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Welcome Welcome to this 17th Issue of Proud, my official newsletter informing you to what I am doing, which is a quite a lot! As you will see, the issue demonstrates a quantum leap improvement in the presentation which I hope the content will match. This Proud newsletter has followed my journey through my difficult times in 2009 and improving times of this year, in a new and exciting era of real action. This can be seen by the developments of the website, my virtual island and many other services. Please do have a look at the newsletter, which I hope you will find useful and interesting.

This is me at Coventry Cathedral

Š 2010 Simon Stevens


News Live Chat Now Available My website now has a live chat button so now it is possible to chat with me any time I am available without any need to download any special software. Also the button appears on every page so there is absolutely no excuse in pressing the button to say hello!

Meet and Greet There will be a meet and greet session at my Understand Centre in Secondlife on Wednesday 6th October at both 10am British Summer Time (BST) and 10am Secondlife Time (6pm BST). This will be an opportunity to meet me and see how I conduct my training using this innovative virtual technology.

Modern Classics I have put 2 of my classic publications onto my new website with a fresh new look, new logos and now in PDF format. The first is one of my very first publications which I first produced in 1995, Beat That Phone, which is a guide to dealing with speech and language difficulties on the phone. The second is ’74 Ways of Upsetting a disabled person’, which is a funny but informative guide to some of the issues which can matter to disabled people. I hope you find both of them useful and they can be found at

Our Gifts to you It is now possible to buy a whole range of gifts in a variety of my services logos at our very own professional gift shop. The shop is provided using the Cafepress system which allows any range of orders to be made and promptly delivered with a smile. To purchase your gifts, please go to

© 2010 Simon Stevens


Comment Remember me? When I was growing up disability seemed to be nice and easy. There appeared to be a distinct group of people who were clearly ‘disabled’ or rather ‘handicapped’ in those days and no one who did not have to be in that group really wanted to be there because being disabled had a lot of stigma attached to it. Many disabled people were not happy with the lack of inclusion in being active citizens and this led to a lot of campaigning to gain civil rights which for the most part has been provided in the UK. This led to further campaigning for human rights which has also been achieved for the majority. I always believed the gaining of civil rights under a ‘social model’ of disability would mean more disabled people would now be working and active in their communities as people focused to meet the access needs of differing impairments instead of focusing on the barriers of disability. The reality has been rather different. The increased awareness of the new found rights of disabled people has meant that people have realised it is not so bad being ‘disabled’. Some have seen wrongly perceived benefits to being disabled and they wanted a piece of the action. This has meant that many people who were previously just impaired and would never been seen dead ‘being disabled’, now want to be disabled and pick up what they see as their rights and benefits, including the right not to work, which is not what people fought for! This means that what used to be a great selective party for disabled people has now been gate crashed by a whole range of newcomers all wanting a say in the action as they change the music and eat up all the food. It is now harder to know everyone or understand what everyone needs, especially as people still keep coming. My concern is that many impairment groups who now eat the cake of disabled rights did not help to bake it and therefore as long-standing groups feel squeezed out I must ask if people will remember me? Will they remember the journey disabled people had to travel to get where we are now? It is now time for me and others to remind people of who it was and why we fought for the civil rights in order to stop people from abusing them. The next few years are indeed challenging times for the politics of disability! What are your views? Share them at Please free to put this article on your blog or in your newsletter to see the debate.

© 2010 Simon Stevens


Special Offers Go on, promote yourself With a new look monthly newsletter comes again the opportunity for your organisation to advertise in this newsletter. My newsletter is sent to around 20000 organisations and individuals from a wide range of backgrounds around the world and this is building each month. This is an exciting opportunity to what is becoming a leading newsletter and indeed a magazine in uniting people of the issue of disability issues. My standard prices for advertising are as follow; Format Pages


Size Full Page Full Page Half Page Half Page 1000 words 1000 words 500 words 500 words 200 words 200 words 100 words 100 words

Duration 1 Issue 3 Issues 1 Issue 3 Issues 1 Issue 3 Issues 1 Issue 3 Issues 1 Issue 3 Issues 1 Issue 3 Issues

Price £200 £500 £100 £250 £200 £500 £100 £250 £50 £125 £25 £60

However to celebrate the new look, I am offering 25% of all orders paid upfront before the end of the year (31st December 2010) although advertising can be scheduled for 2011 in advance! For more information or to place your order, please contact me in the ways shown on the back page, and I look forward to working with you.

What can you offer? I am look for organisations who are interested in promoting their special offers in this section on a commission basis or as paid advertising. If you are interested in this opportunity to attract business please contact me so we can discuss your proposal.

© 2010 Simon Stevens


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Proud Issue 17  

The 17th issue of my newsletter informing you of what I do and how I can help you

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