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NEWS Creative students knitting for charity Students help the homeless in High Wycombe this winter. Making a number of patchwork quilts. >Page 19

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UXBRIDGE Campus officially opened By Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham PC, KBE, 8th December. > Page 17

SPORT Rugby on Rocky road

Main: Living area with a sofa, which are banned due to fire safety reasons. Above: Broken chairs and rubbish outside a resident’s bedroom.

Halls of Horror

By Rebecca Saunders

First game with new head coach CONCERN is rising amongst Rocky Clarke. students and staff about the state of Brook Street Halls. > Page 23

NEWS Bucks slashes carbon footprint Bucks is looking forward to a Greener future, after figures show a 40% drop in energy consumption in the last four years. >Page 3

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Since the removal of the cleaners from communal areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, the state of some student’s accommodation has raised health and safety issues. The accommodation office made the decision to remove the cleaners from the halls in both Brook Street and Hughenden during the summer. They said that it would ‘give students more independence and responsibility for their living space’. It appears that students have not taken well to their new ‘independence’ as they are now living it flats surrounded by broken glass, split bin bags of rubbish on the floors and filthy bathrooms and kitchens. The Students Union was notified of the conditions after

Senior Residents said the halls were ‘looking rough’. Chris Clark, Vice President of Education said: “it is absolutely horrific! We are now insisting that the cleaning provisions be fully reinstated and that a full investigation of the accommodation department to be begin immediately. “University accommodation contributes immensely to the student experience and for this reason we wish to ensure, for all present and future students, it is providing a beneficial service.” It has always been the responsibility of students to take their own rubbish and recycling out to the big bins outside of the building, with a penalty of £5 per bag if it was left. Now that the rules aren’t being enforced by the accommodation management rubbish is just being left in the flats.

If the cleaners deemed the kitchens a health hazard they would be quarantined and cleaned professionally. When this occurred the flat was charged a fee of £75 to cover the cost of the cleaning team. This no longer happens and students are living and cooking in kitchens that would have once been commercially cleaned to make them safe. The Students Union are currently trying to find out why the lifestyle agreement, the informal contract that all students sign before moving into halls, is not being correctly enforced and policed by the accommodation management. Chris said: “I am fearful that the Senior Resident scheme now has a tainted reputation. “It has always been the responsibility of the Senior Resident’s to police the

agreement but they are just not getting the support and training they need.” Despite cleaners being removed from both Brook Street and Hughenden Halls problems are only occurring at Brook Street. It is thought that this is because students have more respect for the newly built accommodation at Hughenden in comparison to the ‘prison’ like design and feel of Brook Street. The latest on this issue is that Ruth Gunstone, Director of Student Experience has said that the situation is being acted upon as a matter of urgency and that cleaning of the halls on Brook Street will be started as soon as possible. In the last month there have been 32 fire extinguishers disarmed and used for fun in Brook Street. To replace a single one costs £50.

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Letter from the Editor >Tom Foy WELCOME to the latest edition of the Bucks Student. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday and fun New Year! The New Year at Bucks is de¾antly going to be an exciting one. We have our own Elections where you get to elect your Student Union Of¾cers for the new academic year. I’m sure you will be dragged to a poll box by one of our candidates at some point.

Nationally we will have a general election and here at the SU we will be helping to get as many of you registered to vote as possible. There are a lot of decisions about to be made about University funding and who is going to foot the bill for Higher Education and this is your chance to have your say. Soon, when dissertations are due to be handed in, the library will be trialling extended opening hours after the efforts of students to get a 24 library last term. An effort we should

all get behind, the more people that use it the greater the likelyhood the hours will be extended permanently. A lot of you will be looking for your ¾rst house outside of halls and we will be running a campaign to highlight some important things to look out for when signing contracts with new landlords. Remember if you have any questions about getting a new house, if you want a second opinion on a contract or you want to know more about the deposit protection scheme you can always come in and see us for advice. Contrary to the rumours that circulate

Letter from the Student Editor > Rebecca Saunders

WELCOME back! After a very snowy Christmas and New Year for all of you, and a very hot and sunny time down under for me, I hope that everything is back to normal for all of you. The pressures of this term are undoubtedly getting to all of us – especially the third years with dissertation pressure mounting quicker by the day. It’s been quite a while since the last paper was out, and an awful lot has happened since then. High Wycombe’s local celebrity

Jamie Oliver comes to Wycombe

By Saj Abid

CELEBRITY chef launches his new Sainsbury’s TV commercial in the small and once peaceful town of High Wycombe. I have to admit it was an outlandish feeling having the presence of such a huge and much liked celeb on the High street. The crowds of people ampli¾ed swiftly especially when Jamie began dishing out

Gordon ‘Carrot’ Lumsden sadly passed away in January but the overwhelming response from both students and High Wycombe has been amazing. Lots of gigs and concerts were held in his memory, over 9,000 people joined a Facebook page and the shrine outside Lloyds TSB showed how much of a fan club the lovable busker had on the streets of Wycombe. Students’ living in Brook Street halls have had a pretty rough time of it over last couple of months considering the cleaners are no longer their to tidy up after them. Hopefully this will be sorted out in the coming weeks and you can all get back to living in a clean and healthy environment! If you have anything to say about the situation that has occurred at Brook Street please don’t hesitate to contact us on the usual address.

the food. Surprisingly he was a pleasant and down to earth chap. He mingled well with the crowd and talking to him was like talking to someone working on the High street market stall. The incredibly friendly celeb instantly hit it big with the ladies, who were staring at him like hawks. As the day progressed the general atmosphere gradually began to get more exciting as the ¿uctuation of people continued to rise. And like a warrior Jamie kept up the brilliant TV smile all day!

every year we WILL be having a Summer Ball and we are working tirelessly here in the SU of¾ce to make sure it’s as good as ever! There is literally loads of stuff going on in the next few months at the SU, from Fair Trade Fortnight to the Education Campaign debate and from lobbying for a 24 Hour Library to a continued pressure on the University to provide appropriate Sports Facilities. I hope you enjoy the next few months and get involved with the SU in all our activities! Tom ‘Chooch’ Foy

We have tried something new in the paper this edition by giving you a 8 page entertainment pull out full of music and gig reviews from inside the Students Union as well as the usual picture spread and event guide on the centre pages. We want to make this a regular thing to the paper, so let us know what you think of this new edition and give us ideas of what you want to see inside it. The team and I are still looking for people to get involved in the paper in any way they can. So if you have any interesting activities going on, have any good pictures you want to share or just want to gain some experience by working on the paper then drop by the Students Union of¾ces and say hello. Enjoy this issue, until next time Becca x

However I just have to mention, the chief plus side to the celebrity visit had to be Jamie ironically plummeting his colossal Sainsbury’s lorry outside the most popular fast food restaurant in Wycombe ‘McDonalds!’ Making ‘happy hour’ truly happy hour! Even at peak time there was absolutely no waiting for the row of ten people in front, no screaming kids and you could sit anywhere your heart desired. So here’s a toast to Jamie the modern day Robin Hood, taking people from their poor greasy fast food diet of McDonalds and

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Bucks Uni Nursing is number one out of over 18 other London nursing universities. Bucks was nominated for The Times Higher Education award.

giving them hope by dishing out healthy good tasting food for free!

Jamie posing with fans

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13 short facts to make the Uni greener

Bucks slashes its carbon footprint by 40% By Jo Gardner BUCKS are looking forward to a Greener future, after ¾gures show a 40% drop in energy consumption in the last four years. The uni, which opened its Gateway building last September, say the drop is due to ‘lots of small things’ going on around the campus. It comes as the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) release new targets for universities to follow. Ian Hunter, Director of Estates

and Facilities says: “they’ve set some fairly hard targets, they want 34% reduction in our fuel emissions by 2020, and an 80% reduction by 2050. “Right now, all our electricity is from Green sources. We pay more for it, but we are committed to being sustainable.” The university is contributing to the scheme by ensuring their campuses are as energy ef¾cient as possible. “Gateway was a big challenge; we decided that we couldn’t tolerate noise getting in. So the

building has no opening windows, but with that, you need mechanical ventilation. So the building is complex and expensive, but very ef¾cient” says Mr.Hunter. “We’ve got all new condensing boilers which are very cost effective. We’ve changed our heating, we extract some heat from the atmosphere now, and we have energy saving light bulbs, plus we’ve got detection systems that turn the lights out when somebody leaves a room.” The university has replaced its old Wellesborne and Chalfont

• New condensing boilers which are very cost effective • 100% Green electrical energy • Extracting heat from the atmosphere as well as burning fuel • Energy saving light bulbs • Detection systems that turn off lights when someone leaves a room • WEEE Waste electrical appliances recycling scheme • Free bus from Hughenden Halls • Money back from using Marlow Hill park and ride • Train and bus fare concessions • Cycle shelters • Replacement of bottled water dispensers with mains water coolers • Introducing low energy Dyson hand driers in all toilets • Recycle glass bottles, cardboard, paper, light bulbs, plastic cups and batteries campuses with the more modern site in Uxbridge; as well as building the brand new halls of residence on Hughenden Avenue. They are also keen to get the students involved in recycling. Facilities manager, David Edgington said: “There’s a lot of stuff that historically hasn’t been recycled, that we now can. We work closely with Wycombe District Council and we’ve formed a partnership with WEEE Waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) who come and collect our old electrical equipment for

nothing. Which is great for us, but they also recycle the majority of the equipment, repair it and to give to families and people who can’t afford that sort of thing.’” So far the university is dealing extremely well in reducing its emissions and they’re already on track to meet the high targets set for 2020. They were in the lowest 15% group for total energy consumption for 2007-2008, competing against over 150 different universities all across the country.

