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Algae blamed for Walden smell City says there was no sewage spill Posted By DENIS ST. PIERRE, THE SUDBURY STAR Wednesday, 19 August 2009

There may be brown, foul-smelling water in Simon Lake in Walden, but the problem is not being caused by leaking or other malfunction at a nearby sewage-treatment plant, the City of Greater Sudbury says. The city received a complaint Monday of a suspected sewage leak into Simon Lake from the Walden Wastewater Treatment Plant. After investigating the complaint, city officials confirmed Tuesday there was no malfunction at the treatment facility. "There has not been a sewage leak at the Walden Wastewater Treatment Plant," city spokeswoman Eliza Bennett said. "The treatment process is functioning normally. Lift stations that service the Simon Lake area were inspected and were also found to be functioning normally." While overflows of sewer water from treatment plants occur occasionally, typically due to heavy rain, such a problem has not occurred in Walden in 4 1/2 months, Bennett said. "The only bypass to occur at the Walden Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2009 dates back to April 3 as a result of heavy rain and snow melt," she said. The problem reported Monday was due to algae blooms, a chronic issue plaguing Simon Lake, Bennett said. "The City of Greater Sudbury is aware of an algae bloom along the Simon Lake shoreline," she said. "The algae has a disagreeable appearance and odour." The city and the Simon Lake Stewardship Committee have been pursuing various measures "to reduce nutrient levels in the lake that promote algae growth," Bennett said, though the long-term problem won't be resolved in the foreseeable future. "While there is no magic elixir to immediately eliminate algae growth, some encouraging progress has been made since last summer," she said.

2009 - Algae blamed for Walden smell  
2009 - Algae blamed for Walden smell  

19 August 2009 newspaper article - by Denis St. Pierre, The Sudbury Star