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Derek Stone

Commencing his career in 1998, Derek Stone has dedicated his career to Real Estate. Derek’s career has been built on many years of dedicated real estate experience. Commencing with the John B. Grant firm in Moorebank, Derek in 1999. After nearly 10 years within the area, John B. Grant merged with Starr Partners in 2006. Continuing his dedication to the local area and to real estate, Derek has achieved •

More than 400 homes listed and sold within the Liverpool local council area

Exceeding more then 76 million dollars of sales within one financial year.

Consistently achieving the top performer within our office and within the top ten of the franchise.

A personal investor and trader of real estate

Derek has a known attitude for simplifying property transactions to everyday buyers & sellers, ensuring they understand the entire selling process thoroughly. Derek has received over 100 testimonial letters which is proof to his knowledge & professionalism With the exceptional experience Derek offers to his clients, he will ensure that the sale or the purchase of property is a smooth one.

“We had great service by everyone, but special thanks to Derek who looked after us personally”

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Who are Starr Partners; Agency history & profile Why choose Starr Partners Liverpool? Fifteen questions to ask your sales agent Our database of “A” class purchasers Recent sales statistics Local Area facts and statistics Methods of selling residential real estate Open house guidelines VIP open homes Hints for new sellers Our website: working for you 24 / 7 / 365. Starr Partners Service & Protection Guarantee Pricing your home for sale Testimonials Our team—professional and friendly Office awards Feedback and communication : Our guarantee to you

Who are Starr Partners !!

Starr Partners Liverpool was first established in 1990. The previous owner, at the time commenced the business with himself and a receptionist. After 15 years of hard work and continual success, he decided to part with the business in 2005. In November 2005 Simon Perri, a local resident of Liverpool’s outskirt suburbs Rossmore, and Michael O’Sullivan a current real estate director of out Campbelltown Starr Partners office decided to join together to purchase Starr Partners Liverpool office. Between them they have had in excess of 35 years of real estate experience. In November 2005, both partners decided to rebirth Starr Partners Liverpool. In doing so, they both committed to some basic principals. They are, to provide the highest possible customer service to their clients and achieve the best results possible for there clients. Now, three and a half years later, Starr Partners Liverpool has achieved just that. Today they are a major force within the Liverpool area. They have has seen some great success for their clients, and regardless of the market conditions have been able to achieve record sale prices. Over this time Starr Partners has been able to amalgamate a further four offices with their current office. In early 2008, Starr Partners Liverpool’s success was recognised by the public, with less than 2 year of operation, Starr Partners was the recipient of Small Business Award based on the performance and professionalism voted by their clients. The director Simon Perri goes forward to say “based on the basic principals of providing high quality service and ensure the best results for the clients, we will continue to do so ensure that our clients come first its always our priority”.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT Starr Partners Liverpool endevours to provide the highest quality customer service, with integrity, respect and honesty in our daily dealings with our clients, associates, work colleges and members of the public, regardless of the situation. Our ultimate goal is to be recognised by the community that we serve as being a well respected and an efficient real estate agency whose priority are our clients. Yours Faithfully - Simon Perri Director & Licensee In Charge

Simon Perri (Real Estate) Pty Limited Trading as

Starr Partners Liverpool 3/52-58 Memorial Ave. Liverpool

Phone: 02 9822 5999 Fax: 02 9824 0582 Email—

Why choose Starr Partners Liverpool ? 1.

