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Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group Box 511 Naughton ONPOM2M0

March 8, 2011 Doug Nadorozny, CAO City of Greater Sudbury

Cc: Mayor Matichuk, JacquesBarbeau, Dan Miron, John Cannard and Stephen Monet Dear Mr. Nadorozny, The Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group has for some time been pursuing solutions to an ongoing problem of excess phosphorus and the resulting algae blooms which spoil the recreational use of Simon Lake. The public beach is a sorry sight during the summer when a scum of green algae spreads across the bay. We have been involved in two attempts to get rid of the algae: firstly, through the use of barley straw bales; and secondly, through the use of coherent water resonators. Neither project proved effective. As we search for a more effective solution, we have become aware that we need to better understand all the sources of phosphorus. We need to complete a “phosphorus budget” study of the lower Junction Creek watershed. Only then can we hope to control algae growth. It is widely accepted that Sudbury’s sewagedischarges – both past and present – are a major source. Others, such as Vale’s industrial discharges and storm water drainage, are poorly understood. A phosphorus budget study is a major initiative that we, as a volunteer group, cannot undertake alone. As such, we would like the City of Greater Sudbury to take the lead in involving Vale and the Ministry of the Environment in an action plan for a tri-party initiative. The goal would be to identify and quantify the sources of phosphorus which, ultimately, could be used to develop a phosphorus reduction strategy in Simon Lake. The Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group, the City of Greater Sudbury and Vale have one thing in common: we are all users of


the lower Junction Creek watershed. We, along with the Ministry of Environment, have a vested interest in establishing the phosphorus capacity of this system so that we can manage future use (which includes the continued recreational use of Simon Lake and the future expansion of the Walden sewageplants). We are anxious to move on this as some are losing hope for a positive outcome for Simon Lake. We await your response.

Sincerely, Lesley Flowers Secretary

Simon Lake Community Stewardship Group


Letter to Doug Nadorozny  

Letter to Doug Nadorozny

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