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Simon Fink,  Ph.D.    

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625 North  24th  Street   Saint  Joseph,  MO  64506  


University of  Chicago   Ph.D.  in  Music  Composition,  minor  in  Computer  Music  Research,  2010   • Rice  University         B.M.  in  Music  Composition  and  Music  Theory,  magna  cum  laude,  2002         HONORS,  GRANTS,  FESTIVALS,  AND  RESIDENCIES  (Selected)   2012   The  Golden  Hornet  Project  String  Quartet  Smackdown,  Finalist   World  Saxophone  Congress  XVI,  St.  Andrews,  Scotland   Kansas  City  Fringe  Festival  Experimental  Music  Showcase   ReverbNation  Sing4TheTrees  Songwriting  Contest,  Winner   The  Claire  Rosen  &  Samuel  Edes  Foundation  Prize  for  Emerging  Artists,  Finalist  Award   2011   Music  in  Architecture—Architecture  in  Music  Symposium,  UT-­‐Austin  Center  for  Architecture     and  Design,  3rd  Prize  in  Design  &  Composition  Category         S.E.A.M.U.S  National  Conference     Electronic  Music  Midwest     University  of  Central  Missouri  New  Music  Festival   2010   Staunton  Music  Festival,  Emerging  Composer     Museum  of  Modern  Art  (NY)  Documentary  Fortnight  International  Film  Festival   American  Academy  of  Arts  and  Letters,  Award  Nominee     The  MacDowell  Colony,  Artist-­‐in-­‐Residence  (Nov.–Dec.)   Ohio  Wesleyan  University  New  Music  Festival     The  Claire  Rosen  &  Samuel  Edes  Foundation  Prize  for  Emerging  Artists,  Finalist  Award     Midwest  Graduate  Music  Consortium  Composition  Competition,  Winner   Chicago  Composers  Forum,  Experimental  Piano  Series  Composition  Competition,  Winner     Society  of  Composers,  Inc.  Region  VI  Conference   2009   ASCAP  Foundation/Morton  Gould  Young  Composer  Award   Con  Vivo  Quartet  Competition,  1st  Place   Andrew  W.  Mellon  Foundation  and  the  University  of  Chicago  Dissertation-­‐Year  Fellowship     New  York  Festival  of  Electro-­‐Acoustic  Music  (selected  composer)   Oregon  Bach  Festival  Composers  Symposium  (selected  composer)   Violin  Futura  21st  Century  Solo  Violin  Project  (selected  composer)   Society  of  Composers,  Inc.  National  Conference   Society  of  Composers,  Inc.  Region  V  Conference   Society  of  Composers,  Inc.  Region  VI  conference   Dolores  Zohrab  Liebmann  Fellowship,  Nominee   Midwest  Graduate  Music  Consortium  Composition  Competition,  Honorable  Mention     University  of  Chicago  Lowell  C.  Wadmond  Summer  Travel  Grant   2008   American  Academy  of  Arts  and  Letters,  Award  Nominee     ASCAP  Foundation/Morton  Gould  Young  Composer  Award,  Finalist   Aspen  Music  Festival  and  School,  Susan  and  Ford  Schumann  Fellowship   New  York  Youth  Symphony  First  Music  23,  Certificate  of  Achievement     S.E.A.M.U.S  National  Conference   American  Composers  Forum  and  Minnesota  Orchestra  Composer  Institute,  Honorable   Mention     I-­‐Park  Artists’  Enclave,  Composer-­‐in-­‐Residence  (Sept.–Oct.)   Midwest  Graduate  Music  Consortium  Composition  Competition,  Winner   Chicago  Composers  Forum  New  Music  in  the  Gallery  Composition  Competition,  Winner   2007   ASCAP  Foundation/Morton  Gould  Young  Composer  Award,  Finalist   Kimmel  Harding  Nelson  Center  for  the  Arts,  Artist-­‐in-­‐Residence  (July)   Chicago  Composers  Forum  and  Birmingham  Art  Music  Alliance  Concert  Xchange   Competition,  Winner   2005   Volksbühne  Theatre  Rolling  Road  Show,  Berlin,  Summer  Festival   •


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