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NEWS Initiations: Have they gone too far? Some of the initiations were held on Wednesday 28th October and we ask the question: ‘Should they be banned?’

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With Rustys world tour going all ‘oriental’, we bring you some great themed Japanses recipes.

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Question Time branded a ‘CIRCUS’ >Question Time under fire for allowing Nick Griffin to take part.

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ENTERTAINMENTS Chew Lips interview The Chew Lips performed recently and we managed to catch up with them after their gig and do a quick interview

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NEWS Vending machine theft

A number of vending machines recently have been broken into around campus. Have you seen anything?

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FEATURES Enterprise festival

The enterprise festival starts soon and we give you all the information you need to get involved and potentially win a load of cash.

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SPORT Bucks still ‘top of their league’

Several sports teams are still top of their league and we give you all the reviews, results and upcoming fixtures

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BUCKS STUDENT Interview with the VC

We managed to catch up recently with Prof Ruth Farewall (Vice Chancellor) and ask her a few questions.

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By Rebecca Saunders BBC1’s late night political programme Question Time came under fire last week when the BBC allowed BNP leader Nick Griffin to take part in the show. High Wycombe’s MP Paul Goodman has branded last weeks Question Time as a “circus” and said that the BBC “abused” the programme’s usual format in order to accommodate the BNP leader. But the MP said he agreed with the BBC for allowing him to be part of the show. The controversial leader of the British National Party became the centre of attention on the programme which was broadcast on Thursday 22nd October. The show pulled in 7.8 million viewers, three times more than normal. BBC television centre was surrounded by anti-BNP protestors throughout the day who were fighting to get through police barriers to stop the programme going ahead. The protests were the lead on the Ten O’clock news that night. Nick Griffin has said he was the victim of

a “lynch mob” whilst being on the show. He was smuggled into the BBC television centre surrounded by 40 dark-suited security guards. Once inside he was booed and jeered by the audience of the show, that was ultimately dominated by his political views. Mr Griffin was joined on the panel by Justice Secretary Jack Straw, Tory cohesion spokesman Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne MP and playwright and author Bonnie Greer. But Wycombe Race Equality Council chairman John Barlow disagreed with Paul Goodman and said that the BNP should have gone through the courts before being allowed on the show. Mr Barlow said: “We spend all our time fighting against the fascism advocated by the BNP. It’s not wanted in High Wycombe. “The BBC should not have offered the BNP any air time but should have waited for the BNP to make its case through the courts to appear.” The BBC allowed the controversial leader to be on Question Time as the BNP have won two seats in the European Parliament. Yet MP Goodman suggested that the party should

have been given the status of a marginal party, such as the Green Party. He said: “It would have been consistent and sensible for the BBC to treat Thursday’s Question Time in the same way as any other edition. This would have allowed Griffin’s views and record to be exposed - but without making him the focus of the programme, thereby giving him a status which his Party doesn’t merit. “The BBC instead chose to boost its own ratings by transforming the programme into a circus with Griffin spotlighted as the clown.” The BBC is now under fire for allowing the programme to have Nick Griffin as the centre of the debate, as well as devoting the first ten minutes of its main news bulletin to the event when the event preoccupying many minds in the UK would have been the postal strike. The High Wycombe MP said: “In summary, the BBC was right to put Griffin on Question Time, but wrong to abuse the programme’s usual format.”

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Letter from the Editor >Tom Foy

HI ALL, The term has definately set in and just like all of you we are hard at work here in the Students’ Union. Through this edition you will hear about the kinds of work we are doing as a collective but I thought that it might be an idea this week to give you an insight into the kind of things I am working on at the moment. Each week I have to report on what I have been up to to the Executive Committee, which is made up of our part time officers. Hopefully it will also give you some examples of what your sabbaticals get up to!

GuildHE/NUS Event – Wednesday 14th myself, Chris Clark and Matthew Kitching attended a joint GuildHE/NUS event that was designed around sharing good practice and networking with similar institutions mainly those that are small and specialised and have decided not to join Universities UK. We are one of the largest institutions in this group and our VC Ruth Farwell is the Chair. Times Higher Awards – Thursday 15th, myself Matthew Kitching and Tristan Tipping went to the Times Higher Awards in London as the Big Deal was nominated in the category for best student support. We were unlucky to loose to Leicester whose very admirable project helped disabled students with their employability skills.

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Newspaper – Monday 19th the second edition of the Bucks Student came out on Monday and I personally feel it is the best edition to date. It contains some proper journalism for the first time rather than just the union promoting its activities and events which I feel is a step in the right direction (although it would be nice to see more entries from our part time officers with issues surrounding their portfolios!). Council – Tuesday 20th I spent the afternoon at Missenden Abbey at my council induction and then went into a full council meeting. In the meeting we discussed various issues. Chris Kemp gave an update on the new faculty Design, Media and Management and he also filled in for David Sines and gave an update of

how things are progressing in Society and Health. The University has also started its next cycle of strategic planning and I was very happy to see some really optimistic targets the Universities senior management team have set out. NUS Good Governance – Wednesday 21st met with Karen from NUS. They are conducting some research into Student Unions with good governance and good relationships with their Universities. The findings from the research will be used to construct a guide for Students’ Unions across the HE sector. We discussed the universities relationship with us and vice versa. We also discussed our structure and how our trustee board is working and also the transition to charity status.

Letter from the Student Editor >Rebbeca Saunders WELCOME to yet another edition of the Bucks Student, the team have been working really hard to ensure that all of you have enough news and stories to keep you interested and informed. I’m pleased to see how many awards the university and it’s students are winning and getting involved in. Before I took this position there wasn’t much student involvement in this publication and I hope I’ve managed to change this by making sure there are articles written by students for students. This week alone there has been an award won

by a student, a new archive of furniture launched, and a whole series of classic readings launched by Pedro DeSenna and his students - all very exciting stuff! We have had one complaint regarding one of our articles in the last edition. I would like to take this opportunity to assure the student who wrote the letter that all our work is sourced and researched properly and double checked before it goes into the paper. If we print stories that the local Bucks Free Press hasn’t then our journalists are getting great scoops for you to read! If there are a few typing errors, I apologise, we

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currently have a team of 5 working on the paper! I know that a lot of you wrote your names down at the Fresher’s Fair to get involved in the paper. We have sent emails out but the majority of them have bounced back to us, I think this is probably because we couldn’t read your handwriting. For those of you who haven’t got the email we sent please don’t hesitate to contact us at the paper directly - we want your help and ideas! I hope that you enjoy everything that you read in this edition of the paper, and that some of the articles are eye openers for you all. Until next time....

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3 Bucks News

The university launches electronic furniture industry archive Bucks New Uni receives a grant to preserve furniture images By Rebecca Saunders THE university has received a Resource Enhancement Grant from the Art and Humanities Research Council enabling them to use modern technology to preserve over 16,000 images and technical papers charting the furniture industry in the 20th century. High Wycombe is known for its furniture trade, which has its roots in the town dating back to the 19th century chair makers. The High Wycombe chair museum can be found on Priory Road, and tells the history of the trade. The grant is allowing the university to preserve these very important papers relating back to the trade of High Wycombe. The project will be known as High Wycombe Electronic Furniture Archive. Prof Jake Kaner and his colleagues are working at creating unique electronic archive of photographic prints, slides, glass plates and drawings, artefacts which have been recovered as local furniture firms have

relocated or been liquidated, as well as reports and minutes from furniture industry societies and trade unions. The three-year digitization project is almost completed and brand new website is due to be launched on 5th November at the High Wycombe Library, Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe. Prof Kaner says: “The High Wycombe Furniture Archive will be of interest to social and local historians, those interested in the history of art, design and interiors, as well as furniture students and researchers. “There are also very practical applications; some of the furniture that was made by Ercol in the 1950s is now being re-produced, and the archive will help provide accurate information about 20th century furniture that is now being sold at auction – and we have been preserving the original archival items as the digital copies have been made” He added: “It would be nice to see a revival of the furniture industry in High Wycombe.

Left: Box of colour transparencies by Ercol Furniture Ltd.

Although the number of furniture businesses is now tiny in comparison to the industry’s heyday, there is still the infrastructure for design and manufacture. We make sure that our students leave the University with strong design and making skills, and we hope that the Archive will also help to breathe new life into the industry by increasing awareness of the impact

that furniture-making in High Wycombe has had on 20th century design, both nationally and internationally.” Prof Kaner has been working with primary sources and has provided the team working on the archive project with the opportunity to preserve some of the furniture, and the towns, heritage. The university was

originally founded in 1893 as a School of Science and Art, and has a long tradition of providing the skills relevant to the furniture industry. After WW1 the institution began providing disabled veterans with the skills needed for cabinet making, carving and polishing. The idea behind this was to help them find work in the large furniture industry in High

Wycombe. Today, the university offers a wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in furniture design and conservation. Despite the decline of furniture making in the High Wycombe area, the university still feels it is necessary to teach these traditional skills.

University graduate gets top honour Congratulations to Sobia, who is pictured with (from left) Jacqui Symons, human resources manager, current trainee Usman Khan, David Stanning, and Dr John White.

By Rebecca Saunders SOBIA Nawaw has taken a big step forward in her legal career and been awarded the B P Collins prize for top student on her law course. She was awarded the prize at the firm’s office in Gerrards Cross. Head of the University’s School

>Graduate Sobia Nawaz took a big step forward towards her legal career when she was awarded the B P Collins prize for top student on her law course of Human Sciences and Law Dr John White joined Sobia at the celebration. Senior partner David Stanning said: “It was a pleasure to share in Sobia’s enthusiasm for the law and we’re delighted to be able to reward her for the hard work and dedication that led to her success. “It’s really good to know

that we have on our doorstep a University with a growing Law Department that is clearly achieving high standards with its students.” Law firm B P Collins is a strong supporter of the university and this year marks the third year in a row that the company have presented the award.

