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Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group General Meeting – February 25, 2010-02-28 7:00 PM Naughton Community Centre Present: Perry Sarvas, Dave Furino, Jon Peroff, and Lesley Flowers 1. 2. 3.



Review of Minutes; Minutes of January 14, 2010 meeting were reviewed. Moved by Perry Sarvas and seconded by Dave Furino that the minutes be accepted as printed. Carried Financial Report: deferred. Jon Peroff noted that he is expecting to donate a sizable amount from the sale of the wooden watches that he makes. Review of Old Business:  Milfoil eradication: Stewart Meikleham of the Clear Lake Stewardship Group is willing to speak to SLCSG. ACTION ITEM: Lesley Flowers will invite him to speak at our next general meeting.  Recruitment: 2 individuals have indicated an interest in getting involved  Penage Road Women’s Institute has adopted a resolution to urge the provincial government to enact legislation to force municipalities to put into place action plans for eliminating sewage bypasses.  Action Planning: Deferred  Response of Ministry of the Environment to our Letter Writing campaign. The group felt that the letter of response was inadequate and a number of items remain ignored. One was that no response was provided for the question of monitoring the impact of sewage plants down stream. ACTION ITEM: Perry Sarvas will draft a response. The Ministry of the Environment’s letter will be posted on our website and sent to Walden CAN.  Sewage Use By-law: presentation is on hold. We will watch for and publicize. ACTION ITEM: Dave Furino will check with J. Barbeau regarding the status of the Sewage Use By-law. New Business:  Lake Quality Improvement Advisory Panel – Subcommittee on Phosphorus Issues Perry Sarvas is chair of that committee and the following are members: Steven Monet and Erin Calder (city of Sudbury), Steven Butcher (Long Lake Stewardship Group) Lin Gibson (McFarlane Lake Stewardship Group) and Dan Bazinet ( Joe Lake Stewardship Group) Advisors are: Dr. Charles Ramcharan (Laurentian University),Bill Keller (Fresh Water Ecology) and Max Kaspar ( Ministry of the Environment) . The group agreed on the following objectives: study and prioritize phosphorus levels and controls in Sudbury lakes, research the strategies other areas are using regarding phosphorus and identify methods that would apply best to Sudbury Lakes and finally the group will present to the full LQIAP. Action Items for this subcommittee: Perry Sarvas will initiate the study of just where the phosphorus is coming from in a systematic and scientifically defendable manner. Steven Butcher will research how other jurisdictions are handling this problem. Are there studies? Are there action plans? Steven Monet will confer with the city’s legal department to identify the legal parameters of action on this front. Erin Calder will follow up on educational material. The committee will also have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Sue Watson who is known for her work on phosphorus control in Lake Winnipeg.  Lake Quality Improvement Advisory Panel – other business. Rod Sine – a surface water scientist, gave a presentation on spring phosphorus monitoring and lake capacities. A model for phosphorus capacity that can be applied to individual lakes is critical. Paul Bascombe - manager of strategic planning, outlined proposed lot size changes. Two acres was and still is the size for splitting off water front lots. The new proposals are not a direct concern to lake usage. One other note is that there is some likely hood of legislation for mandatory vegetative buffers on waterways. Other: a member of SLCSG has come forward with the concern that there is a gravel pit on Fielding Road which may have stock piled ore in it and that run off from that might impact water quality in the lower Junction Creek watershed. ACTION ITEM: Dave Furino will query J. Barbeau regarding this information. Adjournment: 8:00 PM NEXT MEETING: THURSDAY MARCH 25, 2010 AT 7:00 PM AT NAUGHTON COMMUNITY CENTRE

2010-Feb SLCSG-Minutes  
2010-Feb SLCSG-Minutes  

General Meeting – February 25, 2010-02-28 7:00 PM Naughton Community Centre Adjournment: 8:00 PM Present: Perry Sarvas, Dave Furino, Jon Per...