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? y a w y n a t c e j Pro t u o r p S e h T rican So, what is paper and The Af I P AP S n ee tw be planet. tion ve the ct is the collabora and how to help sa g in m ar w The Sprout Proje al ob gl ll children about Carbon Trust to te

side What’s ing po t and some seeds

g A paper sproutin ht of your seedlin ig he e th re su ea A paper ruler to m th ur seedling’s grow A graph to track yo ructions Seedling care inst

d e e n u o y t a h W Some potting soil A bit of water A pair of scissors

The greenhouse effect’s a good thing, as long as we

don’t add to it

Heat radiated from earth







e as


Energy from the sun

Heat reflected back to Earth by greenhouse gases


The greenhouse effect keeps the Earth 33 C war mer than it would be, otherw ise everything would be su per cold.

The greenhouse effect is important. fect, the Earth Without the greenhouse ef r humans to fo gh ou en m ar w be t no ld wou becomes ct fe ef se ou nh ee gr e th if live. But lems for humans, ob pr e us ca d ul co it , er ng stro plants, and animals.

They provide shelter for animals.

They purify the air we breathe. They grow delicio us fruit.

. They provide shade

Why Plant Trees?

While they are fighting global wa rming, trees provide many benefits to all of us, every day.

As trees grow, they help stop global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and the soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.


n dio



Due to a process known as photosynthesis, trees co nvert CO2 into Oxygen. With this proces s, everybody wins. Plants get the carb on they need, we get the oxygen we ne ed and the conversion helps limit th e thing known as the greenhouse effect.

g n i m r a W l a b Glo

d thing. definitely a ba

Energy from the sun

in the atmosphere More heat gets trapped ure of the planet increasing the temperat

Too many greenhouse gases in our atmosphere because of pollution

Factus! e gases from human

Greenho responsible for activity is likely al temperature most of the glob st 50 years. rise over the la

! Factad y7 d approximatel

Humans ns of carbon to billion metric to of e annually, half the atmospher d absorbed an which cannot be ild up. continues to bu

n o i t u l l Po

any ing. When too m rm a W l a b lo G ffecting und the biggest factor a e “blanket” aro e th , th re is e n h o ti sp o llu o tm rth’s P added to the a ere and the Ea t h e g sp s o se tm a a g e se th u greenho trapped in More heat gets r. se n e d ts e g earth ts higher. it. temperature ge to worry about d e e n ’t n o d e is and say w the atmosphere limate change’ to ‘c d it d a ll e ca w le s p se o a e Some p nhouse g ible. amount of gree y n a , is as low as poss ct n fa o e ti llu o p But th r u o p all strive to kee bad. We should

Make a difference

line, take it home and Cut this out along the dotted wall or anywhere you and stick it on your fridge, bedroom others can see it! would like to try at home. Mark with an “X” the things you

ve a room. Use Turn off the lights when you lea m. energy-saving bulbs in your roo







e when it’s cold, Dress warmly inside your hous instead of using a heater



a car. Walk instead of getting a lift in



n dioxide, one of Plant trees. Trees soak up carbo air the greenhouse gases, from the



thes to wash before Wait until you have a lot of clo n’t use the machine using the washing machine. Do your favorite shirt. for one item just because it’s

water uses energy. Take shorter showers. Heating

Tear-off along dotted line

Tear-off along dotted line

Name: 12 cm 11 cm 10 cm 9 cm

It’s time to transplant your seedling

8 cm 7 cm 6 cm 5 cm 4 cm 3 cm 2 cm 1 cm 0














ack the tr to r le ru ct je ro P t ou pr S ur yo Use k. growth of your seedling every wee

r seedling once it your classroom wall. Transplant you Tear this page out and stick it on light p your seedling safe from harsh sun kee to e sur Be . ght hei t righ the has grown to w. you will see the beauty of nature gro and strong winds. Be patient and

Folding Instructions g pot

er sproutin follow these easy instructions to make your pap







Start by tearing out the ruler and fold-up box page, then separate the ruler and the box. Fold along all the lines and follow these instructions step by step.

20 cm

19 cm

18 cm

17 cm

16 cm

15 cm

14 cm

13 cm

12 cm

11 cm

10 cm

9 cm

8 cm

7 cm

6 cm

5 cm

4 cm

3 cm

2 cm

1 cm

N am e:


es lin

al es

Fo l





he lt





lt he


l Fo d



Fo l





al o

g on


l Fo




lt h es

lin Tear-off along dotted line

Peel off

Then fold in half and stick together

Care Instructions : d e e s r u yo t u o r p s To ot r sprouting p e p a p r u o y t Construc 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

h uting pot wit ro p s r e p a p r Fill you potting soil by paced holes s ly n e v e 4 Make pencil into a f o d n e e sticking th p or 4 cm dee 3 t u o b a , il the so s into the hole s d e e s e th Drop r anywhere o l, il s w o d in t Place on w irect sunligh d f o it b a ts that ge r seedling u o y r te a w to Remember everyday

ctions Transplanting Instgru into a beautiful tree

follow these easy instructions to turn your seedlin


r seedling for a few days before It’s a very good idea to “harden off” you seedlings in them outdoors in planting by placing your sprouting pot with . If possible transplant on an a protected area out of drying wind or sun or early evening to avoid drying out overcast day otherwise in late afternoon of the root hairs.


ugh space to ultimately contain a Select an appropriate location with eno to contain the sprouting pot. fully grown tree. Dig a hole large enough


of the carton with a pair of Carefully make a few slices in the bottom hole. Lightly tamp soil up around the scissors. Gently place the carton in the e the water straight down into the seedlings. The sides of the carton will forc tom of the rotting carton. Water the soil: the roots will follow through the bot water once a week to start. Add a seedling with approximately a 500ml of w deeper. Eventually the carton will day between waterings as the roots gro rot away leaving a growing tree.

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g n i t u o r p S Happy

For more information on how you can make a difference visit:

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For more information on how you can make a difference visit:

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