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Summary of the Project. The Project will build upon the already successful scouting programme delivered within the borough of Burnley and Scout District of Burnley and Pendle. The project would be delivered in three stages / areas and will concentrate on developing, diversifying and improving on the opportunities that we already offer to hundreds of children and adults within the borough. The three main stages that the project would focus on are listed below: 1) Publicity / Recruitment and Awareness 2) Growth and sustainability thereof 3) Training and support The Project will have specific targets for the recruitment of adults and opening of new units. These targets are to reflect a 20% increase in membership over the next 18 months. The national target for increase in membership is just 3%. It is also necessary to say that the project will continue to be funded on a local basis for an additional period of 18 months to continue growth within the borough and Scouting District. By the end of the first 18 months the bottom target figure is a 20% growth in new units and adult volunteers as well as a 20% increase in youth members this would be reflected by: Additional Units 6 (20%) Additional Adult Volunteers 17 (20%) Additional Youth Members 87 (20%)

The second phase of the project will continue to strive for an additional similar growth by the end of year 3. The cost of the project would be: ÂŁ62,704.00. This includes the support and sustainability as well as a start-up grant for each new unit opened.

The project will be operational through the whole of the Borough of Burnley and in particular in areas of deprivation and poverty. We have reflected this in the grant application by the introduction of certain hardship monies for the provision of uniform and equipment for new units in these areas. Will look at appointing a salaried District Development officer for a period of 18 months sustained thereafter for a further 18 months funded by the Scout District. The project will consider the following elements in the recruitment and retention of leaders as well as the sustainability of new units and retention of youth members: District Development key targets: • By June 2013 have hit a 10% growth target in number of units, adult volunteers and youth members. (3 units, 8 new leaders and 44 new youth members). • Develop local capacity and capacity to grow. • Recruiting, inducting, supporting new adult volunteers. • Motivation and enthusing new volunteers so that they enjoy their part in Scouting. • Provide advice and support for units and adults to enable growth. • Provide effective line management • Engage with community groups and organisations and engage them in our goal for delivery of successful, relevant and diverse scouting. • Encourage youth involvement during recruitment, interviews, support and public awareness publicity and campaigns. • To manage volunteer enquiries. • Enter into negotiation about introducing partnership opportunities with local organisations. • To engage with schools and local authorities to recruit youth members • By the conclusion of the project (18 months) have reached at least a 20% growth in Units, adult volunteers and youth members. (6 units, 16 new leaders and 87 youth members).

It would be a key part of the project that we integrate with other programmes and organisations in the area. With specific target to the Polish and Muslim communities that are hugely under represented within the Scout district. Reporting would be done quarterly and will include information on: • Project targets that have or have not been met. • Exceeded targets for the project. • Completed events and activities. • Progress being made in meeting key targets. • A final report will be completed on completion of the project inclusive of feedback and areas that could be improved should a similar opportunity arise in the future.

18 months Costing for District Development Officer Financial Year

2012/13 6m

Salary (at 2012/13 rate) LW - depends where based Estimated inflation


Gross pay (1.0 WTE)



7,488 13.8% 794

7,713 13.8% 1,558





281 175 584 584 1,160 500 3,000 2,000

483 300 1,000 1,000 2,000

8,284 18,737 2,000 20,737

4,783 27,868 2,000 29,868

Accounting year/Tax Year Employers NI data: Secondary threshold (as at 2012/13) Rate (above lower limit) Employers NI

Max Pension


2013/14 19,000


Redundancy costs (max) Total cost On costs (at 2011 prices) Light & Heat Electricity Stationery & Office Supplies Telephone (mobile / land line) Subsistance Travel Training Capital equipment purchase Recruitment sub-total Total cost TSA fee

Costs In addition to the employment of the development officer the project would include: Local Events: £10,000.00 inclusive of high impact events and media campaign (1/3rd match funded by the Scout District / County) A start up grant of £100 for every unit that is opened by the development officer £600.00. A hardship fund for the underprivileged to provide uniform and equipment: £1500.00

Total: cost of the project £50,604.00 – Employment Inc. on costs (see page 3 of supporting documentations) £10,000.00 – Projects, (page 4 of supporting document) £2100.00 – Hardship fund and start up grants. £62,704.00 SUB NOTE: The Funding for the projects / events is similar to the community grant that is on offer from youth united to help raise the profile of your association locally. This would work hand in hand with the development officer and development grant hence the reason why we have bundled it into the costing. As you will see we have reflected that 1/3 of the allocated money for such events must be provided by the local organisation.

