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RHP celebrates 10 years across the borough



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A decade of achievements



Day in the life: Richard & David, caretakers

Just a minute with... Rosie Bevan Chair of Ham Area Panel



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Leasehold news

Welcome Looking forward to a successful summer It’s great to be writing to you at a time when so much is happening. As well as the World Cup (look out for some customer and employee fans in this edition) and what is proving to be a long, hot summer there is also plenty to tell you about at RHP. I am really proud to be able to mark our ten- year birthday with five customer celebration events during July and August. We have worked with our residents to plan these events and you can get more details on page five to find the event closest to you. I want to personally thank you all for your feedback and input over the past decade and the significant contribution you have made which helps us to continually improve our services. This issue gives you an update on our performance and the things we are focusing on improving over the coming months. On page six we explain how we are working towards the Tenant Service Authority’s national and local standards as another way of making sure you receive a great service that meets your needs and delivers excellent value for money. We also have an update of our proposed partnership with Paragon Community Housing Group and the great benefits a new partnership would bring you. Looking forward to another 10 great years! Enjoy the summer, with best wishes


Partnership Press

David Done

Chief Executive

WHAT A SITE! A whole range of RHP interactive services now online. In response to your detailed feedback we’ve built a new website to do the things that you have told us are most important to you. We’ve created a virtual office where you can confidentially log in 24 hours a day, seven days a week to securely:

Pay your rent or service charge

REGISTER TODAY & WIN A sleek SONY VAIO LAPTOP! Complete your online registration by 31 August and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new Sony Laptop! – Go to and get started today. (Terms & conditions apply)

View your rent or service charge statement Log and monitor a repair Log a compliment or a complaint Securely manage your tenancy or lease Update your personal information If you can’t find what you are looking for, the site now provides even more options for getting in touch with us. You can request a call back, have an instant online text conversation with us, email us, or if you prefer to speak to us personally, you can easily find our phone number and address. All with the click of a button! The ‘contact us’ tab at the top of every page is your one-stop-shop for getting in touch. We also provide useful information about our services with more self service options that will hopefully make our service even more convenient for you. Other services on the website that you can use without having to log on include:

Find your CLO and Caretaker Report ASB Email us an enquiry Request a garage Request a call-back Catch up on what’s happening in your area In order to manage your RHP home online you just need to complete a simple registration process. This ensures that your personal information is 100% secure. We’ll be sending a letter to all our customers in the near future to explain the process and get the ball rolling.

Partnership Press


PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Proposed Partnership with paragon In the last issue we told you about the discussions taking place with Paragon Community Housing Group about the possibility of joining forces to form a larger housing group. Paragon is a similar organisation to RHP and was launched in April 2007 as a not-for-profit provider of affordable housing. The creation of Paragon formalised the successful partnership between Elmbridge Housing Trust (EHT) and Richmond upon Thames Churches Housing Trust (RuTCHT). This exciting opportunity would allow the larger Group to provide you with better value for money through improved efficiency, more homes, more choice and more and better services. By sharing support services and having a single Chief Executive and Executive Management team we would deliver well over £1M savings per year. Since our last update, we have set up a Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) who are a group of customers from RHP, RuTCHT and EHT. They are actively engaged in the discussions and have now met a number of times at meetings facilitated by Angela Wheeler, an independent resident advisor from Michael Guest Associates. The meetings are aimed at examining the benefits of the new group from a customer perspective in more detail. The members of the RSP have met with the Chief Executives of both organisations twice to discuss the proposed partnership in more detail. Topics discussed included; how the larger Group would work, set up costs, financial implications, rents, maintenance arrangements, benefits and savings. You can read some of the main questions and answers from the sessions below - more details are available on the website. Later this summer we will be writing to you as part of the wider consultation. This will give all of our customers the opportunity to ask further questions and get more clarity on the partnership proposal. During this time you will have the opportunity to meet with the managers from RHP to answer your questions face to face. We will also keep the website updated with all the latest news and have an online poll to track what our customers think about the proposal. How do I get more information? If you have any questions about the proposed partnership, you can call Angela Wheeler on the following hot line number who will be able to answer your questions. Freephone 0800 170 7140 or email This service is available Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm and any messages will be returned during the next working day. Alternatively if you would like to be actively involved you can also contact Eddie Kelly, Head of Communications at RHP. Tel: 0208 404 5414 E-mail: eddie.

