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Burnley and Pendle District Scout Council District Executive Committee Meeting Tuesday 29 May 2012 at The ACE Centre, Nelson at 1930 hrs Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome John Lloyd welcomed all to the meeting. 2. Attendees and apologies for absence Neil Roper – apologies for absence. Attendance: Simon Morley, Sam Lacey, Roger King, Beth Eckroyd, Mandy Burney-Cumming, Tim Eyre, Keith Cooke, Howard Mitchell, Jane Maloney, Neil Dawson, Les Riding, John Lloyd, Glen Fendall, Phil Riley, Di Mitchell, Matt Barnes Peter Shorrock was welcomed to the meeting to discuss the possibility of extending the Explorer Unit further – see matters for future discussion. 3. Co-option of Keith Turbitt to the District Executive Committee The role of District Active Support Unit Commissioner to be co-opted to the Exec was agreed – proposed by Les Riding and seconded by Di Mitchell. All were in favour of this. 4. District Finances – Statement from Simon (this item is not up for discussion)

“I feel that it is necessary to confirm the current decision that has been made about district finances. This is in order to save unnecessary concern and confusion by the executive. Below is what has happened and how the district must go forward. I will advise you that there is currently no trust fund for development in place and I will not be imposing one. At the closure of both districts the finances inclusive of any ring fenced money pass onto the county for re designation. County have kindly agreed that the money will pass onto the new district in one lump sum. (they did not have to do this) Any money now received by the district can now be designated for use by the district as a whole. I have no problem with designating money for specific reasons but the designations can not be for part of the district I.e. the development of the borough of (of course amounts and uses are subject to exec approval). I hope that you understand this and are able to progress with me in giving our new district a flying start.”

Glen will raise this with the County Executive Committee to gain a formal agreement of the statement for finances. For the time being, all District Finance will be run through the old Pendle District bank account. Expense receipts are to be passed to Les for payment.

5. The role of the district executive committee Simon talked through the factsheet “The District Executive Committee”, particularly Rule 4.25f from POR which gives the responsibility and role of the Executive Committee. The induction pack will be given to all new Leaders. This was distributed to all Exec members via email. 6. District Badge Competition Simon would like to open this up to the District for ideas for the badge. The Members will be advised that the whole of their badge design may not be used. The District will pay for the new District badges. There are excessive stocks of old District badges. The disposal of these will need to be done in an organised manner. Simon will design a competition sheet for the new badge and will distribute these to the District. 7. District Necker A new Necker based on the Diamond Jubilee will be designed – to be discussed at the next meeting. 8. District Flag Currently there are 2 District flags. These should be laid up in retirement now if a new District flag is to be sought. Simon will research suitable places for these to be placed. A new flag is to be bought – Matt Barnes proposed and Sam Lacey seconded this. The design will be finalised at the next meeting. 9. Employment of a District Development officer Simon and Glen are discussing this matter with Headquarters. There will be someone to work within the District to promote and grow the District e.g. to go into primary schools. The post would not be funded solely by the Exec. There may be matched funding from Headquarters or other sources. A working group was set up to develop this work further and to complete a feasibility study by the next Exec – Simon, Les, Keith, Neil, Sam. 10. District Minibus There were a few reasons for this: One of the concerns in the discussion pre-May was transportation. There is a lot of expense being outlaid by Groups for travel hire. Simon felt that leasing a minibus for the District would be more cost-effective – the most expensive cost would be £350 per month inclusive of servicing. There would be insurance and storage to consider on top of this. Feasibility – keep a District log of transportation hirings and costings, look at finances. Phil will send a form round to each Group and will look into what hire companies could offer on a bulk buy option. There would need to be training made available for the leaders who would be driving the bus. 11. District Appointments District Commissioner – Simon Morley District Explorer Scout Leader – Keith Cooke Active Scout Unit Coordinator – Keith Turbitt District Beaver Scout Leader – to be appointed District Cub Scout Leader – Jane Maloney District Scout Leader – Mandy Burney-Cumming. Appointments Secretary – Les Riding and Hazel Graham

There will be an application process for Deputy District Commissioner (Programme). 12. Free Training for Leaders Simon felt that Leader Training should not be paid for by individuals. Funding should be sought through grants and other sources. This needs to be put into the District budget. The District will pay 25% of the Wood Badge modules for all new leaders that are attended from today. 13. St Georges Day 2013 To be discussed at the next meeting. 14. Getting Leaders Contact Information Simon will send a letter through the post to all leaders to update membership details. 15. Section Budgets To be discussed at the next meeting. 16. Matters for Future Discussion Extension of Explorer Scout Unit to Worsthorne to be discussed. The proposal in principle was proposed by Simon Morley and seconded by Roger King. 12 agreed with proposal and 2 abstained. Supporting Groups to develop Group Executive Committees. Finalising appointments for the District Executive Committee and Sub-Committees of the District Executive.

17. Date of next meeting Wednesday 18 July 2012 7.30pm at Nelson Town Hall.

Exec Minutes 29.05.2012  

Exec Minutes 29.05.2012