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January 31, 2012

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Want to find out more about Katherine and Petruchio’s wedding? “ Who can believe in their wildest dreams that she would every get married...”

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How is Petruchio trying to tame Katherine? “Like a falcon, he is going to make her feel tired, hungry, and feel as if she has gone mad...”

What is the story behind Bianca and Lucentio? “I am her Latin teacher, so I decided to hide my feeling in a passage I was reading to her in Latin...”

Will Hortensio have a chance to win over Bianca? “Last Tuesday, Hortensio decided to forswear his desperate love to...”

Interviewing The Citizens In Padua About The Daily Buzz! Why do you think Petruchio married a shrew like Katherine? What are his reasons? What do you think will happen in the end? ARTICLE BY: MAYAH HAIDAR

We know that everyone has been curious about the latest news on Katherine! Who can believe in their wildest dreams that she would ever get married?! We are here with several of the citizens from Padua, Italy, to hear their opinions and thoughts about why Petruchio married a shrew like Katherine Minola. Our first person we will be interviewing today is Agapito, a local peasant boy. Q: Agapito, you have seen Katherine around Padua and have heard vicious stories about her, why do you believe Petruchio would marry her? A: I think personally she is still hot! Even if she is a shrew! Who cares about her words, as long as you have a gorgeous woman to show off ! The next person we will be questioning the matter with is Adriana, a local farmer and salesperson of Padua. She is currently 14 and has lived in Padua all her life. Q: Adriana, why do you think Petruchio married Katherine? A: I have thought this over again and again because the thought kept crossing my mind. I have grown up, watching Katherine and Bianca also grow too, and seeing Katherine around Padua always telling people off, calling them names, yelling, and screaming. She doesn't give people the right treatment whatsoever and I didn’t think anyone would like to marry her! But then I thought about it, and I realized that even though I’m a farmer, I’m lucky. My family has enough money to support ourselves and we love and respect one another. continued on pg. 2

Aren’t they a happy looking couple?

Lucentio and Bianca

Petruchio and Katherine

Table of Contents Page 1: Sneak Peeks and The Daily Buzz! Page 2: (continued) The Daily Buzz! Page 3: The Investigation Center Page 4: Try Claiming Your Love in Latin! Page 5: Unmanly Fellow Finally Forswears His Desperate Love! Page 6: Behind the Scoop! Page 7: Bianca’s Love Column Page 8: Tips to Forswear Love Page 9: Minola Marriage Mayhem in Padua

The Padua Chronicles




continued from pg. 1 Even if we are not high on the social pyramid, we don’t care about it that much, although some people might not have that luxury. Some people probably have grown up with their parents over their shoulder, telling them they need to be well respected and at the top of “the social pyramid.” Petruchio is most likely one of those people. I bet he married her because of her family’s money, therefore higher on the pyramid. Interesting thoughts! Now we are going to talk to an upperclass woman named Elena. Q: Could you please tell us your thoughts and ideas about why Petruchio would marry Katherine? A: Being myself, aware of all the actions and gossip in Padua, I’m positive I’ve come up with the correct assumption of why Petruchio would marry such a horrible girl. First, let us think about the obvious h e re. N o o n e w a n t s t o m a r r y Katherine, but everyone wants to marry her sister Bianca. However, their father Baptista has made a rule that states no one can marry Bianca until Katherine is married. (He just wants to get rid of Katherine, no doubt.) So the most logical guess is that Petruchio was paid off by one of Bianca’s suitors! Q: What do you think the outcome will be? A: Katherine is such an insolent shrew, I bet by a month of their marriage Petruchio will cut off his ears so he doesn't have to listen to her. I heard she even said to Petruchio, “Asses are made to bear, and so are you.” (William Shakespeare.Act II. Scene I.Lines 190-194) Or if he doesn't cut off his ears then one of them will get so tired or mad at the other one of them will end up killing each other. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Next we will be listening to Francesca, the wife of a local baker in Padua. Q: It is possible Katherine has come into your father’s bakery from time to time, and we’ve known you’ve seen her around Padua. What do you think of Katherine’s marriage? Do you think Katherine even has what it takes to be a good wife?