Will my landlord and/or rent change?

Your tenancy would not change as a result of this partnership. You would still be a customer of RHP, Co-op Homes, EHT or RuTCHT and your legal tenancy agreement would not change. Your rent will not go up because of the partnership. Your rent would only go up as per the normal annual rent review. It is worked out by using a formula set by the Government and this would not change because of the group structure.


Partnership Press

Why do we want to do this?

There are a number of benefits in forming the partnership, but they all come down to the same thing - we can achieve more together than if we remain apart. We also share the same values and objectives and also work in the same locations. We have shared aims, including: • To deliver excellent customer service • To increase our influence on housing and community issues. • To achieve growth to meet the demand for more affordable homes. • To sustain and support thriving local communities.

How will the bigger group work?

The larger group would replace the existing arrangements for the RHP Group and Paragon Group. This means that the new group would have one Chief Executive and a single Executive Management team. Each of the existing housing associations would be led by a senior Director. The key benefit of this is that it would result in a simpler structure and deliver savings which could be invested in service delivery and provision of more homes.

What is the role of the Resident Scrutiny Panel? The purpose of the RSP is to champion the interests of customers by asking questions on how the partnership would work and how it can all be delivered in practice.

What would happen to the repairs service particularly as EHT and RuTCHT have just appointed Morrison?

Each of the local associations would control their maintenance arrangements for their housing stock.

What savings will the partnership deliver? One management team instead of two and shared central and support services would deliver savings in the region of £1million per year. We’ll also have greater buying power and would be able to negotiate reduced rates from suppliers for lots of goods and services.

Following extensive consultation with residents Paragon have appointed Morrison to deliver all maintenance services from June 2010. This delivered better value for money for both EHT and RuTCHT customers.

Mears are coming to the end of long term partnering contract with RHP. As part of retendering process residents would be consulted in a similar way as at Paragon.

RHP celebrates 10 years

across the borough In July this year RHP will reach a significant milestone as we celebrate our 10th birthday. After receiving feedback from our residents, we have replaced our annual Family Day in Marble Hill Park, Twickenham, with five separate local customer events. Our events are a way of thanking you for the enormous role you have played in helping us to continually improve our service since we formed RHP in 2000. Rather than holding the Marble Hill Park event, which is also attended by non-RHP customers, we have arranged five more localised events with the help and advice of our resident-led Area Panels. We have made sure there are events to the north, south and middle of Richmond borough and also some in Hounslow. To make travelling as straight forward as possible we have also made sure we have events to the east and west of the Thames.



Butts Farm

Sun 4 July 2010, 1-5pm

Ham Green

Sat 10 July 2010, 12noon-5pm

Hounslow Heath

Sat 7 August 2010, 12noon-4pm


Sun 8 August 2010, 12noon-4pm


Sat 21 August 2010, 12noon-4pm


HOUNSLOW HEATH, SATU RDAY 7 AUGU For more inform ST 2010, 12NO ation visit www. ON-4PM

WE’RE 10 & YOU’RE INVITED -4PM 8 AUGUST 2010, 12NOON HAMPTON, SUNDAY visit For more information


BARNES, LOWT 12NOON-4PM HER PRIMARY SCHOOL, SATURDAY 21 AUGUST 2010 For more inform , ation visit www.