The award is seen as a commitment in helping build close links between the university and local businesses in the community. Dr White thanked B P Collins for its support of the law course and said that the relationship between the two organisations was extremely valuable and helped underline the importance of the

private and public sectors working together. Sobia is delighted by her achievement and intends to use her cash prize to help fund the rest of her studies. She plans to study for a Legal Practice Course before putting all her hard work to use by working for a local law firm.

4 Bucks News

Initiations: Have they gone too far? By Jo Gardner THE rituals of initiations have been around almost as long as universities themselves. Upon joining a society (quite commonly a sports team), new members are encouraged to undergo a series of tasks, usually involving unpleasant and degrading games, combined with a hefty mix of alcohol and food. Freshers often take part in order to demonstrate their allegiance to a particular sport, a way of showing their loyalty to their chosen team. Many students see this as a definitive part of joining a particular sports team, and an extremely valuable tradition. But in recent years, these rituals are becoming more and more extreme, and in 2008 a student from Exeter

“All in all, it was a very successful initiations, the girls had fun whilst doing it, and most can’t wait until they get it all again on tour!” University tragically died after being initiated into his golf society. It is one of many student deaths that have been linked to alcohol poisoning, and after the ambulances were called here at Bucks on Wednesday 28th Oct, many people are left wondering if enough is enough. On Wednesday 28th Oct, Bucks held its annual initiation ceremony. Many teams took on the theme of ‘Boot Camp’, and chose to initiate their freshers in a military style. Netballers were made to wear ‘granny pants’, and complete an army-like assault course whilst being pelted with eggs and flour, and on arrival at the Union bar were sent on stage where they had to do

Rehearsed readings By Rebecca Saunders BUCKS New University will play host to a series of public rehearsed readings as of Friday 30th October. The readings will cover a selection of well-known words from playwrights such as Shakespeare and Bond. The readings will be free for the public to attend. Students will perform the readings together with professional directors and actors. The university feels that these sessions will be particularly beneficial to dyslexic students as they will have the opportunities to watch plays in preparation for lessons, as well as reading them. Pedro de Senna

said: “The Learning Enhancement Project has many aims, including providing students with a forum in which to access and study plays; enabling students to work alongside industry practitioners, developing insight and professional etiquette; providing students with opportunities to perform in public, and giving our staff opportunities for contact with industry professionals.” The readings will be free to attend and there is no need to book places. If you have any more enquiries regarding the events please contact Pedro.DeSenna@

>Upcoming events... 30th October 2009 - Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler 13th November 2009 - Edward Bond, Saved 27th November 2009 - Harold Pinter, The Caretaker 11th December 2009 - Peter Nichols, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

press ups into a bowl of mushy peas, custard and gravy, and get a lemon out with their mouths. The final task for them was to down a pint of snake bite with a raw egg at the bottom. Everything seemed as though it was going to plan until two members of the team started to suffer with an allergic reaction to something that had touched their skin. This is when the ambulances were called. Netball Chair Danielle Russell said, “We had two people who had an allergic reaction. The girls who were ill hadn’t made any mention to us of their allergies but thankfully they were fine.” It became clear that the girls were allergic to wheat, and when covered in the flour suffered a mild reaction, but apart from that were fine and the rest of the evening went without a hitch. The fact that an ambulance had to be called

in for what is already known for being a controversial night of events provokes the question as to whether initiations should be banned altogether? Despite a call from many government officials to get rid of initiation ceremonies many believe what we need instead are stricter regulations. As of last year Rugby President Craig Morrison created a form in which the participant filled out next of kin details along with a list of allergies and the option to ‘opt out’, whenever the student didn’t want to participate in a particular activity. This would be a good idea to transfer over to all teams participating, and would hopefully stop a usually harmless night turning into a disaster. Tom Foy (SU President) commented: “based on evidence from other universities, as a students

union we believe that if you allow initiations to take place in an open and upfront way they are safer and easier to regulate. If you simply do NOT acknowledge that they happen then there is a very real danger that they will move underground in to town and peoples houses. We offer guidence, set boundries and offer a safe environment with security and first aid trained staff on hand. I dread to think what the consequences would be if initiations were in the bottom of someones garden rather than in our venues where the safety of our students is paramount. The problems that arose on Wednesday are a good example of why initiations have to be closely monitored and regulated. I have actually been informed that one of the students managed to have a shower in the gateway and return to

enjoy the rest of her night.” From a student’s point of view the answers can be found in the 2004 student survey. Out of all of the initiations studied all the ceremonies involved alcohol consumption; just under half involved nudity; and a fifth featured “physical abuse” as part of the initiation rite. But maybe most importantly was the overwhelming amount of support from students who had taken part in them. As far as the ‘victims’ are concerned the report showed that the majority of students willingly took part, enjoyed the process and overall it helped team building. Netballer Danielle said, “All in all, it was a very successful initiations, the girls had fun whilst doing it, and most can’t wait until they get it all again on tour!”


You need to blag tickets, beg, steal and borrow your way to victory

The Jailbreak is a very simple concept but a hell of a challenge. Over 48 hours of reading week the aim is to get as far away from our Wycombe campus as you possibly can. Jailbreak information packs are available from the SU offices or by emailing

What did you think of the freshers helpers this year? We want to hear your views and comments on the freshers helpers and the way they helped you this year. The survey will only take a few minutes to fill in and will help us with valuable feedback. To complete the survey online, visit

5 Bucks News

Open4 Volunteers evening

Not for profit, just for thieves By Rebecca Saunders VENDING machines in the Student Union and by student café Beats have been broken into and money stolen. On Monday 19th October Dan Dean, Café direct and Pulse Supervisor filled up the machines in the student union foyer at 6.30pm. When he returned to refill the machines on Tuesday at 4pm he found that it had been broken into and the money from

inside had been taken. Dan then investigated the other vending machines nearby and found that the three by Beats café had also been broken into and money had been taken. “I went down to the security office to log it with them and to see if there were any cameras near any of the machines. “On my way over to check the machines in the Owen Harris building the security officer I was with received a radio call to say

that the coin holders had been found,” he said. The coin holders from all the machines that were broken in to were found in the male toilets behind Beats. The security team from the university contacted the police, and fingerprints have been taken but the culprits are yet to be found. Police are undergoing an investigation into the break in and sources at the university say that it might have been a professional job.

It is currently unclear how much money was taken in total from all the machines but it is suspected to be into the thousands. An employee from Vendcare, the company that look after the vending machines at the university, came in on Wednesday morning to look at the damage caused to the machines. The university is currently waiting for new locks for all the machines to be delivered.

National Union Students NEWS

>Did you see anything on the day the vending machines were broken into? Do you have any information or know who was responsible? If you do, we want to hear from you. Either contact Dan Dean in Cafe Direct or email

>NUS calls for resignation of student loans chief

>Students demonstrate against gay blood ban

NUS today called for the chief executive of the Student Loans Company (SLC), Ralph SeymourJackson, to resign as new figures revealed that, as of 18 October, 146,000 students had still not received funds despite their applications having been approved. NUS President Wes Streeting said: “This year, hundreds of thousands of students have been affected by late payments or lost documents and have endured a miserable start to term. “The Student Loans Company has given students a string of broken promises about when they should expect to receive some or all of their loan payments. SLC bosses have failed to acknowledge the distress they have caused to students, and have sought to apportion blame anywhere other than their own doorstep.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) students from across the UK descended on London last Tuesday in an NUS protest against the National Blood Service’s policy of not allowing gay and bisexual men to donate blood.

Brand Spanking New

>Scotland’s student income to increase Students are welcoming the Scottish Government’s moves to focus on tackling student hardship and commercial debt today following an announcement that 68% of students in Scotland will see their income increase in the next academic year.

ucks erchandise

The vending machines in Beats.

BUCKS New University is holding its Open4Volunteers evening on 4th November, and will be joined by The High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, Allan Westray. The evening is being held at the Missenden Abbey Conference Centre and is designed to help would-be volunteers find satisfying volunteering opportunities to get involved with across the country. Organisations at the event will include: The National Trust; Barnardos; Wycombe Youth Action; The Child Bereavement Trust; Bucks Community Action; Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT); Chiltern Open Air Museum; BucksVison; Samaritans; Peoples Voices; School Aid; Shed in the Park; i4C Technologists; 4C; Voluntary Impact; The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS); and The Volunteer Centres. Jane Adams, organiser of the event said: “Many volunteers don’t realise how valuable their professional experience, as well as their time and commitment, can be to an organisation. “This event will give them a chance to understand what specific skills local charities might also be looking for and to find themselves a niche where their specialist expertise could make an even bigger contribution.” The event is being held as part of the University’s ‘Practical help in tough times’ project’ and any potential volunteers are welcome to drop into the event any time between 4.30 – 8.30pm.

>NUS announces discount deal for 16-25 railcard NUS announced recently a deal that will see students who hold an NUS Extra card get a 10% discount on a 1625 railcard.

>Got any university, local or national stories?

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Get involved in the Enterprise Festival By Rebecca Saunders Taking part in the BUCKS new university’s events during the Enterprise Festival festival will help you kicks off on Monday 9th gain the accredited November and continues Certificate in Enterprise through until Friday 27th which will look great on November. your CV. There will be chances The Certificate in for students to take 9-27 November 2009 Enterprise has been part in competitions, developed especially challenges and listen to to fit around Student guest speakers who will Enterprise Activities be around throughout organised by the the festival to offer help university. The aim and advice on how to be is to encourage you successful when leaving to explore your university. Challenges and entrepreneurial flair and to turn your business idea into a business competitions include the following The opportunity. You can graduate with a Apprentice Challenge, design a T-shirt level 5 Certificate in Enterprise. and Beat the Bands. Bucks New University’s Enterprise Festival kicks off Monday 9 November. Three weeks of competitions and events: Join the Apprentice Challenge and be the team to make the biggest profit or get involved with creating a new product and TV ad in the ‘24 hour’ event or why not have a go at the design a T shirt competition. There will be loads of guest speakers on hand to offer tips on how to be successful after leaving uni. There are opportunities such as Xing to develop enterprising skills. If you are in a band get involved in Beat The Bands. Three weeks dedicated to bolstering your entrepreneurial skills.