A: I personally believe that everyone has a good side and bad side to them. One side might shine more brightly than the other, but I still believe that even though Katherine can be really mean, there is a possible soft side of Katherine. She just puts up a wall so she doesn't get hurt. Petruchio probably saw that soft side in her. I believe she will be a... different wife, but I think she will soon come to learn the responsibilities of what it takes to be a respectful, diligent, and loving wife. Thank you for your input! Very different from what we have heard so far! Now we see this from a man’s point of view. Next, we will be talking to Gian, another wealthy man of Padua. Q: Why do you think Petruchio married Katherine?

A: It is quite simple. I have seen how he acts and have heard stories of the wedding. They are both mad! They probably found true love when they both met someone as crazy as themselves. One of the last people we will be talking to is Matteo, another wealthy man whose family has been living in Padua for generations! Q: You and your family have been in Padua for a long time now. What do you think is going on in Petruchio’s mind about Katherine and why he chose to marry her? A: There are two reasonable answers behind his decision. The first reason: he is downright crazy! Or the most logical reason behind this is that he is new in Padua, therefore he hasn’t even seen what Katherine can do yet...

Well you’ve heard it first! It seems like people have their own thoughts and opinions about the wedding. It is always important to look at it from all different points of view. Is it possible Katherine has a soft side to her? Why do you think Petruchio married Katherine?




The Investigation Center Is Petruchio Truly Trying to Tame “The Shrew”, Katherine Miola, after Marriage? ARTICLE BY: FLORENCE SIMON “Where is the love?” is the question that became a clamor after the marred wedding of Petruchio and Katherine Minola. “Is it love?” is what the true question is. During these past few days, Katherine has been going through some tough times. Petruchio is supposedly trying to “tame” her. Here’s what we have investigated on exactly what Petruchio has been doing to Katherine since their arrival at Petruchio’s home, after Petruchio had tarried on his way to the wedding. After the long journey to Petruchio’s house, Kate was famished. When they arrive at his house, Petruchio’s humble servants serve dinner. Petruchio, claiming that him and Kate are too good for the “marred” chicken served at the table, throws it across the room in disgust! He was heard saying, “Tis burnt, and so is all the meat.” (Shakespeare. Act 4. Scene 1. Line 161). I was sent to see if the chicken was truly marred with an investigator, and it wasn’t! The investigator claimed that, “the chicken was so good looking that I ate it myself ! It was delicious.” This proves that the throwing of the chicken might not have been a necessary action to tame Katherine. We concluded after this, that Petruchio must be trying to starve her to death and vex her in a perplexing way. Later on, Petruchio takes Kate to her “new” bedroom. This only results in Petruchio throwing the bed sheets around and messing up the bed. The investigator commented, “It was a mess. Not even I would sleep in a room of that low quality!” This was when the question of wife abuse went through the our heads at the Investigation Center. Petruchio is starving and tiring her. It became even more of a clamor when we found out that he was yelling all night and kept Kate awake. T h e n e x t d a y, K a t e received a beautiful dress a n d h at . Pe t r u ch i o deliberately complains

about anything he can about the dress. The investigator and I heard him say, “Why this was molded on a porringer! A velvet dish! Fie, fie, ‘tis lewd and filthy.” (Shakespeare, Act 4, Scene 3, Lines 68-70) about the cap to the tailor! “This proves that he is trying to make Kate miserable”, is what the investigator and I came up with. Later on, Petruchio tried to make Kate go crazy by switching his mind about the moon and the sun and which one was which. Petruchio was heard saying, “About moon and sun and which one was which”. He also said that an old man was a woman, but then said that it w a s a n o l d m a n . O bv i o u s l y, t h e investigator concluded that Petruchio is trying to make Kate go crazy!

Petruchio complaining about the marred chicken

Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for, the interview with Grumio. He is the fellow servant and helper of Petruchio, let’s see what he has to say about Petruchio’s recent actions around Katherine. Q: Hello Grumio! You are the servant of Petruchio, correct? A: Hello Florence, nice to meet you. The answer to your question is no, I am not his servant! I am his head helper and the one that Petruchio trusts the most! Q: So, Grumio, you claim to be a witness of Petruchio’s actions? A: Yes, I have been with Petruchio and Kate the whole time; the journey home, the marred chicken, the bed sheets, the dress, and the sun and moon problem!