The events will be a great opportunity for us to meet our customers, so you can tell us about the services that matter most to you and where we can improve. There will also be a wide range of free, exciting entertainment, activities, stalls and information for you and your family to enjoy. Partnership Press


LOCAL STANDARDS Setting the standard To make sure you get the excellent services you deserve, RHP is working alongside our customers to make sure we comply with six national housing standards that the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) have set that every Housing Association must meet.These are: • • • • • •

Tenant involvement and empowerment Home Tenancy Neighbourhood and community Value for money Governance and financial viability

We will publish exactly what these standards mean at RHP and how we are doing against them as part of our annual report in October 2010 and we will also provide you with a summary in Partnership Press. We will set out how we will consult with all our customers on introducing ‘local standards’ also known as the local offer during October to March 2011. Local standards Like the TSA, we believe that the best place to agree and review the quality of services you receive is with you at a local level in response to local priorities. We will be working hard to agree the standards you expect of RHP and the way that they will be measured. What have we done so far? Our Service Delivery Committee is a group of RHP residents who help shape our services from a customer’s perspective. This committee is leading on developing our local offer with our Area Panels (see page 12). The Panels will tell us the things that are most important to them and work with us to see how we can make these things part of our local offer. What are we doing next? Wider and more extensive consultation will be carried out involving all tenants and leaseholders through Partnership Press, at our ten-year celebration events (see page 4), through emailing our customers where we have contact details, on our website, through the way we monitor our performance and through other focus groups. We want to make sure that the standards we set are exactly what our customers want. You will be hearing much more about these in the coming weeks and months. For more information or if you have suggestions for what could be included within the RHP local offer call us on freephone: 0800 0322 433.


Partnership Press

Your complaints improving our services In 2009 you said we needed to improve our complaints process, focusing particularly on speed of response, quality of response and keeping our promises. As a direct result of what you have told us we have been improving our service on complaints. So far we have: • Improved the time it takes to respond in full to a complaint – from 19 working days in April 2009 to 7 working days in March 2010 • Responded to 90% of complaints within 7 working days • Improved the quality of our letters to you by making them simple, honest and answer your questions specifically • Improved our follow up – with managers taking an active role in making sure that we keep our promises Through your complaints, you helped us to identify some themes about problems within our services, including: • Communication – not keeping you informed about action and progress • Repairs which take too long to finish • Properties which don’t meet our lettings standard when you first move in • Inconvenient opening times in some of our teams • The frequency of our direct debit payments • Not telling you quickly when your Customer Liaison Officer is changing We are learning from what you tell us and are changing our services accordingly - We invited customers to join a repairs panel which reviews repairs performance and suggest improvements in our service. As a result we have introduced a checklist for new customers to make sure that your new home meets our published standards when you move in. We have also arranged to add a direct debit payment date in the middle of the month and opened our Rent, Income & Arrears team from 08:00 until 18:00 (Tuesday to Friday). We have improved the speed with which we let you know about changes to your Customer Liaison service – even if it’s only temporary. We want to continue to hear from you when things go wrong so that we can change things and offer better service in the future. If you have had a problem with our service, please call us on 0800 0322 433 or you can log your complaints and feedback on the new RHP website at Read more about local standards on the TSA website at www.tenant

PERFORMANCE Most of our customers (83% of tenants and 56% of leaseholders) felt that their rent or service charge was good value for money. This will be a key indicator in 2010 and 2011 as the economic climate puts pressure on household budgets. All of our teams will be looking for ways to make services more efficient and effective so that you get the very best value – and we are always interested in your ideas about this.

SERVICE MATTERS RHP only exists to provide good quality homes and services to our current and future customers. Over the last year, we have been focusing on improving the day to day things that really matter to you – like getting repairs done on time, responding to your enquiries and complaints and answering the phone quickly. During the year we completed about 25,000 repairs, arranged for 300 properties to be relet to new customers and invested around £8m in improving our homes and estates. We dealt with more than 100,000 telephone calls and enquiries and responded to the vast majority of these within 7 working days. Our performance for key services was generally very good, with almost all services being in the top 25% when compared to other landlords.