Students Union steps in to save Christmas ONCE upon a time there was to be an ice rink in High Wycombe, the children of the town were all very excited (except the chavvy ones) and all were looking forward to the event. Then without warning the Rink was cancelled, monies returned and the website frozen. The town was devastated. Where would the children and adult sized children skate this Christmas? Everyone possibly asked. Fortunately the Students’ Union stepped in to save the day, a bit like team America might, but without the plastacine blood. And so it was to be, a nearly real ice rink was built on the concourse outside the gateway with generous sponsorship from local businesses and the University. Apparently the synthetic nature of the rink angered the weather gods as it proceeded to rain, sleet snow, snow some more, sleet and then more snow throughout the 3 days of the rink. However a brilliant effort of snow clearing on the Friday morning, spearheaded by President ‘Chooch’, who unbelievably managed to stay on his feet during the whole process of shovelling snow from the rink (an effort he has since sadly failed to sustain during the cold snap) allowed the rink to stay open and we were able to raise £500 for our charity. Thank you to everyone who came to skate. We hope you enjoyed yourself.

Right: some of the sponsors who came along on the Thursday night

4 Bucks News

Local legend passes away

Nursing runs in the family

By Rebecca Saunders HUNDREDS of people have gathered over recent weeks to pay their ¾nal respects to High Wycombe’s “loveable rebel” Gordon ‘Carrot’ Lumsden. Mr Lumsden, 44, was found dead at his ¿at in Chairborough Road, High Wycombe, on January 13 - sparking a wave of tributes and support from Wycombe residents. His funeral took place on Friday 22 January at The Chiltern Crematorium. Friends gathered and watched on as the hearse carrying Carrot’s cof¾n – which was handmade by his brothers Adam and Kenneth Lumsden drove up to the entrance. Carrot’s mother Theresa led the cof¾n - carried by his brothers, nephew and former partner - into the crematorium to a song recorded by the popular Wycombe busker. The non-religious service was led by civil of¾ciant Ray Fisher. He spoke about the former St Augustine’s and St Bernard’s school pupil’s “eventful life”. The congregation heard about Carrot’s arrest at a peace march to his love of music leading him to becoming “a ¾rm ¾xture in High Wycombe”. Henri Brocklebank, a former girlfriend of Mr Lumsden, gave an emotional speech to the congregation in which she thanked Carrot’s “physical being and loveable spirit”. She said: “Carrot’s mum said he could charm the birds out the trees, well I’m one of those birds. “I would like to thank Carrot, the physical being – he had a really great, infectious laugh and great legs, not many people knew

Above: painting of Gordon ‘Carot’ Lumsden

that. “The second thing I’d like to thank is his lovable spirit. “Like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, turn the page.” Carrot’s brother Adam thanked the gather congregation for their support and joked Carrot would be “looking down on us idiots laughing”. He said: “He came down to mine for Christmas dinner – we had a great do, a good crack. “It’s nice to know my last memory is a great one. He will be missed greatly.” A ¾nal tribute to the bluesloving busker was then read out by Mr Fisher on behalf of Carrot’s mother Theresa Lumsden, who thanked guests for their attendance. She said she was “overwhelmed” by the amount of support from well wishers who created a makeshift memorial in White Hart Street and posted comments on the 10,000 member-strong Facebook memorial group. She added: “Gordon had Christmas dinner with his brother and as he left he said ‘I better go,

my fan club will be waiting’. “He would be surprised to see he was right”. Her comment brought a roar of approval from the packed Hampden Chapel. During a moment of private re¿ection members of the congregation nodded their heads in approval and shed tears as the classic Bad To The Bone played - before the ¾nal committal to another Carrot recording. A reception was later held at the Nags Head pub in London Road where friends and families ¿ocked to share their memories and toast the ‘loveable rebel’ High Wycombe town major Julie Pritchard dedicated a ‘Concert for Carrot’ on Wednesday 27 in aid of Wycombe Night Shelter at All Saints Church in Castle Street. The concert featured readings by councillors and performances by a variety of professional entertainers. Mayor Pritchard said: “I regularly saw Carrot around the town and my partner had also known him for quite some time and he was a loveable ¾gure in this town. “We were planning to re-

schedule the concert anyway but in light of what has happened, we felt it would be appropriate to raise money for the night shelter. Mayor Pritchard’s partner Kevin Taylor, who was among the concert performers giving up their time for free, said Carrot was a “character” and a “sad loss for the town”. He said: “It was shock, I’ve been here more than 10 years and he was a ¾rm ¾xture in the town and could play that harmonica very well. “One moment especially springs to mind - I had just ¾nished a gig in the town, I was dressed in a dinner suit and I’d had a few too many to drink – I sat down next to Carrot and we sang together for ages. “Someone came over and gave him £20, he was a character and it’s always sad to see the town’s characters disappear.” Over 9,000 people have become members of the Facebook site ‘R.I.P Carrot (Gordon) The Wycombe Busker’ and memorable videos of the local celebrity can be found on YouTube.

A CAREER in nursing is about keeping it in the family for a mum and her three daughters who have all studied at Buckinghamshire New University. Jackie Malpas and daughters Samantha Cameron Carolyn and Rebecca Brentnall are forging successful careers in nursing after gaining degrees in the vocation at Bucks. The women have studied at the University’s Campuses at Chalfont St Giles and now Uxbridge, where the base for nursing students relocated to in September. Jackie graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Community Health in 2001 and is working as a Nurse Practitioner at a General Practice in Northwood, Middlesex. Samantha and Carolyn both graduated with the same quali¾cation in 2008, with Samantha now a Staff Nurse in A&E at West Middlesex Hospital, and Carolyn a Children’s Nurse at Hillingdon Hospital. Rebecca is in the second year of her Paediatric Nursing quali¾cation at Bucks and will graduate in 2012. Samantha said: “There can’t be many families who have all chosen to follow the same career path in the same way, like we have. “It’s quite uncanny the way it’s all happened but we all love nursing and received fantastic training at Bucks New University. “I was able to train at various hospitals, including Hammersmith, Hare¾eld and Hillingdon, which gave me a fantastic idea of the challenges and situations I would face once I was doing the job for real.” Carolyn gained experience of neonatal, community nursing, accident and emergency and also paediatrics on the children’s ward, Peter Pan, at Hillingdon Hospital, before entering the profession. She added: “I enjoyed my course so much at Bucks that I’m planning to return for post-graduate quali¾cations in the future – perhaps I may also be sharing my classbooks with my family again.”

University Carol Service By Dean Godbold

ALL Saints Parish Church in High Wycombe was packed on Friday 11 December, for Buckinghamshire New University’s Carols by Candlelight concert. The Wycombe Wassailers led by Deputy Dean Alastair Forbes, performed music as the congregation gathered. Vice Chancellor Ruth Farwell carried out a readings followed by University employees

including Matthew Kitching, Elaine Dagnall and Nicola Martyn-Beck, of the Faculty of Society & Health. Carols included Once In Royal David’s City and Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Beforehand, the congregation had carried eye-catching festive lanterns as they made their way from outside the entrance to the Gateway building through to the church.

The congregation were also treated to singing, with Sweet Dreams Urban Choir, Senior Lecturer Jason Schaub, Tash Kusi, of the University’s Christian Union, taking to the microphone for festive-themed performances. A collection was also made in aid of Wycombe Winter Night Shelter, seeking to alleviate homelessness in the town and surrounding areas.

5 Bucks News

Bucks Student selected as a finalist in PR Industry Award A BUCKS New University graduate has had her hard work rewarded after being selected as a ¾nalist in a prestigious PRindustry award. Siobhan Sleet, 24, graduated from Bucks with a degree in BA (Hons) Public Relations Management in 2008. She now works as a Senior Account Executive at Primal PR in Maidenhead and was a ¾nalist in the Outstanding Young Communicator category for Thames & Chiltern region in the CIPR Pride Awards 2009, recognizing excellence in the PR and communications industry. Siobhan, who lives in Loudwater, High Wycombe, was nominated for her work including generating publicity surrounding the launch of an Ikea store in Southampton and working with client

Jackson Square to manage Health & Wellbeing Week. The ambitious graduate, originally from Torpoint, in Cornwall, attended the awards ceremony at Runnymede Hotel & Spa, in Egham, Surrey, and said she aimed to return next year – and walk away the winner.

