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Addiction Hotline – Drug Abuse Hotline for Parents

The Addiction Hotline was created to help Parents, Teens, Husbands and Wives, Friends or Family get help anytime day or night with one easy to use phone number (855) YES. REHAB. Where do parent turn when their teens are out of control? They turn to a National Drug Abuse Hotline or the Addiction hotline.

In our society today many people use drugs for many different reasons.Some people take drugs to simply "feel good". Most popular drugs of abuse produce pleasure and euphoria. The stimulants that are present in some drugs, produce the feelings of power, self-confidence, and increased energy. Other people take drugs to "feel better". Those individuals who often suffer from some psychological conditions such as anxiety, stress-related disorders, and depression begin abusing drugs to decrease the feelings of emotional pain. Many individuals take certain drugs to cope with high pressure and stress that come with their business or professional positions. Often times, this type of self-medicating turns

in to addiction. There are people who take drugs to enhance their performance, such as athletes, college students, and other performers. Their desire to perform better, can turn their drug use in to addiction. The last category of individuals who abuse drugs, are the ones who use them for the "curiosity" reasons or to "fit in". Often times, the young people try to fit in either in high schools or colleges. They opt for taking or trying drugs, so that they can fit in with the crowd. Peer pressure can be powerful. In any of these cases, the use of drugs can lead to physical dependence and addiction. If you started taking drugs for any of these reasons, and are now suffering from what may seem to be an addiction, call our toll free addiction hotline today! We will be able to answer your questions, help you to identify the type of potential addiction problem you may have, advise you on the types of treatment available for your particular drug of use, and help you feel that you are not alone! Many people today, do not understand why or how others addicted to drugs. There is a misconception, that drug users have no morals, or simply do not have enough will power to stop using drugs.Most people believe that, the drug users can just quit their drug abuse any time. However, due to an addictive nature of drugs, it takes a lot more then just will power to stop using drugs. Addiction-is a mental health disorder, that effects brain function, and making it impossible for addicts to stop using drugs. Although, it is hard to stop using drugs on your own, there are multiple treatment options available for those from mild to severe drug addiction problem. Addiction is considered a chronic, and relapsing disorder, that causes compulsive drug use and drug seeking. Evidence-based treatment is available today to fight powerful effects of addiction. The most effective way of treating drug addiction is found in the combination of treatment medications and behavioral therapy. The treatment has both physical and psychological components, that need to be addressed. Each drug addiction case is different, so the treatment plan is developed according to the person's

individual needs and concerns. In many cases, patients exhibit the symptoms of a co-occurring mental health disorder, that is often associated with drug addiction. The patient, then treated for both disorders. Properly treated drug adiction can be managed, and the person is able to maintain a healthy and productive life. Continues use of drugs can eventually lead to serious and irreversible medical health problems, and can also result in death. Early detection and diagnosis of a potential drug addiction problem is critical. Drug Addiction Hotline offers to patients and their loved ones an initial assessment of a drug addiction problem, followed by enrollment in to a Certified Drug Rehab facility that specializes in the particular drug of use, as well as addressing additional medical and mental health problems.


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Addiction Hotline – Drug Abuse Hotline for Parents  
Addiction Hotline – Drug Abuse Hotline for Parents  

The Addiction Hotline was created to help Parents, Teens, Husbands and Wives, Friends or Family get help anytime day or night with one easy...