Key services


Best landlords

Repairs completed on time



Average days taken to do a repair

7 days

8 days

Days to relet a property

14 days

28 days

Properties which are decent


Most of our customers (80% of tenants and 65% of leaseholders) also thought that our employees were honest, fair and could be relied on to do what they had promised. These measures are very important to RHP as we want to be sure that you can trust us to deliver on our service promises, right first time, every time. Our new Customer Liaison Officer team – which now offers services to both tenants and leaseholders was “bedded in” during the second half of the year. Most customers were happy with the service they were receiving (69% of tenants and 53% of leaseholders) but we want to do much better than this. Your CLO should be the first point of contact for you whenever something in our service doesn’t work in the way you want or expect. So, if you have a repair that doesn’t go smoothly or if you need advice or help with your tenancy or your lease – grab the phone and speak to your CLO! If you don’t know who your CLO is, call us on 0800 0322 433 or use our website’s CLO search at


We were delighted that we were managing to get repairs done more quickly than most landlords but disappointed that we didn’t complete 5% of our repairs within our published timescales. This is a top priority for improvement in 2010/11.

We were pleased that customer satisfaction overall went up this year and we are looking forward to doing even better in 2010. If you have an interest in helping us to improve our service and performance – whether that is by offering suggestions, reviewing our complaints, helping us to design services or acting as a resident inspector, please let your CLO know and we will design something to suit you.

Your satisfaction with our services also generally improved. We track this very carefully so that we can make changes to the service if things are going wrong – or keep doing the things that you like most! During the year we carried out three telephone surveys, involving more than 600 tenants and leaseholders:

Performance Satisfaction with



Compared to most landlords




Better than most

Respond when you report ASB



Better than most

Your neighbourhood as a place to live



Better than most

Caretaking Services



No benchmark

Grounds Maintenance



No benchmark

The way we deal with you on the phone



No benchmark

Our ability to deal with your enquiry



No benchmark

The way we deal with complaints



Better than most


Partnership Press


RHP celebrates 10 years! A DECADE OF ACHIEVEMENTS g such We are very pleased to be celebrating our10th birthday in July and reachin when 2000 July 17 on up set was RHP an important milestone in our development. set up tion associa housing new a to rred Richmond Council’s housing stock was transfe main a with ny compa a h establis to vision by Chief Executive David Done. David had a have ers, custom our You, ers. custom focus of providing an excellent service for our this time played a huge role in helping us to continually improve our services during We also ments. achieve our of some te and over the next couple of pages we celebra and you to al person are that s service look forward to the next 10 years and shaping meet your needs.

Year: 2008 Our ‘Making it Personal’ day saw our entire workforce knock on customers doors and ask 1,500 residents about how we can improve our services.

Year: 2006 We open our first new development - keyworker accommodation called Abigail Court in Teddington.

Year: 2005 We join together with our Homes and manage an ex

Year: 2001 We honour one of our transfer promises to customers by bringing over our caretaking service. Our caretakers have worked hard to keep your estates clean and tidy ever since.

Year: 2000 RHP is formed and a number of transfer promise are made to our customers. All of these were kep


Partnership Press

Year: 2010 With partnership discussions going well with Paragon, we’re looking forward to the next 10 years of achievements. By working more closely with you to improve the services that matter most, the possibilities are endless.

Year: 2009 We’re proud to acquire more properties in Hampton and on Butts Farm.

Year: 2007 With input from leaseholders we entered into a long term contract with Lakehouse contractors to improve the quality, service and value for money on our cyclical programme.

Year: 2004 We introduced Urban Academy, our social inclusion programme for 8 to 18 year olds. Over a thousand young people have since benefited from free coaching in everything from football, dance, and boxercise to DJing and bike repair workshops.

er with our subsidiary Co-op nage an extra 2000 homes.

er promises se were kept.

Year: 2003 We begin a 10 year partnership with Mears to offer our residents a quick and responsive repairs service. Compared to other similar sized Housing Associations in the south east our repairs performance has been in the top quartile ever since.

We introduced customer service training using the ‘Gober method’ for our entire workforce and have continued to invest in this ever since. Tenant satisfaction last year (2009/10) was 84%.

Susana Wilmot, Spain - Resident We were rubbish in the first game but got much better after that – how can we lose with Villa and Torres!

Partnership Press


A day in the life...