Run for Haiti appeal

National Union Students NEWS

DOZENS of men and women were seen dashing around High Wycombe in red dresses on Saturday 23 January, as a running club raised money for the Haiti earthquake appeal. The High Wycombe Hash House Harriers celebrated their 1000th run by running

down the High Street and through Eden Shopping Centre with their fundraising buckets wearing all red. The group raised more than £1,500 in an hour-and-a-half. Gerry Palmer, 57, from Booker, joked he felt “very sexy” in his ¾sh-net stockings

She said: “The category is open to anyone aged 29 or under so I am still very young and feel extremely proud to have been shortlisted. “Primal PR entered me for the award as they were extremely pleased with the work I have done with them during my 18 months with the company. “It was a real honour to be put forward. “I carried out work experience at Primal PR and that time, combined with the excellent tutoring throughout my degree course, set me in good stead for my career.”

Upper Left: Siobhan at BWP Group Right: Siobhan pictured with her artwork for the launch of an Ikea store in Southampton

By Rebecca Saunders before the run and added “I’m sure we’ll scare a few shoppers”. David Grif¾ths, 69, the club’s chairman was sporting a frilly ballet dress over his running trousers. The former chief executive of Wembley Stadium said: “The red dress thing is just a tradition for Hash House clubs on their 1000th run – I don’t know where it comes from!” He said: “We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity. One six-year-old boy called Jack came up to me and put a £5 note in the bucket. “I asked him if his dad had given it to him to put in but he said it was his pocket money and he’d seen the Haiti disaster on the television – it brought a tear to my eye.”

> UCAS figures reveal increase in numbers

> Fairer deal for part-time students

Figures released by UCAS on 21 January show that the number of applicants accepted into universities and colleges in 2009 was up by 5.5%. Worryingly, though, the available student places have failed to keep pace with an 8.7% increase in applications. The UCAS ¾gures also show a dramatic rise in mature applicants, with a 14.7% rise in applicants aged 21-24. In total, 524,151 people have so far applied to start courses this autumn, compared with 481,784 at the same point last year. NUS President Wes Streeting commented that “It is encouraging to see a record-breaking number of students being accepted into universities, but it is concerning that so many students with the ability to go to university were not able to as a result of the cap imposed on student numbers last year.”

Under the current system, part-time students have to pay all fees upfront, and do not have any access to student loans. NUS President Wes Streeting said: “This is a very valuable and timely report. While some university leaders are attempting to use the current spending climate to attack the student support budget, it is welcome that others are attempting to redress the serious inequality and hardship that exists for part time students. “NUS agrees with Million+ that we should give part-time students a fair deal by abolishing up front fees and offering them a proper support package. We believe this would be best achieved by incorporating part-time and full-time students into a graduate tax system, where contributions are based on how much you earn and how many academic credits you have accumulated. “Such a system would enable people to ¾t their studies around their work and other responsibilities, rather than the other way round.”

>Got any university, local or national stories?

By Chris Lovell

Bucks LipDub Where the idea came from? We were given the task of creating something to brighten someone day that has a ‘feelgood factor’. When thinking of idea’s we stumbled across a video on YouTube of an American college doing their own LipDub and when we further looked into it we found it was an online event being repeated by other colleges and universities showcasing their own creative talents, and not just in America, there were many from France and Spain than had been made more recently in response to the original. What aims did you have for making the LipDub? Our aim to create our own LipDub to show Bucks as a creative university and hope to inspire other universities to create their

own. What organisation was required? We only had 5 days to organize everyone from the point that we had the idea to when we had to ¾lm it. Luckily we had enough creative students that were willing to put their own time and effort into seeing it through. Also thanks to the SU for lending us some walkie talkies which made organisation on the day a lot smoother along with the cooperation from Neil of the security team making sure we can move through the building smoothly. How many people took part? We had 12 main people stay in front of the camera through certain points of the video and about 50 extra’s that turned up on the day willing to get involved including the

Above: the end of the LipDub video in the White Room

American Football Team, SNOWSOC and some of the cheerleaders. Was it what we hoped for? Before ¾lming we were anxious as we only had a limited amount of time to ¾lm which was cut in half on the day only allowing us a practice run and 2 real takes with the camera ¾lming but luckily we both were good enough although we could have improved with more time everyone was enthusiastic enough to make it work. What Next? This LipDub was made with so little time to organise and we are hoping in the future to create another on a larger scale with more time to organise and give people the opportunity to hear about what we are doing and get their chance to be involved.

6 Bucks News

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Exciting dance theatre partnership A CRITICALLY acclaimed dance theatre company has agreed an exciting partnership to take up a role as Company-in-Residence at Buckinghamshire New University. Signdance Collective, which won the prestigious AMI Award for Dance 2009, comprises deaf and disabled artists working alongside composers and musicians. Their role at the University will see them organising workshops and arranging professional experience for students, as well as collaborating on new projects and providing valuable research opportunities for academic employees and students. In return, Signdance Collective, which has toured across the globe, from Turkey and India to Greece and the USA, will be able to use Bucks’ facilities and performance space, and work with creative practitioners from across the Faculty

of Design, Media & Management. On Sunday, 31 January, Signdance Collective will be holding an open rehearsal in the University’s theatre, on the ground ¿oor of The Gateway building, in Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, between 1-3pm, to give people a taste of what it will offer. From 3-5pm it will be holding an open discussion about upcoming projects, with a drinks reception taking place between 5-6pm. Ruth Gunstone, Acting Head of School for Design, Craft & Visual Arts at Bucks New University, said the collaboration promised to be an ‘exciting partnership’. She said: “It is a fantastic link-up. “This will allow our students to gain valuable networking contacts and gain invaluable tips, advice and experience from wellrespected performers. “This partnership will

be mutually bene¾cial to Bucks and to Signdance Collective, helping to raise both of our pro¾les and share expertise. “I hope we can work together to push forward arts and innovation at Bucks.” Isolte Avila, of Signdance Collective, said the partnership marked the ¾rst time a company of its status had been able to work within a university. She said: “We are honoured to take on this role. “To have this opportunity to forge a partnership with an innovative education provider is very exciting “All the artists at Signdance Collective are extremely proud to join this dynamic place of discovery, achievement and great artistic development.” Singdance Collective is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, putting culture at the heart of the Games and encouraging participation and celebrating cultures.

For further details about Signdance Collective go to



Come and have your say on the Union's Education Campaign. This is your chance to make your voice heard and improve the student experience, by influencing key decision makers, don't miss it! Speakers Include: - Vice Chancellor - Ruth Farwell - Pro Vice Chancellor - Chris Kemp - Pro Vice Chancellor - David Sines - President - Tom Foy - Vice President Education - Christopher Clark - Head of Learning and Teaching - Ken Marsden

Tuesday 16th February Old Board Room* Coffee Reception from 1.15pm Debate Starts - 1.30pm *located on the first floor to the left of the spiral staircase

Bus leaving Uxbridge at 12.50pm and Bus leaving Uxbridge at 12.50pm and returning at 3.30pm returning from from HW atHW 3.30pm See for more information alternatively follow @paneldebate on Twitter or join the Education Campaign Panel Debate group on Facebook. This event is open to both students and staff, to avoid disappointment on the day RSVP to

studentrep be bold... be representative... be heard

Students work exhibited at Wycombe Swan theatre CREATIVE students at Bucks New Uni invited people to take a trip into the land of make-believe at Christmas and visit their display of work inspired by the pantomime of Aladdin at Wycombe Swan Theatre. The work by students studying towards a BA (Hons) degree in Spatial Design at the University was displayed at the theatre at the same time as the pantomime. A total of 35 students had pieces displayed that are based on the muchloved fantasy tale. Their exhibits included paintings, 3D creations, textile designs, and an eye-catching stage set inside a makebelieve palace. Student Alastair Flemming, 18, exhibited a 3D-effect hexagon-shaped foam board piece he has made, complete with a devilish-looking genie inside. Alastair said: “I enjoyed this project and was keen to make as much effort as possible, knowing that families would be looking at it over Christmas.” Saskia Muench, 19, created a multicoloured fabric made to look like a ¿ying carpet. She said: “This is my interpretation of a ¿ying carpet and I’ve deliberately used colours which are warm and enchanting.” The display is now an annual event for the Spatial Design course and previous years’ work has included Cinderella and

Snow White. David Barras, course leader in Spatial Design, at Bucks New University, said the display formed part of the student’s work for the autumn term. He said: “It is a very high standard of work and is a bit edgier and more sophisticated than exhibitions of previous years. “The display evokes feelings of wishes and wish-ful¾lment, as well as enchantment, magic and dreams. “The course offers students the opportunity to specialise in interior design, landscape design, exhibition design and design for TV, and many of the aspects of their study are apparent in this wonderful exhibition.”

