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Questions to ask SEO companies? I understand that it’s hard to know who to trust, especially when there are scam companies out there promising things that they can’t deliver. Although, I can’t express enough how important it is to not rush in finding the company best for you. I mean, after all they are responsible in making you stand out from the other 250 million websites on the World Wide Web. Before you chose the company you feel most comfortable with, set yourself a realistic marketing goal and budget so you know exactly what you’re looking for. So, how do you go about choosing? By questioning them! Ask them all the questions that you want to know whether that be 5 or 50.

Can you guarantee me a good position? Unfortunately as Google changes its algorithm constantly, there is no guarantee that you will be on first page. Firstly, it depends on the competition and secondly there has to be ongoing maintenance and development. The company which gives the most honest answer is the one to go with. Not the company which tells you exactly what you want to hear.

Do you do custom packages? No two businesses are the same, as each has different goals, budgets and products. The package they offer might seem great but by no means will it be perfect for your company. You want go with a company that are willing to understand your business objectives rather than just group you with every other company that they optimize for. Remember you are in charge.

Will you provide references? How do you persuade a potential client in choosing your service? You tell them exactly what they want to hear. Yes, it might sound brilliant, but how do you know if what they are saying is legitimate? Ask for their client list and any references they might have. You can even research their client’s website and make a judgement for yourself! Remember, talk is cheap!

What kinds of SEO techniques do you use? The time it takes to get to the top of search engines is 6 months. If a company promises a time less than that then they are cheating. When Google realises this you will get penalised by either losing your organic rankings or your website being eliminated. The company still gets your money but what do you get? A loss in sales. Chose a company which has techniques such a linking strategies, keywords, title tags and so on.

How long have you been in the SEO world? Yes, everyone has to start from somewhere, but what you really want is someone with experience that way once they eventually get you to top page, they will have the skills to keep you there! These question give you idea of how to hire seo company.

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