Visit our website for more info and to register for the events and competitions and to join the Enterprise Festival social network Telephone: 01494 605244 . Email:

The Enterprise Festival events will help you gain the accredited Certificate in Enterprise. Great on the CV!

Enterprise Festival The 24 hour challenge

The Apprentice Challenge

YOUR mission - should you decide to accept it – is to launch a new biscuit product to the nation. United Biscuits (those lovely people behind McVities’ Jaffa Cakes) are challenging you to develop a brand name, a logo, new packaging and a 30 second TV commercial for a new biscuit product. The slight problem is they need it by the end of the week. Your mission - should you decide to accept it – is to launch a new biscuit product to the nation. United Biscuits (those lovely people behind McVities’ Jaffa Cakes) are challenging you to develop a brand name, a logo, new packaging and a 30 second TV commercial for a new biscuit product. The slight problem is they need it by the end of the week. If you are up for a challenge of this magnitude you need to enter by 30th October at the latest. Only the first 48 people to sign up can play so decide quickly! The task is designed particularly for students interested in advertising and design, marketing, public relations, film production, and copywriting BUT anyone can apply. Just be quick! On Wednesday 18 November you will need to attend the briefing where you will be given information about the new product, its benefits and the proposed target customers. You will be also allocated to teams. Then you are off! You have just hours to pull it all together. If you always have to go to bed at 10pm then this is not the job for you. Your team must slave away until Friday lunchtime when you must have the following deliverables:

THE aim of this challenge is to make the biggest profit over three different challenges over three days during the three weeks of Enterprise Festival. The challenge will test your business planning, marketing, time management, pitching negotiation and selling skills. The event is being sponsored by businesses, and each team taking part will receive an investment of up to £250. The winning team at the end of the challenge gets to keep all their profits together with what ever money is in the pot. The size of the prize pot is dependent of the number of teams entering. Deadline for entry forms is 28th October

1. Artwork for the brand name and logo 2. A concept board to show the packaging 3. A 30 second TV ad (with story board) Your team then needs to pitch its idea to a panel of judges as at 2pm on Friday 20 November. The judges will comprise an array of industry experts and a member of United Biscuits. The winning team not only takes home the glory but also a lovely prize from United Biscuits.

My great business idea THIS is a two phase competition run by the Student Enterprise team and is open to all Bucks students. The idea behind it is to allow you to develop an idea which has commercial potential. The competition is open to individuals or teams of up to 5 people. The prize for stage one is £5,000 and for stage two it is £10,000 Closing date for entries is midday on 6th November.

>For more information regarding the Enterprise Festival, and application

7 Bucks Features

Enterprise festival events Apprentice Challenge 09.11.2009, 11.00am - 3.00pm Gateway Bridge

There’s gold in them there ‘ills 09.11.2009 6.30pm - 8.00pm OH2

How to fund your business - where money comes from and how to sell your idea 10.11.09 12.00pm - 2.00pm, Old Board Room

The ‘Social Network Revolution and how it effects students entering the world of business’ 10.11.09, 12.00pm - 2.00pm, Gateway Lecture Theatre

Get Connected - how to network more effectively 11.11.2009, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, Gateway Lecture Theatre

Bucks Got Talent 12.11.09, 6.00pm - 9.00pm, Audio Studio 2

How to speak rock god-on the road and on film with the stars of rock 12.11.2009, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, Gateway Lecture Theatre

Apprentice Challenge second task 13.11.2009, 08.00am - 4.00pm, Eden Shopping Centre

Bucks New Uni Challenge 16.11.2009, 09.30am - 4.00pm, N2.06/G5.01/G5.02

‘Telling it like it is’ 16.11.2009, 2.00pm - 3.00pm, Gateway Lecture Theatre

‘Transmitting Information is easier than creating understanding’ 17.11.2009, 2.00pm - 3.30pm, Gateway Lecture Theatre Left: Leanne Leveaux receiving a large cheque last year

Women in Business Day 18.11.2009, 09.30am - 4.30pm, Crowne Plaza, Marlow

Enterprise Dinner - by invitation only 18.11.2009, 7.00pm - 10.30pm

The 24 Hour Challenge

Bucks got talent

19.11.2009, 12.00pm, N2.01, 2.03, 2.04, 2.09, 2.10, 2.11, 2.14, 2.15,

WANT a career in Music? Are you a solo artist or do you have a band? Take the first step in realising your dreams. Get your music heard by industry professionals Why not join our Bucks Got Talent evening on 12th November where our industry professional will listen to your demo. The best six entries will have the chance to perform in our Beat the Bands competition on the 19th November. Places will be limited. Register in advance to avoid disappointment and secure your place. Register for the by 6th November and bring your audio CD to Audio Studio 2, Gateway Building, Queen Alexandra Road at 6:00pm on Thursday 12th November

20.11.2009, 2.00pm

ns for all events can be found at

The 24 Hour Challenge presentations Beat the Bands 19.11.09, 6.30pm - 9.00pm, Students Union,

Running a Sport Business - The Sporting Landscape 23.11.2009, 10.00am - 11.00am, Gateway Lecture Theatre

Apprentice Challenge Final Event 24.11.2009, 7.30pm, Student Union

5% Idea, 95% Effort 25.11.2009, 12.30pm - 2.00pm, Gateway Lecture Theatre

All Spin and Froth: Corporate Comms isn’t working 25.11.2009, 7.30pm - 9.30pm, OH1

XING 26.11.2009, 09.30am - 4.30pm, Student Union

Taking on the might of the global cola giants 26.11.2009, 5.30pm - 7.00pm, OH1

Music Events Management Showcase 26.11.2009, 6.30pm - 9.00pm, Student Union

Games challenge 27.11.2009, 11.00am - 3.00pm, G4.06, G4.07, & G4.08

Dignity, Comfort and Safety 27.11.2009, 12 noon - 2.00pm, Uxbridge UX1.10

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Don’t forget when leaving the venue and walking home to respect your neighbours.

Student Editor Rebecca Saunders talks paying your way through university and finds out what being a stripper is all about GOING into my third year I naively thought that my class would be exactly the same as it was last year, maybe with a few less if they didn’t get through. But to my surprise there was one new addition to the class, transferred from a university in London; Megan was now the newest member of our journalism class. After knowing that we’d all spent the last two years together before she joined us, it must have been a bit daunting to walk into an established group and introduce yourself. She didn’t hesitate in talking to all of us and happily joining in with the groups discussions and activities – a very strong and friendly person were my thoughts. I know that everyone in my class, and probably the vast majority of students have part time jobs, so I when it came up in conversation with her we were all surprised to know that Megan’s part time job was being a stripper in clubs in London. My first thoughts of this were along the lines of, ‘Oh my God! Why do people feel they need to do that for a living? (Sorry Megan!). I was never fully against the idea, but I’d never come across anyone with a career such as that. After that initial conversation I pondered the thought of a career as a stripper and wondered what it was really like. After a lot of thinking and more conversations with Megan I soon realised that it’s not as bad, and degrading as I originally thought. I am a full time student who juggles two separate part time jobs, a permanent work placement at local newspaper, the Bucks Free Press, my university work and my work as Student Editor of The Bucks Student. Some people would say I’m completely mad doing as much as I do, but I like being busy, I like opening that payslip at the end of each month and then using it to fund my expensive shopping habit. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work so many hours, some people would argue that I don’t, but I’m proud of being a student without any debt whatsoever. I proud of buying my own car, and of swinging my Mulberry handbag as I walk around the shops. I enjoy doing what I do

and get a lot of satisfaction out of the things I achieve. So when I spoke to last week and she told myself and Jo that she could earn up to £2000 in one night, my head immediately thought: ‘Think how many handbags and pairs of shoes you could buy if you earnt that much?!’. Of course you wouldn’t make that much money every night: “Sometimes you can go home with nothing”. Megan earns way more than the average student, spending her income on her car, clothes, and general living as well as saving some in order to buy a house with her boyfriend. “I find that if I earn a lot I think a lot more things are ‘essential’, things like pedicures, massages, spray tans etc” I was becoming more and more interested in Megan and her part time job, and how easy it was for her to earn that much money as a student. I found myself being slightly jealous of the life she was leading and on the money she was making, all of us wish we had the extra cash to spend on our hair, nails and general pampering. I asked her what made her get into that career, she said: “I just wanted easy cash”. It dawned on me that the common perception of being a stripper is one of girls who have no self respect and who dance in front of men drawling over them. I decided then and there that this probably wasn’t the case at all. So I asked her what she would say to people with these views of strippers. “I’d say those people have an old fashioned opinion. We have a lot of self respect, we love our bodies enough to put them on show which is quite refreshing considering how many women have body hang ups!. “We go to work and use and abuse men to make our money to buy our own cars/ houses/businesses, loads of women use their sexuality to work their way up the ladder, were just being more ‘in your face’ with it I suppose!!”

>What do you think about stripping? Do you agree/disagree or are you impartial? Vo

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“...she could earn up to £2000 in one night, my head immediately thought: ‘Think how many handbags and pairs of shoes you could buy if you earnt that much?!’”

>In the mind of...