8 Bucks Entertainment

Lights and Sounds By Jo Gardner THE past 12 months had seen a dramatic rise for local boys Lights and Sounds. Their debut EP 'Feels Like Gold' reached number 16 in the iTunes chart, they toured extensively and supported the likes of MetroStation, Calvin Harris, The Script and We The Kings. The band also headed to China where they played an extensive run of shows to thousands of people as well as a National TV performance to 32 Million. So what a better way to start 2010 that with a rammed hometown show at the best venue in town! With a strong supporting line up consisting of InGrattitude, Francesqa and Canterbury; there was a de¾nite buzz about this show for some weeks prior. The night looked to be fantastic, and by the time In-Gratitude hit the stage the venue was nearly full. Playing a gracious blend of piano driven indie, they warmed the crowd up with a passionately performed set, impressive for a band who have only played a handful of shows, keep your eyes peeled as they will most de¾nitely be one to watch for 2010. Next up were Francesqa, relatively new to the game but their strong melodic rock has already earned plaudits from RockSound and Kerrang, as well as support slots with The Automatic. They certainly did not disappoint as the crowd surged forward to watch front man Ashley Wilkie captivate the audience with his addictive, powerful yet soulful voice backed up by intricate guitar work promises big things for this band and a new video hitting music channels in April. Main support tonight came from

Canterbury, a collective High Wycombe is already accustomed too, with two sell out headline shows in the past year. Tonight was no different and by the time the band hit the stage the venue was buzzing. Playing classics such as Set You Right, Diver and Take Me Out, had the crowd singing and dancing along for the duration of their set. Canterbury’s electric live show has seen them support the likes of Billy Talent, Enter Shikari, The Automatic and You Me At Six in the past 6 months, so having them at BNU was a real pleasure, capped off with a great performance leaving everyone happy. By the time Lights and Sounds stepped on stage the venue was now completely rammed, the hometown show that the band had always dreamed off after forming a mere two years ago. The band walk on stage to rapturous applause. Kicking things off with a brand new fast paced track that gets the crowd bouncing up and down instantly. Swiftly moving on to the pumping piano intro of ‘Feel Alive’ the lead track off ‘Feels Like Gold’ the bands debut EP which when released last April hit number 16 in the iTunes chart. This sing along classic leads nicely into ‘We We Here’ the second single from the bands EP, Max Britton’s soft vocals shone through and it was clear why

Film Reviews

Up in the air By Dorian Stone GEORGE Clooney is the ideal man: intelligent, charming, elegant and every woman desires to be with him. He presents a picture of con¾dence and stability, living his life by his own terms whilst keeping the press at arms length. The public are only allowed to glimpse his seemingly perfect life, maintaining an air of mystery that makes mere mortals feel privileged when we see his million dollar smile advertising espresso machines. Unlike his peers he doesn’t need the constant attention thrust upon him by mega stardom, side stepping any questions about his personal life with effortless charm. He is a classic movie star, with some of the world’s media comparing him to Cary Grant. However, unlike Cary Grant, it appears that his persona is genuine and not the work of an under paid scriptwriter. In today’s current climate he is an island of tranquillity in a world of chaos. Many of these characteristics can be found in his latest screen incarnation, Ray Bingham. A ‘career transition counsellor’, Bingham travels around America performing what cowardly bosses are too afraid to do themselves: ¾re their employees. He provides a personal touch, making the redundant feel hopeful rather than depressed about rejection. His perfectly regimented life is designed so

this band have such a strong following in the UK. The bands stage presence keeps the crowd hooked throughout the set and old classics such as ‘Making Shapes’ and ‘By The City Lights’ were made almost in-audible by the crowds singing and clapping. Lights and Sounds new material, which will be recorded with Andy Green (Keane, Scouting for Girls, The Killers), promises to be just as exciting with two new songs following keeping the crowd just as hooked. With infectious melodies and ¿oating piano’s Lights and Sounds unique sound has seen them at the fore-front of

the local music scene and tonight certainly did not disappoint. The band encored with crowd favourite ‘Once In a Lifetime’ that had the crowd encapsulated with just Max and his guitar taking to the stage. This show was a great one for High Wycombe, and a line-up that certainly contributed from band to band. Each of the acts playing tonight are ones to watch for 2010 and to have such a strong local scene building, both musicians and fans alike, is something that can only be good for all involved! Below: LAS performing at the venue

>Got a Review? Send it to that he never has to face rejection himself, taking comfort in premier hotel suites, executive lounges and business class ¿ights: a cocoon of self-indulgent loneliness. Bingham glides through the check-in queues with ease and grace whilst avoiding the congestion of security checks, analysing which queue will save him the most time. His life is rigorously organised, structured and blissfully isolated. It is no surprise then that his perfect life is disrupted by, not one but two women. The ¾rst is Alex, played by Vera Farmiga with a range of sly smiles and subtle glances that suggest a wealth of wisdom. She is the mirror image of Bingham, even stating: “Just think of me as you, but with a vagina.” Their ¾rst encounter is a ¿ourish of platinum reward cards, with Bingham ¾nally seducing Alex with his American Airlines executive loyalty card. They appear to be perfect for each other but the outcome of their relationship is anything but. Natalie (Anna Kendrick), on the other hand, is the young go-getter that threatens Bingham’s position. Having just graduated business school, she enters Bingham’s ¾rm with

the intention of establishing her mark by lowering costs and increasing ef¾ciency with the idea of ¾ring people via webcam. This not only jeopardizes his job but also his personal goal of reaching 10,000,000 air miles, something that only 7 other people have achieved. She not only ridicules his aim but also questions his views on relationships, marriage and family. The more she challenges his world-view, the more he begins to doubt his own life choices and wonders if it is all worth holding on to. This is where Reitman’s strengths come into play. He has an ability to make that most dif¾cult of sub-genres: smart comedy dramas. Unlike his father, Reitman is able to maintain an even keel when it comes to the right level of poignancy and entertainment. Indeed, to maintain the satire throughout he peppers real life employees that have been cruelly dismissed. Even when it looks as if the proceedings might take a turn towards the overly sentimental, Reitman pulls back showing a deftness that older directors have taken years to master. Comparisons can even be made to Billy Wilder who would have delighted in the verbal jousting between Clooney and his two female leads. Note the transition from steady, composed shots to more hand held camera work as Bingham’s veneer begins to crack. Further credit must also go to Clooney who, with age, is able to subtly portray Bingham’s progression. Up In The Air is grown-up ¾lmmaking at it’s best and, like American Beauty a decade before, it manages to be funny yet affecting.

9 Bucks Entertainment

Aladdin is panto sensation! By Jo Gardner IT was a family occasion this Christmas as Shane Richie was joined by his 2 sons, to take part in their entertaining take on panto favourite Aladdin. Shane, who took on the lead role, starred alongside Shane Jr and Jake as they played Aladdin’s hilarious brothers Wishee and Washee. The panto was a huge sensation, and the ¾rst of its kind to feature fantastic 3D technology. It boasted an array of outstanding special effects that left kids leaning over in their seats and screaming their heads off. A sea of little hands could be seen grabbing at the air as they tried desperately to grab the magical genie that ¿ew around their heads, while hiding behind their parents when a colony of bats ¿ew at their faces. In true pantomime style you could see just how much fun the whole cast was having as they performed. Shane was electric, interacting with the crowd, ¿aunting his cheeky charm, and the

relationship he has with his boys is just magical. Hannah Grover played the part of Jasmine beautifully, Christopher Chilton was a fantastic Widow Twanky, and Chook Sibtain ¾tted in perfectly as the bad guy. But Peter Piper was undeniably the true star of the show, with his pant-wettingly funny impressions. He had the audience in stitches when he dressed up as a gorilla with himself trapped in the cage while impersonating David Attenborough, one of those things that you might have to have witnessed for yourself to understand the sheer brilliance. The audience were also treated to the Gambat Troupe, a Mongolian Circus act that featured in between scenes, and who were stunning to watch as they performed aerial acrobatics and tests of great strength. Popular songs were featured in the panto, ranging from High School Musical (one for the kids!) to the YMCA, which got the whole audience on their feet as the night came to a close. It was a really fantastic night, for the adults as well as the kids; it really brightened up a cold winter night.

TUESDAY 9th FEBRUARY (in the Lounge) Andrew Lawerence, Joe Rowntree, Mitch Benn Andrew Lawerence Boasting a ¾ery crown of red hair and a deep, demonic voice, Lawrence’s ¾endish persona is in complete allegiance with his material; it will shock you both in terms of content, and in terms of how much you will laugh. With his ¿awless timing and delivery he can induce tears of laughter from audience members almost against their will. Mitch Benn Mitch Benn is not only one of the most sought-after acts on the comedy circuit but is widely acknowledged as one of the best writer/performers of comic songs in the country. Mitch began his comedy career in Edinburgh in 1994. He moved to London in 1996 and quickly established himself as a comedy club "headliner" as well as a favourite on the university circuit.