Local Reputation—In 2008, Starr Partners Liverpool was nominated by the public as the most outstanding real estate agent within the area. As a result, we found that 17 out of twenty five (68%) who list their home with us for sale state that the primary reason for choosing Starr Partners Liverpool was due to our local reputation as an agency which achieves results with integrity. Having operated within the local area for over twelve years, we are recognised as the residential real estate experts. 2. Our Website—Forty percent of past purchasers have first located the property they purchased via our website ( We continually improve our site so that the properties we have can be presented to purchasers via the Internet in an effective and user friendly manner. 3. Experience of the Sales Team—We have in excess of fifty years of sales experience within our sales team. Every property consultant undergoes weekly training to ensure that Starr Partners continues to achieve on fundamental aim: to sell the vendor’s home for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. 4. Repeat Customers—We have repeat clients who have bought and sold with us three, four and five times. They say they come back because of the level of feedback provided by our agency. In the words of one of our clients; “You kept us up to date with the sales process every step of the way. Never once did we have to ring to find out what was happening. 5. Results—We sell more real estate in the Liverpool area than any other agency. Not because we are the biggest, the oldest or the most established, but because we achieve results and we care. 6. Negotiation Expertise—Past clients regularly comment on our outstanding ability to negotiate a higher price on their behalf. This more than covers the fee we charge. 7. Marketing Skills—Our team aim is to expose your property to the greatest number of prospective purchasers who are in a position to proceed without delay. Our consultant research into the source of our purchase enquiry means we can focus our marketing to achieve the most effective result. 8. Office Location—we have been in the same site on the corner of Bathurst Street and Memorial Ave in Liverpool, for our entire life. We achieve great exposure , more than three times the number of people driving and walk past our office than any other agency in town. 9. Newspaper advertising—Our quality local newspaper generates twenty seven percent of purchaser enquiry. The reason for our success is that we engage a professional photographer and copywriter to ensure that the presentation of your home is first class. 10. Sales Success—At Starr Partners Liverpool we sell more of our listings that any of our agency competitors. All property consultants undergo ongoing training to ensure they maintain the highest possible list to sell success rate.

15 Questions to Ask your Sales Agent ! 1. How long have you been selling real estate? 2. How many properties have you sold in the last 12 months? 3. From what forms of advertising do most local home buyers come? 4. Approximately how many purchasers do you have listed on your books who might be interested in inspecting my property for sale? 5. a. Do you recommend advertising my property on the Internet ? b. If yes, what sites do you use? c. Do you use virtual tours ? 6. Are open houses a good idea? 7. What is your agency’s attitude to auctions ? 8. If I were to auction, what is you agency’s percentage sold, over the last six months, of properties ? a. Prior to auction b. Under the hammer c. After the auction 9. Over the last 6 months, what has been the percentage variation from asking price on the local properties? 10. What is your agency’s average length of time from the first marketing activity to offer and acceptance? 11. a. What is the length of your agency period? b. What fee do you charge? 12. Do you provide a service guarantee? If yes can I see it? 13. If I am not happy with your service what remedies do I have? 14. a. What is the average cost of marketing programme? b. Can I pay it off in two or three (credit card?) payment? 15. Why should I appoint you as my selling agent?

Our Data Base of “A” Class Buyers Here at Starr Partners we have multiple databases that allows us to refine the search of buyers, to address their specific requirements and direct them into the right home. Our “A” Class buyers, are typically those who are searching for the right home and have been over the last several weeks. They simply want the right home and the price becomes a secondary issue. You might remember when you bought your home, you took the time to continually look. Over many weeks, inspecting homes through open houses or making an appointment and meeting with sometimes many agents in a day to inspect multiple homes. After some time this becomes tiring and annoying, spending your weekends and any spare time looking at other people homes. Often, these buyers will usually say to the agent, if you have the right home simply tell me where it is and if it fits my criteria I will buy it. To an agent, this is like heaven, and they get placed upon our database as “A” class buyers. At the moment, we have between 1000 to 1500 “A” class buyers (please note it is difficult to provide an accurate number of buyers as this may vary due to current buyers buying and new buyers coming onto our database). When you list your home for sale, it is likely that we already have a buyer who may suit your home. In this case a sale can occur within the first few weeks, days or sometimes after from the point that you place you home on the market. The most important thing is that we get you home exposed to these buyers first. They’re the ones with the money. This is often done via email, telephone calls, or MMS to their mobiles. Whatever the process, we will guarantee that our “A” class buyers are contacted first.