She said: “We pole dance, do private lap dances and hours of Table Company. We sit and chat whilst drinking champagne, and dance if the customer wants us to.” I asked Megan where she worked and whether she felt she put herself at risk doing what she does. “I work three nights a week, mainly at Secrets in Hammersmith. I also work and Spearmint Rhino and Stringfellows from time to time when I get bored! “I’ve never felt at risk as the security is very high in all clubs I work in and the guys are usually scared of us girls anyway!!” It was clear during my conversations with her that she really enjoyed her job. “It can be enjoyable when I’m drinking with the girls and making loads of money, but if its dead and its 2am in the morning and I want to be in bed it’s the worst job ever. “It can be hard if you’re not in the mood to act all pretty and fun and sexy; and you are talking to a guy who you know you can earn money from but he’s beating around the bush!” But as much as she enjoys her

job there she said that it’s always hard to act as though she’s having fun at 2am on a Monday when she’s tired. I’ve always contemplated taking up pole dancing for the exercise aspect of it but never got round to find a class to join, or someone to take along with me for moral support. Thinking about it thought I don’t think I would ever have the confidence in myself and my body in order to put it on show for others. I have the greatest respect for Megan for her line of work; my conversations with her have made me admire her confidence. I wouldn’t personally recommend being a stripper to pay for university, but I think everyone should be able to have confidence in themselves and what they do. It’s important to have a part time job and help pay yourself

With the recession kicking in hard and students being strapped for cash would you consider it? By Leanne Leveaux WE’RE all too familiar with the term “recession”, and with the feeling of being short of cash especially being students. But what would you do to make a bit more money? How far would you go to make ends meet? Would you strip? For some people it’s just something they do to raise a bit of extra cash, but for others it’s a full time occupation; and not an easy one at that. Is it something you would consider doing yourself? Is it something you have considered? How would you react if a friend told you she was thinking about getting into it?

through university in any way that you can. All students dread leaving university with huge amounts of debt over their head, so I hope that you take the content of this article as an inspiration.

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I am indifferent about the subject as a whole, and believe that people are entitled to do whatever makes them happy. I would certainly not condemn someone for choosing to get into stripping, but I don’t know if I would encourage them either, at the end of the day, it’s not a last resort. Along with having the upside of

paying reasonably well, it does like anything, also have it’s downsides and would definately require a lot of thought before jumping in head first. These days strippers are a lot more looked after within the places they work (well, the more reputable ones) - or so we’re led to believe. There are stricter rules in place as to what customers can and can’t do, and the girls can choose up to what level they wish to work. There are also many more security measures in place, in order to keep the girls safe. But even with all these safety measures in place, it could still prove to be a dangerous industry, if you’re not careful. Yes, you probably get a few stokey men leering at you while you’re working, but being a woman, when do you walk down the high street without that happening? There are strange people all over the place, the best thing you can do is be careful and stay safe. Stripping - not for the faint hearted, but also not a last resort.


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Stock market crash! prices fall & rise infront of your eyes!

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theme: cops & robbers The bookhouse boy’s

uni tour

chelsea vs Man utd k.o. 3.30pm

14 Bucks Entertainment

The union has once again been treated to another Thursday night of musical magic.

By Jo Gardner Entertainments Editor THIS time in the form of Camden band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and South London based Chew Lips. First up were Ou Est. Made up of 3 very strange boys, the band managed to tear the stage apart with their dizzy mix of electro pop music combined with a massive amount of enthusiasm. Jumping into

the crowd, dancing with fans and at one point, front man Andele even scaled one of the huge speakers before being pulled off by security. Not exactly the sort of set you can call boring, these boys are definitely ones to watch for the future. The stand out track for me was their next single, ‘Dance The Way I

Feel’, which is available now to download; it got the whole crowd dancing and eager for more. Next up were indie band Chew lips. Fronted by the stunning Tigs, the electro pop trio played tune after tune of indie pop that will make you dance your legs off and stay spinning around in your

head for days after. They captivated the audience who were dancing the whole way through the set, and when they’d finished the crowd were left feeling like they’d witnessed something truly special.

Above Left to Right: Chew Lips on stage in venue & promo shot. Ou est mugshots.

Non Stop Hits from Calvin Harris By Jo Gardner Entertainments Editor W WHEN the lights dimmed down oon Oxford academy for many of th the younger fans in the audience it w was almost too much, the chants oof “Calvin, Calvin”, rang out accompanied by high pitched screams Above: Calvin and the frantic waving of glow sticks. Harris Promo. Left: On stage at When Harris finally jumps on stage to Oxford Academy ‘Merrymaking at my place’ the crowd

Jo’s Music HOT Picks Whats hot at the minute in the charts

Calvin Harris: ‘Flashback’ Nov 2

go wild, and from that point on there’s no going back. Smashing out hit after hit in the form of, ‘Ready For The Weekend’, ‘The Girls’, and number 1 single, ‘I’m Not Alone’ Calvin bobs and dances behind his keyboard as he conducts the chaos that is progressing in front of him. Finally, as he pauses for breath he gives the crowd one

Florence & The Machine: ‘You’ve Got The Love’ Nov 16

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool: ‘Dance The Way I Feel’ Nov 9

more opportunity to go mental. The excited and sweaty fans obviously need no encouragement as they’ve been going mental for the last 45 minutes. When he eventually leaves the stage and the young fans start to filter out, it is perfectly understood why he has become one of the biggest pop stars of 2009. Dizzee Rascal: ‘Dirtee Cash’ Nov 9

By Jo Gardner Entertainments Editor

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Dionne Bromfield: ‘Mama Said’ Nov 9

15 Bucks Entertainment

Chew Lips backstage

Chew lips aftershow Interviews CHEW Lips, 15th October. After the show I managed to grab a few minutes to catch up with the Chew Lips: Tigs, James Watkins and Will Sanderson. Tigs did most of the talking. So they started off talking about breast milk, which derived from Tigs requesting soya milk on her rider and their tour manager expecting a baby…. Though lets skip that, too much talk of lactating makes me queasy. Did you know Men can lactate out of sympathy…… So then the interview got going: S. How would you

describe you music? T. Shit, dog shit, electro crap. S. Who would you compare yourself to? T. Prince, David Bowie, God…..Little boots (laughs), I would describe it as, I dunno LCD Soundsystem, much so than little boots. S. Are people comparing you to Little Boots? T. About 6 months ago we got lumped in with all of that, once you hear our record, (lazy comparison) we release our record in January, I don’t think we will be compared to that any more. S. So you release your

Phone Wars Sony Ericsson W595 Ed Hardy edition

ANOTHER windows phone... when I first heard that I expected to hold an embarrassingly large and sadistically heavy brick in my hand that could do lots of weird and wonderful things. But it wasn’t, a brick I mean, it was in fact a very stylish fairly thin and lightweight phone and underneath its well presented shell was the Windows horse power using windows 6.1 operating system which means internet explorer, adobe, msn push email all the breathtaking things that windows offers. The hardware doesn’t fall short either with WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, powerful battery life and many more. Well there you have it folks one of the latest and most popular phones on the market today. But if you are the type of person who uses your mobile phone just to simply make and receive phone calls and send the odd text message please disregard all of the above!

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record in January? T. (in a animated voice)Oh I believe it’s the January 25th S. Are you excited? T. I’m weeping anal tears of joy I took the piss there but we are really excited it’s our first record, S. You’ve only been together a year and a half; it’s all happening pretty quickly. T. It’s been smooth S. Where did you used to play shows when show started out, like pub shows? T. Our first show May 10th last year house party. We have been lucky, we

have never played any grotty shows, like the basic London circuit because we are a London Band. Like our 5th show we had industry people come down, ridiculously so, we weren’t even ready to play to them. On our 9th show Steve Lemac came to on the Friday, on the Monday he booked us to play on his radio one show week after that he booked us to play the electric proms and that was our 15th show It’s been mad, playing loads of shows and a few festivals. S. So who’s your favourite up and coming artist at

By Sajjid Tameez Sony Ericsson W595 Ed Hardy edition

SO Sony Ericsson have released the W595 again, well it was a great phone with a reasonably efficient 3.2 megapixel camera, Ericsson’s charming user interface and the space saving slide function. But what is different... let me see, oh yes it looks like it’s been doodled on. Ed Hardy the famous tattooist has used his incredible talent and tattooed the phone. So theoretically you are paying more money for an old phone with a vandalised cover! Why? But ok if you like that sort of thing why not resurrect your old District 9 Review W595 and visit the phone market where I Mockumentary am positive you will find the £5 knock off By Sajjid Tameez Ed Hardy case from china and simply give TYPICAL SCI/FI action it a face lift! movie; Aliens land on earth and now live alongside Humans. Characteristically the ignorance within people automatically to strives to seize advantage of the

the moment? T. ‘Everyone’, they blew my tiny mind, I’ve never met a band I have wanted to help before, they are like a cool Billy Joel. I don’t think they even have a Myspace. They have massive sounds, it’s really hard to describe. Ermm, who else is really good? I love wave machines, slightly obsessed with Wave Machines. S. Who’s the favourite band you’ve played with? J. The invisible T. The invisible, they are brilliant W. If you count festivals, loads. W. Neil young, bit pissed off with Neil Young, I watch him and he didn’t fucking watch us, I think that’s a bit rude. T. We opened for the Killers in Hard rock calling in Hyde Park S. So who is the most horrible band you have met? T. The Crystal Fighters (the rooms erupts with laughter) We had a fall out with them last night. S. How did you fall out with him? He knows more about our band than we do, he tries to exacerbate us. S. How did you find tonight? T. I enjoyed tonight, crowd were nice, shit curry in weatherspoons though. W. The show was the best part. To find more about the Chew Lips and their up and coming shows visit their website

By Sarah Louise Moore alien’s superior weaponry arrogantly ignoring the possibility of consequence. The writers skilfully elaborate on the ugly nature of the human’s compulsive infatuation of absolute power clearly indicating that oppression is deemed acceptable when in position of authority! Aside from the movie’s remarkable underlying plot it is essentially a exceptionally well directed action SCI/FI epic delicately coated with tasteful action sequences and a cast severely intoxicated with talent. Bear in mind that this is not a movie for everyone it has stomach turning gore, killing and graphical violence. A must see flick!