FREE for Bucks Students Thurs 4TH FEBRUARY The Aftershow presents…


Sat 6TH FEBRUARY Alternator Presents

WE ARE THE UNION + GUESTS Thurs 11TH FEBRUARY Club Fandango presents…

ELIZA DOOLITLE + POLLY MACKEY Thurs 4TH MARCH Club Fandango presents…

TBC Thurs 18TH MARCH 2010 The Aftershow Presents


BAR OFFERS: STRONGBOW £2.00, TUBORG £2.00, Vodka/Relentless £1.80 TICKET INFO: FREE ENTRY FOR BUCKS STUDENTS Tickets available for all live events from or for more info go to Photo I.D. must be provided for entry. Tickets for large events can be purchased in person from the students union office: 01494446330 Bucks Students’ Union, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2JZ

live premiership football

Textiles takeover **Theme: circus**

Corky’s, sambucca & tequila £1 Funkin Cocktails £1.80

ladies rugby takeover

2 snakebites for £3 Selected drinks £1.20

Alternator presents: we are the union


**Valentines special**


**valentines special**

14 Bucks Entertainment


EVERY MONDAY NIGHT, 8PM-11PM, THE VENUE Corky’s, Sambucca & Tequila £1 Funkin Cocktails £1.80 Selected drinks £1.20 2 Snakebites for £3

Inset: Phi-Life Cypher performing

Idle Hands… Arts, music a booze night… By Sarah Moore

IF you head down to the union on Thursday 4th February then you’re in for a real treat. The charismatic Clement Marfo who is quickly proving to be one of the hottest new talents to hit the British scene has joined forces with 7 piece The Frontline. From Hip Hop and Electro to Indie

By Jo Gardner - Entertainments Editor Rock, Together Clement live. Have you watched Marfo & the Frontline Clement Marfo Live? fuse together a variety If not you should make of musical styles. Their immediate plans to do so... unique blend of music is Next on the line up upbeat and colourful that is pop princess Eliza creates a refreshing mix Doolittle who visits Bucks that appeals to just about on the 11th February. everyone. Expect to feel Go and see her if you excited and energetic like your music sweet, when they perform pretty and soulful. Eliza

IDLE HANDS is hosted on a monthly basis at Bucks New Uni. With the freshest creatives, whether it’s live drawing, performing, mixing or exhibiting artworks. Not wanting to be stereotyped as just another urban night, we play the ¾nest and realist in funk, hip hop, dub step and drum and bass played by Wycombe’s best DJ’s and MC’s. We also host the best live doodlers in the UK drawing all night on large boards, large projection screens and TV’s play graf¾ti and skate DVD’s throughout the night. Check out the Idle Hands exhibition which presents artwork from canvas, custom clothing and sculptures for sale. Idle Hands are always looking for artists for every show, whether it’s live drawing or exhibiting their works. So far we have been honoured to proudly present and party with Doolittle has been making the likes of real hip hop legends Taskforce, Ugly Duckling and music since the tender Phi Life Cypher and the UK’s ¾nest live doodlers. 2010 is going age of 10, and she already to be a big year so be sure to attend our next show which well be has a whole load of tracks hosting Blak Twang! Don’t miss out… under her belt. Eliza Email: describes her style as, ‘a Website: culinary mix of soul-felt If your into hip hop then check the Idle Hands highly rated hip hop pop in the old skool sense, acts to look out for in 2010: with a little fruit, spice, Skandal sugar and nuts.’ If you Ramson Badbones think she sounds tasty Black The Ripper why not give her a listen. Homeboy Sandman

15 Bucks Entertainment

BBC Sound Bucks of 2010 By Jo Gardner SO it looks like Hereford based acoustic pop star Ellie Goulding has been tipped for the top, in the BBC’s Sound of 2010 list. No surprises there, there have been rumours and speculation coming from all directions about the future success of this would be pop star. Goulding was studying drama at university when she discovered the sound that was destined to make her one of the most hotly-tipped new artists of 2010. And she is joined on the list by fellow solo artists Marina and the Diamonds, Rox and Daisy Dares you who’s joined by Chipmunk on her single, ‘Number One Enemy’, but can we follow on from last year with another year of the solo female pop star topping the charts? Last year was undoubtedly the year of the diva. We saw breakthroughs from the likes of Little Boots, La Roux, and one of the year’s biggest stars Lady Gaga topping the charts on more than one occasion, but what can we realistically expect from 2010? There is a strong collection of bands on the list this year, in the form of electro band Delphic, who have already started to make an impact in

2009, as well as folk band Stornoway. We have seen an increased popularity for chill out and folk music over the past few months. Who could have missed the huge support that Mumford and Sons gained over the last few months of 2009, could this be the way forward for the British music scene? We could see an increase in music from the other side of the Atlantic. As 2009 was the year for the British band, maybe 2010 is the year for our trans-Atlantic rivals to show off their talent. Minnesota synthpop soloist Owl City has achieved chart success on the Billboard hot 100 and has just gained his ¾rst UK number 1 with debut single ‘¾re¿ies.’ This has earned him a coveted space on the BBC’s Sound of 2010 list, the only American to make the list this year. The sound of 2010 is completed with Devlin, The Drums, Everything Everything, Giggs, Gold Panda, Hurt, Joy Orbison and Two Door Cinema all making the list. All that’s left to do now is wait, and see who really does stamp their mark all over 2010. Personally, my money’s on Marina, Stornoway, and of course Ellie Goulding.

Sound of 2010:

Chip Diddy Chip By Jill Kittle YOU packed out the venue for the end of term Christmas Flirt Special, 690 of you to be precise! There was a great buzz amongst the place, groups of girls screaming in excitement for Chipmunk, various sports teams barely standing from their ‘Xmas All-Dayers’ and large amounts of students dressed in festival attire. Chipmunk took to the stage around 11pm after eating various sandwiches and crisps backstage and the odd bottle of jack. He was greeted by a mob of screaming fans jumping up and down in excitement. Chipmunk said, “Girls see me and scream cause I'm on the TV”, but he stands to be corrected and there was a fair few guys screaming along as well! Wearing enough bling to blind anyone who looked directly at him, he ¾nished the out¾t with some over sized designer sun glasses, as he has

been known to say “uh see I'm such a classy guy, designer shades hide my eyes, I look good with a face like mine, how the hell could I be camera shy?” Which was lucky, as the White Room was packed from wall to wall with an ocean of ¿ashing lights as students took as many pictures as their little cameras would let them. Chipmunk preformed 4 of his greatest hits, ‘Chippy Diddy Chip’, ‘Diamond Rings’, ‘Oopsy Daisy’ ¾nishing up with ‘Look For Me’. He stayed for a couple of after performance drinks and met a few adoring fans while the rest of the students partied the night away. Chipmunks new song “Look For Me” is out now and don’t be worried bout Chipmunk dropping off the scene, in his own words he is “trying to keep bringing them hits, cause my dreams got legs so I'm chasing it”. Word.



LOUISE DELAHUNTY (ents of¾cer):

1.Drake 2.Gucci Mane 3.Jay Sean

1. Johnny Flynn, 2. Chew Lips, 3. Wave Pictures

1 Heaven’s Basement 2 Semi-Precious Weapons 3 Killing For

DJ FROST (UniSEX): 1. Nero 2. DC Breaks 3. Sub Focus

SARAH LOUISE MOORE: 1. The Drums 2. I was king 3. Ellie Goulding

17 Bucks Student

Your comments


We want to hear your comments and thoughts about everything Uxbridge.

Uxbridge campus officially opened By Rebecca Saunders

NEW APPOINTMENT TO DRIVE INNOVATION IN NURSING PRACTICE By Rebecca Saunders PROFESSOR Christine Norton has been appointed the new role as Professor of Clinical Nursing Innovation. The appointment will be joint between the university and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust as of 1 March 2010. The new role will be building on existing links between the two institutions and will focus on initiating and supporting further research and clinical practice innovation between the University and the Trust. Prof David Sines, Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean: Society & Health said:

Above: Professor Christine Norton

“I am delighted that we are able to further strengthen our links with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust through this joint appointment. We are keen to make the most of the opportunities offered by collaboration. The cross-

fertilization of ideas that takes place when organisations and individuals work together can only be of mutual bene¾t to both institutions and enhance the development of excellence in healthcare education and applied research.” Janice Sigsworth, Director of Nursing at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust added: “Professor Norton’s expertise will compliment the work that we have already begun and I am con¾dent that with her leadership we will accelerate our ambitions to build capability and capacity in nursing and midwifery research for the bene¾t of our patients.”

THE Uxbridge Campus was of¾cially opened on 8 December by Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham PC, KBE. Professor Darzi unveiled a commemorative plaque in a ceremony marking the move of the University’s nursing courses and applied healthcare research to West London . Lord Darzi said: “I am pleased to be opening Buckinghamshire New University’s new campus in Uxbridge. Bucks New University demonstrates excellence in nursing education, an achievement which has been acknowledged by NHS London.” Professor Darzi is an internationally renowned surgeon and served as the Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Department of Health until July 2009. He currently heads the Division of

Surgery at Imperial College, and serves as Chair of NHS Global and the Global Ambassador for Health and Life Sciences. Prof David Sines, Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Society & Health at Bucks New University , commented at the ceremony: “We are delighted to welcome Lord Darzi for this prestigious occasion to mark the opening of our new Uxbridge Campus. We provide nursing education for NHS London, and our new location enables our undergraduate students to be closer to their placement providers and our professional students to study closer to their workplaces. We hope that the new campus will become a beacon for new and innovative methods of learning, leading ultimately to higher standards in healthcare.”

