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Minutes Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group General Meeting 2010-07-22 Naughton Community Centre Present: Perry Sarvas, Linda Heron, Dave Furino, Pat Scott, John Peroff, Jessica Tann and Lesley Flowers 1. Review of Minutes: The minute of the meeting of May 20th 2010 were reviewed. Moved by Linda Heron and seconded by Dave Furino that the minutes of May 20, 2010 be accepted as printed. Carried. 2. Financial Report: Treasurer Dave Furino reported a balance of $1498.27. 3. Executive Report: items are covered in the agenda 4. Website Report:  Google is expected to pay us for ads. Automatic deposit will be verified.  Linda Heron attended an excellent website workshop led by Stephen Monet.  Linda added the minutes in PDF format, and YouTube Videos and information on septic systems. 5. Correspondence:  Letter to SLCSG from R.L. Richards regarding a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, Schedule ‘C’, Lively/Walden Communal Wastewater System. We were contacted as an interested party. Perry Sarvas responded that we were interested in taking part.  E-mail correspondence from Alex Cieslewicz from the Richard Lake Stewardship Group and from John Lindsay from the Minnow Lake Stewardship Group confirmed that they were interested in working with us to put together a joint proposal for a Eurasian Milfoil control program. 6. Review of Old Business  FOCA workshop in Espanola was missed. Members attended this meeting instead.  Signs and Boat wash station at the public launch. E-mails were sent to Councillor Barbeau regarding this request but have not been answered. Discussion also took place about signs posted at the Vermillion River (Centennial Park) and Kusk Lake boat launches. ACTION ITEM: Lesley Flowers will check the signs, find out who posted them and report to the group.  Milfoil and Weevils: Plan of Action is to invite Richard Lake, McFarlane Lake and Minnow Lake to a meeting in August to begin planning. ACTION ITEM: Lesley Flowers will e-mail invitations for an August meeting to the groups and report.  Sewage By-passes and Sewage By-Law: We need PPCP information. ACTION ITEM: Jessica Tann will draft a letter and Dave Furino will ask Councillor Barbeau about PPCP.  Phosphorus Loadings in Lower Junction Creek and Lake Monitoring 2010. A phosphorus budget is needed, as are funds to support monitoring and the research to investigate phosphorus sources and control. ACTION ITEM: Lake monitoring to begin this week. 7. New Business:  New Technology – Floating Islands. There are test lakes in the province of Quebec where there is an attempt to take up excess nutrients by establishing floating islands of weeds which feed on the nutrients that support algae blooms.  Pat Binnersley’s Request re land development accessed from Bruno and Horizon Streets. The appeal by the developer has been adjourned. ACTION ITEM: Lesley Flowers will contact Pat to find out what that means. 8. Other :  Charitable Status: ACTION ITEM: L. Flowers to send CRA link to Dave Furino. Dave will take the lead on starting the process. A proper constitution will be written and the executive will all take part in establishing this.  Queries were made about the testing results when the resonator was in use. Perry Sarvas will bring that data to the next meeting. 9. Next Meeting: Thursday August 19, 2010 at 7:00 PM at the Naughton Community Centre.

2010 - July - Minutes of Meeting