Dinosaur Pile Up

By Jessica Buckley

THREE piece band “Dinosaur Pile Up”, young, modest Leeds lads, played one of their dates from their current tour at our very own SU last night 8th October. With a captivating live performance and a sound reminding me of Nirvana with a contemporary rock twist on it, the band confess that the 90s grunge legends as well as Weezer and Rage Against the Machine provide a strong musical influence for them when composing. Although a couple of songs from their set were written by all 3 young men, lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, former singer of “Mother Vulpine” is the main song writer for the band. His aim, he says, after jokingly complaining about “crap” that’s out today, when writing is to “bring back the rise of GOOD music”. We look forward to that, Matt! Having had the present band members for the last year and a half after swapping drummers around, the band finally stuck with Steve and perfected the songs which they are performing in their current tour. The band are set to play with The Pixies over the next week, gigs they expect to be some of their favourites as was Reading Festival in the Radio 1 tent this year, claiming that it was one of the most energetic crowds they’ve had as circle pits formed and human pyramids were built. Dinosaur Pile Up are also set to tour with Dananananaykroyd later this month (which they kindly confirmed is pronounced “ah-kroyd”not “ai-kroyd” for me!) and are also constantly adding more dates. Their EP “The Most Powerful EP In The Universe!!” is out now though they are also working on an album expected to be released the beginning of next year, so watch this space!

16 Bucks Culture

Dear Debbie

>Have a problem and need some advice? Email Debbie:

I have a problem with old people, I just feel spooked by them. They wait for the bus outside my house everyday. I just don’t understand their world, how come they think they own benches? If I try and sit on one of ‘their’ benches they all come and sit around me and use their peculiar odour to move me along. Also I don’t get their obsession with post offices and newsagents they’re always in there holding other people up with their ‘fiddly’ bits of paper and paying their paper bills and

Fill this box

buying those creme mints that only old people eat. Bryan (Marketing PR) Dear Brian, Respect your elders because one day you will probably be like them and in the same position. You probably smell very weird to them as well if you reverse roles I mean the amount of times I’ve seen kids harassing old people is innumerable. Don’t be ‘spooked’ by them, just let them get on with their business while you get on with yours.

I am a Roman Catholic and I have to go to Confession each week. The thing is I’m generally a decent person who does very little wrong so I keep running out of things to say at Confession and end up with these awkward embarrassing silences that seem to go on for ages. So, to help me out, do you have anything I can confess on your behalf? Nick (graphics dept) Well Nick, Don’t know if I should even write this because the

person in question might read this but oh well. I might as well get it over with. I once brought an immitation Armani Jeans Jacket for my (possibly ex) best friend and passed it on as the real thing. All my other friends were a tad bit jealous and asked why the jacket had PJ instead of AJ and I simply told them that i had the jacket customised for him! I’m not proud of this but desperate time’s call for desperate measures!

Japanese Glazed Chicken

recipe Origin: Japanese

Artwork By Modupe Johnson Modupe is an up and coming artist with a range of comics in hand.. checkout some more of his artwork at >Email us your work at

Style Spy


Whats HOT to wear at the moment in the fashion scene Jazmine PR & Marketing 1st year Jumper: Grandmas Scarf: Mum Hello Kitty shirt: Asda - £5 Jeans: from Camden - £10 Ugg boots: Macy’s on sale - £200 Bag: £30 Primark: £2

Into fashion?


• 8 chicken drumsticks, skin on (the skin is important for flavour, and is so tasty to eat!) • 1 cup water • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar • 1/3 cup soy sauce • 2 1/2 tablespoons sugar • 1 garlic clove, peeled and bruised • 1 small hot chili pepper, slit open, seeds removed

1. Place all the ingredients in a saucepan over a high heat. 2. Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer for about 20 minutes. 3. Remove any scum that rises to the surface. 4. Increase the heat, turning the drumsticks frequently in the sauce, and cook until the liquid has reduced to a sticky glaze. 5. Arrange the chicken on a serving platter, remove the garlic clove and chili from the liquid, and spoon the glaze over.

NOTE It’s a glaze rather than a sauce, so there’s not a whole lot of it.


Dami Business management 1st year Adidas Bag : £2.50 from Adidas store (Westfield) Adidas Top: £38 from Adidas store (Westfield) Adidas Bottoms: £28 from Adidas store (Westfield) Adidas Socks: £10 from Adidas store (Westfield) Adidas Trainers: £55 from Adidas store (Westfield)


Are you interested in modelling for this student style page? Or maybe you’re a Fashion, Textiles or Jewellery design student wanting to display your new creations? If this sounds like you, then send me an email with your interests and ideas to:

Cocktail of the week samurai rock Samurai Rock is a Japanese sake cocktail. CONTENTS:


• 45 ml Sake Rice Wine • 15 ml Lime Juice • Some Ice

Put a couple of ice in a glass. Pour sake and lime juice into the glass. Stir well. This Drink Beats Red Bull anyday!!!

5 minute chocolate mug cake

Method: Mix all the dry ingredients together in the mug Add the egg and mix Add the milk, oil and vanilla essence and mix Add the chocolate chips Put the mug into the microwave for 3 minutes at 1000watts (high) >Got a family recipe or great cocktail recipe? Email us

Ingredients: 4tbsp flour 4tbsp sugar 2tbsp cocoa 1 egg 3 tbsp milk

3tbsp oil 3tbsp chocolate chips (optional) Splash of vanilla essence 1 x large mug

17 Bucks Student

Big D£al in the Faculty - close to the course enhancement “The funds spent on the Big D£al in the faculties is adding value to your studies.” DIFFERENT Schools and different courses have chosen a variety of ways to provide this extra support and tailored it to maximise the benefit to students following a particular course of study. This may mean that you do not receive what your friend on a different course is getting, but you will have something else which your tutors believe will help you on your chosen course. This year the faculty arranged for Blackwell, the well known educational bookshop, to set up a shop in the university to provide a quick and convenient way for students to redeem book vouchers they received as part of the faculty offer. The value of the vouchers students have received varies from course to course reflecting the fact that some areas of study, for example business and law, rely more heavily on texts than others, and it will be beneficial for students in these disciplines to have their own copy of a text without having to buy it themselves. The faculty has spent over £180,000 on book vouchers for

this significant part of the offer. If you haven’t redeemed your vouchers yet then hurry because the Blackwell shop is not a permanent feature on campus and will be leaving soon. Not all students received book vouchers; students on workshop and studio based courses may have received tools and materials when they, started on the course, or materials will be given to you as the year progresses – without the big D£al you would have had to buy all tools and materials yourself, the offer will reduce this cost to individual students. In other areas of the faculty students will receive a one year membership of professional organisations or subscriptions to on line industry newsletters, or sports coaching equipment, or USB memory sticks and/or other hardware that will assist in studies which have a significant technical component. Many students will have the opportunity to go on a study tour during the year; this might be to an international or European destination or might be more

locally based. In several areas the cost of these trips will be subsidised by the Big D£al. We believe that these trips provide a great study opportunity and we hope that the subsidy will enable more students to take advantage of them. On a more generic basis the faculty is able to benefit larger groups of students by bringing in specialist speakers and experts from industry to give keynote lectures or run master classes. In all cases these will be additional to what is planned for normal delivery of your programme and will enhance your employability, as will the Creative Minds: Creative Futures conference to be held in February 2010 which will be free of charge for students. Not all of these Big D£al items are given at the beginning of the year but, in many areas, more support will come to you as the year progresses and will be given to you at a point where it will be most advantageous to your studies.

So what do you think? By Saj Abid SO everyone seems to have settled in nicely thus it’s time to ask the all important question ‘what do you think?’ I took the liberty to ask a few students what they liked and disliked about Bucks New University. The very first person I asked said ‘I like the beats cafeteria its hip!’ Ok I agree it was brief however significantly to the point. As anticipated I received many positive and joyful comments regarding the Gateway, although soon positivity was tragically murdered and rapidly replaced by the fluctuation of comments regarding the Students’ Union which was a different story entirely. The outlining issues were ‘it’s too small for the amount of people’ along with ‘I am forever queuing’ but the most interesting comment had to be ‘I don’t feel safe going to the Students’ union at night’ which led me to investigate why this is. So I asked random people how they felt concerning a visit to Students’ Union at night. Within the feedback I received from 20 people 2 were scared to go out on certain nights, however the rest felt relatively safe. One gentleman I spoke to Nick Anglian, I believe created the real balance

by saying ‘I DO feel safe at the Students’ Union but I’m always cautious because some people drink too much and act up. This causes bystanders to get unavoidably involved.’ So in conclusion the Students’ Union is a safe place for people to enjoy themselves however whether it be the outstandingly BAD Michael Jackson impressionist or the clueless Kung Fu fighter that is causing a nuisance here’s some advice ‘take a hike!’ In addition a subject which has been bugging me since I started, I just have to bring it up. The Gateway, it is like boarding the enterprise, it is highly sophisticated and I love the whole use your ID card to gain access I feel like an agent entering the MI5 office. The chairs, the desktop PC’s all state of the art, Intel Pentium Vpro, I mean that is impressive up until you do the dreadful thing of turning it on just to find XP as the operating system! Why? To me this felt like booking an elegant celebrity style overpriced banquet, organising a dinner party inviting absolutely everyone, importing a famous chef from Italy just to serve scrambled egg. Why?


ir h -s T ty s u R e v lo ‘I n io Limited Edit Only £4

line at www.bucksstude

es or on Available at the SU offic

18 Bucks Student

Breast be ware By Kirsty Maddock

Dear Editor Hello editorial team :)

EVERY 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer and as it is breast cancer awareness month, it is extremely important for women like you, over the age of 18 to examine your breasts regularly. One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast examinations should be done at least a week after a period to allow any recent swelling to reduce. There are several methods you ladies can practice to self examine your breasts, the first being a visual examination. Simply stand in front of the mirror, raise your arms or bend forward and look for dimples in the breast or any radical changes to your nipples. The next method you can try is the clock method. You can do this standing up or lying down; just use one hand to check the opposite breast. Use your fingers to massage around the breast in a clockwise motion in towards the nipple. Here you are feeling for lumps in the breast and also looking for discharge from the nipple. A similar technique is known as the sweeping method. This is where you use three flat fingers to massage across the breast, beginning under the armpit sweeping towards the centre of your chest. You should be firm but try not to apply too much pressure. If you do detect a lump or any changes to your breasts don’t panic but go to your GP immediately. You are never too young to develop breast cancer so start your monthly examinations today.