Space issues at Uxbridge AS some of you may or may not know the Students Union have been working on your behalf to address some of the issues that you have raised regarding the Uxbridge Campus. A large part of this was addressing issues such as the overcrowding in Pulse, the lack of quiet study space as well as lack of computers. In response to this the university created a working group of students and staff to look at the expansion of the building to the 3rd ¿oor to enable the issues with space to be addressed. For the past few months I’ve sat on

By Adam Fitzgerald - UXB Exec Of¾cer

the working group to aid the student view and am pleased to announce that after going out to consultation at the beginning of January a plan for the 3rd ¿oor has now been agreed. The new plan addresses many of the concerns that were raised when the campus was opened. Presuming planning permission is granted the third ¿oor will contain a large quiet study area that will be able to seat 40 people with the addition of 3 study rooms that will be able to be booked for such things as group presentations.

There will also be also the capacity for 36 computer terminals split over 2 rooms. In addition to this there will be a break out zone to relax and a café style area which will relieve the pressure off Pulse. One of the main issues that were raised when Uxbridge was opened was the lack of a religious space on the campus. This has now been addressed and will be located on the 3rd ¿oor when it is opened and will contain ablution facilities. Additionally to the above changes there will be a large multi use

area that is to be used for exams and various other times such as enrolment. The aim for this project is to start the building work during the summer; plans are currently on display in the Students Union of¾ce in Uxbridge for anybody to view and we will keep you up to date of any further developments. For those of you going off to placements I wish you well and hope you enjoy your clinical experience and those of you joining us or returning in February I hope you enjoy the new campus.

Come along on Tuesday 9th February to the Uxbridge Re-freshers fair. Featuring great student deals and offers plus the chance to sign up to our recreational activity programme, student rep scheme and much more.

18 Bucks Features

New Design, Media & Management Faculty By Prof Chris Kemp IT is with great pleasure that I am able to announce a new faculty structure which brings together the former faculties of Creativity & Culture and Enterprise & Innovation to create the Faculty of Design, Media & Management. The new faculty of¾cially came into being on 4 January 2010; the new name, and the new schools and departments in the revised structure will gradually be re¿ected in the daily life of the University and any of¾cial communications you receive in future will come from the new faculty. This will not affect your

current relationship with the faculty and it will not change the tutors or administrative colleagues that you currently interact with. If you were a student in the Faculty of Creativity & Culture you should still go to the Help Desk

on the fourth ¿oor at E4.08 to speak to administrators and to submit work. If you were a student in the Faculty of Enterprise & Innovation you should go to the Help Desk on the second ¿oor in E2.08. Both Help Desks are open from 9am until 6pm Monday to Thursday and until 5pm on Friday. However, with the University

and faculty working in tandem with the Students’ Union a new and dynamic partnership is being created where the student voice is heard and where issues are acted upon. In one of my recent weekly meetings with students one of the group said “we don’t mind if you can’t do something, as long as you are honest with us and tell us”. This really goes to the heart of what the University believes in and we in the faculty are striving to make sure we have this kind of relationship with our students. As the new faculty takes shape we hope to work in a much more ¿exible way with our students and support you in a wider range of areas than ever

before. The range of subject areas in the faculty has more than doubled; bringing together creativity, management and innovative delivery to create an outward facing and supportive structure through which we can work with all of our students. Please remember if you want to have your views heard on a personal level make sure that you book in with Matthew Kitching at the Students’ Union and he will slot you into one of the weekly groups that meet with me. Matthew can be contacted on 01494 601600 or by email at matthew.kitching@ Here’s to a successful year. Professor Chris Kemp Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean Design, Media and Management

Inset: Professor Chris Kemp

The National Student Survey 2010 have you completed yours? The National Student Survey 2010 - 11th January until the end of April Dear student We hope that your time at Bucks has been both enjoyable and productive and that it has prepared you well for the future, whatever your chosen path might be when you graduate. The National Student Survey is an initiative which runs every year in all universities. It covers a wide range of aspects and topics, and is designed to give you the opportunity to give feedback about your experience as a student at Bucks. Your identity and answers remain anonymous throughout the entire survey process, and it is conducted by an independent company. The survey really is your chance to let us know what you think, and to help us to identify and improve the services that we provide to future students. We’ve used feedback from previous surveys to bring forward the deadlines for giving you feedback on assignments and improving the early availability of timetables, amongst other things. We want to encourage as many of you as possible to complete the survey, so that the outcomes genuinely reflect the student voice and the student experience at Bucks. Taking part is so important, because the results of the survey are used in the league tables nationally. We will do our best to take your opinions into account and will endeavour to take action on them wherever possible. The results from the 2010 survey will be published on the Unistats website in summer 2010. At the end of the survey results are fed back to the University and Bucks Students’ Union to help us identify how we can make improvements. You don’t need to wait for the outcome of the survey if there are things that you’d like to raise with us now – because you’re pleased with the way something is going or because you have concerns, don’t wait. Tell us straight away. We want to hear from you.


Your views really do matter to us, we value your opinion – so please do take just a few minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire, online at: This year, every student who completes the survey has the opportunity to enter the prize draw and win an iPhone, iPod Touch or Amazon vouchers.

Professor Ruth Farwell Vice Chancellor

Ruth Gunstone Director: Student Experience

19 Bucks Student

Creative students at Buckinghamshire New University are knitting to help the homeless in High Wycombe this winter

Students knitting for charity CREATIVE students at Buckinghamshire New University are knitting together to help the homeless in High Wycombe this winter. Volunteers will be making a number of patchwork quilts and donating them to the charity Wycombe Winter Night Shelter. The good cause operates between January and March, providing shelter for homeless people. On Thursday 28th January,

students gathered to knit, crochet or design 20-inch x 20-inch squares and make them into blankets. Della Harrison, 26, a third-year BA (Hons) Criminology student, said it was an initiative ‘everyone ¾rmly believes in’. She added: “We will be knitting the blankets in the Students’ Union at the University campus in High Wycombe so anyone passing can help out. “As we do degrees in textiles we


row You need to blag tickets, beg, steal and bor your way to victory

st 48 hour challenge starts Sunday 21 Deadline for entries: 5pm 17th Feb

will have plenty of us sharing the load to create the blankets. “It is quite literally a case of everyone knitting together to do the best we can. “With the weather so cold recently it is a harsh time to be living out in the elements and we all want to do our bit to help. “We are all very much looking forward to the event and hope that we have a lot of squares donated to make the blankets.” Wycombe Winter Night Shelter

is among Bucks Students’ Union’s RAG (Raise and Give) nominated charities. Ali Preston, Project Coordinator at the charity, said the students’ work was ‘incredible’ and praised the ‘exciting venture’. She said: “This is another exciting way of supporting us on these cold winter nights. A big thankyou to all involved. “Wycombe Winter Night Shelter receives incredible support from the local community and we have

Above: Della Harrison who lead the Student Volunteer project

By Rebecca Saunders been delighted that Bucks New University has become more involved with us this year. “As well as choosing us as one of their charities of the year, individual students have also volunteered for shifts at the shelter.” For more details or to take part contact Bucks Students’ Union’s Volunteering Co-ordinator Michael Paxman on 01494 605 100 or e-mail volunteering@

The Jailbreak is a very simple concept but a hell of a challenge. Over 48 hours of reading week the aim is to get as far away from our Wycombe campus as you possibly can. Jailbreak information packs are available from the SU offices or by emailing

20 Bucks Student

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*No claims discount will be earned providing no claims are made, excluding windscreen claims, or where all costs have been recovered. 1 years no claims discount is not transferrable to another insurer at the first 6 month renewal. After 6 months, provided you have not made a claim, we will give you a discount equivalent to 1 years no claims on the renewal of your policy with us. If you cease to be a student, but have not made any other changes to your policy then we will continue this offer with the same insurer, provided that your new occupation remains acceptable. Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This can be checked on the FSA Register by visiting its website at

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Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs: 11am - 11pm, Fri - Sat: 11am - 12 Midnight, Sun: 12 Noon - 11.30pm.

GET YOUR FREE PIZZA AT OUR STALL IN THE REFRESHER’S FAIR † From the menu or ‘Create Your Own’ up to 4 toppings. Not valid with any other offer. Offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice. Offer available for collection and delivery. Offer only available if you purchase 3 or more small (9.5”) pizzas. †† The £2 Garlic Pizza Bread or Potato Wedges offer will only be available when you purchase the 555 deal. Offer expires 14/02/2010.

