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SIMON LAKE COMMUNITY STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE Nov 19, 2008 ATTENDING Perry Sarvas, Dan Legrand, Dave Furino, D Petronne, Pat Scott, Katrine Allen, John FINANCIAL Joanne is in Blind River and we should have about $800.00 in our account and of that $400.00 has to go for water samples. SHORELINE DEVELOPMENT Katrine Allen of 235 Simon Lake Drive has some issues with the shoreline development at 233 Simon ( A-B-C)Lake Drive. She states that water is being pumped from that lot onto hers and there is has been various violations of the bulding permit. She had a FOI request into the city for the information on the building permit and after 2 ½ months she got the info. She would like our group to intervene on her behalf and correspond with the city. Perry stated that improper shoreline development impacts the lake and we would send a letter to the NDCA about soil erosion as well as an email to Jacques. COMMUNITY EVENTS Brian still looking into the scheduling of the ice fishing derby, and the skating oval events and whether the city will maintain the oval. Jacques Barbeau will donate prizes for the derby. RESONATORS No change from the last meeting. WCI inspected their units. WEEDS No further information. WALDEN CAN No input. MPAC No discussion held on this topic as Perry had to leave. Next Meeting Sometime between 2 and the 16th of December

2008 November - SLCSG - Minutes of Meeting