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“the ROCK001”

SIMON KRAPF BA Interior Design Kingston University London May 2014

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Competition ReardonSmith Architects Mariya Kukushkina | Simon Krapf 880 m Interlaken| Switzerland Concept

Staff areas in hotels have until recently often been ignored, or considered secondary, by hotels itself and also by architects and designers. But it is important to recognize that great facilities for employees means to have better motivated and happier staff. It is unquestionable that this will translates into improved guest service and success for the hotel. Rather than hiding the “back of house” area somewhere hidden in the basement or rear end of the building, we propose a concept of a modular extension which also serves as a landmark for the hotel beside being a high-quality space for employees. Merging landscape and the city together, “the ROCK001” offers a healthy and inspiring environment for the hotel staff.











back of house


design development


design proposal


The Brief As has been noted in the introduction, this year’s award seeks your concept of hotel staff accommodation fit for the 21st century. Far too often in the past, staff facilities have at best been treated as an afterthought not worthy of serious design focus. Yet the secret to a brilliant hotel is brilliant, motivated and enthusiastic staff; staff who take pride in delivering the most important element of hotel success – service. We have deliberately left the brief fairly loose, only being specific about key elements of the facilities. Thus we hope to provoke entrants to create their own solutions and, in doing so, propose ideas which have not been previously considered. For the purposes of this competition we have assumed that the hotel in question is located in a major European city centre with an international quality 4/5 star operation. The hotel has 440 keys of various configurations and a hotel staff count of approximately 320 employees, 200 male and 120 female. All facilities listed in this brief must be located on one level and adjacent, one to the other (see note below). Those areas where natural light is preferred have been identified. The facilities to be provided are as follows: Employee Parking Car, Motorcycle and Cycle. All to be covered and have CCTV Control


Employee Entrance


Training Hub


Changing rooms Separate for males and females


Shower and washrooms


Employee Restaurant Could have a street entrance to enable public use Daylight preferred


Recreation / Lounge Area Daylight preferred


Outside Smoking Terrace (Landscaped) Landscaped Covered but open to air


Note: The facilities listed above form the core of the employee support area. A key point in the assessment of entries is the way in which each functional area relates to its neighbour and the logic of the flow from one function to another. This has not been specified and it is left to each entrant to demonstrate their understanding of an ideal working relationship.




location 04



research 06

area calculation

New Staff Extension

Spatial Arangement Extension

Positioning Extension

Back of House Unit added to existing building

building strategy



design development

Hotel existing

Spatial Composition


Rotating Rectangles

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Space Planing



back of house activities

design development 10

circulation diagram

Ground Floor

design development


First Floor spatial diagram

design development 12

building strategy

Scale 1:200

design proposal


GA plan ground floor

design proposal 14

Not to scale

ground floor plan

Not to scale

design proposal


section a-a


The shape of the skylight was derived from the idea of a mountain crystal breaking into the interior space and merging together, a metaphor for bringing nature indoors.

design proposal


A sculptural rock as junction between the hotel- and the staff area, celebrating the rock as foundation for success. This rock serves as focal point at the entrance to the staff extension.

focal point entrance

The base of the sculpture is rough rock which changes to polished faces at the top, divided by a layer of glass, representing the transition from natural to crafted.

design proposal


Following the principle used for the skylight design, the exterior of the building is designed as a curtain-wall facing, consisting of geometrical facets of varying sizes and projections. This represents the strong outer shell which keeps the staff team together. A mix of solid, semi-transparent and transparent glass and metal elements creates exciting daylight solutions in the various areas.


The building provides additional areas on the first floor, such as offices and a fitness room for the staff. All zones have a short-way circulation to the Back-Of-House areas that are located in the main hotel building. Sport facilities, such as an artificial rock climbing wall at the back, encourage the staff to stay fit, healthy and relax. Additionally, the roof of this building provides an ideal opportunity to create a breakfast terrace for hotel guests above.

design proposal



This concept aims to create an inspiring environment to motivate and support the employees for their everyday challenges at work, creating an ideal foundation for success.

design proposal


mood 20

furniture | materials

design proposal



design proposal 22


design proposal


restaurant & lounge area

design proposal 24

Not to scale

ground floor plan

Not to scale

design proposal


ground floor plan

design proposal 26

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first floor plan

"the ROCK001" - Sleep ReardonSmith Student Awards  

A concept for a "Back of house" area in a luxury hotel

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