Local Area Facts and Statistics The Current estimated population of the Liverpool general area, (as of 30th June 2008), is 176,903. The break up of this population is: Non English speaking background Immigrants from English speaking countries Australian Unknown information of their origin

33.6 % 4.2 % 53.8 % 8.4 %

The employment force of the Liverpool area is as follows; Full time Employment 63.4 % Part Time Employment 24.8 % Casual Employment 4.6 % Unemployed 7.2 % The general occupations found within the Liverpool area are as following; Managers 9.8 % Professionals 13.9 % Technicians and Trade workers 16.6 % Community and personal workers 8.2 % Clerical and administrative work 17.6 % Sales work 9.0 % Machinery and operators 10.6 % Labourers 11.7 % Not stated 2.6 % Within the Liverpool area the following number of properties are: Owned 32,361 Privately rented 11,085 Government rented 4,079 Other tenure 237 Not stated 4,486 Total number of houses within the Liverpool are 52,248 Statistic's may seem boring, but know that the above information may be important to know where the next buyer may come from.

Methods of Selling Residential Real Estate Starr Partners Liverpool has been within the local area for many years. In doing so there has been continual investigating into which methods work well for selling residential real estate in our area. They are through the following methods; Private Treaty—This is the typical method that is commonly seen by many, in there everyday travels, where a sign is placed in the front of the property displaying For Sale. A price tag is placed upon the sale and the agent will endeavour through there efforts of advertising and through the use of open houses to achieve a sale upon the home at the best price possible for the vendor. Buyers typically inspect the home through appointments and open house inspection which would be conducted on a weekend. For the vendor this is the typical no stress selling method. Auction—A method which was once only used by inner city properties, however is becoming popular in the Liverpool area. This is typically is a more exposed method of selling with larger quantities of advertising. Open houses, along with appointments, occur through a set marketing campaign over a set period. There is no price set on the property, and on a designated day the property is auctioned either on site at the property or in a room. The buyers who attend typically bid the price upwards between themselves. The vendor is not obliged to sell unless they buyers achieve or better the reserve price, which has been set. This method is a more active method of selling. Property Launch— A Unique method of selling which is unique in the Liverpool area to Starr Partners Liverpool. This method of selling is a combination of both of the methods listed above, less stress, it is also the quickest method and achieves the best selling price for the owners. The property is listed on the market like a private treaty sale, however is advertised with extra marketing like the auction campaign. The advertised price is set in a range, which allows buyers to make offers within that range. The property is advertised for two weeks but no one is allowed through the home, until a selected date, at which an open house is conducted. Then, everyone is invited to attend. Buyers are invited to make offers upon the property on the day. The offers must be in writing and placed within an envelope that is provided to them when they attend the open house. The offers are then opened with the vendor. At this point, all of the buyers who have made an offer have the opportunity to increase the offer. The vendor then has the final choice of which buyer they would like to proceed with. The vendor remains in control at all times.

Open House Guidelines Open houses can be daunting for many people. The common concerns that people have are; 1. How do I know that the people coming through, my genuine? 2. Are they simply looking inside my home to look at what they can take? 3. What about my neighbours, they may only be coming in to sticky beak? 4. Do they actually work? Do I have to be there when is the open house is on? As we are aware that these concerns exist for many of our clients we have set up a strict guidelines for everyone to follow to ensure that the above mentioned concerns are not a problem for any one. Here they are;


4. 5.

6. 7. 8.

