/add from admin side. For every product you can repeat above 5 steps. Import data does not delete the record, this adds or skip if same record exists already.

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Option Filters through Dimensions You can set Maximum and Minimum Width, Height for each option. On front-end these options filter by user input. The option that does not come in range of user-input does not show-up.

Disclaimer It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this Magento module. No responsibility will be taken for any adverse effects installation or advice may cause. It is recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing.

Support You can also find Step by Step guide on this extension by visiting Custom Options Pricing product page on FMEâ€&#x;s website. If you need more information or have any questions or problems, please refer to our support section: where you will be able to log a Ticket and support will be provided. If this does not provide the support you require or you are still struggling with your extension, submit a request via

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Advanced Product Options Magento Extension User Guide by FME  

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