57817-SKD-HIGH WYCOMBE.indd 1

23/12/2009 15:34

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14 17



15 18 22



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24 25



Down 1. A pill used for sweetening the breath (6) 2. The circular motion of a planet or moon (7) 3. Not wanted (8) 4. An infant (4) 5. A wild dog of Australia (5) 6. Anything that exists (6) 7. Top of the head (5) 13. (8) 16. In line, side by side (7) 17. An iced pastry ¾lled with cream (6) 19. A substance used as a raising agent (5) 20. A unit of electric current (6) 22. To stimulate or excite (5) 24. A thin skin, coating or layer (4)

Across 1. A ¿ower (6) 4. Insignia (5) 8. A compartment on a ship (5) 9. An item of furniture (7) 10. An ingredient of porridge (7) 11. A vessel used on water (4) 12. In golf, a ¿agpole marking a hole (3) 14. Adhesive (4) 15. A gelatinous substance obtained from seaweed (4) 18. A period of 24 hours (3) 21. A cloak (4) 23. The tympanic membrane (7) 25. Declares not guilty (7) 26. To talk (5) 27. Fluid secreted by the mucous glands (5) 28. A type of ¿y (6)







The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter T in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell the name of a Russian playwright. 12 1. Noble 11 1 2. Small lump 3. Menace 4. Production 10 2 5. Zero 6. Building Material 3 9 7. Open 8. Await 9. Country 8 10. Stature 4 11. Thing 7 12. Material 5


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John Vanbrugh.

Last Edition’s Crossword Answers: Accross: 2. list 4. joy 5. yuletide 8. toy 9. santa 10. elf 11. lights 13. mistletoe 15. bow 16. wish 17. peace Down: 1. Frosty 3. Cards 4. Jolly 6. Tinsel 7. feast 8. treats 12. snow 14. twas 16. wrap

Who, what where and when? WHO... played Monsieur de Foix in the Oscar-winning ¾lm Elizabeth in 1998? WHAT... connects William Shakespeare, Shirley Temple and Vladimir Nabokov? WHERE... is the most northerly point in Ireland? WHEN... did Motorhead ¾rst release Ace Of Spades as a single? Answers: When: Eric Cantona. What: They were all born on St George’s Day. Where: Malin Head, Donegal. When: 1980




Puzzle Corner

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7 5

1 3





5 4



8 7

1 7 3









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3 3



2 8



5 5 3







5 9








3 8





6 4



8 2




6 5







3 8



2 8




2 1





Dif¾culty: Adavanced



Dif¾culty: Intermediate


Fill in the grid so that every column, row and 3 by 3 square includes all of the digits from one to nine. Dif¾culty depends on each sudoku rating



Dif¾culty: Easy

Sudoku was popularized in 1986 by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli, under the name Sudoku, meaning single number. It became an international hit in 2005.



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Documentary evidence that will NOT be accepted includes: •Personal statements from the claimant describing their personal circumstances, which are not supported by documentary evidence •Uncorroborated evidence from friends or family


Can’t make a course deadline? So you know the dates when your assignments are due in or when you have a presentation due, you’ve planned your work and everything is under control but then …something goes WRONG! What do you do?

By Julia Crooks - Senior Welfare Adviser THERE there are several things you can do and it all depends on what has gone wrong and how much of your work will be affected. There are three University procedures that you could use - extension requests, mitigating circumstances or suspending studies. This article deals with extension requests. In a future article we will look at mitigating circumstances and suspending your studies. If you do get into any problems with your work and are at all unsure about what to do then speak to your Personal Tutor, Faculty Registrar or an Adviser in the ARC AS SOON AS the problem occurs. Generally it is up to you to organise your course work around any other commitments you may have i.e. Part-time paid work. You also need to take into account that when you are in a hurry and a dead line is imminent then the computer you are using will crash, the pen drive you saved your work on will be corrupted, there will be a mile long queue for printing, your car will break down, your bus won’t come, the train will be delayed, you will over-sleep, you will have to stay up all night with your friend who’s just been dumped and to cap it all, next door’s dog will get into your house and chew up your only copy! Your Faculty will have heard all this before; these excuses will NOT work.

Extensions When to apply for an extension: When you have unforeseen, unpreventable or serious dif¾culties in the days before the deadline, that may prevent you from meeting the deadline and where the agreement of a later deadline for submission will enable you to complete coursework. Extensions must normally be agreed 48 hours before the deadline, though in exceptional circumstances this can be right up until the deadline. How to apply for an extension: Go to your Faculty or School Of¾ce and ask for an extension form. Fill it in and supply the necessary independent documentary evidence (see below for examples). Give it to the Authorised Tutor (normally your Head of School or course leader) who will grant or reject your application or return it to your Faculty or School Of¾ce if you do not know who the Authorised Tutor is. Examples of documentary evidence include: •Medical certi¾cates (relevant for the time period) •Letters from medical specialists •Letters from professional counsellors/ advisors (relevant for the time period) •Legal documents •Death certi¾cates


How long will the extension be for? The length of time granted for an extension will normally re¿ect the amount of time lost because of the dif¾culty you’ve experienced. The deadline for an extension will fall before the date for feedback to the rest of your group, so no unfair advantage is given to students with extensions. What if you don’t get an extension? Assignments etc. handed in late without an approved extension will either be capped at 40% or awarded a mark of 0 depending on the lateness. Assignments that are to be marked as a pass or fail only will always be awarded a mark of 0 if handed in late, without an approved extension If you’ve had an extension and still don’t ¾nish your work in time? If you’ve been given an extension you cannot get another extension for the same piece of work. You can only get mitigating circumstances for the same piece of work if you have experienced a different unpredictable or unforeseen event during the period of the extension or the previous dif¾culty has got unexpectedly worse. Supporting evidence of the new event or deterioration of an existing dif¾culty will need to be submitted. To read the full University Regulations on Extensions go to: - put “formal documents” into the search box, click the Formal Documents link, click the A-Z list and scroll down to ¾nd the “Assignment / practice extension and mitigating circumstances” link. If you would like help with any of the above or talk con¾dentially about any dif¾culty you may be experiencing then come and see us in the ARC. Advice & Representation Centre (ARC) High Wycombe, Ground Floor, North Block Tel: 01494 603016 Uxbridge, First Floor, next to Pulse Tel: 01494 605180 Or email

One in nine of us has had a sexual infection, often without any symptoms. The Practice can give you a free and confidential sexual health check at one of our clinics, either on campus or at The Practice Hanover House. We are holding these free clinics on campus in a private room in rooms N1.06 & N1.08 from 10am - 3pm on the following dates: Tuesday 9th February Tuesday 16th March Tuesday 18th May We also have regular clinics every Friday 2-6pm (walk in until 5pm) at The Practice Hanover House.

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You can just turn up, but booking an appointment is a good idea. For an appointment please call 01494 690980 or email:

Glazer’s Financial rape of Man UTD is hardly surprising By Ben Edwards BLAME it on Ken Bates. When the pinchfaced Captain Birdseye look-a-like ¿ogged Chelsea to Roman Abramovich in 2003, Bates transformed the ¾nancial landscape of the Premier League forever. Unable to compete with the spending clout of Abramovich’s shady Russian roubles, other clubs were forced to hitch up their skirts and wiggle their bottoms suggestively at a growing parade of admiring foreign suitors, hoping they too could attract a wealthy Abramovich-style benefactor. Heritage and tradition could go to hell (where, with any lucky, they’ll catch up with Ken). Out of the 20 current Premier League clubs, nearly half are now owned by foreign investors – and nearly all of them have caused controversy. Here is a little reminder. West Ham: brought to the brink of ¾nancial ruin by some dodgy Icelandic bankers who knew shit all about football (now part-owned by ex-Birmingham City porn magnates Sullivan and Gold). Portsmouth: owned by a succession of insolvent liars, now presided over by Saudi ‘businessman’ Ali al-Faraj, who has never even visited Fratton Park (and failed to pay the players’ wages at least three times this season). Liverpool: owned by a bickering pair of American idiots (whose promises of a new stadium look increasingly like a rather large George W-style ¾b). Manchester City: ¾rst sold to exiled Thai prime minister Thaksin Shiawatra, now passed onto Sheikh Mansour – until he gets bored with his new toy. And then there is Manchester United: the most successful club in Premier League history, sold to Malcolm Glazer, owner of American Football franchise Tampa Bay Buccaneers (one of the worst teams in the NFL). All are controversial, but none more so than the latter. After engineering a compulsory buyout in 2005 (somewhat aggressively it should be noted), Glazer took Manchester United off the stock market and now has complete control of the club. The problem with that is, unlike Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour, Glazer did not buy the club with his own cash: he borrowed the money and secured the loan against the value of the club – saddling a cash-rich club with more than £500 million of debt. Some people raised their eyebrows at the time (4000 supporters were so enraged that they set up their own club, FC United of Manchester), but the Glazers maintained a low pro¾le, United remained successful on the pitch, and the matter was quietly forgotten. That was until a few weeks ago when it emerged that Manchester United are now £716.6 million in debt (£325m spent in the last three years on interest payments alone) – and that the Glazer family have been helping themselves to around £10 million in cheap loans. In other words, they are using the club as a piggy bank. But can anybody really be that surprised? The Glazers were obviously never interested in football: they were only ever interested in making huge bundles of cash (ticket prices have risen by 42% since Glazer took over). Yet more worryingly is the Stalin-esque suppression of dissent at the club. Outraged supporters recently unfurled a banner reading: ‘Love United, Hate Glazer’, only for the supporters to be immediately ejected from the stadium. So much for free speech – and so much for the soul of English football. RIP.