Petruchio destroying everything drawn by famous cartoonist Argaptio. The Padua Chronicles

Q: Is this all because Petruchio has “lost” it with Kate or is it a plan to “tame” her? A: All of his actions go towards taming Kate. Like a falcon, he is going to make her tired, hungry, and feel as if she has gone mad, so that he can manipulate her. Q: Did you notice it was a plan in the beginning or were you completely oblivious to it? A: Well, I have to admit that I thought my master had gone mad. After he had slapped me on the face during the trip to his house, I boiled with fury! You would act the same if you were slapped across the face for no reason, right? I was astounded by the way he treated the rest of his servants, too. Q: Yes, I understand your feelings completely. Don’t you think Petruchio is going a little too far with his “plan” and all? A: Well, after the sun and the moon debate, Hortensio said, “Petruchio, go thy ways, the field is won.” (Shakespeare. Act 4. Scene 5. Line 24). I agree that Petruchio is killing Kate with kindness too much, hopefully his plan works! Otherwise, his plan would be pointless and useless. Q: Did you contribute to this plan at all? A: Well, I did make her tempted to eat by naming all of the food I could bring her, then stating a problem about it. Q: Do you think that his plan has worked at all? A: Yes. I think he has succeeded taming her. We will be able to see if it has worked at Lucentio and Bianca’s wedding. There you have it! Petruchio is actually trying to tame Katherine Minola! Read next week’s article of the Investigation Center on Petruchio’s big fail or big success at Bianca and



Try Claiming Your Love in Latin! ARTICLE BY: YARA EL MADALLA

We have all been very involved in well-known Vincentio. The real Vincentio knowing more about Petruchio and Katherine, and is in Venice and Lucentio is hoping he will their sides of the story, well has anyone thought never know about this marriage until later. about Katherine’s lovely sister Bianca and her Hiding much Lucentio? With Lucentio’s many suitors? Lucentio finally claimed his love for busy schedule he was fortunately able to Bianca and here at the Padua Chronicles, we have get a bit of alone time with me so I could the latest scoop. interview him. Here is how our interview Apparently, a few weeks ago, went. while Katherine and Petruchio were Q: Hey Lucentio! So in one of our articles getting married, Lucentio finally declared his love for Bianca. He didn’t dare do it the we are explaining how you claimed your typical way, as we all know, no, Lucentio love for Bianca using a trick. Will you explain to us what that trick was? decided to hide his feelings while reading a A: Hey Yara, well I am her Latin teacher, passage to Bianca in Latin! As Lucentio so I decided to hide my feeling in a passage was pretending to be Cambio, Bianca’s ver y handsome Latin teacher, he I was reading to her in Latin. uncovered his disguise to Bianca. I had Exclusive picture of Lucentio claiming his love for Bianca! the pleasure of going backstage and eavesdropping the conversation, here is a sneak peek of it! Lucentio, “Here, madam: Hic ibat Simois, hic est Sigeia tellus, Hic steterat Priami regia celsa senis.” Bianca replied, “Conster them.” Lucentio continued, “Hic ibat, as I told you before, Simois, I am Lucentio, hic est, son unto Vincentio of Pisa, Sigeia tellus, disguised thus to get Q: Very smart idea! I had a chance to your love, Hic steterat, and that eavesdrop in your conversation with “Lucentio” that comes a-wooing, Priami is Bianca, and let me tell you, it was a pretty my man Tranio, regia, bearing my port, interesting conversation! What were your celsa senis, that we might beguile the old feelings when deciding to tell her or not? pantaloon.” A: My speech was actually well thought Bianca finished off through so I wasn’t that nervous, but I was with, “Now let me see if I can conster it. pretty enthusiastic, I was a bit scared of Hic ibat Simois, I know you not, hic est what her reaction might’ve been. I decided Sigeia tellus, I trust you not, Hic steterat to go right with it, because I was scared Priami, take heed he hear us not, regia, Hortensio may have taken my place. presume not, celsa senis, despair not. In Q: Good job. Now, once you told her, and time I may believe, yet I she replied, were you still kind of scared? mistrust.” (Shakespeare. Act 3. Scene 1. A: No, not really, I saw the way she Lines 28-43.) The conversation seemed to instantly looked at me with her beautiful have gone well, yet Bianca wasn’t too eyes, and I knew she had fallen in love with pleased by the end, but that didn’t stop her me, no matter if she mistrusted me. from marrying him! Yes readers, you heard Q: Aww, how sweet! Do you have any me, Bianca and Lucentio are officially dating tips for the desperate men out there getting married! You are probably all in the world? thinking, “Shouldn’t Lucentio be in A: Yes, disguise yourselves, so you won’t school?” “Does his father know about get to embarrassed to tell her, and if she this?” Well readers let me clear up things rejects you, well, she will never know who for you, Lucentio’s servant, Tranio, just the real you is! Oh and find a variety of tricked a merchant into disguising as the


