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The Bucket List Because everybody dies (sucks right?) [Deal with it]

Les do dish m an g . The first thing on my bucket (utterly insane and meaningless yet totally reasonable) list is to B.A.S.E. Jump off of Puntan Dos Amantes (Chuck Norris styleeee)

Now the second one, comrade!!! Idk I’m white DX

Where’s my vodka!?!?!

The second thing on my list is to learn how to speak Russian. When I do the accent and say random words, I can sound tougher than any chod guy you can think of. Now imagine If I knew what I was saying O.o

This makes the ladies cream :D The third feat on this bucket list is to learn how to sweep on guitar. Simply, it’s one of the most awesome things you can do on a guitar. I don’t really feel like explaining it, but maybe if you listen to some Winds of Plague and finally upgrade from that auto-tuned, mainstream crap, you’d get the idea (seriously, GET OVER IT!!!)

Think you’re bad? Geeks are badder. See this magical machine from the future? That’s a custom built computer, and my fourth goal on this list is to build one. It’ll be complete with an i7-950 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 Graphics Card. Simply put, it’ll BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND when you see it running Skyrim and Battlefield 3 at Max Settings on a 24000x16000 resolution HD Monitor… AT THE SAME TIME

Famous Time ^o^ My fifth goal is to voice act as the main protagonist in a AAA video game (like this guy over derrr). One of the reasons this series is so famous is because of the way the voice actor (Noland North) makes his character (Nathan Drake) make the games feel more like an epic interactive movie than some random video game with big explosions and guns (boopity bop!!!). I wanna be awesome like that.

More Famous Time ^3^ The sixth goal in this list is to become a household name when it comes to music (kind of how you know all those auto-tuned black guys and you love them for no reason). I remember the good old days when everyone loved Sum 41, Blink 182, Finch, Good Charlotte, and Maroon 5 (the non sell out version). I want my band to be remembered that way, for waaayyyyy longer than those ‘good old days’. I got lazy, enjoy the white background :D

Storytelling = Money!!!!! The Narrative Game Designer. This is the dude that gets you immersed in games, that makes you feel as if you live in their own world. My 7th goal is to get this position and get paid for sucking people into the inner workings of my brain, into a world with it’s own unique story, religion, culture, races, language, and environment, all of which created in split seconds and recorded on paper and computers for months. GET SUMMMM.

Because who wouldn’t want to? A pretty simple yet complicated task, my 8th goal is to make a girl the happiest girl in the world, even if only for a few seconds. This is kind of a must for any guy, unless something happened in the past few years and dudes are supposed to be jerks and knock up whoever they can (hint hint, welcome to Guam)

t s e th Qu 9 e Th

You never see girls like this on Guam. I want one, nuff sed.

Und Last Wun Ja?!?!?!

This last goal is pretty much the ultimate (hard as hell) trial (torture chamber) of epicness (pain and despair) and honor (bragging rights). It’s to beat all the Final Fantasy games in order. Considering the hundreds of hours that must be put into each game and the amount of games in the first place (11 to be exact), you’d think someone would go crazy doing it. I just hope I’ll still have enough time to complete this list when I’m done with this goal.

Here’s some art

Oooohhhhh yeauuhhhhhh

Jim Torres: Bucket List  

Turtles make noise ^_____^

Jim Torres: Bucket List  

Turtles make noise ^_____^