Richard and David, caretakers, Hounslow Heath

as well as providing you with support and Our caretakers make sure that your estate or area is kept clean and tidy day, who are caretakers on the Edgar Road information. Partnership Press caught up with Richard and David for a estate in Hounslow.

8am: Richard: “After arriving on site and collecting our tools we inspect the whole estate. We start at each end and meet in the middle to make sure we haven’t missed anything. As well as litter picking and inspecting all the external areas to make sure nothing has been dumped overnight, it’s also a great opportunity to speak to residents as they start the school run, head off to work or give us a wave from their window.”

9.00am: David: “One of the external doors to a block isn’t closing properly and after some oil fails to resolve the problem I phone the office to report a defect in the locking mechanism. One of our call service centre agents confirm that Mears, our repairs’ contractor, will repair the door tomorrow.” 9.30am: David: “Once the litter picking and external inspections have been done we head inside one of the blocks to start mopping. We make sure that each block is mopped every week and always try and get this completed by the early afternoon. This allows plenty of drying time before residents start coming back from work or school in the late afternoon and evening.” 10.30am: Richard: “An enjoyable part of every day is being able to help residents. We respond to all sorts of requests from advice on recycling to helping some of our older customers carry shopping to their doors. Our residents can also be our eyes and ears on the estate and let us know if they spot any graffiti or rubbish. One of our eagle eyed residents told me yesterday afternoon about some fly posting on one of our notice boards which I remove in between the mopping.” 12.30pm: David: “We take a break for lunch. I am a bit of a football fan so it’s great to be able to listen to some of the lunch time World Cup games. I also like kicking a ball about in the cage on the estate during my break, where I can practice Lionel Messi’s World Cup tricks!” 1.30pm: Richard: “After the mopping the stairs and landings we do the banisters and finish off with the front door. I bump into Veronica, one of our residents who always gets involved and is a great help. It’s always good to hear what our customers think and discuss what our priorities are for the week.” 2.30pm: David: “As we’re about to start our afternoon inspection of the external areas of the estate we come across a bookcase left on one of the landings. To ensure the safety of all our residents in the event of a fire, RHP employs a contractor to remove any large items from communal areas that would cause an obstruction in the event of a fire. To make sure the customer is aware of this and has an opportunity to move the bookcase, I attach a notice to it to explain it will be removed 24 hours later. I’m pleased to see it’s moved later


Partnership Press

Marco Mendonca, Portugal - Resident The 7-0 win has been the highlight for me so far – I thought Ronaldo would have scored a few more though!

that afternoon. If any bulk rubbish items need to be removed RHP charge the customer a small fee.” 3pm: Richard: “While we’re clearing the external greens an engineer from BT arrives on site at the same time that a Mears’ operative phones me to say he needs help locating a small window that he needs to be replaced in one of our blocks. I take him to the cracked window while David takes the BT engineer to the exchange cupboards.” 3.30pm: Richard: “Evelyn, the CLO for the area catches up with us for one of our regular chats. She lets us know about a light that needs changing in one of the blocks and some lovely feedback she received from a customer about how quickly we responded to cleaning some litter from around the cage yesterday.” 4pm: David: “We do a final few odd jobs, like clearing some cardboard boxes that have mysteriously appeared at the entrance to the estate before packing our tools away and heading for home – and in my case another dose of the World Cup!”

Our caretaking service standards • Clean the communal areas of your block at least once a week • Carry out a deep clean of your block at least once a year • Remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours For more information on caretaking call us on: 0800 0322 433