All open houses are to be no longer than 30 minutes on a Saturday. (Accept VIP open houses and Property Launches) They are not to commence before 10 am in the morning and must be complete before 2 pm. The salesperson attending the open house is to be present at the property at least 7 minutes before the commencement of the open house. They are to inspect the property to ensure that all valuables are hidden from open view by people, and that the property is fully exposed to the best of it ability. It is the residents choice if they wish to be present at the open house. If they are, when the initial inspection occurs to check the status of the property and that any valuables are out of site, they are asked to accompany the agent in this process. As people enter the house, they must first provide their full details to the sales person hosting the open house, who will also view there drivers license. (Full details are their full name, address and contact phone numbers. PO Boxes or company addresses are not acceptable.) If prospective clients are not willing to provide complete information they are to be refused entry. Under no circumstances will there to be any variances to this. If there are more than 5 people within the house at any one time other clients are asked to wait outside before entering. If there are greater than 10 people within the house, backup is to be called and another member of the company is to assist. If it is the request of the client that all people take their shoes before they enter the house they are to be obeyed. If it is raining, or there is carpet within the house, then shoes are to be taken off before they enter into the property. After the open house has occurred, all prospective clients who attend to the open house are to be contacted to gain an understanding of what there thoughts are of the property within 24 hours of the open house occurring.

VIP Open Homes All of our properties get VIP open homes. These are not typically advertised through the internet or in the local newspapers. As you may have read through by now, our “A” class buyers are those who have been looking for some time and are simply after the right home. So, prior to the first advertisement, we send all of our “A” class buyers an invitation to attend an open home inspection of your home, or to inspect via appointment. The prime reason we firstly invite these buyers, is in our experience, “A” class buyers will pay a lot more than any other buyer on a day to day search for a home. For example, a first home buyer who may still live at home with Mum and Dad do not have an urgent need to buy and therefore will be savvy with there inspections and only willing to pay market or below market price for the home. An “A” class buyer may have sold their home and need to move into a new home as soon as possible, therefore are willing to pay a little more than market price for the new home. Then you as a vendor benefit by achieving a quicker sale at a better price. Furthermore, the “A’ class buyers are genuine buyers, you do not have any time wasters simply looking at your home comparing the prices or estimating the value of their home.

Hints for New Sellers As a seller there are many small things you can do to improve the process of selling your home. Here are a few suggestions; 1.

Presentation is everything. On the surface this “secret” may be stating the obvious. That is until you understand the secret that lies beyond the obvious. We all know we should do everything we can to improve the presentation of the property before we list the home for sale. Here’s what you may not know; A. Focus your attention to the kitchen and bathroom. If you want a real return on your money invest your time (and a little money if you wish) improving the look of these two rooms. Be aware, however, of the danger of overcapitalization. B. Clean up your gardens—this mean weeding, pruning and generally tiding up the appearance. 2. Create an optical illusion. Perception of whether the home presents big or small could effect the eventual sale price of your home. Simply have a good look around the home and empty your home of as many belongings as possible. Over the years you have collected numerous items, kids toys furniture and many items which simply take space. go through each room and remove unused items. 3. Choose the right agent. Most people sell so few properties in there life they fail to understand that the choice of the right agent to sell their home can make thousands of dollars difference in the final sale. Here are three simple tips to help you pick the right agent to sell your property; A. Brand means nothing—Most real estate offices are independently owned. Even franchise companies are independently owned. B. Survey your local area—Drive around and take a note of the agent which have For Sale signs. Then make a note of the agent with the most number of Sold signs. They are more commonly the mot active agent. Sometimes, the agent with the most signs are not the most active agent. C. Survey your friends and neighbours—peoples experience either selling, buying or simply general day to day activity with an agent is a good indication of the agents performance. This is priceless advice.

