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Simon Fink, Ph.D.

List of Works ! " (773) 351-2518

2220 Eugene Field Avenue Saint Joseph, MO 64505

Debt Choirs of the W orld, UNITE! (2013) fixed media (video and audio); 5’ In collaboration with artist Cassie Thornton. Open Boat (2013) electroacoustic chamber opera based on works by Stephen Crane; 15’ For The Black House Collective’s “Rites of Being” program. Elegy (2013) for solo flute; 10’ For Elaine Brown. Kansas City M usical Beehive (2012) a happening for many musicians In collaboration with Carrie Scanga, installation artist and PLUG Projects Gallery. Mantra (2012) for violin and live electro-acoustic sound; 15’ In collaboration with Jane Gotch, dancer/choreographer. Improvisation M odules (2012) for saxophone and electronics; 10–45’ For the Kansas City Fringe Festival. MIC CHECK (2012) for saxophone quartet; 10’ Commissioned by the Assembly Saxophone Quartet. Dock and Load (2011) concert installation for trombones, percussion, electronics, moving truck, etc.; 20’ With Gideon Shapiro, design. Commissioned by the Music in Architecture—Architecture in Music Symposium, UT-Austin Center for Architecture and Design. Shuffle No. 1 (2011) for 2-channel electro-acoustic sound; 3’ Premiered at Electronic Music Midwest. Blight (2011) for SATB choir; 8’ Unquiet Dreams, A Cycle of Gothic Children’s Songs (2010) for voices and piano; 15’ Commissioned by the Staunton Music Festival. Songs of October (2010) for soprano, tenor, and chamber ensemble; 30’ Premiered by Contempo. Army of Darkness (2010) overture for chamber orchestra; 8’ Written for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Beach Music (2009) an interactive environment, with video by Rebecca Foley Created for the DOVA Gallery, Chicago. Capriccio (2009) for solo violin; 3.5’ Written for Piotr Szewczyk. Electric Pastoral (2008) for string quartet and electronics; 25’ Premiered by the Pacifica String Quartet. Pastorals for String Quartet (2008); 20’ Premiered by Con Vivo, Jersey City. Infectious (2008) for SATB choir; 3’ Written for VocasBravasLab, Madrid. Deviant Dance Suite (2008) for harpsichord; 7’ Written for Goska Isphording. In Dreams (2008) four songs for mezzo-soprano and piano from the Exultations of Ezra Pound; 7’ Written for the Aspen Music Festival. Zerfliesst’s wie eitel Schaum (2007) for chamber orchestra; 10’ Written for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. “Something flickered for a minute, and then it vanished and was gone… ” (2007); 8’ for six-channel electro-acoustic sound Let the W ind Speak (2007) for piano; 10’ Commissioned by Kimball Gallagher with support from the University of Chicago Arts Council.


The Kick Galvanic (Straight to My Lover’s Heart) (2007) for recorder quartet; 5’ Written for Quartet New Generation. Sonata for Stereos (2006) for six-channel electro-acoustic sound; 5’ Swell (2006) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello; 7’ Premiered by eighth blackbird. Songs and live electronics for The Commons Berlins (2005) a multimedia theater piece by Uniondocs. Commissioned by Die Volksbühne Theatre, Berlin. Exhibit A (2005) for clarinet in Bb; 5’ Premiered by the University of Chicago Contemporary Music Ensemble. 22 (2003) for flute, marimba, piano and violin; 7’ ZOOM (2002) for trumpet, percussion, and violin; 12’ Premiered by Matthew McClung, percussion/conductor. Pedal Down (2002) for piano; 10’ Written for Kimball Gallagher. O rchestrations of Children’s Songs by Srul Irving Glick (2001), for children’s choir and orchestra; 10’ Orchestrated for and premiered by the Woodlands Symphony Orchestra Apple Chill (2001) for two violins; 7’ Written for the Music01 Summer Festival at CCM. Falling (2001) for flute, clarinet in Bb, percussion, piano, violin, and cello; 8’ Premiered by James Gaffigan, conductor.


List of Works_Simon Fink  
List of Works_Simon Fink  

List of Works for Simon Fink