Implementation strategy: First Stage will include the initial two months of the project will concentrate on recruitment and training of a District Development officer. Initial stages will involve the planning of our high profile media campaign that will work in hand with similar high profile awareness activities and events. The second stage will concentrate on the recruitment of adults and youth including the opening of new units. The third stage of the project will concentrate on support and sustain the progress and development undertaken in the first two stages of the project.

Through the project we will endeavour to work with other organisation, councils and community leaders to gain their support in the implementation of Scouting within minority communities.

Project sustainability and legacy: After the initial 18 months of the project phase two will begin. Phase two is a continuation of the youth united funded project into our neighbouring borough that also comes under the remit of the Scouting district. The seconds phase of the project will be solely funded by the District Scout council and will continue to develop on the foundations laid down by the first phase of the project. The second phase will again see the continued employment of a development officer for a further 18 months and reflect the ambitious target of 20% growth in the borough of Pendle. After the conclusion of phase two the project would have increased growth over the whole district by at least 20% this is reflected below: Phase 2 growth Self funded: Figures from Start point (Feb 2014) are taken from the 2012 Census.

3 year project target (Phase 1 and Phase 2). Youth United funded project and District continuation of the Project:

Final figures for developing and growing the movement within the district After the completion of the project the whole district would see an increase in membership and capacity by at least 20%: (the figures below show the increase over both Boroughs) – the district as a whole. Sep-12 (Phase 1) 01/02/2014 (Phase 2) 01/07/2015 (Completion)

Units 42 48 51

Adult Membership 109 132 136

Youth Membership 589 677 707

The Increase in membership for the borough of Burnley is reflected below: (Funded by youth United) Sep-12 (Phase 1) 01/02/2014 (Phase 1 End)

Units 28 34

Adult Membership 87 104

Youth Membership 439 526

The Increase in membership for the borough of Pendle is reflected below: (Funded by the scout district). A continuation of the foundation laid down by Youth United. 01/02/2014 (Phase 2 start) 01/07/2015 (Completion)

Units 14 17

Adult Membership 22 26

Youth Membership 150 180

Form B

Development Grant Application Form

Organisation: Burnley and Pendle District Scouts

Contact Details Lead Applicant’s Name: Simon Morley Address: 6 Singleton Avenue, Read, Burnley, Lancashire Post Code: BB12 7PJ Phone: 01282 680359

Mobile: 07595166769

E-Mail: Development Officer Info Areas Grant Application is For: Burnley Number of Officers to be Recruited: 1 x Full Time Development Officer Estimated Start Date: September 2012 Duration of Roles: 18 months then further funded by local organisation for another 18 months Details of any liaison with Other Organisations: Youth United Lancashire County Council CYP, Girl Guiding UK, Polish Global Charities (PGC), Shuttleworth college, Blessed trinity RC High School, Townley High School, Budget Costs Total: cost of the project £50,604.00 – Employment Inc. on costs (see page 3 of supporting documentations) £10,000.00 – Projects, (page 4 of supporting document) £2100.00 – Hardship fund and start up grants.




Form B

Development Grant Application Form

Existing Employee Information Existing Employee: NO

New Post: YES

If Yes is Original Post Backfilled: Y/N

Full or Part Time: FULL TIME

Development Officer Milestones Timeline for: Strategy in Place for Recruiting a Development Officer: Locally employed with HR being implemented by our national head quarters. Recruitment Activities Commencement: Estimated New Units timeline By the end of the first 18 months the bottom target figure is a 20% growth in new units and adult volunteers as well as a 20% increase in youth members this would be reflected by: Additional Units 6 (20%) Additional Adult Volunteers 16 (20%) Additional Youth Members 87 (20%) We will aim to hit 50% of the above target after 10 months from the project commencing. Sep 2012: Recruitment Development officer, January 2013: Start of awareness and training events. Targeted Number of Units to be Opened Per Development Officer: minimum of 6 Member Organisation Sign Off Name (Print):



Youth United (Office Use Only)



Signed YUF:

YUF Ref. Number:



Regional Code:



Project Footprint Phase 1 funding  

Project Footprint Phase 1 funding