Our websites: working for you 24/7/365. Technology today plays a major part in our day to day lives. Even for those people that are not computer literate everyone know about the internet. Advertising you home on the internet is vital to the successful sale your home. It allows buyers to look through your home at any time, day or night. Your home is exposed to everyone, not only within the local area, the entire nation and the world. Starr Partners website provides just that. It is there working to sell you home every day of the year, every minute and second of the day. We are continually enhancing our website, to ensure that it not only looks good, but also performs the best it possibly can within the world. Technology today is moving so fast that you have to keep up. Our web site offers you the opportunity to do virtual tours, video’s and a webpage dedicated to your home alone. Take the time, have a look at our web site at BUT THERES MORE: At Starr Partners, we also advertise your home, not only on our website, but also on We ensure that the exposure your home gets, provided the best opportunity to tell as many buyers as possible about your home. You just don’t know where the next buyer for your home may come from, so we do not leave any stone untouched.

Starr Partners Liverpool Service & Protection Guarantee Starr Partners (Liverpool) believes that before any property owner signs an agency agreement with a real estate agent, the agent should first sign a protection guarantee for the vendor. Starr Partners (Liverpool) is proud to provide the following service and protection guarantee. •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Our advice on the expected selling price is based on the most up to date comparisons. You can be assured that we will not inflate your expectations of the properties price to lure your business. We will not disclose your reason for selling to potential buyers, we understand that this could weaken your position in further negotiations. All communications are kept to the strictest confidence. We will confirm all advertising with you prior to a press release. We will always negotiate in your best interest. We will not advertise or indicate to any third party a price that we know you would not accept, this would create a “glass ceiling” price and could cost you thousands of dollars. We will not provide property details to another agent without first confirming with you. One of our team members will always accompany prospective purchasers on all property inspections. With any open house inspection the agent will not allow any prospect to inspect the property until they have completed a visitors log. All buyer enquiries on the property will be included in our property file. All inspections will be followed up with a phone call from the agent who conducted the inspection who will pass on the relevant feedback. Fortnightly meetings along with relevant reports to keep you on track with your property’s progress and market acceptance.

Should we fail to comply with any of the above mentioned guarantees and we are unable to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction within 48 hours, you have the right to terminate our agency agreement and pay nothing, except advertising or marketing expenses already in progress through other third parties.

Simon Perri - Managing Director

Pricing your home for sale The sale of residential property in Sydney takes generally one of two forms. A private treaty sale is one where an asking price is advertised and potential purchasers are invited to enter into negotiations with the owner for the purchase using the asking price as the initial benchmark. An auction sale is one where no asking price is advertised and potential buyers are invited to compete for the property by bidding at a specific time and place where the property is to be auctioned. In either case, as the owner, you should be in control of the pricing of your property— either the initial asking price (in the case of a private treaty sale) or the reserve price (in the case of an auction). You can do this by taking the time to research property prices in your area before you home comes on the market. It’s simple and doesn’t take a great deal of time; 1. carefully read the property pages of your local newspaper every week for about three weeks. As you read, be sure to circle any advertisements for properties that seem similar to yours and are located in the same suburb. 2. Visit at least three real estate offices in your area, read the advertisements in their windows, take note of any property that seems similar to yours 3. Obtain whatever property magazines or other publications that may be available in your area. Again circle any property that seems similar to your own and is located in your suburb. Once you have undertaken the simple research steps you will be able to properly assess the likely selling price of your property—here’s how 1. First take the average price of properties for sale within the area that appeared to offer similar features to yours; 2. Now deduct 15% from this price 3. You have a high price an a low price—creating a possible sale price range for your property

Testimonials Here are some comments from our past clients; You have kept good communication and friendly with us. All of the information which your have provided us is up to date and all of your efforts have provided us with a better than expected result. Felix, Margaret & Naresh Kumar—14 Bungarra Ave. Chipping Norton Starr Partners Liverpool showed a very professional approach to selling our property. The communication and feedback was great and timely. I have already recommended someone else who is now using Starr. Anthony Duggan—4/84-88 Campbell Street. Liverpool All of the team at Starr Partners where active, punctual and friendly. Thankyou for a great experience. Ansaf Tawdross— 2/3 Daru Pace. Glenfied. I am writing this letter to express our gratitude for all the assistance you and your staff offered me and my wife during the sale of our home in Prestons. Your company are thoroughly professional in every aspect and we are extremely happy with the outcome you provided for us. As your mission statement says, you certainly provided the highest quality service, with honour, respect and honesty. As you know, dealing with purchasers who where difficult to say the least, you made a potentially stressful situation a much easier process. Above all, your hard work managed to obtain more the $35,000 over our initial estimates and this alone would make any sellers - happy people. Finally, thank you once again for being our agent. I would recommend yourself and Starr Partners Liverpool to anyone that requires an A1 agency. Yours truly, Paul Sweeney—177 Braidwood Drive. Prestons