ways to show your feelings, one of the best ones is to just hide them whilst having normal conversation. Q: Well then, thanks so much for being able to spend some time with us, since I know you have a busy schedule, now being new to marriage and staying with Bianca. We will see you next time! A: Oh, no problem, thank you for letting me be here! After being able to chat with lovely Lucentio, I interviewed the witness, Hortensio, asking him the same questions. Q: Good afternoon, Hortensio. Thanks for being here! A: Hello Yara, thanks for letting me be here! Q: In our feature article we were explaining how Lucentio was claiming his love for Bianca, and how he was confessing it to her. While you were tuning your instrument, were you able to listen in on the conversation? A: I was too focused on tuning my instrument that I could barely hear myself think, I wanted it to be perfect for my beloved Bianca! Q: Oh, so you didn’t have any idea what was going on with Lucentio and Bianca?” A: “No, but at times I would just walk in on them and they would stop and stare away from each other. They made me feel like I didn’t belong. Q: At that moment, did you feel any feeling against Lucentio, like hate or betrayal? A: I didn’t feel betrayed, because we were both ‘fighting’ for Bianca’s heart, yet I did feel disappointed with Lucentio, because he had a chance to win over Bianca because he went first, if I had a chance to win over Bianca first, I may have won her. Q: I guess we’ll never know! Thank you so much for getting the time to come here and join us! A: Thank you, bye! Well readers, weren’t you lucky? You got to hear exclusive one on one stories with some of Bianca’s lovely suitors, Lucentio and Hortensio!




Unmanly Fellow Finally Forswears His Desperate Love! ARTICLE BY: GIO YOON It has been recently noticed that last Tuesday, Hortensio decided to forswear his desperate love to Bianca Minola. It is extremely confounding when most famous man for his challenging and desired love gives up on Bianca suddenly. Without a doubt, something has happened to Hortensio and we are here to tell our readers what we have found out.

stating “Signior Hortensio, I have often heard of your entire affection to Bianca, and since mine eyes are witness of her lightness I will with you, if you be so contented, forswear Bianca and her love forever.” (Tranio, Act 4 scene 2 Lines needed)

Hortensio had started to teach Bianca as music tutor to achieve his love. However, his rival, Lucentio, taught her at the same time. Having many competitions between them to woo Bianca, it resulted out that Lucentio was a winner to gain Bianca’s love first. Tranio, Lucentio’s servant, was one to witness Hortensio being dumped by Bianca. Based on what Tranio said, while Lucentio was tutoring Bianca Latin, they shared love and addressed their affection in such phrases as “While you, sweet dear, prove mistress of my heart.” (Lucentio, Act 4 scene 2 Lines needed) Tranio said it was heartbreaking to see Hortensio giving up on Bianca. He consoled Hortensio by

Full with depression, Hortensio has officially confessed to the people of Padua that he would marry the wealthy widow who actually adores him. It is quite surprising for people to know that there was a widow who was after him. Thus, people were full of curiosity to hear Hortensio’s answer to check out whether it was rumor or not. He said, “For me, that I may surely keep

CROSSWORD Can you find the words? Send us your answers to our address with a chance to win a prize!

