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How To Spice Up Your Romance In The Bedroom When couples are experiencing things together the romance is kept hot and heavy. Your fantasies are alive and your desires are engaged with the thought of their presence. Many couples complain that after awhile, things become stagnant. The same old tricks, if there are tricks at all, dull down the desire you once had for intimacy. This is sometimes why people cheat. They become bored with one another and think that the grass is going to be greener on the other side. Why throw away a perfectly good romance for something unfamiliar-when you can make the familiar more seductive here and now. It is the beginning of a new year-spice things up and improves your relationship with some of these seductive suggestions to allure the sexual desires in your romance. 1. Fantasy Box- both you and your partner jot down fantasies on a piece of paper, fold them up and put them in a shoe box. When you want to revive the spice your sex life-pull one of the fantasies out and live the dream together. 2. During oral sex, sex and particularly orgasm; keep eye contact. As surprising as it may be, looking your partner in the eyes adds to the intensity of the moments you are sharing together. This is also a great way to learn more about them and what they like. 3. Men have one major area which a woman should not be shy going for. The genitals. They don’t need a warm up and it usually doesn’t take them long to get to the point of lift off, women however need to be warmed up more so. Going right for her secret spots is not always the best way to get her started. Kissing, Nibbling and Massaging are very necessary for many women who need to be revved up before taking the ride. 4. Sexual Encounters in a ‘Dangerous Place’. By dangerous place-I am referring to a parking lot, a bathroom stall or an elevator. Even if actual sex does not occur the thrill of messing around in a place that you can be seen and/or caught at any moment, is often a thrill and the ultimate foreplay. 5. Ladies, if you are in a frisky mood and want to tease your man a little. Wear lingerie under your clothing-and play a bit of peak a boo with your lover over dinner at a restaurant. Or oops… forget the panties and guide him there during the car ride home. If you do get home-it is a guarantee that you won’t make it much farther than the front doorway before you will no longer be able to contain yourself. 6. POSITIONS, POSITIONS, POSITIONS! The best way to change things up in your love life is to try one of the hundreds of positions. Stand up-Sit is a chair- Bend Over and don’t behave. Intimacy doesn’t give gold stars for being well behaved, live a little and enjoy. 7. Sex Toys are a great way to spice things up. Better to shop them together though, not only for the anticipation for sex that shopping for vibrators and flavored oils brings, but you don’t want to surprise your partner with a new sex toy that they will not enjoy as much as you. 8. Watch and Observe. Watching your partner self pleasure is the ultimate turn on for many couples. Watch until they invite you over or watch until you can no longer contain yourself. But do not interrupt what they are doing-assist them-don’t stop them.

9. If you are the silent shy type during sex-turn up the heat with guiding your partner to where you want them. Tell them how good it feels when they are doing exactly what you want them to do. Ask for their permission to do something for them, to them. This type of talking is allowed and welcome, just make sure you don’t over do this (too much can quickly turn into a turn off-rather than turn on). 10. Plan on it. Even though this may seem like an unromantic thing to schedule. If you are busy and someone is always asleep when the other is available, schedule the time. Put a lock on the bedroom door if you are blessed with children (they need to learn to knock anyways), and find a few moment to kiss, lick and please. A schedules encounter can be as hot and sensual as a unplanned encounter, especially if it is planned to the extent that you can send erotic text messages enticing them to keep the scheduled event. Sex is Sex and it has a lot to do with how we feel about our relationships. It is important to work with the one we are in a relationship with and fulfill each others desires. Talking about sex, and having sex releases frustrations and makes you more willing to accept the rest of the world as well as deal with any problems that you are having in the relationship. Don’t be shy; keep the romances pulsing in the years ahead...

How to spice up your sex life

How To Spice Up Your Romance In The Bedroom  
How To Spice Up Your Romance In The Bedroom  

need a warm up and it usually doesn t take them long to get to the point of lift off, women however