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Xiaonan Quan



NSW Coroners Court

Macquarie Street Justice Highrise


Artists in Residence Facility Lightning Ridge, Sydney


North Bondi Apartment Mixed-use Apartment


Palm Beach Ferry Terminal Timber Structure Wharf


Justice | Truth Reborn

NSW Coroners Court

Design Studio 2013 | Macquarie Street Justice Highrise | Tutor: Ann Quinlan

Design Objective

Design Proposal

Located in the Circular Quay / northern Macquarie Street precinct, this studio will investigate architectural, heritage and urban design propositions for connecting a mix of judiciary agencies in a complex public building associated with investigating, examining and advocating justice in NSW.

In its program arrangement and formal presence this project proposal aims to reveal to citizens and the city the important role of the coroner and investigative science to the well being of our lives; while being attentive to the sensitivities surrounding dead bodies and death; as well as the emotional and psychological needs of those who work and visit the building. Located in the Circular Quay and Macquarie Street precinct the building is an inviting ornament to the city, providing opportunity for people to learn about the eternal mystery of death.

Place Making 1.Generate a concourse at Macquarie Street level and reuse the health building as CafĂŠ and Library.

2.Create a platform that joins the existing level of health building to create a foot court. The platform from Macquarie Street designed as a glass box to show the Trigeneration plant and footprint of original building unearth.

3.Use steps to join the two platforms with the existing platform of Police Museum and reuse the Police Museum as a restaurant.

4.Open the Police museum as an entry to the concourse with gallery and amphitheater.

6m 2m

Volume Derivative Sequence

1.Building volume be elevated to provide a whole concourse at Macquarie street level.

2.Maximizing the solar access from the overshadowing of opposite tall building, the podium become north and south direction bar shape. The two bar are pushed to the edge to create a courtyard in between them.

3.Upper volume use east and west direction bar shape to maximize the solar access and indicate the connection between Macquarie Street and Phillip Street underneath.

4.Sky garden forms visual gaps to give distinction between different programs.

5.The office level is stretched to further separate the court and the forensic lab visually.

03 04



Macquarie Street

Infrastructure floor plan

Court floor plan

Macquarie Street Front




Office floor plan

The volume was cut to provide skylight for highlighting the brick wall of exsting heritage.

Forensic labroatory floor plan

The glazed floor let people see the trigeneration plant and the footprint of original heritage below.

The lift core is clad with high reflectance metal to provide a interactive screen in the public space.

Morgue floor plan

Ground Level

Flower bed and reflection pool are used to guide the circulation in the concourse.

05 06


Phillip St Elevation


ALbert St Elevation

The operable vertical blind could form a temporary place with sunlight and views to Circular Quay for family members to cry and adjust their mood.

The rib like wooden structure used to support the translucent ceiling and to adjust the vertical blinds.

ESD sectional perspective of courtroom 07 08

09 10

Lightning Ridge Artists in Residence Facility Design Studio 2011/S2 | Glenn Murcutt Studio | Tutor: Jonathon Temple


12 13 14 1


15 5





3 9







01.Cafe 02.Kitchen 03.Toliet 04.Reception 05.Office & Library 06.Gallery 07.Projection room 08.Studio 1 09.Studio 2 10.Studio 3 11.Shared bath 12.Artist accomodation 1 13.Artist accomodation 2 14.Artist accomodation 3 15.Shared living & dining 16.Caretaker dwelling 17.Storage 18.Battery room 19.Laundry

Detailed Drawing 1 2

1.Malquaf: insect net fixed glass fiber evaporative cooling panel 5mm bituminous sheeting 90*250mm drainage system for water collection 2.Green Roof: 500mm vegetation layer 5mm polyester filter membrane 200mm polystyrene drainage boards Ă˜100mm drainage pipe 5mm waterproof bituminous sheeting 300mm reinforced concrete slab 100mm R5 thermal insulation


3.Floor: 60mm power-trowelled concrete slab 100mm geothermal slab 5mm mouisture barrier 100mm thermal insulation 250mm reinforced concrte slab 5mm mouisture barrier 100mm sand blinding

11 12

North Bondi Apartment

Design Studio 2011/S1 | Mixed-use Apartment | Tutor: Mark Szczerbicki

Design Objective

Design Proposal

The project is to design a mixed use development on the site with commercial premises below and apartments above. The addresses are 40 Wairoa Avenue and 35 Hastings Parade, North Bondi. Assume a permissible FSR of 1:1.