I’M writing to you because I’m very disappointed with that what you as editors let to be printed in issue 2 of Bucks Student. I’m thinking of an article titled ‘Electrical fire sparks Eden brawl’. I cannot believe that You let such inaccuracy to happen, especially in news section where the information should be accurate... First of all at this day there was NO FIRE in Eden Shopping Centre (you DEAR student, Thank you for your letter, we appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative as it will help us improve the future of the newspaper in its working progress. As you took the time out to send us your views I hope that I can answer your concerns. I am very sorry you feel disappointed on the article and would like to apologise for any inaccuracy or distress caused. However, I was present at the incident and can clearly report that this was not the average evacuation or false alarm which usually lasts around 10mins and where security officers are able to quickly dismiss the problem. I can judge this as

Your comments We want to hear your comments and thoughts about the Bucks Student. Email any letters, comments or suggestions to can ask for the report from this day in fire station, it’s very close to Uni), there was an alarm BUT caused by someone smoking near to fire detector. The fire brigade, as it was named in the article came just to check and switch off the alarm. Furthermore, the evacuation is one of standard proceedings in case of fire alarm. It happens in Eden approximately 3 or 2 times a month. Did You ask Your reporter if she has checked her sources? Anon

I am an employee of the Eden centre and have taken part in many evacuations. I also have evidence in the form of pictures at the time to show the scene; of the fire officers, the crowd outside the university and that the walkway where staff would usually exit by the side of Dorothy Perkins towards Lilys walk was sectioned off by emergency tape causing confusion amongst staff. The problem was first thought to be sourced at the back of River Island but after speaking to staff, I was informed it had come from the back of the centre and was a small electrical fire - this was confirmed to me by an officer at the scene. I took this for granted as

he was a professional but will do further investigations as you have highlighted an alternative story. However, an event did occur and I spoke to at least ten customers on the scene who were affected so I felt it was enough to report. I was then quoted from an Eden manager, their account of the events as they played out and was informed of the additional chaos involving a man and the security staff. As I did not see this happen, it was written from their point of view and the identity of the man was unknown. Thank you - I hope you continue reading the Bucks Student and will not hesitate to send in further comments. By Naomi Young

STEVE Cohen, editor of the Bucks Free Press wrote in his ‘Backchat’ column on Tuesday 27th October: ‘I don’t believe it!’ MOST cynics enjoy saying ‘don’t believe what you read in the newspapers’ So I enjoyed the following anecdote from Rebecca Saunders, who edits the student newspaper at Bucks New University. Becca and her editorial team put together a story about some kind of evacuation from the Eden Centre in High Wycombe. They were proud of the piece until a furious student reader emailed them to say something along the lines of: “This story was not in the Bucks Free Press - therefore you must be lying.” Becca - who also does work experience for us and bizarrely drives to Starbucks on the motorway to get a coffee because she doesn’t like our machine here - told me: “We thought it was hilarious as the reporter who wrote the piece was actually evacuated from the centre at the time.”

One in nine of us has had a sexual infection, often without any symptoms. The Practice can give you


health check at one of our clinics, either on campus or at The Practice Hanover House. We are holding these free clinics on campus in a private room in rooms N1.06 & N1.08 from 10-3 on the following dates: Tuesday 3rd November Tuesday 1st December Monday 25th January Tuesday 9th February Tuesday 16th March Tuesday 18th May We also have regular clinics every Friday 2-6pm (walk in until 5pm) at The Practice Hanover House. You can just turn up, but booking an appointment is a good idea. For an appointment please call 01494 690980 or e-mail:

Why not check out our website Or myspace page

Available Monday 9th November from SU offices or online at priced £5


Comedy workshop By Christian Elderfield 2nd year Film And Television Production ADAM Ethan Crow and David Whitney have come to Bucks for the past two years now to run a three week workshop on stand up comedy and script writing. Having done stand up before I immediately jumped at the chance to learn firsthand from established professionals in my own university. Its a relaxed atmosphere where as well as learning a great deal about comedy you get to hear funny and entertaining stories about Adam and David’s experiences within the industry. Adam aims to hone a person’s comedy interests and pinpoint their sense of humour so he can help them develop their own comedy style if they wish to pursue what could be the beginnings of a career in stand up comedy. The workshop teaches how to structure a joke and to transfer your own interests

and passions into a style of comedy that suits your personality. Adam really helped me in realising how a joke is put together and why it’s funny based on references and stereotypes. We learned different performing techniques to use on stage and were given a CD to refer to after the workshop was over. We wrote our own jokes and funny stories and along with having a laugh we also got feedback on how we could work them into a solid comedy act. It helped me so much first time round that I even attended in my second year and now I’m doing stand up twice a week thanks to their help and motivation. Being taught by funny guys in a funny environment is a definite must for anyone who loves stand up comedy or if you just want to become a funnier person in everyday life. Ten out of ten and two thumbs up!

19 Bucks Student


Bucks Students’ Union HW Thurs 5TH NOVEMBER CLUB FANDANGO & The Aftershow presents…




Thurs 12TH NOVEMBER The Aftershow presents…


Thurs 19TH NOVEMBER Enterprise Week presents… (5-9PM) Followed by CRASH








Tickets available for all live events from or for more info go to Photo I.D. must be provided for entry. Tickets for large events can be purchased in person from the students union office: 01494446330 Bucks Students’ Union, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2JZ

Above: Peter Kay - a popular British TV and stand up comic Far Right: Adam Ethan Crow Right: David Whitney

Recreational Activities MONDAY 2/11/09 Origami Workshop 6pm - 8pm Make-up Workshop 6pm - 8pm MONDAY 9/11/09 Magic Workshop 6pm - 9pm

To Book Email Lauren:


20 Bucks Student

We managed to catch up with the Vice Chancellor (Professor Ruth Farewell) of the Bucks New Uni and ask her a few questions.

My role I am Vice Chancellor of the University and also chief executive so I lead the university. I am ultimately responsible for all that happens in operational terms although I obviously delegate a lot of the doing of this to other people. I report to Roy Darby, who is chair of our board which is called the Council. Roy has a voluntary, non-executive role. Our vision for the University I and my senior team are fully committed to delivering an outstanding student experience through our focus on people, performance and partnerships. This is what we’re aiming to achieve. We know we have some way to go but this is the goal that is driving our decisions. Which film did you last watch? I assume you mean at the cinema – in which case it was the Boat that Rocks back in the summer. This was about the pirate radio stations back in the 1960s. It was a terrible film, but I really enjoyed it since I grew up listening to the pirates. The music in the film brought back loads of memories – some I’d rather not have recalled – but the music was great. You have a budget of £5 to cook a dinner for two people. What would you cook? My husband, Martin, is a veggie and we grow loads of our own vegetables. I think that what I’d go for is our version of tartiflette which is thin slices of potatoes baked in cream and white wine, and with layers of a French cheese called reblochon. The regular version has bacon but we leave that out. It’s the cheese that makes it. I’d serve it with salad leaves from the garden (and the potatoes would be home grown as well) so I think the £5 would stretch to marinated griddled artichokes for a starter. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? I don’t really have a favourite. My wardrobe is very much in two distinct halves: work and casual. At the moment I like anything that’s yellow/lime green colour. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I’d take one of the great railway journeys through India. I’ve never been to India, and I can’t imagine a better way of seeing the great sights as well as getting a good feel of the landscape as you travel from place to place on the train. What is your idea of the perfect night in/out? Definitely for me this would be staying in with a good bottle of wine, or two, accompanying a great meal and being with Martin and some friends. >Catch up with more staff interviews in the next edition of the Bucks Student

Volunteering Round-up

Vice Chancellor interview

Right: View from Birdcage Alley beside the train station

Student volunteers in crime reduction initiative By Michael Paxman Volunteering Coordinator

BIRDCAGE Walk is an innocuous looking alleyway by the railway station. As innocuous as it looks it has a bad reputation within the local community and has been the topic of many an article in the local newspaper. Muggings, thefts and assaults have all unfortunately occurred down the alleyway. At the request of Thames Valley Police student volunteers took part in a regeneration project down the alleyway on Wednesday in an effort to help. Cutting back the vegetation that had overgrown the pathway and clearing the debris, students assisted by opening up the alleyway to more natural and street light as well as increasing the coverage of the areas CCTV cameras.

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Volunteering has a new interactive database to search for opportunities that can help provide the skills and experienc experience you are looking for to supplement your degree. Go to www. to search our vacancies.

Up and coming


A number of one day projects are occurring between now and Christmas to assist our community, any student can get involved simply by getting in contact.

5th November: Graffiti Wall Painting at Hillcrest Community Centre 24th November: Christmas shopping with the elderly 4th December: Christmas Meal for the Elderly Contact us to sign up to any project email 01494 605100 or come in to the union offices. Visit for our longer term projects.

21 Bucks Student

>During your time at Uni the chances of you being a victim of crime are, thankfully, statistically very low.

