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A Young Lady’s Adventure

A Young Lady’s Adventure

This painting was painted by Paul Klee. He made all the lines cross each other to make it unique among all the other art works. Usually he uses lots of different colours but this time he made them limited. Year 4G and Year 4B looked at the picture and discovered that it had no story in it and was painted for people to imagine what it is about. After we looked at the picture, each of us wrote a story on the computer that has exactly 100 words. Here are the stories that Y4G made. Mimi

Once upon a time there was a lady called Amelia. She found herself in an unusual cave, a strange cave. She was lost! She was very sad. Then she found two friends. They were called Alicia and Cristina. They were best friends. They knew each other very well. Then a colourful fish came along. He said, “Hello.” There was an arrow. It was pointing to the way out. The fish said, “You need to go where the arrow is pointing. You are in trouble!” “Why are we in trouble?” asked Amelia. “Just follow the arrow!” screamed the fish. “OK, OK!” Alicia

The glamorous princess An old woman had five little pets. She walked through the creepy woods and saw a big deep hole. She tried to jump across it but fell in with her pets. She found a red arrow and they followed it. It led them to a forest. They saw a scary witch. The witch turned the old woman into a beautiful princess. The witch showed her how to get out. The princess and the pets went to a shimmering romantic castle there was a handsome prince. They got married and had two children. They lived happily ever after. Amelia

One day there was a girl called Rozenn. She was 15 years old. Everything was well until one day she was kidnapped. When her parents woke up she wasn’t in her bed. When she woke she was in a cave! It was dark. She saw a bird. He said, “You will only get out of this cave if you listen to your heart.” Then the bird disappeared. So Rozenn listened to her heart. She saw an imaginary arrow. She followed the arrow. She was outside of the cave. She found her parents and she went home. She was happy forever.


Cristina`s Adventure One day we were at school. It was lunch time. She was sitting on a table eating her lunch. She was with her friends. Then it was break. But she wasn’t in the pitch or in the playground, she was in a mysterious cave. She heard a croaking noise. It was a bird. Then a bright red arrow started shining. Cristina followed the majestic arrow. She didn’t know where she was going. Suddenly a weird door appeared. She was in a dark room. Where am I? Then she saw a little dog. And all her friends were there. Claudia

The Adventure of the beautiful Penelope Lonsdale On a Monday morning we were all playing tag and Penelope was hidden in her secret place where she knew nobody could find her. But she fell into a romantic golden hole, into a quiet hole. She was scared. She did not know what to do.

At that moment she met a bird and they became friends. They searched for the exit. Penelope saw a red sign and stared at it. She was getting hypnotised and fell on the floor and she came back to the International School of Toulouse with her friends. Cristina

A Young Lady’s Adventure A young lady was with her pets. She was going to go to her bedroom. She was tired. She had worked all day in her house. There was a line that showed her the way to her bedroom. She had four pets: an elephant, a pelican, a bird and a dog. She was so tired she said, “Come with me to bed.” “Yes,” said the animals. “Okay, come with me,” she said. “But where are your pyjamas?” they asked. “I’m going to put my pyjamas on.” “See, there is the huge moon.” “Yes said the animals.” Fernando

There was a picture of a fish. The fish came into real life. He was in the temple of fire. It was all covered in flames. Under a red arrow was treasure. But, there were a lot of demons. If they see you they put you in a cage and get your heart out. The fish got the treasure and went to the rope bridge. All of the bad guys were on the bridge so it tied itself in to the bridge and cut the ropes. They killed the demon he fell with crocodiles and died. He won the treasure. Gustavo.

As I walked down into burning hell to find the biggest diamond in the world, two firepower blades of death came rolling towards me. Protections went around them. “I’m in real danger,” I said to myself. I found a bazooka on the ground. I picked it up and pulled the trigger. I saw a blaze of red light. It destroyed the blades of death. I found a door with poison darts. If I went past the poison darts they would spring on me and I would die. “How am I going to pass the poison darts?” I said to myself. Jacques

ALICIA IN THE CAVE Alicia was sad. Her mum and dad were working full time so she couldn’t play with them, and she could think of anything to play with and her friends did not what to play with her. She always went to the garderie and her friends did not go there. One day when Alicia was walking home and a man said come here she followed and he drove off with her. “Where am I going?” she asked, but he did not respond. And a second later she had her friends playing with her in a mysterious cave. Maia

A Young Lady’s Adventure I opened my eyes… I felt something gnawing my ears. Then I looked. I was in a mysterious world where everything was red. “Humans!” echoed a voice. Suddenly a majestic stork appeared out of the shadows. “Who are you?” I asked. “Why, I am the Dream Stork of course!” he replied. “I enter humans’ dreams. I predicted that in this dream you were going to be in grave danger!” And with that, he vanished. “Danger?” I wondered loudly. Then a fish jumped out of the water. “Hurry up quickly! You are in danger!” it said anxiously… Mimi

Boring. Our topic is Paul Klee. I hate art. Although Mimi and Cristina love art. Suddenly a tornado appeared! “Help!” I exclaimed “Help us!” We were sucked up. We landed in a shimmering cave. “Which place is this?” echoed Cristina. “I know,” said Mimi. “We are in Paul Klee’s picture, A Young Lady’s Adventure.” “You mean we’re stuck here”? I said, very frightened. “Yes,” repeated Cristina. Then a beautiful girl appeared. She was talking to a bird. I heard her name was Paradise. A blood-red arrow came out. “It’s going to kill the lady!” I said anxiously. Something shone brightly… Pablo

Water Water dripped in Cristina’s eye after she fainted. “Are you all right?” said the fish. “You nearly drowned.” Thank you for saving me,” said Cristina. It was silent. There was nobody there. “How could it be?” said Cristina. Then she looked down. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH! A fish!” “Come, and put this necklace on,” bubbled the fish. So she did. “Now jump in.” “OK.” The fish said, “Now dive under.” She went under, and she could breathe! The fish led her into a cave with air pockets. It trapped Cristina. Cristina saw a ruby arrow. She followed it out to her mother. Penelope

One day early in the morning Clara was lost. Suddenly she heard a noise. It was a fish warning her of danger. The fish said to Clara, “The arrow is going to kill you! Run, quick!” Clara ran her fastest, but she didn’t know the way out. Clara tried the way she came. Clara just realised she came from a tornado. She tried both sides: behind her, in front of her… The fish said, “Underneath the arrow! There is a hole! Try and crawl through there.” Clara tried but then… a potent tornado appeared. It carried her home once again. Rozenn

Pablo, my cat Kitty and I were on an adventure to find a mysterious cave. They said in it lay a mysterious treasure. So we set out. Soon we saw a beautiful lady called Lucy. She said, “Can I come with you?” and I said, “Of course!” Later, we saw an arrow. When we came close, it was a snake. I said, “Can you take us to the mysterious cave with the mysterious treasure?” and the snake hissed, “Yes.” So it was a long walk to the cave but at last we all saw it. It was a kitty cat! Ryan

A woman went on an adventure. She found an arrow. It was a stick. She cursed it. The woman found a hole. Whoever stood in the hole turned into a statue. There was a brown bear which frightened her to death. Animals stood in the hole and became statues. She turned into a wild animal. The bear ate her. Then a good wizard came along and killed the brown bear. The good wizard went to his castle and he saw a giant dragon. This giant dragon smashed the wizard’s castle into little pieces. The dragons took over the world. Tobias

A Young Lady's Adventure  

A book of fifteen hundred-word stories based on Paul Klee's painting A Young Lady's Adventure.