The Padua Chronicles

mine oath, I will be married to a wealthy widow, Ere three days pass, which hath as long loved me as I have loved this proud disdainful haggard.” (Hortensio, Act 4 scene 2 Lines needed) Hortensio expressed his unpleasant feelings toward Bianca and said he wasted his time on her. Also, it can be seen that Hortensio’s attitude has changed a lot since beginning of his love. He was an easy man who had crush to Bianca at his first sight in the local university. Furthermore, he showed servile behavior to Bianca while having a music lesson with her. On the other hand, Lucentio, Hortensio’s rival, used romantic way to esteem her by teaching Latin and claiming her love at the same time. Lucentio was one to observe how Hortensio was desperate to Bianca. Lucentio said Hortensio showed his love in unmanly way saying “Pity or die!” (Act 3 scene 1 Lines needed) But now, it ended up that Hortensio is quite firm about his decision and feelings toward Bianca that he would not like her anymore. Therefore, it turns out that even though Hortensio decided to stop loving Bianca, it wouldn’t be easy as it sounds. This unbelievable news has put world in great shock and has been a great gossip issue for all the medias. However, there is a wealthy widow for him that will always adore a n d c u r e H o r t e n s i o ’s heartbreak from Bianca. As a result, everybody should know how to give up his or her love if not practical, and find re a l i s t i c l o v e j u s t l i k e Hortensio did.




Behind The Scoop! Do you think it was right for Tranio to meddle in other people’s lives? Should have Lucentio found a way to win Bianca himself ? ARTICLE BY: MAYAH HAIDAR Everyone in Padua is shocked about the man named Lucentio turning out to be the servant Tranio! Who can believe that a servant would get away with something, deceiving one of the highest citizens of Padua! Today our newspaper is interviewing the people who were effected by Tranio and what he had done to deceive some of the citizens in Padua to help his master Lucentio. We will also be talking to Tranio and Lucentio about their actions. Tranio: I never meant to hurt anyone in any way. I was trying to help my master Lucentio win the girl of his dreams! He was about to go to school and study all the time - BORING! Then when he sees Bianca - BAM! - instant romance! Thankfully he took my advice and dropped out of school to win her over. But the problem is, he needed a.. faithful wing man, sidekick, companion, and I am the perfect man! So yeah, I deceived a couple people but guess what, Bianca chose Lucentio over Hortensio and they love each other so much! That’s my boy! Lucentio: Yes! It was right for Tranio to help me! I couldn’t have won Bianca all by myself ! Without him I would never have won her, and she is everything to me! I wanted him to help me and to trick people because of my esteemed and faithful love for Bianca! We both never meant to make anyone upset though! Bianca: Oh I’m sure Tranio never meant to hurt anybody! I suppose it wasn’t right to metal in other people’s lives but his intentions are virtuous! I am also glad Tranio helped Lucentio try to woo me. Without Tranio’s help, I never would have found the man I love. I would have been stuck with the old Gremio or the weird and desperate Hortensio - GROSS. Baptista: It was completely wrong, disrespectful, and unwarranted for Tranio to meddle in other people’s lives! Who does he think he is?! He is a servant! A low-class servant! He can’t just go around disguising himself as people above him! I should have him arrested for such actions! Although, come to think of it, he did it under orders of his master. I should probably have Lucentio arrested but to do all trickery just for my daughter, it sure makes a father proud. But it still doesn't mean I’m not still angry. I think Lucentio should have found his own way to win my daughter. Always act like a man! A man is not deceiving and tricking everyone in the city! Vicentio: It was not right for Tranio to deceive the citizens of Padua. He endangered the reputations of myself, Lucentio, and the family name! Although it was partially my own son’s fault. Lucentio was supposed to be diligently studying at school! I will be dealing with the their consequences soon. Newcomer of Padua (whom Tranio tricked into being Lucentio’s fake father): It was terribly wrong to bring me - a newcomer in a new town - into his crazy shenanigans! He scared me to death when he tricked me and personally I don’t care who falls in love with who! He told me, “Tis death for anyone in Mantua To come to Padua. Know you not the cause?” (William Shakespere.Act IV.Scene II.Lines 85-90) Of course I didn’t because there wasn’t any! Hortensio: I promise you, Tranio and Lucentio were put into my life to vex me and ruin my future! I was so close into marrying Bianca! I brought Petruchio and Katherine together, I had money, I’m handsome, I went out of my way to get to know Bianca by teaching her music lessons! It was unwarranted for Tranio to meddle in other people’s lives and if Lucentio had any class at all, he would have found a way to win Bianca over himself ! Wow! People aggravate me. I personally think both of them should go to a life sentence jail time for their actions! Gremio: Tranio lied to Baptista in two ways when we were fighting for Bianca’s hand in marriage. First, he stated that he is Lucentio - NOT. Then he promised Bianca and Baptista all the riches in the world practically! He did not have the authority to do that, and it was a downright lie. I still believe Bianca should marry me. My offer is still open. Biondello: He didn’t mean any harm! Take it from a servant’s point of view, you really do come to care for your master and you want to make him happy! I mean sure, I would like to be included a bit more! I want to be my master’s wingman also! It is so interesting to hear all of the true stories and thoughts of Tranio’s deceitful scam. Some people were okay with it, in fact, happy with it. While others just wanted him jailed. It is never right to meddle in other people’s lives unless you have true good intentions. Do you believe Tranio had the right to meddle in others’ lives?