Having a safe night out In the ARC we are aware that every year a few students do have crimes committed against them, so it is important to be aware of this, and to take reasonable precautions. By Julia Crooks - Senior Welfare Adviser TAKE a few minutes to read the following, much of which you will probably already be aware of. Then when you’re out and about you will be more aware of keeping yourself safe and IF the unthinkable does happen, at least you will be prepared as to what you can do to help yourself. • Robbers are after an easy target – so walk in groups at night, travel by taxi or stay over with friends, your safety is worth more than the cab fare home! • Avoid taking shortcuts through dark alleys, parks or wasteland. • Do not wear headphones or talk on your mobile when walking around town, unless absolutely necessary. It may tempt a robber and by being on your phone or listening to music you are going to be less aware of what is going on around you. If you do need to use your phone stop and stand with your back against a wall so you are aware of anyone approaching you. • Get a free personal attack alarm from the ARC or you can buy

one from D.I.Y stores. Make sure it is of the type which continues to sound even if you drop it. Keep it in an easily accessible place. • If you think you’re being followed: Check by crossing the street and see if they follow, if they do then cross back again to check. If you are still worried, then get to the nearest public place, a shop, pub or anywhere with lights on and tell someone what is happening. • Try not to use cash-points at night, but if you have to, be aware of people hanging around, and have your friends with you. • If a stranger approaches you, don’t get involved, don’t give any personal information and keep walking, say that you are in a hurry. This may be unfriendly, but better safe than sorry. It is best to avoid eye contact with strangers in the street. It is not normal for a stranger to start talking to you, so if someone

Protect YOUR property In association with Thames Valley Police

does then be very suspicious of their intentions. • Never ever get into a car with people you do not know. (I know this sounds obvious, but it is worth pointing out that once you have got into the car the person driving has total control of where they take you and students have done this in the past.) • If someone attempts to steal something from you, don’t resist. Your safety comes first. You can help by noting what they look like. Ring the police immediately, pass on their description and the direction they went off in. • If the worst happens and you are attacked: Scream and shout.

If you have one, set off your personal attack alarm. Get away as quickly as possible. Always ring the police immediately after getting away, don’t leave it until you get home. It’s a lot to ask, but if there is a vehicle involved try to make a mental note of the registration. Write it down as quickly as possible and hand it to the police on their arrival. If you are unfortunate, and become a victim of crime, please do not hesitate to come and see us in the ARC. We understand that there are sometimes reasons why people may not want to contact the Police, you can talk to us in confidence and we can help if you need support in contacting the

Bucks New University Students

Police. Go out and have fun safely. Don’t drink so much that you are incapable of looking after yourself and be aware of friends that have over done it. The Student Union provides the safest nights out and in High Wycombe a free local night bus to get you home safe. Go to our website www. for more information on nights out at the Union. To contact the Advice & Representation Centre (ARC) High Wycombe - Ground Floor, North Block Tel: 01494 603016 Uxbridge - Room 1.02 Tel: 01494 605180 Or email


Crime levels are falling, but statistics show that one in three students will still be a victim while studying at college or university. Maybe not what you need to hear at the start of term, but the fact is criminals can see students as easy targets. That's doesn't mean you can't protect yourself though - and keep you and your stuff safe. These tips should help to keep your property secure giving you more time to hang with friends and know that your valuables are secure. Use the locks that your house has been provided with. Lock doors and windows when out of the house and overnight and remove keys from the locks and place in a safe place in case of a fire. Use timer switches, your house should never be left in darkness. They can be used with lamps and radios to make potential burglars think you are in the property. Property mark valuable items with a UV pen. A UV pen can be found in your student pack or can be picked up from the local police station. Put your house name or number and post code all the items that have potential to be stolen. During the holidays take your loved items home with you. This includes items like mobile phones, Ipods, Laptops and anything someone may have interest in. Alternatively if you don’t use the item on a daily basis don’t bring it with you leave it at home for safe keeping. Don’t leave spare keys hidden outside the house. If you and your friends can find it after a night at the local so could a burglar! Give a spare key to a trusted neighbour, friend or family member for emergencies like getting locked out. Car keys should not be left by the door either as they could be a potential target for burglars. Never leave tools, ladders or bikes out in the garden. Always make sure they are secure in an outbuilding or chained up. Just a thought – don’t leave curtains closed during the day. Use blinds so people can’t see directly into the house. For halls residents make sure no one tailgates you when walking in and out of the building, leave your room secure and don’t leave valued items in communal areas or in vulnerable places where they could be stolen.

Puzzle Corner 1






7 8






14 15

16 18





21 22



>Try lots more competitions online by visiting the SU website:



1. Art of folding paper (7) 5. Limbs (4) 8. Below (5) 9. ______ of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford Movie (7) 11. Female relative (4) 12. Careful and controlled response (8) 15. Herb (5) 16. Playground amusment (5) 19. Have a happy view of the future (8) 21. To trick or fool someone, perhaps for financial gain (4) 23. _____ and the Child, painting by Raphael (7) 25. Stories (5) 26. Small body of water (4) 27. American state (7)

2. No longer of any use (9) 3. Young woman (4) 4. River in NW England (6) 5. To give help (3) 6. Famous TV detective, Inspector_____ (5) 7. Of the moon (5) 10. A word or phrase aimed to offend (6) 13. To make fun of (past tense) (9) 14. One of Dorothy's companions (6) 17. Country (6) 18. To entertain (5) 20. Musical instrument (5) 22. Our sun (4) 24. Not young (3)

The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter E in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer circle will spell the name of an Indian Politician.


22 Bucks Student

1. Burn 2. Stinging plant 3. Injury 4. Exempt 5. Baby’s toy 6. Turn up 7. Lubricant 8. Dress 9. Syringe 10. Twofold 11. Throaty 12. Salary







4 5 6

Previous Competition Winners

Congratulations to Charlie Duckworth (1st year - BA Hons Silversmithing Metalwork & Jewellery) who won a student starter pack filled with great essential student items. The pack contained kitchen utensils, a duvet set and other essential student items.

Last Edition Answers: Across: 1. Eyre 4. Lollipop 7. Elected 9. Emmet 11. Complimentary 12. Totem 17. Piercebrosnan 18. Piano 19. Thaibbc 20. Televise 21. Tone. Down: 2. Yellow 3. Escape 5. Inmate 6. Orebro 8. Episodes 10. Research 13. Simile 14. Orange 15. Tshirt 16. Carbon.






12 11

>Sudoku More sudoku competitions online at 1



9 1



















3 2


8 9

6 6





6 9











3 1


6 9









5 2








8 8 1





3 3

7 9



7 6

1 3





3 7




Difficulty: Adavanced

Difficulty depends on each sudoku rating


Difficulty: Intermediate

Fill in the grid so that every column, row and 3 by 3 square includes all of the digits from one to nine.



Difficulty: Easy

Sudoku was popularized in 1986 by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli, under the name Sudoku, meaning single number. It became an international hit in 2005.

>Horoscopes by Mystic Mike. What do the stars have in store for you? Aries 21 Mar - 19 Apr

Saturn’s rings in your stars this week mean passion is burning strongly within you. Previous experiences with burning sensations have however left you wary. The positive arrangements of your stars suggest you should proceed, but prepare the emergency antibiotics just in case.

Mars has been influencing you heavily this week, and you have found it difficult to control your anger, you need to learn to tame it for more appropriate places, like the Supermarket or Cinema. Eat a lemon a day to help you relax.

Sagittarius 22 Nov - 21 Dec

After a month of binging, people in positions of authority are telling you its time to regain your focus, Pluto is hurtling towards Uranus, which should help you concentrate, but ultimately it’s up to you which path you will take. Consult your toast for guidance.

Capricorn 22 Dec - 19 Jan

Win a DVD

Pablo Francisco: Bits And Pieces sends you into the whirlwind comedy of this star. Filmed in the O.C., the show features explosive material that tears apart everything from love songs and psycho chicks to Viagra and American Justice. Simply answer the following question Q: What state is San Francisco in?

You have been battling hard recently. Which has left you feeling helpless, as helpless as Gollum felt in that last red nose day sumo contest with Dawn French. With Venus at your back the tide is turning now. Ready yourself with dry crackers and cheese. But not Grapes.

Scorpio 24 Oct - 21 Nov

Look at the stars in your quadrant, I think you’ll agree that they look a little bit like pepperoni. It’s not coincidental that this has happened at this point, midway through the Chinese year of the takeaway, which can only mean one thing: eat nothing but pizza for the next fortnight, except at breakfast, when you can have pizza with milk.

Aquarius 20 Jan - 18 Feb

The planets have risen above Uranus so you should be concerned with everything below the waist. However, if you constantly look down then you may walk into things. So beware of moving objects, especially in the colour mauve, this is very dangerous.


Business is Business as they say, that guy shouldn’t have crossed you and he had it coming to him. The decisions you have made have left you in a position of guilt however, which needs to be extinguished more quickly than that ‘special’ cigarette your teacher caught you with at 14. Make amends by nursing a baby penguin back to health.

Virgo 23 Sep - 23 Oct

Virgo 23 Aug - 22 Sep

Leo 23 Jul - 22 Aug Love is like a river, flowing, always changing, and mostly full of shopping trolleys. Your stars are indicating it’s time for a change in tactics, forget trying to hook that perfect catch on your rod, get your drift net out and try and get as much as possible on the double. Don’t get caught in ‘that way’ with a salmon though, the RSPCA are very thorough in their pursuit of those kind of people.

Cancer 21 Jun - 22 Jul

Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun

Taurus 20 Apr - 20 May Your stars are looking favourably on you this week, which gives you the perfect opportunity to break your habits and try something new. Try bungee jumping or table tennis. Be wary of guitar playing goats.

Financial outlays have taken their toll, either try to raise funds, or try to overcome your addiction to gaffer tape. Your stars suggest that the fortnight could be a profitable one for you, and with the gaffer tape industry on its knees option 1 is best for everyone. Why not hold a bake sale in the Students’ Union. It’s the most successful fundraising tactic known to humankind.

Pisces 19 Feb - 20 Mar

Don’t be put off from going out because of swine flu. Your stars suggest that you may be immune for the 2nd week of November. However, just to make sure, you must smother yourself in pure vegetable oil. If Bird flu is an issue, just add feathers.

The Lunar pattern this month is orbital. This would suggest that the earth is round. This is bad news as your stars suggest that a fishing trip may see you fall off the edge! Stay on dry land, preferably in a tree house.