The bar form of existing surrounding buildings was referenced as the module in the form derivative sequence. With rotation of the bar enclosure, the experience of internal space is enriched. On ground level, a restaurant space is located along the street front to buffer noise. The design provides 4 two-bedroom units with 1 studio unit which is accessible for disable people. Each bedroom of two-bedroom unit has a French balcony, and each two-bedroom unit has a large roof terrace.

Derivative sequence

2. Orientate for environment

1. Compact strip volume

3. Raise up volume to create ground public space

4. Push in volume to leave open spave for terrace

5. Pull out volume to form balcony & enhance the concept

Movement direction

Ground level

1st level

2nd level


Apt 1

Apt 3

Apt 4

Lobby Apt 2

Apt 4


Apt 3


Long section

Apt 5

Cross section

13 14

Ground floor

Northwest elevation

1st floor

2nd floor

Long section

15 16

Palm Beach Ferry Terminal

Design Studio 2012/S2 | Timber Structure Studio | Tutor: Peter Murray & John Carrick

Design Objective

Design Proposal

The site is located adjacent to Barrenjoey Road on the Pittwater foreshore at Governor Phillip Park. The Pittwater Municipal Council requires a design proposal for a development that will replace and add to an existing wharf and associated ferry terminal.

The core idea of the design is creating a wooden sculpture above the open sea to vitalize the local life. Through compacting waiting area with retail enclosure, such as resturant and cafe, the potential use of the waterway, public transport and the adjacent land based public and private resources are enhenced. Referencing the fish catched in the local water and the boat reparing dock next to the site, the object are designed to looks like a fish or a boat floating in the air above the sea.

Divided into 3 parts with building at the mid part

Wooden sculpture with curvy and soft edge

Primary geometry enhances view

Roof as light reflector

Secondary geometry enhances experience

Split roof to emphasis on horizon

17 18

Master plan Community / commercial / retail area

Passenger waiting area

+ When walls folded to decks and baboo roller blinds opsened, enclousre changed to colonnade + Dual skin system like shell: 1.solid external clading; 2.soft internal bamboo blind

+ Folding decks on both sides

+ Folding decks fully opened & half-opened + Smooth internal plywood veneer contrasts with rough external cladding 19 20

Translucent skylight GL structral ring

Batten External plywood veneer Stud & nogging

Internal plywood veneer Hardwood cladding

Bamboo roller blind

Folding deck

3-ply panel floor

Module: Pods

External portal frame & solid volume: A boat/fish floating in the air above the open sea

Floor joist

1.Roof strcuture

4.Prefabricate panels

6.Bridge structure

Aluminium sheet roofing 120*45mm purlin_600mm centers 2*300*45mm rafter

9mm plywood veneer Breather membrane 180mm thermal insulation between 180mm studs & noggings Vapour barrier 9mm plywood veneer

200*45mm timber deck 180*45mm sub-beam 2*180*45mm beam 12mm stainless steel plate 2*180*45mm post 12mm stainless steel doweled fin plate @250mm concrete pile

2.Pushable skylight 2*8mm polycarbonate_15mm airgap Aluminim frame

5.Floor structure 30m 3-ply panels 180*45mm floor joist_600mm centers 360mm storage & service space

3.Cladding structure 110*20mm timber cladding 45*20mm batten_600mm centers 20mm airgap

1 2*180*45mm post with 12mm stainless steel plate



4 3*12mm stainless steel joint Bamboo roller blinds

2*400mm glulam ring

Folding deck



Cross section

21 22

A: 1022/7 Potter Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017 E: M: 0430 656 777 T: 02 9699 3887

Xiaonan Quan (Simon) Education

Academic Performance

Work Experience



+ 2012-13 + 2009-12 + 2008

UNSW, M.Arch UNSW, B.Arch University of Adelaide, Foundation Year

UNSW + Overall Average + Design Studio Average

+ 2011 Nov-Feb

Distinction Distinction

Tongji Architecture Design (Group) Co., Ltd. (TJAD) Commercial Architecture Design Institute (a leading architectural practitioner in China)

+ Sketchup modeling + Autodesk CAD + Autodesk Revit + Autodesk Ecotect + Adobe InDesign / Photoshop / Lightroom + Laser cut modeling + Multiframe Analysis + Microsoft Office

+ Mandarin & English language + Sketchup proficient and have good design and technical skills + People skill and strong connection with Chinese developer + In-depth understanding of design and construction process + Able to work as part of a team or individually + Capable to work towards deadlines + Photography & Graphic design

23 24

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