Partnership Press


Just a Minute with... Rosie Bevan, Chair of Ham Area Panel Hi Rosie, so what is an Area Panel? It’s a group of residents that meet up with RHP employees four times a year to help improve local services and have a say in how things are done. How does it work? It’s led by residents and anyone can come along. As well as the local Customer Liaison Officer, in our case Ros, other RHP employees up to senior director level regularly attend. It’s definitely a great opportunity to be listened to and influence the services we receive at Ham. How have you enjoyed your time as Chair? Very much. Even though I’ve been involved as a resident for 10 years, I’ve chaired the panel for the last three. We have an agenda that concentrates on the things we want to improve but there’s always a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s rewarding to see our ideas implemented. What are some of the things you’ve achieved recently or are working towards? There are lots of examples. We wanted RHP to help us improve the environment at Ham. In places the estate looked quite drab. We have some great resident gardeners and with RHP’s support we’ve added a number of flower beds and other environmental improvements. We work closely with the Veolia grounds maintenance team to make sure the estate is well looked after. We’ve also fed in lots of ideas for RHP’s ten-year celebration at Ham on 10 July. Are you involved in other ways? Yes. Ros and I often have a walkabout on the estate with our caretakers and identify any areas that need attention. We also have a drop-in session where residents can talk about any particular concerns or ideas. At the moment I’m also part of a group of residents being consulted on local standards – these are a set of standards that RHP wants to agree with residents in each area.

Finally Rosie, how do Area Panels make a difference? They are a great opportunity for residents to make a difference in the area they live in. We get to speak to the key decision makers at RHP and help reach some very positive outcomes. I’m happy for anyone at Ham to contact me to find out how they can get involved on: 07786 554 133 or email:

Join an Area Panel RHP also has Area Panels in Teddington, Sheen and Twickenham. For more information call Laura or Jenny from our Resident Involvement team on: 0800 0322 433


Partnership Press

NEWS & MONEY MATTERS Help is at hand

Rapid response to ASB

If you’re having problems paying your rent or having financial trouble that might cause you problems in the future, we can help. Our Rent, Income and Arrears team are experts in helping you to maximise the benefits that you are entitled to from the Government and they have useful information packs to help you manage your money. The team work closely with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and can help you to get an appointment with them in a hassle free way with our simple referral form. Contact our team and they will go through the form with you and the CAB will get in touch with you – accessing help and advice has never been easier.

Richmond borough is one of the safest areas in London to live, but when serious anti-social behaviour (ASB) occurs our specialist team is there to support you. The team recently received positive national publicity for their quick response to a serious incident.

Street dance Crew reach national fiFInals

Injunctions are issued by County Courts and are a legal instruction that prevents a certain type of behaviour or access to a certain place. In this case it excludes the resident from the property for one year.

Over 60 Urban Academy members took part in the Red Cross Charity Dance for Life competition held at Kingston Grammar School theatre on Saturday 26 June.

The swift enforcement action was only possible with the support of local residents and the police. Ian Whiteway, RHP’s ASB manager commented: “We are very happy with the result and speed of this judgement due to the seriousness of the behaviour. It gives a clear message that we deal with aggressive behaviour quickly and firmly. This underlines our commitment to ensuring a safe environment for our tenants and leaseholders”.

Hounslow Heath and Hampton street dance crews took part in the competition that attracted dance crews from all over the country. Dance for Life was designed for schools, colleges and youth groups in local communities to come together in a celebration of dance. Ruth Kestenbaum, Urban Academy Street Dance tutor said: “Taking part in Dance for Life is Urban Academy’s biggest dance competition to date. The crews have worked hard on their steps and dance routines to get to competition standard. It has been tough but it was great seeing all of the young people represent Urban Academy and RHP on stage”.

In just three days the team investigated the report and took action to secure an injunction against a resident who had threatened a neighbour with an offensive weapon. In June they went even further by obtaining a similar injunction against a resident just one day after a similar report of violence.

If you are a witness or victim of ASB you can report it to our team by calling us on 0800 0322 433. You can also report it online at the new RHP website which also contains loads of useful ASB information. (

Bertie Morse, Urban Academy project manager commented: “Both crews have put so much time and dedication into practising, I could not be prouder! Congratulations to Hounslow Heath who have made it through to the finals. It was a long day, well done to everyone involved and a big thank you to all the helpers that made the day run smoothly”. Hounslow Heath street dance crew will perform in the July finals, which mean they will get to perform at one of the most prestigious stages in the country – the O2! Good luck to everyone involved.

Caroline Wilmot, England - Resident I was relieved when Defoe scored against Slovenia, but am really gutted we lost to Germany.

