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Minutes Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group General Meeting 2010-11-18 7:00 PM Naughton Community Centre Present: Perry Sarvas, David Furino, Pat Scott, John Perhoff, and Lesley Flowers 1. Review of minutes: deferred 2. Financial Report: Donation of $25.00made in memory of Ian Smyth. 3. Executive Report: items covered in the agenda 4. Website Report: deferred 5. Correspondence: none 6. Old Business:

Incorporation status: Action Item -Perry Sarvas will send a draft copy of a constitution to the group. Several decision items were discussed such as future membership fees, a mechanism for removal of membership i.e. unanimous vote by the table officers for actions inconsistent with the goals of the organization, timing of AGM, and financial matters such as a listing of how money will be spent and that if the organization dissolves remaining funds will be donated to a registered environmental charity. Water Gathering: Plans are coming to fruition. December 6th at Science North at 6:30 PM. Our job is to get the fliers out and posters posted. E-mail reminders will be sent out as well. We will host the Call to Action meeting here at the Naughton Community Centre in the senior’s room on Dec. 9th at 7:00 PM Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance: this organization now has 8 or 9 lake stewardship groups and the primary reason for formation is to work at getting a reduction in the amount of phosphorus impacting the lakes of the Sudbury area by convincing the public and council that a by-law is needed to restrict use of fertilizers containing phosphorus. The committee is implementing a communications strategy to educate all the players including lawn care providers and merchants.The approach is positive and cost neutral. The next meeting of GSWAis Nov.24 at 7:00 pm. Action Item : each stewardship group is to contact one of two city councillors regarding the Information sheet on Phosphorus and Blue-Green Algae. Simon Lake is to contact Jacques Barbeau( Dave Furino will contact Jacques) and Terry Kett( Lesley Flowers will contact Terry Kett).

7. New Business:The class EA of Waste Water Treatment in Walden Public Information meeting was attended by members of Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group. The preferred option for dealing with the issue is to close the Lively Plant and expand the Walden(Naughton) Plant. The presenters acknowledged that phosphorus concentrations have been high and said that an improved system would see that phosphorus loading would not be worse and would at least maintain the status quo. Our response was that we are not satisfied with this approach. We want a significant reduction in phosphorus loading. We await a meeting with J.L. Richards Engineering to discussour disagreement with the planned approach. If no agreement is found at the meeting then the Ministry of the Environment becomesinvolved and the process out lined in ClassEnvironmental Assessment moves forward. This is a key issue for the health of Simon Lake!! Thank you to Perry Sarvas for his leadership with this issue.

Next meeting Thursday December 16th at 7:00 PM at Naughton Community Centre, Seniors Room.

2010 - November Minutes