Bianca’s Love Column

Bianca Mionla

Bianca Minola, the charming second daughter of Baptista Minola is finally getting married with one of her many suitors, Lucentio! In the Taming of the Shrew Bianca is a friendly daughter loved by many. Gremio, Hortensio, Lucentio, and Tranio are a few of Bianca’s suitors. A few days ago, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with Bianca for an interview.

always been since I was five years old! I also go to the gym four times a week, and run or swim. I have a membership card for a gym right next to Lucentio’s new house.

Q: Hello Bianca. How was your day today?

A: I do eat healthy meals each day and night, for morning I eat a bowl of Special K cereals, and for lunch I like to eat pasta. For dinner I eat a light meal like steak and a salad.

A: Hey Yara, oh my day has been pretty good, Lucentio and me are getting along really well! Q: Oh wow! That is nice to hear. So many of our readers have been wondering how you make yourself so lovable! Would you mind giving us a few hints? A: (Laughing) Well, I always try to stay clean, so I take a shower every day in the morning before leaving the house. Then I like to keep my skin soft, so I scrub and wash it every morning then put the new Dove facial cream. Hear that readers? Bianca uses the new Dove facial cream! Q: Nice, what else do you do to make yourself so attractive? A: I like to have a beautiful smile, so I always brush my teeth after a meal, whenever possible. Then I blow dry and straighten my long hair, at times I like to keep it down, and other times I like to put it in a braid. At times I dye my hair, so it makes it look more luscious! Q: It does look stunning! A: Thanks. Then I try to choose the best trendy clothes for the day; I like to be fashionable, yet comfortable. Many times I wear flats, I’m not a big fan of sneakers, and I wear high heels only for special occasions. To keep myself fit I do loads of dancing, I’m a ballet dancer and have

Q: You do look really fit. Do you do any other things to make yourself look beautiful?

Q: Is there anything you are allergic to? A: Yes, I get this awful rash when I eat spicy foods, so I try to stay away from them. Q: Anything else you would like the readers to know about you? A: Yes, last thing, if you want to put make up on, put light make up for the day, be practical. Q: Very nice, thanks so much for being here! A: You’re welcome, bye. Did you hear that readers, always stay clean, keep your face soft, eat healthy, exercise a lot, and put light make up on for the day, those are the few steps to becoming as beautiful as Bianca! Well girls, as Lucentio said to Tranio, “Tranio, I burn, I pine, I perish, Tranio, if I achieve not this young modest girl!” (Shakespeare. Act 1. Scene 1. Lines 126-127) Guys like you if you are modest, honest, and kind. You have to be confident and act comfortably around the one you love.

The Padua Chronicles





Tips to Forswear Love

Recently, shocking news has taken place that Hortensio is not wooing Bianca anymore and decides to marry Bianca. This news put everybody in great curiosity that how Hortensio managed to forswear his love. Therefore, we, Padua Chronicles interviewed Hortensio and organized his tips in words to forswear love useful to our readers. 1.Find Another Love Most importantly, Hortensio has told to our readers that finding another love is effective to forget the love you already have. According to him, when starting a new happy love, it is so happy that he doesn’t even want to remember his past fail love. For example, for him he decided to marry a wealthy widow who actually adores him not like Bianca. Therefore, he stated that To find out more information, we went out to interview him to get more advices for our readers.

