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Investatec Systems a Calgary Private Investigator specializes in personal investig involving cheaters in relationships. As a Private Investigator Calgary we can help you fin truth about your relationship and help you make a decision on where you stand in ter emotions and financially. We can assign a file to one of our Private Investigators Calgary and offer both male and f Calgary Private Investigators. Through our up to date High Definition Cameras as w hidden cameras for inside restaurants, bars and public places were are able to obtain anywhere. Surveillance is GPS assisted so it is precise bringing an ultra high success rat giving our clients excellent price, value. Video taken in Calgary can be placed onlin viewing from anywhere in the world.

The principals of Investatec Systems began investigations with the RCMP and we have years experience in general business, this brings the discipline and organization need achieve excellent results. Any assignment for a Calgary Private Investigator will always re the enthusiasm, innovation and pride necessary for success. Investigation is an "obsess well as a profession" Contact us for results.

Calgary Private Investigator  

Private investigator Alberta

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