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English for IT A 50-hour self study course aimed at adult learners at A2 / B1 level of English. Objectives The course aims to develop learners’ language and skills through a range of tasks related to the workplace in which knowledge of IT plays an important role. Delivery modes The course is adaptable to many delivery modes, for example, web-based, CD-ROM, and traditional print-based. There is also the possibility of tutor-led or blended delivery. Organisation The course has a flexible, modular structure with:  

16 topic-based modules 4 review modules.

Topics focus on typical workplace scenarios such as creating and giving presentations, word processing and data applications and using the internet for work. Key features Key features of the course include:  a focus on developing learner autonomy  inclusion of text-attack strategies to help learners work with real world language  a wide variety of input including audio and visual presentations.

Syllabus The course provides a balanced focus on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and the four skills of listening, reading, writing and spoken English. Benchmarking Topics, tasks and texts match a wide variety of digital literacy courses, for example Intel or Microsoft. IT skills follow the UK Functional Skills framework for Entry Levels 2 and 3.

English for IT - At a glance guide  

A one page guide to the key features of the course.