Partnership Press


Manage your account online At the Leasehold Conference in February you told us that you wanted the RHP website to have more online self-service functions so that you can manage your lease at a time that suits you. Since then we’ve been developing a whole new website that does exactly that. As well as the interactive features explained on page three, there are a few extra features that, as a leaseholder, you will find particularly useful. We’ve made the site very user friendly and once you have set up an account and logged in, you can: • See all the communal repairs that have taken place in and around your building, with a description of the work carried out • You can see a breakdown of your payments to RHP for the year, including what’s due, what you’ve paid and your payment schedule for the year • Visit the Leasehold Zone, full of useful information, contacts and answers to almost any question you can think of We’d love to know what you think of the new site and its features. You can get in touch with us by using the site’s online enquiry for or drop us an email at

LEASEHOLD NEWS ’Branching’ out & getting involved You previously told us how important it is that we can offer you better value for money for your service charge and more say in the services we provide to you. Some of our leasehold customers are making sure we are doing just that by getting involved in the selection of our contractor for our next Tree Maintenance Programme. Back in March many of you wrote to us with observations on our plans to go to tender for this work. Thank you for that feedback which has really helped us shape what we are looking for in our new contractor. We are now at the stage of deciding which of the many tenders we have received represents the best value for money and most impressive customer service. This process is being carried out by our Tender Scrutiny Group which is made of leaseholders, tenants and employees. The process involves meeting with the potential contractor, weighing up the records of past achievement of each one and crucially looking at which tender provides the best value for money option. We plan to complete this process by September.

Jordan Blood, Australia - Graphic Designer Luckily I never really had high expectations – I still think Brett Holman scored the goal of the tournament though!


Partnership Press

Check please! At our leasehold conference in January you told us you wanted us to be more effective at supervising the quality of the repairs and maintenance work we carry out. Since the beginning of April we have doubled the number of checks that we do on repairs that have been done. The average number of inspections we carry out has increased from 5% to over 10% of the total number of repairs raised. Over the past two months we have checked that almost every single communal repair we have completed has been done correctly. We’re delighted to report that over 95% are passing our quality tests. Where we find that a repair doesn’t meet the standard we expect, we will re-attend to complete the repair and you won’t be charged for the additional call-out.

Getting it right on planned maintenance Over the past few months we have been asking our leasehold customers how happy they are with the maintenance and decorations works we’ve done. The feedback we have received has been really positive and reinforces some key messages leaseholders have given us over the past year about what’s important to you. We know that communicating with you effectively is really important. With this latest programme of work, we focused on providing you with more information before the works started. Every leaseholder that responded to us stated that they were happy with this information. Almost all of those who responded felt they had a good opportunity to inform what works needed to be done. In response to the big question of quality, 100% of those that responded were either satisfied or very satisfied with the work done. This is great news and we will be aiming to keep this up over the coming year on our other planned maintenance work. Your input has been a huge help in achieving such great results and a big thank you to those customers who have attended sign-off meetings for these works. We know there is more room for improvement however. You still feel we can do better by reducing the time taken to do the works and we know that demonstrating that we are achieving value for money is also really important. Look out for more improvements to our leaseholder services in future issues of Partnership Press and on the new RHP website.

Riaz Ashruf, South Africa - Senior ICT Support Analyst I’m just very proud we hosted the tournament – the team did well and we gave the world vuvuzellas!

Partnership Press


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h s r e n t par 0800 0322 433 ES R P Please call our central freephone number for all enquiries and reporting repairs. Our call centre is staffed between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, but you can still call this number out of hours for emergencies and repairs. Our central office is located at Premier House, 52 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3RS. This address may also be used for all postal correspondence. ur ip Press reproduced in yo sh er rtn Pa ve ha to e lik If you would ssette, , braille or as an audio ca pe ty ge lar in or e, ag gu own lan nge this. who will be happy to arra please contact our staff,


Partnership Press - Summer 2010  

The magazine for the customers of Richmond Housing Partnerhsip

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