Q: Hello, many of our readers finds giving up their love and looking for another love difficult. How did you managed to do it Hortensio?

difficult time gaining esteem from your love, it is not really a true love. As a result, even though, you might think it is your true love, you’ve got to move on and search person who actually loves you. This will be more practical choice than foolishly staying on your crush forever. Q: Wow, those were some good advices. However, what if people regret about their decision they have made? What should they do? A: I personally think it is rare to regret but when people do like you said so, they should not regret. This is because it is sure that they would more likely to regret when they are just stuck with their stupid crushes that do not even care about them! 2. Think Your Crush is the Worst Person Ever. Hortensio also claimed that consider your crush as the most horrible person in the world For exmaple, Hortensio said that “ I have loved this proud disdainful haggard” (Shakespeare. Act 4. Scene 2. Line 41) Moreover, he stated that if you self-console yourself, you will eventually forget your crush and move on.

A: Good question. It was also hard for me to just stop my love toward Bianca. At that time, I thought she was my true love and believed true love must be accomplished. However, I was wrong! It wasn’t a true love. When you have

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Minola Marriage Mayhem in Padua ARTICLE BY: FLORENCE SIMON Find out the scoop on the Minola Sister’s marriages and more! What do you do when you don’t want to marry someone? How do you decide you like one out of three men to marry? What is it like finding husbands for your two daughters? All of your questions will be answered in these interviews in this article! What does Baptista Minola think about his two daughters getting married? Interview with Baptista Minola: Q: Who are you most proud of for getting married? A: I want the best for both of my daughters. Bianca my sweetest, where are you? There are some people here to talk to us! Q: Don’t worry Baptista we will ask Bianca her questions later. What do you think of Katherine’s Husband? Bianca: “That being mad herself, she’s madly mated.” (Shakespeare. Act 3. Scene 2. Line 251). A: I think Petruchio is a little bit witty, but they love each other and I cannot break up their relationship no matter what. Q: What about Lucentio and Bianca? A: Lucentio is a rich, fine, and charming young man for my little honey Bianca. Q: Aren’t you a little worried about Katherine after the disastrous wedding? A: Yes, that was a little bit of a shock, but as Petruchio said, “To me she’s married, not to my clothes.” (Shakespeare. Act 3. Scene 2. Line 119). Q: Thank you very much Baptista. A: Don’t you still have questions for Bianca? Q: I will ask her later, thank you Baptista. What do his daughters think about their marriages? Interview with Bianca Minola, younger daughter of Baptista Minola: Q: When did you find out you wanted to marry Lucentio? A:Which one? Q: What do you mean by which one? A: Ummm. Nevermind. Q: OK. Did you choose to marry Lucentio? A: No, my father chose him because of his wealth. I would have married Hortensio or Gremio if not for Lucentio. Q: So, do you truly love Lucentio?

A: Well I have to, we are to be wed in a few days! I cannot deny my father’s choices. Q: Thank you, that is all. Interview with Katherine Minola, elder daughter of Baptista Minola: Q: Did you choose to marry Petruchio? A: Well, he was the desperate one wanting to marry me on Sunday. What kind of man Katherine and Petruchio’s Marriage Mayhem. Will the same does not allow happen to Bianca and Lucentio? a woman to decide if they want to marry him or not?!! My sister and my dad were so desperate to get rid of me that they said OK! Now I’m stuck with a mad man who doesn’t even want to come to his wedding on time or come dressed properly! Then, he takes me home and treats his servants like garbage! Do you think I wanted to marry this man??? Q: Do you know if he actually likes you for who you are? How was it meeting him for the first time? A: It’s obvious he married me because of my wealth. The first time we met we were screaming at each other and I insulted him every moment I could. He doesn’t respond to what I say or do. Petruchio completely ignores my actions and how I feel. Q: How has it been living with him for the past few days? A: I don’t understand him, that’s it. He is completely oblivious of how miserable I am. The way he is treating me is like a princess where nothing is perfect for me. Petruchio is a riddle, never to be solved. Now, do you have any other questions invading on my privacy or can I live my own life the way I want to live it? Q: Thank you Katherine. Read next week’s article on the Minola family’s love relationships and decisions. Find out if Bianca’s wedding turns out as planned or if she changes her mind. Hear if Katherine and Petruchio divorce because of their terrible relationship. Also, find out if Baptista has made the right choices for his two daughters. Will life turn out the way the Minola’s expected it to?

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