Millers Memoirs

FOOTBALL BUCKS 7th Team 0 v 7 Bucks 5th Team

>VARSITY 2010 It’s that time of year when varsity is just round the corner. On March the 25th we all head back to Middlesex to compete in all sports looking to avenge our result from last year’s ¾xtures where Bucks lost 16-1! Yes freshers 16-1! Mauling Tickets will be £5 which includes travel and food. Look out for more information in the next issue. >Whos got the power? Bucks Darts Society brings you the Bucks Darts Open 2010 £100 prize fund Singles £3 Doubles £2 pair Teams of 6 £3 per team Enter at the Bucks Students’ Union of¾ces, ¾rst round Wednesday 10th February. Email me at vpsi@bucks. for more information.

>Send your match reviews to bucksnewspaper@bucks.


1 Round Bucks Shield Bucks Shield Match By Ross Colbert

THE opening exchanges of the game were dominated by the 7th team with them showing no signs of being the weaker team. Despite their early dominance they were unable to create any clear cut chances and were made to pay when Oliver Godwin coolly slotted home from the penalty spot after seeing a header handled on the line by Tom Smith. This only spurned the 7th team and they really took the game to the 5ths with creating more half chances with

Karl Rea particularly impressing in the centre of mid¾eld. But again the 5th team showed it’s not how much possession you have its what you do with it when Michael Chard latched on to a through ball and passed the ball into the back of the net despite some heavy pressure from Sam Towe. The 7th team continued to press and on the stroke of half time gave the 5th team a scare after a melee in the penalty area from a corner resulted in Mark Reeve saving an attempt

on goal from point blank range pushing the ball on to the post with it luckily bouncing away to safety. The second half however was a different story altogether. The 5th team knew they had to go out and put in the kind of performance that has left them in a strong position in their league, and they did not disappoint with Oliver Godwin scoring within the opening 5 minutes of the second half. Karl Rea then tested Mark Reeve with a stinging drive from 35 yards. However

this was as good as it got for the 7ths as the 5ths took control with Oliver Godwin completing his hat trick and Freddie Simon heading in from close range from a corner. Oliver Godwin then got his 4th of the afternoon sliding the ball under the goal keeper after some great link up play with Freddie Simon. The rout was completed when central mid¾elder tom guyatt rounded off a ¾ne display ¾nding the top corner with a sublime effort from 25 yards.

Bucks rugby take ‘Rocky’ road to survival

Inset: 1st team captain Jack Sheppard recieving the ball in a lineout.

RUGBY By Craig Morrison WEDNESDAY the 20th was a historic day for Bucks Rugby as for the ¾rst time there was a Treble Header of Rugby being played on the Mead. The Ladies took on Sussex Women’s Rugby and were unfortunate to lose 25-5. It must be mentioned how far the Ladies have come this year and they may have lost all 3 of their games, but the determination and passion in

their play has been evident throughout. The Men’s had mixed results on a day that showed much promise. New Head Coach Rocky Clarke had just one training session to get the boys ready after the departure of former Head Coach Craig ‘Loki’ Burgess. Rocky is a big name coach having played England Women’s Rugby and amassing 44 caps.

The game started with some heavy forwards work and good tackling in the backs. Bucks headed into the break 10 points up but the half hadn’t been easy. Some missed penalties and the opposition threatening the line, Bucks knew they had to play better in the second half. Chichester knew this too and came out ¾ghting and made some Bucks mistakes pay and took

the lead. The score was 10-14 after 70 minutes so the ¾nal ten minutes was set up for an interesting ¾nale as Bucks bombarded the Chichester line. They couldn’t ¾nd a way through and came away empty handed. The 2nd team had a relatively easy game against Canterbury Christ Church 3rds and ran out 56-0 victors. Bucks showed a dominant


23 Bucks Sport

Week commencing WED 20th JAN >Football Bucks 1st 1 - 4 St Mary’s Uni College 1st Bucks 2nd 1 - 0 Roehampton Uni 1st Bucks 3rd 3 - 2 Uni of Chichester >Hockey Imp College Ladies 2nd 8 - 0 Bucks 1st >Rugby Bucks 1st 10 - 14 Uni of Chichester 1st Bucks 2nd 54 - 3 C’bury C Church Uni Bucks Ladies 1st 25 - 5 Uni of Sussex 1st Week commencing WED 27th JAN >Basketball Uni of Med (L) 1st 25 - 24 Bucks (L) 1st >Football Bucks 1st 4 - 0 Uni of Kent 1st Uni of Sussex 2nd 4 - 2 Bucks 3rd Bucks 4th 2 - 4 SOAS 1st M’sex Uni 3rd 1 - 3 Bucks SESSA 1st Bucks SESSA 2nd 1 - 2 West Herts C 3rd >Golf Bucks 2nd 4.5 - 1.5 Uni of Hf’shire 3rd >Netball Bucks 3rd 20 - 32 Uni of Kent SESSA 1st >Rugby Uni of C’chester 1st 6 - 10 Bucks 1st >Squash Bucks 1st (CUP) 0 - 3 UCL 2nd (CUP) >Tennis Bucks 1st (CUP) 0 - 9 LSE 2nd (CUP)


Wed 3rd February >Badminton CC Church Uni (L) 1st v Bucks (L) 1st Imp Med Mens 2nd v Bucks Mens 1st >Basketball St Georges Mens 1st v Bucks Mens 1st Bucks Ladies 1st v Imp Coll Ladies 1st >Football Ladies Kingston University 1st v Bucks 1st >Football Mens Uni of Portsmouth 2nd v Bucks 2nd Bucks 3rd v Kingston University 3rd Bucks 4th v St George Meds 1st Bucks 5th v UCL 3rd >Golf Bucks 1st v Uni of Reading 1st Uni of Portsmouth 1st v Bucks 1st >Hockey Ladies Bucks 1st v Uni of Sussex 2nd >Hockey Mens Bucks 1st v Uni of Surrey 2nd >Netball Goldsmiths Uni London 1st v Bucks 1st Bucks 2nd v Imperial College 2nd >Rugby Uni of Portsmouth 1st v Bucks 1st >Squash Mens Uni of Portsmouth 1st v Bucks 1st >Tennis Bucks mens 1st v R’ Holloway mens 2nd

display of rugby with strong forward play organised backs. The highlights from the game have to be a Hat-trick from Ash Coles. His hattrick came from the best piece of play of the game as the ball passed through delightful of¿oads to Coles who raced up the touchline to dive in the corner. The victory was slightly marred by an outrageous

tackle by the yellow card to James ‘Geordie’ Newbiggin in the dying minutes. Bucks Rugby 3rd team also still sit in contention for promotion after yet another win on Saturday against Banbury. A good win of 28-0 was all to expected with Isham, Lawson, JP Keyser and Hawkins getting on the score sheet.



Everything you need to know about Bucks Sport

Up Upcoming ¾xtures and res results >Pg 23

Inset: BNU Buccaneers


Photos: Phil Clegg

AMERICAN FOOTBALL By Andy Coleman - Chairman AMERICAN Football is one of the fastest growing sports in Britain with an annual increase of 12%. There are currently 56 University teams and more adding every year. Not only this, but youth American football participation is also increasing along with open age American football. The BNU Buccaneers is one of the only teams in the UK that has a majority team of fresher’s and therefore usually never played the sport before. However, the ¾rst game of the league against Oxford Cavaliers, which is a mixture of the University of Oxford students and Oxford Brooks University

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Roccola Hair, 18 Crendon Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 6LS

students, showed the ability and standard of our team as we went on for a close win of 18-20. Oxford only lost by a few points to last year’s league winners Birmingham Lions. One reason for this is the dedicated coaches we have that have played a high standard of American Football in the UK (Great Britain Bulldogs). Ever since the closure of Chalfont campus at the end of last year, American football along with the AU have been continuously looking for a new home ground (played on a rugby pitch), but as of yet have had no luck. With this only being the second season

that the BNU Buccaneers have been playing in the University League (BUAFL) we are eager to get this sorted and to proceed with the home ¾xtures. American football is a sport that has a position for each build of player. So if you think you are too large or too small think again. We are always looking for more players. If you are interested in playing American football then either come along to a training session (Tuesday room N2.06, 7:30pm). This is a classroom session so all you need is yourself. Or speak to Ross Mclaughlin at the SU of¾ce.

Bucks New Uni m Athletics TeaFind us on Facebook Bucks New University Athletics Team needs you! Compete at BUCS University Indoor Athletics Championships in Sheffield 13-14th March. Contact Dean: 07939006046 to sign up!

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