Our Team—Professional and friendly Simon Perri—Managing Director With over 11 years of experience, Simon leads the Starr Partners team at all times through the ever volatile real estate market. Remaining available for everyone at al times, Simon is open to meeting with clients, prospective clients, staff and the general pubic. As a local and committed to provide outstanding service Simon is contactable on 0407 042 023 or

Derek Stone—Senior Sales Assistant With over 10 years of real estate experience, Derek joined our team at Starr Partners with one of the acquisitions that the company made back in 2006. The once know John B. Grant, Derek has decided to stay with Starr Partners and has seen continual growth and success within the real estate industry. Now one of the leaders within the Starr Partners company Derek stands for the company standard by providing high quality customer service and creating the highest results possible for all of his clients. Contact Derek directly on 0434 319 455 or

Khayal Khan—Sales Assistant With over 4 years of real estate experience, Khayal joined Starr Partners in 2008, coming from the Ray White franchise. As a local resident of the Liverpool area, Khayal has a very clear motto, “only the best” for his clients with all aspects of customer service and results. Being a leading salesperson with the Starr Partners Liverpool team, Khayal continues to grow and improve with the companies effort to provide the highest quality of service and results with all of his clients. Khayal can be contacted directly on 0418 103 679 or

Lisa Brown—Sales Creator Lisa comes from the hospitality industry. As a qualified chef, Lisa has decide to make a career change and enter into the real estate industry. With her positive attitude and willingness to assist every one possible, it is her goal to help everyone either sell or buy their homes. Being a local resident for over 15 years, Lisa is excited to be able to work and assist people within the area she loves. Lisa can be contact on 9822 5999 or

Office Awards Here at Starr Partners Liverpool, we have been the recipients of many awards. Here are our recent ones; 2008 Local Small Business Award Provided for the most outstanding service in real estate agencies within the Liverpool area. (left)

Highest number of properties listed within the Starr Partners franchise in 1 financial year 3rd highest number of properties converted from listing to sale within the Starr Partners franchise within 1 financial year (right)

Feedback and Communication Our Guarantee to you Selling can become stressful at times. Especially if you have not been through the process before. At Starr Partners we guarantee that the entire process of selling is a painless process, from the point you commence with our company, until you move out of the property. The only way we can successfully stand by this, is to ensure that our lines of communication remain open. We have multiple methods of communication when you list your property for sale. They are; 1. Full time access to the salesperson who you listed your home with. From the point when you place you home on the market up and until the you settle with the sale of your home, you have the one salesperson, who will help you through the entire process of selling. They will keep you informed on the progress of the sale once a week and every two to three weeks arrange to meet with you to discuss the sale in further detail. 2. Before we commence the sale of your property you get the opportunity to meet all of the sales team individually. Before we commence marketing your home, the sales team will come through and inspect your home so they know what they are going to be selling. You then know exactly who to expect when we are selling your home. 3. After each time a salesperson shows your property to a prospective buyer, the salesperson will contact you after the inspection and tell you what the buyers thought of the home. This way you get first hand information of what the buyers thought of your home. 4. You get the opportunity to contact the Managing Director, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. As each client is very important to each and everyone, the director of the company is always available. If there is ever a time you are concerned you are more than welcomed to contact Simon Perri, the managing director of Starr Partners Liverpool at any time what so ever.

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