>Some more great competitions with fantastic prizes to be won Closing date for competitions is Friday 6th November Email your answers to bucksnewspaper@bucks.acuk

Win a Bucks hoodie

We are offering a lucky reader the chance to win a Buckinghamshire New University hoodie (size and colour your choice). To be in with a chance of winning, answer the following simple question: Q: What is the name of the High Wycombe Mayor?

Win a signed Friendly Fires CD Win a ‘Friendly Fires’ signed CD, answer the following simple question: Q: How old is Rusty Buck?

In the next edition...

More competitions to win great prizes, crosswords, sudoku puzzles and more horoscopes from Mystic Mike

Millers Memoirs By Chris Miller

>The moneys rolling in! FOOTBALL and Hockey have had a great couple of weeks raising loads of cash for their clubs. Hockey sold 1173 tickets for their booze trolley raising over £400, the footballers followed it up taking over the Venue turning it into Viva Las Vegas with roullette, blackjack, poker, cocktail bar and a fully blown chapel! Marrying over 30 couples and raised over £1,000. >Where’s our Grass? VICKY Elliots Hockey girls showed they’re fully behind Wheres our grass campaign as these pictures from there recent match at Brunel go to show. The girls were impressed with Brunels great facilities. Heres hoping our campaign gets the result we all want!

NETBALL South Eastern Region 5B

Two consecutive wins for netballers Bucks New Uni................. 41 Essex..................................9

BUCKS Netball 1st team have made an impressive start to the season, with two consecutive wins. With only two of last years members remaining, the new squad looks set to improve drastically on last years results. The first match was against Essex 2nd team who they beat 41-9. The team played exceptionally well

By Holly Webster

together considering it was their first match. Special mention to Amy Gordon and Kelly Ludlow who’s shooting was outstanding. This week’s match against Goldsmiths put Bucks top of their league with another win. The team held their own again against Goldsmith’s strong defense and came out with an impressive 34-12

result. The majority of the team also play for local leagues as well as Bucks, which clearly has had an effect on improving our skills and game play together. All the girls are looking forward to next weeks match against Royal Free University College, which will hopefully leave Bucks NC undefeated. Come on girls!

Ladies rugby makes history


23 Bucks Sport

Week commencing 26th October >Netball Bucks 1st 34 - 12 Goldsmiths 1st LEAGUE >Badminton Queen Mary Ladies 1st 8 - 0 Bucks Ladies 1st >Football Brighton 2nd 1 - 0 Bucks 1st H’ford Regional College 1st 5 - 0 Bucks FC 7th >Golf Reading 1st 0 - 6 Bucks 1st Bucks 2nd 4 - 2 Portsmouth 1st >Netball Chelmsford 1st 42 - 7 Bucks 3rd >Squash Bucks Mens 1 - 2 Reading Mens 2nd >Volleyball Bucks Mens 0 - 3 Kingston Mens 1st BUCS CUP 1st ROUND >Badminton Bucks Mens 0 - 8 Brighton Mens 1st >Football Bucks FC 2nd 1 - 2 Kings College London 1st Hertfordshire 2nd 4 - 1 Bucks FC 4th St Marys 2nd 1 - 0 (AET) Bucks FC 5th >Hockey Bucks Ladies 1st 0 - 11 Essex Ladies 1st >Netball Bucks 1st 28 - 32 Brunel 4th FRIENDLY - RUGBY Winchester Ladies 12 - 51 Bucks Ladies


Sussex.............................. 32 Bucks New Uni................. 10

By Frankie DurieuxRead

THE highly anticipated game between Bucks New University By Sam Wadieh and Surrey University is Bucks 1st time entry to BUCS with a women’s 15’s squad. They therefore made University history today. In the 15th minute a good Ladies hockey playing Brunel offload by a Surrey prop led to >Champagne anyone? another well ran try. Two of our teams are yet to The conversion was taken by suffer defeat - Mens Rugby Surrey 10, which took the score 2nds and Golf 1st. The Union to 12-0. Bucks restarted the are offering champagne for the game, but unfortunately a knock last side to suffer defeat, so on from Bucks led to a Surrey keep going guys the challenge scrum. Surrey’s solid front row is on! gave a strong push in the scrum,

WOMENS RUGBY South Eastern Conference 2A and Surry No 9 was able to feed a good ball to the winger. Due to lack of experience from very new Bucks squad, the blind side was left open, and Surrey winger ran in her 2nd try in unopposed. Conversion went short and wide of the left post. Score 17-0. Half time- Excellent Team talk taken by Bucks Physio inspired the girls to go into the 2nd half with positive attitude. Bucks started the 2nd half with a renewed vigour and contested fiercely at the breakdown. The 42nd minute saw Bucks flyhalf

and captain run a cunning line through the Surrey defence with an easy try in the right hand corner. The conversion was unfortunately missed. Score 22-5. The following 15 minutes saw a different Bucks side. Excellent tackling prevented Surrey from offloading on several occasions but the defence stayed strong and stopped Surrey from scoring in the 2nd half. The score got to 32-10 and remained that way until the final whistle.

Wednesday 4th November >Badminton Ladies Uni of Essex 1st v Bucks 1st Middlesex Uni 1st v Bucks 1st >Badminton Mens School of O’ & African Studies 1st v Bucks 1st Uni of Portsmouth v Bucks 1st >Football Mens Bucks 1st v Brunel Uni 1st Uni of Brighton 4th v Bucks 2nd Bucks 3rd v Uni of Chichester 3rd Uni of Reading 4th v Bucks 4th Bucks 5th v Uni of Reading 5th Bucks SESSA 1st v City Uni SESSA 1st Bedford College Shuttleworth v Bucks SESSA 2nd >Football Ladies Bucks 1st v Uni of Sussex 2nd >Golf 1st Bucks 1st v Bucks 2nd >Golf 2nd Bucks 1st v Bucks 2nd >Hockey Ladies Imperial Medicals 2nd v Bucks 1st >Hockey Mens Uni of Hertfordshire 2nd v Bucks 1st >Netball 1st Royal Free & Uni Med School 2nd v Bucks 1st >Netball 2nd Bucks 2nd v Thames Valley Uni 1st >Netball 3rd Bucks SESSA 1st v Richmond 1st >Rugby Bucks 1st v Uni of Portsmouth 1st Canterbury C’Church Uni 2nd v Bucks 2nd >Rugby Ladies Bucks 1st v Uni v Reading 1st >Squash Mens Royal Holloway, Uni of London 2nd v Bucks 1st >Tennis Mens Bucks 1st v Royal Free & Uni Med School 1st >Volleyball Mens Bucks 1st v London Metropolitan Uni 1st

GOLF South Eastern Region 1A Continued from page 24 ...put memories of his 1st week loss behind him as he cruised to a solid 5&4 victory. The only loss of the day was that of Richard Craven, who once again went down the last but unfortunately was on the other side of the result. The 2nd team travelled to Brickendon Grange to play Hertfordshire. This match ended up being very close and Bucks had

a chance to halve the match but it was not to be. 3 of the 6 matches went to the final hole which shows just how close it was. Rob Heath lost his match 3&2; Jack Wheatley who was -2 at the time lost 5&3, which shows just how good the standard of golf was in that match. Although he did have the shot of the day, holing his 2nd shot from 170 yards on the par 4, 4th hole for an eagle 2. Tara Gribben lost by 2

holes. Captain Rob Dunleavy won his match by 2 holes and Raj Patel won his by a margin of 8&7. So it all came down to match number 5, Lucy Glyn, she was 1 down with 2 to play, she won the 17th hole to get the match back to all square, and found the green on the last but could only halve the hole and halve her match, and so Bucks went down 3 ½ to 2 ½. To take Hertfordshire down to the wire

was a great effort by all. After week 2 of the season, the 1st team are top of the league on match points difference to Hertfordshire, both with 2 wins. The 2nd team are sitting 4th with 1 draw and 1 loss. In week 3 the 1sts are away at Reading University and the 2nds are at home to Portsmouth who currently sit in 3rd place.

>Send your match reviews to For more match results -



Everything you need to know about Bucks Sport

Upcoming fixtures and results >Pg 23

GOLF South Eastern Region 1A

Great season opening

By Raj Patel THIS year, Bucks have 2 very strong golf teams, with a mix of experience and fresh faces. So a good start to the season was just what was needed and it’s what we got. The opening week of the season was a very good one for both golf teams. The 1st team had a home game against the newly promoted side from Portsmouth University. The 2nd team had a tough start away in Brighton. 1st team Captain Luke Jennings set the example for his team with a resounding 7&5 victory. There were also good wins for Nico Inglis (4&3) and James McGilvray (3&2). The 2 freshers in this years 1st team both won their matches, Jack Read put in a solid performance winning 4&3 and Richard Craven had a slightly tougher match but still came through to take it on the last. Adam Morris unfortunately lost his match 2&1. The final result was 5-1 to Bucks. The 2nd team travelled to last year’s league winners, Brighton University. Captain Rob Dunleavy knew this would be tough opener to the season for his team. 2nd year Jack Wheatley lost his match 4&3, as did 1st year Article continues >Pg 23

Tara Gribben who went down 3&2 along with Rob Dunleavy. There was a win for 1st year Lucy Glyn who played some superb golf to win her match 6&4. Raj Patel won his match 3&2, so it came down the crucial match in game 1, which involved 2nd year Rob Heath. He held a 1 up lead going down the last and only needed to halve the hole in order to secure the draw for bucks. He won the hole with a solid par. Winning his match by 2 holes and securing a really good draw for the 2nd team. The 2nd week of the season saw both teams face tough fixtures. The 1sts went away to Brighton and the 2nd team were away to Hertfordshire who had just come down from the premier league. The 1st team continued their winning start to the season by beating Brighton 5-1 at Royal Eastbourne Golf Club. Luke Jennings continued where he left off against Portsmouth University with another good 3&2 win. James McGilvray and Jack Read both won their matches 2&1 with Nico Inglis enjoying a comfortable 4&3 win over his opponent. +1 handicapper Adam Morris...

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Issue 3 - The Bucks Student newspaper  

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